7 July, 2022


In Desperation, Sirisena Makes Plea For Foreign Investors To Invest In Sri Lanka At G7 Summit

President Maithripala Sirisena on Friday used the G7 Summit in Japan to appeal for assistance from developed nations, multilateral and bi-lateral investors, calling on them to invest in Sri Lanka.

“We lack finances for extensive development efforts and therefore seek developed nations’ and multilateral and bi-lateral investors to invest in Sri Lanka,” he said while speaking on ‘Stability and Prosperity in Asia’ at the Outreach Sessions of the G7 Summit.Maithripala Japan G7 2016

He noted that stability and prosperity will depend on the opportunities, political and development environment, giving prominence to the huge public demands, good governance and the psychological needs for freedom, and protection from adverse situations.

“With a revolutionary change of governance, my government has succeeded in creating the path for viable development environment and for reconciliation in a multi-faceted society. Now, the people are free and respect human rights. I am aware how G7 countries have appreciated the change we created. This change was endorsed by the people in January and August 2015 in two elections. It exhibited peoples’ opposition to abuse, corruption, and many such ills, which are detrimental to stability and prosperity,” Sirisena said.

He noted that due to the acts of the previous government, capital inflows and investments, which are the mechanisms for stability and prosperity slowed down to the country.

“To create stability we formed a National Unity Government under my Presidency, combining the country’s two main rival political parties in the Parliament. Our government introduced the 19th Amendment to the Constitution through which I transferred to the Parliament most of my executive powers, except those denied by the Supreme Court. It is democracy at its best,” he said.

As a demonstration of commitment to transparency, accountability and the rule of law, and his firm determination to wipe out corruption, Sirisena also said that he had established a Special Presidential Task Force to investigate Stolen Government Assets, and appointed a Commission to Investigate Allegations of Bribery and Corruption and established a Special Division within the Police titled the Financial Crimes Investigation Division to investigate major financial crimes.

“Corruption and discrimination were factors that promoted political violence, withdrew investments and created an unstable economy. Therefore, our actions will instill stability and prosperity. In addition to disengaging executive powers, I re-established the Independent Commissions such as for the Public Service, Human Rights, Police, Elections, Delimitation and Finance,” he said.

“To focus on reconciliation, as I mentioned at the UN General Assembly, we move forward to establish mechanisms for Truth Seeking, Justice Seeking, Reparation and actions for non-recurrence, based on extensive consultation with all sections,” Sirisena said.

He also thanked the people of Japan and the Government of japan for the assistance they provided during the last few decades to enhance the economy of Sri Lanka and to bring peace to the country.

“Even as I speak to you today, Sri Lanka is recovering from one of the worst floods and landslides we ever experienced. Immediately several countries offered help in our rescue and reconstruction efforts. We thank them and look forward for more development commitments as the destruction is severe,” he said.

“Therefore, I believe that the G7 Summit of 2016 will look at countries like ours focusing on all these fields. Your invitation to me would yield real benefits beyond bounds, if serious attention is drawn to our problems.
I very much appreciate the feelings of friendship and understanding demonstrated by the Heads of State of G7 countries and the Heads of State of Outreach countries during these sessions,” Sirisena added.

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  • 6

    culprits of HRicide

    • 36

      Why should it be ” in desperation”. … ?

      This is one of the golden oppostunities him as head of state being able to directly exchange with.

      • 42

        When the US and western countries seek investments it is called “opening up opportunities to other countries”
        When Sri Lanka does the same it is called “desperation”!!

        This shows the anti Sri Lankan stance of Colombo Telegraph

        • 14


          “This shows the anti Sri Lankan stance of Colombo Telegraph”

          Is Colombo Telegraph another clone of the West to project their Agenda?

          Just curious!

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            Sirisena should ask the G7 to help Sri Lanka by ending corruption in their own countries (particularly UK and US) and returning funds looted from Sri Lanka and stored in the British Virgin Islands and US.


            To end corruption, start with the US and UK. They allow it in broad daylight
            Jeffrey Sachs

            Their support for shell companies, tax havens and impunity facilitate wrongdoing. Delegates at the Anti-Corruption summit should not forget that

            Check out Jeffrey Sacks, Economist and Head of Earth Institute at Columbia University in New York

            The fight against corruption entails no small amount of absurdity, since so much of the corruption these days occurs in broad daylight. The corruption is so blatant, so indefensible, that attempts at justification are necessarily surreal. Recently, 300 economists, including me, made the point thanks to Oxfam’s mobilization. Prime Minister David Cameron’s job at Thursday’s Anti-Corruption Summit is not to whisper about the corruption of Nigeria or Afghanistan but to end the deep and historic role of the United Kingdom in this sordid mess. Ditto for the US and other major parties to the abuse.

            One of the pervasive elements of corruption is the use of shell companies, which are legal entities designed purely to protect real owners from disclosure, liability and accountability. When the Panama Papers were leaked, the law firm at the center of the disclosure, Mossack Fonseca, had this astounding justification:

            Finally, the instances you cite in your reporting represent a fraction – less than 1% – of the approximately 300,000 companies that Mossack Fonseca has incorporated in its over 40 years in operation. This fact shows that the vast majority of our clients use companies we incorporate for legitimate uses and that our due diligence and compliance procedures are overwhelmingly successful in thwarting those who have other intentions.

            The very idea that the law firm has done “due diligence” on 300,000 companies, even over 40 years, is beyond ludicrous. Even over 40 years and 250 working days per year, incorporating 300,000 companies would entail an average of 30 companies per day. Of course there is no due diligence (as the corrupt cases plainly demonstrate). There is blatant abuse of incorporation.

