15 April, 2024


Indian Supporters Face The Wrath Of The Sri Lankan Fans

By R. K. Radharishnan –

For the second time in three matches, some Sri Lankan spectators went after Indian fans waving flags, mouthed obscenities and generally gave Indian supporters a hard time during the T20 match.

A Sri Lankan fan/ File Photo

A few Indian spectators said that some Sri Lankan supporters were throwing beer cans, water bottles, and glasses at them. Some of these Sri Lankan supporters were in the Ministers’ box, and were throwing things, and mouthing obscenities.

“We were taken aback with the comments and requested other Sri Lankans to help,” said one Indian supporter, who was in the President’s box. No Sri Lankan from the President’s box moved. An Army officer who stuck up a conversation with the Indian supporters in the President’s box, moved away when he was requested to intervene and help. Police personnel, whose help was requisitioned, merely vanished from the scene. There were no Sri Lanka Cricket officials at the time of the incident.

Similar incidents were witnessed at R. Premadasa, where India and Sri Lanka played two ODIs. After the fourth ODI, where India wrapped up the series, Indian supporters faced the wrath of the Sri Lankan fans. One official said that Sri Lanka Cricket had later assured that such incidents will not recur in Pallekele.

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    What can you expect from a bunch of un-civilized human beasts who like spoilt children must have their own way, they are sore losers and even the four legged human beings behave and conduct themselves in a more dignified manner.

    When the mighty the rulers do not conduct themselves what can you expect from the so called patriots.

    There is no law and order, it has become the isle of the un-civilized and the sewer in the bog in Asia R j.

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    In school we were taught proper behaviour during Cricket matches –
    clap when the visiting Captain comes in; clap for a good stroke, good catch, good ball irrespective of which side the player concerned comes from; clap for the winning team when the Captain walks his team to the pavilion; treat those from the visiting politely and with respect. Vulgar language and insults were not heard of. We took that to the wider field of life as we advanced in age. We were then a gentle, civilised and polite people respecting the law and our age old customs.

    But came the march of Majoritarianism and the 2,500 years of ….civilisatin culture. What have we to show India and the world?
    Indian fans too have nationalistic feelings and can go low.


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      That was when Cricket was played for the interest of the game but now what SL cricket does is selling matches since the last world cup, thanks to MR procurement strategies.

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    I agree.
    But then, we had teachers who not only taught and finished the syllabus at least a month before the end of the school year, but also taught ‘manners’ on & off the playing field.
    And, corporal punishment – ‘public caning’ in front of the daily school assembly – was in vogue.
    This ensured discipline.Many thus punished,did well in later studies and in life.

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    I am waiting for Michael Robers to write a convincing article with 275 references to say why Sri Lankans were right in what they did. I have along list of other losers who can do something similar.

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    ” Some of these Sri Lankan supporters were in the Ministers’ box, and were throwing things, and mouthing obscenities”.

    That about says it all. The uncouth, thuggish, behavior came from some thug minister’s box. This is the caliber of our leaders and their golayas. They bring shame and embarrassment to our country with their disgusting behavior. Cricket is no longer a gentleman’s game in Sri Lanka. We have become sore loser’s like other countries we have criticized before.

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      Cricket is another business or you could call it an industry. Hence there is nothing much to respect it as the industry itself driven by money.

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    Until recently the Gentleman’s game managed and witnessed by the real class of gentleman in Sri Lanka been hijacked by corrupt uneducated and uncultured mafia hooligans and politicizing to internationalized it. So doesn’t surprise even if they come from the minister’s box. Haven’t they seen how Sanath Jayasooriya was treated when he was in India super star program. They think a beer in their hand make them a Maharaja.They don’t know the meanings such as reputation,self respect,Civil behavior,brotherly love, curtsy,integrity etc. If not someone has to teach them. Let’s see when the world T20 begins in September this year.

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