5 July, 2022


I Will Not Enter Politics: CJ Shirani B

The Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake today said that she will not enter politics or pledge her support to any of the candidates at the upcoming Presidential polls.

Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake

Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake

Speaking to the media outside the Colombo Chief Magistrate’s Court a short while ago she said she does not wish to engage in politics because she still thinks of herself as 43rd Chief Justice.

“My movements have been restricted and I have been limited to the confines of my home. I am not paid a salary or any stipend. This is how those in power have paid gratitude for my 32 years of service . . . But I am still hoping for the rule of law to be upheld and for justice to be done,” she said.

She also said that even if all other opinions regarding the controversy of her impeachment is waived off, three international reports yet have declared that the impeachment is in violation of the due processes.

“Therefore I don’t believe I have been impeached, ” she said.

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  • 24

    During 2004 Tsunami, couple of guys in Unawatuna saved a drowning girl. Then they kept her for few days and raped her multiple times. MR is doing the same thing. Saved the country from LTTE terrorism, and now raping the country.

    • 19

      The messenger,

      As much as the rape act should be severely condemned they at least saved the girl. MR on the other hand didn’t save the people after the Tsunami but robbed them of their due money and raped them and continues to rape them.

    • 1

      This can take the fears of ruling politicians.
      Now a days they have been hunting to find the themes.

    • 2

      Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake

      So, there is a need to expose, expose and expose…Write the Common Sense Phamplet ..

      Promoter of Shill busters, Promoter of exposing Shills, exposer of corruption, nepotism, buster of myths, promoter of Good Governance, democracy. promoter of accountability, promoter of law and order and a;; those that go with Egalitarianism..

      Here is Something for the Medamulana Maras to”Enjoy” on the 9th of January.2015 while reading The Common Sense Sri Lanka 2014

      The Sinhala Subtitles are the Modern MaRa version of MaRa going berserk after losing on January 9, 2015.


      What Hitler said in 1945 in German,and what MaRa is expected to say in Sinhala and with English Subtitles is given below.

      Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Sinhala?


      If you have time, or your friends have time, a Tamil Subtitle and English Subtitle video should be produced and widely distributed.

      I have translated to English the Sinhala Subtitles. You do for Tamil and distribute. Enjoy!

      Hitler Speaks is in ” “
      All others are assistants speaking. Not in “ “

      The Assistant Speaks: Sir, the current election results are not in favor of us..
      There was no change even with the Fraudulent votes..
      Uva, West, North and Eastern Provinces have an unfavorable situation..

      The Hitler Says: “No need to Panic. My Hambantota People would have paid me respect … “

      The Assistant Speaks: Sir,.. Hambantota, We have lost Hambantota as well , Sir. The Results just came in..

      Hitler Says: ” Those who are here who have failed the 8th standard, G.C.E. O.L . all get out of here “
      ( The bulk leaves, leaving only 3)

      Hitler: ” Then all of them are fail” ‘” The Supervisor of Airplanes, my Brother in Law also failed GCE OL?”

      “Where, What have I Not done for this Election?”

      “Decreased the price of oil”

      “Pachavahini, TV lies, Ni T N , from morning till night lied”

      ” Because of your advice, also put “Jeyatissa” ( Shills?) people”

      “State buses were used to haul people, and…”

      The Assistant Speaks: You could have disclosed those Files..

      Hitler, ” I you your files. Yako, Do you want me to disclose that as well?”

      The Assistant Speaks: We don’t know if this was an international conspiracy, Sir.