            The UK is at the center of this network of impunity, a legacy of the British Empire and a measure of the continuing role of the City of London in transferring tax-free funds around the world. The British Virgin Islands, a UK oversees territory, has a population of 28,000 people and more than 1m registered companies, roughly 35 companies per resident population. It is by far the most popular tax haven of the Panama Papers companies. Recent estimates hold that the British Virgin Islands host about 479,000 active companies.
            Current Time 0:00
            Duration Time 2:33
            Loaded: 0%
            Progress: 0%
            What are the top 10 most secretive tax havens?
            Cameron: ‘fantastically corrupt’ countries at corruption summit – live
            Rolling coverage of all the day’s political developments as they happen, including Iain Duncan Smith’s EU referendum speech
            Read more

            The tentacles of corruption reach deep into the UK (and US) financial systems. Banks in the City of London and Wall Street have paid tens of billions of dollars of fines for insider trading, financial fraud, price rigging and other financial crimes in recent years. Yet almost no leading bankers have taken a hit for their organization’s malfeasance. It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the major financial firms are part of a global network of organized financial crime.

            Yet the tax havens and the bankers certainly have their defenders. That’s the real point. The impunity is so strong that even the most flagrant abuses such as 479,000 shell companies in the British Virgin Islands, lead to little if any action. Consider the recent statements by Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, who claims that the British Virgin Islands are “entitled” to run their financial haven as they see fit. Of course this is all the more shocking because Grieve is former attorney general of England and Wales and a member of the Privy Council.

            The UK and the US are at center of the system of global abuse. Britain created the modern world of global finance in the 19th and early 20th centuries, and Wall Street became co-leader with the City of London after the second world war. In both countries, hundreds of thousands of lawyers, bankers, hedge fund operators, politicians, accountants and regulators have consciously built a system of global tax havens of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich that now hosts more than $20tn (yes, trillion) of funds hiding from taxes, law authorities, environmental regulation and accountability.

            Good that the UK is hosting the Anti-Corruption Summit. But let’s be clear. As serious and tragic as is the corruption in Nigeria, Afghanistan and elsewhere, it has long been facilitated by the UK itself (including through Royal Dutch Shell, not just tax havens). We should distinguish the big and small operators. As the famous old English ditty puts its:

            The law demands that we atone

            When we take things we do not own

            But leaves the lords and ladies fine

            Who take things that are yours and mine.

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              Bath Guli and Addiya,

              ” in their own countries (particularly UK and US) and returning funds looted from Sri Lanka and stored in the British Virgin Islands and US.”

              Lanka has so much dosh that it exports raw even today.

              The Germans, Japanese and British have paid back their Marshall Plan loan and worked very hard to be where they are today.
              They are not plantation worker monkey who got a hand grenade in 1948!!

              Heard of exploitation?
              Show me one nation that does not exploit and do not have a secret army?

              You have no brain stupid troll you have come to your wits end.

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          You may be right…. CT is against Mr Sirisena even more than MR.

          That I feel when reading their articles each time.

          • 3

            has to be because MR1 was open like a sluggish southerner
            See your FM He is no bohemian but a lover of Soho life.
            MR2 siri`Sena`, is hybrid version of Passa issarata.

            Nothing is good for the island except back to the old days of master sir by others whom you still are out to impress with all this hullabaloo about being governed and pious as s**t.

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        Dear President Maithripala Sirisena

        “President Maithripala Sirisena on Friday used the G7 Summit in Japan to appeal for assistance from developed nations, multilateral and bi-lateral investors, calling on them to invest in Sri Lanka.”

        Bravo!. Right move, Sir. You need to go where the money is. Combined G7 have greater than 50% of the Global GDP. Certainly, they an afford to help. Just watch out for the strings that are attached. Also make sure there is very little Fraud, like was the case with MaRa MaRa ChaTu MaRa and Cronies.

        “Group of Seven (G7), international organization officially established in 1985 to facilitate economic cooperation among the world’s largest industrial nations; summit meetings of the member nations began in 1975. Members are Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, and the United States.”

        “The Group of Seven is a governmental political forum. It was originally formed by six leading industrial countries and subsequently extended with two additional members – one of which, Russia, has been suspended. Since 2014 in effect it comprises seven nations and the European Union.”

      • 1

        I have no doubt, that entire powerful nations feel that Consensual politics can bring a nation good values – at least if could stay for few years. It was the best current duo to come together to build up such a govt for 2 years. Rajaakshe seems to be worried of that. TOday, Srilanka is standing together with G7 nations, the message went across the globe yesterday, Chinese and Indians would worry about the giving hand by the nations to this poor country this way.

        This is a really grand moment for the nation and future of the country. If we want to achieve our targets, through discussions only we can achieve them. This was the thoughts of SO CALLED pundit Dayan Buruthilaka a couple month ago. Now he thought is caught by ultra nationalistic agendas of JOINT alibaba and 40 thieves.

    • 7

      This is indeed a great achievement, whoever whatever being added to air.

      Srilanka or other low income countries have not been invited by them in general. Japan should have a close relationship to have invited srilanak to this forum

    • 9

      President Sirisena with his national dress is sending a clear message that he is not evolved enough to equal with the West. Just wait and see how diligently the West is going to trap the good governance leaders. At least MR had some room to move around. Former President JR done lot of damages to the country, but his nephew will do far worse. He has already divided the Sinhalese and sold to the foreign power,as Tamil leaders have done. Only one thing left is dividing the country. Trust me, he will do it, by doing so he will become the worst leader for creating endless war between North and South. The civil war was the Asia’s longest brutal civil war, thanks to JR’s policies. But his nephew will create an endless war in the world, thanks to his policies.

      • 5

        Blah blah blah blah…

        What you mean by “President Sirisena with his national dress is sending a clear message that he is not evolved enough to equal with the West. Just wait and see how diligently the West is going to trap the good governance leaders. At least MR had some room to move around. “ You mean though Old King has his red color noose always tied around his neck, he still had room in his National Dress?

