8 December, 2021


“Human Rights Is Latest Religion Of Western Nations” – Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith – A Comment

By P. Soma Palan –

P. Soma Palan

I refer to the above captioned news Report in the Daily Mirror of 24th September, and two subsequent reports (a)“ Cardinal Clarifies” of 26thand (b) “ People shaped by Buddhist civilization do not violate Human Rights” of 28th September.

With due respect to the Rev. Cardinal, I wish to comment on the views expressed in these reports, as an independent and objective analyst, sifting the truths from the untruths. I am not a VIP or an intellectual opinion maker, but a humble citizen analyzing what is written, and presenting a correct view point, from my understanding of the subject matter.

Human Rights is the latest Religion

The Rev. Cardinal, by saying that Human Rights are the latest Religion, wittingly or unwittingly, belittling the universally declared concept of Human Rights. Human Rights, is a Secular Concept and not a religious doctrine. By saying it is a “new religion”, the Cardinal is being derisive of Human Rights. Human Rights are about Human beings, unlike Religion, which is about unknown and unknowable God. Religion cannot be a substitute for Human Rights. Human Rights and Religion are separate and different. However, there is a commonality of moral value, in both.

Rev. Cardinal has said that “if we practice religion properly, there is no need to talk about Human Rights”. In other words, what he is saying is that “Human Rights” are dispensable and superfluous, when religion prevails. Is this standpoint tenable? Human Rights encompass a collection of rights and not solely the right to life. Isn’t it preposterous to think that practicing of religion, properly, will bring about the multiple and various Human Rights to humanity?

The Cardinal, further states that “those who do not practice religion are the ones who crow over Human Rights.” On the contrary, I would say, those who seem pious and practice religion and crow about religion, as an external display, (for populist and political reasons) who are seen more in temples around the country and South Indian temples, are the great violators of Human Rights and Humanitarian Laws, and alleged to have committed “War Crimes”, amounting to genocide of unarmed civilian Tamils, and for abductions and killing people ,who disagreed with them, through the “ White Van” culture. Scuttling freedom of expression by silencing journalists to death and attacking Media Institutions. Thus there is a miss-match between Human Rights and Practice of Religion. Therefore, the notion that practicing religion properly, will have a humanizing and harmonizing influence on people and will serve Human Rights, and therefore render Human Rights redundant, sounds nonsensical.

Rev. Cardinal is reported to have said that, “although the Western Nations attempt to teach lessons on Human Rights to Sri Lanka, it had a multi religious society that had upheld Human Rights for centuries through their religious practices”. Isn’t this grandiloquent statement, hollow and contradictory, in the light atrocities committed by people, and sometimes with the complicity of the State, against racial and religious minorities from 1915 Muslim riots onwards, and 1958, 1983 communal riots against the Tamils, and recent riots against the Muslims in Aluthgama, Digana and violent attacks against evangelical Christian churches, a gross violation of Human Rights? To decry Western Nations giving Sri Lanka lessons in Human Rights, as we are religious puritans and beyond reproach of Human Rights violations, and to claim that we know our Human Rights more than them, is just rhetorical empty talk. But the Cardinal and the Church has no qualms about accepting a Western religion, Christianity, and its religious teachings, which is alien to our Buddhist/ Hindu Culture, but only averse to the Secular Human Rights values which are of Universal significance, although initiated by Western nations.

Rev. Cardinal argues that “ if people practice their religion properly”, Human Rights will be upheld, automatically. According to the Cardinal, in ancient and medieval times, people practiced their religion properly and hence there was no need for Human Rights. Is this view true? I would say no. In ancient and medieval times, in their ignorance, people suffered social practices, which would now constitute violations of Human Rights. Under the feudal Landlord System, there was serfdom, which was willingly accepted. The working people were mere chattel. The system of Rajakariya, compulsory labour, was a violation of Human Rights. People yielded to these social mal-practices as there was no awareness of the concept of Human Rights. There were no Institutional mechanisms to create awareness of Human Rights and their protection. Under the Despotic Monarchism, there were gruesome torture of wrong doers and barbaric executions of people by beheading and pounding their Heads in mortars. Under the colonial Rulers, particularly the Portuguese, there was forcible conversion of Buddhists and Hindus to Catholic religion. Violations of Human Rights were happening all the time. But there was no protests and articulation of Human Rights. The Politico-SocioEconomic Order of the day was taken for granted, as the norm. To say this apparent conflict-free harmony of the Social Order, was due to the practice of religion centuries ago, without any intervention of the Western Human Rights regime, is sheer intellectual dishonesty.

