23 May, 2022


“IGP Must Set An Example That No One Is Above The Law” Says UNP

The United National Party is appalled at the brutal attack on a policeman allegedly by goons commissioned by a Deputy Minister of the ruling government.

Deputy Minister Hemal Gunasekara

Deputy Minister Hemal Gunasekara

Police Constable Suminda Saman was assaulted and his vehicle set on fire by a group of thugs that the victim suspects to be associates of a Deputy Minister. According to the statement given by the injured policeman, a Deputy Minister had threatened the Constable the previous day when the Minister’s vehicle had been issued with a speeding ticket at the Southern Expressway. The abusive Minister had claimed that instead of issuing booking him for speeding the policeman should worship him because he was a Deputy Minister of this Government. Attempts to force the policeman to do so had failed and the Minister had in no uncertain terms have threatened the victim that he would pay for his ‘crime.’

The tragedy that the case of Constable Saman brings to light is that no citizen of Sri Lanka, not even those tasked with protecting the citizenry and giving effect to the law, are immune from the machinations of political thuggery and impunity. The failure of the police to act in clear cases of political thuggery, either due to influence or fear, has brought the chickens home to roost. No longer are even police personnel safe from politicians and their goon squads.

There have been other victims of similar crimes, and the investigations have always led no where, perhaps because the trail leads too often to the doors of the most powerful in this country. From the murder of Lasantha Wickrematunga in broad daylight in 2009, to the innumerable attacks on media personnel, the Secretary to the Judicial Services Commission during the impeachment saga, to the attack on a group of Parliamentarians of the UNP in Mattala, investigations have only commenced, never concluded. Perpetrators are never prosecuted and impunity reigns.

These tragic incidents are emblematic of the erosion of the law and order in this country, the blatant abuse of power by the government and its cohorts and the day to day indignities that average public servants have to face by goons who rule this country.

The United National Party believes that onus for this travesty of justice must fall upon the Inspector General of Police. Constable Saman is one of his men. Will he stand up to safeguard the security and dignity of his own officer and the thousands of others that must face a similar predicament at the hands of politicians and their affiliates? Will he question the Deputy Minister, will he demand accountability of the political leadership? The IGP must set an example that no one is above the law. Constable Saman’s sole crime was to treat a Minister of the government like any other citizen. He has paid the price for his transgression. Which policeman will ever dare to book a politician for wrongdoing again?

These incidents seem isolated but they are a symptom of the greater destruction of the judicial system in this country. The Supreme Court filled with cronies and lackeys cannot be expected to mete out justice at lower levels. The results of the systematic destruction the judiciary the police and all other democratic institutions by the Rajapaksa regime are now visible for all to see.

The UNP pledges to the police, armed forces and all other public servants that their days of serving a brutish regime are limited. Day by day, the true face of this Government is being exposed. The end is near and it is the people, like Constable Saman who had the courage of his convictions to hold everyone – even a deputy minister – equal before the law that will usher in the change. The people will not have to suffer these indignities long.

*Statement Issued by the United National Party

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    Appe Aanduwa!

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    Of course!What a lecture!Are they talking through
    the right organ?Which part of the planet are they
    from?They know nothing of Srilankan public
    officials and the very public(the real corrupt)?
    Worst thing the opposition do is,behaving like
    new born babies when in opposition wrongly
    thinking people are waiting in queues to bite their
    regular unchanged monotonous baits.Why can’t you do
    something really effective and expose the whole
    establishments that are answerable to the public?
    Don’t you guys know that IGP is a special figure to
    look after other similar figures and not the public?
    Stop issuing foolish statements.Act like a real
    opposition so that power in your hand, you and your
    goons won’t repeat the past.Promise to the public
    now and now that the future police will be law abiding
    and corruption free.Don’t just issue statements.Go to
    the Liptons!

