26 May, 2022


Iraq & Racist Neo-Imperialism

By Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

Izeth Hussain

I see international relations partly in terms of an attempt to build a new world order which has as its obverse side a new imperialism. A striking illustration of this ambivalent movement is provided by the case of Iraq. An important stage in the attempt to establish a new world order was reached in the Gulf War against Iraq in the first half of the ‘nineties. It will be remembered that America and the West had the backing of the third world which quite rightly saw Iraq as engaged in neo-imperialist behavior in annexing Kuwait. There were other developments in the ‘nineties which also suggested that the West genuinely wanted to establish an equitable new world order. Western help over Kosovo and Bosnia, for instance, could not be squared with the image of an Islamophobic West. It is understandable therefore that in his exchange of letters with Bush prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Blair should have referred to the need to establish a “new world order”.

It has to be expected, of course, that the West would want to establish not just another new world order but one that is favorable, or at least one that is not inimical, to what it conceives of as its legitimate interests. That should be understandable because, after all, who in his right mind would do anything that runs counter to his legitimate interests? At this point we must consider the significance of an important fact. It is the powerful countries of the world, not the others, who would want to establish a new world order because it is only they who have the power to accomplish that. At the moment they consist of the US, the EU, Russia, Japan, China, and India. They will be joined by others in the future, notably the Arab world, or – considering the enormous cohesive power of Islam – the Islamic world as a whole. So a new world order has to be a projection of power, and power of course implies unequal relations between the powerful and the powerless, which could range from loose hegemonic leadership to outright control and domination. Consequently the attempt to construct a new world order that would be beneficial for everyone could be an ambivalent movement leading to its obverse of neo-imperialism.

How does my theory sketched out above fit the case of Iraq subsequent to the Chilcot findings? The exchange of letters between Blair and Bush in the years preceding the 2003 invasion of Iraq – of which only the letters of the former are available – clearly shows that Blair believed that a US-British intervention in Iraq to effect regime change would advance a new world order. A point of the greatest importance is that he did not conceive of the new world order in terms of a multi-polar world consisting of several power centers, which has come to be the normal and almost universal expectation today. He conceived of it rather as a universalist world order based essentially on democracy and the rule of law. It is a noble conception with which I am entirely in sympathy, because the alternative conception of a multi-polar world order carries with it neo-imperialism on its obverse side. But there is an ambiguity about it, coming as it does from Tony Blair, notoriously a brutish and utterly unprincipled person. Probably what he has in mind is a new world order in which the Anglo-Saxon powers have a dominant position, and none of the others really count.

The question that has to be addressed at the moment is whether Bush and Blair were sincere in wanting to promote a new world order through regime change and the institution of democracy in Iraq. At this point we must note some awkward facts. The US has been traditionally ferociously antagonistic to democracy in the third world countries, as shown by its very horrible record of neo-colonialism in Latin America and elsewhere. In recent times, the world has come to accept that a new world order has to be built on democratic foundations, and the US now ostensibly favors democracy. But as Noam Chomsky and others have pointed out the US favors change to democracy in the third world only if the resultant regime is favorable to the US. There are many who believe that that is the main reason why the transition to democracy is proving to be peculiarly difficult in the Arab world unlike in other parts of the Islamic world, such as Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia. A point to be noted is that Britain has always been the most enthusiastic supporter of US anti-democratic savagery in the third world. It was legitimate to wonder therefore whether the US and Britain were sincere in wanting to promote democracy in Iraq.

The question of sincerity is not the sort of thing that is susceptible to definitive proof either way through hard evidence on the empirical level. On balance, taking several factors into account, it seems reasonable to conclude that the US in particular cannot be expected to be enthusiastic about promoting democracy in the Arab world. The reason is the American commitment to Israel, an essentially racist commitment, because Israel is seen as the Western fortress to stop the advance of dangerous Asiatic hordes. That was Theodor Herzl’s racist vision of the destiny of Zionist Israel, a vision that requires that the Arab world be kept weak, divided, chaotic, so that it can never pose a threat to Israel and the West. The Israel factor in the yet inchoate new world order/neo-imperialism will be the subject of the next part of this article.

