20 April, 2024


Investigate Militarization, Settlements And The Systematic Rape Of Tamil POWs – Global Citizens Writes Pillay

“Over 30 activists, human rights campaigners, lawyers and academics from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, India, and South Africa have signed onto a letter that brings her attention to the most immediate threats to peace and justice in Sri Lanka today. Tamil organizations, irrespective of their organizational differences, have signed under the broad banner of the Canadian Peace Alliance” says the Canadian Peace Alliance.

We publish below the letter in full;

Dear Dr. Pillay,

With your visit to Sri Lanka from August 25th-31st, we urge you, as global citizens concerned with the deteriorating situation in the island, to investigate militarization, settlements, and the systematic rape of Tamil prisoners of war. These three issues, the most immediate threats to peace and justice today, lay new seeds of dispossession, inequality and bitterness. Ultimately, an international investigation cannot delink the 2009 massacres from the ongoing suffering of the Tamil people in the here and now.

Navi Pillay

The Sri Lankan army is building military bases throughout the Tamil peoples’ lands. The Sri Lankan army presence of 85,000-86,000 in the North and East is contrary to peace building and amounts to a Tamil civil society under occupation. According to ground reports, armed soldiers control every area of civilian life from schooling to public meetings; soldiers even place restrictions on humanitarian, developmental and psychiatric work for the war ravaged Tamil people[i].

Through the occupation, the Sri Lankan Armed Forces seize land from Tamil civilians while settlers from the South are brought in to colonize the land. From the Jaffna Peninsula in the North to the Trincomalee harbor and beyond in the East, the traditional homeland of the Tamil Nation is subjected to occupation and settlements. This situation exacerbates socio-economic deprivation, for Tamil people are denied the ability to cultivate their appropriated lands and must compete for fishing with the superior technology of Sinhalese settlers.

With Tamil villages renamed in Sinhala and Buddhist Stupas emerging where none were before, Sri Lankan’s ‘reconciliation’ program is triumphalism over a people under siege. We deeply suspect that the Sri Lankan state’s land-grab scheme is part of a much more insidious agenda: a slow and relentless genocide that seeks to eradicate the Tamil Nation and render them without their traditional territory. In fact, land-grabs are simply a continuation of an age-old state policy that lies at the heart of Tamil grievances in their homeland[ii].

Finally, we call for an international mechanism to protect the rights of Tamil prisoners of war from persecution and rape, which the government hides with its rhetoric of reconciliation and rehabilitation. Sri Lanka has a long history of prison brutality. In June 2012, the Special Task Force attacked a group of Vavuiya prisoners, which left 15 people seriously injured, and one dead from critical injuries[iii], but even Tamil prisoners released from internment continue to endure persecution.  Doctors and social workers on the ground report that many of the released ex-LTTE cadres are subjected to a systematic program of harassment, sexual abuse and rape[iv]. If the International Community is serious about the rehabilitation of ex-LTTE cadres, then it must pressure the Sri Lankan government to immediately stop its brutal treatment of ex-LTTE cadres who are attempting to rebuild their lives.

We believe that these matters must be addressed to ensure peace and stability, and urge you to investigate them in Sri Lanka. We—the undersigned organizations and individuals—hope to hear about these urgent issues at your oral report to the UNHRC in September.


