10 August, 2022


Core Problem Is Tamil Nadu – Solution Is Democracy

By Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

Problems like everything else under the sun have a protean character. They don’t have an unchangeable essence, they keep changing over time, and our ability to handle them depends largely on how we perceive them and conceptualize them, on whether those perceptions and conceptualizations are reasonably accurate or wildly inaccurate. Until the other day I held that we don’t have a purely indigenous Tamil ethnic problem; rather it is an Indo-Tamil ethnic problem, arising out of the fact that the Government in Delhi can never ignore the possible fall-out in Tamil Nadu of what is done to the Tamils in Sri Lanka. I saw the Tamil Nadu factor as subsumed within the India factor. I now see it as the core factor. It is a radical change in my conceptualization of the ethnic problem – I believe for the better. Let me explain.

I don’t think that it can be seriously contested that we don’t have a purely indigenous Tamil ethnic problem. If not for the Tamil Nadu factor, the rest of the world – including India – would simply regard the Tamils as a defeated people who have to secure their legitimate interests in the best way they can. The international community will take note of them only if they are the victims of horrendous human rights violations or for some other very special reasons. On the other hand, the Tamils in Tamil Nadu have special reasons to empathize with the Sri Lanka Tamils because of commonality of race, language, religion, and culture. Consequently it makes sense to say that the core problem is the Tamil Nadu factor.

It is important to bear in mind that Chennai and Delhi are not identical because the latter can be expected to be far more flexible in negotiations over the Tamil ethnic problem. Delhi will also have its own priorities which could conduce to accommodativeness towards Sri Lanka’s interests. I have noted earlier that India wants permanent membership of the Security Council and obviously wants to emerge as more than a regional power. Towards that end, it must show that it is not an overbearing bully towards a small neighbor, not a power with a neo-imperialist hegemonic drive. So there are sound reasons to believe that Delhi would really want to help solve the Tamil ethnic problem in a definitive enduring manner. But it cannot do so just by coming to terms with Colombo, over-riding the wishes of Chennai.

So the core problem behind the so-called Tamil ethnic problem is the Tamil Nadu factor. What is the solution? I believe that a solution can be found only through democracy, not through devolution on which our Tamils insist. I have already written more than one article arguing that it is wrong to make a shibboleth of devolution, regarding it as the one essential without which there can never be a solution of the ethnic problem. Here I will emphasize just one point, the point of crucial importance: many Sinhalese, probably the majority of them, have the conviction that a wide measure of devolution – on which the Tamils insist fanatically – will lead ineluctably to Eelam. There are strong arguments against that presupposition, but the Sinhalese will never be convinced by them. There are two things that we must bear in mind, one of which is that none of us can be quite sure about what might transpire in the future. The other is that we did come close to a final and definitive break up. That was avoided by the closure of the Marvil Aru anicut which compelled the then Government to go all out for a military victory over the LTTE.

According to the argument that I have developed above the core behind our Tamil ethnic problem is the Tamil Nadu factor, and the solution to that problem has to be through democracy, not devolution. That argument leads to certain questions about the New World Order that has been shaping up for some time. It is a world in which there will be several power centers replacing the US/Soviet duopoly and the US mono-polar world that is supposed to prevail today. Several powers, including India, will have the responsibility of keeping the world in order. But the problem is that the New World Order can easily slide into the New Imperialism. In a multi-polar world some regional powers will be seen as having special responsibilities towards countries in an area around it – in other words its “sphere of influence”. We can come to witness something like a transition, or rather retrogression, of the new world order into a new imperialism that remarkably resembles the old imperialism with its spheres of influence and balance of power and all that. It might be true to say that the new world order is the new imperialism is the old imperialism.

Now let us try to fit the Tamil ethnic problem into the international context that I have outlined in the preceding paragraph. We have to try to solve the problem through democracy because devolution – as I have argued earlier – will almost certainly compound the problem and become a force countervailing the advance towards a democratic solution. It has to be a fully functioning democracy with adequate safeguards for the legitimate interests of the minorities as in the West. Is there any reason why we shouldn’t be able to attain that? We did have a fully functioning democracy for most of the time from 1948 to 1977, and we are well on the way to attaining it once again. We indisputably had fair and equal treatment for the minorities from 1948 to 1956. India and several other Afro-Asian countries are practicing democracy and are giving reasonably fair and equal treatment to the minorities. A noteworthy fact is that Tamil expatriates are quite content to live in the democracies of the West and elsewhere without any devolution at all. Why not here?

The answer to that question given by our Tamils is that they are not just any minority but a national minority, which therefore has a right of self-determination inclusive of a right to set up a separate state. What satisfies them abroad will not satisfy them here. In Sri Lanka they have to struggle for Eelam or as close an approximation to it as might be possible. But they are unable to achieve anything like that on their own, and the international community – as I have argued earlier – does not recognize the right of self-determination outside the now defunct colonial context. From where, then, do our Tamils get their power to keep demanding much more than a democratic solution to their problem? That power derives only from the fact that there are sixty million Tamils in Tamil Nadu, and those sixty million have the power to make the Government in Delhi heed the wishes of the Tamils. Let us be clear about what is at issue here. It is not the right of the Tamils to fair and equal treatment, which can be met through democracy as in the West. What is at issue is Tamil power and noting else.

I have consistently held, over the decades, that India has never been imperialist towards Sri Lanka. It bungled badly over the ethnic problem but that was well-intentioned bungling, behind which there was no imperialist drive. My diplomatic interaction with many Indians over a period of three and a half decades makes me believe that the alleged vice-regal airs of Dixit were an aberration. But at present, in the multi -polar world that is taking shape, it can well slide into neo-imperialism without realizing it. Its backing for the absurd Tamil insistence on a solution through wide measures of devolution can be seen as amounting to neo-imperialist bullying of a small neighbor. The option for Sri Lanka is very clear. It is to go all out for a fully functioning democracy with safeguards for the minorities as in the West. Alternatively, if the international community sees it as having an obsessive racist drive to treat the minorities as inferior, no one can be quite sure what might happen in the future. It could be a de facto or even a de jure Eelam.

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    Izeth Hussain

    RE: Core Problem Is Tamil Nadu – Solution Is Democracy

    Why not say

    Core Problem Is Para- Sinhala “Buddhism” based on the lies and imaginations of Mahawansa, and the resulting core problem with the Para-Tamils in Lanka, and Tamil Nadu, which may be solved by Democracy, and Democratic rights for All the Para-Citizens and non-Para Citizens in the Land of Native Veddah Aethho?

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      Izeth Hussain

      RE:Core Problem Is Tamil Nadu – Solution Is Democracy

      Yes, but there is a need for alternate viewpoints be heard.

      Can you address the core problem among Muslims- Inbreeding and Cousin Marriages? Why not help the Muslims to get out of the In-breeding Practice, and dropping their IQ every generation.

      Izeth Hussein, you should try to address the Core Problem With Muslims.. Reason, Education and Inbreeding that Results in Low IQs for Muslims. This has been going on for too long, 1,400 years, and the Native IQs of the Muslims have dropped after accepting Islam, due to Inbreeding. Furthermore, their healths are also affected.

      As a Muslim, you are in a good position to bring to the forefront, and help the unborn millions of Muslims and the world.

      Cousin Marriage in Islam and The Comparison of Mean IQ in Muslim and Non-Muslim Countries.


      Here is an interesting write up.

      “I must make readers aware, I AM NOT an Islamophobe, nor do I promote hate-speech. I have friends of said faith in real life and I am an open-minded person to all idealogies (whether or not I believe them myself).”

      ” I recently was made aware of the following statistics and facts (check sources), and I am interested to what reddit thought of this. “In accordance with the Quran and the tradition of Muhammad, half of all Muslims are inbred — marriage between first cousins is encouraged in many Islamic countries. One of the results is an average IQ 19(!) points lower than non-Muslims. This means that 2 points above standard deviation (top 2 percentile) have an IQ of only 117 as opposed to 130 (gifted) in non-Muslims, and means that gifted members of the Muslim population — which basically means anyone who can even achieve a degree in the sciences — make up less than 0.2% of the population.”

      “It also means that the percentage of Muslims that are mentally disabled (IQ<70) make up %400 percent more of the Muslim population than the non-Muslim one. The thing is, it's not just a result of poverty either. The wealthier Muslim countries (Qatar, UAE, Saudi Arabia) actually scored the lowest."

      "Will this have an affect on the current issues? Should this information be more wide-spread, or will that just ensure more hatred? Was anyone here aware of this? Are you shocked or not surprised?"

      Cousin Marriage in Islam


      Due to the actions of Prophet Muhammad and the Rightly-Guided Caliphs, marriage between cousins is explicitly allowed and even encouraged in Islam. The Qur'an itself does not discourage or forbid this practice in any way. In fact it implicitly allows it, as seen in chapter 4 verse 23:

      Prohibited to you (For marriage) are:- Your mothers, daughters, sisters; father's sisters, Mother's sisters; brother's daughters, sister's daughters; foster-mothers (Who gave you suck), foster-sisters; your wives' mothers; your step-daughters under your guardianship, born of your wives to whom ye have gone in,- no prohibition if ye have not gone in;- (Those who have been) wives of your sons proceeding from your loins; and two sisters in wedlock at one and the same time, except for what is past; for Allah is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful;-

      So everyone besides these relatives named can be married. Such marriages in Muslim majority countries are often preferred and even encouraged in some regions. This is in contrast with China, India. most of the United States and some other nations where cousin-marriage is against the law and regarded as incest.

      Even though there is some debate on this issue, scientists tend to agree it is genetically unhealthy. There are other problems with cousin marriages. According to the Hanafi school of legists, a man may give his daughter in marriage to his brother's son without her consent. This goes against free will which results in unhappy marriages.

      Use Reason, Use Intelligence and Remember that humans Evolved from primates, and human health and intelligence depends on genes. The Idiotic Mullahs and Ulama, are ignorant and will not help you in this endeavor.

      1,400 years of inbreeding, with 30 years per generation is 46 generation. So,the Muslims IQ must have dropped bu 0.4 IQ points every generation, and with 46 generations, the IQ must have dropped from 100 to 0.4×46 = 18.4 points i.e. IQ 100- 18.4 = IQ 81.6 close to 84 IQ for South Asians and Middle Easterners.

      If you take the IQ of the Mediterranean people on the Northern shores of the Mediterranean Sea, their IQs are close to 100, such as the Italians and Greeks, who do not inbreed. Genetically, the people are about the same.


      Muslim Inbreeding should be Haraam


      Published on Aug 17, 2013 Stillbirths are the biggest killer of Muslims daily,this video investigates the root causes of this global phenomena,links for further reading.

      Muslim Inbreeding—- a human catastrophe


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        Why is Izeth Hussain woefully silent about the disgraceful behaviour of Muslim Chief minister of eastern province. If a Tamil chief minister had done it, he would have jumped up crying that Tamils are uncivilised and unfit to rule themselves.

        • 2

          Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam

          “Why is Izeth Hussain woefully silent about the disgraceful behaviour of Muslim Chief minister of eastern province.”

          If Izeth Hussein were to comment on every Egoistic, Idiotic politician who is probably in-bred in Lanka, he would not have time to sleep.

          Izeth Hussein needs to focus on the Wahhabis and the Vellahala Tamil Caste System that is a monkey wrench in Tamil society that is spilling into Muslim, Sinhala and the Nation, and help coming up with practical solutions.

          Please read H L D Mahindapala’s Articles. Are the Vellahalas from Kyts and Batticoloa considered lower caste than Vellahala from Jaffna?

          • 3

            Dear Amarasiri,
            Stop holding the cadle for Izeth Hussain. He wrote earlier without any fact to substantiate, that Tamils are not fit for devolution. By doing that to Tamils and not to Muslims, when there is evidence to say so, he has demonstrated his anti-Tamil bias. For you information he has no time to sleep till he succeeds in putting Tamils down by hook or by crook. When the discussion is about misbehaviour of a Muslim chief minister, why are you bringing the caste issue. You seem to be unable to meet the accusation of ethnic bias of Izeth Hussain by intelligent and relevant arguments. Both Mahindapala and Hussain are suffering from inferiority complex and are attacking Tamils virulently.

            • 1

              Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam

              “When the discussion is about misbehaviour of a Muslim chief minister, why are you bringing the caste issue.”

              Amarasiri has commented on this Chief Minister. Basically he needs to be retrained along with many other politicians on Ego containment.

              The Caste issue is very fundamental to an Egalitarian society, and the low-caste Tamils have suffered most. Only a few writers like H L D Mahindapala, Izeth Hussein and may be others are addressing this.

              What H L D Mahindapala or Izeth Hussein Comments on the Egocentric Chief Minister, is a separate issue.

              May be they should have commented that the Chief minister is now behaving like a Vellahala and showing his Castisnm off, and needs training or 6 cuts. There are a lot of politicians who will qualify.

              Why, Izeth Hussein did not Comment? Amarasiri does not know,., May be we can ask Mahinda Rajapaksa’s astrologer!

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      Izeth Hussain

      RE: Core Problem Is Muslim-Inbreeding

      You need to focus on Muslim In-breeding as a major threat to Muslims.

      Richard Dawkins Upsets Liberals and Muslims by Confronting Them with Reality


      On Thursday this week the well-known biologist, atheist and author Richard Dawkins tweeted,

      All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge. They did great things in the Middle Ages, though.

      And, Less Known, Very Inbred

      Inbreeding is a topic rarely discussed in mainstream media even though it correlates strongly to both intelligence and corruption. I hope that we can all agree that having sex with your relatives is a bad idea and that having children with them is even worse. So how does this relate to Islam? If we compare PEW’s map of the percentage of Muslims by country with a map of the frequency of consanguineous marriages from Consang.net we can see that they are almost identical,

      PEW’s map of Muslims by country.

      Global frequency of marriages between first cousins or closer.

      This may seem like a cheap shot, but inbreeding is also a correlate of intelligence, corruption and obviously congenital diseases. And it probably also contributes to a hostile tribalism or clanishness.

      What to Do About It?

      Some critics will blame the shortcomings of the Muslim world on the West, but intelligence is a highly inheritable trait which is very resistant to external influences. For instance, malnutrition has decreased drastically in recent decades around the world but it hasn’t had any big impact on IQ scores, and those super rich oil countries remain at a very low level. Corruption is a strong correlate of intelligence and can hardly be due to Western influence either. If it was we’d expect South America to be as corrupt as the Middle East. And Western oppression has probably not compelled Muslims to marry their cousins, uncles and nieces while leaving the oppressed of other faiths to decide for themselves.

      Maybe we shouldn’t blame anyone. The problems of the Muslim world are no doubt a matter of both genes and religion, and date back a long time. Perhaps they should fix their own problems; and maybe we can help them, then again maybe we can’t. I don’t have the answers.

      But I’m pretty sure that Dawkins is right that there is a big problem and that Islam is a threat to the West. If we import the people, we import their problems. Looking at the situation in my own country of Sweden this is very clear when you look at the situation in the town of Malmö, our Muslim murder capital. After several cases of assault, vandalism and harassment towards Jews making many leave the country, Ilmar Reepalu, the mayor of Malmö commented,

      “There haven’t been any attacks on Jewish people, and if Jews from the city want to move to Israel that is not a matter for Malmo.”

      Again, screw reality.

      And honestly why aren’t the pundits who attack Dawkins doing the same to astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson who says exactly the same thing? No, they wouldn’t attack a Black guy, especially not a smart and sympathetic one like Degrasse Tyson. That would look bad. And perception is at the heart of the attitude of the politically correct. They rather save face than save Western civilization.

    • 2

      Izeth Hussain

      RE: Core Problem Is Tamil Nadu – Solution Is Democracy

      The Core Problem: Low IQ of Muslim Nations and Inbreeding

      From Mankind Quarterly By Templer, Donald I.

      and Quick Post: L&V’s National IQs predict GMAT scores across 173 nations

      Article excerpt

      The present research found that the Muslim country mean IQ of 81 is half a standard deviation below the mean IQ of non-Muslim nations and is not related to strength of Muslim culture as defined by the percentage of Muslims in the country. The mean IQ of 84 in Arab countries is not associated with per capita income and is incompatible with the intellectual achievements of the golden age of the Muslim Empire. Possible explanations for this decline include hybridization with sub-Saharan Africans, dysgenic decrease in the more educated Muslims employing birth control as suggested by Meisenberg, the Muslim religion not fostering critical thinking, and the intellectual contributions being both exaggerated and made by non-Muslims.

