3 December, 2022


Jaffna Film Festival Makes Ridiculous Move: Removes Jude Ratnam Film “Demons Of Paradise”

In a ridiculous turn of events, the Jaffna International Film Festival has removed the film ‘Demons in Paradise’, directed by Jude Ratnam, from its line-up.

Jude Ratnam

“Allegedly owing to pressure from a group known only as the ‘Community’ in Jaffna, the festival organizers of the Jaffna International Cinema Festival have decided to remove the film DEMONS IN PARADISE directed by me from its scheduled program.,” Ratnam said, in a statement.

He also added that he had not been given a proper explanation for the last moment removal of his from the festival schedule.

“I feel this is a case of censorship and an infringement on the fundamental rights to freedom of expression,” he said.

Writing a letter to Festival Director Anoma Rajakaruna, Ratnam said Dr. S. Raguram, the festival committee chair, had insisted on the removal of the film.

The film was expected to be screened at the festival on October 05 at 06. 45 pm.

“The sudden removal of the film from the schedule and the festival’s decision not to screen the film comes as a surprise to me, heeding to pressure from a group so far identified as the ‘community’, ” Ratnam says in his letter.

Meanwhile writing to the Organiser of the Jaffna Film Festival, Dr. Rajan Hoole said: I am a resident of Jaffna who has read several commendatory reviews about the film and was happy that it was scheduled for screening here. There is an immense need for people here to be able to hear different views and be exposed other ways of seeing our history, especially the darker side that is assiduously blocked out by our politicians, media and especially the University. It is only then that they could break out of the propaganda monolith that is intent on keeping us in a kind of political stone-age.

“I am not surprised that Dr. Raguram of the Department of Media studies had ‘visitors’. I immediately sensed the kind of atmosphere where concerted attempts were made in 2014 and 2015 to stop the commemoration of Dr. Rajani Thiranagama at the University and then to stop the discussion of Palmyra Fallen, my book commemorating Rajani, in the Library Auditorium of the same University.

“You had only been asked for a proper explanation of why the film was removed from the schedule. Instead you have resorted to innuendo against the Director Jude Ratnam implying charges that have no flesh. The issues involved are so crucial that we expect a higher standard of civic morality from you.”

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    Sad indeed, This is an important and excellent film that explores internal conflicts in Jaffna society that contributed to the war, but were buried by LTTE,
    It also shows the violence of the LTTE against its own Tamil community which it claimed to liberate.
    This film likewise shows and the deep connections and friendships between Tamils and Sinhala communities before the ethnic war that was Weaponized and fueled by India’s RAW and Intelligence bureau, though of course there was Sinhala racism and racial tensions used by politicains–as in all other post colonial countries in South and South East Asia,
    My only critic is that this film did not name and explore the role of external parties Indian intelligence operatives (who are again weaponizing religion in Jaffna today) and IPKE in intra-Tamil violence and turning ethnic riots into a full blown war to distract Tamil Nadu nationalsm.
    The film looks at the conflicts WITHIN the Tamil community and attempt to reflect on the many groups Plot EPDP, EROS, EPRLF in relation to LTTE.

    • 4

      Internal conflicts in Jaffna Society contributed to the war

      21st century Joke. That itself to remove the film not the reflection of reality but the Sinaloa Buddhist fundamentalist state propaganda.

      Nobody doubted civilian relationship between communities. It is state sponsored and state terrorism starting from 1958 that created LTTE. LTTE did not kill Tamils but only Traitors. LTTE did no target civilians except once in Anjradhapura town on the instructions from RAW.
      LTTE is liberation movement. If this view point can not be expressed in Sri Lanka, Tamils will not allow under any excuse to dis credit LTTE.
      People like Hoole should have defended Vijayakala, if he is an intellect.

  • 2

    The only purpose of Jaffna Film Festival is to expose homosexuality among Buddhist monks. They think because our monk wear saree, they are transsexual. That is not true. NOT all the monks are homosexuals or transsexuals. They will do anything to tarnish the name of Buddhism. So we should start our own BBS film festival to expose caste system among notherners.