Academy of Tamil Studies
Action for Human rights in Tamil Eelam and Sri Lanka
Angela Regnier, Canadian Association of University Teachers
Bashana Abeywardane – Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka
Belgium Tamil Forum
Bruce Haigh, author and former Australian diplomat to Sri Lanka
Canadian Peace Alliance
Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (University of Sydney)
Centre of Education. Research and Development (CEDAR)
Child Development Initiative
Chris Nash, Professor, Monash University (Melbourne)
Coalition for Tamil Rights
Council of Temples Malaysia
Country Council of Eelam Tamils-Germany
Danish Tamil Forum
Dr Krishnasamy – Puthiya Tamilakam Tamil naadu India
Dr. Cheran Rudhramoorthy, poet, journalist, professor (University of Windsor)
Dr. Jude Lal Fernando, lecturer and research fellow, Trinity College (Dublin)
Dutch Tamil Forum
Federation of Indian Non-Governmental Organisations
Group of Concerned Citizens
Imperial College Tamil Society
Indian Malaysian Active Generation (IMAGE)
International Council of Eelam Tamils
Italy Council of Eelam Tamils
Jake Lych, Director for Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies
Johor Tamizhar Sangam
Julian Burnside, AO QC, Australian barrister, human rights and refugee advocate, author
Kuala Lumpur Indian Entrepreneurs and Professionals
London Metropolitan University Tamil Society
London School of Economics-Tamil Society
Maison du Tamil Eelam, France
Malaysia Indian Progressive Educational Society
Malaysia Tamil Artiste Association
Malaysian Association of Indian University Graduates
Malaysian Dravidian Association
Malaysian Hindu Youth Council
Malaysian Indian Business Association
Malaysian Indian Development & Unity Association
Malaysian Indian Entrepreneurs and Professionals
Malaysian Indian Historical Association
Malaysian Indian Youth Development Foundation
Malaysian Selangor Tamil Sangam
Marie George Buffet, Member of Parliament, France
Mauritius Tamil Temples Federation
Meena Kandaswamy, author, poet, activist
Mr Maruthappa Natarajan Editor Puthiyapaarvai Tamilnaadu India
National Council of Canadian Tamils
Nationwide Human Development And Research Centre
Neethan Shan, activist and educator
Norweigian Council of Eelam Tamils
Selangor Indian Entrepreneurs and Professionals
Semparuthi Iyakkam Selangor
Solidarity Group for Peace & Justice in Sri Lanka (South Africa)
Stephen Gatignon, Maire de Serren France
Suaram Malaysia
Sydney Peace Foundation
Tamil Cultural Organization-Belgum
Tamil Forum Malaysia
Tamil Refugee Council
Tamil Solidarity
Tamil Youth Organization Germany
Tamil Youth Organization UK
University of Birmingham Tamil Society
Viraj Mendiz, Internationaler Menschenrechtsverein Bremen e.V
Wendy Bacon, Professorial Fellow, University of Technology, Sydney
World Tamil Federation – Malaysian Chapter
York University Tamil Students Association


[i] Balasundaram, N. (2013). Sri Lanka: The Intentions Behind the Land Grabbing Process. Retrieved at: http://www.jdslanka.org/index.php/2012-01-30-09-31-17/politics-a-economy/314-sri-lanka-the-intentions-behind-the-land-grabbing-process

[ii] Edrisinha, R. Gomez, M. Thamilmaran, V.T. Welikala, A. (2008). Power-Sharing in Sri Lanka: Consttutional and Political Documents 1926-2008. Colombo: Centre for Policy Alternatives & Berghof Foundation for Peace Support.

[iii] Townsend, M.  (March 2013) Sri Lanka Accused of ongoing abuse and torture of Tamil Prisoners. The Guardian

[iv] (August 2012). Genocidal sex abuse of ex-LTTE cadres becomes routine in North and East. TamilNet. 

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    Useful petition, underlying which probably exists a deep yearning for a return to normalcy and a secular state where the whole is much better than the sum of its parts.

    Sri Lanka has lost untold numbers of highly skilled and competent people, doctors, engineers, brilliant academics and accountants, from all communities – not just Tamils, who would never have left its shores, were it not for the divisive and narrow policies of successive governments targeted against minorities, but which in fact affect everyone. These persons are probably longing to return to a harmonious motherland, where their skills and capabilities can be put to good use and re-build and strengthen our nation.

    Of course, in order for this to happen, good governance and the rule of law must prevail, wherein no single person can have different rights from another. This is probably utopian, but nothing wrong in trying to get there.

    Question is, does it not actually benefit the ruling cabal if as many of the people who stand for such liberal, humanitarian values stay out (or migrate in ever larger numbers), so those in power can continue to exploit the people and plunder the nation’s finances?

    What wicked times we live in!

    • 0

      Ben Dover:

      Stupid argument.

      Human migration, looking for greener pastures, is happening all over the world and happened ever since the civilization began.

      What is your stupid point that some would have never left the shores ?

      why there is human migration among developed countries ?

      • 0

        Stupid answer again Jim Softy. There is difference between natural human migration and artificial political minded planting of people by a government. If you did not realize that the migration instigated by the government by planting people is what the writer was talking about, you are blind. People like you are the curse to Sri Lanka. We have to have an open heart and read the point of views expressed by the writers, not with a bias heart. We can agree or disagree to the writers views, but not misinterpret them. First of all we should be honest to ourselves.

        • 0

          To see the difference you must have the capacity to see.
          To realize something you should be able to think
          To open the heart you must have a heart.
          To interpret you must understand.
          To agree and disagree you must be civilized.
          To Talk about honesty in Sri Lanka we should be stupid.