(b)Cardinal Clarifies

Rev. Cardinal has made somewhat of a retraction, by clarifying what he said, previously, the next day. Clarifications/explanations, on second thoughts, are a sign of lack of certainty and conviction and casual vagueness in making pronouncements. If one is certain of what is said, a need for clarification would not arise. It cannot be said that the Media misreported him, because he has not said so.

The Advent of Human Rights Doctrine

The Concept of Human Rights in its legal form and Institutional structures, with an Universal dimension, developed in the 20th century on the aftermath of the second World War in 1945.However, there were precursory causative events in world history ,which contributed to the formulation of Human Rights ,as per the Charter of the United Nations Organization. These causes can be classified as:

1. Remote historical causes

2. Contemporary causes.

I shall mention them in point form without elaborating as it will take much space.

Remote Causes

  1. Minister Mangala Samaraweera referred to one, in the Daily Mirror of 26th September. That is the intolerance of the Catholic Church and their religious zealots, wiping out Non-believers through the Inquisition and religious wars of the Crusades, during the medieval period.
  2. Colonial conquests of the Western nations of Afro-Asian and East Asian territories and exploitation of the subject people and conversion of them to Christianity by the Portuguese, Dutch and the British.
  3. The Magna Carta (great Charter) of 1215 and the Bill of Rights of Britain resisting the despotic injustices of their King and the Lords.
  4. Persecution of the Protestants by the catholic Queen Mary the first, called the Marian persecutions, which led to the flight of Protestants to the new World, America.
  5. The War of Independence by the American Colonies against the mother country, Britain.
  6. The American Civil War and abolition of slavery and the birth of the American Constitution and Fundamental Rights of the people.
  7. The French Revolution of 1789 and the overthrow of the Monarchy, and the proclamation of the concepts of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity, which became the watchwords of modern Human Rights.
  8. The year of Revolutions of 1848 in Europe and the overthrow of Despotic Monarchies and the rise of Nation States.
  9. The Russian Proletarian revolution of 1917 and the overthrow of the despotic Czar and the establishment of the rule of the Proletariat.

Contemporary Causes

  1. Industrial Revolution of the early 19th century in Britain and the rise of Capitalism and exploitation of labour, leading to recognition of Labour Rights.
  2. Labour protest in U.S.A and recognition of Workers’ Rights and the birth of May Day commemoration.
  3. Western Colonialism and subjugation of Afro-Asian and East Asian countries and exploitation of the countries and people, denial of Civil Rights and Racial discrimination and the obnoxious Apartheid Policy.
  4. Rise of Nazi Fascism of Hitler’s Germany and genocide of the Jews.
  5. Second World War and the atomic carnage of Hiroshima and Nagsaki led to Out –Lawing War.
  6. Birth of UNO and its Charter of Fundamental Rights and setting up of its ancillary Agencies as WHO, ILO, FAO, UNHRC, UNESCO and several UN Conventions , International Human Rights Law and International Humanitarian Law, Setting up International Jurisdiction and the International Courts of Justice.

Could the above complex Secular Human Rights Instruments, and Various Conventions at (6) above could have been brought about by practicing Religion, properly? If not for these, there would have been a return to primitive barbarism.

Thus, Human Rights have come to play a vital and major role in the affairs of all countries in the modern world and would last to eternity. It is not dispensable, but a Universal need , an existential necessity of the Universe. It is not a Fad to be derisively called as a new religion. In truth, it is much more than religion. Because, at its core is humanity and humanism, which is also the central ingredient of Religion, than a mere belief in “other worldliness”. Human Rights are a Secular Concept , and complex in nature and, therefore, Religion can never be a Substitute for Human Rights, despite the true intensity and propriety of the practice of Religion, and its minimal and indirect influence on Human Rights.

