19 May, 2022


Hulugalle Affair: Those Who Watched Through Key-Hole Are Back Again

The security personal assigned to former Director General of the Media Centre for National Security(MCNS), Lakshman Hulugallewho was recently caught in a storm of controversy over an illicit liaison and a suicide attempt have been restored.

Gota-Hulu“On Wednesday, hours after staff at the National Livestock Development Board (NLDB) marked the dawn of 2014 with kiribath and kavun, Mr. Hulugalle turned up at his Deputy Chairman’s office there. He was accompanied by two STF commandos and six Police officers from the Ministerial Security Division (MSD). All were armed.Lakshman Hulugalle, at the centre of many a controversy, has been removed from the only other post he held under the Ministry of Defence. This was the post of Director General of the Directorate of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Secretariat. Yet, he continues to retain other positions.” the Sunday Time’s Cafe Spectator reports.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa dissolved the MCNS retroactively from November 1st after racy details about Hulugalle’s liaison with businessman Gamini Nethikumara’s spouse came to light and he was found to have abused his power in a bid to rescue his paramour.

We publish below the relevant part of the column;

Earlier, his position as Director General of the Media Centre for National Security ceased after the MCNS was dissolved from November 1 on the orders of President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Yet, the MCNS remains with its staff intact. With that the Police Special Task Force (STF) security contingent assigned to Mr Hulugalle was withdrawn.

This move came in the backdrop of 23 Police officers being transferred after a raid on a gaming centre near the Lipton’s Circus. It had been operated by a woman, who, it is alleged, was a very close associate of Mr. Hulugalle. Two weeks ago, Mr. Hulugalle was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit of the Lanka Hospitals reportedly after an overdose of barbiturates prescribed for depression. He, however, denied these reports though hospital sources confirmed he received treatment under intensive care. These sources also confirmed that he paid a hospital bill of more than Rs. 150,000.

Now, some of the security personnel assigned to Mr. Hulugalle have been restored. On Wednesday, hours after staff at the National Livestock Development Board (NLDB) marked the dawn of 2014 with kiribath and kavun, Mr. Hulugalle turned up at his Deputy Chairman’s office there. He was accompanied by two STF commandos and six Police officers from the Ministerial Security Division (MSD). All were armed.

A week before, NLDB sources say, he obtained the services of four workmen attached to the Board. They were transported to Mr. Hulugalle’s home town near Panduwasnuwara for an assignment. Earlier, Mr. Hulugalle had told Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) seniors that he planned to contest the next Parliamentary elections.

With his post as Director General of MCNS no longer existing and his removal from the post of Director General of the NGO Secretariat, Mr. Hulugalle has no role to play in any organisation under the Ministry of Defence. Besides being Deputy Chairman of the NLDB, he also serves as a director of the Commercial Bank, On’ally Holdings Plc and Waters Edge Ltd. The Urban Development Authority holds 47 per cent stake in On’ally Holdings Plc. and owns Waters Edge Ltd. Whether he represents state interests is not clear and has not been defined.

Last week, he was a notable absentee at the pirith ceremony and the next day’s alms giving at the residence of Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa. He was also a notable absentee at the ceremonies at the Ministry of Defence and Urban Development on Wednesday to mark the dawn of 2014.

The MCNS, declared non-functional from November 1, continues. None of the staff members has been moved out from the offices overlooking ‘Temple Trees’, one of the official residences of President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

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  • 1

    It doesn’t, matter……. In the name of sovereignty we have to support MaRa and his Team (thanks DJ).


  • 8

    some fellows can grovel in thier own shit and yet not know !

    • 2

      Sometime he is the man leak entire security information to foreign media

  • 12

    Gota the goon encourages various dangerous liasons among his cronies so that he can blackmail them later…

    This was done with Karuna amman the ex LTTE war criminal in the Eastern Province who also had hordes of SF “security” and Karuna was provided a lovely secretary to keep him busy and distracted on the job…

  • 11

    Gota the white van goon seems to be a key hole man – a pervert and psychopath and murderer all in one!

  • 10

    CT please, spare me the sight of this guy. If you can. I cannot stand it anymore. Thanks!

    • 3

      So True. I would very much appreciate if you kindly kindly kindly avoid or refrain from publishing any of the ruling king family photos either along with Weerawanse, Keheliya, Yapa, Champika, Dulles, & BBS members so on, I beg you.
      I am sorry but cannot stand those IRC fellows anymore.

    • 0

      thanks for the request Ben… seeing this guy on CT or any forum makes me sick.

  • 12

    This bugger Lakshman Helugalla if he opens his mouth about the false news disseminated from the MCNS during the war would be embarrassing to the Rajapaksas.

    When the news came about his suicide attempt I had my doubts whether Helugalla had that amount of guts even to commit suicide. Now it is very clear that the sleeping pills would have been introduced without his knowledge by the Rajapaksas. Therefore before Helugalle reveals about the attempt on his life, it appears the Rajapaksas have restored his Security back. No wonder Helugalle skipped Gota’s New Years lunch this year, fearing he will be poisoned.

  • 3

    If Hulu was indeed the target of an assasination attempt, the fool should seek refuge in the US embassy, but he probably thinks he can ass kiss his way back into GOTA’s good graces, like Mervin and Dayan.

  • 4

    As we all know this HULA is a 9th grade dropout and with some English language skills and connections to late Gamini Dissanayaka and from marriage to Premadasa have gone all the places.