          You are preaching to a Sri Lanakan is there any point in it?

      • 0

        Here we go again, you are so pathetic Jim.

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        There are a few who would be happy with a bucket of punac. When that is provided to them, that is the world for them. So such maniacs want others also to be like them but punac is only for a bull and who else would want it. Sad thing is bull want understand that.

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      President will face lot of problem because he never had diplomatic principle’s.When the man come to leadership will come out of all his weakness & qualities.

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    Dear Madame Navi Pillai,

    Sri Lankan politician’s are very good in lying and buying people for money or threatening to kill. You may not see many military on the streets or in uniform. You may see fantastic roads and buildings but most of evidences are covered under these developments. People won’t be come forward to tell the truth fearing death but you can get a clear picture by looking at them. I am sure you understand the real face of Sinhala state and state of Buddhism.

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    Remarkable, all but one are diaspora Tamils (you remember, the guys who funded 30 years of terror?) or Tamil sympathisers and Pillay herself is a Tamil. Sure to be a fair investigation.

    • 0

      Pathetic lack of numeracy ….. can you count to even three?

    • 0

      Remarkable, Sinhala Buddhist fundamentalists (remember who sponsored massacre of Tamils for over 60 years of terror)or Sinhala sympathisers and Mahinda to Bandaranaiyaka to DS Senanayake all Sinhala Buddhists (sorry they will change the religion to suit their opportunity) who are criminals.

    • 0


      “Pillay herself is a Tamil. Sure to be a fair investigation.”

      The president,
      The Prime minister
      Almost all ministers,
      Army, Navy, Airforce commanders,
      All Secretaries to Ministries including MOD,
      Chief justice,
      North East Governors,
      Head of Sanghas,
      Central Bank Governor,

      all of the above are Sinhala/Buddhists.

      Sure to be a fair investigations or implementations of justice.

      Don’t forget the constitution itself was written by Sinhala/Buddhists and exclusively for Sinhala/Buddhists, sure to be a fair.

      • 0

        So, you think a vedda will be the best in all those places.

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    Adding to the widely held belief relief to the ageing Tamil National Question can come only from outside pressure as the regime give two hoots to what happens to the Tamils or of the frantic appeals of their leaders, the Govt. unabashedly announces today

    (1) The Police Dept. is now removed from the Defence Ministry and will function under a new Law and Order Ministry – and that too because the LLRC recommended that

    (2) the super-powerful and the ubiquitous Defence Secy. – pronounces at an STF function, it is time for the army to gradually get back to barracks. Lest we forget, this is what the Tamil civilians, their political leadership, India and the world have asked from late 2009.

    That both announcements precede the arrival of the UNHR Commissioner
    Dr. Navi Pillay appears to be purely incidental. The fact the LLRC Report came out many moons ago when efforts to de-politicise the Police should have been instantly acted upon – is also meant to be sheer coincidence. Mrs Pillay is likely to wonder why a hardened Army man is made head of the new Ministry whereas natural law and prudence would have resulted in the choice falling on one of several IGPs or Senior DIGs living. Or is the regime insistent in retaining its unenviable reputation for appointing square pegs in round holes.

    Is the President’s absence from the country in visiting that former Soviet satellite Belarus as Mrs.Pillay arrives and stays in the Island some sort of eerie and mystic message. For all we know Belarus bears very little economic or political significance to us except the importance of their Votes in international fora when Sri Lanka is lined up for clarification. If one were to hazard a guess, the experienced and weather beaten Mrs Pillay will be arriving fully expecting discourtesies and surprises of all sorts. But that she represents the powerful UN that has much influence globally is something that our policy makers should not make a mistake in. She holds a much higher rank than what our lot can err with and should not be denied the respect that is due to her. We must only bite what we can chew. Anything more can choke us to death.


    • 0

      Main reason Tamil leaders declared war against Sri Lanka at Waddukkoddai in 1976, is to divide it. We are told most Tamils supported division because they have their grievances. When scholars pointed out that, Tamils demanded division since long before independence, Tamil leaders switched the grievances claim for a new need named aspiration. And this Tamil aspiration is nothing but to create a Tamil country for Tamils have none.

