19 June, 2024


Investigate The Links Between BBS And Military – HRW Tells Sri Lanka

The Human Rights Watch has called on the Government of Sri Lanka to go beyond simply arresting those carrying out anti-Muslim violence and to step up measures implemented to tackle violence against minorities by investigating and identifying instigators.

In a statement issued by the HRW on Thursday, it’s Director (Asia) Brad Adams had called on the government of Sri Lanka to take a ‘hard look at the role and relationship between extremist Buddhist groups like the BBS and the Sri Lankan security forces’.

Following is the statement:

The Sri Lankan authorities should urgently investigate recent deadly violence against minority Muslim communities, Human Rights Watch said today. The violence, which began on June 15, 2014, after a rally led by the ultranationalist Buddhist Bodhu Bala Sena (BBS) organization, left at least four Muslims dead, 80 injured, and numerous homes and businesses destroyed in the town of Aluthgama and surrounding areas.

GotaSenior government officials, including President Mahinda Rajapaksa, have made public statements denouncing the violence and promising compensation to the victims. However, the government needs to seriously investigate who is responsible for attacks on the Muslim communities. The police have so far detained at least 40 people in the rioting; an additional 16 people were arrested and released on bail.

“Sri Lankan authorities need to do more than arrest those carrying out the anti-Muslim violence. They need to investigate and identify any instigators,” said Brad Adams, Asia director. “That means taking a hard look at the role and relationship between extremist Buddhist groups like the BBS and the Sri Lankan security forces.”

Buddhists and Muslims have previously had conflicts in Aluthgama, about 60 kilometers south of Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. The latest incident was sparked by a minor traffic incident on June 14 between Muslim youths and the driver of a van carrying a Buddhist monk. The BBS held a protest rally the next day purportedly to express concerns for the safety of Buddhists in the area. At the rally, BBS leader Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera, gave a speech claiming that the majority Sinhalese population was in need of protection and that the government security forces deployed at the meeting were against them. Soon after, mobs carrying poles and other weapons went on a rampage, attacking Muslims and Muslim homes and businesses in the town. Even after the government ordered a curfew, Muslim homes and properties were targeted in nearby Beruwala, Welipenna, and Dharga-Town.

In addition to providing prompt relief for those who suffered harm in the attacks, the authorities should create a secure environment for members of all communities. Those who were witnesses to the violence should be able to come forward. Although there have been calls for peace by various religious leaders, the government should also develop a plan with participation from all communities to address the longer-term tensions and create mechanisms for addressing them.

The authorities should also immediately investigate the June 19 attack on Watareka Vijitha Thero, a Buddhist monk, who has campaigned for inter-faith harmony. The police reported finding him with injuries and cuts, and his hands and feet tied. Sri Lankan human rights activists reported that earlier the monk had been publicly threatened by BBS leader Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera.

“The Rajapaksa government has long been ineffectual in holding those responsible for abuses to account,” Adams said. “To end these attacks, the government needs to finally show a willingness to tackle violence against minority populations head on, especially through justice and accountability for the victims.”

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    “The Human Rights Watch has called on the Government of Sri Lanka to go beyond simply arresting those carrying out anti-Muslim violence and to step up measures implemented to tackle violence against minorities by investigating and identifying instigators.”

    They only arrest the Victims who were trying tp defend themselves.

    The Singala Buddhist terrorist rioters are protected by the police.

    These are the facts.

    The Curse of Sinhalese Buddhism,

    • 5

      long awaited secrets surface with the time.

      Just now I happened to watch Sirasa’s this week’s “SATANA” programme. There, JVP canddiate made a very good argument as to why Ms Pillay during her visit to lanka last August did not pay a visit to ” MATHALE GRAVES” that are the ruins of the youth of the country whose lives were taken by Gotabaya and other soldiers being the front runners of the forces. After than only he dissapeared and lived in the states as a petrol shed operator or the like. Ms Pillay could have gone to that grave and collected more if she wanted. Gotabaaya as a US citizen, he would have gotten all kind of problems – as double alleged criminal in the same country he was born to.
      The truth becoming clear to us is – we the innocient people are between racial minded fanatics like Gota and the bunch and UNO’s half hearted actions towards their member states.

      • 3

        “Api army” said Gota recently: BBS Gnanasara said, Sinhala army, Sinhala police, and Mahinda sayshe can’t ban BBS; so the logical conclusion is ‘Api BBS’ Am I wrong?

        Api Demamalanta thuna, theng Marakalayata thenava!

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    BBS is open about anti-Muslim and anti-minority communities. The Defense Secretary Gotabaya who is also a sibling of the president Mahinda Rajapakse attended the inaugural meeting of this racist extremist group. Gotabaya has been accused of involvement in abductions, torture and instigated shooting of surrendered LTTE cadres.