      Hitler ” what balls, international conspiracy, F***”
      “Mothers clothes”

      ” Spent millions obtained from China. Using the boards that can be used to measure distance was used to put up cutouts”

      ” The war won by the armed forces was distributed and eaten”

      ” The gold obtained from the North was also distributed”

      ” With all that there was no profit even close to the Ass of a hair lice”

      ” Yako, if correct, with the racism and religious conflict, I should have got votes from both sides”

      “That 8-month old child when I carried, the child who could not say mother, cried, Jayaweva, Jayavewa, Victory, Victory”

      ” They gave the child to my hands, and gave the vote to the other side”

      ” To keep you, I paid millions of dollars”

      ” That was money I could have used to get my son to do night races, Yako”

      ” That was money my brothers earned by getting commissions”

      ” Now, I have to take my woman and children and get on the road”

      The Assistant Speaks: Don’t Cry Big Lady, at least the Ukku Baby’s (sucking baby’s) Moon is there

      “For 8 years, ate, ate unfortunate, only Wattalappam ( dessert)was left to be eaten..”

      ” Now everybody gets the noose”

      “Unfortunate, next month, Word Cup Final, got free ticket “

      “Aiyyo Money”

      ” If we became finalists, I invited the Australian Prime Minister ti watch the finals?

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      The Messenger

      Shirani Bandaranayaka Speaks to Media Video

      Published on Dec 17, 2014


    • 0

      Messenger, don’t forget the Chinese spell cast upon the Sinhalese en mass. There is a great pragmatic Chinese saying attributed to the all knowing Confucius :

      “If you can’t fight rape, better lie down and enjoy it “.

    • 2

      I think it is great that she finally spoke out how and what she has been going through all the months since she was unconstituationally sacked

      She is rigt saying the man in power goes on reiterating about repay but public servant of highest grade being kept in dark. Best example is the case of former CJ. Leaving all the indifference they have between, she has every right to earn her penion or the funds that are entitled to her job. This s how MR democracy works. That is what we feel while looking at the issues from the outer world.

    • 0

      Hey guys, please read this below: This means in his point of view, all the culprit tasks being seen today in terms of ELECTION campaigning are not considered as election violations.
      [Edited out]

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    I hail her determination not to enter politics or express her support to any candidate. I also condemn the despicable treatment to her by the government. Her principle should last even after retirement. That is my request or wish.

    • 5

      Dr Fernando,
      even if you would not do active politics, this kind of figures have been hunted these days by the ruling thugs.RULING men behave not second to rabid dogs WHEREEVER they have been questioned about anything. They behave as if they are already hurt being unable to realize if MR admin will be replaced soon, how they have to face it etc. You just need to listen/watch the following senders on lanken TV:

      a) Balaya political discussion – Hiru TV (Thursdays)
      b) Satana political discussion – Sirasa TV (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
      c) Wadapitiya political discussion – Derana TV (Tuesdays) ETC

      You will see how the ruling govt representatives behave in those discussions; what their arguments have been.

      I watch THEM all laters on You tube.

    • 8

      She was a political appointee. There was not principle in judicial appointments

    • 3

      But She is one of those responsible for the current situation by allowing MR to contest more than two times without ordering a referendum fully aware that MR campaigned on a platform of abolishing the Presidency and the two third majority in the Parliament was obtained with the crossover of shameless MP’s who had deceived their voters.

  • 10

    Excellent decision for the cogent and convincing reason cited. The country has been with you throughout and will continue to be with you. The day is not far when justice will be meted out to you and your dignity restored.

  • 1

    If you do not do politics at this time you will never get justice. Unless and until political change comes to SL it is not possible you see any justice. Do you want once again MR come to power? Do you want one again this dictator continues his anarchy in the county? It is courage and determination of people who stand for justice will engage in politics: it is politics that has done harm to you so it would be logical to counter this injustice with same means: I mean that by your involvement and engagement you could do more to this nation. You could establish justice. I understand your agony, your feeling. I know well politics is a dirty in itself. Politics is more ugly when ugly people wear it. But politics could be beautiful when people like you wear it and show example of it.
    I do not think good people should shy away from politics.
    I do not think that you should keep away from it. Whether you like it or not. you need politics to justice for you.
    Lady Srima did a good politics why can not you be an example of her:
    Lady CKB did a good politics why you can not do it?
    with a Ph.D in law you could make a good difference in our country
    You will have support of academic, legal and all other professional people of this country.
    IF MR without basic qualification could ruin the country why can rule the country with your talent and skills
    We need people like you to rule the country and even if not now time will come for you.
    I think you should support Maithripala and you are most suitable person to become a justice Minister
    You could do a lots of amendments in our legal systems and loopholes should be
    avoided in many constitutional laws. How could you keep silence when this great nation is ruined by a thugs like MR family?

