20 July, 2024


Immediate Remedies For Urgent Problems

By Upatissa Pethiyagoda

Dr. Upatissa Pethiyagoda

Many are the problems facing us, with no radical and necessary changes being proposed. I focus on just two of them. Shortages of milk powder and “Yellowing” of paddy.

Many of our children are diagnosed as being malnourished, under-weight or stunted. This is intolerable on both moral and health grounds. Coconut milk (Polkiri) is said to be the closest in composition (chemical) to human mothers’ milk. This may be a temporary means of getting over this immediate shortage. It would obviously be on pediatric advice, in individual instances. On the negative side is the (unconfirmed) likelihood of an enforced diarrhea. This could be expected to be mild and temporary.    

Due to curtailment of imports of muriate of potash, symptoms of potassium deficiency have shown up in many crops. Greatest attention has focused on a condition manifesting as “Yellowing” of paddy in several areas. Particularly alarming has been its widespread appearance in areas around Amparai, regarded as the  area of highest yield. Potassium deficiency is suspect on the manifest symptoms.

Coconut water (Pol watura) is among the highest potassium rich natural products. It is also a troublesome nuisance in desiccated coconut factories. Why not use this “Waste Product” as an emergency palliative until muriate of potash is available again?

The untreated waste water from DC mills, is known to cause symptoms of excess potassium, particularly in paddy fields. If appropriately diluted, it would be a very useful substitute emergency measure until the familiar “muriate of potash” is available again.

Of particular interest is the suspicion that this “Yellowing” may be due to a nematode infestation. An obvious possibility is that it has entered through the hastily introduced “Cpmpost” from India and China. This is worthy of investigation. If left unchecked, we may be again on the brink of disaster. The TRI has been (Not totally successfully) in dealing with the Nematode Pratylenchus loosi, for decades, even warranting a Nematology Division, catering solely for managing this recalcitrant pest.

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    “Immediate Remedies For Urgent Problems”
    That is not likely in this land of Modayas. The usual approach is to appoint a Panel or Commission to advise the president, or hold an All Political Parties Conference to obtain a consensus. Our leaders have never shown any initiative to solve a problem on their own, convince others they are doing the right thing, and secure their support. No leadership, in other words!

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    Dear Dr. Pethiagoda,
    Thank you for your article which may be a reminder to those who do not know about the facts around. You are right that there are many natural sources around our parks if people have the brains to see them.

    You’ll notice that most AMONG CT commenters would no t comment on this because people aren’t interested in these types of articles and because it’s “gossip” or “attacking a politician” have turned out to be their job today.
    Our South Asians are greedy for “garbage- smelly garbage” more than anything else. That’s why they also behave badly. That is their inherent mentality.

    Also suffering from mental diseases like malice, malice, evil and deceit. That’s why most people follow “magicians” and “astrologers”. Another thing is that people are not educated enough to distinguish between good and bad.

    Sri Lanka is a tropical island with plenty of cultivable land to build around their homes.
    If people give up their apathy and indifference, many things can change significantly for them: As a Sri Lankan living abroad for many years, I know very well that the majority of our people are very lazy. They talk and talk and do nothing. .

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      With the COVID crisis, people became isolated. It then became clear that anyone could grow vegetables and fruits if they really wanted to. Those Southeast Asians seem to work very hard, and the way they grow their small terraces is exemplary and beautiful.

      Stupid politicians without proper planning allowed cheating importers to ruin innocient customers with them being accessed to imported fruits, vegetables, and cereals without any justifiable reason. Swiss or the like folks give more value to their own products rather than imported goods.
      They idiots in our country, keep on attacking JRJ- open economic policy, but they would never question, as to why they were unable to adjust it to be match with srilanken needs.
      They have no sense of “healthy food” that can be easily grown on land.

      there reason for allergies and all unexpected renal problems in our people is well connected with imported goods. srilanken food science and technology, so wie, experts in nutrious science should wake up from their long slumber and be close to the nation who are getting caught by the dragon.

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    SL citizens in various professions are prepared to do things what the ruling politicians want them to do. Judicial Medical officers are prepared to provide false causes of death eg Ruggerite death
    The above example applies to Judiciary and heads of Government departments. This types of government interference is the cause of various problems in our country

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