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      Whywhy, your outburst gives the impression that you harbour a serious grudge against the UNP. We all know that all political parties have erred in the past including the UNP with various characters being responsible holding reins at the top. Undoubtedly some of the UNP was corrupt and murderously violent in the past. I can understand your ire and you must understand that many of those responsible for such misdeeds are no longer among the living. Therefore one cannot blame or hold the present lot at the helm for atrocities committed by their predecessors, although some of them might have been in the particular party then. According to your logic the UNP has has no right to reform and show concern of what is happening in the country. At the same time you blame the UNP as a Opposition party claiming they do nothing about the excesses committed by the Corrupt MR govt. When the UNP point out also it irks you. Surely, something and someone has to commence at some point, to reverse the slide?

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        I got nothing personal against UNP or any other
        party.Instead,I always had good memories about
        some of the members of both SLFP and UNP.What
        you see is my expression of frustration that
        nothing new and explosive that should put the
        govt in hot water,comes from the UNP.Again and
        again the same lackadaisical boring reactions
        to an increasingly ever aggressive arrogant
        regime.Not one or two,many ministers,deputies,
        chairmen of local bodies,councilors,their
        family members and lackeys publicly behave
        violent like it’s a playground of theirs and do
        you think it’s not serious enough to get tough?
        What’s the message the UNP gives to the general
        public and the govt,as a vibrant opposition?
        Waiting for the people to get tired and only as
        a result of this frustration one can come to
        power?What will such a govt do for people?The
        present lot has enough ingredients to repeat
        all the sins of the past.Have they ever been
        intelligent of giving an assurance to the
        people as to how they are going to be different
        not only from this regime,but also from their
        past?Any actions towards that end?UNP and SLFP
        are branded as two sides of the same coin!You
        don’t want to change it?I don’t say UNP has no
        right to reform.Typical eyewash treatment is
        misleading,that is my message Gamini.Do
        something concrete and break the silence.Tell
        the people that you are coming.Don’t be waiting
        like a bride.

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          Are you serious that the public is unaware of all the villainy committed by MR? If the public is anesthetized, how do you expect the UNP to deliver? MR has manipulated the election machinery that quite a section of the Public has lost interest thinking MR will always manipulate elections to his advantage and as a result they stay away from voting. For your information no matter how much the UNP highlights issues, till the Public rise on their own, nothing will bring change. Has not Ranil instilled discipline in the UNP and have drawn new blood of decent and educated individuals to the UNP? Compared to the riff raff engaged by MR who are eternally involved in Rape, Murder and Fraud in the UPFA? that help MR to stay in power using force as in this case? To change the mindset of the public, rightly the Public should feel the pinch, like the Rathupaswela, then how the Teachers, Principals, students, nurses are dealt with at the moment and lastly the Police themselves at the hands of the very politicians for whom they offer protection. Please be informed that nothing can change the current scenario by the Opposition alone without the support from the Public. For that to happen the Public must feel the pinch and the need. We have a society full of arm chair critics and they believe things can be done at the drop of a hat, but they hardly lend themselves to even a demonstration organised by the Opposition that has to depend on the party cadre alone. Then what are you talking? There is no point in blaming the Opposition or Ranil Wickremasinghe. It is up to the masses to rally if they want a change from this Corrupt family rule.

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            “Has not Ranil instilled discipline in the UNP and have drawn new blood of decent and educated individuals to the UNP?”

            Why does Dayan want to promote Sajith?

            Sajith once told the UNP executive committee he wanted to introduce Buhmiputra system of governance in this island. The following day the news item had completely disappeared without trace.