      1. Introduction

      The purpose of the present study was to compare the mean IQs of Muslim and non-Muslim countries. The great intellectual achievements of the Muslim Empire from the 7th to the 12th century have been written about by numerous authors (e.g., Bloom & Blair, 2000; Lyons, 2009; Masood, 2009). These achievements have been especially noted in science, mathematics, architecture and medicine. However, the contemporary Muslim world is underrepresentated in highly creative contributions published in prestigious scientific journals. Lynn (1991) presented the total number of Nobel Prizes in science, literature, and economics combined with the Fields award in mathematics as a function of five major categories of ethnic origin. Europeans had a total of 541, North East Asians 23, South Asians and North Africans combined 10, Africans one (in literature), and Southeast Asians none. It is apparent that the predominantly Muslim countries are in the bottom three categories. Such a dearth of superlative scholarly achievement is consistent with the Lynn & Vanhanen (2006) Table 6.5 listing of mean IQs of the world’s countries. Indonesia, the most populous Muslim country, has a mean IQ of 87. If the standard deviation in Indonesia is 15, two standard deviations above the mean is only 117, which probably is not a high enough IQ to obtain a Ph.D. in physics from prestigious universities in high mean IQ countries. Even if mean IQ differences between two countries are modest, the disparity of extremely gifted persons can be huge.

      The IQs of the Muslim populations in non-Muslim countries tend to be lower than those of the majority population (Lynn, 2008a). In the Netherlands, the mean IQ of Turks is 83, of Moroccans 81, and Indonesians 94 (Lynn, 2008a). Mackintosh (2007) reported that in the United Kingdom Pakistanis score 4 to 6 IQ points below the Indians. It is unlikely that this can be attributed entirely to minority status. The Chinese are a minority in many countries of the world and yet obtain higher mean IQs than the majority populations. They generate and/or control over half the wealth in Southeast Asian countries. In Indonesia the Chinese constitute 3.8 % of the population and generate/control 73% of the wealth. In Malaysia they constitute 28% of the population and generate/control 69% of the wealth (Lynn, 2008a). Caution should be employed because of the possibility of selective migration.

      Special attention is given here to the Arab countries for two reasons. One is to examine the role of the great variation in per capita income. At the high end are Kuwait with $25,314, Qatar with $20,987, and the United Arab Emirates with $20,585. At the low end areYemen with $2,588 and Syria with $2,892. The second reason is to raise for consideration an incongruity between the achievements of the past and the state of the present. The Muslim Empire began in the Arabian Peninsula and the Arabs played a dominant role in its expansion and rise to greatness. Islam did not become established until the 15th century in Indonesia and in what is now Pakistan. The 16 countries regarded as Arab are Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. …


      Quick Post: L&V’s National IQs predict GMAT scores across 173 nations

      The GMAT is a graduate entrance test used by more than 5,900 business programs offered by more than 2,100 universities worldwide. While the test is given in English, it is designed to be as minimally English dependent as necessary to predict successful completion of Business programs taught in English. Further, the test is carefully scrutinized for item bias. Rudner (2012) explains)


      Regression Plot: The regression plot for GMAT scores and L&V’s (2012) Estimated National IQs is shown below.


    • 2

      Izeth Hussain

      RE: Core Problem Is Tamil Nadu – Solution Is Democracy Why not say

      The Core Problem with Muslims low IQ is due to inbreeding

      Danish Psychologist: “Serious consequences of Muslim inbreeding” (an interesting read if you can be bothered)


      Danish Psychologist: “Serious consequences of Muslim inbreeding” (an interesting read if you can be bothered)


      Among the results are lower average intelligence and impaired health

    • 1

      Izeth Hussain

      RE: Core Problem Is Tamil Nadu – Solution Is Democracy?

      Yes, but let us move on to other problems created by imbeciles and moron who are in-bred.


      CII rules women’s protection law ‘un-Islamic’. For CII idiots, imbeciles and morons, in-breeding is “Islamic” that makes the inborn sick and lowers the IQ.

      Well, they want all Muslims to be idiots. That is what happens when idiots follow Revelation and Tradition without Reason.

      CII proposes husbands be allowed to ‘lightly beat’ defying wives

      By Obaid AbbasiPublished: May 26, 201

      ISLAMABAD: The Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has proposed its own women protection bill, recommending ‘a light beating’ for the wife if she defies the husband.

      The 20-member CII is a constitutional body which gives recommendations to parliament regarding Islamic laws. However, parliament is not bound to consider its recommendations.

      CII rules women’s protection law ‘un-Islamic’

      The bill was drafted after the CII rejected Punjab’s controversial Protection of Women against Violence Act (PPWA) 2015 terming it un-Islamic. The CII will now forward its proposed bill to the Punjab Assembly.

      The council has proposed that a husband should be allowed to ‘lightly’ beat his wife if she defies his commands and refuses to dress up as per his desires; turns down demand of intercourse without any religious excuse or does not take bath after intercourse or menstrual periods.

      It has suggested that a beating is also permissible if a woman does not observe Hijab; interacts with strangers; speaks loud enough that she can easily be heard by strangers; and provides monetary support to people without taking consent of her spouse.

      Available with The Express Tribune, a copy of the 163-page bill proposes several bans on women.

      It says there should be a ban on co-education after primary education, ban on women from taking part in military combat, ban on welcoming foreign delegations, interacting with males and making recreational visits with ‘Na-Mehram’. It says female nurses should not be allowed to take care of male patients and recommends that women should be banned from working in advertisements.

      Religious groups say law protecting women from abuse ‘un-Islamic’

      It recommends that an abortion after 120 days of conceiving should be declared ‘murder’. However, it says a woman can join politics and contract a Nikah without permission of parents.

      The bill suggests that anyone who tries to force women to marry with the Holy Quran or facilitate this should be awarded 10-year imprisonment. Similarly, the proposed bill says if any non-Muslim woman is forced to convert, then the oppressor will be awarded three-year imprisonment while the woman will not be murdered if she reverts to her previous faith.

      Sources in the CII told The Express Tribune that the proposed bill is under consideration by the body and further deliberation will continue on Thursday (today), when CII Chairman Muhammad Khan Sheerani will give final recommendations with the consent of other members.

      They said during the deliberation on Wednesday three members, Justice (retd) Manzoor Hussain Gilani, Dr Noor Ahmed Shahtaz and Muhammad Abdullah raised objections on many clauses of the proposed bill and urged the chairman to moderate the bill.

      They said the bill was drafted by Mufti Imdadullah, a member who belongs to JUI-F, adding that above three members have insisted the chairman and Imdad follow the current circumstances while drafting the law. They said the bill was discussed by a panel comprising men as the only female CII member, Dr Sameeha Raheel Qazi, was not present on Wednesday.

      PS. Definitions.

      Imbecile was a medical category of people with moderate to severe intellectual disability, as well as a type of criminal. The term arises from the Latin word imbecillus, meaning weak, or weak-minded. It included people with an IQ of 26–50, between “idiot” (IQ of 0–25) and “moron” (IQ of 51–70).

  • 11

    Now this anti Tamil Wahhabi fundamentalist is not satisfied with attacking the indigenous Eelam Tamils in the island but has now also started to attack the Tamils in Tamil Nadu. The very same place from where the his own and the ancestors of more than 95% of the island’s Dravidian Tamil Muslim ancestors migrated from.
    This clown does not realise that the parent population of the Sri Lankan Muslims the Tamils Muslims of Tamil Nadu and their party the Muslim League of Tamil Nadu, strongly support the Dravidian parties in the state and agitate for the rights and self determination of the island’s indigenous Tamils.
    It was only the Muslims of Tamil Nadu who cared and protested when the Muslims in Sri Lanka were attacked by Sinhalese Buddhist racists a few years ago. All the other Indian Muslims belonging to other states and Porkistan/Bangladesh, including the neighbouring state of Kerala cared two hoots for these Sri Lankan Muslims. Why? Because they know these Muslims are ethnic Tamil Muslims who originated from Tamil Nadu and have nothing to do with them. They only share a common religion but not a common heritage culture language or origin. Just like the Hindus in other parts of India, especially in the North do not care much about what happens to the largely Hindu Sri Lankan Tamils but will howl and cry about the Hindus in Pakistan or Bangladesh, as they relate to them.
    Of course the Tamils in India will care it is natural for them, if they do not then there is something wrong with them. You want all the Muslims in the world to care and agitate for your fake Arab largely low caste Dravidian Tamil converted immigrant community from India and send delegations to the Arabian Gulf and other Islamic lands begging for their support for your selfish inward looking backstabbing community, that no one likes or trusts but do not want the Tamils in India to care about what is happening to the Tamils in the island and their plight. Why ? So that you can steal their land for your fake Arab converted Indian Tamil low caste community?
    Tamil Nadu is a very important state in India and is very strategic. Tamil Nadu can live without India but India cannot live without Tamil Nadu and they will listen to its wishes. As what is India it is a summation of all its states and if you ignore the feelings of one key important state then you will be in trouble. India is not just North India which in reality is a basket case.

  • 10

    “Core Problem Is Tamil Nadu – Solution Is Democracy:

    The core problem is another race suppressing a small part of the body of Tamil people in South Asia, whereas the bigger part is enjoying a degree of autonomy.

    • 1

      Welcome back Thiru. Hope you are well.

      • 1


        Welcome back. I have been wondering about you and ISS (Ilaya Seran Senguttuwan).


        • 2

          ISS (Ilaya Seran Senguttuwan).,
          the Chola pettah col 11 businessman is making hay with ranil,premadasa and pasku at the driving seat while you linger with Swami_na_than. He did not go regularly to bamba pirivena for nothing.

          • 1

            Luke S,

            Glad to hear about ISS, despite my doubts that it may be snide comment, as is reference to Swamination.


  • 3

    Are we discussing current issues confronting ethnic groups in this country in terms of 19th and 20th century norms and political theories? In a world that us hurtling towards universal values and a globalized economy, could we as a very small country survive, prosper and succeed with concepts that are losing their relevance in a manner that we are unable to comprehend. Are we going to ride the new wave in human civilization or be drowned by it?

    I quote below quite extensively from the book ‘Third wave’ authored by Alvin Tofler (also the author of ‘Future Shock’ and the ‘Power Shift’), as it is quite relevant to Sri Lanka at this point in our history and the ideas there-in cannot be expressed any better. Alvin Tofler has divided modern world history into three waves. The ‘First Wave’ was the ‘Agricultural Civilization’, which lasted for thousands of years and was based largely on the extended family and the village. This was followed by what he calls, the ‘Second Wave’ -the ‘Industrial Civilization’ that was dependent on nuclear families and was based in the towns and cities. The Second Wave massified societies and has globalized the world. This wave has lasted a few centuries. He describes the ‘Third Wave’ that has already set in, but is yet to become dominant, as involving a de-massified human society. Alvin Tofler expects the ‘Third wave’ to be accelerative, sweep across history and complete itself in a few decades. The ‘Third Wave’ is expected to tear our families apart, rock our economies, paralyze our political systems, shatter our values and challenge all the old power relationships, and the privileges and prerogatives of the endangered elites of today. Tofler expects the Third Wave to be highly technological and anti-industrial. He predicts the third wave to be genuinely a new way of life based on diversified, renewable energy sources; on methods of production that make most factory assembly lines obsolete; on new non-nuclear families; on a novel institution that might be called the ‘ Electronic Cottage’; and on radically changed schools and corporations of the future. He also expects it to write a new code of behaviour for us and carry us beyond standardization, synchronization, and centralization, and beyond the concentration of energy, money and power.

    This new civilization , Alvin Tofler emphasizes will challenge the old, will topple bureaucracies, reduce the role of the nation-state, and give rise to semi-autonomous economies and will require governments that are simpler, more effective, yet more democratic than we know today. It will be a civilization with its own distinctive world outlook, its own ways of dealing with time, space, logic, and causality. It is expected to heal the historic breach between producer and consumer, giving rise to the ‘Prosumer’ economics of tomorrow. It is expected to be the first truly humane civilization in recorded history. ‘The Third Wave’ should be compulsory reading for all men and women dealing in human affairs and especially for those in Sri Lanka who are being entrusted with the onerous task of designing a new constitution.

    In the final chapter titled, ‘Twenty-first Century Democracy’ Tofler has written an imaginary letter to the founding fathers of the modern United States of America, which with appropriate modifications would be applicable to us in Sri Lanka and provide our constitution writers plenty of food for thought:

    “To the Founding parents:

    You are the revolutionists dead. You are the men and women, the farmers, merchants, artisans, lawyers, printers, pamphleteers, shopkeepers, and soldiers who together created a new nation on the distant shores of America. You include the fifty-five who came together in 1787 to hammer out, during a broiling summer in Philadelphia, that astonishing document called the Constitution of the United States. You are the inventors of a future that became my present.

    That piece of paper, with the Bill of Rights added in 1791, is clearly one of the stunning achievements of human history. I, like so many others, am continually forced to ask myself how you managed- how you were able, in the midst of bitter social and economic turmoil, under the most immediate pressures- to muster so much awareness of the emerging future. Listening to the distant sounds of tomorrow, you sensed that a civilization was dying and a new one was being born.

    I conclude you were driven to it- were compelled, carried along by the tidal force of events, fearing the collapse of an ineffective government paralyzed by inappropriate principles and obsolete structures.

    Seldom has so majestic a piece of work been done by men of such sharply divergent temperaments- brilliant, antagonistic and egoistic men- men passionately committed to diverse regional and economic interests, yet so upset and outraged by the terrible “ inefficiencies” of an existing government as to draw together and propose a radically new one based on startling principles.

    Even now these principles move me, as they have moved countless millions around the planet. I confess it difficult for me to read certain passages of Jefferson or Paine, for example, without being brought to the edge of tears by their beauty and meaning.

    I want to thank you, the revolutionary dead, having made possible for me a half-century of life as an American citizen under a government of laws, not men, and particularly for that precious Bill of Rights, which made it possible for me to think, to express unpopular views, however foolish or mistaken at times- indeed, to write what follows without fear or suppression.

    For what I now must write can all too easily be misunderstood by my contemporaries. Some will no doubt regard it as seditious. Yet it is a painful truth I believe you would have quickly grasped. For the system of government you fashioned, including the very principles on which you based it, is increasingly obsolete, and hence increasingly, if inadvertently, oppressive and dangerous to our welfare. It must be radically changed and a new system of government invented- a
    democracy for the twenty-first century.

    You knew better than we today, that no government, no political system, no constitution, no charter or state is permanent, nor can the decisions of the past bind the future forever. Nor can a government designed for one civilization cope adequately with the next.

    You would have understood, therefore, why even the Constitution of the United States needs to be reconsidered, and altered- not to cut the federal budget or to embody this or that narrow principle, but to expand its Bill of Rights, taking account of threats to freedom unimagined in the past, and to create a new structure of government capable of making intelligent, democratic decisions for our survival in a new world.

    I come with no easy blueprint for tomorrow’s constitution. I mistrust those who think they have answers when we are still trying to formulate the questions. But the time has come for us to imagine completely novel alternatives, to discuss, dissent, debate, and design, from the ground up, the democratic architecture of tomorrow.

    Not in a spirit of anger or dogmatism, not in an impulsive spasm, but through the widest consultation and peaceful public participation, we need to join together to reconstitute America.

    You would have understood this need. For it was one of your generation-Jefferson- who, in mature reflection, declared: ‘Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence and deem them like the Ark of the Covenant, too sacred to be touched. They ascribe to the men of the preceding age a wisdom more than human, and suppose what they did to be beyond amendment…….I am certainly not an advocate for frequent and untried changes in laws and constitutions….. But I also know that laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind…..As new discoveries are made, new truths disclosed, and manners and opinions change with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also, and keep pace with the times.”

    For this wisdom, above all, I thank Mr. Jefferson, who helped create the system that served us so well for so long, and that now must, in its turn, die and be replaced.”

    (signed, Alvin Toffler)

    Alvin Toffler continues to say,” An imaginary letter… Surely in many nations there must be others, who given the opportunity, would express similar sentiments. For the obsolescence of many of today’s governments is not some secret I alone have discovered. Nor is it a disease of America alone.”

    “The first, heretical principle of Third wave government is that of minority power. It holds that majority rule, the key legitimate principle of the Second wave era, is increasingly obsolete. It is not majorities but minorities that count. And our political systems must increasingly reflect that fact.”

