30 June, 2022


Igniting Culture Wars, Dehumanising The LGBTIQ Community: Hallmarks Of Yahapālanaya, Sirisena Style

By Chamindra Weerawardhana

Dr. Chamindra Weerawardhana

Two weeks ago, the cabinet of ministers in Sri Lanka rejected a provision included in the draft human rights action plan that suggested taking prompt steps to prevent discrimination on the basis of a citizen’s sexual orientation. On 25 January 2017, the President of Sri Lanka, Maithripala Sirisena, generally regarded in the West as ‘pro-Western’, if not a ‘friend of the West’ than his predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa, openly admitted at a public event that it was he who personally ‘binned’ the provision, as well as yet another provision that called for the legalisation of sex work.

What is required?

In the Sri Lankan context, taking measures to prevent discrimination against a citizen’s sexual orientation primarily involves repealing Article 365 of the Penal Code, imposed upon the ‘Ceylonese’ under British colonial rule in the 19th century. In order to ensure adequate legal protections, this needs to be followed by an ‘equality clause’ added to the Constitution, which explicitly states that the fundamental rights of citizens are protected, irrespective of sexual orientation and gender identity. A consultation on this matter, for an equality clause to be included in the proposal ‘new’ constitution – in itself a long shot – has been under way. The President’s homophobia, now out in the open, is a clear sign that under the Sirisena government, the prospects for the passage of such an equality clause (in the present constitution or a in a new constitution) are very bleak.

Understanding the presidential reaction?

What makes Sirisena, Sri Lanka’s first citizen, opt to deny the basic fundamental rights to his fellow citizens on the basis of their sexual orientation? The reasoning behind this can be narrowed down to social conservatism, lack of understanding, and a staggering unfamiliarity with global developments in human rights provision with regards to sexual orientation and gender identity, including in many countries in the South and Southeast Asian region with which Sri Lanka shares strong cultural ties and links of kinship. Next time Sirisena is invited to ‘token-hang out’ with Western leaders at international platforms, his hosts would need considerable rethinking, except if his host is a homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic and blatantly racist politico such as the newly elected president of the part of Turtle Island we know as the USA.

The politics of LGBTIQ equality: Sri Lankan style

There is, however, another explanation to Sirisena’s reaction. He is using LGBTIQ equality for his power-political advantage. Within his government, he collides head-on with his main coalition partner, Ranil Wickremesinghe’s UNP. That party includes a number of LGB people in very senior positions, and is generally perceived, inside and outside Sri Lanka, as most amenable towards LGBTIQ rights. Indeed, whenever a cis-LGB MP (of the UNP) raises any matter in Parliament, opposition MPs often pass horrifically homophobic remarks. These MPs know that their homophobia and transphobia enables them to ‘sell themselves’ to a socially conservative and chauvinistic suburban and rural (and in some cases urban) electorate.

The broader picture of political tensions?

Sirisena’s public comments on LGBTIQ equality were followed by a comment on another deeply divisive issue in the joint government – that of the Central Bank bond scam, for which the UNP leadership is held liable. Sirisena visibly deploys this issue for his political advantage, to distinguish himself as someone who would not hesitate to take action against large-scale corruption. It is also a display of authority ‘above’ Ranil Wickremesinghe, who clearly enjoys more visibility, recognition and popularity on the international scene than Sirisena.

It is also an effort to demonstrate to his own political party that Sirisena is in control, and give the impression that Sirisena will not let the UNP have the final word. Given the political machinations of the ‘Rajapaksa camp’, such public affirmations of authority can also be understood as an effort to demonstrate Sirisena’s position of leadership, that he is in control, and that he represents a substantive challenge to Rajapaksa’s mobilisation within his own political fold, and to Wickremesinghe, who assumes that he is the de facto leader of Sri Lanka.

Homophobia as a pawn in a political game?

