10 August, 2022


Incumbent Govt ‘Naked With The Thieves’: Ranjan

Ranjan Ramanayake today criticized the actions of the new government of which, he too is a member, stating this regime is also following a ‘හොරු සමඟ හෙළුවෙන්’ policy with concern to holding corruptive politicians and officials accountable.

Ranjan Ramanayake

Ranjan Ramanayake

MP Ramanayake made this controversial statement today at a seminar titled ‘Condemn Corruption’ organized by the Anti-Corruption Front led by Champika Ranawaka and Shiral Lakthilake.

Meanwhile, Minister Ranawaka who also addressed the gathering said that it is former President Rajapaksa who should be brought to book foremost for the corruptive actions he has committed during his regime.

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  • 33

    Champika/Ranjan only talk talk talk.
    Why not take action against the former prez if you have evidence (which you claimed you did )?

    • 16

      Well said!

      Cowards like Champuka and Dramanayaka are paper heroes who are unelected by the Sri Lankan people to the ministerial positions they hold unconstitutionally.

      If they believe in Yahapalanaya or rule of law, they should put the evidence before the courts without throwing mud at people who have only worked to develop the country.

    • 3

      Ranjan Ramanayake

      Expose, Expose and Expose.

      “MP Ramanayake made this controversial statement today at a seminar titled ‘Condemn Corruption’ organized by the Anti-Corruption Front led by Champika Ranawaka and Shiral Lakthilake.”

      Head Liar, MaRa Hora.

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      Yesterday is important, but TODAY is much more important than yesterday. We should learn from yesterday and make today better.
      There are so many indications showing that John Amaratunge is typical old style crooked politician. Now when there is fear of having successful no confidence motion against JohnA, RW threatened MPs, if that happens he will dissolve the parliament. How undemocratic .. The ugliest thing I heard in the last couple of weeks.. It could be real indication that SL would not move forward at all.

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      Sri Lanka has built jails for poor KOOLI jobs men like sumanasiri, silva, somadasa, piyadasa, rambanda, odiris, and punchichino who worked the entire life in breaking rocks in the mining, temporary fishing, mening market, cleaning road, cleaning garbage, curtain grass, carrying modda, or may be in rice fields.

      Who said Jails are not for MARA, GORA, NARA, BARA, and Shasindra,
      Who said Jails are not for Mohan Peris?
      Who said Jails are not for Gabral?
      Who said Jails are not for GL, Aluthgamage, SB, Sajin, Air Lanka Chairman, UGC Chair-person, Wimal, Hulugalla, Jayasekara, Anthony Jackson?

      Nothing will happen in Sri Lanka. All these [Edited out] are terrible thieves regardless of party colors. Same people rule the poor country in different color (e.g., Blue, Green, Purple)


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    It has now been revealed that former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is planning to contest the forthcoming Parliamentary election from the Kolonna electorate, in Rathnapura district, under the symbol ‘Wheel’.

    ‘Wheel’ is the symbol of Mahajana Eksath Peramuna, led by former Minister Dinesh Gunawardena who is now a staunch supporter of Rajapaksa. Several round of discussions have already been held in this regard, a senior politician who is involved in the move told ‘Asian Mirror’ on Monday.

    The former President’s son, Namal Rajapaksa, will contest from the Hambanthota district, which is the traditional stronghold of the Rajapaksas. Highly placed political sources told Asian Mirror that a few stalwarts of the United People Freedom Alliance are likely to align themselves with the former President at the election.

    Interestingly, the former President does not have any ‘family connection’ with the Kolonna electorate. However, as a young lawyer in the late 70s, he started practicing at the Embilipitiya court, an area adjacent to Kolonna.

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    There is justification for Ranjans hastiness. And there may be also reasons for the delay of the incumbant government if they plan to do it strategically

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    Iagree with Ranjan, WE did NOT vote MS and the clan to power to let the goons of the previous regime to go scott free after plundering the wealth of the nation. See the Super luxury Meditation center that Ranjan exposed of the ELITE of the former regime.. 30 days have passed and NO SHARK has been netted but sprats…

    Why only wele suda is arrested and not Duminda? why not Mervin? why not Basil, Gota, MR, NR Yo shit-a, Wimal, Johnston, Nimal Siripala, Dayasiri and others EVEN after complaints are lodged with the bribery commission? why is the new regime soft peddling on these morons? JVP need to keep pushing the new govt so that they take IMMEDIATE action or else WE who voted MS IN to power would NOT hesitate to vote em out and vote AKD and others to power… AKD could be the next PM of SL if the going gets tough..

    I have seen Mangala, Ranil write here at CT, HOPE they sincerely READ what the MASSES have to say about their promised yaha palanaya that would benefit the country and the masses and NOT the morons of the last regime…

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      Be careful with your list. You will have to arrest unp mps too. They plundered the country for 17 years, and cbk madam came to power to punish them!
      See where she is now!
      Keep waiting, they will be arrested, err may be all of them in their next life!

      • 4

        “They plundered the country for 17 years, and cbk madam came to power to punish them! “

        …. and she ended up buying Prince Andrews castle in UK with money pilfered herself.! Dont forget the whopping Emirates deal.

        “See where she is now!”

        ….Still plottng and planning because the smell of money beckons her and Vimukthi the cry-baby who was once ashamed to be srilankan.

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    Ranjan, learning life lessons. The More things change, the more they remain the same.
    The chap will get exhausted and soon join the ” in group ” and enjoy the pickings.

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    Yahapalanaya is still a dream for those of us who campaigned and voted for MS. Our happiness is short lived

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    In the last election Mithri did not promises anything to Tamils,but minority voted for him. But if he ignore reduceing Army and nasty intelligence grease yaka or release land, he cannot expect any vote from Tamils in the coming general election- they might vote for someone more damaging to the country thinking all same. Mithiri have to act quickly now without leaving until last minute. Minority took lot of risk to vote Mithiri last time and if he try to cheat , even God will not support him next time.