Here I will merely point to a couple of details that seem significant for showing that the US and Britain were never serious about promoting democracy in Iraq. If they were they should have moved towards the holding of free and fair democratic elections, and such elections could not have been democratic unless the partisans of Saddam Hussein were allowed to participate. We must bear in mind that before he became a mad and brutal dictator, the Baath Socialist Party had a very creditable record of performance in both Syria and Iraq. Those two countries were seen as the best hopes for a secular and progressive Arab world that could cope with the pressures of modernity. The other significant detail is that the US/British conquerors dismissed the entire Iraqi army of 400,000 men. Most of them were surely professional soldiers, not criminals. Their reduction to destitution overnight was on a par with the worst outrages carried out by the arrogant Western colonial criminals of the past. The result was that a substantial proportion of those soldiers joined the IS. The indications are that the priority of the conquerors was not to promote democracy but to secure ends favorable to the West.

If the promotion of a new world order based on democracy was not the real objective behind the 2003 invasion of Iraq, what was it? My answer in the next part of this article will try to establish that racism, more particularly Western white racism, is an important component of the neo-imperialism that is shaping up. I quote the following from Raymond William Baker’s One Islam, Many Muslim Worlds (Oxford University Press – 2015) as a helpful preliminary to the argument that I will be developing: “Battered by decades of domestic tyranny, war, and the brutal regime of sanctions, the Iraqi regime on the eve of invasion was little more than a hollow shell. Yet it was a shell that retained considerable importance. As a regional Arab actor, Iraq lent support to the Palestinian resistance and in other ways represented an obstacle to total Israeli hegemony in the Middle East. Moreover, Iraq was an Arab state with cultural and historical weight, unlike the emerging new Arab centers of influence in the Gulf. Finally, Iraq was the site of impressive oil resources”.

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  • 7

    Now this man takes a pause from bashing Tamils and starts bashing Western white:

    He doesn’t say a thing about Muslims killing Christians, Hindus and Shiites in several countries.

    What a lop-sided hypocrite he is!

    • 1

      Dear Izzeth,
      Don’t worry about the ignorant nuts and their virulent propaganda against the Msulims and Islam in general. This is a very normal thing as the Jews of the West have conditioned the thinking of these people in their Mind control programming done throughout the last 200 years history.

      Once, they know the damage done by the bloody Khazarian Jews who are running the world right now, all these scumbags would hide their faces in their sarongs and would run away to avoid the stark truth which is exposed.

      Let them watch this first…..
      if they have the mental strength to grasp what it says with facts and figures…


      and that video will explain ALL THE BLOODY evils going and the mainstream media backed ISLAMOPHOBIA going on in the world that pits the entire world against only one religion that is standing on its evil path…. Islam.

    • 5

      Izeth essays are the Hippocratic Mujra. It is dancing all over everywhere with sleazy moves to catch eyes, no grammatical rhythm. In Pakistan, a revealing actress has been murdered. But Mujra is played in these barbarians’ homes weddings for them to watch and drivel. Basically Sharia and ISIS are synonyms. White washing it as seeking New Islamic World Order is an open fraud.

      Izeth is trying to justify the ISIS by calling it as Islamic world and like the other groups he is citing, he is claiming this group too seeking to establish new World Order. When these self-crowning racists see the world through their racial tint, these kind of convoluted, corruptive jobs sound like an honorable, glorifying, fame earning laurels deeds for them.

      He is referring an Islamic world. “They will be joined by others in the future, notably the Arab world, or – considering the enormous cohesive power of Islam – the Islamic world as a whole.” Do you see what a meaningless composition?

      He is staring with Arab World and comically changes over to Islamic World. That is not just the extent of his concoctions, but the inabilities of his understand of things. There is no damn thing such as Islamic World. Further, he is confused the Middle East to Arab. He doesn’t understand the difference between the Persians and the Arab communities.

