27 September, 2023


Human Rights Commission Says ‘Public Security Regime’ Should Be Crafted To Serve Best Interest Of People

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL) has urged the Sub Committee on Law and Order to ensure that the Public Security Regime drafted to protect the people should be crafter in a manner that serves the best interest of the people.

Dr. Deepika Udagama - Chairperson - HRCSL

Dr. Deepika Udagama – Chairperson – HRCSL

Presenting the Commission’s proposals on the public security regime to the Sub-Committee on Law & Order appointed by the Constitutional Assembly in line with its mandate stipulated in the Human Rights Commission Act No 21 of 1996, the HRCSL said that while public security is essential, the public security regime should be in line with Sri Lanka’s human rights obligations, in particular Article 4 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

The Commission provided their submissions covering four areas; Declaration and extension of a state of emergency, Judicial review, Derogation and Amendment of Public Security Ordinance.

The proposal underscored that a state of emergency should be declared only when the ‘life of the nation is threatened’- which is an ‘exceptional situation of crisis or public danger, actual or imminent’.

“The emergency must be actual or at least imminent – it cannot be of a preventive nature. The emergency should be of a magnitude so as to affect the whole country not just part of it. The very existence of the nation has to be threatened – this could be to the physical integrity of the population, territorial integrity, or to the functioning of state structures,” the HRCSL said.

The Commission also recommended the review of the Public Security Ordinance for purposes of reforming the legislative regime applicable to public security.

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    Dr. Deepika Udagama – Chairperson – HRCSL

    RE: Human Rights Commission Says ‘Public Security Regime’ Should Be Crafted To Serve Best Interest Of People.


    Unfortunately, the ‘Public Security Regime’ is Crafted To Serve Best Interest Of the Politicians and their cronies.

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      Purge the political minded civil servants and introduce educated, accountable and responsible officials and the nation will surpass Singapore.

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    Self employment via selling crappy Human rights.

    Make the coutry an indisciplined one where every one has political rights, every one protest asking more but doing nothing for the country at least to pay back for the free education they got. Every one ask what is there for me. that is all. They don’t make a sincere effort to live the life without getting burdened to the country and to the society. Just make the country a prey to the vultures who are financing these projects.

    This is just lack of integrity, honesty from those who got educated free of charge.

    If these people had to get big loans in order to study, if these people had to pay taxes, they would not not this kind of crappy self employment.

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    “Human rights commission says ‘Public security regime’ should be crafted to serve best interest of people.”

    What are the best interests of people?

    The best way to say it is; public security regime should be crafted to ensure maximum security for people with assurance of maximum democratic freedom.

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    It was said that Mahinda physically abused people too! He supposedly assaulted many! Is this true!? Why are these people not coming forward with these stories!?

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    This looks like foreign agenda either by changing the whole constitution or just here and there changing what they want.

    these people are mouth pieces.

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    Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka exists because there is no law and order. Law and order obtains if the judiciary and prosecution are independent. In Lanka prosecution is very much manipulatable. If banes like these are bridled, HRCSL will not be needed.

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    Human Rights commission is no better than the Police Commission . They are their to legitimise the misdeads of the politicians and police.They both must be banned so that the people realise the misdeeds of the government and its institutions.

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