19 May, 2022


If Given A Third Term, MR Will Turn An Oppressive Dictator: Maithri

Kick-starting his election campaign in Polonnaruwa last evening, common candidate Maithripala Sirisena warned President Rajapaksa would turn into an oppressive dictator if he is to be voted into a third term.

Maithripala TempleAddressing the hundreds of masses that had thronged to attend the inaugural rally, Maithripala said his defection from the government was not meant to be a personal attack against Mahinda Rajapaksa or his family.

“Mr. President, this is not a betrayal against you or your family. This is my attempt at attacking the widespread corruption and bribery within the country,” he said.

He went on to state that the government today is attempting to label him as a tiger as a result of the stance he took to stand up against the current regime, although the LTTE had made several attempts to assassinate him.

Defected parliamentarian and former Minister Rajitha Senaratne who also addressed the gathering at the inaugural rally said many more UPFA members will be joining the campaign led by Maithripala Sirisena adding that among them are the Uva provincial councillors.

JHU parliamentarian venerable Athuraliye Rathana thera who also expressed his views said President Rajapaksa will be losing sleep tonight after seeing the crowd that thronged to participate in the inaugural rally and pledge their support to the common Opposition movement.

Meanwhile, the MoU that was signed between Maithripala and the UNP as well as other organisations that have pledged their support to the common Opposition movement will be launched this afternoon in Colombo.

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    Coming colours no good for the MR Mafia.

    However MR is the master of jilmart. The Rajapaksa show is still not over. A lot of bloodshed is still to come. This time it will mostly be Sinhala blood.

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      The Lies MaRa They Tell Us


      Tisaranee Gunasekara | Published on August 22, 2013

      The most alarming aspect of the video to me was the seemingly delightful bloodlust they appeared to have. They….seemed not to value human life…”
      Bradley Manning (Statement at the Trial – referring to an American attack on Iraqi civilians)
      The ‘Rajapaksa Model’ of warfare had eight fundamentals, Indian journalist VK Shashikumar wrote in the Indian

      Defence Review . These included political will, telling the world to ‘go to hell’, a no-negotiations policy, regulating media, rejecting ceasefires and giving troops complete operational freedom.

      All these are discernible – albeit in embryonic form – in Operation Weliweriya.
      In Weliweriya, the Siblings had the political will to use brute force against what was essentially a microcosm of their Sinhala-base, during an election season. An army unit (led by a war-hero Brigadier no less ) was dispatched to punish the demonstrating people of Weliweriya.
      Most regimes would have baulked at using such tactics, just months away from hosting an international summit. But the Rajapaksas did not give a damn.

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    Dear Common (Sernse)Ccandidate Maithripala Sirisena.

    Yes. Spread the Word.Print the Word. Distribute the Word using All the media.

    Can your well wishes throw some resources and complete it?

    It is Family Dictatorship Vs. Peoples’s Democracy.

    Here is Something for you if you can round up some Authors to get this done, The Common Sense Pamphlet of Sri Lanka 2013.

    1. I am quite convinced, just like Thomas Paine was in 1776, the Common Sense Pamphlet need to be concise less than 47 pages, in simple language the masses can read and easily understand. Something like “Gam Peraliya”. Another version is Gone with the Wind.


    You can get a Free Copy Pdf of the Common sense by Thomas Paine here.. http://www.forgottenbooks.com/search?q=Common+Sense+Thomas+Paine&t=books

    2. Now to Common sense Pamphlet. Amarasiri is Pushing the Sri Lankan version of the CS Pamphlet for Altruistic reasons. Amarasiri’s only satisfaction is the defeat of MaRa , the Despotic Medamulana MaRa Dynasty, and there is no financial gain, other than he “Good Works” and “ Pin” in afterlife, if there is any as such.

    3. So Amarasiri is with the Common Opposition in this endeavor. The Common Opposition should embrace Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, agnostics, Atheists, Democrats, Republicans, and others EXCEPT the MaRa, their Shills and their cronies , BBS and Rapists and few undesirables.

    4. However, Amarasiri has limited time. This is What Amarasiri can do. This post to the Common Opposition and well wishes, and ask them to Complete it.

    There will be 8 Chapters. Why, January 8,? It is the Triple Point. The Day SWRD Bandaranaika was born, the Day Lasantha Wickramatunga was killed and the Presidential Election.

    Common Sense Pamphlet
    Sri Lanka 2014

    Rata Peraliya – Family Dictatorship Vs. Democracy.

    By Anonymous Author(s)

    Chapter 1: Introduction Common Sense Sri Lanka 2014 – Author 1

    As long and violent abuse of power , and as the President of Sri Lanka has undertaken in his own right , to support the parliament in what he calls theirs, and as the good people of this country are grievously oppressed by the combination, they have undoubted privilege to suppress and abuse the citizens rights given by the constitution.