      In the world war West captured Germany and Japan. They changed the path the countries following that far. This is similar action to a New World order. They were not Americanization. Japan, still is a Conservative Buddhist country. But the Japanese, in the Marketplace, behave like Americans. That is not what the Islamic world is up to. These guys wants separate unit in Akkaraipattu. Islamic Conversion and Sharia Law has nothing to do with new world Order or even neo colonialism. Britain and France rules most of the Arab, but has left them to keep their religion. Forcing the entire world to become Islam or rape and murder them all is nothing to do with neo colonialism. Izeth doesn’t know the meaning of the political words. What these Islamic world proposing is an outright murder of other religions and races. To substantiate this barbaric, murderous attempt, Izeth is trying to call American initiations as neo colonialism and Islamic World, the ISIS’s murders as sharing in the New World Order.

      It is a comedy when one calls it as “Cohesive Power of Islam” the Muslims killing Muslims and blaming America as it is the one started. Vietnam War is the last war America willfully fought. Then the Mother of all wars, The Islamic War of Iranian revolution came. This is what spilled into Iran-Iraq war. That what spilled into Iraq- Kuwait war. When Iraq invaded Kuwait, American President Bush said” it is ok. It is their war. We are not in that.” It is Saudi wanted the war fought. It accepted almost all the cost of the war. Then America, by the pressure of Saudi, as reason to enter into war, said that as Kuwait is its friend it will lead the war. America gave arms to Taliban to fight with Russia. As a Hakeem, Izeth, Ahamed Nazeer style faith, Taliban, after capturing Afghanistan, turned guns on America through Osama Bin Laden. So Junior Bush went to Afghanistan. It is not just Bush; even Clinton had fought limited operation with Saddam as he is always looking for fight. WMD is also propaganda. But, American State Secretary Colin Powell resigned his post on that accusation that the information given to him was not correct. There is no history on Lankawe or Arab World like that. Kathirgamar was number one liar. He was killed by his masters. Now Mangala has beaten Kathirgamar’ s record on lying. He keeps changing the stories as he did not say that or this, but he is not ready to resign his post for any of that misinformation. We saw what Wijeyadasa did on Avant Garde. There were death in Iraq by Western operation. It has no comparison with the single day of terrorist attack death in Iraq. Islam is the most divided religion. Other religions too have sectors, but they do not carry out that kind of mass murders like Islamist carrying out on their fellow divisions. There is no Cohesion. When two thieves accidentally meet at one target, they, instead of destroying each other, get together and steal. This is the part they practice when they come across other religions. But all other times they behave like mafia drug lords, right away one put off other to grab other ones business too. There is nothing to denote in thsee rowdy acts with a sophisticated word of Cohesion. There is no “Cohesive Power of Islam”.

      Islamic dream of ruling the world is only a dream. If the Arbs do not fix their problems they will be fixed like Germany and Japan in the World War II. Pushing it too far as “Islamic world is seeking” New world order is a dangerous proposition. By this type of writing, Izeth like Muslim are writers strengthening only BBS, Ravana Balaya’s hands. Sending this type of subliminal messages to a sector of minority community will confuse them and eventually destroy them. Lankawe governments will not appreciate Muslims going out of the border with the name of cohesion and participating in creating new Islamic New World Order, that is these days recognized by all as ISIS activity.

      India and America has been meeting to discuss the new ISIS infiltration in Lankawe. Even the Lankawe Police has expressed concern and has said they are watching. Writer like Izeth, Latheef has to watch out before spreading racisms. If they forcefully invite ISIS they will pay the price. This is not with limited object of freedom seeking LTTE, which was only with North and Tamil Boys.

  • 3

    Izeth Hussain

    RE: Iraq & Racist Neo-Imperialism

    //”How does my theory sketched out above fit the case of Iraq subsequent to the Chilcot findings? The exchange of letters between Blair and Bush in the years preceding the 2003 invasion of Iraq – of which only the letters of the former are available – clearly shows that Blair believed that a US-British intervention in Iraq to effect regime change would advance a new world order.”//

    //”If the promotion of a new world order based on democracy was not the real objective behind the 2003 invasion of Iraq, what was it? My answer in the next part of this article will try to establish that racism, more particularly Western white racism, is an important component of the neo-imperialism that is shaping up.”//

    Thanks for a succinct and intrusive write up.