      A man named EVR Periyar of India tried to have a separate country for Tamil way back in the 1920s. It was ‘Dravida Nadu for Dravidians’. It is Periyar and not Jinna who started a campaign to divide India first. However, all Dravidian except Tamils accepted power sharing in one Tamils changed the slogan to ‘Tamil Nadu for Tamils’. In 1963, Tamils separatists contested then Madras state elections for the first time on a separatist ticket. But Nehru introduced the 16th Amendment to Indian constitution to ban any separatist contesting any election in India.
      And the kith and kin of Periyar shifted their campaign for a separate country for Tamils to Sri Lanka as ‘Api Demalu’ or ‘elewanana thami theyeeneto’.

      When Rajive Gandhi forced JRJ to ram 13A as a solution for the so called ‘Tamil National Question’ not just LTTE, most Tamils rejected 13A out right. Ragtag terrorist, Pirapakaran and gang waged a war with mighty India to avoid 13A. Hate was so much against 13A, Pirapakaran killed Gandhi aftermath in revenge.

      But, today LTTE proxies are contesting PC elections to rule the North under 13A. Rump LTTE are clamoring to back the LTTE proxies. But none has given up or discarded the original Waddukkoddai war demands. What’s the game?

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    * Can Ms Navanetham Pillai , the UN High Commissioner be a Impartial Investigator?.

    * Aren’t there any conflicts of Interest?.

    These are the two most important issues that the great majority of the Srilankan Inhabitant population are concered with.and are anxious and troubled about.

    • 0

      Actually we all will have to agree with K.A Sumanasekara this time. In my opinion they should have sent a Officer like Kamalesh Sharma for this kind of mission. Then only anyone can expect an impartial investigation like Our Ranaviru Army inquiring about their own conduct.

      Also they should have selected a Officer like Vijaya Nambiar along with the above officer in order to avoid conflict of interest and to have a fair investigation.

      Also in my opinion Dr. Mrs. Pillay should avoid to meet Opposition leaders, Human Right Activist’s, Tamil Representatives, Eminent lawyers, Labor Union representatives, Independent Journalists etc. etc. as much as possible as she can get a wrong Ideas from these Individuals and organizations.

      Actually Dr. Mrs. Pillay should meet Independent people like Dr. Mervin Silva, Duminda Silva, Dayasiri Jayasekara, Prof. G.L Priris, Bandula Gunawardana and all Jumpers from the Opposition, because they can express Opposition views well while serving as Govt. members.

      If, Dr. Mrs. Pillay need to know about northern Tamils views she should discuss the matter only with Douglas Devananda. then only she will realize that there is no any problem for northern Tamils including Land Grabbing and militarization in the area.

      If, Dr. Mrs. Pillay need to know about Upcountry Tamils she should only discuss the matter with either Thonda or Digambaram.

      If, Dr. Mrs. Pillay need to know about Independent Journalism she should discuss with only Govt. Independent print and electronic media specially with ITN Chairman Rosmand Senaratna, Mahinda Abesundara and Hudson Samarasingha.

      If, Dr. Mrs. Pillay need to know about Independent Judicial system she should only discuss the matter with Cheap Justice Mohan Peiris and she should avoid Dr. Mrs. Bandaranayaka to avoid White Van.

      If, Dr. Pillay need to know about “Rila Natum”, “Dancing” etc. etc. she should meet with Dayasorry and Paba.

      In case if, Dr. Mrs. Pillay wants to know about Child abuses and rape cases she should meet with Duminda Silva, Saruwa Sunil and Sampath Vidanapathirana.

      If, Dr. Mrs. Pillay wants know about white van, crimes and forced disappearances she only meet with Gota and Anura Senanayaka to have full picture about the subject.

      Since this list will be very long and Dr. Mrs. Pillay has limited time I suggest she meet only with Aadambarakara Thaththa. because nothing will happen today without his knowledge.

      I am sure our Friend K.A Sumane also will agree with my suggestions to have independent investigation.

      • 0

        Lapatiya, why are making my ribs ache all the time.
        I was so busy with some stuff, yet I read your comment after noticing your name, since I knew that your comment would take my stress off.

        Thank you mate for amusing us.

      • 0


        You are a racist.

        You deliberately left out Karuna, Pillayan, Daya Master, KP, …….and other members of Pottu Amman department.

        Your mere mention of Douglas is just a tokenism on your part.

        • 0

          You are a racist.’

          Native, I love Lapatiya’s comment, but I agree with you.
          Lapatiya was so unfair to Muslims too since he forgot to mention our beloved minister of Point – Azwer.
          If Ms. Pillay wants to know about Grandpass Mosque attack or any other attacks she must speak to Azwer or in his absence Faizer Mustapha.