        I know where you went to teach, but where did you study man?…so sad the things are ….

      • 0

        Antany Peter

        1. “President Sirisena with his national dress is sending a clear message that he is not evolved enough to equal with the West”

        Actually, President Sirisena’s dress, Sarong, separates and distinguishes him from the others in the meeting. Therefore he will be noticed. Therefore, he can present his case to all, and plead for Aid and all the help he can get.

        2. “The civil war was the Asia’s longest brutal civil war, thanks to JR’s policies. But his nephew will create an endless war in the world, thanks to his policies. “

        What more do you expect from Paras whose average IQ is 79?

        National IQ Scores – Country Rankings


  • 39

    Truth be said.

    We have made some tangible progress from the hell-hole, where we found ourselves in, before 8th January, 2015.


    • 12

      What is the reasons Srilanka to be invited to this forum ?

      Have you got any idea ? I believe, they the G 7 folks now want to focus on sea routes – geographical location of srilanka… this could bring FE to lanka ..

      • 17

        Dan Fernando,

        “What is the reason Srilanka to be invited to this forum?”

        There is no such thing called a free lunch. We must realize that.

        I guess the geo-political game to control/dominate the Indian Ocean has started in earnest. You may have noticed Obama was in Vietnam, before Japan. The West also mended their fences with the Burmese Junta in a real hurry. Why? Think.

        It is up to Sri Lanka to make use of her God given geographic location to her benefit. We can so absolutely play that game and win. This country has the talent required in abandunce. If that talent is allowed to play that game.

        That means monkeys of the caliber of “Tea Mudalali” who used to be in Washington or Wheeler-Dealer Udayanga Weeratunga who used to be in Moscow or their kind must never see the inside of a Sri Lankan Embassy. Ever again!

        I see Sri Lanka Navy & Foriegn Ministry as key strategic assets in this regard. They must modernize to be world-class. They must be manned by men and women who can grab victory for Sri Lanka. From the jaws of defeat, if required.


        There is nothing wrong with President Sirisena looking for a few bread crumbs falling off the G7 Summit in Japan. Given our situation. We have no other choice.

        • 4

          “”It is up to Sri Lanka to make use of her God given geographic location to her benefit. We can so absolutely play that game and win. This country has the talent required in abandunce. If that talent is allowed to play that game.””

          War is for the rich. the rich always run and the rich always win. and they break their promises to the poor fools who voted for them.
          MR1 to Sobita egg hijacked and anointed MR2 .the system cannot be bended for 80% rural just like the ME locos.

          Lease out the island to efficient, independant, effective, CEO like a VOC and live life while others around you fight be like swiss be like singapore- `look` stupid to geopolitics. but don’t be more of what you now are- tinker, tinker to nowhere.- quality of life is that which matters for all. but not the 5 year bath guli, arraku bottle and vote ekka ubage- 80% sarema/satayaka politics and rural cassava.

    • 6

      Hard won, they are by the people, yet so fragile with many biding their time for times past to return. For that’s all they know. Their comfort zone, perhaps guided by Suffering now, is a guarantee of a birth in a better place in the next go around.
      We just can’t handle living in calmer times. It is our default mindset.

    • 10

      Ben Hurling

      “We have made some tangible progress from the hell-hole, where we found ourselves in, before 8th January, 2015.”

      If Siri Mao could import free rice from the moon why not Siri Sena getting some help from the “Free World”.

      • 16

        Native Vedda ,

        “If Siri Mao could import free rice from the moon why not Siri Sena getting some help from the”–

        “Free World”. “

        Even at current 0.0 interest in the free west world they are not having any of it- copy right, patent right,pseudo morphism, death by design, and endless it goes right foot to prince charles for justice- privy council!

        make in india is struggling too even with a 1/2 trillion approx savings $$$

    • 4

      Ben Hurling,

      You are right. We tend to forget the significance of 8th January’2015. This will be to our peril.

      Further, Sirusena, Ranil and this government, have to be desperate, considering the parkour state of our economy and the recent damage the rains have caused. However, their profligacy in terms of they continue to spend money-duty free cars, high rentals, gigantic cabinet and heavy expenditure on members of parliament; the slow progress on the corruption and political crimes front; the continuing saga of low grade politics; and irrational judicial decision making should also be areas of serious concern for us. The credibility of this government will soon come a matter of serious concern, if not addressed soon.


  • 19

    “”In Desperation, Sirisena Makes Plea For Foreign Investors To Invest In Sri Lanka At G7 Summit”
    “I very much appreciate the feelings of friendship and understanding demonstrated by the Heads of State of G7 countries and the Heads of State of Outreach countries during these sessions,” Sirisena added.””

    Harami, Pathalaya,

    No inspiration by G7 agenda.
    Even Japan cooed, America prompts China and
    every body cooed about war, we we, he he;)))
    Reason the big 2 China and America are sneezing and the expected halla ballo in the world economy.No good.

    No wonder rustic bodhi sira has no perspiration, singular flight.
    Peacock flight Lion flight but no soda.

    100 going strong sarema moron- race, religion of the village not for city democracy. keep them stupid battha, addiya and vote akke ubege.

  • 1

    It is a progress that MS was invited to G7 meeting as the first President of Sri Lanka. Why can’t he ware a suite like other G7 leaders at these international high level meetings? Wake up !!!. We are in the information age not in the stone age. Is it because he was not educated well? National dress is to meet local people not for the international forums. His advisers should persuade him to dress up!!!.

    • 8

      Think hard and come again.

      • 2

        Nuisance the stupid I

        “Think hard and come again.”

        Make sure you shut your mouth just in time.