In other words, Sirisena’s homophobia is deployed as a tool in his efforts to face his current political challenges. The calculation is that a progressive stance on citizens’ human rights on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation would hinder Sirisena’s prospects within his own political persuasion and serve to weaken his position in his party and also in government. The UNP, for its part, appears to play the game it has mastered since the granting of Dominion Status in 1948 – that of sailing in the direction of the wind, and making maximum political capital out of any scenario.

This has led to a situation in which, despite the presence of many LGB people in high office, the UNP prefers to ‘play it safe’ locally, and avoid any extremist, homophobic, transphobic and chauvinistic backlash coming its way. In terms of political strategy, the UNP has managed the situation in a way that ensures, in the eyes of the local LGBTIQ community and human rights activists, Western governments, aid agencies and international organisations (including the UN) that Sirisena is to be blamed for the human rights stalemate with regards to gender identity and sexual orientation. This strategy also momentarily enables the UNP to persuade the homophobic and transphobic segments of its local electorate that it will not implement laws that go against their conservatisms.

Unfortunately for Sirisena, he appears to have fallen in to the UNP’s trap, by earning a strong reputation as a homophobic and transphobic politico from the rural hinterland. This adds up to the negative international reputation acquired especially by openly opposing probes into atrocities committed under the Rajapaksa regime that involve military personnel. The Rajapaksa camp deploys Sirisena’s unpopularity in the suburban and rural Sinhala vote base to its benefit. In the end, Sirisena risks being cornered by both the lobby that elected him and also by the pro-Rajapaksa side of his own party.

A Matter of Political Survival?

It is clear that the Wickremesinghe and Sirisena camps are both preparing for the next presidential and general elections. While the UNP wants to abolish the executive presidency through a new constitution and cement its power base (by creating a powerful prime ministerial position, guaranteeing Ranil Wickremesinghe’s political survival until he retires from politics), the latter is intent upon maintaining the presidency. In his party’s pro-Sirisena camp, there is a strong emphasis that Sirisena should maintain the presidency and stand for the next presidential election. Pro-Rajapaksa elements in Sirisena’s political fold categorically oppose the new constitution initiative, bringing up the age-old argument that it challenges the (British-imposed) unitary nature of the Sri Lankan state. This argument only implies a very low understanding of Sri Lanka’s pre-colonial structures of governance, and an unwillingness to work towards decolonizing constitutionalism. However, it needs to be reiterated that the proposed new constitution does NOT involve a step forward on such a progressive and home-grown path. Instead, it is an effort by a neoliberal, uncritically and submissively pro-Western urban political elite minority to reinforce their power base. In that process, the new constitution risks raising ethnonational tensions, to say the least.

LGBIQ citizens at the receiving end?

In this interminable tug of war, it is the citizenry that suffers, especially the citizens, who, like this writer, do not fall into the (very largely Western colonial-imposed) ‘cisnorms’ and ‘heteronorms’ that have been erroneously appropriated as ‘Sri Lankan values. As far as the LGBTIQ community is concerned, (and as this writer has argued elsewhere) the priority ought to be a decolonizing, home-grown approach to the consolidation of equality and justice (and NOT the blind following of Western templates or discourses, which appears to be the preference of quite a few Sri Lankan LGBTIQ organisations and activists). The fact that our fundamental tenet of national cultural identity lies in the Buddhist principles of tolerance, respect and equality is far from being understood in all segments of Sri Lankan society. Sri Lanka today is a case in point of how the myopia of a political class results in denying citizens their basic and inalienable fundamental rights.

*The writer is a Visiting Research Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast and a board member of the Irish Feminist Network.

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Latest comments

  • 7

    This is just bullying a govt.

    Lesbian and Gay rights are an issue in Catholic and Christian Cultures and in Islamic culture it is an offence punishable with death. In the west culture gay bashing, Gay discrimination is very common. There are movies on true stories of killing Gay youth.

    In India Gays are common. Men are made into gays or ponnaihs because of religious reasons. Gays and LEsbian rights become an issue in cultures where the culture and civilization are being established. Sri lanka does not have Gay or LEsbian bashing.