    “Today, as we have seen, we are leaving industrialism behind and are rapidly becoming a de-massified society. In consequence it is growing increasingly difficult-often impossible-to mobilize a majority or even a governing coalition.”

    “Consensus is just hard to find in Middle America as elsewhere- at best it is flickering, intermittent, and limited to a very few issues. The neo-conservatives may well be cloaking their anti-minority policies in the mantle of a mythical, rather than real, majority.”

    “Both masses and classes lose much of their significance in the emerging Third Wave civilization. In place of a highly stratified society, in which a few major blocs ally themselves to form a majority, we have a configurative society- one in which thousands of minorities, many of them temporary, swirl and form highly novel, transient patterns, seldom coalescing in to a 51 percent consensus on major issues. The advance of Third Wave civilization thus weakens the very legitimacy of many existing governments.”

    “The Third Wave also challenges all of our conventional assumptions about the relationship of majority rule to social justice. Here too, as in so many other matters, we are watching startling historic flip-flop. Throughout the era of Second Wave civilization the fight for majority rule was humane and liberating. In still-industrializing countries, like South Africa today (before the end of Apartheid- writer’s remark), it remains so. In Second Wave societies, majority rule always meant a fairer break for the poor. For the poor were the majority. Today, however, in countries shaken by the Third wave, precisely the opposite is often the case. The truly poor no longer necessarily have numbers on their side. In a good many countries they like-everyone else- have become a minority. And barring economic holocaust, they will remain so.”

    In Sri Lanka, the lingering First wave and the parallel second wave have not resulted the truly poor, the majority, have yet the numbers on their side, did not provide a firer break for the poor. However, they have been mobilized around ethnic identities, to be fragmented and exploited. The majority and minorities in this country are yet defined in ethnic terms and politics yet revolves around that bigoted concept. Tickers thoughts on the majority and minority, should be thus interpreted in Sri Lanka in terms of the ethnic majority and ethnic minorities until we transcend that unfortunate thought process.

    “Not only is majority rule, therefore, no longer adequate as a legitimizing principle, it is no longer necessarily humanizing or democratic in societies moving into the Third Wave.”

    “It is the lack of appropriate political institutions today that unnecessarily sharpens conflict between minorities to the knife-edge of violence. It is the absence of such institutions that make minorities intransigent. It is the absence of such institutions that makes the majority harder and harder to find.”

    “The answer to these problems is not to stifle dissent or to charge minorities with selfishness. The answer lies in imaginative new arrangements for accommodating and legitimizing diversity- new institutions that are sensitive to the rapidly shifting needs of changing and multiplying minorities.”

    “The rise of a de-massified civilization brings to the surface deep, unsettling questions about the future of majority rule and the entire mechanistic system of voting to express preferences.”

    Toffler envisages that the thrived wave will usher in the empowering of communities of people- a wide dispersion of decision making power, beyond what is prevalent today, even in the most advanced countries. I hope the villages become the ground level units of democratic governance in this country and are empowered politically, administratively and financially to be successful. Let Sri Lanka be designed for the future as a community of empowered villages. This will bridge the ethnic divide and heal this nation.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

    • 0

      Mr.Izeth Hussein,

      I wrote the above comment to point out to you that ‘Democracy’ is likely to mean something different to what we understand it to be now, in a few decades.

      It is going to be a coalition of minorities and would involve minorities within even what we consider majorities now. It would also mean minorities within minorities would have their voice heard.

      Dr. RN

  • 8

    This is piece of comedy.

    Izeth just repeats “I have argued – I have argued- I have argued”. No where there is any arguments in his essays. Just bluffs!
    He proves A=C and B=D so A=B, That is all what his talks.
    Watch how it goes: the Tamils in Tamil Nadu have special reasons to empathize with the Sri Lanka Tamils because of commonality of race, language, religion, and culture. Consequently it makes sense to say that the core problem is the Tamil Nadu factor…According to the argument that I have developed above the core behind our Tamil ethnic problem is the Tamil Nadu factor, and the solution to that problem has to be through democracy, not devolution.” What a horrible, horrible comedy is this?

    India has involved in Tibet. China is holding it. Why did India get into Kashmir? Does this baba knows the answer?

    Read this and see if anyone has ever noted this. Only Izeth (like comedian) can note this: I have noted earlier that India wants permanent membership of the Security Council and obviously wants to emerge as more than a regional power. What a great Invention! Can anybody envision like this great Izeth?
    He is baba in politics!
    Who is wasting the columns in CT allowing this 2 years old Baba to write politics? If he is too old and doesn’t catch sleep in the night why doesn’t he buy couple of sleeping tablets and try to sleep. Why is he annoying everybody like this? Real nuisance!

    He is too old to learn anything. Entire News Media is filled with the message of Old King did not win the war, it was the 32 countries who supported him did it because of Lankawe’s bitch like promises and that is why it has now lost the Port City and Hambantota to China. There is no other country leaders are selling part of their land to fight with their own people. After Russia and France sold lands to America, centuries ago, to settle war debts, only Lankawe has done it in 21st century. He can’t read or learn it. That is why he writes like this The other is that we did come close to a final and definitive break up. That was avoided by the closure of the Marvil Aru anicut which compelled the then Government to go all out for a military victory over the LTTE. Sadly, Izeth did not read when Ranil said Athuralie Ratna Thero forced Old King to commit war crimes by continuing the war and now Old King is scared of UN Electric Chair.

    “I have consistently held, over the decades, that India has never been imperialist towards Sri Lanka. It bungled badly over the ethnic problem but that was well-intentioned bungling, behind which there was no imperialist drive.” Those who worked with, fought with and negotiated with India told India had aided them because India want the whole Island, not the divided Tamil Eelam. LTTE join Richard P. to fight with IPKF only because of it. Izeth is telling others: “My diplomatic interaction with many Indians over a period of three and a half decades makes me believe that the alleged vice-regal airs of Dixit were an aberration”. He has come to know only Dixit. We came to know Rajiv, Sonia, Dixit, Nirupama Rao, Narayan, Shiv Shankar Menon, Vijay Nambiar, Satish Nambiar, Kamesh Sharma, Karunanidhi all sort colors – shapes and sizes.

    I wonder if he can, these days, even point out the Lankawe in a world map. Is it the Lankawe he describing by these words :” We did have a fully functioning democracy for most of the time from 1948 to 1977, and we are well on the way to attaining it once again. We indisputably had fair and equal treatment for the minorities from 1948 to 1956. Indian Pakistani Citizenship Act, Sinhala Only, Emergency 1958, Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Murder by religious leaders, 1961 suppression of Satyagraha(worse than Jallianwala park incident by occupied forces of 1919), brutal Murders of JVP in 1971, Premavathi Murder, Rampant Nationalizations of 1970s by Sirima including Lake House, Standardization that was not even not found in Apartheid Pretoria White Minority Government, 1972 constitution which ridiculed the Soulbury constitution’s minority protection and made Buddhism as state Religion……..Is that the New, Izeth Wahhabism calles as Democracy? Where did he learn Lankawe’s history? Jaffnahistory.com?

    From Rajiv Gandhi’s time India is the problem. Delhi does not respect the TN even like a stray dog. Karunanidhi’s government was sacked by Delhi accusing he supported Eelam Tamils. In the previous election Karunanidhi and Congress was wiped out of TN only because they refused sympathize the Tamils in Ceylon. Solheim and others negotiated with Sonia have repeatedly said that India flatly refused to end the war in 2009, even after 145,000 Tamils died in Mullivaikkal. 2009 India defeated the Canadian Resolution and had passed its Lankawe’s own one. Because Kanimozhi supported the Eelam Tamils, Sonia forced her to go to Old King, apologized for Kanimozhi’s mistake. If he does not know Ceylon history still why he is not reading news of India either? Why is he listening to storytellers in the Indian diplomatic service? “Solluravan Sonnaal Kekkiravanukku Enna mathi?”Epporul yaaryaar Vaaiketpinum Apporul Meipporul Kaanpatharivu -THIRUVALLUVAR
    Whatever may be the source of any information, knowledge
    Is to extract and assimilate the truth in it

    I have argued – I have argued- I have argued… What is the name of this comedy? Izeth has to learn to think and write like a matured person! Should not waste other time so irresponsibly!

  • 5


    You have raised some valid points – the need of the day is democracy, democratic rights, for minorities as that would be seen and experienced by minorities in the west. It is in this context that I wish to raise the following issues:

    You have admittedly explained “Let us be clear about what is at issue here. It is not the right of the Tamils to fair and equal treatment, which can be met through democracy as in the West. What is at issue is Tamil power and noting else.”

    Surely you would not have missed the history of how the Tamils held hands with the Sinhalese to walk towards independence? If the Tamils had been adamant as they are now, history would have been different. You have not mentioned or willfully excluded this part of the history and make it look like that the Tamils have not tried to be part of one country. Equally, you have not discussed on why the Tamils eventually decided to go their own way. The overriding factor that turned them away was this “democracy” or rather phony democracy that ate away into the minority rights, bullied by Sinhalese supremacy.

    The Muslims, and quite a lot of them talk Tamil, consider themselves as a different race as you would know the difference between race and religion, or do you anyway? I even wonder whether you do talk Tamil, as it has been the Tamil talking Muslims who seem to have this penchant vengeance towards the Tamils, and probably one of the reasons why Prabhakaran was driven to “speak out” when others chose to shy away. Unlike the Tamils, the Muslims are Tamils, Moors, Arabs, etc and will sway from one corner to the other just for the sake of any crumbs that will fall their away. I am not simply saying this. Even if you look at the recent political history that is what we see as clear as the day.

    Yes, if the majority Sinhalese had used their brains even a little bit, the country will not be in a turmoil as it is today. You Muslims curried favour with the Rajapakse regime, even to what was clearly seen as to antagonise the Tamils as you have too demonstrated in your recent articles but when it came to burning of mosques and poking into halal issues, they turned against the regime. Well, the Tamils learned about this base long time ago but the Muslims had their baptism when they got the raw end of the rod.

    Also, the Muslim came as traders, settlers of trade, etc sort of nomads but the entrenched position and terrain of the Tamils was a lot different. To comment about the Tamils from such a skewed position is totally uncalled for. Perhaps, you have the wisdom or perhaps a magic wand that will suddenly turn the Sinhalese into adherents of democracy that ensures the rights of all minorities. But when you end your article with “Alternatively, if the international community sees it as having an obsessive racist drive to treat the minorities as inferior, no one can be quite sure what might happen in the future. It could be a de facto or even a de jure Eelam.” your skepticism is understandable, just that you are still toying with the hope that the leopard’s spots or the tiger’s stripes can somewhat change. You must be a silly and foolish fool. The last hope the Tamils had, me included, evaporated just after the war when many of us hoped for a new turn, a new chapter but all that is history now. Don’t be a fool Izzeth. The Tamils are wide awake. It is the Muslim leaders who are fooling around with the lives of Muslims for a few pennies. Why not help them.

  • 11

    Tamils are getting away with victim-hood playing….indeed they have perfected the art. They go creeping around, whispering in people’s ears, and the Sinhalese fall neatly into their trap with their silly talk about Aryanism. (From personal experience, having lived in other lands, being a little bit lighter than the average Lankan, makes me a prime target for certain Tamils to vent their victimhood….what an unfortunate situation I find myself at times, being merely Lankan).

    It’s like that story of the man called Netherbottom (or something), who was accused of killing his wife. The jury, after much discussion, came to the decision that the man was merely being victimized because of his unfortunate name. They let him go free. And he went off into the hands of his mistress who was complicit with him in killing his wife.

    Tamil nation has bluffed the whole world, and are now poised to take ultimate power.

    • 13

      When G. G. Ponnambalam in his 1939 Nawalapitiya address said that ‘the Sinhalese are a hybrid mongrel race split from the aboriginal Tamils and mixed with Aryan invaders’ he was talking about the original Sinhalese of the island. He forgot to mention about the untouchables from South India who settled in the coastal areas from Chilaw up to Matara and converted to Buddhists and Christians to hide their low (Dalit) caste and then converted to Sinhalese (to become the majority race) and took the Portuguese surnames like Fernando, Silva and so on to hide their South Indian identity. These are not hybrid mongrels but 100% converts. For example, these fisherman (Karawa) Fernandos who came from Thooththukudy and settled in Negombo (Christian Sinhala converts) and Moratuwa (Buddhist Sinhala converts) are now behaving like Sinhala Ultra-Nationalists.

      • 6


        Are you talking about our Lady?

        She is not 100% Tamil; some what like 50:50. (- not mathematically accurate, but just for the clarification purpose). Her Family Name is some Fernando. That only decide her partly. She is Portuguese-Dutch 50% and Tamil 50%. She is Aryan 50%: Dravidian 50%. She is much above the Kerala Convertise, Kandyan Sinhala Intellectuals, who are another 100% Dravidians.

        See what she is saying “being a little bit lighter than the average Lankan”

        I think Lankawe’s birth certificates and passports should have a line to indicate the holder’s DNA percentage(like color of the eye) for him/her to enjoy the civic rights in Lankawe!Am I correct Grandma?

        • 8

          I rest my case.

        • 7

          “being a little bit lighter than the average Lankan,”

          Oh oh… that means 50% Parangi and 50% Christian/Buddhist Sinhala convert from South Indian Dalit Tamils.

          They were also dark skinned before the Portuguese came to Sri Lanka. Since the Portuguese did not bring any women, these Sinhala converts (the forefathers) shared their women with the Portuguese for a bottle of wine and a piece of bread and that made their skin color a bit lighter.

          • 6

            Well…..over 90% of you Tamils are low-caste. So why worry about the rest of the world who follow egalitarian principles?

            • 5

              The Sinhalese are nothing but low caste South Indians (Kerala, Tamil Nadu & Andara) who got converted into Sinhala-Buddhist and Sinhala-Christians to hide their caste and identity. Only the Dalit convert to other religions/races to avoid their caste where as others remained as Tamils. Today, the genetic studies show that more than 50% of the Sinhala population is having South Indian genes proving that most of them (Sinhalese) are South Indian converts.

            • 1

              Ramona TF

              How are you absolutely certain it is 90pct. How are you sure it is not 89 or 91pct. Does the fact you have Tamil blood in you – I suspect of the Dalit variety – worry you to no end.


              • 0

                Probably, Backlash, as my paternal grandfather was Christian Tamil,……..though some say that that that part of the family was originally Keralite Hindu high-caste who was confident enough to convert for a higher status and monetary position vis-à-vis Portuguese influence . But if they were Dalits, I am truly blessed to be part of your Tamil masses of 91%. All hail to the Lankan Tamil masses that the Sinhalese will look after very well! As per my maternal Sinhala Govigama grandmother, Wow!, never knew that one day she would become superior or something……… Rest are Burghers. Proud of all my Grandparents! High-caste, Low-caste, Half-caste, No-caste, – all is of Egalitarian nature. Liberté, égalité, fraternité (Dharma of the Buddha)!

              • 0

                [Edited out]

      • 4


        “For example, these fisherman (Karawa) Fernandos who came from Thooththukudy and settled in Negombo (Christian Sinhala converts) and Moratuwa (Buddhist Sinhala converts) are now behaving like Sinhala Ultra-Nationalists. “

        Challenge them, get theit DNA tested and show that they are recent Paras, low caste or other from India, their Para-Homeland.

        Everyone is reminded that this is the Sacred Land of Native Veddah Aethho!

        The Vedda Tribe


        Tamil-speaking Veddas of Vaharai await war recovery support


      • 1

        You say
        ” For example, these fisherman (Karawa) Fernandos who came from Thooththukudy and settled in Negombo (Christian Sinhala converts) and Moratuwa (Buddhist Sinhala converts) are now behaving like Sinhala Ultra-Nationalists.”

        But this is just like Tamil coolies from Malabar who have become rich kissing the asses of the Dutch and the British and now behaving like Peria Dorei of a pseudo-Brahmin caste. Both the Sinhalese, and the Tamils who have the least cause for it, are the racists, and they come here to comment.

        All are brothers in Islam, and there is no racism.

        G. G. Ponna was the first racist and the first Sinhala-Tamil riot was caused by him. The Tamils began race riots, and NOT sinhalese. He embraced racism to undercut the Arunachalam Ramanathan hegemony. The Ramanathan family are also from India, and of doubtful stock. I think Hoole has written about that. Basically, most tamils are Malabar coolies, and they were called Malabars by the British.