    Braveness is not shy away from problems but face the problems and challenge it
    You might have given verdict for thousands of legal cases and you do not need advice from a non-legal person like me and yet, I do not think it is advisable to maintain silence.
    I can see your logic and I know that you would be revenged by MR and co once again. Your file will come up again? you may put in jail? not mere house arrest. Yet, do not be fearful if that happens you will be a national hero like NELSON MANDELA. People still admire at your service, at your patience
    We all know if CJ can not get justice in this country who could get justice
    I think that you should come out as a brave lady and openly support Maithiripala for you to get justice
    your presence will encourage thousands of lawyers and judges to support Miathiripala.
    you live your life once not twice so please make up your mind and come out with courage and determination to support Maithiripala: It is not only for you but for the interest of nation.

    • 3

      Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake has taken the right decision in not involving in politics. In case if she engage in opposition politics against the Rajapakshes, her fate will be exactly the same as Sarath Fonseka if MR wins by some kind of Jilmart. She will also end up in Welikada. She does not need to do politics, if My3 wins, she will get her job back.

      However, the opposition politicians should talk about the injustice caused by the Rajapakshes to her at every stage/meeting, especially to get the sympathy of the women folk. Right now, most of the rural women still support MR.

  • 1

    Dr. Laksiri Fernando and CHANAKYAN
    I disagree with you. both of you are misleading. If thugs can rule over 20 Million lankans why can not highly educated people like CJ can not enter into politics. She may fear revenge from MR and this already happened to her and yet, to get rid of this people like her should come into politics. We need to change our political culture: loot today in our parliament more than 50 % MPS are without any basic qualifications and do not we have qualified people to go to Parliament. I think today Sri Lanka needs qualified people in parliament. We are living in this modern world and yet, our people in Parliament are outdated. Drug dealers, robbers, killers are in parliament? Do not we need a change? Let CJ justice set an example for this. All nation will be behind her.

    why you people discourage her from entering into politics. Most of us think that politics is dirty and it should be left our for dirty people to do it. I disagree with this. Good people should enter politics and make a difference
    Politics is dirty in our country because dirty people are in politics and we should send them home and good people should come and replace them.
    Please tell us your logic why you do not encourage her not enter in politics
    Do you think that she will be come corrupted? or do you think she will be revenged by MR and co.
    Do you think she does not have any skills or craftiness to do politics
    SRIMA: A HOUSE WIFE become one of best Leader. Why Can CJ with her Ph.D can not become a leader of this nation.
    You people are pessimistic always think negatively or copy negative ideas from history:
    History should be made in Sri Lanka in politics
    Let all educated people enter politics to make some real change for people

    • 3

      Wasn’t she the one who approved the 18th amendment?

      By the way, what is our Maithripala’s stance on our ex-CJ? Will she get her job back if he wins?

    • 1


      From student days to now for no less than 60 years I have consistently and vehemently argued for good persons to enter politics. Never have I failed to invoke Plato’s ideal of Philosopher Kings. I too looked forward to Shirani B coming forward to bring in a lakh votes or more for the alternate President.

      We have to concede that the judicial arm is as holy in the trinity of governance. A fresh ethos is as arduous to bring forth, as it is necessary. If the three arms revert to perfect independence, the soul of Montesque will find repose.

      The argument advanced by Shirani B, besides showing her legal stance also brings out her passion to vindicate her honour. So let us wish her well and hope for a respected Judiciary to be in place.