    Even heterosexuals can practice what ever the weired sexual practices inside their bed room. either the govt or the public wdon’t peep into the bed room.

    Here, when LGBTs are asking special rights for them, it is bullying and lack of empathy for an established culture. Simply thinking that it must be the European thinking that must be the forte. It looks like simply destructive mind of some individuals trying to victimize a govt.

    • 2

      Dr. Chamindra Weerawardhana,

      RE: Igniting Culture Wars, Dehumanising The LGBTIQ Community: Hallmarks Of Yahapālanaya, Sirisena Style

      This is what President Sirisena said about homosexuals and prostitutes. There is question of cirizen’s rights and privileges.

      President Sirisena has given rights and privileges to Mahinda Rajapaksa and cronies and immunity from persecution to the financial crimes as well as the killings. He is silent on these matters.

      The incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena was elected two years ago by 6.2 million people of Sri Lanka not for a presidency through him, but clearly to abolish the abominable executive presidency , and that too within 100 days of his taking office as president .

      That is why he has earned the Titles of Turncoat, Traitor, Gona, Mala-Peretahya and Sevelaya. Support is given below, in what he is saying and Not saying. given below.

      President Maithri once again gives away his barbaric ideas to the world! – ‘I threw out the homosexuals and prostitutes’


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        [Edited out]

        • 0

          thank you

    • 7

      The LAw its self should be removed, But for the writer to state there is outright discrimination is false, If the writer has lived in sri lanka then since 2000 there has been shows openly under different Presidents taking place in Lanka and particularly at the BMICH of all places. These events were well publicized on the print media. Yet there was no back lash at all, even we have seen films promoting such a 64 mayam etc. Yet people have not burnt the film halls.

    • 6

      It is a simple case of de-criminalization of a law imposed by the British who have now gone back a full circle. De-criminalization is NOT embracing or encouraging. Ironically, homosexual practices are rampant and well-accepted in the Buddhist and Christian clergy or wherever the unrealistic need for celibacy is required. Everybody knows someone who is gay and, in most cases, there are accepts as equals and any abuse is no more than that experienced in Europe or the US.

      No one has been persecuted for the last 20 years but it is a sword and needs to be put aside – for goodness sake, we have so many other issues that need to be criminalized.

  • 5

    It is well known that the UNP includes a few LGB people in high office. However, it does not mean that the SLFP does/did not have LGBs. What about the Bandaranayakas, SWRD and Anura? Anura was a great buddy of Mahinda when they were young politicians. The fact that both Mahinda and Sirisena have children can not rule out the possibility that both are Bs. Most Sri lankans are normally not gay but they are bisexual, practicing one at schools and the other after getting married.

  • 4

    “Indeed, whenever a cis-LGB MP (of the UNP) raises any matter in Parliament, opposition MPs often pass horrifically homophobic remarks. These MPs know that their homophobia and transphobia enables them to ‘sell themselves’ to a socially conservative and chauvinistic suburban and rural (and in some cases urban) electorate.”

    Unfortunately, it appears that some young men in cabinet positions are there because of their “Kolla” relationships and not because of their ability.

  • 9

    Dear CT, it is really frustrating reading continuously about the grievances of the LGBTIQ minority, and I wish to state my view without causing any offence to anyone.

    It is ridiculous that the so-called “LGBTIQ” Community (with new letters being added to the acronym every day) who complain about “freedom” are reacting so aggressively against anyone who express views against the preachings of their new religion.

    These people need to understand that President Sirisena, as the democratically elected president of a democracy is obliged to listen to the majority view on all political, economic, social and other issues. It is not a matter of ignoring minority interests, but that is how the system works.

    As a Sri Lankan living in Canada, I would like my children to learn my native language at school and to deal in my own native tongue when I go to a government office. But I accept that this is never going to happen because the majority in Canada are English speaking and their laws preserve the supremacy of English in Canada. It will be stupid of me to perceive this as some sort of discrimination.