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              “Why does Dayan want to promote Sajith? “

              Just because – DAYAN´s intentions are not gains for the state but for him. This you should have realized if you studied his articles that lacked the focus on burning issues of current regime. He just focuses on world literiture citing them to be appeared as if he is the KNOWALL personality of the day – but people are realizing today; Dayan J is as silly as Mervin De Silva ( I mean not his father, but the guy who committed open crimes with the direct approval of MR, people thought Mervin could be one of the step brothers of MR.. anyway, I could not catch the set of DNA of them to go for molecular level analysis :()

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                My question is :

                Even if Dayan J ´s behaviour is very clear to almost everyone – personal gains, to keep him as people´s know all character in terms of the issues related to lanken diplomatic relationship – him being interviewed repeatedly only lanken media is not comphrehesible to me.
                This selfish monger – has no consistency in his views. He lately said, he would rather support MR but not RW or CBK. We had dogs loyal to my father even if he shouted at them as no other. But those dogs always were loyal to him. They were german shephered. Latter is the case with DJ too – he makes every effort to be the lap dog of MR. Plan B of him only alternative – which is ASSETS searching SAJITH – though zero experience in lanken politics but his farther, former master of DJ- the amok running politicsplayer took the lives of 50 k or more youth in the country – victimized families and their curse is reechoed every corners of the country today… about mathale grave investigation is nothing new but buried under the carpet by incumbent megalomanacis.

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            Whywhy did you see that Lakshman Hulugalle has been given a Diplomatic posting in Australia after attempting or trying to force suicide twice before? I know you hate Ranil Wickremasinghe as most of his critics do. Just imagine what you all would have done to Ranil had he done one hundreth of what MR has done? Had Ranil entertained KP, Karuna Aman et al like MR does, the Patriots would have burned this country by now. It is a shame that a society that speaks volumes on Ethics and Honesty can not appreciate individuals who display such character but is abused endlessly.

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              Gamini, You are quite right. What we are experiencing in Sri Lanka is the mass manipulation of the mind of the citizen just as much as Adolf Hitler did in Germany. In Germany the perceived injustices post WW1 enabled Hitler to swing the people in his favour. Likewise we all knew that who ever defeated the LTTE will be set for a long time. That is what Rajapaksa did and we cannot grudge him becoming President. Unfortunately he turned out to be an unscrupulous individual. When tsunami funds were robbed he should have been jailed but Sarath Silva saved him by a dubious judgement. We are stuck with this guy…. at least for the moment.

              I have asked many writers to this forum on legal/rights issues what can be done legally to halt the present trend but none of them are prepared to address this question. Have we no legal recourse? Cannot we take legal action against the IGP or any police officer if they fail to enforce the law? Many will say that the judiciary is compromised and no purpose will be served, but then, why are we not inundating the courts with such action to compel the government and the judiciary to act? That is what I would expect from the Bar Association, Friday Forum, NGOs and others who issue pious statements or make fine speeches and go to sleep thereafter. Does the IGP enjoy immunity according to our Constitution? Is violent action the only recourse available to ensure justice?

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                “Sarath Silva saved him by a dubious judgement. We are stuck with this guy…. at least for the moment.”

                Where has thie Sarath Silva been to this day ?
                Why cant UNP leadership get close to SS and get more about the realities of the situation, why the bugger´s jugement released MR from Tsunami fraud (massive Fraud) ?

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              Yes Gamaini, those who attack Ranil W to have supported to separate the country – stay silent when Hulugalle or any other balugalles are appointed as country´s representives ? This I also did not understand. In the same time, they are also silent about KP, Karuna or the like and not even talkin about the billions of sums that cleared through KP´s former illegal large scale activities. Even JVP stays mum about the latter point. I really don t know why many seem to take all the lies spread by megalomanic MR adminsitration. As it is clear us and all – you would not decieve the same nation all the time.

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              Bravo Bravo…. Gamini is back.
              I am so happy. I love Gamini´s comments from the day 1.
              All these [Edited out] would not survive long – Rajapskse are being criticsed by almost every 3rd in lanken society, in the days to come that will become upto every second… they cant fool the nation as they feel… Jaya niyathai.