    • 3


      When kings and Sultans of Middle Eastern countries attending such conferences,meetings have you noticed what attire they are dressed in? Their own traditional way. What do you have to say on that?

      The dress code has built in rules or signals indicating the message being given by a person’s clothing and how it is worn. Clothes convey other social messages including the stating or claiming personal or cultural identity.It is nothing to do with education.

      Then Mahinda Rajapakse wore the same attire almost, except that red colour BORU SATAKAYA.

  • 7

    I dont think there is any desperation. but we have to admit that there were lack of foreign investments due to MARA and his gang(JO) activities, there is a little frustration among investors.President has use this opportunity to gain trust. What wrong with it? In 1950s and 1960 s South Korea did the same tactics. Look at them now. We have to look for all avenues to correct what we did before 2015.

  • 4

    I sincerely hope the President succeeds in persuading foreign investors but first he has to clean up the mess he has inherited that makes the foreign investor to baulk:
    1. An SIA Account is mandatory but the restrictions placed on it are silly and unnecessary:
    a) This account is funded with monies from dividends, proceeds from sales and transfers from a foreign currency account. This foreign currency account could be in Sri Lanka or overseas, but there’s no control on the exchange rates and commissions used.
    b) The money in this account could be converted back but subject to the same free for all exchange rates.
    c) The money in this account could only be spent on investments (according to an SEC Directive issued in June 2013) unless the investor is physically present in order to draw the money out, E.g in order to gift it to another.
    2) Shares are subject to Rights Issues etc. but the lead time is only 14 days from the time the necessary forms are sent by post, received, and returned to local stockbroker with instructions to lodge as required with the cheque from the SIA Bank attached. This could be streamlined (and postage saved) if the forms could be sent and returned by email as much as possible.
    3) An investor owning shares in several companies is at a loss to find which had paid the dividends into the bank as the bank records them all as “Dividends” and not show the company it relates to.
    4) Most companies send their annual accounts on CD, which is good and cheap, but there are still a few still insisting on posting bulky items by post with criminal postage costs. The company accounts published only on the internet to be downloaded, or mailed on a CD, should be made mandatory.

  • 5

    It must be pretty embarrassing and humiliating for the President to voice such a pointed plea for assistance from the members of the G7 comprising World State Leaders, after all the previous flak he had to take on HR violations and other accusations which the global network is firing at him. Some of them are NOT his creation but those of his predecessors and others are by his Associates, so called Colleagues, and the Citizenry of the Country. Sri Lanka’s image Internationally stinks, consequently.

    True, he as the President of the Country has to find ways and means of getting us out of this economic rut, even if it means going on his bended knees globally, asking for help. But then are we collectively doing our part or are we standing by and throwing stones and Brickbats at all his efforts to find solutions: the JO, the Northern Alliances, the Trade Unions, the GMOA, the Private Sector, the Govt Bureaucrats,the Diaspora and all the other so called “Nationalistic minded” saviours of the Nation, need to stop tearing the Nation apart and work collectively if we are to rise from these ashes.

  • 1

    Is this what president my3 had said prior to Jan 8th, ’15? Hadnt he promised sun and moon to the modayas in SL according to the tune of Modi, Cameron etc., etc.,? (Sorry diaspora, I have NOT forgotten you but did not mention here because it will be an unnecessary drag on).

    • 7

      max moron

      ” Hadnt he promised sun and moon to the modayas in SL according to the tune of Modi, Cameron etc., etc.,?”

      He hadn’t said anything that sort.

      It was the weeping widow Siri Mao who promised free rice from the moon.
      Siri Sena is a farmer who could feed you forever if you are willing to pay for the rice.

  • 0

    These statements are like “Podi EKage Liyuma”.

  • 3

    Reminds me of Prof Ediriweera Sarathchandra’s book ‘ With the Begging Bowl’, we have always bn desperate asking the West for help.

    Now, we ask the West for help to pay off the high interest loans taken from the Chinese ( 7pct, as recall reading somewhere. To reset our Finances.

    A smart lot we are.

    • 3

      Do you know how much the US owe China?

      • 2

        A different sort of debt, isn’t it ?
        Through the sale of treasury bonds etc.

        Away from the topic and staying with TB’s, the US called the Saudi bluff when the latter said, it will unload US Treasury Bonds, if the US went ahead with allowing it’s Citizens to take court action against the Saudi’s for Sept 11.
        How do you think it will land ?


        • 2

          If China did not buy the TBs what would have been the consequences? Even with China buying the US is still printing money.

          • 0

            True that. Have the buggers learnt from the Janasaviya concept of Premadasa, you think ?

            Btw, have you come across the documentary ” forecaster ” about Martin Armstrong ?

      • 5

        Nuisance the stupid I

        “Do you know how much the US owe China?”

        If the western countries didn’t invest and opened their markets to China, the country would not reach where it is now.

        Investments do not come from states, however, the state has the powers to open or shut its markets.

        Markets are as important as investments.

        Stupid is as stupid types.

        • 3

          Now you are an economic genius?
          Do you know why the US and the west open their markets to China? and can’t do anything about it then and now?
          Why don’t you stick to your stupid terrorism and the Elam.

          • 2


            “Now you are an economic genius?”

            Do you believe so?

            Thanks for your felicitation however I don’t think I am a genius, not quite anyway.

            I am only trying to link endogenous to exogenous growth theories. I am sorry if I haven’t made it simple.

      • 3

        USA owes trillions to China. See the below link of Australian debts. They are borrowing in millions


        • 6

          “”USA owes trillions to China.””

          sounds like blistering barnacles, nothing to say??

          Its just about peanut $1.7 trillion while USA has just about printed 2-3 trillion last lap Hussain presidency.

