23 June, 2024


How to Fix a Burnt Coil: Causes and Solutions

It is highly recommended that vaping enthusiasts take care of their coils. You can do this by using the appropriate vape juice without letting your vape run empty and vaping at the right wattage. Replacing coils can be quite expensive especially if you do not know how to fix a burnt coil. Well, when you eventually experience a burnt taste from vape, you no longer have to throw your vape away as there are some reliable hacks to fix this.

Most young vapers hardly know how to fix a burnt coil unless they are DIYers. But first, you need to understand what causes a burnt coil before you can fix it.

How to Fix a Burnt Coil: Causes of a Burnt Coil

Coils, just like anything else, do not last forever. There is no definite time for a coil to last, but it has been proven that it wears out as you vape. Therefore, experienced vapers who vape a lot need to replace coils after a shorter time compared with beginners.

  • Low-quality or poorly installed wick – Let’s rewind a bit. The wick is a cotton or cloth component that absorbs vape juice and brings it closer to the coil. Actually, it is constantly in contact with the coil. If it is of poor quality or installed incorrectly, it will not work properly, and you will start to experience a vape burnt taste.
  • Too little vape juice – Being aware of these causes is even better than learning how to fix a burnt coil. Vaping while the tank or cartridge has too little e-juice will cause a strain on the wick because some parts will not absorb e-juice well. Sooner or later, you will start to get a burnt taste while vaping.
  • Vaping very frequently – The more you vape, the more you take a toll on the wick and the coil. As mentioned, chain vapers need to fix a burnt coil regularly and eventually replace it. You have no option in the end.

How to Fix a Burnt Coil: Solutions to a Burnt Coil

Let’s look at how to fix a burnt coil. First, carefully remove the sub-ohm coil or any other and the wick as well. If you are not careful, you may end up damaging the coil, and this will force you to do what you are trying to avoid in the first place.

In the meantime, have hot water in a bowl ready to submerge the coil. Put it in and let it sit for a few minutes. If you are looking forward to mastering how to fix burnt coil vape, this step is critical as it loosens the burnt vape juice or debris from the wick.

Separately, have a bowl of cold water. So, carefully remove the coil from the hot water and submerge it in the cold water. With this, any remaining debris will fall off, and your coil will be clean again.

If you have done this and still experience the annoying burnt taste vape, then you can clean it using vinegar or lemon juice in hot water. This gets out the stubborn debris but shortens the lifespan of the coil since it is corrosive. This is why it is not the first option.

How to Prevent a Burnt Coil

Simply put, taking good care of your coil and vaping moderately will save you a lot of money. Even after learning how to fix a burnt coil, you will not have to go through the process so many times or buy new coils regularly when you take care of the entire vape device.

A vape burning taste is definitely annoying. But with the above insights on how to fix a burnt coil, you can easily boost your vaping experience whenever there is a need.

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