21 May, 2022


HRCSL Recommends Abolition Of Death Penalty

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka has recommended to abolish the death penalty in Sri Lanka.

In a letter to the President, the chairperson of the HRC SL Dr. Deepika Udagama said; “the Human Rights Commission recommends that Sri Lanka ratifies the Second Optional Protocol to the ICCPR and abolish the death penalty forthwith.”

We publish below the recommendations in full;



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    It seems that Dr. Deepika is going against Death Penalty like an activist demonstrating in the Street, metaphorically.

    But her main role is to uphold Human Rights of Sri Lankans in particular and all persons in general especially against acts of trampling human rights by the State. She as the Chairman is well aware of the case filed in the HRC by the 17 year old arrested by the Police in connection with the murder of the toddler Sewwandi. Now is that case complained by the 17 year old in the HRC, being heard expeditiously or is the case dragging on like our own courts of law?

    Deepika knows that justice delayed is justice denied. The long delays in courts is in fact is a violation of human rights because people already are taking the law into their hands. We have right to wonder why Dr. Deepika is not taking law’s delays as a violation of human rights in the same gusto that she is campaigning agaist the death penalty.

    It is also interesting that she is now targetting the President with respect to possible executions. Why didn’t she and her bandwagon of activists campaign the right to life as a fundamental right and incorporate the same into the 19th amendment of the constitution, like the right to information?

    Deepika! In heaven’s name be honest to your self and uphold human rights come what may. You have a sacred duty to discharge.

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      Quite true GS!

      Deepika is following her INTERNATIONAL handlers’ party line – the UN and other western donors on the Colombo Human rights cocktail circuit – rather than addressing real issues on the ground that are important to the people of Lanka.

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    This is a whole load of nonsense. I for one dont want to see or hear that a serial killer is enjoying his life in jail. In my opinion he should be put to death, and not in a humane way. he or she must suffer unimaginable pain before dying.
    Murderers should not be pardoned.
    The points laid out above to strengthen the NHRC to seek the abolition of the death sentence are insignificant as time has proven that wrongful convictions have never really happened and with the introduction of DNA testing will never occur.
    In the event it has or does i am sure that person is now in eternal bliss (Nirvana or Heaven) and we are extremely grateful for his supreme sacrifice so that we may put many more murderers through pain and eventual death.

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    Why should the murderers be allowed to go scot free. Who’s talikg about the right to life of the murdered person and the wellbeing of people left by the victim of a murder.
    We should first address such issues before trying to salvage convicted murderers. If the death penalty is enforced I bet within one week all murders in this country will see an extraordinary reduction.
    Be wise eduction should not only be used to advocate and champion what we have specialized. There is a larger section of the community that emphasizes that death penalty should be enforced to reduce crime. Please also listen to them.

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      Tungsan and Deepthi

      Both of you are ABSOLUTELY RIGHT in the position you have taken and the arguments you have advanced.

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    I disagree with HRC’s recommendation. Capital punishmnet should be there as a deterrent. Giving capital punishment to those people that keep few grams of heroine, while letting go big drug sharks scot free is wrong. Those who deprive the human rights of their victims by taking their lives forfeit their own human rights in the face of natural justice, so they are not entitled to appeal on the basis of human rights in my opinion. People say that crimes of passion should not end up with capital punishment. We cannot generalize on this; it is up to the judge and jury to determine where the balance lay depending on the facts and evidence of the case. There sould be more investigative court hearings as in France to get to the bottom of the absolute truth behind the crime,and not necessarily on the cleverness of information presentation by clever lawyers. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction; same logic goes for Kamma and Vipaka; who the hell is HRC to think they are superior than the laws of nature.

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    No one has the right to kill another human being even for premeditated murder.
    Life imprisonment in solitary confinement is adequate punishment, as the person sentenced will suffer daily till natural death.
    No religion, even Buddhism, allows retaliatory killing of a human being.

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      Don’t think that you have ever read Ataanaatiya Sutta. If not time you did it. I also think it is time its principles extended to deal with our useless, corrupt, murderous politicians

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      Solitary imprisonment is TORTURE.

      Rather have death for punishment.

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    What punishment does the rights commissioner recommend for those who violates the rights of young unsuspecting innocents whose right to life are voilated by the drug lords?

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