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            My position regarding UNP is based on the
            principles of democracy which states that the
            opposition has the responsibility to give
            attention to the continuous development of its
            policies and to put these in view before
            parliament and PEOPLE.People have already done
            their job of electing UNP to be the alternative
            to the Govt.Now it’s the UNP in the opposition
            that has to function as a viable alternative to
            the govt in the opposition,if they want to come
            to power and implement their programme which
            they maintained all along,better than the govt’s.
            In order to achieve this,democracy also recommends
            and expects the opposition must be as responsible,
            respected and united as a political party and must
            create policies that are necessary to the daily
            lives of people.It’s pointless to blame the people
            in general for the failures of the party.It’s the
            party elected by them that’s accountable to them
            and not the other way round.It’s said that the
            READY TO IMPLEMENT.Does the UNP say how they will
            stop their men behaving badly and violently in
            public?Where did UPFA get Duminda Silva from?How
            are you going to say you don’t have anymore of
            them with you?How did Mangala behave in Matara
            recently?Please don’t tell me that the cat is out
            of the bag.I’m not a Sajith favourite and I don’t
            have any reason to ‘hate’Ranil other than his
            inability to deal with the responsibilities he’s
            entrusted to.

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              For your question, ‘Does the UNP say how they will stop their men behaving badly and violently in public?’ Yes the UNP has promised to uphold Law and Order where the Judicial system will look after all the miscreants. This has been the case in the past, but subverted by the Corrupt Politicians especially MR. It is not Ranil or the UNP that is responsible to punish the Corrupt in society but the Judicial system established for the purpose. You can be assured that Ranil will never try to interfere to save any, as MR has done so openly and yet continues without any shame. See the case where Dulanjalee got caught in a Counterfeit currency racket and Sajith rushed in to save her and went on calling MR, Gota and Basil till the batteries of the hand phone went dead. Today do you hear anything about the incident? No. Are you expecting Ranil to act as the system? Yes Duminda was in the UNP. His true character got exposed after he joined MR. By and large the UNP has been relieved of the Corrupt and the Violent now as they have joined MR. If there is any remaining will be dealt as and when matters surface. What can Ranil do more than this maintaining discipline in the Party, that is lacking in the Chinthana System very badly? Is this quality of Ranil not promising enough to put the country right to be understood by the people who lament today for the lack of it? Please tell this forum what else Ranil should do or the strategy to overthrow MR by peaceful means or are you suggesting that Ranil should resort to violent and destructive means?

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                Let me go to the last line of your post on June
                7 2014.”are you suggesting that Ranil should
                resort to violent and destructive means?”I must
                again remind you that I started saying’my position
                is based on democratic principles.’Nation’ today
                8 June 2014 reports “From the floor-Revitalized
                Ranil ‘trumpets’in parliament?”.I quote the lines
                here that attracted my attention.”He has come back
                more vigorously,obviously with more strength.Unlike
                the one who usually beats around the bush,now he is
                showing a readiness to take the bull by horns.”
                I think you find my answer here.He must have taken
                the bull by the horns from the day one the bull was
                elected.That was his responsibility in democracy for
                his voters.This has been my position all along but I
                fully understand the difficulties one has to face as
                the opposition,still,that’s the the job.I don’t
                believe the idea that his overseas journey gave him
                the strength.The regime is now under enough pressure
                both locally and internationally.People are now
                getting bored of lame excuses of the rulers and the
                lukewarm reactions of the opposition.Taking the bull
                by the horns should not be interpreted as violent or
                destructive because that’s the game.

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    Hello there UNP,

    Appreciate you guys waking up a little. Never too late. Though it is yet another punch in the air by you. I welcome it.

    Please leave the IGP alone. He has no power in these matters. One can only become & remain IGP by licking boots in Sri Lanka. You know that well. Current IGP has been doing just that.

    Be it corrupt SLFP or UNP that happens to occupy Temple Trees. Situation has been the same. Only getting worse with each GOSL. Hitting an unprecedented top under uncivilized Hambantota clan.