      • 0

        “From student days to now for no less than 60 years I have consistently and vehemently argued for good persons to enter politics”.
        And your absence from politics indicates you practise what you preach. :-)

  • 3

    According to Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake’s( Chief Justice) statement, what we can learn is the dignity, respectability and nobility.

    She is truly professional and gravity of profession is highly commendable.

    One day the truth will be revealed and disclosed by itself.

    We respect you and salute.

    • 7

      But you may have heard it – if one would sit with dogs, you would not complain about the TICKs later on. That is what I feel. And not forgetting 18AMD the related reforms creating them more abuses – occured while Dr. SB was with them. We the average and other non-law professionals could get cheated, but Dr. SB nevertheless to go for those amendments is unbelievable to me. Even if we see things in hindsight in this way – She could also rethink before leaping.

    • 4

      ‘dignity, respectability and nobility’

      Saman you are either very ignorant of this woman’s history or you are a fool. I hope it is the former.

      • 4

        Paul….Thank you.

    • 3

      “She is truly professional and gravity of profession is highly commendable.”

      Hic, hic……

      Very laughable

  • 0

    keep it up, …..

  • 1

    In an administration, where might has become the right, what more talks we the average should hold about the prevailing situation ?

  • 12

    There you are, same thing happening again. One of MR’s pals falls out of favor for not towing the line and now starts complaining.

    The facts –
    This is the lady was an academic. CBK appointed her to the Supreme Court in 1996 on the recommendation of GL Peiris. She had never served as a judge and she had never practiced law. Her appointment to the Supreme Court led to protests from lawyers and judges. She soon became the most senior Supreme Court Judge.

    She served as acting CJ on 11 occasions. In 2011 MR appointed her as Chief Justice so that she could carry out his wishes. In 2013 MR finally got rid of her after he got 117 of his MPs to impeach her.

    I have no sympathy for any of these bar stewards. If you play with fire don’t complain when you get burnt.

    • 0

      Even if you ar right with the facts – humanly, everyone makes mistakes.
      But the bugger abused her and the like again and again – as if the average use and throw. This happened to DJ, TK, RajeewaW and the like in foreign service. Dr. SB s case is unique because there are only one CJ for a country at a time. So the actions taken against her was unique too.

  • 7

    How absurd this whole thing is. Shirani Bandranayake came on to the Supreme court through politics ! She was sponsored by that worse intellectual scoundrel GL Pieris. When she was appointed the Bar association protested against her appointment.Then when MR became president Shirani played ball with him and got her hanger on husband a top job as the Chairman of a government Bank (NSB). As she was obliged or had intentions of getting favours from MR she approved the 18 amendment to the constitution and even without a referendum.Almost all her judgments were in favour of the government except the impossible cases. As CJ she was very arrogant and did not allow any lawyers or even judges to meet her. Maybe she also suffered from an inferiority complex being what she really is. Meanwhile her husband got into a racket with NSB and Ceylinco group.Now there is a case against him for fraud. Now how can this shirani talk as if she is a woman of principles ! What a tragedy this country is !

  • 6

    While the office of the Chief Justice of this country was desecrated
    in the manner she was removed and was wrong, as a person, however, she
    deserved what she got. She brought her high office to disgrace by hobknobbing with the political high when she was in their good books.
    Since her ouster she made many attempts to get into the political arena
    and cannot now claim she “does not wish to engage in politics”
    Mahinda R certainly had a file on her and made good use of it to justify the enormous risk he took in taking the CJ to task.

    While the Rajapakses should be held responsible for the ugly and illegal removal of the CJ, the lady must be held accountable for her rackets. The quid pro quo in her trying to buy 2 luxury apartments from a respondent whose Case she was looking into brought the office of CJ to disgraceful levels unheard of. Worse – was the callous manner in which she ordered the files of Kotelawala’s GKCCC Ponzi Case shifted that shattered the hopes of over 10,000 middle class families – including school going children, the sick, the old and the infirm – who then believed their prayers for relief to all of them has arrived with the Case being heard by a lady who raised their hopes and who they trusted to be sincere and honest to bring them long-denied justice. They remain bitterly disappointed, forlorn and in the streets.