          China banks are not selling because of the high value they expected and it’s rising. every body is on wait and see because the $$$ is rising.

    • 0

      How can the West help Sri Lanka pay loans to China? Western nations themselves rely on China. USA is in debt to China by Trillions of $$$. Can you remember how the Queen of England (your Queen) wined and dined the Chinese leadership at Buckingham palace(it is in England and not in USA)? So Sirisena should send his PM with the begging bowl back to China!

  • 1

    Foreign investors should stay CLEAR of SL.

    Bloated cabinet sucking blood of the taxpayers (Mega salaries, allowances, free luxury car permits to sell, more govt cars for use, free telephone, free fuel, Family as secretaries….) all of them on every political colour are the same.
    High rents paid to their cronies when there are empty gove buildings, Sira’s brother sucks the SLT. Viagra Jonny gets kappam from Wattala business people.

    Clean up should start from the top by setting an example.

    Also a bloated GOVT sector, bribed at the election with 0k increase per month.


  • 3

    Man, Bandito, nothing in your head, no grey matter, might it be mud or shit.

    After the 2nd WW, the American poured billions into Japan, and Germany and Europe under the Marshall Plan, those people used it well to built up their countries.

    Now, countries us lack some thing like that to move forward with development, so no choice, we had to plead with them for aid and assistance to raise our heads.

    • 7


      “After the 2nd WW, the American poured billions into Japan, and Germany and Europe under the Marshall Plan, those people used it well to built up their countries.”

      According to media report the Chinese pumped billions of dollars into Sri Lanka. Where all the billions gone?

    • 12

      Siri ‘pade??

      I am sufficient as I am,

      Only yesterday 2015 England finished re paying its marshall plan loan- think about it the empire passport has never been degraded unlike yours BankKolltu?? beggars can’t be choosers(loans on value)- the dodgy burgers are coming out of chinese freezers- bad rotting short term loans given to friends in 3rd world wide wild world .check it out why china is sneezing!

      India Foreign Direct Investment 1995-2016 | Data | Chart | Calendar
      Foreign Direct Investment in India increased by 1850 USD Million in March of 2016. Foreign Direct Investment in India averaged 1148.61 USD Million from 1995 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 5670 USD Million in February of 2008 and a record low of -60 USD Million in February of 2014. Foreign Direct Investment in India is reported by the Reserve Bank of India.
      China Foreign Direct Investment 1997-2016 | Data | Chart | Calendar
      Foreign direct investment in non financial sector in China increased 4.8 percent year-on-year to USD 435 hundred million in the first four months of 2016. Foreign Direct Investment in China averaged 415.92 USD HML from 1997 until 2016, reaching an all time high of 1262.70 USD HML in December of 2015 and a record low of 18.32 USD HML in January of 2000. Foreign Direct Investment in China is reported by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China.
      FORBES Asia:
      JUNE 25, 2015 @ 03:17 AM 3,494 VIEWS
      The Little Black Book of Billionaire Secrets

      Hong Kong Overtakes The U.S. In FDI—Johan Nylander
      Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.

      For the first time, Hong Kong has surpassed the United States in global foreign direct investments (FDI) as Mainland Chinese companies increasingly take advantage of the special administrative region as a platform for global investments.
      The World Investment Report 2015, by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), ranked Hong Kong second in global FDI flows for the first time, with record amounts of both inflows and outflows.
      At 39 per cent, the former British colony saw the biggest surge in inflows during the year.
      China became the largest recipient of FDI with $129 billion inflows, followed by Hong Kong with $103 billion and the U.S. with $92 billion. In terms of outflows, Hong Kong also ranked second, following the U.S. and ahead of Mainland China.
      Simon Galpin, director-general of investment promotion at Invest Hong Kong, said in a statement that the results highlight Hong Kong’s role as a super-connector and a conduit for direct investment….


      Sri Lanka Foreign Direct Investment – Net Inflows 2001-2016 | Data
      Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka increased by 153 USD Million in the third quarter of 2015. Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka averaged 127.31 USD Million from 2001 until 2015, reaching an all time high of 386 USD Million in the fourth quarter of 2013 and a record low of 20 USD Million in the second quarter of 2001. Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka is reported by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

  • 5

    We should be extremely proud that our President is rubbing shoulders with the big and mighty in world. In the recent past Sri Lanka was a basket case in the eyes of the world and the new leaders have sky rocketed it’s profiles. Definitively, no second word, in days to come, this would bring big results to the country.

    • 2

      We are friends of the big and mighty as long as we do what they want us to do. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      • 4


        “We are friends of the big and mighty as long as we do what they want us to do.”

        They tell you to behave the way they want you to simply because you do not know how to treat your people well.

        • 3

          stupid vedda,
          What a stupid response! Iraq, Syria and Libya and Afghanistan are all in shambles infested with ISIS and Al quida. Yes, the west are treating the Iraqis, Syrians and the Libyan citizens right after getting rid of their leaders who never allowed terrorism to set foot in their countries and never listened to the west!

          • 8

            Hey there alls good but `nothing comes for free`- it’s pay back.
            (except aid- tsunami hora lankave satthu.

            Marshal Plan was and is Pay Back with low interest.
            But sinhalese are not eligible more than given.

            Yankee $$$ USAID/FDI gives control for the Jack Boot.)))

  • 2

    The crux of matter is not that MS is desperate from his political deeds.
    We have to learn that poor country leaders goes to rich nation club of seven is quite natural to be understand that they asked money from RICH countries and their leaders..

    That shows how we are remain in the poverty level has not change since in last 18 months of mismanagement and misrule of political-economic system governance MS led by “compromised” Government leadership of President of SL.

    Our President did not having knowledge of G7 been challenging by system of crisis more than Sri lanka, since 2008 Wall Street that Free Fall Global economy.

