18 August, 2022


Is It Game Over?

By Hameed Abdul Karim

Hameed Abdul Karim

Hameed Abdul Karim

‘It is true the brutal beheadings of two journalists were acts of savagery’

When the now renamed Islamic State exploded on the world scene there was shock and revulsion all over the Middle East and the Gulf state. Shock at the lightening speed with which they conquered large swathes of land in Iraq and Syria. Revulsion at the indescribable atrocities the fighters committed in achieving this objective.

At first the US and its satellite states didn’t seem to bother too much about the IS, largely because it was the CIA that had trained sections of the hard core fighters in Jordan. In the first appearance of this terrorist outfit questions arose about the sophisticated weaponry in their possession and the virtually inexhaustible financial resources at their command. Who was funding them? There were reports that they were selling oil worth at least a million dollars a day and that’s where they were getting their finances from. If that is the case who was it that was buying their ‘produce’?  And why wasn’t the US or its allies in the region able to stop their sales? The land the IS had captured had no sea port access and so all such sales had to be overland. The US had actually ‘arrested’ a shipment carrying ‘illegal’ oil ‘sold’ by rebels in Libya some months ago. Why was there no such attempt by anyone to put a stop to this illegal trade?

ISISAll this suggests the IS had support from the US, its satellite states and its allies in the region. Remember ‘caliph’ Abu Bakr al Baghdadi was in US custody for five long years. Add to this the fact that the IS’s enemies, Iran, Hezbollah and Syria also happen to be Israel’s enemies and you begin to wonder whether there is a strategic game at play. Recently there were some clashes on the Golan Heights prior to the kidnapping of UN peace keepers by the Al Nusra rebels. In one such clash an Israeli soldier was reportedly injured and yet Israel had neither retaliated, as it is its wont, nor did it go on a military alert! These incidents were sensational by standards of journalism and yet they were inexplicably under reported.

It looks like IS was set up to topple Maliki in Iraq and Assad in Syria. The first objective has been achieved and now the ‘game’ moves towards Assad. And then it will move to Iran and Hezbollah. The plan is to allow Israel to be the dominant regional power in the region.

Those of us who have watched the antics in the media know that an attack on Syria on the pretext of wiping out I.S is imminent.

It is true the brutal beheadings of two journalists were acts of savagery. It is also true these two atrocities have been magnified in the media so as to win world support for an impending slaughter. Each and every life is precious. And when we read and watch reports of the two cruel beheadings, our minds also must go to those literally thousands of children, men and women who have been slaughtered by Obama’s drone attacks in Afghanistan, Yemen and Iraq. Take note also of the 500,000 children who perished dues to lack of food and medicines because of the US instigated UN sanctions placed on Iraq. These criminal acts were no less brutal in their savagery. In fact these were mass murders. But you won’t find anybody in the west’s media who will know the names of even a dozen of the children who died in Iraq or Afghanistan. Madeline Albright went on public record saying the deaths of these little children in Iraq were justified in order to promote democracy and the rule of law in the Middle East, or words to that effect.

Picture this. Obama having dinner with his wife and daughters in the White House whilst at the same time he orders his drones bomb to bits little children as they sleep on the floor with their parents in hovels in Afghanistan. These slaughters hardly get a mention in the media and yet these are human beings, flesh and blood like you and I and like the Foley and Sotloff.

The exaggerated reports of the IS being a threat to the region, and eventually to the US are just that, exaggerations. The barefaced lies that Bush uttered about WMD’s and Tony Blair’s claim ‘Saddam Hussein can fire a nuclear bombs at London within 45 minutes’, are fresh in our minds. And yet we believe the same liars.

Only the other day it was reported  the CIA had greatly underestimated the IS’s strength. In its latest report they say there are as many as 31,500 fighters and that they are a deadly force. The IS’s military prowess and their ‘threat to world civilisation as we know it’  is also exaggerated to win support for a unilateral bombing spree of Syria without UN approval. 31,500 fighters are not a match for the US’s military machine. Remember how the abilities of Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guards were exaggerated creating a kind of expectation that a huge fight was about to take place and that the US soldiers were putting their lives on line for the hapless Iraqi’s. Now they know they were fighting for Halliburton and the rest of the oligarchy that is the U.S.