    • 6


      “Tamils are getting away with victim-hood playing….indeed they have perfected the art. They go creeping around, whispering in people’s ears, and the Sinhalese fall neatly into their trap with their silly talk about Aryanism.”

      Well, the angel you are, educate and convert the Sinhalese not to fall into the Tamils’ trap. Or are you an incapable imbecile groaning, grumbling and wriggling with a pricking conscience in ailing to force them to fall on to your lap. Anyway, thanks for the kindly gesture in helping the Tamils to trap the Sinhalese. You are a genius.

      • 4

        Well, I’m doing so, aren’t I jansee…attempting to educate both sides based on what I have read and also experienced……unconventional, but effective maybe…. it’s the concepts that count, and the unmentionable is brought out to ponder upon, so shameful ways can be put aside. Thank goodness I am my own person and do no require much popularity. Seeing everybody comfortable in their skins is paramount. Then we can smile at each other.

      • 3

        Besides jansee, isn’t it better to face it head-on and discuss the issues, than make perverse art-form about race-relations with biala dances and clever jibes and allusions to get titillated on? I’ve seen this first hand in the C’mb youth of Sri Lanka. All kinds of cat calls and hoots about race, perfected into elevated social form. Certain Lankans, for example, go to places like Aussie, and speak funny things about nool. Others are dancing biala about Mahavamsa and Portuguese mixing. All the while, the baffled poorer men of the soil are killing each other, and they are not sure about what.

    • 3


      Only important factor, We sinhala people lived in Sinhale for millinia while constantly fighting with Tamils.

      Tamils never had a country for their own except for a short while while we sinhala people people developed the wewa-temple-agricultural village civilization based on buddhism.

      Tamils are still looking for some lands to establish their own homeland.

      • 1

        jim softy,

        I Agree 100%. But the Anagrika Dharamapala factor ruined Sinhalese chance of uniting the country for their benefit a long time ago. And now Obama is looking on speculatively at Sirisena wondering at the audacity of certain highly educated Sinhala intellectual students attempting to “superiorize” themselves vis-a-vis Tamils, with the talk of Aryanism.

        • 3

          It is well documented that the first people in the world who dammed rivers to create lakes to irrigate their agricultural fields are the Dravidians. The civilisation in Mesopotamia, Indus Valley and South India proves it. Around these tanks, they developed villages and built their temples. The Sinhalese copied it and to claim that it was their original concept is outright stupidity. Before several years ago, present Srilanka was a contigugous land mass with India, still only a 40 feet deep sea separate them. There has been several archeological findings in Srilanka of urn burial sites which are hall mark of pre-historic Dravidian civilisation from Poonagary to Puttalam. Also ancient pottery similar to that found in Tamil Nadu has been found in the northern province of Srilanka, goes to prove that the people who lived in Tamil Nadu and and Northern parts of Srilanka are the same. Unfortunately intellectual dishonesty of Sinhala historians and archeologists is preventing any further studies as the outcome will be detrimental to the entrenched Sinhala racist beliefs. Moreover genetic studies conducted recently has blown the lid over the Sinhala claim to Aryan descent. So please place facts correctly which seem to be unpalatteable to you.

          • 2

            Dr. Gnana Sankaralingam,

            The originality and uniqueness of the Hela society spread upwards to the Dravidians. Dravidian civilization did not last, in the end but Hela civilization did.

            Waht makes the Sinhalese a different race and nationality from the Tamils is probably 10% Aryanism (Baloch?), with 50% original Hela people who evolved from the soil of Lankan. Other 40% is probably Tamil. Sinhala %’s differ as you go to the coast of course, with 40—60% Tamil and 10-20% European. It is like all countries of the world with their mixtures with their neighbours and colonists.

            ***(some say spaceships dropped Hela race on Lankan from Mars or the nearest star – Sri Lanka being the area with lowest gravity on earth….hence the ease for spaceships to land without crashing).

            • 4

              Dear Ramona,
              How nice to see you in CT after a while. Really, CT needs people like u to balance all these low-caste racists.
              You are quite fair, so I think your Tamil ancestors must have been from Balochistan, as you say. Was he a Muslim?

              “**(some say spaceships dropped Hela race on Lankan from Mars or the nearest star – Sri Lanka being the area with lowest gravity on earth….hence the ease for spaceships to land without crashing). “
              Yes, what a great theory. Do you have any further details of this spaceship, such as registration number, engine capacity, etc. How many propellors? I am really impressed by your knowledge of astrophysics. Why did our great Mahinda not build his airport at this low-gravity spot, to save fuel?

      • 2


        Obviously you have audience in the calibre of ramona! Now, can you show on this forum with deeds that there had been ethnic based battles in Sri Lanka pre 1948? Yes, there were battles but you need to show that they were about Sinhala V Tamils and vice versa; can you do that?

        What you will see in history that the battles were all about building empires and gaining wealth. Both Tamils and Sinhala fought on either side and there never had been battles along the ethnic lines. Come on Jim prove me wrong…..

      • 7

        jim softy dimwit

        “We sinhala people lived in Sinhale for millinia while constantly fighting with Tamils.”

        Could you give us exactly how many millennia you have lived in Sinhale (Sinha Le)? Where was this Sinha Le?

        “Tamils never had a country for their own except for a short while while we sinhala people people developed the wewa-temple-agricultural village civilization based on buddhism.”

        There wasn’t a country in this island until the Brits forcefully united various kingdoms, and petty serfdom into what you now call Sri Lanka.

        Why do you remain so stupid?

        • 1

          //There wasn’t a country in this island until the Brits forcefully united various kingdoms, and petty serfdom into what you now call Sri Lanka.//

          Ah Mr. Native, are you nutts or do you deliberately want to change (similar to Viggie) the history of Sri Lanka? What you said is correct for the India. Before Brits, there was no country as India. But SL case is different. Do you understand the concept of ‘yuwa raja’, ‘apawaru’ ‘maapawaru’ system of the rulling? When Portugese first arrived to Jaffna, who was ruling that part of the country? Do you aware of inscriptions or ‘sel lipi’ that were in Jaffna? Have you gone through what Prof Karthigesu’s writings about history of Jaffna?

          • 2


            You need to get your history knowledge up-to- date! Sri Lanka had never been one country until 1938 when the Brits amalgamated the three separate units/nations! Stop wasting people’s time and get your facts right. Also read prof Indrapala’s latest book.

            • 3

              Do you want me to read Prof’s second writing which he did for the very influence of LTTE? May be, according to your bogus history, or the history written by the influence of Dutch, Sri Lanka was not a single piece. It was Dutch who brought down Tamils from South India to cultivate tobacco. No need to go into much details. Tell me WHO were running the Jaffna when Portugese first invaded Sri Lanka? Why on earth not a single inscription in anywhere in ‘sinhale’, ‘thambapanni’, ‘heladiva’, ‘ceylon’ or now Sri Lanka denying Sinhalese habitants in Jaffna? Or a similar example in South India?

              It has been a ONE country, right through out the history. Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burger, Vedda and everyone belong to this ONE country. Every single faith was nurtured within the Sinhala Buddhist culture which has a room to everyone. It was Tamil politikkas who poisoned general Tamil civilians with various unproven claims.

              Burning Issue’s burning issue is making SL into pieces. Yeah, under the guise of ‘yahapalanaya’, your dream will come true no sooner. So be happy! :p

              • 1

                Mad Max’s foolish jabberings do not deserve the courtesy of
                responses from intelligent readers. The man is yet another obstinate Sinhala extremist who cannot see beyond his nose.
                He seems to have studied Sinhala history from the University of
                Jackson Anthony.


                • 1

                  Hahaha.. Backlash, Its is easy to talk gibberish and skip the question what I have raised. And brand me as a moron or a sinhala extremist. Instead talk to few of your like-minded donkeys and do a visit to a proper library. Read history with a balance mind if you want to learn the truth. But it wont happen. Your agenda is nothing but deny the truth and the Sinhala (and Buddhist) mark from the soil of first, Jaffna and then the other parts of SL. At the rate you people shit on the pages of CT with bogus history records about Sri Lanka, there’s a sizable chance to get a lightning on your head during this rainy season. So be aware!

      • 1


        It was the Kovil-Kulam-Kamam (Temple/Tank/Farming) tradition from South India the Sinhalese cottoned on to. Even the much-hyped irrigation system of the Parakrama Bahu era came from Tamiladu – and so did the venerable Parakrama Bahu. Even those Sigiriya frescoes came from South India (Ajantha/Ellora caves in Andhra Pradesh although the Sinhala extreme tried to claim all these are from the Sinhalese.

        Please be assured I am not denigrating the Sinhala race but am merely reminding your type of your history. If you have doubts and access try to reach those two learned Sinhala gentleman Professors Sudarshan Seneviratne and Shiran Deraniyagala.


        • 0

          Jim softy

          The architecture of ancient Sri Lanka displays a rich variety of architectural forms and styles.

          Who built those ancient buildings, Tanks and reservoirs?

          The Cave Temples, Dagobas/Stupas, Irrigation Tanks, etc. may be built by the kings who ruled the island but the Architects, Engineers, Craftsmen, and skilled labor were all brought down (imported) from South India.

          Repairs to the tanks and the maintenance of irrigation and cultivation could not be affected without the aid of specially trained men from the Tamil country of South India. Sir James Emerson Tennent, Colonial Secretary to the British Government of Ceylon (1845-1850) tells us even during his time, the expertise/services from Tamil country had to be obtained for repairing tanks in the North Central Province.

          We have seen that both the ruling and the usurping Sinhalese kings depended not only on Tamil Builders but also on Tamil Armies to secure the throne, and this continued until the beginning of the 16th Century.

          If you go to India even today, whether it is North or South, you will find plenty of extraordinarily wonderful ancient architecture. The best part is the decedents of those people who constructed those structures, reservoirs, etc are still doing the same job. If you go there as a tourist, you can see those people are still able to construct, carve or build exactly like their forefathers.

          If there were such skilled people in Sri Lanka during the ancient time then what happened to them later? Why there are no such people today in Sri Lanka but there are such people in South/North India doing the same thing even today?

          If you say the Sinhalese built all those Reservoirs what happened to them now?

          Why did todays Sinhalese bring foreign designers, architects, and Engineers to build Mahaweli, Kothmale, Randenigala and all other reservoirs?

          If you see in India, just like the ancient past, even today all their Reservoirs are built by Indian designers, architects, and Engineers.

          In Sri Lanka, just like today even in the ancient past, the rulers/kings got down designers, architects, and Engineers from India.

          • 4

            the core issue is historians go too far even down memory lane while advising the uninterested stone wall jim..
            It’s more to do with historians art part okkama part?

            Very recently Rajapakassa brought in Indian craftsmen to do the large Buddha statute and the Ranviru sculptures.
            There aren’t sculptors even at ambalangoda to handle that type of work.
            They can’t even keep up to export orders for mask.

        • 4

          Backlash ,
          Jim is a deaf and dumb statute and his master egghead grows weed down under.
          “”Even those Sigiriya frescoes came from South India (Ajantha/Ellora caves in Andhra Pradesh although the Sinhala extreme tried to claim all these are from the Sinhalese.””

          Its the Catholic Crusaders and Muslim Crusaders Mughals of north India and approved by English East India Company- British Raj that seald their idea as true.

          Ajanta and Ellora etc are at maharashtra next to Bombay Sena like Asoka was a thief from Karatanaka who ruled Bengal, Andhra etc after Bengal.
          Only one thing is for sure the centre pivot maintaining the total structure is Tamil Nadu Structural Engg of the time.

          Trimurti, Elephanta Caves Island(like longman grottoes loyang buddha china)- did Pablo Picasso copy it??

          It took over 1500 to complete all caves.
          Since no inscriptions on any of the island have been discovered, the ancient history of the island is conjectural, at best. Pandavas, the heroes of the Hindu epic Mahabharata, and Banasura, the demon devotee of Shiva, are both credited with building temples or cut caves to live. Local tradition holds that the caves are not man-made.[3][7]
          consists of two groups of caves—the first is a large group of five Hindu caves, the second, a smaller group of two Buddhist caves. The Hindu caves contain rock cut stone sculptures, representing the Shaiva Hindu sect, dedicated to the Lord Shiva.[1][2]
          The rock cut architecture of the caves has been dated to between the 5th and 8th centuries, although the identity of the original builders is still a subject of debate. The caves are hewn from solid basalt rock. All the caves were also originally painted in the past, but now only traces remain.
          The main cave (Cave 1, or the Great Cave) was a Hindu place of worship until Portuguese rule began in 1534, after which the caves suffered severe damage. This cave was renovated in the 1970s after years of neglect, and was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 to preserve the artwork. It is currently maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).[1][2]

          Now the Islamic style copied by portugese copied by sinhalese.- distortion and claiming ownership like their former ruler the Muslim.

          Portuguese rule saw a decline in the Hindu population on the island and the abandonment of the Shiva cave (main cave) as a regular Hindu place of worship, though worship on Mahashivratri, the festival of Shiva, continued and still does.[9] The Portuguese did considerable damage to the sanctuaries. Portuguese soldiers used the reliefs of Shiva in the main cave for target practice, sparing only the Trimurti sculpture. They also removed an inscription related to the creation of the caves. While some historians solely blame the Portuguese for the destruction of the caves, others also cite water-logging and dripping rainwater as additional damaging factors. The Portuguese left in 1661 as per the marriage treaty of Charles II of England and Catherine of Braganza, daughter of King John IV of Portugal. This marriage shifted possession of the islands to the British Empire, as part of Catherine’s dowry to Charles.[3][7][10]

          Hinduism at one place:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elephanta_Caves

          • 1


            Thanks for the input. Both AP and Maharasthra have reasons to claim the Caves as they are in the border area. Do note the following :-

            “The Ajanta site was in the territory of the princely state of the Nizam of Hyderabad rather than British India, and Ghulam Yazdani (1885-1962), who founded the archaeology department of the State of Hyderabad in 1914 and ran it for over 30 years, played a considerable role in conserving and researching the site, and publishing a series of monographs on it…”


            • 3

              “”“The Ajanta site was in the territory of the princely state of the Nizam of Hyderabad rather than British India,””

              The recent caste spat made by non other than Sonia of congress(telagana andhra etc) does not keep India cool.

              Before the Brits or the Muslims the constructions of 7 caves was conducted- it took 1500 years in all to carry out the works- many different dynasty’s and some were hijackers of royalty like Sena, Asoka before.

              The Brits did not have to fight Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu.
              They initially supplied the Maratha Army which was ruling both Andhra and Nadu (Tanjavoor was its last kingdom- Rajko was last maharaja- 1/2 muslim and 1/2 hindu and he received the British Pension- why do you think ltte put a sculptor may 2009 of death at nandikadal over there?its on CT)
              Maratha army was formed 1675 same time brits and VOC landed in 1600.
              this was to recapture Sanskrit and Hinduism from muslim and european invaders.last battle with EEIC 1818 3rd maratha war where England Company EEIC won total of India.
              just because porriki boys from madras settled at bollywood because of scarcity of jobs and the rise of Shiv Sena we cannot play present day state over state language politics etc.
              Hyderabad was conquered by muslims so Nizams but Nagaland, Sikkim, Nepal,Bhutan were never conquered by Islam even though many tries were made.

  • 2

    Hindians have two problems mate..

    They have not only the Thamizas but also your Lot to worry about.

    India is the second largest hoarder of Foreign reserves .

    But still haven’t given half its population a descent cesspit or running water to clean themselves.

    In China, the poor at least live in the most rural parts where they are hard to find.

    But Hindian Ambanis drive their Mercs forcing the poor and the beggars off the roads in major Capitals .

    That is their third problem which Modis will have to tackle along side trying to prevent Tamils and ISIS trying to break away.

    You can’t be serious to to say Democracy is the solution to prevent Vellalas getting their Eelaam.

    You obviously haven’t seen Vellala Sambanadan and Wahabi Nazeer practice their new found luxury of Yahapalana democracy.

    G 7 won’t let the Yhapalana Prez off the hook, until Vellalas get their Eelaam.

    You seems to have missed the G 7 Truedo’s statement to the Scarborough Eelaam citizens before he boarded the Plane to Okinawa.