(c)People shaped by Buddhist civilization do not violate Human Rights

 The above statement of the Rev. Cardinal is a total negation of the real truth.

  1. The Cardinal states that “ a Society which attempts to make Human Rights a Religion could safeguard Human Rights effectively through Buddhist teachings.” Further the Cardinal says that “Rights of all people in this country are safeguarded when Buddhist culture is safeguarded”(emphasis mine). These are absolutist statements, implying that no other religious teachings as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam could safeguard Human Rights. I am surprised that a religious personage of education and intellect, having a misconception of Fundamental Human Rights, which are secular and based on legal frameworks. Can the Buddhist teachings and culture, nay, of any religion and culture, for that matter ,provide and protect  various Human Rights that are enshrined in Law?
  2. Rev. Cardinal’s statement that “Human Rights are safeguarded in our country ,much more than what is prescribed by the UN”, to say the least, it is laughable. Refer (a) 3 &4 above of Human Rights atrocities committed in the country.


It is a queer irony that, the Head of the Catholic Church of Sri Lanka has become the Chief spokesman for Buddhism and the Buddhist Sangha, and upholder of Buddhist teachings and Buddhist civilization. I am somewhat confused and doubtful as to whether he has renounced from the position of Cardinal and Head of the Catholic Church of Sri Lanka. However, if it is so, it is a welcome change, that he is returning to the religion of his ancestors, Buddhism.

The Catholic Church had maintained an admirable detachment and honorable decorum, minding its religious vocation. It is a pity that there is a beginning of a trend to swerve away from this path in  recent times. It appears the Church is imperceptibly attracted towards politics and worldly affairs, like its counterpart , the Buddhist Sangha, which is publicly and openly doing so.The deviation of the Church towards mundane affairs, is evident from the views  it has expressed recently, such as (a)  accepting the 

“Foremost place for Buddhism” in the Constitution by Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith (b) the current statement of the Cardinal that” Human Rights is the latest Religion of the Western nations. These views are indicative of the Catholic Church getting politicized and becoming an apologist to the   Sinhala Buddhist Politicians. It seems, like the Buddhist Sangha, the Catholic Church too, is aspiring to play the role of an Advisor to the Rulers of the country and imitate the arrogant claim of the Buddhist Sangha that ,they are the “ Protectors” of the Nation and de-facto, informal rulers of the country. I hope the Catholic Church, will not tarnish its long standing tradition of detachment from politics, and  fall into the putrid pit of the Buddhist Sangha.

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Latest comments

  • 3

    You haver written so many things becuse of that discussing every thing becomes too long and confused – like comment. Anyway, you saying Catholicism is not political is just BULL$hit. In most countries Catholics are sidelined are or extinct because of Protestants. buddhists or Hindus never have been oppressive to Catholics but Christians have destroyed it all over the world. Catholics are have adapted to the culture of the each country, for example dutch Catholics, Portugal catholics, Orthodox Catholics of some other countries. So, in that sense if Sri lankan Catholics are more buddhist why it is wrong. On the other hand, what the Old trstament says is if some one hit you on the face, give him the other side. Anyway, present Catholics are far inhumane ( I am not talking about the POPES who instigated numerous crusades) than protestants who are predatory to every other religion including CATHOLICS, destructive. I say that Cardinal is very fair. Catholics have Vatican, their bank, Army and many other things. what does it say, they don’t do politics.

  • 3

    The wnhhole world knows that HUMAN RIGHTS are the weapon, including UNHCR, that the most democratic countries oilice state in the west use to impose their rule in other parts of the world, mostly to countries that they want under their control. My question is whether you are asking a certain group of politicinas should not be supported.

  • 4

    Cardinal was right in what he stated.

    • 4

      Mr. Somapala: Cardinal was right on!
      HR discourse is a secular religion– of the Global 1 percent that jets to Geneva and NYC for joy rides!
      .Human Rights has lost all meaning and has been Weaponized by Trumpland which is the biggest violator or Rights the world over.
      Of course, Trumpland had also weaponized Islam and Buddhism. Pl. check out the book: “Cold War Monks: America’s Secret Strategy in South East Asia. How US set up Islamic fundamentalist groups like Taliban in Afghanistan to fight communism is well known. Today RH is a billion dollar industry and a massive waste of time and talent.