  • 6

    I hate to say this. She is a victim of her own politics. If she and her predecessor did not allow cross overs this would not have happened.

  • 2

    She has a very good reason for not engaging in Politics.She is still the CJ [legally].Besides,the impeachment was NOT valid in Law as per the International opinions of eminent Jurists.

  • 5

    “I Will Not Enter Politics: CJ Shirani B”
    Please don’t; Nobody asked you, either. Anyway, the country will be a better place without people like you to mess it up further.

    • 6

      She entered politics the moment she became CJ. Who do these scum think they are to make such patronising statements to us?

  • 3

    I thought what a great person Shirani is, until I read the contents…

    But It is all about pleading to the My Threes Govt to reinstate her with back pay and a compo package as well..

    Which is fair enough.

    I mean people who migrated to greener pastures in the West even struggling nowadays to hold their jobs, let alone get new ones.

    But my main concern is, can Shirani allow CC Sira to implement his manifesto to dismember the the Motherland?.

    Once Sira abdicates, 13 A kicks in automatically.

    Will our recalcitrant PCs grab the opportunity and become Chief Ministers with full 13 A plus with their own Police and Land Banks?..

    Ex Prez CBK couldn’t careless, as long as her son or preferably the daughter can get the gig as the PM ,even in half of the Motherland..

    So that Bandaranyakas will be in the Govt to celebrate the Centenary of our independence….

  • 2

    Obviously Shirani has been bribed by the President – through her corrupt husband- to take this position and to keep her mouth shut.

  • 2

    Shirani is the CJ of the country. Don’t believe the usual MR stooges that troll thru these sites spreading false information. Appointing a CJ from the the pool of judges of the superior courts is a tradition not a law. An exception to this rule can be accommodated within the law if the candidate is up to standard. Whether Shirani met this standard is up to individual opinion. Her husband is accused of buying shares on behalf of the NSB without board approval of a defunct finance company at an inflated price. The real beneficiary of this transaction was Reynor Silva the brother of the notorius Duminda Silva. Kariyawasam is the fall guy to take the blame for another crooked Rajapakshe deal. It is obvious that to a point Shirani went along with MRs wishes. The most damaging judgement being the legitimizing of the 18A without a referendum. But she came around eventually and stood her ground. She will serve well as CJ after what she has been forced to suffer. Of that make no mistake.

  • 2

    Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake’s determination is much appreciated. Truth will have to come out one day. But the issue is when two devils are contesting the elections, will she get justice? When the PSC was behaving in an undemocratic manner Maithiripala Sirisena did not had the courtesy to condemn such actions and warned the behaviour of some notorious Parliamentarians. Instead of remaining silent, he should have resigned immediately. He cannot claim excuses. After all he took steps not to file any action against his son, when his son assaulted a DIG’s son. What is the guarantee there will be justice when he is elected. Meanwhile there will be sabotages as to who would be PM, if Maithiripala Sirisena wins and whether she will be appointed again as CJ is a questionable issue. Now it is for the ethnic political parties to place this issue if the contesting candidates were to be elected. This is one of the issues (independence of Judiciary) that can reflect the will of the people. Atleast Ranil Wickremasinghe raised this issue and he should place it before the people.

  • 2

    Now Shirani has become an ordinary citizen and now she can answer our questions freely.
    Questions are:
    1. Why do you abolish 17th amendment and gave power to H.E. President to appoint government officials including judges?
    2. Why do you extend the term of H.E. the President another term without an election?
    3. Why did you call the Court Marshal a Court of Law and send Gen. Fonseka to prison?
    4. If the Court Marshal can punish people why cannot the PSC and Parliment punish citizens includin Chief Justice?
    5. Why did you allow your husband to accept Govt. jobs?
    6. Why did you approve 18th Amendment?

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