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In The Face Of Settler State Of Israel’s Never Ending Barbarity

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

So called human rights champions – US, UK and Europe – have been traditional collaborators while UN remains helpless

On Monday 7 July 2014 Israel, the racist  entity planted by  European colonial powers  ld by Britain  in the robbed Palestinian land  by means of violence, lawlessness, deceit  and destruction, unleashed its latest relentless  aerial, land and sea attacks on Gaza indiscriminately killing men, women, children and the aged.

Who are these Palestinians in Gaza-one of the most densely populated areas in this planet?

They are the people who were driven out from their homes and lands in 1948 by Zionist Jews at gun point, after committing numerous massacres, with the  cooperation of the then ruling British mandatory power, to set up the state of Israel  in the stolen Palestinian lands.

After a week on July 15 Israel tried to unilaterally impose a ceasefire, initiated by war criminal  and pro Zionist Tony Blair in collaboration with Egyptian Zionist stooge Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, installed in power by Saudi, UAE and Kuwaiti plotters after overthrowing the elected  government of President Mohamed Al Morsi.

It is a ceasefire worked out between Israel and anti Hamas Egypt’s military dictatorship. Hamas was not consulted. Thus Hamas and other groups rejected this scam and continued their ineffective rocket fire.

Up to date death toll exceeded 700, 80 percent of them children, and more than 4000 injured.

The irony is that in the face of repeated Israeli barbarity on Palestinians US, UK and Europe remain shameless collaborators. This has been the pattern since 1930s when the Zionists began colonizing Palestine with Jews brought from all over to turn Palestine into Israel.

Speaking of the Western collusion Toronto based Crescent International had this to state;

“The Western rulers’ identical statement about Israel’s “right to defend itself” has been uttered by David Cameron of Britain, Angela Merkel of Germany, UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon as well as Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, among others.

There is not even a hint that the Palestinians may have a right not only to defend themselves but also to retaliate against their tormentors’ crimes.

Take for instance Obama’s statement. He said no state would stand rocket attacks on its territory. Really?  Obama has carried out hundreds of illegal drone strikes against civilians in Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and a number of other places.

What gives Obama, obedient servant of Zionists installed in White House by Jewish lobbies, the right to carry out such criminal acts and then wax eloquent about Israel’s right to defend it?

The Zionist claim that it is retaliating for Hamas rockets is a complete lie. The illegitimate Zionist regime had launched attacks against Gaza and Hamas officials even before the latest tit-for-tat.

Zionist crimes escalated when three Israel squatters went missing on the West Bank on June 12 and their bodies were “found” two weeks later. These squatters had no business being in the West Bank”.

It is common knowledge that the Arab rulers, His Excellency the Scoundrels, who brought the region to this pathetic stage, cannot and will not do anything to protect the Palestinians.

The United Nations which created this monster in violation of all established laws, moral principles and human values, cannot do anything to stop this crime.

The irony is  that Saudi Arabia and Egypt have planned this massacre with Israel   and details of this conspiracy have been exposed in an article by journalist David Hearst under the title “Attack on Gaza by Saudi Royal Appointment  in the website middleeastmonitor.

This is the third Israeli massacre of Palestinians in Gaza.

The first carnage was on 27 December 2008 when Israel, using the most sophisticated and most destructive fighter planes and weapons supplied by United States, started its genocide of starving Palestinians in Gaza, which was virtually turned into a slaughterhouse.

During the 22 days of its carnage Israel killed 1,334  Palestinians one-third of them children ,injured 5,450 of whom one-third children, displaced 100,000, made homeless 50,000 ,destroyed 4,100 residential homes and buildings , damaged 17,000   (together accounting for 14 percent of all buildings in Gaza),destroyed 29 educational institutions, including the American International School, destroyed or damaged 92 mosques,1,500 destroyed shops, factories and other commercial facilities,20 ambulances, ruined 35-60% of agricultural land  and caused an estimated damage of  $1.9 billion in total estimated damages.

The United Nations prepared two reports on the violation of international laws and human rights committed by Israel during its invasion of Gaza between December 27th 2008 to January18th 2009.

First one, a 34 page report by UN high commissioner for Human Rights  Navy Pillai while the second   was by South African jurist Richard Goldstone who presented his report to the United Nations Human Rights Council in mid September 2009.

In the first the UNHRC commissioner   Navi Pillay lambasted the “nearly total impunity”for the violations.  She added that” there is significant evidence that Israeli forces violated international law and human rights. The already critical human rights situation in the occupied Palestinian territory deteriorated .Significant prima facie evidence indicates that serious violations of international humanitarian law as well as gross human rights violations occurred during the military operations, compounded by the blockade that the population of Gaza endured in the months prior to Operation Cast Lead and which continues”.

These violations included arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment, extrajudicial execution, forced eviction and home demolition, settlement expansion and related violence and restrictions on freedom of movement and expression.

The other UN Fact-Finding Mission report also concluded that there is evidence indicating serious violations of international human rights and humanitarian law committed by Israel during the Gaza conflict and that Israel committed actions amounting to war crimes and possibly crimes against humanity.

The members of the Fact Finding Mission were: Justice Richard Goldstone, Head of Mission; former judge of the Constitutional Court of South Africa; former Prosecutor of the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda.   

The report, called Goldstone report, concluded that the Israeli military strikes were directed at the people of Gaza as a whole, in furtherance of an overall policy aimed at punishing the Gaza population. The destruction of food supply installations, water sanitation systems, concrete factories and residential houses was the result of a deliberate and systematic policy which has made the daily process of living, and dignified living, more difficult for the civilian population.