Apart from exaggerations there are reports that ‘evilise’ IS’s fighters (no problem there) but the propaganda line is all too familiar. We are told British Muslim women recruits are running brothels for IS fighters. The women are allegedly Zaydis held back for this enterprise. Remember western media reports that Saddam Hussein had sodomised boys? All this is well scripted. Australia’s Prime Ministers goes on TV claiming there are Australian citizens fighting alongside the IS, same goes for Denmark, France and the UK. Whilst this may be true, the figures don’t amount to much, barely 2000 according to the same news agencies which are suspect. All this is intended to create a fear psychosis in the world against Muslims in general and Islam in particular. A similar exercise is taking place in Sri Lanka. For the past three years or so stories of Al-Qaida training camps in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan Muslims being arrested in India for spying for Pakistan’s ISI appear too often in the local media. Up until now India has not produced even a shred of evidence to back its claims.

The hope that Russia might come to Syria’s aid when the real objective of striking at the I.S is to finish off Bashar Al Assad becomes patently clear is also now dashed. Russia has been corralled with sanctions and is too busy fighting its fight to survive. And the Chinese couldn’t care less, until the guns are pointed at them.

All in all it seems the game is over for the IS. But the empire will need a new enemy to continue its hegemony. Who will it be? The empire is sure to come with another one like the I.S. they created. Hilary Clinton had bragged it was ‘we’ who created Al Qaeda. That’s on public record.

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    Obama never orders US drones to “bomb to bits little children” as they sleep with their parents.
    He did order USAir Force to bomb tanks, artillery & ‘fighters’ of the Islamic State.
    IS has executed men women and children by even burying them alive, for refusal to convert to Islam and has vowed to execute all who refuse conversion.
    IS has also executed captured POWs – and, journalists.
    The world has no fear or hate towards muslims or Islam if they respect other religions.
    There is no “fear psychosis” against the Islamic State – only horror and revulsion.
    This monster has no place among humans of the world and must be eliminated.

    All this may show that H.A.Karim is a supporter/sympathiser of the Islamic State.

    • 6

      What Karim is pointing out is that the US and its allies create the monster so that they can interfere in the region. The monster they create (the US hopes) can’t hurt the people of the USA. They don’t care what happens to the innocent people of Iraq and Syria who are going to be ‘collateral damage’ in this latest ‘crusade’ by the west.

      • 1

        Mr. Hameed is Exactly right…..

        I don’t want write too many things….JUST WATCH the following videos….

        The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!:

        Ex-CIA Agent: America creates its own enemies:

    • 0

      Hameed Abdul Karim

      “When the now renamed Islamic State exploded on the world scene there was shock and revulsion all over the Middle East and the Gulf state. Shock at the lightening speed with which they conquered large swathes of land in Iraq and Syria. Revulsion at the indescribable atrocities the fighters committed in achieving this objective.”

      MILITARY & DEFENSE More: Associated Press
      ISIS Bans Teaching Evolution In Iraq’s Second Largest City

      Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/isis-bans-teaching-evolution-in-iraqs-second-largest-city-2014-9#ixzz3Dd9Dt5Wx

      Ken Miller on Human Evolution


      BAGHDAD (AP) — The extremist-held Iraqi city of Mosul is set to usher in a new school year. But unlike years past, there will be no art or music. Classes about history, literature and Christianity have been “permanently annulled.”

      The Islamic State group has declared patriotic songs blasphemous and ordered that certain pictures be torn out of textbooks.

      But instead of compliance, Iraq’s second largest city has — at least so far — responded to the Sunni militants’ demands with silence. Although the extremists stipulated that the school year would begin Sept. 9, pupils have uniformly not shown up for class, according to residents who spoke anonymously because of safety concerns. They said families were keeping their children home out of mixed feelings of fear, resistance and uncertainty.