    • 16

      Malcolm Ranjith says human rights and the rules of law is for those who have no religion! This fraud who is a disgrace to Christianity and the teachings of Jesus Christ should be excommunicated immediately for making such an irresponsible statements. He says human rights is for people who have no religion! So tell me Malcolm those who follow a religion have no human rights? Are you worried with human rights and the rule of law corrupt clergy like yourself will be exposed? Are you worried that the Sri Lankan Christians will see how you are exploiting them? #popeFrancis #vaticanCity #MalcolomRanjith #excommunication #UNHRC #UN

      Someone please start a petition requesting the excommunication of Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and send it to the pope.

      This mans master(Rajapaksa) recently came out to defend the cardinal his partner in crime.

      No room for evil snakes in the Christian Church.

      • 6

        Hear, hear, Anonymous,
        “Garandi marala paw ganna beha” ( I can’t acquire minus points killing pathetic rat snakes – in English).
        I have more pressing things to do. Many know my name and e-mail address. Please send me the petition and I will sign it – after reading it, of course. I can manage two languages: Sinhala and English.
        This fellow supported the Rajapaksas to the hilt, Shiranthi being a Catholic. How far can a comparison with Rasputin be carried?
        Thanks for the article, Mr P. Soma Palan. You’ve put a lot of work in to it.

    • 8

      This Cardinal should get treatment pronto for foot-in-mouth disease….
      I have a feeling the Cardinal is about to start his own Joint-Pohottuwa Church. Probably the Satakaya will replace the Cross, and the Saviour will have a luxuriant moustache.
      Either that or he is unaware of his own boss’s notions about hanging or human rights.

  • 3

    What His Eminence said was that human rights are already there in all the main religions.He never mentioned human rights.

  • 4

    The ex dress maker and now minister being an utter fool did not understand what Cardinal stated

    • 12


      Dress maker understood what the moron said.
      Actually the fool is MR Malcolm Ranjith.
      He has never ever condemned atrocities against the tamil community

    • 0

      In doing so he whitewashed the crimes that have been committed in the name of religion, and by religious leaders. For goodness sakes, have you lost your faculty for critical thought?

  • 3

    My good friend Somapalan is wrong on this point; sorry

  • 12

    Rev. Gnanasara Thera, Moulavi Mufthi Rizvi and Rev. Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith all have 2 things in common – A: they are more of politicians and sometimes political tools than religious leaders B: true Sinhalese, Muslims or Christians don’t respect them.

  • 7

    Where was the great church when priests were cornholing young boys? The film, Spotlight, shows that but for defenders of human rights values, this evil practise would still be with us.

  • 2

    Daily Mirror newspaper of Sri Lanka is attacking His Eminent Cardinal purposely personally. Shame on them!

  • 7

    Karl Marx is dead. Long live Karl Marx.What Karl Marx said about religion stands good to date.” Religion is the opium of the people.” Let that be our religion. Scores have been killed in the name of religion and continue to be killed.Is that the religion Rev. Cardinal wants us to follow to safeguard human rights.

  • 3

    What the Cardinal is saying is that the West is using human rights as a form of subjugation of the smaller/poorer/weaker countries. These same Western countries that pontificate to the smaller/poorer/weaker nations do not abide by the rules they impose on the weaker nations.

    Case in point – Look at what has happened in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen. Against the guise of fighting terrorism, they continue to perpetrate terrorism on these nations. These countries have been destroyed by the West. A few million people have died which is attributed to the term coined by them – Collateral damage.-

    Lets look at Israel – Israel is a classic example of an apartheid nation. In fact, they are committing bigger crimes than White South Africa ever dreamed of. All the while, they are protected by the West. So, what about human rights in the Palestine areas?

    The West is using human rights the same way they used Communism to bully smaller nations into submission. Vietnam was a classic case of that. Communism is out the door now and human rights is what they use now.