    When it come to views on homosexuality, expressing the view that it is an “unnatural” urge is backed by the simple anatomy of the human (male and female) body. There is complementarity between the male and female genitalia and there are other orifices in the body that carry out other bodily functions. Those who get such “facts of nature” mixed up, or are unable to accept this reality need to take a good look at themselves rather than attacking everyone with a counter view.

    The LGBTIQ community will find much longer lasting happiness if they learn to accept that there are many who disagree with the practices they prefer to engage in, without complaining about “being at the receiving end”!

    They wil do well to remember that there are literally starving people in our country and place their issue in a scale of survival.

    • 9

      Its commendable how you’ve put forth your opinion in a civilized manner, yet certain things you have pointed out are highly debatable. I do agree that the LGBTQ community will have to come to terms with the fact that not everyone will be acceptant of them, especially in the backdrop of social conservatism in Sri Lanka. However, this doesn’t mean that they should denied the basic rights of freedom and dignity that a citizen should have. A person’s sexuality shouldn’t be something that has to be swept under the rug, especially given that it is not a choice of lifestyle or a mental illness.

      Making an analogy to your children is simply erroneous because your children will probably be socialized into Canadian culture and society, without any harmful psychological consequences, whereas homosexuals cannot simply ‘choose’ to be straight and they would probably suffer under the judgemental views of the majority.

      Moreover, you say homosexual urges are unnatural because they are deviant. From an evolutionary perspective, sure. But so are people with ambiguous genitalia, human born without limbs and every single deformed plant or animal. They are deviant, but that is only natural. Please note that I am not calling the LGBTIQ community ‘deformed’, I’m merely pointing out that it is natural to deviate from the norm – many claim that attraction to people of the same sex comes as a natural urge.

      As for this comment, “ They wil do well to remember that there are literally starving people in our country and place their issue in a scale of survival.” That is totally uncalled for. If your children were bullied at school, will you tell them “ Oh well, there are people dying of hunger, might as well just deal with it”?

    • 5

      Dear Fedup,

      I agree with you that Colombo Telegraph and Dr. Chamindra Weerawardhana may be making a mistake in publicising this issue too much.

      I think that a revision of the LGBT laws in Sri Lanka ought to be revised, but it has to be in a quieter way. When you have public displays like the current photograph of Dr Weerawardhana the average Sri Lanka is going to get provoked, and the government will not be able to push the legislation through.

      LGBT groups in Sri Lanka will have to settle for legislation which allows such activity in private; what has been written in the article is excellent, and I agree with all that he/she says.

  • 2

    Dr. Chamindra Weerawardhana:

    Sister, What rights exactly you are looking for. My guess is already Sri lankan heterosexual couples are practising the weird sex you gals are practicisng. So, what do you want ?, Right to apply Lipstick in open and right to wear women’s cloths in open. On the other hand, even in the west, Gays do not wear women’s cloths in open or they do not apply lipstick unless they parade themselves.

    Who is your husband, Are they Evangelical christians ? foreigners and NGOS want Casinos, Brothels, Liquor shops, Increased tourism by western sex-manica, pedophiliacs all in our country. That is model of Singapore in Sri lanka. So, we have enough broken families in which the wife is sleeping with some one in the middle east. Male relatives are destroying the femlae children. We have make prostituion. This is the only thing missing. Even Singapore does not have gays wearing female cloths when they go to do grocery.

    • 4

      They are simply asking to have sex the way they want without fear of being prosecuted!

      Is this too much? Why cannot we live and let live!

      Why cannot we be humans, Who are they going cause trouble? They are not pedophiles!

      They are not going to do it in front of everyone, of course in their bed rooms!

  • 2

    By looking at the title of this article, it seems it is not Dharmawardane who wrote this article. It should be his christian/Cathoolic husband who wrote it.