    That was the Plan of the the Great Satan and the Minor Satans.

    The Satan after a “Project” a New Satanic order, will lease death and destruction its wake.

    This is what we have seen in Afganistan, Iraq, Libya. Syria.

    The New Great Game of the 21st century of the New Imperialism and White Racism.

  • 8

    Israel Did not fall from the Sky suddenly.
    They were there for million years, then the Arabs Chased them away.
    So why not Live and let live to be practiced.
    At least Zionist Israel has some human rights,
    But so called Muslim foolish Arabs are the Worst human rights VIOLATERS AND avoiders.
    Now they have become Slave traders for the new world.
    And the Arab thinks the world should follow what they say, As WHAT IS HAPPENING NOW IN racist Muslims DOMINATED ARAB WORLD.

    • 3

      Julampitiye Amaraya

      Your Comments need correction and editing to stay close to the currently known facts, not myths.

      Q1.”Israel Did not fall from the Sky suddenly.”

      No. They came from Africa, like the other Homo Sapiens about 70000 years ago. Check theit DNA.

      Q2. “They were there for million years, then the Arabs Chased them away.”

      No. At best about 70,000 years. along with the the Cannontes, and others and later Arabs.


      The Arabs conquered about 1300 years ago. However, not all the so-called Arabs, are not the “Original Arabs” from the Arabian Peninsula. They were natives who either converted or used Arabic as the Language.

      The Jews are now chasing away the Arabs, just the same way they chased the Cannoites, using Religion as the basis.

      Before that, the Jews came the Mesopotamian region and chased away the original natives, Cannonites etc. Read the old testament. Read the Old Testament.

      The Para-Sinhala came to the Land of Native Veddah Aethho and Chased away the Original Natives, and later brought their Para-Beliefs, and using the Mahawansa, as theit basis, to excuse others.


      Yes. It should not be like that. Ask the Cannonites ( Chased by the Jews), Jews ( Chased by the Romans), Other Natives ( Converted by the Arab Muslims) and Arabs ( Chased by the Jews).

      Q5. “So why not Live and let live to be practiced.”

      They ALL are handicapped by Religious MYTHS of REVELATION. That required accepting the beliefs and Theology blindly with out any Reason or common sense. For Example both the Jews and Arabs circumcise boys, they remove the foreskin that was perfected by evolution over hundreds of thousands of years.

      Q6. “At least Zionist Israel has some human rights,”

      That is because Zionism originated in Enlightened Europe AFTER the AGE OF REASON. whereas the Arabs stated with the middle ages “Traditions”

      Q7. “But so called Muslim foolish Arabs are the Worst human rights VIOLATERS AND avoiders.”

      They were not so fooling to begun with 1.300 years ago. Then they inbred and in-bred, by marrying their cousins and other close relatives repeatedly. Their heaths deteriorated and their IQ’s dropped over generations, and the Ulema, who could not think much prevailed. Reason and Philosophy were downgraded, and labelled as the work of the Devil. The Early Islamic Scientists and Philosophers were not of Arabic Ethnic Stock. They were Persians, Central Asians or Andalusian, of North African Extraction, even though the Language was Arabic at that time, just like English today.

      Once, they started following Wahhabism, Salafism and its clones, they became the worst human rights offenders. Wahhabism, Salafism and its clones follow the Devil, Satab, Iblis.

      Q8. “Now they have become Slave traders for the new world”

      They were always slave traders. Arab tradition allowed for slave treading, just like the Western Christian Tradition did for a ling time. It was the Age of Reason and Enlightenment that put a stop to this Slave Trade in the West.

      Islam also allowed for slaves, even though not fully encouraged, because it sprang from the medieval Arab Culture. Saudi Arabia had official slavery until 1960, but now they have unofficial slavery.

      Q9. “And the Arab thinks the world should follow what they say,”

      That is because they are Stupidest among the people, along with the Sinhala “Buddhists”, and theit Cousins Tamils, and they have generally low Average IQs and dominated or influenced by their Ulema, Mullahs or Monks, who BELIEVE, that Revelation and Scripture is the absolute truth, and the Idiotic Low IQ masses follow them.