    The government will not investigate the relationship between the military and BBS. However, the military or police will be appointed to white wash the riots and put the blame on any or few countries of those international groups that were supportive of UN HRC resolution which was behind the international investigation of alleged violations of human rights and international laws.

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    HRW is asking for the impossible. Gota’s military and police, will never investigate this connection with a terrorist entity like BBS.
    The truth will be ugly, and they will not want the rest of the world to know it.

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    This is a direct warning to Gota.
    This is what ‘illagena kema’ means. Gota who is obsessed with power went blind in spite of foul mouth and hollow head.

    This bull didn’t have an atom of brain or sense to realize that the International community has been waiting for one wrong move.
    He didn’t realize what would be the repercussions or how bad it will effect the country as a whole.
    Nitwit Gota himself allowed the people to criticize him publicly.
    Lost his credibility (if he had any among some people). Some ministers, Some opposition MPS, Some religious leader and the Media personals openly and publicly pointing fingers directly at him at ease.

    An idiot is an idiot is an idiot, doesn’t matter how high position he holds.

    • 1

      This man wears white, but it has been soaked by the blood from the crimes he commited directly than indirectly. This country to see that no ministers have powers, and no senior citizens have guts to react are all because president has no power to go against this megalomaniac brother. HOw can this man ever be a brother – people see him as if they saw BLOOD sucker that is born to destroy the humanity. Roadas and other cleaning programs have been doen by force… but we are not in china people are not used to forceful steps, if some would lound against, MRS B, Wijetunga and CBK all they ran govts with more right given to the people. Victor IWAN the [Edited out] of th enation should wake up and voice against these brutal state. Media can transmogrify the prevailing situ into a positive one with backing of masses that seek only peace. Why not they act whether they can ever act – are also connnected with this [Edited out] Gotabaya… Premadasa found in pieces, whether these buggers would even deserve a normal death is more than questionable.

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    The BBS is entrenched in the military now. It is part of the military apparatus.

    Sengodan. M

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      Wahhabi extremists have pushed Muslims to become fundamentalists and that in turn made the BBS a phenomenal success among Sinhala Buddhists. And that’s the truth.

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        The born racist Sinhala/Buddhist do not need Wahhabis to make them extremists.

        You see others as an excuse for your own racism but the fault lies with the bigoted racists like you and the state which turns a blind eye to what is clearly a Sinhala/Buddhist orchestrated violence.

        Being a Sinhala/Buddhist does not give you the right to lie, deceive, …….. harm and then blame the victims.

        Were you being sexually abused by your relatives when you were a child?

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    ► President rajapaksa say shut up ::::: what kind of president is he

    ► Buddist with a girl
    [Edited out]
    ► Buddist beating up a Fashion bug employee

    ► Read the Quran to learn the truth about Human Being what is our purpose in this life, this world is just test for human being. what happen after death.

    ►CHAPTER 67
    02. He who created death and life-to test you-as to which of you is better in conduct. He is the Almighty, the Forgiving.


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    Link is Buddhism, in name only, because the Noble Precepts of the Dhamma is being conveniently ignored.
    Note….It is not Sinhala because there are Buddhists and Christians.
    Also note…..anticipation of future Buddhist votes.

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    I am amazed why HRW do not call to investigate how Tawheed jihadis have destroyed Sufis mosques and burned 150 houses of their followers and succeeded clamping down their moderation and traditionalism in Sri Lanka.

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    Reminds how true the recent past about 5 years ago Muslim businessmen were kidnapped by white vans and demanded ransom of millions of rupees,,, there was high speculation that Gota was behind this,, it all unravels now !!!! alas it was Gota who started this anti muslim campaign

  • 1

    Who is the President of Sri Lanka? – is it that BBS Goon Gnanasara or is it Mahinda Rajapakse?
    The President is Pinching the Baby and rocking the cradle as well.
    You cannot go on like this Mr. President. If you do not contain your brother Gotabaya and the BBS Goons, what sort of president are you? or
    Are you too in cahoots with these rascals?

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    Really HRW?!?!

    you need an investigation to find an open secret?

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    HRW – You don’t really expect the President (greatest nepotist of all time) to investigate the racist and criminal acts of his own brother Gotabhaya, do you?

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    Who would NOT agree to see thing would end up to the very same manner as it was the case with Premadasa.. here I refer the future of Gotabaya ?
    Would the masses mourn upon such destiny ? NO:.: they would even eat kiribath to the very same manner they celebrated so called war victory killing and murdering own citizens. Germany even today would not talk about grave incidents, but so called our sinhalaya dare to do so. Can you imagine guys ? This kind of bitches sons can even murder us all oneday for their political survival. Rajapkshe have gone all beyond margins.
    I wish any good leader would come forward to lead this manipulated nation. Rajapakshe should either leave country or get destroyed within their clans.

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