      “What’s important to us now is that the children continue receiving knowledge correctly, even if they lose a whole academic year and an official certification,” a Mosul resident who identified himself as Abu Hassan told The Associated Press, giving only his nickname for fear of reprisals. He and his wife have opted for home schooling, picking up the required readings at the local market.

      The fall of Mosul on June 10 was a turning point in Iraq’s war against the jihadi group that calls itself the Islamic State. The U.S.-trained Iraqi military, harassed for months by small-scale attacks, buckled almost instantly when militants advanced on the city. Commanders disappeared. Pleas for more ammunition went unanswered. In some cases, soldiers stripped off their uniforms and ran.

      The city would come to represent the expanding power and influence of the extremist group, which was born in Iraq but spread to Syria, where it grew exponentially in the chaos of the country’s civil war. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the group’s reclusive leader, made his first video appearance in Mosul in July to announce his vision for a self-styled caliphate — an Islamic state — of which he would be the caliph, or leader.

      Part of the Islamic State group’s core strategy is to establish administration over lands that it controls to project an image of itself as a ruler and not just a fighting force. In parts of Syria under its control, the group now administers courts, fixes roads and even polices traffic. It recently imposed a curriculum in schools in its Syrian stronghold, Raqqa, scrapping subjects such as philosophy and chemistry, and fine-tuning the sciences to fit with its ideology.

      In Mosul, schools have been presented with a new set of rules, advertised in a two-page bulletin posted on mosques, in markets and on electricity poles. The statement, dated Sept. 5, cheered “good news of the establishment of the Islamic State Education Diwan by the caliph who seeks to eliminate ignorance, to spread religious sciences and to fight the decayed curriculum.”

      The new Mosul curriculum, allegedly issued by al-Baghdadi himself, stresses that any reference to the republics of Iraq or Syria must be replaced with “Islamic State.” Pictures that violate its ultra-conservative interpretation of Islam will be ripped out of books. Anthems and lyrics that encourage love of country are now viewed as a show of “polytheism and blasphemy,” and are strictly banned.

      The new curriculum even went so far as to explicitly ban Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution — although it was not previously taught in Iraqi schools.

      Abu Hassan and his fellow residents acknowledge the risks involved in keeping the children at home, but say that protecting their minds is equally important. “They will brainwash them and contaminate their thoughts,” he said.

      This past weekend, some families said that a new statement from the Islamic State group began circulating through the city, demanding that students show up for class on Tuesday. Others said they never received the notice.

      isis books
      A fighter, third from right, with the al-Qaida-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) distributes copies of the Quran, Islam’s holy book, to local residents in central northern city of Mosul, 225 miles (360 kilometers) northwest of Baghdad, Iraq, Sunday, June 22, 2014.

      Since the earliest days of the militant onslaught on Mosul, some residents who have remained have welcomed the insurgents wholeheartedly, while others have risked death to protect their city and assert their defiance. In July, militants threatened to blow up its most prominent landmark, the 840-year old Crooked Minaret that leans like Italy’s Tower of Pisa.

      Residents sat on the ground and linked arms to form a human chain, protecting the ancient structure from sharing the fate of more than half a dozen mosques and shrines flattened by the militants who declared them dens of apostasy.

      Even as foreign intervention, led by U.S. airstrikes, begins to take form and make headway, the group’s tight grip on Mosul appears, for now, unrelenting, with many of the militants burying themselves in heavily populated city centers.

      It was unclear whether teachers and school administrators have also stayed home rather than show up for work.

      In the Sept. 5 statement posted across Mosul, the “caliph,” al- Baghdadi, calls upon professionals in Iraq and abroad “to teach and serve the Muslims in order to improve the people of the Islamic state in the fields of all religious and other sciences.”

      Gender-segregated schools are not new to Iraq, which legally prohibits co-ed classes beyond age 12, with some segregating from a much younger age. However, in Mosul, the new guidelines declared that teachers must also be segregated, with men teaching at boys’ schools, and women teaching girls.