      They all believe that Stupidity is a Virtue.


      The Answers to Q 1-9, contains the answer to Q10 above.


      • 0

        Julampitiye Amaraya and tinpotjihadi

        RE: How religion rots the mind

        See what happens when people follow the Devil, Satan, Iblis, instead of Following God.

        Recruited by the Devil, Satan and Iblis and his Followers. Do the Wahhababis, Salafis and their clones follow the Devil, Satan, Iblis? The Data Supports that.

        Do they get 72 Virgins, or 72 Raisins?

        Published on Jun 16, 2015
        How religion(Islam) turns someone into a terrorist
        Phases of Radicalization


  • 2

    Chilcot commission, Brexit are all good example how dumb the how narrow minded the politicians are. they had power and they behaved like monkies and destroyed the world.

    Even with their decade old experience they could not understand it.

    They simply made Iraq and Libya failed states. Now those countries are ancient arab tribal war lords reigning countries.

    I don’t think the new old order worked. both those countries are goin down more into the mayhem.

  • 0

    The history books tell us that Buddhism and Hinduism was destroyed in Afghanistan but today we are not talking about history; after all, the ongoing Sunni Islamization process continues today in Kashmir, Southern Thailand, Somalia, the Maldives, Yemen and a host of other mainly Sunni Islamic nations. Therefore, while the Dalai Lama enjoys his world tours he remains mainly silent about the beheading of Buddhist children and monks in southern Thailand and clearly says little about the ban on Buddhism in Saudi Arabia. Even worse, the Dalai Lama praises Islam while fellow Buddhists are being slaughtered and persecuted in southern Thailand. Therefore, the Dalai Lama and Western duplicity is the problem because you have countless Christian leaders and politicians saying the same while Somali Christian converts are being hounded down and slaughtered one by one. Their silence and lies is enabling southern Thailand and Somalia to take place and the same applies to the destruction of the Hindu Kashmiri Pandits.

  • 1

    In many parts of the Sunni Muslim world it is clear that their societies are going backwards and not forward. Western leaders and many elites alongside political correctness, mean that you have a media blackout “on reality” and instead every excuse is given and we have “moral relativity.” Yet in the early 21st century it is clear that “the stone age mentality” is still alive in many parts of the world and Sunni Islamic hatred is aimed at non-Muslims and minority Muslim groups like the Ahmadiyya and Shia.

    Indeed, “the stone age mentality” was more progressive than modern day Saudi Arabia. After all, women would have had more freedom in the stone-age period than they do in modern day Saudi Arabia and clearly you had greater religious pluralism in the stone-age period.

    After all, in modern day Saudi Arabia which is the cradle of Islam, it is abundantly clear that females must cover up from head to toe and they must not mingle freely with males. At the same time, no non-Muslim places of worship are allowed and Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, and others, must not pray openly or speak openly about their faith.

    The Shia also suffers enormous persecution in Saudi Arabia because Sunni Islamic fanatics deem them to be infidels. Therefore, converts from Sunni Islam to Shia Islam in Saudi Arabia face persecution. Also, Ahmadiyya Muslims are not allowed to enter Saudi Arabia because they are deemed to be infidels in the eyes of Sunni Islamic elites in Saudi Arabia.

    If Buddhists or Christians, or other non-Muslims, speak openly about their faith in modern day Saudi Arabia then they will face the Sunni Islamic inquisition. This means that they will be questioned by the religious police in Saudi Arabia and they will face the wrath of Islamic Sharia law based on Sunni Islamic doctrines.

    The situation becomes even more alarming when it applies to a Muslim converting to another religion, because this is punishable by death in Saudi Arabia. Given this reality, the Sunni Islamic inquisition is a modern day fact in the land of Mecca and Medina and it is abundantly clear that religious and gender equality is seen to be a threat to Sunni Islam.