    What you guys should do is, ask for full Eelaam as well, instead of half Eelaam which the Vellalas have recommended to their delegate Bataanada Ranil.

    Mano Ganeshan at least has said publicly that he doesn’t want mini Eelaam in Udu Pussellawa, as stipulated in Wigneswaran Model.

    G 7 can’t just let the Vellalas have their Eelaam if they are true democrats.. Right.

    But if you ask for full Wahabai Land with the same powers as Eelaam, the White Bits of G 7 might want to rethink…..

    Do you get it…

    • 2

      KASmaalam KA Sumanasekera

      Indians also produced Tejas, Mangalyaan, Chandrayaan, Aakash tablet, Hotmail, PARAM 800, Aryabhatta, Zero (not the Zero Champika’s ancestors discovered, a handful of Nobel Laureates, Google and Pepsi CEOs, Mahatma, Nehru, APJ Abdul Kalam, Satyajit Ray, Satyendra Nath Bose, Vikram Sarabhai, Romila Tapar, R Champahalaxmi, ……

      P C Mahalanobis (Mahalanobis distance, Sample surveys, quantitative linguistics and language planning)


      Amartya Sen ( welfare economics, social choice theory, economic and social justice, economic theories of famines, and indexes of the measure of well-being of citizens of developing countries.)

      And million of other high achievers in almost all fields.

      What have you produced, well Mervyn, MR, Basil, Gota, VP, Field Marshall, Champika, Gamanpilla, Wimal, Somawansa, Rohana, Jim Softy, sachoos, nuisance, .. thieves in all ministries, Sajin Vas, …………….. Nalin, Anagarika Dharmapala (the homeless one) SWRD Banda, Siri Mao, Malinda Seneviratne, Rajpal Abeynayake, …………. except a handful world renowned scholars (RALH Gunawardana, H L Seniviratne, Gananath Obesekere, …. …. a handful of monks who devoted their life for the upliftment of poor and work hard for peace and equality).

      And you believe you have won Nobel prizes for Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics, Peace, Literature ……. and the other 15 million believe they deserve too. VP too thought he should have promoted himself to the rank of Field Marshall, Air Chief Marshall, First Lord of the Sea,… .

      What a pathetic lot the little islanders are.

      My friendly advice to you:

      Take a few days off from knocking the keyboard, spend some time in the jungle monastery, come back, forget the Indians and their lack of access to cesspit (we have the equivalent in every state institutions) and think about yourself, this island, how one can contribute to the people, country and the world.

      When you go to the jungle take IH, HLD M. Dayan, Vasu, Jimmy, …… with you.
      I wish you well.

    • 3

      KA Sumanasekera ,

      “”India is the second largest hoarder of Foreign reserves .””


      dhal eat eat…

      No:1: China’s foreign exchange reserves stood at USD3.22 trillion in April of 2016, compared toUSD3.21 trillion in March and market estimates of USD3.20 trillion.
      No: 8: Foreign Exchange Reserves in India decreased to 0.360910 USD Trillion on May 20 from 0.361030 USD Million in the previous week.

      “”But still haven’t given half its population a descent cesspit or running water to clean themselves.””

      it’s part of the vultures eaten culture. live do business and the big business by the road side- Islam, European- “pretty jammed with poor people and cows wandering around streets, witch doctors and people sitting on hot coals and bathing in the Ganges.” His Secretary of State, Dean Acheson, had an even more incisive perspective: “by and large [Indians] and their country give me the creeps.”

      It takes long to be young. don’t you send your pretty babies to do the dance at bollywood?? kandy lamisse??

      BTW even the Chinese in villages/cities carry a tin and there is a tin even in most city bus their babies pants are ready made split . Now, just imagine Tea and China invented the potty too. not van dyke pooty.

      “”But Hindian Ambanis drive their Mercs forcing the poor and the beggars off the roads in major Capitals .””

      What a greedy terrorist you are?? Ambani’s father was a mere porter boy of office building. He gambled on Terylene shares unlike Oil of the sinhalese and muslim. The thrifty man left US$ 2 billion for his 2 children when he passed away. He paid his due share of taxes and fells at home living there because thats how he grew up.
      you love this song piece.

      Yeh Hai Bombay Meri Jaan – Johnny Walker, Mohd Rafi, Geeta Dutt, CID Song

      Rank Country Foreign exchange reserves
      (Millions of US$) Figures as of
      1 China[5] 3,220,000 March 2016[1]
      2 Japan 1,248,107 Jan 2016[2]
      – Europe (Eurozone) 720,159 Jan 2016[3]
      3 Switzerland 604,911 Jan 2016[4]
      4 Saudi Arabia 572,000 May 2016[5][6][7]
      5 Taiwan 425,978 Jan 2016[5][8][9]
      6 Russia 388,300 May 20, 2016[10][11][12][13][14][15][16]
      7 South Korea 365,760 Feb 2016[5][17][18]
      8 India 361,000 May 20, 2016[19]
      – Hong Kong 359,900 Feb 2016[20]
      9 Brazil 358,689 Mar 23, 2016[21][22]
      10 Singapore 244,013 Feb 2016[5][23]
      11 Germany 193,716 Feb 2016[24]
      12 Mexico 178,408 Feb 2016[25][26]
      13 Thailand 175,073 Apr 1, 2016[5][27][28]
      14 United Kingdom 159,349 Jan 2016[29]
      15 Algeria 155,700 Dec 31, 2015[5]
      16 France 138,588 Jan 2016[30]
      17 Italy 134,460 Jan 2016[31]
      18 Iran 125,900 Dec 2015[32]
      19 United States 118,609 Mar 11, 2016[33]

  • 8

    Izeth,s articles are idiotic to the core

    • 5


      “Izeth,s articles are idiotic to the core”

      Bravo finally you have discovered the truth.

      Is this your Eureka moment?

      • 7

        ” Is this your Eureka moment? “

        never say never,

        Combat Gallantry Medal; Spare Blues Time, in the reckoning.

      • 3

        Native ,yes I know I am stating the obvious….

  • 3

    Pre 1950s( prior to SWRD’s Singhala only) the Ceylon Tamils considered the Indian Tamils as second class! Hardly any Jaffna Tamil married an Upcountry Indian Tamil but quite a few married Singhalese.

    India came into the scene much later and made it too complicated. The Singhalese
    think that there are 1200 million Tamils in India!

    • 3

      SO what is your point? Just because the largely upper and middle caste indigenous Tamil from the north east did not marry into the 99% low/untouchable estate origin Tamils living in the central and southern parts of the island with whom they hardly had any contact, justifies the horrible treatment meted out to the entire Tamil population in the island ( both indigenous and Indian origin) by all Sinhalese led governments since independence and deliberately making over a million Indian origin estate Tamils stateless?
      How pathetic. The Indigenous Tamils are considered a separate ethnic group and from the Indian Tamils and have always maintained their separateness and distinct identity language and culture from ancient times by keeping separate hardly not intermarrying with Tamils from India be they be rich poor low or high caste. Understood. That is why our land is called Eelam/Eezham and we are called Eezham/Eelam Tamils or Eezhavar or Eelavar.
      It has nothing to do with the Indian origin estate Tamils being poor or low caste. It has everything to with maintaining our unique history culture and identity. large scale intermarrying with others will only destroy it. What makes you think these Indian origin estate Tamils also want to marry into the indigenous Tamils? They also want to maintain their unique culture and not get absorbed into the indigenous Tamils.
      Sinhalese and the Sri Lankan Muslims are largely of Indian Tamil origin, Sri Lankan Tamils are not. This is why Sri Lankan Tamil DNA is only 17% in common with Indian Tamil DNA whereas Sinhalese DNA is 70% Indian Tamil.
      Even the upper caste middle caste Indian Tamils living in the island and in India like the Chetties the Brahmins the Vellahlar Devars Nadar do not mix or marry into these Indian origin estate Tamils. However you want the Eelam Tamils who are different people and living in a different part of the country to marry into them on a large scale despite differences in culture education way of life?
      What about the Sinhalese their caste and regional differences that are still practiced? You are very silent about it. Even now most Kandyan Sinhalese consider most low country Sinhalese as not really Sinhalese and below par and will not consider marrying into them, other than into a few select upper caste low country Govi families. Is that OK. Sinhalese from the upper castes still largely will not marry into the lower castes, just look at the marriage advertisements requesting brides grooms only from a specific caste. That is fine by you?
      Most Govigama still derogatively call Karwa like Ramona, Salagama Durawa as “Demala Jarawa ” meaning Tamil dirt or the dirt of the Tamils derogatively referring to their recent low caste immigrant Indian Tamil origin. However happily accept their largely upper caste Indian Tamil origin.
      Sinhalese politics is very caste based. Candidates are selected for various electorates depending on the predominant caste of the area. The leadership is always Govigamma. Premadasa was a low caste aberration and he was quickly bumped off and the LTTE conveniently blamed.
      The Govigamma refused to ordain or allow the low castes the recently Sinhalese Demala Jarawa Karawa,Salagama,Durawa, Hunu, Hali etc into their Buddhist temples( and Lord Budda preached against caste) These people were forced to create their own orders and their own temples.
      As per this Sinhalese do not deserve any rights and the British should not have granted them any power, especially over the hapless Tamils.

  • 5

    IH’s objective is to keep the focus of the Sinhala on the Tamils! This man will stoop at any length to do this.

    Democracy is not a one-size hat fit all situations concept! It needs to be adopted to suit the makeup of a country. Sri Lanka is made of three nations and democracy in this context should accept this reality. Empowering the Tamil North and East is democratic advancement under a united Sri Lanka. The centre should promote diversity and at the same time should elevate the common Sri Lankan identity. Make Sri Lanka trilingual or promote the English language.

    As it stands, the kind of democracy that IH talks about will perpetuate the existing disparity because the Sinhala pelicans by default will use ethnic politics for political expediency. The Tamils will carry on as they are now. Britain has devolved power to both Scotland and Wales. The Swiss model has given full autonomy in line with the languages spoken there. The Canadian model is the same and not to mention Belgium.

    Is short, IH’s analysis is rather shallow and insidious. His primary objective is to safeguard the Muslims and everything else is secondary to him. He can try to mask this but he can fool some but he cannot fool all!

    • 5

      Burning Issue these immigrant Indian Dravidian Tamil coverts to Islam from Tamil Nadu like Izeth Hussain and the rest his band, are very docile towards the island’s Sinhalese and want to have good relationship with them so that they can get some crumbs falling from the Sinhalese table at the expense of the indigenous and Indian origin Tamils, to that extent despite 72%of them living in the Sinhalese areas they will never clamour for any special Islamic homeland for Muslim majority areas and ghettos on the Sinhalese south. As they fear the might of the Sinhalese government and armed forces.
      In contrast look at their behaviour towards their fellow Hindu and Christian Tamil ( both indigenous and Indian origin like them) very aggressive nasty backstabbing selfish and evil. Constantly running them down their language culture and heritage which ironically is their too. Backstabbing them at every opportunity. Conniving and openly supporting the Sinhalese racists to marginalise the islands Tamils so that they can reap immense benefits at their expense. Especially in the east and south. The LTTE put an end to that in the north but a Shaitan from Mannar wants to revive this, especially along the Wilpattu sanctuary by settling lots of iblisis from the south.
      Despite sharing a common language culture history and an ancient Dravidian origin (which they of course deny ) the 28% of the living in the Tamil areas, at the urging of southern Iblisis like Izeth demand all sorts of rights that even Tamil don’t have and large tracts of land in the Tamils areas for their immigrant refugee community from Tamil Nadu exclusively for their use. Why because they feel the Tamils are no weak helpless with no international help or support and the Sinhalese racists and the state establishment will help them in this.

  • 0

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  • 8

    “”Solution Is Democracy”

    keep writing satanic Bigamy verses Or you are drunk.

    good gracious hypocritical blues Hassim!!

    immigrant Pathalaya right!

    dehi walle jingo O bingo.

  • 6

    I am still wondering home come such a dimwit served as a diplomut? Probably most of our diplomats are of similar calibre.

  • 4

    I wish some of the Tamil commentators would read Mr.Hussain’s writing thoroughly before trashing it. They might find that he is mostly on their side.
    He has had his illogical tantrums, but that is to be expected of an 88 year old. This particular piece seems very clear and logical to me.
    Basically what he is saying is that no Sri Lankan or Indian government can ignore the 70 million Tamils in TN. Quite true.
    Also, devolution cannot work without Sinhala cooperation. The Sinhalese listen to the Mahavamsa saturated Maha Sangha. It will take a generation of re-education to change that.
    So the only viable option is full and absolute democracy. But is that possible?
    A constitution with no place for ANY religion?
    Schools with NO religious overtones?
    University entrance based ONLY on merit?
    A ban on clergy in politics, as in China?
    Government employment (forces included) PURELY on merit?
    The Buddhist clergy will have to give up much of the influence they have grabbed in the last 68 years. Which Sinhalese leader is willing to bell the cat?
    I think one solution will be to join India for a trial period until all the above changes take effect.I know all the super-patriots are going to jump on me.

    • 7

      “”So the only viable option is full and absolute democracy. But is that possible? “”

      even the moon if it goes full, is an eclipse.

      ” Which Sinhalese leader is willing to bell the cat?”

      there never can be a leader but wheeler dealers and horse traders, sobitha included.executive of fugitives,money power.- none mean well!)))

      a cross on a referendum ballot sell the island for 99 year lease- criteria no marx, no commie, just living wage minimum. rest with knuckle duster at the cul du sac for weera wansas and more jails with no hospitals for correction.
      lessor to offer: honest, effective and efficient working of island- sadly india can’t offer it alone because it has the protest, content character of the western influence.Like TATA the political pedigree shop failed.

      We have to lock up people, without trial, whether they are communists, whether they are language chauvinists, whether they are religious extremists. If you don’t do that, the country would be in ruins
      I am often accused of interfering in the private lives of citizens. Yes, if I did not, had I not done that, we wouldn’t be here today. And I say without the slightest remorse, that we wouldn’t be here, we would not have made economic progress, if we had not intervened on very personal matters – who your neighbour is, how you live, the noise you make, how you spit, or what language you use. We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think.
      Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Straits Times, 20 April 1987

      Singaporeans, if I can chose an analogy, we are the hard disk of a computer, the foreign talent are the megabytes you add to your storage capacity.
      So your computer never hangs because you got enormous storage capacity,
      On accepting foreign talent (Lee Kuan Yew,Straits Times, 22 April 2007)

    • 1

      “I think one solution will be to join India for a trial period”

      Perhaps India could join us instead ?

      • 5

        “Perhaps India could join us instead ? “

        …even sikkim nagaland (non conquered by mughals) had no chance,but the new mughals success at nepal wriggling away and an observant bhutan speaks of its policy in action.

        what you gonna do with a broken pot for a begging bowl??

        at unhcr is the known devil and how it works in presenting the nation publicly.

        surrender to the known devil with no strings attached but a request for a better life that only keeps on getting better.

      • 1

        Bandito and Maalumiris,
        “Perhaps India could join us instead ? “
        Whichever way you call it.We can’t satisfy everybody.

        “We have to lock up people, without trial, whether they are communists, whether they are language chauvinists, whether they are religious extremists. If you don’t do that, the country would be in ruins- Lee Kuan Yew”
        Yes, I agree fully, but where is our LKY? Has he been born yet?

        • 2

          He definitely can not be a lankan but a CEO who can kick the s**t off 21 million bruvas with their knickers in a twist.
          constipated from CHOGM to MR2 on….even 100 years

          Knock the door: first get a referendum `out with governance and sovereignty and in with leasehold nation` no pres, pm, cabinet ALL go back (Gamme Godde 80% village idiots want to govern in the modern west as equals.)

          (Money, power is all citizen knows.VVIP passport and sexshop dreamers can have it all the time.- enough you cant govern.- no more dynasty, nepotism etc).

          Sell it like TATA never could for India or UK the slip is finally showing- nepotism!!

        • 0

          “…where is our LKY? Has he been born yet ??

          I think we had a couple of potentials .. hard, strong, no-nonsense types

          But all eventually succumbed to the temptations of Power, Money and the Fawnings of Hangers-On

      • 3


        “Perhaps India could join us instead ?”

        It is a great idea, especially coming from a hardcore nationalist.

        However you seem to oppose Indians coming here as experts in their own field through the proposed tunnel/bridge.

        Please make up your mind.