    So, the Cardinal is absolutely right in his assessment

    • 3

      Rajiv Tennekoon

      “What the Cardinal is saying is that the West is using human rights as a form of subjugation of the smaller/poorer/weaker countries. “

      How do you measure countries as smaller/poorer/weaker?
      Singapore is much much smaller in size and population. No one dare grope Singapore.

      If you don’t treat your women folks well every stranger will take advantage and grope your wife, daughters, mother, grandmother, sisters, aunts, in laws, nieces, ……………..

      If the rulers, politicians, police, armed forces, functionaries don’t treat their people well then every stranger foreigner feels free to grope women folks ………………………

      Please stop advising/blaming foreigners and start treating your family well and stop whinging. Things should improve.

      “In fact, they are committing bigger crimes than White South Africa ever dreamed of. All the while, they are protected by the West. “

      If you get your facts right you will note it was Hindians and the west which saved this island being divided. Say thank you to VP, Hindians, USA, Europe, …………

      “So, what about human rights in the Palestine areas?”

      What about it?
      Do you want to fight for the Palestinians? If you are then I will join you.
      Has mahinda stopped from being a human rights campaigner?
      He visited Israel some years ago. Did he raise human rights issues with Israel?
      By the what about human rights throughout this island from 5th April 1971 to date? Do you know how many innocent people have been killed by the state forces, home guards, vigilantes, party assassins, …………………… terrorists, …………?

      Why don’t the leaders of island invite Dalai Lama the most popular Buddhist in the world next to Buddha the awakened one to visit this island ?

  • 11

    “I hope the Catholic Church, will not tarnish its long standing tradition of detachment from politics, and fall into the putrid pit of the Buddhist Sangha.”
    It is time this Cardinal went into retirement. Recently he has been making far too many controversial statements and then retracting them. There is wide spread human rights violations across the world in the name of religions.

    • 1


      “It is time this Cardinal went into retirement.”

      What would he do in his retirement?

  • 5

    P. Soma Palan ,

    RE: “Human Rights Is Latest Religion Of Western Nations” – Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith – A Comment

    “Rev. Cardinal has said that “if we practice religion properly, there is no need to talk about Human Rights”.”

    Thanks for the write-up. The Rev. Cardinal is giving his viewpoint from his training in the Catholic Church, where he is thoroughly brainwashed, like his contemporaries from the other religions. Did the Catholic Church practice the religion properly, as Jesus is supposed to have preached in the New Testament, with all the confusion of the Trinity, Virgin Birth and Rising from the Dead?

    In any case, how has the Catholic Church performed on human rights and religious rights over the past 2,000 years? Inquisitions, decimation of the natives, burning of the heretics, abuses of human rights genocides etc?

    Christopher Hitchens – Shame of the Catholic Church –


    Part of the 2009 Intelligence2 debate – the Catholic Church is a force for good in the World.
    Are the others any better?

    Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 1


    Buddhism The Great Evil — Part 2


    So, Rev. Cardinal has said that “if we practice religion properly, there is no need to talk about Human Rights”.”

  • 13

    P. Soma Palan
    Thank you for writing this scathing indictment of Malcolm Ranjith for his recent shocking and outrageous statement about human rights, and for his general pattern of ungodly behaviour for sometime now. I don’t want to use any of his pompous titles because then I’d be hypocritical. In any case, he doesn’t deserve even an iota of deference because he has completely abused his official position by turning into a mouthpiece for Sinhala-Buddhist majoritarianism in the country, and a sycophant of the murderous Rajapaksas. You have covered the ground well bringing out the full implications of his utterances for democracy, pluralism, freedom of religion, and peace in this country. Malcolm Ranjith is actually trying to spur racist violence and discord in the country. What an irony, he’s really an agent of the Satan. Yes, he’s not a true follower of the Catholic faith, he’s only crowing over it. That is why he’s able to be the greatest champion and defender for the violations of human rights by his true masters, the Rajapaksa Mafia. In any western country, he’d have been disrobed and kicked out of the church by now. That is why Godfather Malcolm Ranjith Don hates human rights, and the West.

  • 9

    Reading another article of excellent quality from the same author, Mr. P. Soma Palan, within a week’s time. Wish him well!