    Therefore, females, non-Muslims, or anyone who supports another world view faces the wrath of the ongoing Sunni Islamic inquisition in Saudi Arabia. This applies to all aspects of life and if a Buddhist or Christian male had sex with a Muslim female or wanted to marry a Muslim female; then the penalty would mean death for the non-Muslim male and prison for the Muslim female.

    If nations like the United Kingdom introduced the same system and imposed even 1% of the same restrictions on Sunni Muslims; then liberals, champagne socialists, and the political correct brigade would be attacking the British government and system. However, the same people who care about human rights and equality have “hit a Sunni Islamic brick wall.”

    This applies to a blackout on reality therefore it is fine for Sunni Muslims in various parts of the world, for example in Afghanistan, the Maldives, Saudi Arabia, and Somalia, to support killing all apostates from Islam and to victimize women into becoming shadows. Yet if someone points out the complete backwardness of this system and religion; then you are deemed to be a racist or other terminologies are used in order to silence you into submission.

    Radical white converts to Sunni Islam are also continuing this hatred and Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi who was born Ian Dallas before his conversion to Islam clearly hates the Shia and deems all non-Sunni Muslims to be inferior and worthy of jizya and persecution.

    Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi, the Sunni Islamic Sufi fanatic, states that

    “Jordan, too is split. The mass are modernist but devoid of an ‘Aqida and a Fiqh, while the Rulership openly espouses one-worldist movements and has issued a Declaration accepting the Shi‘a as if it could subsist within Islam. Shi‘ism is not a cancer in the body of Islam, it was a wart which fell off, hence its name.”

    Therefore, Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi is part of the Sunni Islamic hate machine and this non-Muslim did not turn to Islam in order to reach religious enlightenment. On the contrary, he entered the Sunni Islamic hate theory of all non-Muslims and he clearly loathes Shia Islam.

    If we look at the situation in many parts of the world, then it is clear that the Sunni Islamic inquisition is ongoing and non-Muslims are being killed or victimized because of their non-Muslim religion. Also, minority Muslims like the Shia and Ahmadiyya are killed and persecuted by Sunni Islamic fanatics.

    For example, radical Sunni Islamists in Somalia are intent on destroying all things which are deemed to be un-Islamic and in order to do this Islamic Sharia Law is in full swing, alongside intimidation, the killing of Christians, banning music, chopping hands and feet off, and other draconian measures. This society, according to devout Sunni Islamists in Somalia, is meant to be the “new way” and Sunni Islamists state that they are following the teachings of Mohammed and that their theories are based on the Koran and the Hadiths.

    In this sense, radical Sunni Islamists are claiming that it is they, and not liberal Muslims, who are carrying out “real Islam.” In a strange irony, they can claim that this is true because Mohammed stated the following:

    “Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Messenger have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.” Koran 9:29tin

    • 0


      “In many parts of the Sunni Muslim world it is clear that their societies are going backwards and not forward.”

      Very True!.

      1. This All started with the Hamid Al-Ghazali in the 12th Century who promoted Revelation above Reason, Investigation and common sense/

      Stupidest Muslim Vs Neil Tyson – How ideology can ruin intellectual power

      Published on Nov 10, 2014
      This is not a debate between some Muslim and Neil Tyson. But this video shows the thinking of some very well educated 21’st century Muslim (I don’t know he is ignorant, stupid or dishonest. But he is one for sure) and Neil Tyson speaking in a lecture about how Muslims intellectual power ruined by an ideology.


      2. Muslim societies, in addition in-breed, cousin marriages generation after generation, that make the population less healthy and the IQs drop generation after generation.Compare the IQs of Northern Mediterranean and Southern Mediterranean IQs.

      3. The Result is that they have stupid Ulamas, Mullahs and Imams who guide the stupid people, and the population become stupider and stupider. They believe that, Revelation as as taught and interpreted by the stupid Ulamas, Mullahs and Imams is a virtue and follow them blindly.

      Looks like stupidity is a virtue for them, and lose critical thinking abilities. The Saidi Arabian Wahhabi Graduate who took the GMAT Exam scored the Lowest in the World, close to their clones Afganistan.