          • 0


            So we both agree ‘Lapatiya’ is a racist.

            It is strange agreement.

    • 0

      what ms pillai is trying to achieve is get to the bottom of events that took place towards the end of civil war. what exactly happened was killing, rape and savagery by primitive black sinhala savages. mahinda, gottabattttea , fonseka and several other sinhala black monkeys in the army involved in the above have to be investigated. these sinhala black savages have to face the full force of the law. as far as i am concerned conflict of interest doesn’t arise here.
      again an impartial investigation is irrelevant here. all ms pillai has to establish the extent of crime committed by primitive sinhala tribe.
      anyway people like you has to be invetigated for arson, rape and forcing your willy into the dead tamil tiger girls.

    • 0

      Of all the 7 billion people in the world, UN found a Tamil woman to check on Moda Singalayas.

      Karma at work – you reap what you sow.

      • 0

        Navi Pillai does not go about as a Tamil. If you ask her nationality, perhaps she will say ‘South African’.


        • 0

          South African Tamil.

    • 0

      The world has agreed that is is impartial. She has come to help Sri Lanka to get back to civilization. That is all

  • 0

    Unlike the Sinhala Kings who were in the forefront of leading the troops during the battles, our leader Rajapakse is running away to Bellarus, from the battle ground during the visit of Navi Pillai. What a Dutugamunu we have in him! At least he could have slept on his bed without running away showing his back to Navi Pillai.

    • 0

      Gota the devil himself is there so will they try a Rajiv failed stunt??

  • 0

    Oh the good and noble president MR is now off to Belarus to duck Ms Pillay. What a coward. His act of being the good nice guy has been exposed and will not work any longer. Good luck to you Ms Pillay- but one word of advice- don’t be misled and hoodwinked by the government stooges and puppets who will try to show you the many good things they have done for the people. Genocide is being done insidiously.

  • 0


    The agenda of Navi Pillay and the abuse of her position against Sri Lanka has been well demonstrated and established.

    She may be powerful (though not to the extent of head of state when in this country). But she cannot (though could be a dream) subjugate the will of a nation to be free from terrorism and separatism.

    Her report may have already been written. She doesn’t need any special courtesies. Just the common courtesy entitled to a visiting foreign dignitary and the legendary Sri Lankan hospitality that is extended to all visitors would suffice.

    • 0


      Surely not the sort of courtesy meted out by Duminda, Mervyn, Gota, … and other decent chaps to their own people.

  • 0

    Tamils in India are no safer.

    Read world news on India.

    But if Tamils are worse off in SL go to South Africa as she did!

    Or to India.

    • 0

      Indians in India are safe.
      Tamils in Tamilnadu are safe.

      Tamils in SL arnt safe.
      Muslims in SL arnt safe.
      Sinhalese in SL artnt safe.

      Where do you suggest the above vulnerable people
      shouldgo to, Swaziland? Uganda? Kazakhstan,
      Ukrain, Seashells, Burma, Belarus?
      or should we send Gankabaraya family on exile
      and we live peacefully here as a big family.

      • 0


        “or should we send Gankabaraya family on exile
        and we live peacefully here as a big family.”

        Good idea, send all criminal minded Sinhala/Buddhists to Bihar, or if you follow the British colonial criminal justice system send them to Andaman Islands (part of India)or Australia. Falkland Island is another viable option.

  • 0

    All the signatories except few were supporting LTTE criminals once. When did these LTTE supporters become “Human Rights activists?”

    Will Pillai ask the S/African government to expel the LTTE criminals hiding in S/Africa with the looted money?

    • 0

      since 1958 when you Sinhala Buddhists burnt Tamil civilians including babies and pregnant children in the middle of Colombo streets.

      • 0

        A Hindu priest in Pandura was thrown in the boiling tar by Sinhala CATHOLICS and not by Buddhists.

        In every riots Christian Sinhalese lead the gangs in Colombo.

        Why are you crying like a fool about Sinhala Buddhists and omitting Sinhala catholics?

        • 0

          Mokkan You only clean Sinhala Buddist toilets. They all stinck, you have to improve on your job or you will lose your pay soon.

