20 May, 2022


Human Rights Commission Cries ‘Foul’ Over Daily Mirror Lead Story

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) has strongly objected to what it claims is a factually incorrect report published in the Daily Mirror (June 25, 2018) under the caption ‘SL Army Peace Keeping Mission held up due to delay in clearance by HRCSL’.

The HRCSL claims that the newspaper had erred in terms of the date of commencement of the process of vetting personnel and also states that there was no delay on the part of HRCSL.

The full text of the letter is given below:

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    This is why one says “You can’t have the cake and eat it too.” How can government appointed body work against government on Human Right Abuse?
    A Chamber of commerce is to facilitate Business men and it provides certificates in their trade. What is this drama this HRCSL providing clearance for Rapist Army on Human Right abuse? Aren’t they are the one supposed trace, catch and sue all Rapist Army?
    Does Deepika believe that army lead War Crimes took place in Lankawe? Then does she accept the some of the application for clearance can connections with War Crimes. In that case will she issue a statement to Public, that she will be rejecting those applications that have black Mark of Rapist Army?

    Let’s trace back on where we came from. If Deepika is ready to reject War Criminals servicing in UN, why Mirror’s report is hurting her? Does she thinks, when she reject an application, then Mirror is going to praise her as the Lady Dutugamunu? Isn’t Mirror now trying to have the criminal’s application pushed up? Why can she simply say that she cannot allow anybody who record is not proved clean? Isn’t then the responsibility of the Rapist army to prove that they are crime free, instead Deepika voluntarily certify that the Rapist Army is only Buddha Sena? Deepika’s conduct never gave confidence to those affected by Rapist Army. Here, she is certifying to Rapist Army to be confident that she will allow all of them to serve in UN Peace keeping.

    Deepika’s verdicts are worse than Sinhala Jury Only verdict.

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    Burning issues for CT. what is this called in the UK, TABLOID media

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      Jim the dimwit:
      If CT is a Tabloid why don’t you get lost and start posting on Daily Mirror.

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    UNHRC should go back to the old system. There is no credibility in anything that Sri Lanka entities or individuals locally do.
    Just take Thajudeen’s case. The JMO a person supposed to hold that office with intergrity cooked the reports to satisfy politicians, top brass of the Police destroyed evidence and the military was used in the assassination. All this according to the CID and publicly available information.
    Mentioning anything about the state of the judiciary is a waste of time.

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    HRC Sri Lanka dares NOT say anything “bad” about the army.
    Go and ask any citizen in the north and east.
    It is time HRC visits the north and east and speak with citizens in private about their grievances, and assess the human rights situation.
    How many army personnel were disciplined/punished for sex crimes and atrocities
    against citizens of Haiti.

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    The fact that HRCSL is protesting is a victory of sorts for Lankans.
    Of course the real victory is GoSL referring the matter raised by UN, to HRCSL.
    The activities of a few SL Peace Keepers in Haiti tarnished the image of the whole country. The SL Army Commander flippantly exonerated them.

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