        I would love the entire 1.3 billions of them (desperate to come and live here), relocating to this island while the Tamils and Sinhalese move back to their respective ancestral motherland in North/South India.

        • 6

          “”Please make up your mind. I would love the entire 1.3 billions of them (desperate to come and live here), relocating to this island while the Tamils and Sinhalese move back to their respective ancestral motherland in North/South India. “”

          yours and the old fa**s mind is `about the last` but can never be first.

          1.3 billion won’t be interested at all- its not the days when Lanka had imports and India under Indira had none.

          In the event it just happens to have open borders you would find Pakistanis moving in and hard core Muslims, partition baddhu all up in arms because they have a challenge from Indians with a better know how and connections worldwide.

          Its just another sea port for drifters unlike Cochin the pendant to the west. It is the smallness of size that helps the newcomer establish nothing more.The picturesque island was destroyed with socialism of the have not’s from 48.

          Now go jump in the river and get anointed- your baggage can live only in the past.

    • 1

      old codger,

      Anagarika Dharmaoala, in fact advocated the union with India that you suggest. However, under any circumstances, I will find it unpalatable.


      • 2

        Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

        “Anagarika Dharmaoala, in fact advocated the union with India that you suggest.”

        JR too had similar ideas.

        “However, under any circumstances, I will find it unpalatable.”

        It is not for the little islanders to decide.

        Hindians (as opposed to Indians) already believe and treat this island as the Sinhala state of Hindia.

      • 5

        ” I will find it unpalatable. ” soother, brooder, drooler,user lunar router rumor rumour truer ulnar looser loser pewter trooper uber brewer lucre ruder bloomer bluer brooder bugler ewer bruiser euchre rugger looter louver roofer roomer trouper blooper pruner rooter lewder future fewer sooner tumor humor humour!)))

        Live with it but with no regrets.

        They too were human in that moment of time and above all under orders from 2 at the helm who found fun and frolic at Cambridge and he as a private pilot on the air ways and she a plasters daughter- what a mix mashup no degree at the end like brother sanjay mum at Latin.

        But we can have(if he permits) Dr Raghu contesting for CEO of 21 million of island kakul kukul.

        But in anycase the CEO man/woman (Easy Jet) needs courage and foresight.
        (enough of race, religion, language, caste, creed, hydrocele)))) one is better fun punching a sound effective efficient CEO for better life bets.

    • 2

      old codger

      You are a dreamer.

      You simply expect a major awakening of minds and a new era of renaissance to happen.

      Don’t you have anything else to do? Now you will be branded a hardliner, traitor to the country, a terrorist, a commie, ……

      Your age is catching up with you simply because you tend to forget you are dreaming about this island. Go away take your afternoon nap.

      • 3

        Dear NV,
        Now you can see why I operate anonymously. Some things cannot be said in public in this paradise.
        Maybe it will happen some day….

        • 2

          old codger

          My point to you was a bit of a caution “daring to think, wishing good things for the people, progress, thinking loud …. ” are strictly banned and no, no no, no in this island.

        • 7

          don’t worry about NV the about.
          he loves his daily dun kolla.
          he loves rag dolls but can’t have it.

          • 2

            cat with 9 lives

            “he loves his daily dun kolla.”

            Don’t worry, I am sure it is there.

            Please have your head checked on a regular basis.

            • 5

              Native Vedda ,

              Not one is going to leave those jails as the government can not sell the country to pay back. Salli no!!

              Stop biting your tail for eco tour!

              No one needs democracy of the west or socialism of the east as both are the opposites and as bad as each other.

              stop producing at will and fancy.- 7.4 billion still counting.

              Only corporations run. hire and fire!!

    • 2

      Old Codger – thanks for your fair-minded comments. Some clarifications are due. I don’t expect anything like a replication of the model of Western democracy in Sri Lanka in the immediate future. What I expect is an approximation to it.It has to grow.What is important is that our Governments should be seen by the international community as earnestly trying to give fair and equal treatment to the minorities to an extent that is broadly acceptable by international standards. Nothing utopian about such a project.
      In any case I see no viable alternative to a solution through democracy. Devolution isn’t going to work. It will aggravate the problem. There is one point that I want to emphasize. The Sinhalese with their obsession with the unitary have forgotten about the need for unity. No nation can amount to much unless there is at least some sense of unity. That will become impossible with federalism or anything like it. – IH

      • 6

        “That will become impossible with federalism or anything like it. – IH “”

        Learn to throw the used chintz away – the prevailing system which has been tinkered to suit the western democracy of race, ethnic, subtleties crusader!!!

        Delhi walla Dr Ragu of Chicago professorship is a good contender for CEO is he accepts to run it like VOC.
        Jail all the elephant mouths comies racist, religionist, hegel and not forgetting the his_amma’s

      • 2

        You say:” The Sinhalese with their obsession with the unitary have forgotten about the need for unity.”
        Well I think we will have to start by teaching them that English words like “federal”, “devolution” and “unitary” have more than 4 letters.
        “I don’t expect anything like a replication of the model of Western democracy in Sri Lanka in the immediate future. What I expect is an approximation to it.It has to grow.”
        I don’t see much chance of liberal ideas taking hold here, considering the medieval practices such as astrology and feng-shui among other things that the media are busily promoting.
        I think real democracy (or an approximation thereof) must be forced down the throats of the population.

      • 3

        Ha! Ha! Our pocket Plato has solved the problems of Muslims, Tamils, Muslims (and who else) now he has crossed the Straits and wants to help dear Amma – once the Sowbagya Lakshmi – in solving her problems as well. He tells India, in that vast intelligence he can easily gather, that the core problem of SL Tamils is Tamilnadu and goes about, in the way of Cervantes’s Don Quixote, how to solve it. Does he start the matter on the wrong foot as he notes “I NOW SEE IT it as the core factor. It is a RADICAL CHANGE IN MY CONCEPTUTATION OF THE ETHNIC PROBLEM’ Here, in his own words, the wise man otherwise admits he has been holding on to the wrong end of the stick till now. How true!

        Hussain continues to rub his prejudice against the Tamil people when he underlines “Tamils as a defeated people” one of the main reasons Tamil commentators think of him as a shaithan.

        “ I believe that a solution can be found only through democracy” is the codswallop he has preached throughout in the belief he is doing the country a favour. What form of governance have we had since 1947. Does he think it is some form of medieval Sharia? Of course, like many democracies in the developing countries, the form of democracy we have may have many faults but it certainly is democracy. Britain and France are reeling today and they are not under Sharia either.

        It is for calculated insults like “devolution – on which the Tamils insist FANATICALLY” he has gained notoriety as a much reviled anti-Tamil commentator – by all communities including good Muslims.

        One wonders if Hussain has gone over the hill as he rambles on “It might be true to say that the new world order is the new imperialism is the old imperialism..” Is it a printer’s devil.

        “Tamil expatriates are quite content to live in the democracies of the West and elsewhere without any devolution at all. Why not here?..” Is Hussain not aware Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Britain, the USA are countries ruled under the Federal system. And, so we agree with him when he writes “Why not here?”

        In repeating the “Tamil right to set up a separate state”….
        “What is at issue is Tamil power and noting else..”. “What is at issue is Tamil power and noting else…” Hussain reaches out to inflame the Sinhalese extreme – a sinister campaign he has carefully engaged in for as long as I have seen his writing.

        Surely Hussain is aware Dixit is not the only Indian HC to have had a tumultuous time during their tenure with counter-parts. Mehrotra during Premadasa’s time Alok Prasad during the Rajapakse years had their share of Sri Lankan leaders who considered India with prejudice often. But this is not unusual in the relationships between two countries sometimes having differences of views. Hussain could not have miscalculated here. After all he “was one of the best five diplomats” in the world!!!

        If Hussain thinks either the Govt of Tamilnadu or those who matter read him or take him seriously in this master-piece of advise, I have serious doubts. The Hindu is unlikely to give him
        space they do to at least 3 other serious Writers here.

        And, finally, Hussain’s piece-de-resistance in this article where he aims to send shivers down the spine of the government and the Sinhalese “no one can be quite sure what might happen in the future. It could be a de facto or even a de jure Eelam…” Mr. Hussain, I beg to disagree. The Sirisena-Ranil W government, encouraged by India and the international community, are widening the space within which Sinhalese and Tamils can work out a solution to live in peace and reconciliation in the future.

        Are we to take this is something that can never find favour with you and those of your ilk in the radical Muslim community?


    • 4

      Dear OC

      I doubt any of the responses to the anti-Tamil Izeth Hussain is motivated by personal prejudice. The harsh criticism comes only when he writes provocative pieces against Tamils. The man revels in attacking Tamils while at times claiming to be their friend. He has made it routine to attack Tamils, Tamilnadu and distort Tamil history here – in all of which his knowledge is mainly suspect. Note he blunders even in a rudimentary thing when he writes there are 60 million Tamils in TN. Any 16-year old student knows this is over 70 million. He has to control “his illogical tantrums” that are nothing but calculated to pit the Sinhalese against the Tamils. He will be hounded down until he stops his racial madness.

      To believe devolution cannot work without Sinhala cooperation is, if you don’t mind, folly. Remember how strong the Buddhist clergy, hardliner Sinhala extremists and even Sinhala majority regimes refused to consider justice in the issues of Citizenship and Language parity. After 40 years, they had to eat crow and yielded meekly on both. So it will be on Federalism and the SL Tamil issue – sooner or later.

      It is not only that unstable trouble-maker Dharmapala who called for Union with India in the 1930/40s. Seeing the way the country is destroying itself many – more responsible in Sinhala society – are today referring to this in whispers. However, there is bad news to them. India will not touch the suggestion with a 6ft barge pole – even when the offer is made openly – that is likely to be inevitable soon. Do you recall that once rabid anti-Indian, Sinhala extremist Champika Ranawake was going ga-ga because President Abul Kalam obliged him by coming here for a few days of public talks. This country is overflowing with such “dedicated Sinhala patriots”


      • 6


        “”It is not only that unstable trouble-maker Dharmapala who called for Union with India in the 1930/40s.””

        Swami Vivekananda that praised neighbour Angarika, expired in 1902 and let Angarika Dharmapala carry out his futuristic mission like Rajnesh or in god forbidding manner.

        But Angarika before his death in 1933 called for union because he knew it was the way forward at least in forbearance.

        But the crusader muslims and catholics in the island will not let it be.
        Its all in the emotions its built on – the faith! fait accompli.

    • 1

      “Basically what he is saying is that no Sri Lankan or Indian government can ignore the 70 million Tamils in TN. Quite true. Also, devolution cannot work without Sinhala cooperation. The Sinhalese listen to the Mahavamsa saturated Maha Sangha. It will take a generation of re-education to change that.” So Separation is the solution. But, Izeth is not saying that. If so there is no Einstein invention is there as Izeth is claiming. It is only a very basic- and only an assumption based on the appearance, like all black birds are crows, not an in-depth studies theory .

      Further, in Izeth eye, Lankawe is not a democracy and he propose to democratize it. But the practical situation and world’s acceptance is Lankawe is a democracy, governed by leaders duly elected by elections, which are watched by international NGOs. Not just India, even no one else has much influence in the path Lankawe wants to travel. Here, putting forward India, just because of the 5% Tamils there, as a big issue does not make sense. (Tamils in Lankawe has more influence at Colombo than Tamils in Tamil Nadu at Delhi; only thing is they have a more protective constitutions than Eelam Tamils have-but it is not an influence at Delhi- Izeth cannot understand the difference between them)

      “If we say, Sri Lanka is not listening; what can we do for that?”- PM Manmohan Singh. That is all what India was capable of doing after her the death of Mrs. Gandhi.

      India is 1.3 Billion and Delhi is far away from Tamil Nadu politics. TN does not have 1/10 of Kerala’s influence in Delhi. In that status, it is practically not known in Delhi. TN is the main state that Federal parties do put effort to win election. 2009 election and Karunadhi’s behavior in that time is 100 % of prove against what Izeth is trying to point. Tamil Nadu, for decades, not ruled by a Tamil to a Tamils based ruling philosophy to set in there. That is not expected happen in the near future also. Izeth has no insight in that. If you compare how much the Buddhism based Sinhala political philosophy has set in Colombo, you know in Tamil Nadu, even studying in Tamil sometime have created problems. If somebody says that Sinhala government is not able to ignore Tamils in Lankawe, it may make sense, but saying India is not able to ignore Tamil Nadu is laughable. A Fonseka’ s quote “Tamil Nadu Politicians are comedians” is clear explanation of how much pressure TN can put on Delhi to take care of Tamils from Sinhalese. This quote is telling how much the Sinhala Intellectuals know about TN’s influence in Delhi. Kanimozhi who opposed the Delhi and spoke against Old King came, apologized to Old King. In that case it had worked other way against Izeth baby’s theory. Further at time Indian Politicians had claimed that Delhi should support Sinhalese more as they are Aryans, but not Tamils. The Indian Ambassador Kariyawasam confirmed that claim as true.

      Izeth has written essays in CT in the opposite meaning of his claim in this essay. This is the second time he is trying to propose that TN is a problem to the solution. India has blocked many solutions thinking that Autonomous Tamil Eelam is strength to TN and it may then in turn ask for its autonomous status. This is the only explanation Indian government said to have given to the negotiators. That is completely against the Izeth’s talk of “because TN is Tamils then the India is supporting Tamil Eelam Tamils who are agitating for Autonomous Status” and India is not allowing a solution.

      13A was brought in by India. Only Colombo refused to accept it. It is a solution in the eyes of IC. But it may or may not in the eyes of Tamil Eelam Tamils. When the practical situation is like that Izeth rubbish talk is meaningless. Indira Gandhi helped rebels. From Rajiv onward all TN and Delhi leaders have opposed the rebels. They strongly opposed separation. Jayalalitha is still opposing LTTE. But very recently only she has accepted the separation is the solution. Indira Gandhi supported rebels not on the ground that the people living in both shores are one race (Tamils). She just followed her East Pakistan – West Pakistan Strategy. It was not because Bengalis were the people in West Bengal and East Bengal. It was purely based on Defense strategy that splitting Pakistan was an additional strength to India. She was a visionary. She felt Lankawe’s Sinhala Intellectuals’ Aappa diplomacy is not easy to manage. Weakening it by taking off Trinco and Palali is the best way to deal with it. But the ultimate fool Rajiv never understood that. He was never trained by Mrs. Gandhi in the politics either. He took his lessons from JR. We have seen even American Ambassador Blake and Secretary Kerry had burned their hands by the Aappa diplomacy. Only China is the one able to protect it and take even advantage of Aappa diplomacy by hacking computers.

      Izeth is far away from understanding any nitty-gritty of any world political maneuvering other than he just being a simple anti-Tamil racist. He is only “tip of the grass biter” and his own Izeth Wahhabism preacher.

      India is no longer wants to destroy its strength by fully getting involved into Lankawe like the times it did in Indira, Rajiv and Sonia Gandhi’s times. If it gets anything it may treat it as a bonus only. It knows it could not put together a freetrade pact which even the Thailand can do with Lankawe. It knows well the staunch footing the China has taken in Lankawe. Not just India, even America now understands that special friendship (not real-but a kind of subordination- basically a master servant peaceful co-existence) Lankawe has taken with China is not reversible. Any decisions in future India will make about Lankawe is 100% defense oriented and that is specially on protecting against China. What the political baby Izeth saying is 110% wrong. It is not going to be as a favor to TN whose brethren are in the North-East of Lankawe. In the past India has been refusing to cooperate with America in Tamils matters. That is bound to change. India’s security is now in jeopardy. Lankawe can no longer control the Chinese nuclear submarines coming and going to and from its plots in Lankawe. Fonseka has said China can shoot a Lankan plane flying over Port City. India is now willing to work with America on that. But Lankawe also knows it. That knowledge of Lankawe may induce it to sell in rush the Trinco and Palali to China to protect it from India-America collaboration that is expected to take place soon.