    Indeed Rich giant has Not yet recover USA, Japan, EU and UK economy in overall development, and their role has not contribution to Global GDP.

    US debt exceed its GDP of US $ 18 Trillions dollars.
    Japan GDP US $ 5.2 Trillion dollars her nation debt US $ 11.3 dollars. GDP debt rate 260% of national economy.
    UK debt two times of her GDP.
    Italy economy is worse than any of South European countries.
    France debt is three times of her GDP.
    Germany economy is running without uncertainties. Industrial base is solid ,but terms of Trading depend on Chinese market .
    Canadian economy having crisis, but its resources will help to sustain economy.

    I want MS of President study Global economy without further delay.

  • 1

    You know what is funny. What is funny is the absence of the second biggest economy in the world among G7.

    • 7

      “You know what is funny.”

      The chinese year of the monkey- curious clever.:))))

      The absence is to give all members and cohorts the room to gossip about the big red monkey
      next door. he he.

      did they not rebuke the yankee duo? check it out.

      there were no economics discussed and that was the surprise agenda- go check it out. Groot Groot Great G8 to G7…what a mix mash. Oink, Oink.

      Will a G7 adopt your isla? subic bay yata ware werale.

  • 4


    “You know what is funny. What is funny is the absence of the second biggest economy in the world among G7.”

    This is an exclusive club and not the UN General Assembly. Would you invite every Tom, Dick and Harry to your own private party?

    There is also another grouping which is open only to 20 countries.

    There are hundreds of such organisation.

    Shangai Cooperation Councils has 8 members, 4 Observers, 6 Dialogue Partners, 3 Dialogue Partners.

    Out of the world’s top 10 economies only China and India are represented in the grouping.

    What is funny about it?

    There are hundreds of other regional groupings.

  • 2

    Obama is sitting right opposite our Sirisena! Obama is considering, “ Are these people Aryan or what?”……….after certain Sinhala students went to Harvard and declared such things, when Obama was student/lecturer.

    Now, this will be the ultimate decision on federalism /land-bridge/ China – let’s teach them the ethnic reality lesson, said Obama, Kerry and Clinton.

    In vain! Our Sinhalese, should have never gone speaking such things, ne. Therefore, all Sirisena should now do is declare the Dravidian base, and convince Obama to let Sri Lanka keep the Lankan Nationalism.

  • 1

    ”In Desperation, Sirisena Makes Plea For Foreign Investors To Invest In Sri Lanka At G7 Summit”

    That is not as bad as Sirimavo’s time of bashing the West and begging from West. SLFP New King is still not the candidate for it. The country he visited first was China and still he has not gone a visit to America other than UN.

    The invitation extended by America to Lankawe to attend G7 is pretty old, not based on the current trend. Little earlier, America had full confidence in Lankawe, its willingness to work with the West. Though outside America is acting it is still believes Lankawe, it has its own suspicions too. It is hard for America to reverse the confession the Assistant Secretary Blake submitted in Congress. Japan is willing to invest in Lankawe. But politically it is an adopted child of America. So it likes to stay where America stands. UK too but it has another scenario too.

    UK, Germany, France, and Italy are EU countries. EU has its reservation on the open economic ties with Lankawe. Canada is a country independently criticizes Lankawe and it was the one brought 2009 resolution which India had defeated for Lankawe.

    Further G7 is no longer the G7; China, India, Russia and Brazil the large four countries are not there. So other can do better investments than G7 in Lankawe.

    The rice mill muthalali, New King is only a son of the British Mercenary, Albert. Rest of the Family wealth was built though his SLFP politics. Old King is said have transported 18 billion out of the country. New King is not willing to inquire into that by the fear of it backfiring at him. Obama is still depending on his moderate Presidential Salary. To start some kind of practices, he has to leave the white house. When you consider all of that, this game is really a shame.

    Lankawe is tightly held by China. Ranil went to China promising to have the Port City released Under Old Kings deal. But he came selling Hambantota, in addition to Port City. This is not a happy dealing for the G7. The Invitation given to New King was before Ranil made that deal. Now, there isn’t a lot America can do about it. They are hiding the ailment and dealing with Lankawe like normal. When one week ago there was one speech of American Ambassador was posted in CT, almost every Sinhala Intellectuals comments were blasting back the Ambassador. Any sincere political analyst of US might have explained to the White House that the outlook of the civilians of Lankawe is not favorable to America, irrelevant the dramas acted by Ranil and New King. https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/sri-lankas-pledges-on-transparency-comparable-with-obamas-in-the-face-of-doubt-openness-prevails/. If somebody hides these in meeting without openly putting forward, discuss and explain, it will be an uneasy meeting.

    You can beg, though it is considered as shame. But with a bowl in hand, thinking all others are fools and cheating is the most shameful action. But Lankawe’s leaders don’t give a damn about it.

  • 1

    Where are the USD 5 Billion these same dudes promised the Whskey Madam and cousin Batalanda Ranil, if they gave the latter’s mate, Mr Pirahaparan his Eelaam?.

    Instead, all Bodhi Sira has got is a feed of Blue Fin Tuna Belly, Sashimi and warm Sake, with that promise from Abe which is not even ten percent of the 5 Billion.

    No wonder Sira is begging..

    Why they didn’t invite Batalanda Ranil?.

    Batta came to power promising One Million assembly jobs.

    Nearly all those who provide Assembly Jobs to Dalits, were there , especially Angela , whom Batta sort of indirectly linked to his One Million Jobs promise.

    Is Bodhi Sira who has only 43 hangers on in his faction, more important than Batalanda Ranil the PM?.

    Especially when Batalanada Ranil has 103 seats of his own, who are supposed to be the cream of the crop in terms of Money, Etiquette and English.although it has been tarnished a bit by M .F….Harin.