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    Ranjan is biggest actor and joker in Parliament. He told like lion that Sinhalese sell their sisters and mother for money ..but he froget everything now ..and most shame think is his an

  • 1

    Ranjan is biggest actor and joker in Parliament. He told like lion that Sinhalese sell their sisters and mother for money ..but he froget everything now ..and most shame think is his family work for colonial white master and get land and many think for give up Buddhism.

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    is it only propaganda for the next election or real? if the corruption and accumulation of wealth by the former prez. and his ministers are true
    why reluctant to take action? how many innocent tamils were taken into custody only on suspicion in the past? are we having two sets of legal system? govt will loose its credibility if they continue to depend on rhetoric on matters pertaining to corruption. what is blocking the govt. from taking legal/stern action against the culprits?

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    Does this mean that the present government is a ‘disastrous failure’ on one of its main promises (fighting corruption). Mr. Ramanayake’s statement is not only ‘controversial’ but also self-damaging and self-damning.
    My opinion is that JVP, JHU and MPs/ministers such as Mr. Ranawaka and Mr. Ramanayake have effectively failed to HELP their own government to plan and implement a mechanism to fight this national plague. If you guys blame your own government the general public will laugh at you and find out a ‘capable’ team to do the job. Believe me that this will happen sooner than later! For them, self-criticisms are acceptable but this particular statement means that you are not an efficient and effective team, therefore, you blame yourself and others within your own circle! However, you are still not too late if you act responsibly and in a timely manner. As law-makers what you MPs of the governing party should immediately do is:
    1. to stop acting like police officers and law enforcement officers (that’s not your job in a civilized society)
    2. to speak with evidence and facts (General Sri Lankans are fed up with baseless allegations and speculations on media against anyone, let alone the Rajapaksas; please remember the underdog theory in communication before you continue to attack the seemingly defenseless and voiceless Rajapaksas!). It may backfire and boomerang in no time!
    3. to enact powerful laws to fight this national menace of corruption by empowering and depoliticizing the law enforcement mechanism in the country. This should be done without any delay and ALL of you have to work hard, very hard, in Parliament and in your offices as a well-educated far-sighted strong team and not as a bunch of cheap complainers against your own government! In short, please remember not to be loose cannons!
    4. to assist your leaders (President Sirisena and PM Wickremasinghe) honestly and responsibly. They too have only 24 hours a day; 7 days a week, like the ex-president did, and without your help they both may be compelled to end up in the same boat as the Rajapaksas! (The no-confidence motion against the Minister of Public Security Mr. John Amaratunga who failed to act and react against violence on time is a good case in point; look at the messy situation that PM Wickremasinghe is in today due to a single minister’s callous disregard toward law and order)! Collective Responsibility is not a joke but an important democratic norm when it comes to representative teamwork!
    5. to brief the general public at least once a day about the PROGRESS of your team work (what’s been done and not done with technical and practical obstacles and rebuttals encountered in the process; this should be a balancing act with a purpose rather than an act of playing to the gallery for cheap political mileage).
    6. to involve all responsible government bodies (at village level as well), voluntary institutions, and mass organisations to have a broad consensus among the masses on how the governments and the Sri Lankan society should proceed (by changing laws and legal framework, formal and informal attitudes, mindset and behaviors of all) to achieve this colossal objective of eliminating corruption from the entire society.
    7. finally to show and prove that you guys are capable of walking the talk!
    In Man and Superman, George Bernard Shaw (who once said that if he were not an Irish he would love to be a Ceylonese (Sri Lankan) suggested “He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches.” May I replace the last verb ‘teaches’ by ‘criticizes and complains’ in order to suit SL’s political behavior and Mr. Ramanayake’s statement.
    Thank you.

  • 3

    Is this the same dude who invaded an Aramaya which he disparagingly branded as a Luxury Pad for meditation.

    And displayed it in a U tube Clip..

    Two questions which came to mind .

    5.6 Million Sinhala Buddhists who voted against the UNP Christian Faction staged coup, wouldn’t know a luxury pad let alone meditating in one.

    So it must be a joint frequented by the Elite Buddhists who obviously aren’t in that 5.6 Million majority.

    But the most important question is …

    How did the current Yahapalanays, which is supposed to be headed by the best Buddhist since King Parakramabhu who built Ruwanweliseya, allow an Alfonso Leo from the Bible Belt city of Negambo to invade a Buddhist Meditation centre regardless whether it was used by the Elite or the Dalits?..

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    why dont you all ask the exective president who was chanting mantras saying rajapaksha family had this had that why cant he throw the evidence of proof he was talking about. in one way ranjan and champika has to push even harder to get things move as we knew ranil was in the paylist of rajapaksa during his tenure as the opposition leader before mrs CBK came forward and change the game plan.
    so dont expect ranil to do anything new as still he must have his bank reservations from the rajapaska clan though its people money

  • 1

    Sumana-snakera, what makes you such a bigot, that any comment of yours is never complete without a reference to religion and ethnicity? How do you manage down-under with their cosmopolitan populace and their aboriginal minority? I guess you will have to shut your trap or those “elite” Christians and others you consistently bad-mouth will have your scrawny ass, right?

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    Reading comments posted here it seems that not many people seem to know Ranjan Ramanayaka.

    He along with AKD were the strongest voices of dissent in the previous parliament, aimed at MARA the Maha Hora. Some of the speeches of Ranjan and AKD was enough for the white van to have come visiting. For this reason we need to give him some credit when he is trying to clean his own house.

    It is good that he is seeking action from within.

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