      Quick Post: L&V’s National IQs predict GMAT scores across 173 nations

      Yes, the GMAT test is administered in English and is designed for programs that teach in English. But the required English skill level is much less than what students will need in the classroom. The exam requires just enough English to allow us to adequately and comprehensively assess Verbal reasoning, Quantitative reasoning and Integrated Reasoning skills….

      The GMAT exam is the best objective measure of the likelihood of success in management programs across the globe.

      Regression Plot: The regression plot for GMAT scores and L&V’s (2012) Estimated National IQs is shown below.



      R-matrix: Based on 117 countries and territories, a 0.91 correlation was found between L&V’s (2012) Estimated National IQs and Altinok et al.’s (2013) National Achievement Estimates. The correlations between these two estimates of national cognitive ability and GMAT scores were, respectively, 0.74 (nations=173) and 0.74 (nations=125). EPI scores significantly correlated with both indexes of national cognitive ability and with GMAT scores. For the 56 countries that had all four measures, scores loaded on a common factor which explained 67% of the variance. English as an official language status was not positively correlated with any of the four cognitive measures. None of these measures of English Usage significantly correlated with GMAT scores.


  • 1

    The noble attempt to build a new order, a peaceful and harmonious world, is not new. That very successful one in the aftermath of WW2, where the defeated German and Japanese were forgiven and successfully rebuilt by a Christian West. This is a shining example of high morality and peaceful coexistence. No revenge, no neck-cutting and no insistence of religious monoism by the victors. The world is richer by the experience.

    It is, therefore, strange to suggest “an important stage in the attempt to establish a new world order was reached in the Gulf War against Iraq in the first half of the ‘nineties..” The importance of the Arab world, economically and politically, has its limitations. The significance of Oil as a rich resource is now a thing of the past. To the thinking civilised world there has been absolutely no doubt at all “the West genuinely wanted to establish an equitable new world order” Trying to invent the wheel of “a new world order” in this 21st century is nothing but an exercise in utter stupidity.

    This “enormous cohesive power of Islam” is a delusion by crazy of Islamists throughout their history surreptitiously dreaming of turning the entire world into a single-Islam reality. All they have succeeded is to earn the ire and suspicion of the entire world and other religions. Where is this cohesion when Islamists in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Turkey, the Middle East are at their throats not only through the Sunni-Shia divide but through many other divisive factors within their own societies.

    “Why the transition to democracy is proving to be peculiarly difficult in the Arab world” is because these societies still suffer from a medieval mindset whereas the spirit of democracy demands education, tolerance, peaceful coexistence with other religions/societies and a secular mindset. This is impossible for countries and societies steeped in their psyche with revenge, blood and the sword.

    “…the real objective behind the 2003 invasion of Iraq..” is a matter that is subject to a multitude of interpretations by different thinkers in different parts of the world. The one that seems to find common ground in most countries is the invasion of Iraq is part of the strategy by Western Powers stung by the decades-old sinister machinations of the Arab world in their desperate agenda to take over the world to global Islam. Such an eventuality would have resulted in the sacking of all other religions and the death of millions of innocent civilians in many countries in the world. The issue that broke the camel’s back for the Islamic world was OBL’s strategy to capture the leadership for them by that insane attack on the very heart of the Capitalist-Christian world and America’s pride – NYC and the WTC. The USA and the Western world cannot be expected to keep quiet. They cannot come out against the entire Islamic world for reasons of political correctness. Therefore, a subtle policy to bring down each and every one of the sponsors of the attack on WTC/NYC appears to has been worked out. Look at the record. OBL, Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi and many other Jihadist champions are all gone. Iran and Turkey are pleading for a working-arrangement with the West. Millions of people in countries that helped plan the destruction of the West – and applauded the destruction of the WTC on 9/11 – are now fleeing to that very same Christian West – for basic food, living and safety. Note they are not fleeing to Islamic Saudi Arabia, UAE or the other wealthy Arab countries – but to the Christian West???? Naturally, in the nature of their culture they are not welcome in these countries – although, momentarily, some countries have grudgingly allowed them temporary shelter.