    Because, any one who was exposed to Buddhism, at least indirectly, jnows that buddhism is not hostile to human mayhem. IT is the christanity that is hostile to human mayhem and try to enforce their ideology. In reality, It says, in tibet buddhism, Homosexuality is a tool to achieve higher mental states.

    Anyway, the cluture clashes that implies in this article shows that it is a Christian/ Catholic Gay individual’s mindset that he thinks that the buddhists who would have a conflict with the Gays and LEsbians.

    but, Sri lanka also has a culture and an estaliahed civilization. Sri lanka is not western culture or the australian – western culture which was established by slaughtering thousands native aborgnies. Sri lankan parents wants to grow their children their own way and not the way foreign cultures want it.

    I think the culture clash that you imply here is not a culture clash it is the LGBT people try impose on heterosexual culture behave you people have money and political power.

    Most of the powerul people in the society are Gays and Lesbians. they have money because of that power. They force western politicians to gain their way. Because, Catholics and christian church are against LGBTs. But, Sri lanka pr even Indian has never went to your bed room and enacted laws to stop your but getting ripped or you getting HIV-AIDS.

  • 8

    Dr. Weerawardhana

    I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that LGBTQI rights are being used as pawns in a political game.

    Unfortunately, this happens everywhere in the world, where the rights of minorities are used and abused by the majority to gain political mileage. In the early 2000s in the USA, the republicans used the issue of banning same-sex marriage to gain power in the state elections. They used this issue to incite hatred and thus motivate people to come out and vote – for the republicans. In the process they enshrined laws in their state constitutions that outlawed same-sex marriage – until the supreme court struck these down years later as unconstitutional according the the US federal constitution.

    There were many openly gay republicans who went with the bandwagon, despite shooting themselves in the foot. Why? Money and power!!

    In Sri lanka, the Tamil minority has also been subjected to the same kind of use/abuse by both he sinhalese and their fellow Tamil and muslim politicians. They incite racism to get people to vote for one faction or another, with no regard to the long term and personal negative consequences to people and the country.

    In a democracy it is very easy to disregard the rights of minorities, and thus they are subject to the whims and fancy of the politicians. That is why we need strong protections for minorities against majoritarianism.

    I hope the Tamils recognize that what the LGBTQI are fighting for is very akin to what they are fighting for. I hope the muslims and Tamils will join the LGBTQIs to promote protection of minorities against majoritarian tyranny.

    • 2

      sinhalese buddhist

      I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that LGBTQI rights are being used as pawns in a political game.

      YOu use the ID sinhalese buddhist, becayse you don’t have the courage to say that you are Tamil.

      Anyway, even in this article, this gay individual dharmavardhane’s photo is being used probably by his christian/catholic husband who should be a foreigner who does not know Sri Lankan – buddhist culture and civilization. Westerners do not ahve developed cultures that can be values. Austrlians, North americans are all developing cultures. Europenas had Catholicsm/Christiianity and since the demise of the European church, europeans are culturaly in the wilderness and they do not how to go or wehre to go. They think Sinhala-buddhist culture is one like that.

      Author is using the word cultural wars to imply that his ignorance. He does not know unlike the Christian culture, buddhists are very accomodating. It is christians/catholics who let down every human if it is not their ideology. Buddhists consider LGBQT problem completely diffrrently. In Sri lanka or evenin India, there is no need to legalize Gays or lesbians.

      Even though Sri lankan kovils do not have a custom crushing Male testicals in order to produce ponnaihs, Sri lanka accomodate iof theire gays or lesbians. but, no one go with a board on their bck saying I am gay or lesbian.

      It is only in the west, LGBQT needs rights because they are being discrminated, hammered and killed. Sri lanka has Gays in VVIP positions. No one cares as long as they don’t try to screw up others. This author cannot understand it. Probbly he thinks that Sri lanka is also australia.

      What LGBTs looking for is not the rights. their show Their aggrressiveness without respecting some one else’s culture. they think that the Asian culture is as same as the european culture .