    Degradation of brutal Sri Lanka Police to this level was carried out by the UNP & SLFP. Taking turns. Ever since Independence in 1948.

    UNP you too are utterly responsible.

    On the other hand, PC Saman displayed dignity, integrity, courage & professionalism.

    PC Saman is an everyday hero. Who will go unrecognized and even punished. And Sri Lanka has many such heros among us.

    Will he be treated as a hero by Sri Lanka Police or boot licking citizens? Of course not.

    I expect the IGP to call him in for a humiliating blast in filthy language. For daring to issue a ticket to lousy politician.

    PC Saman can even expect a round of Police on Police beating.

    My friends in UNP, that is disciplining Sri Lanka Police style. And you know that well.

    How did we arrive at this point? Not just due to Rajapassa tyranny.

    But, we have had two utterly corrupt political parties, with minimal regard for basic human rights, rule of law or even our own constitution. Running this country. Since 1948.

    That is how we got here.

    UNP should start by braodcasting a humble apology to the people of Sri Lanka. Including PC Saman. Admitting UNP’s own horrific role in dragging Sri Lanka to this situation.

    Only then will corrupt UNP have more credibility than corrupt SLFP in these grave matters.

    Otherwise it is all meaningless rhetoric.


    PS: As a start, find out exactly how Rohana Wijeweera was executed by the UNP. Under your despicable watch.

    An Extra-Judicial summary kiliing at its’ best.

    Your tears for PC Saman is nothing but crocodile tears otherwise.

    • 1

      Ben Hurling

      “UNP should start by braodcasting a humble apology to the people of Sri Lanka. Including PC Saman.”

      So should LTTE and assorted Tamil militants (terrorists including Douglas, KP, Karuna,) TNA, JVP and assorted militants (terrorists including Weerawansa, Somawansa, Anura Kumara Dissanayaka ….)SLFP, the state, ……………….. for war crime and crime against humanity since 5th April 1971.

      Please read this report which I hope will give you some perspective to state that we are in. At the bottom of the page there is a link where you can down load pdf file of this report.

      An Article by the Asian Human Rights Commission SRI LANKA: The Island of mass graves

      Vol 03 No 01 & 02 – The Island of Mass Graves (Feb- April 2014)


      • 1

        What a horrifying read for the weekend.

        Thanks Native.

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    Srilankan police is becoming powerless and useless day by day…. I am not sure why TNA still wants this useless police power?


    • 0

      Oh that’s because TNA police power will be used rather like TamilEelam Police i.e. to help the citizens rather than torture them as the Sri Lanka Police do. :-)

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    All I can say is that PC Suminda Saman is a lucky man indeed.

    These are dangerous times and not at all rational to lock horns with anyone associated with the MARA Mafia. Saman could have been killed and I assure you nothing would have happened to the perpetrators.

    The IGP is a spineless bootlicker so don’t waste your time appealing to him.

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    When I glanced at the headline to this article “IGP Must Set An Example That No One Is Above The Law” I thought to myself “well said UNP. True, true, true.”

    But after reading the comment of Ben Hurling (June 4, 2014 at 10:23) I asked myself “How could you have been such an idiotic amnesiac to have forgotten so quickly that a bootlicking Police Authority (like so many other authorities) was fathered by the UNP and fattened by the SLFP”. I said Lord have mercy on me for having judged the Honourable IGP so unfairly. He too has a right to sustenance and to be invited to the worthwhile cocktail parties. After all the Almighty summons only his bootlickers to those cock(tail)sucking parties.

    I then asked myself, how much of goodies the Almighty Mara has thrown at them, have the UNP office bearers refused to accept even as a symbolic protest. That to me proved that the current UNP leadership is an Opposition that is paid by MARA to maintain the illusion that Sri Lanka is a functioning democracy. It is a travesty that only the much disparaged Lankaenews thought it fit to publish the IGP fiasco on 2nd June 2014. Where were the UNP mouthpieces when this poor PC was assaulted and his Nano set on fire?