  • 0

    These are complicated issues, Sir do you realize that Egypt, the oldest Arabic civilization has normalized relations with Israel and have booming economic ties that are beneficial to them now? Sadat was a pragmatic military man with a secular bend. He was able to win by suing for peace and getting Sinai back they would have never won via war. After the 1973 war he and Begin sued for peace with the USA being the broker. End result ? no more war for Egypt.

    Same goes for Jordan. Those two nations have diplomatic ties with Israel for a reason. It is the backward Saudi type nations who want to spread hate to use poor Palestinians but still have secret deals with Israel who stymie peace efforts. Please become enlightened and join the 21st century and adapt. Look at the freedom loving Sri Lankan muslims who live and thrive in the USA and other western nations. Muslim women who love to lead fun relaxed lives in Colombo and travel without being forced to wear a Burqa. Wake up and reform the hateful Wahabists.

  • 0

    The peace treaty between Egypt and Israel was signed 16 months after Egyptian president Anwar Sadat’s visit to Israel in 1977 after intense negotiation. The main features of the treaty were mutual recognition, cessation of the state of war that had existed since the 1948 Arab–Israeli War, normalization of relations and the complete withdrawal by Israel of its armed forces and civilians from the Sinai Peninsula which Israel had captured during the Six-Day War in 1967. Egypt agreed to leave the area demilitarized.

    The peace between Egypt and Israel has lasted since the treaty went into effect, and Egypt has become an important strategic partner of Israel. Binyamin Ben-Eliezer, a former Israeli defense minister known for his close ties to Egyptian officials, has stated that “Egypt is not only our closest friend in the region, the co-operation between us goes beyond the strategic.”

    As part of the agreement, the U.S. began economic and military aid to Egypt, and political backing for its subsequent governments. From the Camp David peace accords in 1978 until 2000, the United States has subsidized Egypt’s armed forces with over $38 billion worth of aid. Egypt receives about $1.3 billion annually

    The agreement also provided for the free passage of Israeli ships through the Suez Canal, and recognition of the Strait of Tiran and the Gulf of Aqaba as international waterways.

    The agreement notably made Egypt the first Arab state to officially recognize Israel.
    Lateef will go into histrionics now.

    On 26 October 1994, Jordan and Israel signed the peace treaty[5] in a ceremony held in the Arava valley of Israel, north of Eilat and near the Jordanian border. Prime Minister Rabin and Prime Minister Abdelsalam al-Majali signed the treaty and the President of Israel Ezer Weizman shook hands with King Hussein. Clinton observed, accompanied by US Secretary of State Warren Christopher. Thousands of colorful balloons released into the sky ended the event.

    Egypt welcomed the agreement while Syria ignored it. However, the Lebanese militia group Hezbollah resisted the treaty and 20 minutes prior to the ceremony launched mortar and rocket attacks against northern Galilee towns. Israeli residents, who were forced to evacuate the towns for the safety of shelters, took with them transistor radios and mobile TVs in order not to miss the historical moment of signing a second peace treaty with an Arab state.

  • 1

    Reader Pinklips does a service to obstinate Jihadi minds educating them with what is really taking place currently in the Islamic world (Arab, Iranian, Turkish and other) That Saudi plan of encouraging Jihadism to buy time for their continued exploitation of the Oil wealth of the Saudi people will come to an end soon. That will be time when Wahabism-Jihadism will gradually ease out and insane Muslim preachers throughout the world – like what is happening today in Egypt, Jordan, Iran and Turkey – will come out of their senses. The Saudis clung on to Wahabism only after there was a popular uprising against them from within in 1979. Wahabism is merely a red herring to buy time until the Saudi royals solidify their investments with Zionist-owned financial institutions in the Western world. The Islamic world and Israel will come to workable terms soon. Palestinians will realise they have been taken for a ride and will insist on their pound of flesh from the Saudis and the rich arabs.

    The option is MAD (mutually assured destruction) The Islamic world had a taste of this in the mid-1980s when the “brotherly-states of Iran and Iraq” tried to obliterate each other from the world map – through the use of banned chemical weapons. Peaceful Islam will survive but the madmen will be hounded out from most Islamic societies. Palestinians and Jews will learn to live with each other in peace – again.


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