      For a foreseeable future, Lankawe playing friendship with West and India and hiding under further and further in China’s Munthanai will continue. All relevant parties are predicting and ecpecting the same trend. So there is no foreseeable path to India and America is visible other than they cooperate more and more with one another, but no knock down victory on any direction for them. Once bitten twice shy. Lankawe will never ever give a chance of repeating Rajiv game of entering its territory once more. That is past and gone. As I said earlier, it will sell anything to China to keep India out of its soil. PM Modi’s current maneuvering is clearly showing he is aware of this mentality of Lankawe. He is not simply opening whining like Manmohan Singh who was under the grip of Sonia that time. He knows the small shrub poison Ivy (Lankawe) is growing day by day like the Jacks and the beanstalk. He is not going to cut it down and endanger India with the poison. Now, at this time, he is not convinced America’s suggestion of a DNA change to make it as bean plant. America thinks it can change Sinhala Intellectual Politicians to democracy and good path but Modi does not. Recently he had invited New King and Sampanthar. There was no news of what underwent on those meeting. But he had not imposed anything on anybody. It appears he wanted to study them rather than impose anything on them. He wants to continue to look out for solution. We too need to wait and see. But Izeth Baba has no capacity to predict what it would be. Period.

  • 5

    Tamils in Sri Lanka are not genuine Tamils, they are Malabaris who have adapted Tamil identity. These Malabaris(Tamils) ancestors were plantation workers or fisher people, even Prabakaran the terrorist was Telugu or Malayalam and Chelvanayagam was Malaysian Malayalam. Also other so called Tamil heros are not Tamil, e.g: Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalitha is Kannada, MG Ramachandran was Malayalam, Karunanidi is Telugu, the actor Rajinikanth is Marathi, etc.

    Sinhalese can’t differentiate South Indian very well, so they call anyone from South India ‘a Tamil’, that’s how so many South Indian got Tamil identity.

    Ancient Sinhalese lived in northern and eastern part of Sri Lanka, South Indian invaders and severe droughts pushed them to Southern part of the island. The names in Northern and Eastern part of the island are Tamilized Sinhalese names. Sinhalese are the rightful owners of the Island, everybody should be aware of that!

    • 5


      Have you changed your grass recently. What are you smoking now to be this high.


    • 5


      “Tamils in Sri Lanka are not genuine Tamils, they are Malabaris who have adapted Tamil identity.”

      I am a bit confused here,

      The people of Kerala are known as Malabars/Malayalees and they speak a language called Malayalam (not Tamil). How come the Malabars/Malayalee from Kerala became Tamils and speak Tamil language instead of Malayalam language after coming to Sri Lanka? I have a few colleagues here who are from Kerala (Malabars/Malayalees) but they simply hate Tamils.

      “Sinhalese can’t differentiate South Indian very well, so they call anyone from South India ‘a Tamil’, that’s how so many South Indian got Tamil identity.”

      Again I am confused,

      Since the Sinhalese called the Malabars/Malayalees as Tamil they converted to Tamil and adopted the Tamil language instead of their own mother tongue Malayalam? Why did the Sinhalese make the Malabars/Malayalees convert to Tamils (any advantage) and how did they convert them to Tamils (especially change their mother tongue)? When I hear my Malabar/Malayalee colleagues speaking to each other, many words they use are identical to Sinhala. Don’t you think they could have adopted the Sinhala language (advantage) instead of Tamil?

      • 6

        Actually Malayalam is a very young language and it was the last major Dravidian language to diverge from its Tamil mother. Just a few centuries old. Kerala is the ancient Tamil Chera Nadu. The language is still very similar to its Tamil mother. Simple spoken Malayalam, especially the language of the masses is still very similar to its Tamil mother, almost a dialect.

        • 1


          If the Tamils in Sri Lanka are not genuine Tamils but Malabaris who have adapted Tamil identity, my confusion is why did the Malabaris convert to Tamils after coming to Sri Lanka instead of remaining as Malabaris?

          I have a few colleagues here who are from Kerala. If you tell them that their language is an off spring of Tamil they may even beat me, they get so angry, they hate Tamils.

          • 0

            Obviously many people in Sri Lanka don’t know much about the difference between the south- east and south-west littoral of our closest neighbour. Says such a lot for or education system, doesn’t it?
            On the subject of Malabaris, you might find it interesting that the Tamil dialect spoken by Sri Lankan Muslims is very close to Malayalam.There are of course Muslims in Kerala.

            • 4

              “”On the subject of Malabaris, you might find it interesting that the Tamil dialect spoken by Sri Lankan Muslims is very close to Malayalam.There are of course Muslims in Kerala “”

              The dialect you mention is at North West Lanka.
              But not the East which is from South East, TN, Andhra Bangala.

              In ancient times the term Malabar was used to denote the entire south-western coast of the Indian peninsula. The region formed part of the ancient kingdom of Chera until the early 12th century. Following the breakup of the Chera Kingdom, the chieftains of the region proclaimed their independence. Notable among these were the Kolathiris, Travancore, Zamorins of Calicut, the Coylot Wanees Country of northeast and coastal `Ceylon (including Puttalam)` and the Valluvokonathiris of Walluvanad.

            • 4

              On a lighter note watch Izeth’s distant cousins a Kerala Muslim Mappila famil singing about a Gulf Bridegroom in Malayalam


          • 4

            Kerala was the ancient Tamil Chera Nadu and Malyalam is an offshoot of Tamil and really diverged from its Tamil mother only a few canturies ago. This is a fact.
            Even when the Portuguese arrived the language spoken was still a form of Tamil and was written in the Tamil script. This was also one of the reasons that they mistook the Jaffna Tamils for Malabars, as the people the language culture food habits etc was so similar or almost the same.
            Even the powerful Syrian Chritsian church of Kerala used this language.The British printed Malabar English Dictionary by Graham Shaw in 1779 was still in the form of a Tamil-English Dictionary.
            It was the British who banned this form of Malayalam called Malabar Tamil or Malayalama and imposed the present day highly Sanskritised form of Tamil written in the present Tulu based script only spoken by the Brahmin Namboothiris who originally migrated to Kerala from Tulu Nadu.
            Even the language of the Travancore court until a few centuries ago was Tamil. This is why many Tamil Brahmins were employed by the king of Travancore as the local language was still considered a dialect of Tamil and was not fully developed.
            The British deliberately did this for political purposes and destroyed the Malayalama or Malavar Tamil language of the masses and imposed the present form of Malayalam of the Namboothiris because they were in cohorts with the British rulers.
            Many of the great Tamil classics like Chilapathikaram was composed in the ancient Tamil Chera Nadu now modern day Kerala. Many Tamils are aware of this. To the ancient Tamil Chera kings Tamil was a sacred language.
            Even now the simple Malayalam spoken by the masses is still quite similar to Tamil and most Malayaless will agree to this. It is only certain language fanatics and certain communities like the Nairs(Mennons) Nambiars who will not acknowledge this truth as most them are the half caste bastards of these Namboothiri Brahmins. The offshoots of the barbaric Sambandam custom that was practiced in Kerala for centuries and was only banned in the 1930s or 1940s. This allowed the younger sons of the Namboothiri Brahmin landlords to go around and have sex with impunity with any Nair or other women, Hence the largely light complexion of most these people belonging to these communities.
            Like the half caste Burghers Anglo Indians who ape the British/Europeans and only acknowledge their heritage and culture. These people also only acknowledge the Aryan culture of their illegal Namboothiri fathers and will never acknowledge the ancient Tamil culture and history in Kerala and even their predominantly Chera Tamil heritage will do anything to destroy it.
            You can see many of the Malyalees who connived with the Sinhalese belonged to these Tamil hating communities and were not from the masses. Nirupama Rao( nee Menon) Shiv Shankar Menon, Romesh Nambiar, Naryan, Anthony( Syrian Christian).
            You must be moving with Malayalees from these communities and most of them will never acknowledge the truth. It is these people under the instruction of their Namboothiri fathers and masters who imposed the horrible caste system in Kerala, that was the most feudal cruellest in India, forcing thousands of lower castes to convert to Christianity and Islam in Kerala.
            Kerala has the largest amount of Christians and Muslims in India. Muslims 30% and Christians 20% Hindus 50%. Northern Kerala is now 100% Muslim. You can hardly see a Hindu or a Christian there.

            • 0

              Some North-East states have almost 90% Christians:
              Nagaland 90%, Mizoram 87%, Meghalaya 71%, Manipur 40%, Tripura, Arunachal Pradesh.
              But the actual numbers (population)in Kerala are higher

              • 0

                You are correct and their conversion to Christianity is very recent. However Kerala is a mainstream Indian state and in the past few decades the there has been a huge increase in the number of Christians and Muslims at the expense of the Hindu Majority. There are now only around 50%

          • 4

            Lakmal ancient Tamil had two major dialects the western Tamil dialect that was the forerunner of modern Malayalam and was originally spoken along the western coast or ancient Tamil Chera Nadu, modern day Kerala and the then Tamil island called Cherantivu ( the island of the Chera)/Eelam that is modern day Sri Lanka.
            The other major Tamil dialect was the eastern Tamil dialect and its modern descendant is the current spoken Tamil of Tamil Nadu.
            This was only the spoken form but proper Tamil was used for writing and literary purposes by both people.
            Modern day spoken Sri Lankan Tamil is a mixture of this western and eastern Tamil dialects. This is due to the influence of the various Chola and Pandian invasions and settlement that took place during historical times. This is the reason there are many words common to the Sri Lankan Tamil dialects that are still used in modern Malayalam but not in Tamil Nadu. Due to the pervasive influence of modern Tamil cinema and books and literature arriving from Tamil Nadu many of these expressions and words are now dying out. Even now when many Indian Tamils mistake Sri Lankan Tamils for Malayalees. Especially the nasal singsong way of speech that Malayalees also use. The only thing is they speak very fast.
            Both Tamil and Malayalam are basically two forms of the same original language now written in two different scripts. One now a highly Sanskritised version or the original and the other the purer version, almost the original.
            If a Malayalee states that he or she hates the Tamil language and Tamils then they are hating themselves their own origin and language. After all what is Malayalam, it is just a Sanskritised version of proper Tamil.

    • 5

      Oh really from where did you get all these fairy tales and lies from the Sinhalese extremist Lankaweb site? Largely patronised by Sinhalese low castes, who are all descended from recently Sinhalised South Indian low caste imports like the Karawa, Salagama, Durawa ETC and led by a Karawa queen called Jenali Borukiyanege. You can see from their surnames. Fernando,Silva Perera, Ferdinando, Waranakulasuriyage, Dias etc.
      Even your Mahavamsa fairy tale trying to prove that the Tamils do not belong to the island did the opposite as it goes on about ancient Tamil kings chieftans, kingdoms and lands in the island. The King who converted Buddhism was called Thevanai Nambiya Theesan which in Tamil means the king or great man who believed in god. The Pali version is only Devanambiyatissa. His father was Mutta Sivan. This is pure ancient Tamil name meaning the old or great Siva. Your so called Sinhalese hero Duttugemunu who lived around 2300 years ago ( when there was no Sinhalese or Sinhalese language that only came into existence around 9AD) had a Tamil or Naga( Dravidian Tamil speaking people) father. His name was Kakkai Vanna Theesan meaning the king or the great man the colour of the crow. Basically the Black king. Nothing very Aryan. So a Tamil(Naga) father and mother have a Sinhalese son? when there was no Sinhalese language or people at that time? Whom are you trying to fool?
      Most of the ancient and modern Sinhalese are descended from indigenous Tamils and other tribes who converted to Buddhism and corrupted their local Tamil or semi Tamil dialect named Elu with the Pali/Sanskrit of Buddhism to gradually form the Sinhalese language over the centuries in the south of the island. Later many immigrants from many parts of India most of them again from the Tamil country and then Tamil Kerala migrated to the island gradually got assimilated into the Sinhalese identity.
      In the north and east of the island the population did not convert nut remained Hindu or converted to Buddhism and them reconverted back to Hinduism due to the influence of the Cholas and their invasions. SO maintained their ancient Tamil identity and language. They also assimilated many immigrants from mainland India both from the North and South but largely from the south and Tamil country but not to the extent like the Sinhalese south. As immigration to the Tamil areas from the Indian mainland became a very small trickle from the 10Th century onwards, however still went on a large scale from the Sinhalese south. Especially during the Portuguese and Dutch era when hundreds of thousands of low cast indentured labour and slaves were imported into the island from the then Tamil Malabar and Coramandel coasts and settled along the western and southern littorals. Their descendants have now converted to Buddhism or Catholicism and are now the Sinhalese Karawa, Salagama, Durawa, Hunu, Hali ETC making up around 50% of the present day Sinhalese.
      For your information until a few centuries ago the Malabar coast was also Tamil. It was the ancient Tamil Chera Nadu. It is from this ancient Cheralam/Keralam that many ancient Tamil epics like Chilapathikaram came from. Malayalam is a very new language that only broke off from it Tamil mother a few centuries ago. Even when the British arrived in the 1830 to the region the local language was still called Malabar Tamil or Malayalama still written in the Tamil script. The present day highly Sanskrit dialect of the Namboodhiri who arrived from the Tulu coubtry,written in the present Tulu based script was deliberately introduced by the British to break up local resistance and they banned the native Malayalam or Malabar Tamil written in the Tamil script, as these Namboothiri and their half caste bastard off springs like the Menons, Nairs etc connived with the British, so their bastardised highly Sanskritised form of Tamil called modern day Malayalam written in the Tulu script became the standared Malayalam. Funny the British banned the use of Tulu script in Tulu Nadu and used it in Kerala and banned the Tamil script and the native Tamil Malayalam language in favour of this new bastardised modern Malayalam language that at that time was only confined to the Namboothiris.
      Telugu and Kannada also are derived from old Tamil but broke of much earlier.
      Even now you can see how modern day Malayalam spoken by the masses, is still similar to its Tamil mother from these two songs. One is a Muslim Mappila wedding song called Opana and the other songs by the Mukkuva fisher women

    • 5


      “Tamils in Sri Lanka are not genuine Tamils, they are Malabaris who have adapted Tamil identity.”

      The reason for you to say the Sri Lankan Tamils are Malabaris may be because the Portuguese started calling the native Tamil population of Sri Lanka right from the beginning as Malabars and the Dutch followed them and later the English also followed them until they realise they were not Malabars but Tamils.

      That was because the Portuguese FIRST landed in Malabar (Kerala) and NOT Coramandal (TamilNadu) before coming to Sri Lanka. Later, it was from Malabar that the Portuguese came to Sri Lanka.

      The renowned Sri Lankan social anthropologist, Prof. Gananath Obeysekere who has done an extensive research on the Sri Lanka-Kerala link says, the Europeans calling the Northern Sri Lankan Tamils ‘Malabars’ was due to a case of MISTAKEN IDENTITY.

      It’s not a big issue. Just because the Europeans called the native Tamils as Malabars that does not mean that the Tamil homeland established in the North and East from the 12th Century AD along with its Tamil Kingdom will be called Malabari homeland and Malabar kingdom.

      BTW, if you go to Kerela, you will find that the Keralites by look have more resemblance to Sinhalese than Tamils. At that time when the caste discrimination was so extreme in Kerala many belonging to the lower caste, mainly people from Ezhava community, mass converted to Buddhism and migrated to Southern Ceylon. When the Sinhala actress Anoja Weerasinghe was invited to act in a Malayalam movie, what she said was, ‘I cannot see any difference between them and us.’

      • 0

        So its a matter of mistaken identity as per Prof. Gananath Obeysekere. Thanks for clearing my confusion.