  • 8

    he is trying to prop up the rajapaksas who gave jobs to his relatives

  • 3

    P. Soma Palan,

    RE: “Human Rights Is Latest Religion Of Western Nations” – Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith – A Comment

    “Rev. Cardinal argues that “ if people practice their religion properly”, Human Rights will be upheld, automatically. “

    Christianity Debunked Using Science and History – Carrier.


    Man made religions.Man originated religions.

    Religion started 40,000 years ago.

    Priests stated their business 10,000 years ago.

    Yehwah showed up about 3,000 years ago., by borrowing from Zoroastrianism.

    Good God vs. Evil God

    Then Christianity, Islam and other religions.

    All focused on the middle East only? Why?

  • 8

    This man is a disgrace to the Catholic church. A Sinhalese racist y of recent Tamil ancestry ( ge name Patabendige shows his South Indian Tamil Karawa origin). He is very close to war criminal Rajapakse family and was condoning and defending their anti Tamil activities and many instances deliberately gave wrong information to the Vatican , with regards to the island’s Tamils. The Sinhalese led Catholic church were very much involved and encouraged the forced Sinhalisation of hundreds of thousands of poor Tamil Catholic fishermen and their families, living along the western coast from Negombo to Puttalam in the 1960s. The reason is because this once historical and traditional Tamil area became part of Sinhalese majority provinces during the British era. instead of being n made a separate district of province and linked to the Tamil North and East. Because of this these areas became part of the Sinhalese Catholic dioceses and these Sinhalese Catholic priests used undue influence on these ignorant poor Tamil fishermen to Sinhalise and switch their language from Tamil to Sinhalese. The Catholic church in the island should now be divided into independent Sinhalese and Tamil divisions, as the Colombo based Sinhalese led church, has shown many times , that it has no interest in the welfare of the island’s Tamils and at many times been hand in glove with the Sinhalese state in oppressing the Tamils. This man is the best example of this. The Tamil Catholics need their own church and national leaders independent of these Sinhalese racists , to look after their own welfare and fight for their rights. This man has not taken any neutral position but time and time showed to be very pro Sinhalese and biased. Which Christian leader will openly espouse the supremacy of Buddhism over all other religions in the island .

  • 1

    P. Soma Palan ,

    “Rev. Cardinal argues that “ if people practice their religion properly”, Human Rights will be upheld, automatically.”

    Neil deGrasse Tyson on religious people


    Belief, Evidence and Demonstrations. The human belief distribution based on knowledge and education.

  • 4

    I agree with much of the content of this article and write to add my two cents’ worth.

    The Cardinal stated, “if we practice religion properly, there is no need to talk about Human Rights.” The truth of this depends on which religion is in view and the degree of adherence. In Islam, one of the major religions of this country, the penalty for apostasy is death, a gross violation of human rights by modern standards. Certain verses of the Koran and the Hadiths sanction war on infidels. The status of women in Islam is lower than men.

    The ethical teachings of the Buddha and Jesus Christ, if followed properly, would, I think, certainly secure what are today called human rights. The ethical teachings of Jesus at times actually transcend modern human rights when they advocate non-resistance and pacifism (vide the Sermon on the Mount). His teachings require his followers to suffer wrong than resort to violence to resist it. The present Catholic Church does not subscribe to pacifism and, historically, has regarded it as a heresy.

    • 3

      Well said, Leonard. You articulate quite succinctly the relation between religion and human rights.

  • 9

    Obviously he is a cardinal who dosent believe in any rights except may be his own/religious rights. He is a hypocrite and a bigot.He is more into politics and defending politicians and their wrong doings. He is some one belongs to the group of cardinals who will deny any abuse taking place under their watch.(what we hear in USA,Australia, UK and so on). Another Ganasara in holy clothes.

  • 2

    I disagree with this writer ..
    All religions protect human rights ..
    All of them are constituted to protect collective and individual rights of communities ..
    Do mot kill..
    Do mot steal..
    Do not drink..
    Do not take..
    Do not cheat ?
    Which religion does not tell this ?
    What is wrong then to tell human rights are part and parcel of all religions.
    Religions are designed to protect human rights ..
    WE do not need to protect God’s rights ..
    He is above all human desire and weakness.
    I think this above quote is said to appease some section of Sri Lankan politics

  • 6

    In the year 2020 will be election year.
    Two MR’S will be holding two important portfolios.