According to the report “Israel deprived Palestinians in the Gaza Strip of their means of subsistence, employment, housing and water, denied their freedom of movement and their right to leave and enter their own country, and limited their rights to access a court of law and an effective remedy. All these acts could lead a competent court to find that the crime of persecution, a crime against humanity, has been committed”.

On September 25, 2009 the Human Rights Watch urged the European Union to endorse the Goldstone report and “promote an international order where no state is above the law” and asked them to support a resolution at the U.N. Human Rights Council endorsing the Goldstone report “in its totality.”  

However, President Obama who asked UN Secretary General Ban ki Moon to ignore the report, did not allow the Goldstone report to reach the International Criminal Court and was ready to use the U.S. veto at the U.N. Security Council to block such a move .They also made clear to the Palestinian Authority that Washington was not pleased with its petition to bring the report’s allegations against Israel to the ICC.   

While the international community was trying to bring Israel to book, in a  disgraceful move,  Mahmud Abbas, a Zionist stooge defeated in a free and fair election  in 2006,saved Israel by burying   its crimes in Gaza and sold the  suffering and helpless Palestinians whom he claim to represent. In this regard Ali Abunimah, had this to state in the Electronic Intifada, on 2 October 2009;

The Abbas delegation to the United Nations in Geneva (officially representing the moribund Palestine Liberation Organization) abandoned the resolution requesting the Human Rights Council to forward Judge Richard Goldstone’s report on war crimes in Gaza to the UN Security Council for further action. Although the PA, sunk to the lowest, acted under US pressure, there were strong indications that the commercial interests of Palestinian and Gulf businessmen closely linked to Abbas also played a part.

The PA’s betrayal of the Palestinian people over the Goldstone report, as well as its continued  “security coordination” with Israel to suppress resistance and political activity in the West Bank, should banish all doubt that it is an active arm of the Israeli occupation doing tangible   harm to the Palestinian people and their just cause.

As a result Goldstone report was abandoned and has been gathering dust in UN shelves and no one talks about it.  This shows that there is no force on earth which could drive some sense into the senseless Zionist brutes.

Despite all these criticism Israel, “interested in anything but peace and maiming and murdering more Palestinians” invaded Gaza again in March 2012 and killed more than 161 Palestinians, including 71 civilians  besides bombing and destroying the infrastructure.

Defying the world yet again now comes Israel’s third carnage on Gaza since 7 July 2014.

The question is what is the difference between Nazi Germany and Zionist Israel? Some even ask whether Israelis are normal human beings in view of their endless wars and crime records.

There was no such country called Israel before 1947. It was Palestine. The Jewish population there was around four percent during early last century. During late 19th century British imperial power was contemplating of planting an alien entity to keep Middle East destabilized. It was the time Zionists were also planning to set up their state in Palestine after kicking out the Palestinians.

The Zionists brought in Jews from all over, committed massacre after massacre, drove out Palestinians from their lands and homes, and colonized Jews in those Palestinian lands to set up the State of Israel.   

Since the advent of Zionists  in Palestine in the early 1930s rivers of Palestinian blood  have been flowing and so far the Zionist have committed 63 massacres and genocides on Palestinians .

Since then Israel, together with its US European supporters, turned   Middle East into a killing field. War after war under some pretext and slaughtered innocent people from Deir Yassin and Sabra Chatila to Gaza now. The UN which created this monster has passed more 120 resolutions condemning Israel of   war crimes against Palestinians. All these resolutions were vetoed by US. Up to date no action taken to deal with Israel.

Israeli government, no matter who leads the government, Labor, Likud, Kadima, always have the same plan or project. Israeli leadership, political and military, has only one plan and one project: It is the Zionist colonization project.

In 1923 Vladimir Jabotinsky, leading intellectual of the Zionist movement and father of the right wing of that movement, wrote:“Zionist colonization must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population – behind  The Iron Wall , which the native population cannot breach.”

From that day onwards these words became the official and unspoken policy of the Zionist movement and later the state of Israel. Settlements were used from the beginning to create a Zionist foothold in Palestine.

No other country in the world was established in someone else’s land and on the flesh and blood of sons and daughters of the soil as Israel.

No other country used brutal killings of its victim of aggression as Israel had done and, still doing, in the most barbaric manner.

No other country in the world is as lawless as in the case of Israel which cannot be punished even by United Nations due to pressure from United States and Europe.

No other people like the Zionist Jews and their supporters have so much tight control  over  the political, economic,  financial ,social, media and other establishments in the US,UK and Europe as the Zionist Jews.

Israel’s track record is nothing but wars, killings and destructions. Within 66 years after its establishment Israel has turned the Middle East into a killing field never known in the history of the region.

No other entity has become such a great liability on humanity as Israel which threatens not only Middle East but the whole world.

There are 21 countries in the Middle East ruled by scoundrels who are shameful collaborators with Israel. They are stooges of the West.

They purchase billions of dollars of weapons.  Weapons industry in the west is flourishing due to purchase   by Arab countries especially Saudi Arabia and the other gullible Gulf tribal Bedouins. They purchase weapons not to fight enemies but to help implement the Zionist agenda to destroy Muslim countries. These   corrupt and rotten to the core Arab dictators have abandoned Palestinians and have become willing collaborators with Israel. They have no time for Palestinians.

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