      • 4

        Celeo actually it is the other way around. The Ezhavas of Kerala did not migrate from Kerala to southern parts of Sri Lanka ( may be some of them in the past few centuries migrated to the western coast to escape the horrible caste system of Kerala. Traditionally they are associated with toddy tapping).
        Prehistorically they are supposed to have migrated from the island to then Tamil Chera Nadu. They have an ancient Tamil heritage.
        They were Tamil Buddhists who are supposed to have migrated to Chera Nadu and this is why they are called Eelavar or Eezhava from the ancient Tamil word for the island Eelam or Eezham, meaning the land of gold or toddy in ancient Tamils. They are very closely associated with toddy tapping just like the name Eelam/Eezham implies in ancient Tamil.
        Even now in modern Tamil Iyam means of leaf or sheaf of metal and in Sinhalese Ilama means a vein of metal. In the Eelam Tamil language Era means toddy and in Sinhalee it Ra( Era without the E) proving the original ancient name for the island was the Tamil Eelam/Eezham and not the Pali Hela. The Eezhavas of Kerala are called by this name derived from Eelam/Eezham and not Helavas.
        Pre historically all this was Tamil land. The island modern day Tamil Nadu, Kerala and most of what is southern Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Another name for the island Serendib is derived from another Tamil name for the island Cherantheevu meaning the island of the Tamil Cheras. Ancient Tamil Cheralam had far more closer ties with the island than ancient Tamil Pandiyan Chola and Pallava lands( modern day Tamil Nadu and southern Andhra). This is the reason most the of food cultural habits of not only the Sinhalese but even the Eelam Tamils is still very similar to modern day Kerala than to Tamil Nadu.
        When many of the ancient indigenous Tamils converted to Buddhism in the south of the island, not all of them wanted to be part of the newly forming Sinhalese identity that was gradually forming in the south of the island. They wanted to remain Buddhist as well as Tamil so migrated to the then Tamil Chera country that was the closest to the island in many ways.
        Presently they are around 28% of Kerala’s population and now are politically and economically very powerful. The current chief minister of Kerala is from these community. The 28% is only consists of the Eezhavas who remained Hindu,as many of them converted to Christianiy and Islam and

      • 4

        Actually is it the other way around prehistorically many of them migrated from the island to then Tamil Chera Nadu, hence the name Ezhava from Eelam/Eezham.
        They were Tamil Buddhists from the south of the island who did not want to be part of the newly forming Sinhalese identity and preferred to remain Buddhist and Tamil so migrated to ancient Tamil Chera Nadu( modern day Kerala) as this part of the ancient Tamilakam meaning the land of the Tamils, modern day Sri Lanka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and most of southern Andhra and Karnataka was closely associated with the island.
        The word Serendib is derived from the ancient Tamil word for the island Cheran Theevu meaning the island of the Cheras. This is why the original Sinhalese and most of the modern day Sri Lankan Tamil food culture and habits are very similar to modern day Kerala.
        Eelam/Eezham means in ancient Tamil the land of gold/metal or toddy and like the name Eelam the Eezhavas of Kerala are closely associated with toddy tapping. Even in modern Tamil Iyam means a leaf or sheaf of metal and in Sinhalese Ilama means a vein of metal. In Tamil Era means toddy and in Sinhalese Ra means toddy(Era without the E).
        The Ezhavas now make up around 28% of modern Kerala’s population but this is only the population that remained Hindu as hundreds of thousands of Eezhavas converted to Islam and Christianity and no longer identify with the Eezhava identity. They are now economically and politically powerful and current chief minister of Kerala is from their community. Many of them are very well versed in the ancient Tamil martial art form called Kalari Paiyattu that is prevalent in Kerala but now lost in most of the other Tamil country.
        However you are correct as many of them migrated to the western/southern coasts of the island, in the last century or two, as toddy tappers and tree climbers to escape the horrible caste system in Kerala and gradually became Sinhalese.
        Funny prehistorically these ancient Tamils from the south of the island converted to Buddhism and left the south of the island to then ancient Tamil Kerala/Cheralam ,as they did not want to be part of the newly forming Sinhalese identity, however almost 23 centuries later or more many of them migrated back to the very same place from where their ancestors fled from and became part of the Sinhalese Buddhist/Catholic identity that their ancient ancestors did not want to be part of.

        • 10


          “”Lankan Tamil food culture and habits are very similar to modern day Kerala.””

          because they match VOC oil cakes and bamboo cooking from islas near java.

          tea with froth is never english but malayalee way of beating you.
          the portuguese only said jakfruit for chakka (malayalee) but called it brazalian nut at Brazil.

          common redhai hatte but from whom did they learn to sew it?

          The french/brits invented the sewing machine and the vacuum by english butler.

          you have a lot to learn about non nomadic cultures and their nomadic invader influence.

          • 5

            You also have a lot to learn especially not being blinded by racist Sinhalese Buddhist prejudice and the Mahavamsa mindset and posting unrelated nonsense to justify this

            • 9

              reality check. of Gass Gembos!!
              Swami Go do the preek preek preaching.
              The nation is out of bounds for you trolls.
              the jailed will stay jailed.
              there is no money to pay for their misery.
              What are you about Moron?

              • 2

                Oh a new clown has now arrived in this forum. I thought the fake Siva Sankaran Sarma was the only one but looks like another has joined him.
                At least the fake Siva Sankaran is funny but this one is nasty.

                • 7

                  Toy boy from the not so funny side of the sphere.

                  Pakistanis clamoured for civil governance and finally, rather reluctantly her godfather (in fact father Harry Truman) USA permitted Civil administration.

                  But alas the people are in a worse state of being stunned and the Americans are not surprised that the civilian government thrives on habouring world renowned terrorist- bin larden himself and are annoyed about his capture. same as letting Muhammad off the net when Afghanistan was captured at the start.

                  Pederasty, neither democracy or communism is good dose for island too-

                  there is no industry in the island but craving for stupidity and more of stupidity because now that corner shops of the west are waning you are back to ghetto ways.

    • 5


      “even Prabakaran the terrorist was Telugu or Malayalam and Chelvanayagam was Malaysian Malayalam.”

      During the British colonial rule, they preferred the English educated Jaffna Tamils not only in the Ceylon Civil Service but also in British held Malaysia and Singapore due to their hard work (their work ethic ‘Work is Worship’), discipline, and loyalty.

      That is the reason why SJV Chelvanayakam was born in Malaysia but to the Jaffna Tamil parents who were expatriates in Malayaia. Similarly, Velupillai Prabhakaran’s father Thiruvenkadam Velupillai was born in Singapore but to the Jaffna Tamil parents who were expatriates in Singapore.

      A mentally ill woman from Kerala was claiming that Prabhakaran’s father Veluppillai was born in Kannanoor in Kollam district in Kerela state. Later it was found that it is not true because Prabhakaran’s father was not born in Kerela. He belonged to a famous Jaffna Tamil family lineage called the Thirumeniyaar family residing in VVT for generations and are hereditary trustees of the famous Valvettithurai Sivan temple.

    • 5


      “Sinhalese are the rightful owners of the Island, everybody should be aware of that!”

      Are you joking or serious???

      Sinhalese are trying to become the owners of the Island after 4th February 1948.

      From a very young age, every innocent Sinhala Buddhist child in Sri Lanka is brainwashed by engraving the Mahavamsa Mindset and Sinhala Buddhist racism into their sub-conscious minds. They are taught to believe the myth that Sri Lanka is a Sinhala-Buddhist country and the non-Sinhala Buddhists (Tamils) are invaders who do not belong to Sri Lanka.

      With the arrival of Arahat Mahinda, a part of the Tamil Hindus who lived in the island embraced Buddhism along with the Buddhist culture and Pali language. In the 5th century A.D, Ven. Mahanama thero and a group of scholarly Buddhist monks of the Mahavihara in Anuradapura observing two groups of people in the 5th century A.D. – Hindus, speaking Tamil and the converts (Buddhists) speaking the new language (Prakrit) wrote the Mahavamsa with the motive of projecting the Buddhists as a separate ethnic group, ‘the Sinhalese’ (who will protect the Buddhist dharma in the island) and the Tamils who did not convert to Buddhism were projected as ‘invaders’. That is how ‘Sinhala’ originated and became the ‘guardians of Buddhism’ and the non-Buddhist (Tamils) became ‘invaders’. Later, with the mixture of Tamil, Pali and Sanskrit languages, evolved the Sinhala language during 8 century A.D.

  • 4

    Izeth is a commercial writer masquerading as a journalist. He writes what some extremists want to hear. In a recent article he exploited the leftovers of the Mahindapala creation “Vellahlahism” In the present article he suggests (quite seriously!!) that the core problem of the Lankan predicament to be Tamil Nadu – just the sort of excuse which sells. Izeth says “. If not for the Tamil Nadu factor, the rest of the world – including India – would simply regard the Tamils as a defeated people who have to secure their legitimate interests in the best way they can. The international community will take note of them only if they are the victims of horrendous human rights violations or for some other very special reasons………”. Izeth is hiding the debacle of the November 2013 CHOGM held in Colombo. All the Commonwealth leaders (exception Tony Abbott of Australia) did take note of GoSL’s human rights record and expressed their views without mincing words.

    Izeth flippantly suggests “……What is the solution (to the Lankan problem)? I believe that a solution can be found only through democracy, not through devolution …………………” Democracies which use the ability of majority to steam roll minorities are failures. Enlightened democracies listen to the views of minorities.

    Izeth says “I don’t think that it can be seriously contested that we don’t have a purely indigenous Tamil ethnic problem…………” He is correct if he accepts Muslims as Tamils. If not, what does he think of the Dambulla mosque incident, Aluthgama pogrom directed against Muslims etc. etc.

    In earlier contributions Izeth has made token comments of Wahhabism – again what Lankans (Gotabaya type) want to hear!. Of course he had the draft approved by Muslim leaders.
    https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/wahhabism-is-power-worship/ (05 March 16)
    He wants to extirpate Wahhabism!
    https://www.colombotelegraph.com/index.php/a-case-for-extirpating-wahabism/ (27 February 16)
    Here he makes a shallow statement “…………So-called Shia-Sunni conflicts are raging in the Middle East, about which I must make a clarification. They are in reality majority-minority conflicts in which secular interests are involved and not sectarian conflicts between two different versions of Islam…..”. Even camels know that Shia-Sunni conflict is a serious issue.

    Izeth Hussain must try to clean up his own home, gain credibility as a social reformer before pontificating on other issues. Has he done anything to refine the practice of Islam? Does he think that Halal killing is cruel? What about male and female genital mutilation?

    • 7

      Izeth is an immigrant from the partition (his elusive DNA is non arabic)
      (remember the maximum muslims in the world live at India- why do you think JR came out thumping we come from north india when there is no DNA evidence?)

      Like most immigrants the world has seen the `invisible guest` who is the real pirate fancied by England to be taken to the house of Lords.

      Under the American Jack Boot the muslims of Lanak will thrive- Casinos, Drugs, Harems, finally cheap hallal from Bangladesh.

      While tamils will see the horizon keep moving away.

  • 3

    I mean oh could have said one of the problems is Tamil Nadu, to say Tamil Nadu is the “core” problem, demonstrate either his poor knowledge of English or his poor understanding of the issue

  • 3

    The political Baba Izeth had proposed his theory of “Tamil Nadu is the problem” is a very short sighted manner. In 1915, the problem in Lankawe was Muslim who attacked the Buddhist Parade in the very late night. That time the Muslims were favored minority of the rulers stationed in Ceylon. They had the prowess to take it on Sinhalese with the support of White rulers. Sir. Pon. Ramanathan resolved it by approaching Britain, direct. From 1917 Sinhala leaders have been showing the retaliation on Tamils for his victory. Then it turned into Tamil-Sinhala problem. The minority, majority problem is in Lankawe from the very beginning. So, as soon as Ceylon got freedom, the first important legislation passed by Sinhala Intellectuals is not about Economy and Finance, Not about people’s Fundamental Rights, Not about Borders and Defense, but about the racism; that is the Indian-Pakistani Citizenship acts. Not that time and even not now, neither Tamil Nadu, nor Delhi is working on that problem. When these landless people were exported to India like cattle, the shameless swindling and worst ill treatment took place on the both sides of the borders is documented history in both countries. A large number of Ceylon Tamils are now refugees in Tamil Nadu. Their pathetic situation has been many times taken to Delhi. There are many societies whose races are not represented in the North India, Including Tibetans, but they are recognized as refugees and assimilated in the Indian communities. But the Eelam Tamils refugees’ lives still pest-ted with suicides and hunger strikes but no changes. The Q-Division manages these peoples are worse than the Lankawe’s Rapist Army. Further, when IPKF came to Lankawe, its aims were to take control of rebels and they carried out crime much enough to investigate a war crime against them. Many times The Lankan Governments had threatened Delhi of carrying out investigation of war crime they committed on Tamils in the North and East, but backed off because it was on Tamils only.

    These all are indication that India is not seeing the Eelam Tamils problems as the problem of one of its states’ race’s problem. It sees it only on the defense of its land. Further short sighted Izeth is connecting North-East to Tamil Nadu. Then he sees Tamil Nadu as the problem. In that fabulous theory, he failed to consider that there are up country Tamils, their problem is much worse than North-East, but TN or Delhi has remained indifferent to them like the North-East Tamils’ problem.

    Izeth took this lecture second time on very different circumstances. The Eastern Muslim CM has faced a serious debacle. It has brought very extensive nervousness in the Island wide Muslim Community. Joint Comedian created Sampanthar forcing an entry into Army Camp to create a Tamil-Sinhalese Pogrom. They failed. Now they have grabbed this to create Tamil- Muslim-Sinhala pogroms. For the government functions, ignoring North CM is very common always. There was even Army’s orders any TNA M.P. before go to school, should apply permission from Army and enter the school. Northern CM was simply not included in many of the matters he should have carried out. Purposefully a Northern rowdy, Rishard was put as the Chief of the Northern Development Council. He even diverted the Indian 50,000 homes away from war affected Tamils. Never a Tamils had voice enough to talk about these. Now the same rowdy is reopening the Government factories in North without a chance for Northern CM for a word. Further the Army has been entering the Sari Ceremonies taking place in the private homes of Northern Tamils. Even the, then Indian opposition leader Sushma Swaraj had expressed concern of this behavior of the Rapist Army entering the young girls celebrations forcefully and humiliating the occupants and the celebrating girls.

    Even as late as last week, the government’s agent governor Cooray invited Federal Party with the hope of splitting the TNA as Federal party and other Parties. So the “non-inviting” is not a question for Northern CM, but to submit for whatever the orders comes from the Army. Though this was not as acute as in the North, but it was there in the East also. But Ahamed Nazeer is kept in the power by Sinhala parties against the TNA who won the election. So he has been cooperating with the Sinhala Parties to remain on the power. But here a Tamil area school has been released and rebuilt by Navy. American Ambassador Atul Keshap was invited to establish some points and make him as witness to G7 Nations. But Ahamed saw it as a different opportunity and Rammed in there like the Rapist Army ram in Sari ceremonies of Northern girls. That is where the things went wrong. Ahamed was simply not able use the opportunity, but he spoiled the situation and created a tension now.

    The entire Island’s Muslims community is nervous, now. As I said Nazeer Ahamed is being kept in power not the people, but by the Sinhala Intellectuals parties. He has shown his unfaith, color chaining Chameleon behavior to use the presence of the American Ambassador Atul Keshap. Island’s Muslims are worried if the Sinhala parties would dethrone him as for revenge. That is why even Hilmy Ahamed lost his balance and wrote “Will the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) rejoice at the prospect of taking over the Chief Minister’s office in the Eastern province too?”. If even Hilmy Ahamed takes that path, what do you expect the number one racist Izeth to take? He just does not want the power devolved and East and North ruled as one unit. Just as Hilmy Ahamed sees when Nazeer Ahamed loose power(not a chance-but just his ill minded theory),TNA going is to rejoice, Izeth is seeing if there is devolution, again TNA is going to rejoice. So, that is why he is knotting the knee and bald head. Other than that TN had, so far, no influence at in Tamils problem in Eelam. India has not responded to any call of TN.

  • 5

    Core problem is Not India, Tamilnadu the west of anyone but Sinhalese racism and Muslim opportunism and backstabbing. It started from the time of independence and is still continuing, despite the LTTE is dead and gone for seven years and the TNA willing to accommodate.
    These people will never acknowledge this keep on posting various articles blaming everyone else and the island’s Tamils to justify their genocide but not themselves.

    • 1

      Izeth’s logic is deteriorating fast. So its now ‘tamil nadu’s’ fault – what a joker.

  • 0

    Muslims in Tamil Naadu called themselves TAMILS ..Muslim women decorate hair with flowers there. and prominent Muslims artists and politicians visit Hindu temples.

    There are mosques in 100% Tamil villages in Eastern province and Tamils pay contribution to these mosques .
    Will they allow Tamils to build a Hindu Temple in 100% Muslim village ? Islam is a religion of peace .he he he

    The contribution for Tamil language by Tamil Nadu Muslims is very high in India and S.E.Asian countries.It is the Muslims who run Tamil School in Hong Kong .

    The owner of the biggest shopping mall in Singapore Mr.Manavai Mutafa is the founder for the Tamil research centre in his birth place in Manavai in Tamil Nadu this centre is doing research about ancient Tamil lands under sea .

    And there is 700 million Tamils in Tamil Nadu to give support for SL Tamils

    But for SL Thoppies no one is ready to support ..this is the reality …these SL muslims are all converted TAMIL-HINUDUS so other Muslims in Asia and Arabia treat these guys as shit.

    He He He oldies are barking here for coins


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