    • 0

      This sivanathan is a fake sinhalese who hides behind Tamil name. Have some guts to appear with your original identity.So all the sinhalese who carried out 1983 black july and the JRJ who supported it are innocent and only the LTTE is the terrorist? There were two types of terrorist wh caused the hell, one LTTE and another is of your sorts.

      • 0

        But you dont know how LTTE and UNP created the 1983! It was a joint venture of LTTE,UNP and Catholic Church.

        Can you explain why did the so called Tamil champion LTTE joined the same UNP in 1987?

        Further you are a fool and you expect the Tamils to sing “hosanna” for all the anti-Sinhala racist views of yours. That is why you bark I am not a Tamil.

        Mu.Karunaithy built his political life by barking against North Indians. Now he is happy to do “Raksha Bandhan”. That is the Tamil politics!

        • 0

          I am not spokesperson for LTTE, they deviated their path long back and perished in the end, leading people to miserable state. So why cant you call then UNP as terrorist when you say UNP and LTTE partnered. Why dont you then call Mahinda who has the former LTTE in his party as vice president is also a terrorist. And why do you object when I term the partners of LTTE is also terrorist. And why do you call me anti-sinhala If i blame these trouble makers.

          • 0

            Karuna gave up LTTE terror ideology. After that only karuna became the VP of SLFP.

            So, dont bark like a fool!

            • 0

              Exactly that is what i am saying fool, the definition of terrorism for Srilankan government is whether they support them or not , not based on what they did in past? So as per you one can kill any number and he or she turns to support srilankan government, then he can be accorded to highest political position. Wov what a definition of terrorism.

            • 0


              “Karuna gave up LTTE terror ideology. After that only karuna became the VP of SLFP.”

              It is interesting, Karuna was instrumental in perpetrating all kind of heinous crimes against all races. Renouncing LTTE ideology alone has qualified him to be made SLFP VP.

              This does not say much about Karuna but about the party which embraced him as a patriot. What a forgiving people these SLFP leaders are.

              Good example of morality in action.

            • 0

              Mokkan he gave up to who. Take shelter in his shadow. You are right Karuna is a hero for some of you. But he is more itelligent than you Mokkan.

        • 0


          “But you dont know how LTTE and UNP created the 1983! It was a joint venture of LTTE,UNP and Catholic Church.”

          How so?

          “Can you explain why did the so called Tamil champion LTTE joined the same UNP in 1987?”

          Its a good question to which I have been trying to find answers from Tamil nationalists.

          However I also have another question for the Tamil LTTE supporting nationalists. Why did VP decide to support MR in 2005 presidential election, preventing RW?

          • 0

            Native you should not ask difficult questions from Mokkan It is not fair. Just because some one have little brain we should not embarrass them. All have to live in this world. Mokkan you go ahead with your little little stuff.

        • 0

          “Can you explain why did the so called Tamil champion LTTE joined the same UNP in 1987?”

          Lol, the LTTE joined the UNP?

      • 0

        No he is a Tamil who worked for the Sri Lnakn government for pea nuts. He is known as MOKKan (his initials among the Tamils because of his foolishness quite unnoticed so he makes these noises to be noticed) Loves his job – cleaning Sinhalese Buddhist toilets. Makes a living out of this. But stinks – understandable because of his job. I didn’t know that he has sold his name as well.

    • 0

      “All the signatories except few were supporting LTTE criminals once. When did these LTTE supporters become “Human Rights activists?”

      Signatures of Kumaran Pathmanadan, Karuna Amman, Pilleyan, Daya Master, George Master are not appearing in this letter. May be Except these guys all the others were LTTE criminals once?

      • 0

        Kumaran Pathmanadan, Karuna Amman, Pilleyan, Daya Master, George Master They are all with government. The government works according to their advise. They are the brains in the government. They all participated in massive murder mayhem and crime. Now they are in the correct place that is where they belong to with murderers rapist kidnappers etc. But I dont think they can match with the Sri Lankans when it comes to lying. A long way to go in this. Soon they will catch up. I hope.

    • 0


      “Will Pillai ask the S/African government to expel the LTTE criminals hiding in S/Africa with the looted money?”

      Could you name and shame them.

      • 0

        Regi, the chief of TRO and wanted by INTERPOL and his wife! One example is given.

        • 0


          “Regi, the chief of TRO and wanted by INTERPOL and his wife! One example is given.”

          If you are damn sure about their where about as a civic duty you should inform the local police.

          • 0

            I informed the INTERPOL.

            • 0


              “I informed the INTERPOL.”