    Can Abe keeps China away, with his lousy USD 50 Million to Sirisena and his new mates?.

    Does this bunch who Sira took with him have much respect among the great majority of the inhabitant population, except the few Yahapalana suckers who made big bucks with the new Tax on Toyota Prius.

    G 7 lead by US have destroyed once peaceful, prosperous Middle East which had beautiful ancient buildings and even cities which were well preserved.

    Just to please the Wahabis in Saudi and grab the oil which belonged to progressive countries like Iraq and Libya and Syria,

    Having demolished them, now the US is distancing itself from Saudia,

    And the great Chinese have come to help Saudia.

    And in turn helping our house maids to keep sending money to finance the import of Batalanada and his mates multi Million Dollar motor cars, and Colombo Elite’s top shelf consumption goods.

    And our Bodhi Sira goes there, with his begging bowl , after Batalabada humiliated the Chinese and drove them away from the great many projects they had done, and the ones they had started to make our nation in to a mid income state.

    • 1

      KA Sumanasekera I am sure you write this rubbish with your tongue in cheek or for comic relief. The origins of all this government’s woes emanate from your idols the crooked Rajapakses. I am not sure if you did benefit during their reign, but if you did, you too can look forward to sharing a cell in Welikade.

      • 0

        “”you too can look forward to sharing a cell in Welikade. “”

        wow that’s Hard Cheese!

        once let go,they all get by and there is no recall.

  • 1

    Firstly, congratulations to Mr. Sirisena for the opportunity to mingle with the leaders of the world’s largest and strongest economies. Invitation of Sirisena to this forum is largely symbolic that West wants SL to drift away from China.
    In this context West has a supreme responsibility to make sure Sirisena remains a popular leader in SL, because it is not another Tajikistan, as was clearly demonstrated on Jan the 8th.
    To do so they need to make sure investors do come to SL. The biggest problem is these leader are not investors. They are the ones who looks for stability, liberal economic policies and tax havens that maximizes profits. What can SL offer on these aspects. Even more challenging is whatever those policies are, they need to be endorsed by India, who is not expecting SL to develop more than they like.
    A strategic location needs strategic thinking.

  • 0

    ask for US$ 4 billion from each then we sorted, we can pay back when we are ok, for them US$ 4 billion is pocket money, that will eliminate most of out high interest rate paid lone s taken BY MR and the all thieves from previous government

    • 2

      “ask for US$ 4 billion from each then we sorted, “

      on the down and out ,not even $$ indemnity value of pueblo.

      You have no security for US$-28.0 billion dodgy burger.
      90% of inward remittances from middle east menial work.
      Menial work from Saudi 1 billion per annum.

      `china rebuttal- lanka new borrowing`, (is international pariah)
      china calling on the $150 million stop gap loss, the bad short term debts recurring from most socialist nations its clients worldwide.
      Ranil never whispered for A Billion more loan please, as he informed before leaving.

      China with a receding foreign exchange reserves of $4 trillion to
      $3.25 Trillion from 2105-2016.

      The latest economic data out of China show Chinese authorities continue to buy up yuan with the country’s foreign exchange reserves in an effort to prop up the currency.

      In part because of sluggish demand from China—the world’s largest consumer of commodities—stock prices of commodities producers have slid sharply, pushing markets in the US closer to a bear market.

  • 2

    “Ahathin alahu muhathil therium” A persons peaceful face reveal his internal beauty. Compare the two face of Srisena and the thug looking MR. That is why, in G7 meeting, all the big leaders respected Srisena, it is a very happy event to all srilankans “kankolla kaadsi” Actually speaking MR is not the only person responsible for our present junk state – JR etc. etc. all tried to do something but the useless Buddhist monks agitated by walk on bare foot etc. and forced them not to do anything – even Bandaranayake was killed by one of the Buddhist thugs. Until side tract Buddhist monks from the politics there will be no prosperity to this beautiful country – same situation in Myanmar. For a start stop branding people protest against wrong doing of the governments as terrorists. The punishment to MR & Gotha to be a lesson to all future politicians. Hope the present government will not miss this golden opportunity and take a prime place in srilankan history like LTTE is having an unforgettable higher status in Tamils history and minds. Most of the people pretend like they hate LTTE to please Singhalese but inside they all worship them. Every dead person for freedom all over the world is equal to God.

  • 2

    Nuwan, Your comment about India is correct, but there is a saying, take and put the insect “actually oonaan” from the road into our under pants and then no point in shouting it is biting. India was doing it’s own business but we have created LTTE and invited them and others for help. So we have to accept the consequences – brother, there is no free lunch in this world. We have to resolve our internal problem without the knowledge of our neighbours, if they come to know they will use it for their own benefit, they are not saints. This may not be the end, if we still delay in solving Tamils issue, you never know it could be another Ukraine/Russia story.

    • 1

      Fully agree. The problem is before solving a problem, it needs to be clearly defined and understood. Then to make necessary changes stakeholders must be engaged fully that they don’t feel alienated or cheated. It is difficult change exercise, but I doubt we have leaders smart enough to crack it.
      In that sense, the Tamil problem is not defined well for the common man, at least for the Sinhalese. We all either hear Hela Urumaya or TNA or UNP or PA or Wimal or Gammanpila or That Tamil dude from Canada etc. etc, none are defining the problem,but interpreting and distorting it for political agenda. That’s what they do, and should be as politicians.
      Where is the real academic analysis of the problem, research reports etc. An astute leader must start from there.

  • 1

    Why Sri Lanka became so important suddenly?.