    The cause of Sri Lanka is in a great measure the cause of all Sri Lankans.

    Who the Authors of this Production is, is wholly unnecessary to the public, as the object of Attention is the Mahinda Rajapaksa Family Dictatorship Doctrine and Proposed dynasty Itself.

    This Pamphlet has 8 Chapters by different authors. Use Common sense and make the choice between Family Dictatorship and democracy in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

    Chapter 2: Of the origin and Design of the The Democratic Socialist Republic o ofSri Lanka in general, with remarks on the Constitution. Author 2

    Chapter 3: Of Monarchy, Dictatorship and Hereditary Succession. Author 3

    Chapter 4: Thoughts on the Present state of Sri Lanka Affairs 2014. Author 4

    Chapter 5: Of the present ability of Sri Lanka 2014 with some miscellaneous Reflections since Independence . Author 5

    Chapter 6: Rights of the Citizens of Sri Lanka. Author 6

    Chapter 7: Dangers of Dictatorship Sri Lank 2014. Author 7

    Chapter 8: Bribery, Corruption, Nepotism and Crime Sri Lanka 2010-2014. Author 8


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      Amarasiri my friend
      I am so glad that you have taken the initiative to start the common sense pamphlet…. the skeleton looks great and I hope that you can flesh it out a bit before passing it over to the opposition campaign managers who are well advised to finesse it and ten arrange to distribute it as a must read to all Lankan folk.

      Good action chum, best of luck.

      Hope that you will post the document on CT as a separate article or ‘opinion piece’.

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        Ben Dover


        It is like herding cattle, try to herd Sri Lankans Writers to do a simple common sense pamphlet.

        Population Sri Lanka 2014 – 20 million

        Population America 1776, 2.5 Million. Thomas Paine Produced Common Sense Pamphlet.

        Sri Lanka has 8 times more people.

        So, make one simple Chapter fr 2.5 mullion people!

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    It will become a replica of Pakistan. Divided within. Riven by ignorence and hatred. Human life having no value. Army the only cohesive, but heavily politicised institution. The army there is also heavily involved in many aspects of the economy.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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      like Thai from the beginning- military & monks rule the roost

      cock a doodle do! Theravada and the king as god/dog.

      Déjà vu

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      [Edited out]

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      Isnt what you say resemble to the areas in LTTE era for the past 30 years?

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    Rajapakse so far has not used at least 2% of the powers given to him by the 1978 Constitution (with respect, I must say, the earlier Presidents too did not use the powers fully). People call him a dictator, but nowhere is shown concretely how he acts as a dictator. He is using the same procedures that had been used by earlier Presidents or Prime Ministers. He is not doing anything extraordinary. The opposition is given full freedom to do whatever they like, but they are impotent to use their skills to canvass for their objectives. The inaugural meeting of Mr. Sirisena gathered only less than 2000 people. Sirisena is not a good organizer, neither a skillful orator, nor an intelligent thinker, has not written anything serious. He is not a well-read man. In this age of intellect a feudal trader has no place to stand. He is being used by evil forces to achieve evil objectives. Sirisena represents rice traders, Sand merchants, timber sellers and landowners in Rajarata. He is not a representative of peasants or workers. While in the Health Ministry he attacked workers and doctors and broke their strikes using legal processes and also resorting to organized thuggery in the form of police or army. Now he is talking about democracy. He defended 18th Amendment to the Constitution with utmost determination. Now overnight he is attacking it! This shows that he has no permanent policy. He is confused to the core. He does not understand what a Constitution is or the process of changing or abolishing it. Yet he pledges that he would change or abolish it! He is trying to catch a black cat in a room full of darkness. He is crying that there is no democracy,but he is not using the democracy that is freely available to him. He is not using the Parliament to propagate his ideology (of cause his lack of ideology is a different matter). Compared to this feudal representative of landowners Rajapakse represents the progressive sections of the society. Some amount of authority is needed to achieve progress in any society, whether it is capitalist or socialist. Rajapkse is using only a minute portion of the power given to him by the Constitution and the power given to him by the Parliamentary majority. I think the reasons for this is that he is a man of the people. He knows well the life and grievances of workers, peasants, and of the general public (he was once Minister of Fisheries, Minister of LAbor etc. etc.). He is disciplined by the Buddha Sasana. He knows the correct way of respecting Maha Sangha. He quite knows how to respect a priest, how to address a priest, how to offer a pindapatha, how to carry a Dhathu Karanduwa to a Temple. He has associated Pansalas from his childhood. That means he is a disciplined man. He is controlled by many disciplines. He is a senior lawyer, a member of The Noble Profession. Even if he want to become a dictator he is prevented by doing so due to his many disciplines. Rajapakse so far has not used at least 2% of the power given to him my the Constitution and by the People. We wish that he would continue the good behavior.