              Why hasn’t Interpol taken any actions against them?

              So you consider yourself an informer.

            • 0

              Mokkan that is not INTERPOL it is INTERPOO you are working with. The smelly stuff.

      • 0

        She will decide what to ask to whom to ask and when to ask? She is now in a place to do some humanitarian operation and help that country to bring it back to civilization. The world cannot afford to have uncivilized people.

  • 0

    Ben Dover’s stupid point is infact a “stupid” thought.
    Did not Pillay get the message t5hat at this juncture even Belarus is more important than Pillay visit.

  • 0

    List of suspensions[edit source | editbeta]

    Member Suspension began Suspension ended
    Nigeria 11 November 1995[1] 29 May 1999[2]
    Pakistan (first time)
    18 October 1999[3] 22 May 2004[4]
    Fiji (first time)
    6 June 2000[5] 20 December 2001[6]
    Zimbabwe 19 March 2002[6] 7 December 2003[7]
    by leaving the Commonwealth
    Fiji (second time)
    8 December 2006[8] Ongoing[nb 1]
    (second time) 22 November 2007[10] 22 May 2008[11]
    The 2006 suspension applied only to membership on the Councils of the Commonwealth, a full suspension followed on 1 September 2009.[9]

    This suspension extended the exclusion to cover all Commonwealth meetings, sporting events and the technical assistance programme (with an exception for assistance in re-establishing democracy).[9]

  • 0

    Global Citizens corrupt Pillay’s open mind even before she begins her holiday in Paradise.

    Pillay has a daunting task of digging into attrocities of the past 30 years………… Will velu wake up to meet her will the ltte proxies do that honours???????

  • 0

    Global citizens = STATELESS citizens

  • 0

    Does the CT has any evidence of Rape by military?

    But we can provide many rapes of LTTE!

    • 0


      “Does the CT has any evidence of Rape by military?”

      Those who raped those women are the key witnesses.

      Did army call for witnesses to come forward and give evidence in an independent inquiry supported by witness protection schemes?

      Don’t insult the victims just because you have this anti LTTE pro SLFP mindset. These are women and vulnerable.

      • 0

        You know how the VVT LTTE raped and killed LTTE women in Vakarai. First you make some comments on those rape by the the VVT smuggler lead LTTE!

        • 0


          “You know how the VVT LTTE raped and killed LTTE women in Vakarai.”

          Thanks for informing this incident.

          Tell us what had happened LTTE women.

        • 0

          Even the Sri Lankan government did not say it. If you are saying it there is manything drastically wrong. Or you are still reading the outdated script from your paymasters. I hear there is a new one out. Get hold of it soon or you will lose your pay.There are so many Vets dogtors in the Sri Lankan camp. Get yourself treated before you harm yourself you know your paymaster doesn’t give you sick leave

  • 0

    When a killer in leadership this happens, now their new target is Muslims in the country…I myself is a buddhist.. but hate this hatred against Muslims… Good luck Mr. President.

    • 0

      We Muslims are to be blamed for the ongoing hatred against us because we have rejected moderate Sufism and started to follow extreme Wahhabism.

  • 0

    Ms.Pillai wellcome to Sri Lanka.You are very famous among UNCHR Commissioners so far appointed by the UN in recent History.You know why?It is Because of you appoint to Genocide Sinhala Leaders(MR& His Army) those who are responsible for eradicate World famous Terrorist organization (LTTE ) from this world.Your task is, to some or other to punish our leaders.To stop Signhalization and to start Tamilization.Sorry to say that in openly, so far you have a behave very impartially to show us but your task is to carryout full fill aspiration of Western countries promises to their supporters,Voters,Funding organization.This was planed ground level several years period by this organisations .Please note that’s why we are not happy your visit to Sri Lanka.One day You may realized who had created this nasty things to violate our peaceful country? It is none other than Indian Leaders Trained and fund them(Tamil youths.To shoot their own leaders not supported their task.Then Robbed State Bank and killed all Sinlhalse and Muslim people living that Area.(North & East) then it spread to Colombo and other cities.1.Please Ms. Pille, Punished them.LTTE them selves punished them certain extent.
    2. Punished all the western Countries supply arms and fund them during past 30 years.
    3.Punished all the Lawyers those who help bogus asylum Application in those countries to the Non Sri Lankan Tamils/ Those who are not effected this conflict to claim using to ruin our image our /country.
    4.So, Called human Rights organization to lie them and filled their web sites out of this conflicts.
    5.To MP and leaders those who are gain their political power using votes from this bogus aliments.average of them are citizens and visiting our country and running large Business as well.