    It was an eccentric prince in Portugal who established a naval school for the first time in the world and taught their people how to navigate in the seas safely around the world. During that time the Chinese ruled the waves in Indian ocean and their ships were huge camparatively. But these europeon guys overpowered the Chinese and sent them off the seas and into a shell using their gun power (again thanks to the gun powder invented by the Chinese). The rest history is well known. They want help from countries like SL to do the same thing again. We want an eccentric character in our country to put it together again.

    On another news item related to this G7, Indonesian prez seems to have discussed with our prez the purchase of railway carriages for SL. Do they at least have a standard gauge railway system?. If not this will be another first. At the rate we are developing we may have to go to places like Somalia to get our things next.

  • 0

    “In Desperation, Sirisena Makes Plea For Foreign Investors To Invest In Sri Lanka At G7 Summit”

    What a tasteless headline! Almost as if the editor(s) hate what has been achieved.

    The warmth, the friendliness, the respect shown to our leader for his simplicity must cause President Sirisena’s opponents a lot of worry. In just a matter of months, he has the entire world that matters, giving him their ear and possibly loosening their purse strings further.

    I think it is time that the good side of the President – largely unknown to many, is aired. He probably is the first true sgtatesman we have had in 50 years!

    It must be statesmanship to co-habit with the UNP and run the country together.

    May his tribe increase, slowly but steadily.

    • 6

      Aney dan, dan dum ,dum.,

      “What a tasteless headline! Almost as if the editor(s) hate what has been achieved.”” from sarema to sarema Hydrocele!!

      It’s what the 5th house should inform the public.!!

      another sinhala buddhist think tank at a tangent isn’t it??

      Diplomacy of the west is saying the `nastiest things in the pleasant way` to

      `Heads of State of Outreach Countries`-
      the crafty begging bowl for HiTech for
      free because
      HSOC begging bowl are more than human race and with an ancient face unknown.
      (we love the face licking dogs over here in the prosperous west first of all, then we think Whom?)

      We live in the present your begging bowl and the 1% with with sticky cohorts and find the word majority linked with a muslim tie ad infinitum.

      Humpty Dumpty Island, cannot be put together again….we knew it then and still in the reckoning, the post manifested proves it all.

      give up franchise, independance and sell like TATA UK for 99 years- you folk are unfit for 1st class management except- VVIP travel, foreign look sleep, undervalued $$, corrupt to the core.

  • 0

    Why did Batalanada Ranil praise Ex Prez Rajapakasa while Bodhi Sira is having Sashimi…

    Although the praise is for Mud Slide help, it is still like a breath of fresh air after 15 months of incessant grilling by Batalanada’s CID and F*******CID of every one any any one with a connection to Rajapakasas .

    Is Batalanda Ranil pissed for Bodhi Sira now taking over and controlling every aspect of the UNP Yahapalana government?.

    Especially When Bodhi Sira’s popularity among the great majority of the inhabitant population is a big 0..

    Now Balakanda wants reports from several sources including the Chief Minister of the East who is the culprit.

    To present to Bodhi Sira, after he kisses the tarmac

    The most important are the reports he is demanding from heads of the Three Forces.

    Batalanada wants to know whether the CM of the East threatening the Navy Commander is a pre arranged one.

    It sounds like Batalanda’s mate retd. Field Marshall alleging that the former Defence Sec staged his own suicide hit .

    Wonder whether the ex Def Sec pre arranged it with Mr Pirahaparan….

    • 4

      “Wonder whether the ex Def Sec pre arranged it with Mr Pirahaparan….””

      What a metallic sonata; evergreen! no brylcream?

      Is KP, Karuna, Pillai Douglas, hiding in that Hydrocele?

  • 0

    I sincerely hope the President succeeds in persuading foreign investors but the G7 is more concerned of the BREXIT Vote than helping Sri Lanka. They are just there to please Sirisena in appreciation for coming forward to dislodge the Rajapakshes.

    As fopr the G7, other than the German economy others are in the doldrums.

    For Sirisena it is history to brag to his constituents that he has hob nobbed with World leaDERS and it ends there.

  • 0

    One who was called “Mr. Ten Percent” had to be “appeased” by any foreign investor during the former regime.

    What is the percentage now, and who is the new Mr. Ten Percent ?

  • 4

    A truly elected leader asking other well to do countries to invest in SL is desperation? This is a dumb statement!!! I am from Canada, our PM goes everywhere and requests other countries to invest in Canada. That is what a leader is supposed to do. The only thing I am not happy about Sirisena and Ranil are the following;
    The rhetoric about a corruption free country has not even moved an inch. The Rajapaksa tsunami thieves are still running amok and these leaders pee in their pants and skirt when it is time to arrest the MR clan. Why is that? Not a single fellow from the previous regime has been sentenced to prison until to date, why?

  • 1

    Nuwan, Brother you and me can not resolve but I like to reply. The prime problem in Asian countries is we rely too much on religion and stupid priests. In developed countries, people do not go to churches, most of the churches are now Hindu or other temples and remaining churches are filled with black and our people. Weekends you can’t rest at your houses, black and our people take the address from the list and knock on your doors and start to show God and irritate. We do not work hard, we rely on free food from hard working people. The main problem in Asian countries are created by Hindu or Buddhist priests(countries like India, Myanmar, now Srilanka). Actually Canada dude came recently after our saviour Prabaharan , but Tamils problem started 60 years ago from the day our cineman-garden politicians with coat and suit even in our hot climate failed to negotiate with British like Ginna got Pakistan. Those stupid Tamil idiots put foundation for our problem and Mullivaikaal. Brother if Singhalese do not know our problem for the last 60 years, they must be stupid or pretending – very difficult to make them understand. Srilankan ship is sinking and most of the Singhalese are very keen to grab what ever they can and vanish to greener countries like that Canada dude – every one is following that Canada dude, allowing srilanka to sink – that is Karma.

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