28 June, 2022


In Almost All Cases, Attackers Including BBS Activists Went Scot Free – Says The Island Editor

Sri Lanka Police Department’s common practice of ‘closing the stable door after the horse has bolted’ and their inaction to blatant violations of the law when committed by the ‘darlings’ of the Rajapaksa regime has been heavily criticized in yesterday’s editorial of Sri Lanka’s daily English newspaper, The Island.

Gota and BBSThe editorial states that despite the Police Spokesman’s recent announcement of the ban of public gatherings that incite racial hatred, regulations that prohibited such rallies or processions have been in place for many years. It points out however, that their implementation so far has only been selective, with the Police resorting to obtain court order after another to prevent only students’ and workers’ protests.

“The question the Police must be made to answer is why they did not resort to legal action to stop the BBS rally that triggered recent communal clashes in Aluthgama,” the editorial asserts.

The writer has also recalled several other instances where the police failed to promptly intervene and enforce the law when it came to dealing with the Rajapaksa regime’s ‘unruly pets’ that acted outside the confines of the law.

The editorial recalls how the laws were not effectively enforced in the case of the Public relations Minister Mervyn Silva and his mob invading the Badrakali temple in Chilaw. “One has a right to oppose animal slaughter, but one’s protests should be within the confines of the law,” the writer adds.

The editorial further refers to the recent violent mobs led by the BBS as well as other hardline, extremist Buddhist groups that have attacked prayer houses of many other faiths.

“In almost all cases, attackers including BBS activists went scot free thanks to deplorable leniency on the part of the police. It is this culture of impunity which helped the BBS become a law unto itself,” the editorial asserts.

It further notes that the proposed ban must be implemented strictly without any space left for bigots to indulge in violence and that it should be ensured that the ban is not exploited to suppress political dissent.

We publish below the editorial in full;

Plot thickens

The police now tell us that Ven. Watareka Vijitha Thera’s claim that he was abducted and assaulted by a group of persons in robes recently is false and his injuries are self-inflicted. Legal action will be instituted against him when he leaves hospital, Police Spokesman SSP Ajith Rohana has told the media.

The onus is on the police to prove their allegations against the injured monk. What is of greater interest than the Police Spokesman’s claim, in our view, is a statement attributed to a lawyer retained by Ven. Vijitha Thera that he will not defend the monk if the allegations levelled by the police are true.

One is intrigued. How will lawyers appearing for the monk know the veracity or otherwise of the Police Spokesman’s claim until the court makes a decision thereon? Until such time, they will have to defend their client because he should be presumed innocent until proved guilty. They cannot desert him even thereafter if he wants to appeal to a higher court in case of his conviction.

Lawyers commit no offence when they defend offenders including dangerous criminals such as mass murderers and drug barons. In most cases, they are fully aware that their clients have really committed the crimes they are indicted for, aren’t they? Clients usually confide everything about their offences to their lawyers. In fact, it is to make lawyers utter falsehoods in courts in their defence that criminals part with hefty sums of dosh. One is reminded of a cynical observation Dickens makes about lawyers through Brass, in The Old Curiosity Shop: “It is a pleasant world we live in, Sir, a very pleasant world. There are bad people in it, Mr. Richard, but if there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers.”

Never mind much-maligned Ven. Vijitha Thera, his injuries and his lawyers! The police cannot claim that the eye injury UNP MP Palitha Thewarapperuma’s suffered in Aluthgama while trying to help the victims of violence is self-inflicted. He has accused the police of having allowed thugs to attack him and some Muslims he was trying to remove to safety. This is a very serious allegation made by an Opposition parliamentarian.

MP Thewarapperuma has called upon the IGP to take the responsibility for the incident and resign. That will never happen. IGPs resign in this country only to be posted as ambassadors! (We don’t know whether the incumbent police chief has any ‘ambassadorial ambitions’.)

What action will the police take as regards MP Thewarapperuma’s complaint?

After letting horse bolt

The police are, true to form, busy closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. They have decided to ban rallies and processions aimed at inciting communal hatred. Laws prohibiting such events have been there all these years and they have also been enforced selectively to scuttle anti-government rallies. The police go running to courts and obtain orders to prevent students’ and workers’ protests. The question the police must be made to answer is why they did not resort to legal action to stop the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) rally which triggered recent communal clashes in Alutgama.

It is not only the BBS which has taken the law into its own hands; there have been instances where the ruling party politicians and their goons stormed kovils purportedly to stop animal sacrifices. Minister Mervyn Silva with a mob invaded the Badrakali temple in Chilaw on two occasions. One has a right to oppose animal slaughter, but one’s protests should be within the confines of the law. Minister Silva got away with his offence as usual.

Two years ago, a violent mob descended on the residence of a person who claimed to have attained Buddhahood. There have been many such attacks on prayer houses of other faiths as well. In almost all cases, attackers including BBS activists went scot free thanks to deplorable leniency on the part of the police. It is this culture of impunity which helped the BBS become a law unto itself.

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    I wonder if this editorial was published in the vernacular in the ‘Divaina’ paper as well.