  • 3

    There’s no homo phobia in Asia. The anciant kings Got homos(ponnaya s) as guards of their harrem.

  • 2

    If the campaign by the LGBTIQ… community is to gain any significant momentum , our leaders with such inclinations should be outed and dragged out of the closets . Meantime there are other serious issues which need urgent attention . Rampant alcoholism and drug abuse .The devastation caused to families by women leaving to the ME often resulting in the sexual abuse of children and incest. Lack of training and proper job opportunities for women compelling them to seek employment in massage parlours and brothels. The plundering of the gullible poor by ‘turf accountants’ and government sponsored lotteries .

  • 3

    Penis the male reproductive organ goes into the vagina for the primary purpose of seeding the ovule or egg with semen. Penis has an acidic based delivery liquid to deliver sperm into the vagina on most animals including humans. B

    It goes into the anus for pleasure and that’s not why a Penis evolved. Same with labia and clitoris but lesbians married to homosexual VIP men, but with foot long abilities of tongues can do a much better job in pleasuring a,fellow female than men can. Sexual acts and love are different; love has pleasure ingrained in it. Archaic christian Sodomy laws are useless but people are ignorant and need to be educated before anything else is to happen. One wants to be cross dresser with a Penis and an effeminate / Ponna mental and physical demeanor posts no threat to society. Getting it in the anus is their private choice. Let them be free.

    • 2

      Idiot, learn some BIOLOGY. are you living in the real world? Don’t you know what stuff comes out of your behind? do you really want to romance that area? do you really want to get the waste product pump back up and let the waste product mix with the body?

      Science has proven that homo behaviour is absolutely wrong!!!!!

      If a man does not have female hormone, and others parts, then he is not a woman!!!!!

      If a woman does not have the male hormone and other female organs then she is not a MAN!!!!!!

      Stop living in fantasy!!!!!!

  • 3

    The writer is a Visiting Research Fellow at Queen’s University Belfast and a board member of the Irish Feminist Network.

    It says, you are doing research.

    What kind of research ?

    Feminist network ?. In europe women were nothing just before thws seond world war. Sri lanka never treated women like that. Once women were empowered because of labour needs after the second world war, Feminism begn. Feminists were mostly anti-male women and those lesbians who had bad relations with their fathers. So, the divorce rate jumped up and 50% divorced.

    Now, feminism has gone down. women understand, completel slefishness, totoal independance do not work and dildo can not satisfy every need os woman. Anyway, Now western women are leaning to accomodate men in their lives.

    I think, the same thing will happen to LGBQT. YOU need to learn buddhism very well and tery to explain and live the life in a different way.

    right now you men do not have enough testosterone to have a strong penile erection to fk a woman. but, you guys have enough testosterone to bully the island govt becuase that is how europe have screwed up themselves.

  • 2

    As far as I know, British classified anagarika Dharmapala as Gay!
    Come on guys help these people. They are humans too!

    • 2

      srinath gunaratne:

      There can be many gays in Sri lanka. But, no one is botheing them. It is like heterosexuals. HEterosexuals don’t ask permission to have sex in public. Do what ever you want in private. what other right they need. HE is europe and Europe have screwed up everything because of their rule books. Now these morons want to destroy Sri lanka too.

  • 6


    It seems you are very concerned about my ethnicity and religion. So here goes:

    I am in fact both sinhalese and buddhist. In my government issued birth certificate BOTH my grandfathers are listed as sinhalese. Furthermore, my grandmother’s family is from the heart of Sinhala country in the Ruhuna. Both sets of great grand parents have govigama arachchi “ge” names. One grandfather was one of the very first Sinhala-medium school principals in the newly-formed vernacular schools of the early 20th century.

    Additionally I have the original ola leaf horoscope/birth certificates written in Sinhala for my great grand parents going back nearly 200 years.

    Do you have any of these?