    See what will befall the educated in Sri Lanka under Rajapaksa regime – all 8th or 9th grade dropouts like WW/Johnie/Hula are the leading visionaries and all the educated are kept on the dark.

    Suba Anagathayak !

    • 5

      His is not the only post that is reported to have worked without qualifications. There are many in lanken foreign offices one would imagine how come thme to have gotten their jobs.

      In Premadasa´s days there were so called teaching appointments just offered anyone that worked sometimes as laborors for his campaigns. This later downgraded the entire teaching profession. So have the current rulers been appointing their men and women sometimes to highly important positions that candidates should have years long previous exp. So the consequences are evident to this day – no significant progress seen in international relations. Apart from that Srilanken airlines have run to bankruptcy to billions. Reason is clear to 10 year olds ;Chairman post of SRILANKEN – has he had the exp that airline chairman should bring to that position. No… he is just brother in law of Lanken Mugabe. And
      several diplomatic missions in all continents are abused having filled the vacancies with unskilled personnels. How can former army personnels to turn as diplomats ? Can an Engineer work as a medical doc, if he has not collected exp in that area ? You can if you are related to Rajapakshes. Message is simple to Rajapakshe administration but education has no basis.

  • 3

    “HULA is a 9th grade dropout and with some English language skills…”
    The man can hardly write a sentence in English to save his soul. Lasantha used to tear him down to pieces, quoting Hula’s own communiques, which were more in bad Singlish. These are the experts in this regime given a retinue of security guards, Defender vehicles and the lot – all at your expense and mine.


    • 0

      kettikaran… really..and to think that i who passed grade 10 wasting my time seeing these b…..ds enjoy all perks and the C…s
      Must join the puss pack soon !

  • 2

    Don’t forget its the wonder of Asia where
    even growth rates are manipulated.

    The Chief Justice is an avowed “yes” man.
    The head of anti bribery is corrupt. He has
    taken a car as gift and continues defiantly
    though the allegations against him are
    serious. The Prime Minister is a close associate
    of Pakistani drug barons. A DIG is accused of
    undertaking contracts with large payments
    for murder.

    The opposition is bought over. Ravi Karunanayake,
    who took money from an LTTE donor (Raj Rajaratnam)
    is in serious trouble. So he he flirting with
    President Rajapaksa. John Ameratunga has joined his
    delegation to travel to Jordan, Palestine and Israel.
    This is the same John who acts for Opposition Leader
    Ranil Wickrmesinghe when the latter is absent from
    Parliament. It is a public secret that John is well
    looked after by the Government. The Rs 350,000 question
    is when he and Ravi will cross over. Is Ravi going to
    be the Chief Ministerial candidate for Western Province?

    So why talk of Hula Hulugalle. As long as you are with
    the Government, you can commit blue murder and get away.
    Nothing will happen except rewards and promotions for those
    who serve in the State service.

    Those who cannot see this tragedy unfolding increasingly in
    Sri Lanka are blind. Hulu will also go back to the MCNS. Wait
    and see!!!

  • 1

    Anything can happen under MARAs family rule.Hulu is a enemy of the people but not MARAs so he will survive along.Let god save the country.

  • 2

    Today’s Island newspaper has an interesting crack at
    John Ameratunga referred to above by Almeida.

    It says “John has been signed with President overseas” says
    Jeff and Nut replies “Running with Ranil and hunting with
    Mahinda.” How true. Almeida’s remarks about Rs 350,000 is
    very thought provoking. Add that for 12 months and he presto,
    you get a couple of millions for keeping one leg in the
    Government party and the other in the Opposition Party.

    The supreme insult came later today. The UNP says long John
    Ameratunga obtained permission to go to see places of interest
    to Catholics and where Lord Jesus spent time. Why can’t he do
    that on his own? Surely, he can raise some money for a ticket.

    The last occasion was when John joined Rajapaksa’s delegation
    to the United Nations. At that time, he was asked to pay back
    the cost of the Business Class Ticket he got from the
    Govenment. He DID NOT do that.

    If one can obtain permission and flirt with the Government, what
    is wrong in others doing it. This is where Ranil Wickramesinghe
    is failing badly in his leadership. He hangs on to long John
    thinking he would come to his aid when help is needed. Of course
    Wickramesinghe also goes for coffee every now and then with MR
    and talks to him on the phone every week. There is no permission
    from the Leadership Council or they do not even know it.

    This is why the people are really disgusted with the UNP. They
    do not raise any issue about Hulugalle? An entire opposition is
    playing with the Government behind the people’s back. Damn shame!!

  • 1

    So, for the UNP, it is a case of flirting with the Government on
    the sly and fighting with it openly. They think they are winners
    both ways. I say they will learn their lesson in the provincial
    elections. This is where Ranil has been badly exposed and will
    never ever come back.

    If a leadership change in the UNP is not possible, they
    should think of a democratic alternative.

    • 2

      Ravi have you heard of Trojan Horses? So hold your horse before passing judgments and the time will come.

  • 1




    • 2


      There is no case of an attempted suicide. Sleeping tablets have been mixed in his drink. That is why he defiantly denied suicide. If he was to commit suicide he definitely would have succeeded. Why should he commit suicide? Because he was disgraced? What nonsense! How can he be disgraced when he has no Self respect and Shame. His skin is thicker than a crocodile’s.

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