    Most of the Sinhala rank and file and riff raff who succumb to inflammatory language by saffron robed thugs do not read English. Most of such people believe, that the Sinhala language and civilization is the oldest on earth and the Mahawansa history is true. Even those Sinhalese who are unable to read English but live in highly literate France were taken in by the utterly reprehensible lies told about the Superiority of the Sinhala race by Minister Champaka a few weeks ago.

    • 1

      You are dead right.
      Many sinahala people live in France and other non-English speaking countries are mostly the ones that moved to Europe abusing the aylum laws in Europe. Lately, I read on an European Newspaper, majority of the refugees applied for asylum in European destinatons are illegal claims. Following the travels made to the Italy by UPFA candidates, I believe, JHU has also been focusing those diasphora community (France for exp). Having listened to the speech made by CR there, I asked myself, particularly unproved narrations about the history of the country (sinhalaya have a history but others not etc) whether the man is that fanatic. I never thought – our people would ever be that radical. Those who would rethink all what he explained there – I really dont think would agree with

  • 2

    Now it is confimed what was suspected all along,that since this government came to power,that the police are totally servile to the regime and this servility enforcer is the president’s brother himself.

    Meanwhile GLPeris and the entire diplomatic corps go on bleating to the world about the great just,democratic socialist republican regime.
    Recently,GLP had met ambassadors of muslim countries and attempted to brainwash them – who daily read the kept & unkept press and internet news.

  • 2

    Obviously the grease yakkas, white van kidnappers, assassins, helmeted killers in motorbikes, and other criminals, must be in the servitude of the bigger criminals who lead this country. So far no one has been arrested in these serious crimes.
    Why and how these criminals keep so loyal to those who bark their orders, will remain a mystery.
    From the murder of Lasantha, the crimes and rapes up North, and down to the recent rioting, looting, burning and attacking of Muslims, and those who killed them, the criminals get away with the blessing and protection at the top. That well known “phone call” from the top, saves them from prison, and gets them off scot free.
    If the rajapaksa’s were not involved in any of these crimes, we would have our prisons full of criminals, court cases, and justice served. The is lawless, ruthless, and corrupt nation, under the rajapaksa regime.

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    Jathika vinaasakaree peramuna thats what you are 200% for the Sinhalese 10% christians, muslims and tamils alike but you have demonstated your stinking attitude and aggressive behaviour gandassara and you are 2 sons fr a different mother Just leave and rot

  • 1

    Now it is Welgama’s Divaina, next Thilanga’s Lakbima, next Casino King’s Rivira, next Tiran’s Pachabima and finally Rajpal’s Daily Noise. After reading similar kind of Editorials you can watch Mahinda Abesundara’s “Vimasuma”. Next day heading of the Lankadeepa News Paper would be “Galagoda Aththe Gandasara” has confessed to the Special Police team that he has hidden Lot of Arms and agreed to cooperate with the Police team to find them.

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    • 1

      Balu Kella Kolla – your name says it all.

      [Edited out].

      Go away.

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        pathetic soul navin, eat and lick more bones thrown away from muslims…

        • 0

          Ela kolla you are born to do so man – who else needs to know that.

          Did we have this kind of tensions between our folks in the previous regimes – if you would not speak from your back end, you will agree with me – with NO.

          Even if the country fought a war against tamils, was that a religoiius based one .. no … there our buddhists were given a high place in the world, describing it is the buddhist philosophy of the lanken people made it to have peace between all folks living in the country.

          But the guys of your sort – that see only upto your nose cant see it clearly.. even down syndrom patients would get it easily, but you guys born with half brains would take some more time.

          Your colleagues like Abhaya has somehow changed histhoughts though for a some moments… at least a great devleopement to a radical creature of that kind..

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            sven perera the fruit salad, you are also a pathetic minority sympathiser waiting to eat and lick bones thrown away from muslims…

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    I really like to see a article on CT that tell true story about Islam extremists who are working day and night to destroy entire world

    peaceful procession of Sinhalese Buddhists were attacked by lunatic Muslims who were hide in side the illegally built Mosque..
    What’s Muslims interest on BBS rally ???
    Why Muslims make problems around the world..

    I think this is due to lac of education…. Muslims community suffering lack of intellectuals who can help Muslims to see the world and reallity..
    Still education for Women restricted in may Muslim Countries, as well as men get educated but there were told to learn religious crap..

    Lucky Sri Lanka’s Muslim community get better education compare to other Muslims countries.. But Ulama’s do not let them to see the world their own

  • 1

    Why Sinhala mobs like attacking minority? They think they tough?

    Why you pick on Muslims around the word? You ignore Sinhala terrorists
    here in our country?

    Why you compare Sri Lanka Muslims to others? Our problem is in Sri Lanka.

    Why you protect BBS? They are uneducated haters who cause trouble. Muslims are not interested in their rally, but concerned about what is said in the rally, because what is said stirs up trouble and causes bloodshed.
    Why the Sinhala army aimed their guns on Muslims, who were defending their Mosque?

    Why you write like villager? Hebrew not understood here? Shalom.

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