  • 0

    If Tamils are so badly raped in SL, GET OUT OF SL!

    What is the point in consenting to live in SL when this happens?

    Either this is a fabrication or Tamils agree to what is happening to them.

  • 0

    NAVI PILLAI whether from South Africa, India, Sri LAnka USA, UK or Canada, YOU ARE A TAMIL.The UN was incorrect in getting you to investigate TAMIL atrocities in Sri Lanka
    and you have not replied my following letter to you….

    From: James Corea [mailto:jcorea@teksavvy.com]
    Sent: Saturday, August 24, 2013 7:48 AM
    To: ‘cynthia.veliko@one.un.org’
    Cc: H.M.B Herath Deputy Consul General; Sri Lanka High Commission / Ottawa; (kparanavithana@gmail.com)
    Subject: Sri Lankan Sinhalese victims murdered by the Terrorist TAMIL LTTE the UN wants to forget
    Importance: High

    To:- HE Navi Pillay, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
    C/O Cynthia Veliko, Human Rights Advisor
    UN Office of the Resident Coordinator
    202-204, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 7
    Your Excellency,
    I abhor atrocities committed by anyone during the 30 year war in Sri Lanka – you are investigating.
    Your investigation without favor to the TAMILS only is welcomed.

    Every perpetrator (Sinhalese or Tamil) of an atrocity must face justice.

    Please investigate the following also and bring the perpetrators to face justice,
    not only the atrocities against the TAMILS you seem to favor.

    (Warning – some of the links are graphic.)

    Keep your audio on
    Sri Lankan Sinhalese victims murdered by the Terrorist TAMIL LTTE the UN wants to forget
    Spare a moment in prayer and meditation during this time in Remembrance, for the following Sri Lankan victims – the UN wants to forget, but whom we Sri Lankans are forever indebted to …………..Only Some of the Bomb Blasts and innocents killed are listed…………..

    Abimanpura LTTE Terrorists attack a civilian bus 18 killed by Tamil LTTE

    Moratuwa Bomb Blast 2008.06.06 19 killed by Tamil LTTE

    Piliyandala Bus Bomb Blast on 25th April 2008 at 6.40 PM 10 killed by Tamil LTTE

    Katubedda 20 KILLED by Tamil LTTE

    Anuradhapura MORE THAN 120 KILLED by Tamil LTTE


    Polgolla, Kandy by Tamil LTTE

    Dambulla -18 killed by Tamil LTTE

    LTTE killed 9 school children in Colombo by Tamil LTTE

    LTTE Terrorist Bomb Blast in Nugegoda by Tamil LTTE – 28 Nov 2007

    Bomb Blast in Colombo by Tamil LTTE – Detail News 16/05/2008

    Colombo-Fort RailwayStation

    LTTE Terrorist Blast Another Bus Bomb – Sep 16 2008

    Social Services and Social Welfare Ministry by Tamil LTTE

    Slave Island 4 killed by Tamil LTTE

    Mt. Lavinia, Sri Lanka Bus Bomb – killed by Tamil LTTE 23-02-2008

    Bomb explosion at Dehiwela 7 killed by Tamil LTTE

    68 killed by Tamil LTTE at DEHIWELA Railway Station

    Dehiwela Zoo by Tamil LTTE

    LTTE Terrorists Bomb Kills 4 Including 2 School Children by Tamil LTTE

    LTTE Attack Kebithigollewa 26 killed by Tamil LTTE

    Escaping civilians from LTTE hostage

    See IT From Your Eyes : How LTTE Terrorists Shoot Innocent Civilians

    Minister Lalith-Athulathmudali killed by Tamil LTTE
    Minister Gamini Dissanayake Killed by Tamil LTTE

    Prime Minister Premadasa Killed by Tamil LTTE

    Minister Jeyaraj Fernandopulle- killed by Tamil LTTE

    General Ranjan Wijeratne -killed by Tamil LTTE
    Gen Janaka Perera- killed by Tamil LTTE
    General Denzil Kobbekaduwa -Killed by Tamil LTTE
    .……and many many others whom I may have missed.
    May they Rest in Peace – they sacrificed themselves for us and our future generations……………………………….


    James Corea

    3220 Forrestdale circle
    L5N 6V4

    Ph. 905 8241301


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