    Malcolm Ranjith – (MR) as Executive President.
    Mahinda Rajapaksa – (MR) as Prime Minister.

  • 1

    Soma palan: The Cardinal is dead right in this case.
    Human rights tho’ a good idea ,initially, has become a secular religion of the US-led neoliberal era – to benefit the Global 1 percent and beggar the rest. No respect for economic justice or rights.

    HR is a fig leaf and its lawyers (Radhika Coomaraswarmy being a very good example), who promote human rights, benefit from the global political culture of rampant corruption and cronyism as evident from networks among Bondscam Ranil and the Colombo NGOs that espouse HR.
    Secularism, Human rights and lets not forget the New Constitution fetish of Ranil etc al, have become the new secular religion.
    Meanwhile the old faiths – Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Islam have been drained of their moral and ethical content and weaponized by the neoliberals and neocons who promote the HR and legalistic Constitutional process to divide, distract and loot us all.

  • 1

    ‘ I wish to comment………. as an independent and objective analyst’

    ‘I hope the Catholic Church, will not………fall into the putrid pit of the Buddhist Sangha’

    Objective? Doesn’t this foolish man know that unlike the Catholic church the Sangha is not a centrally controlled body? Five years after ordination a monk is totally free of the control of his teacher. How then can the writer use blanket phrases like ‘the Buddhist Sangha’ and tarnish every monk with the same brush?

    • 2


      Oh please.
      Within the first five years the systematic indoctrination conditions the minds of children (saffron child soldiers), whom we have seen how they express their rage and hatred on the streets, vigils, rallies,……………

      Please read Prof Gananath Obeyesekere’s concerns about Child ordination:
      Child ordinations and the rights of children
      by Gananath Obeyesekere

      Please stop being an idiot when you rebut a point raised in the article. It is obvious serious indoctrination has been taking place among the children (Sunday Sil Monday Kill variety), Sangha has the responsibility of reeducating the Sinhala/Buddhist fascist thugs.

      Once the thugs reached a threshold there is no turning back, remember the poem by Martin Niemöller,

      “First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out”

  • 2

    Soma Palan, Though your analysis is simple it conveys an in depth understanding of this sensitive issue. The Catholic teaching covers not only the spiritual and the supernatural but also things that are beyond the realms of human understanding which are called mysteries. How many of us as Catholics follow and adhere to the teachings of Jesus Christ to the very letter. It is not fair to expect the followers of other Religions too to abide by the precepts of their respective beliefs as we are all human. If we observe and follow the Human Rights declarations in society we live in, I think it would be an impetus for every body to follow his or her religious belief. That will perhaps make things easier for the Shepherds to lead their flocks. The errant religious leaders who are in public domain involved in politics may take a cue from the laity. ( Magna Carta which comprises 31 articles if I remember right is probably derived from the precepts of different religions world over. A clear example is the commandment ” Thou shall not kill” is both biblical and civil dictum and should remains so for valid and very good reason.)

  • 8

    Dear Somapalan,

    Cardinal is a Medamulana sucking stooge.
    He never condemns the mass killing of men, women and children in Nandikadal and over 45,000 dead.
    He will burn in hell.

  • 6

    Birth of many forms and denominations of Christianity was the consequence of the atrocities, torture, persecution perpetrated – as seen in the annals of the history- during the period of Dark Age, by the so-called religious heads. That’s how human rights were looked up on.

  • 7

    Religions should be out of politics and politics should be out of religion. Our former President was a human right activist for some times but turned out to be human rights violator when he became President. Unlawful human deaths are not acceptable under any common human principles and it is sad that the religions were part of that uncivilised act of violation of law in this country for seven decades. I am not sure how the Cardinal will explain to justify those inhumane acts of those religious leadership in this country. You cannot ignore human rights of the people blaming Western or Southern religions.

  • 5

    Excellent & factual, point by point. If this humbug Malcolm Ranjit has a morsel of dignity, he would resign from the Catholic Church and live a life of recollection… but he will not…. and like majority Sinhalese who are thick skinned… he will continue mouthing bull shit.

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