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    Stop talking BS about common sense pamphlet.
    If you are so interested in it being printed, why don’t you get on a photocopier and print a few copies and hand them around.
    Without wasting your time & ours talking garbage.
    Waiting for that Sinhala blood to spill onto the streets.

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      “”Without wasting your time & ours talking garbage.
      Waiting for that Sinhala blood to spill onto the streets. “”

      whats up suzie cue?? brown girl in the ring

      trall a lal la la it’s x’mas time in the city..

      corollary to voltaire yours and ours;) freedom of
      `not reading` that comment (troll the arrows on keypad or doodle)

      Blood Al gore,

      Bull in the ring!! Crones/Croney

      ps: give your pseudonymph a swing on CT just cheez them with published ?? why not wada baile it too?

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      @Shobana, as my pseudonym says, I am a Tamil and from the North but I live in Canada. But why do you want Sinhala blood to spill onto the streets? Haven’t we had enough blood spilt onto the street? Merely because we have had racist governments in the past does not mean all Sinhalese are in support of that. What should happen is this THIEF & MASS MURDERER RAJAPAKSE AND HIS ENTIRE FAMILY TO GO TO HELL. This should pave the way for decent governance in SL, where all can live peacefully. Do you agree?

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        “But why do you want Sinhala blood to spill onto the streets? “

        Havent they been doing that for 30 years? And now cry human rights!

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          Hey Sach, you are an arse of a man. You live in a very deep well and never see the light of day. Just like the Sinhala blood the Tamil blood and Muslim blood have been spilt by both sides of the ethnic divide. But you are blind in one eye and you do not see what the Tamils have gone through. Also you are down right a racist scumbag to the core. We got a whole bunch of them on the Tamil side as well just like you, who will never want to see peace in this beautiful country. Even decent Sinhalese will despise you like dirt. You climb out of the well only in the nights and crawl around like a worm. So, to me you are just a racist scum, so go away and stay in that dark well of yours and do not show your ugly face AGAIN.

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    This is the same numbers of crowd that throng to see Chandrika’s mother in the 1977 General Elections. Hope CBK can remember throngs verywell.
    End result was JRJ swept the board.

    In SL people are curious. They want to get glimpse of the new Candidate & see what Rathana Thera looks like, how aged the once pretty CBK looks ect.,
    One can never gauge the election results by the crowd that is present at meetings.

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      You don’t understand what he has stated about MR’s protection, Let me tell you that, All of the former Presidents of Sri Lanka does receive armed protections (at least two or 3 guards at their resident) because they entitled to “former”, Furthermore when Maithri wins the election he will order the armed forces to guard MR and his family on temporary basis.

      However when the UN’s ICC calls for the extradition of MR to the Netherlands, Maithri has to handover him to the Netherlands otherwise in case if he refused he knows the risks that will be increased to Sri Lanka likes of sanctions, travel ban for presidency, parliament members or prime ministers, trade ban and so on. So he will surely hand him over to ICC courts only if they lodged the charges against the crimes that MR’s govt has committed, beyond that scope will not be allowed into the country such as UN’s investigations.

      I’m pretty sure Maithri hasn’t done corruption with MR, If he has done corruptions he wouldn’t have come up as common opposition candidate. He would enjoy by wasting the tax payer’s money. If he is honest man he would come front to the public and speak the truth against this regime.

      Maithri is honest and brave man who risked everything in his life and came out as common opposition candidate to rescue the country from the dictatorial.

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        What kind of governance one can expect from a man who couldn’t push an act to display the cartoon the way he wanted in the back of a cigarette packet through parliament and safe keep a copy of a pending act in his own ministry. These stories to cover-up his own Mervin like behaviour. Google and read the murderous attack on a DIG’s son and his wife by My3’s son and his gang in Paasikudaon. Full story is on jayaraj.com.

        • 2

          may be that chromo came from his wife or cousin
          unlike mervin himself – tree worshipers don’t want to
          understand and start demanding sambar with their confistciated
          nagasalan (flute)- sellan (play)

          Satakaya,hato (hang’em high)
          Pungi bajo (pump up the music)!

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    [Edited out]

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    If Given A Third Term, MR Will Turn An Oppressive Dictator?

    Isn’t he already the above plus many other wonderful things?

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    For our country to be able to stand on par with others in international fora as a nation led by honourable leaders,
    the “Dirty Dozen” who sullied its name must face justice in those fora
    which administer justice.


    They should not be part of government, any longer.
    A new president must ensure this, to lead the entire nation.

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