    I also studied in the Sinhala medium K-12 and took not just Sinhala, but also Sinhala Literature. I got a distinction in Sinhala at O’Levels. As for being buddhist, my grandfathers from both sides were instrumental in establishing buddhist temples in their areas in the early 20th century. I also memorized many a buddhist sutra in school, and even studied Pali for 3 years.

    How about you?

    BTW: It’s well accepted that people who are xenophobic are those who suffer from an inferiority complex about their OWN identities.

    • 2

      Well said!

    • 4

      Not so Sinhalese Buddhist,

      Stop your lies. Your definition of xenophobia is wrong.

      Why did you waste your time studying Pali for 3 years and became a “WASTE”? Your should have gone to your local Madrasa for studies and become more “PRODUCTIVE”.

  • 1

    If this is looked in a simple manner ,it is easy to understand the reality.Man and Woman has different body structures/features ,as they are meant for different functions.If anyone behaves differently ,it is unnatural.Being unnatural is a part of human behaviour.This is a fact.In the past ,there were lesbians as well as gays.Curentlly there are…In future,there will be. Why bother? Let them be…like differently able or sick people.But Understand , sympathize and tolerate them. And also ignore them as the majority of citizens are sensible.Do not make a historical fact an issue.!!!

  • 3

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    It is a rare pleasure to read such erudite and civilized comments from the readers of the site, giving their opinions without resorting to either vitriol or hyperbole…please accept my humble respect for your contributions.

    As for my personal point of view, I prefer to treat all humans as individually different but collectively human.Sexuality, unlike religion, is not a matter of choice, it is a matter of genetic programming. it is determined by the random, tiny mutations that occur during the transcription of out 3 1/2 billion bit genetic code. Therefore I think it is patently unfair to blame someone for his or her sexuality since no one chooses to become either hetero, homo or bi, they just are! If you do some research, you will find that homo sexuality is prevalent in other animal species as well, since they are subject to the same laws of evolution as we are.

    Let all minds, specially of the so called leaders be attuned to science and may they all learn to treat all humans equally!

  • 1

    On a lighter note, here are some trivia on this subject which I have shamelessly copied & pasted.

    Several studies have suggested a link between sexual orientation and digit ratio – the difference in length between the second and fourth fingers -, with men who have longer index fingers more likely to say they are attracted to other men.
    The inverse has been suggested for gay women: while women typically have a ring finger and index finger of the same length, those who identify as lesbians are more likely to have shorter index fingers, which is typical for heterosexual men.

    Penis size
    A 2011 study, published in the Asian Journal of Andrology, suggested that men with shorter index fingers in relation to their ring fingers were more likely to have a larger penis. The study was carried out on 144 men who underwent urological surgery at Gachon University Hospital in Incheon, South Korea.

    The likelihood of developing prostate cancer
    Men whose index finger is longer than their ring finger are a third less likely to develop prostate cancer over their lifetime than men from whom the reverse is true, according to a 15-year study of some 4,500 men.
    Scientists at the University of Warwick and Institute of Cancer Research said the link was so strong that looking at men’s fingers should be part of a basic screening process for the disease.

    So please check out the lengths of your own ring finger and index finger and use your other ‘personal’ data to accept or reject these findings

  • 1

    Well by looking at the number of comments this article clearly did it’s work!

    For those who comment about having an acceptable life for a gay,lesbian,transgender person… Let me ask this.. While are you to express how another person feels, experience everyday life? I lived all my life in Sri Lanka and it’s a horrific place to grow. THE SCHOOL SYSTEM HAS NOWAY PROTECTING A CHILD FROM BULLYIES ESPECIALLY WHEN IT COMES TO LGBTQ ISSUES. FOR THISE WHO SAY THIS IS TO VIXTIMIZE THE GOVERNMENT OR THE CULTURE… Let me remind you something. What is culture or government without its people? Is it a constant thing that will be forever like your evening mega telegrams series? Grow up! You’re getting old and that’s fine. Just leave the younger generation at least a mental freedom from your irresponsible decisions and ignorance. Sri Lanka deserves a future free of ignorance

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