    Yes, the IGP is a bootlicker – he has no choice, bar throwing away his job. So are others, like Mohan Peiris, that new SC Justice, the AG, so many Secretaries of Ministries, and Deputy Ministers. But the UNP, starting with the Leader of the Opposition, and the UNP Parliamentarians, and many others of varied hues, they are bootlickers with a choice, but have become willing prostitutes.

    If they want to prove they are not, let them compile and publish a list of 1000 misdemeanors of this regime perpetrated during the last six months.

    So let’s get real. Sri Lanka’s democracy is fake. We live under a fascist regime supported by almost all the politicians.

    The reason for the debacle: The Sinhala Buddhist Vote Bank. Solution? Will need another Noah’s Arc leaving from the top of Samanala Kanda.

    • 0

      Indra you have told it as it is. They are all power hungry sobs. They have a common record of corruption. Unfortunately all problems do not have a solution.

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    CT readers please look at that picture again, of that servile Junior Minister with the President. Do you not get the feeling you are looking at a future Caligula?

  • 0

    CT readers please look at that picture again, of that servile Deputy Minister with the President. Do you not get the feeling you are looking at a future Caligula?

  • 1

    Welldone UNp as a responsible opposition for taking up this issue. This must be address for the sake of future generation. If police personnel cannot do their job without this political goons interference , how come others live without fear. This is the exact reason for bringing up UNHRC resolution at Geneva. This country belong to all of our people. We cannot let this goons to destroy our values, heritage and right to live and freedom. We must fight for Constable Saman . Then only we can protect our rights. UNP and the opposition must set an example not to interfear with countries law under its administration in the future too.

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    I suggest that Constable Saman must be rewarded for standing up to a law breaking thug. Cannot CT start a fund to help him buy a car? I will contribute Rs.50,000/-

    • 0

      Your suggestion is very appropriate. The UNP should initiate a fund and replace Saman’s vehicle. I feel Saman should be taken as a future UNP candidate for that area, merely for the reason as a person who uphold Honesty and Justice, without fear and favour. Saman will have no future in the Corrupt Police force. All IGPs are spineless buggers who are servile to MR expecting Diplomatic postings or some Chairmanship in some Corporation, after retirement. See that bugger Mahinda Balasuriya a former IGP who benefited from the UNP, in the end was so servile to MR suppressing and violating Human Rights of the citizen, bum sucking MR got a Diplomatic posting to Cuba. Then that Wickremaratne another former IGP, whose wife Anoma was a Lawyer in the Lawyers Association, all these IGPs are the same, who have no backbone. Pathetic indeed! I saw some had queried why no legal action is initiated by the citizenry? What Legal Action under a Servile CJ who heads the Judiciary in this Banana Republic? Did we not witness what happened to one of their own CJs when she defied? My understanding is that it is only Ranil Wickremasinghe who can deliver this Nation, who is HONEST and Sincere, although some have cast wild allegations against him, mostly the JVP, because they know that if RW takes the reins, he will develop this country and establish Law and Order for all alike irrespective of party supporter or not, and the JVP will have no future as a political party and many present day Politicians will have to face the consequences for their current actions. It is absolutely salutary to see how RW and most of the new UNP MPs drawn from the cream, conduct themselves in a dignified manner in the UNP, barring individuals as Sajith P in comparison to the arrogant, vulgar, thugish MPs under MR, who are Rapists, Murderers and Frauds who freely roam in society as in this case of Saman’s.

      • 0

        Gamini, Agree. Have you any influence with the UNP? Honest, upright people MUST be recognized and rewarded. Mahinda Rajapaksa rewards only thugs and thieves. For the UNP this is an excellent opportunity to show their opposition to thuggery and dishonesty. It is strategically the correct action and has great propaganda value. I will not be surprised if Rajapaksa beats the UNP to it now!

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