    • 3

      jimba shitty, we will also start an English class (at Kindergarten level) for you to learn proper English. Hahaha………………Buddhist monks? Biggest clowns in the history of Sri Lanka but after you, Sach, Chimpa, KA Sumanaya, Real Revolutionist, Eagle blind Eye, Dayan J………………………..the list goes on.

      • 1

        Biggest clowns in the history of Sri Lanka but after you, Sach, Chimpa, KA Sumanaya, Real Revolutionist, hahahahaha

        where did you learn English from your kindergarten teacher? BBS offers English classes at pre Kindergarten level, which is suitable for you.

        • 0

          Remember in Tamil you have a saying ‘nirai kudam thalumpathu.’ Just remember it.

  • 4

    This is nothing new. Jaffna people have been making wrong moves all the time and when things go wrong they blame Sinhalayo.

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    Though its military outfit, the LTTE, was decimated, the ethno-fascist mentality of Jaffna society is still alive and well. It is deeply ingrained in the ‘Jaffna Kingdom mentality’ due to the betrayals and oppressive measures of successive Sri Lankan governments, the duplicity of Tamil political leaders, and India’s meddling. Jaffna University has become the hub of efforts to keep this Tamil-Saiva fundamentalist ideology alive. If these intellectual throwbacks and dwarfs are afraid of this film, it is indeed a resounding confirmation that it has brought to light the dark side of Jaffna society which found its full expression in the LTTE. There’s no doubt the DEMONS IN PARADISE are currently regrouping both in the north and south.

    • 6

      I fully endorse all what you have said about the ethno-facist mentalitity of Jaffna society. It is fertilised on a diet of hate cultivated by Sinhala racism for mutual survival.
      Both Demons in Paradise need each other to confuse and convolute reality and truth.

      • 2

        Tamil nationalism is ethno-facist from the beginning. It is not resulted from Sinhala racism as you like to believe. That is why Tamil Nationalism in Tamilnadu which is NOT subject to any Sinhala racism shows the same ethno-facist nature. Tamils from the very beginning believed and still believe they were a superior race and they can overpower Sinhalese.

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    Rajan Hoole steps in mentioning his effort to commemorate Dr Rajani Thiranagama in 2014 and 2015(?). Rajan still does not want to admit that the step taken was to avoid protests. The then Governor Rtd(whatever) GA Chandrasri would have smithereened the protesters.
    Jude Ratnam must consider the possibility that removal of his film might have been for a similar reason. Do not tell us that you did not expect this. The silver lining is the publicity!
    The Police wait for protests to let out steam on protestors. Have you forgotten how the police handled the protest on police inaction in the Vidhya rape-for-video case?
    By the way Jude: Speak with someone other than Rajan Hoole.

  • 2

    “Even loss and betrayal can bring us awakening.”
    — Buddha

  • 0

    Jim SOFTY: I understand your comment. Protestants are not that scum. They respect, minimum, buddhism.

  • 2

    Jim Softy
    I am at a loss to understand the connection you try to establish between the saree clad buddhist clergy and to the film. Neither do I know the theme behind the film ‘Demons in Paradise.’ I have witnessed a major part of the tragedy behind the Broken Palmyrah.
    As at present, the RAW then was playing hell with the Tamil Elam demand and the logical pursuit of a viable sustainable political solution for the Elam Tamils already cornered to a Dead End precipice. Our memories are still profusely bleeding.
    Are we promoting art and culture through this film ? or try to pry deep into our wounds and make to bleed again is the question that haunts me.

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    As soon as all the internationally famous documentaries of Killing Fields of Chanel -4 series are played in all Southern Theaters, this too can be played in Jaffna. Jaffna is Lumumba University to carry out all kind of brain washing techniques there.

    If Ranil says media freedom, it has to be for North and South. If for North Army rule and for South Tamilini book, Sara Book, Jude Ratnam Movie, then it this is how it has to be.

    Why Tarazi Vittachi’s book was banned and he was chased out of the country? Why Eknaligoda was killed? Let them have a balanced investigation of what happened then we talk about all these. We cannot come for this talk now!

    Jude Ratnam writes outside and always and gets badly beaten back. When he lost, he sought to play this game.

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