      The Education Ministry in Baghdad says it has virtually no contact with Mosul and other towns and cities in nearly one-third of the country ruled to some degree by the Islamic State group. “The situation in Mosul is so difficult because it is far too dangerous for us to know exactly what is happening,” said Salama al-Hassan, a spokeswoman for ministry.

      Students also face hardships elsewhere across Iraq amid growing pressure to cater to more than 1.8 million people people displaced by the militants’ advance. Nationwide, the school year has been delayed by a month, because many schools have been converted into makeshift shelters for displaced people from regions seized by the Islamic State group. In Baghdad alone, 76 schools are occupied by displaced Iraqis, al-Hassan said.

      “All of this has a serious impact on the psychology of the students,” she added. “We want to approach this subject in a way that boosts the confidence and spirit of the students and helps them to understand what is happening in the country without instilling them with fear.”

      For residents in Mosul and other areas now ruled by the militant group, fear is unavoidable.

      The education statement put out by the militants in Mosul ends with a chilling reminder of its willingness to use brutal force. “This announcement is binding,” it concludes. “Anyone who acts against it will face punishment.”


      Associated Press reporters Sameer N. Yacoub in Baghdad and Zeina Karam in Beirut, Lebanon contributed to this report.

      Copyright (2014) Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

      Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/isis-bans-teaching-evolution-in-iraqs-second-largest-city-2014-9#ixzz3Dd9XQyzi

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      Lord Justice the Moron has given his verdict. Foff you retard!

  • 5

    A weak Iraq and Syria serves the interest of the barbaric state of Israel. How smart of Israel to create conflicts and get the Yanks, the Brits and the Australians do their dirty work as always.

    • 2

      BBS Rep, you could not be more Right!

      The British feel they must support Israel, because they created Israel for the ‘Wandering Jews’ in the first place, right in the middle of Islamic territory.

      The USA feel that they have to support Israel, because their Economy is dependant on Jewish Dollars.

      Australia gets dragged in because of their affiliation to their British Ancestry.

      It is this vicious Network, that has created this monster called ‘Islamic State’!

      • 0

        …and because the US has more Jewish citizens than Israel.

        • 0

          Most Israelis are US citizens too, with dual nationality. One must not underestimate the contribution made by these Judaics in the administration of the US, even though they are only 2% of the population. A glance at the White House staff alone would suffice. One has to conclude that there is a distinct lack of ability among the ‘Anglos’ who still make up the majority to run their own affairs.

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    only good kind of terrorist is a dead one.



    • 2

      @abhaya, then why are the horapakses still living? Buddy, it negates your comment.

    • 0

      You are right. The most vile terrorists are in USA. They being the superpower have legitimised their terrorism. Hundreds of innocent people are imprisoned and tortured in Guantanamo and elsewhere for years, violating the Geneva Convention attributes but USA has redefined the Convention clauses to make it OK. The USA has slaughtered thousands of civilians in Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere, some deliberately as evidence by the Wikileaks, but they call them all collateral damage. All the video evidence showed the unjust collective punishment of the people of Gaza by Israel with their disproportionate sophisticated armoury and when Israel ran out of ammunition, the USA (and UK) supply them more.

  • 2

    Don’t blame others….

    This was a scenery I saw in middle-east:

    There was a car accident, both drivers got off, both were Muslims, Arabic.

    Both greeted each other saying “Assalaamu Alaikkum…….”.

    Then both removed their head bands(agal)and start fighting.

    Insha Allah.


  • 1

    Well, central to all this is god isn’t it?

    Jesus Christ is mentioned in the Holy Quaran. In fact Jesus is said to appear more times in the Quaran than Prophet Mohamad (pbuh).

    Either the Holy Bible drops Prophet Mohamad (pbuh) or the Holy Quaran adds Prophet Mohamad (pbuh) to the story.

    What is clear unbeknownst to Moslems and Christans both are worshiping the same god.

    What we need to clear this muddle is someone impartial. Who better than the merciful God himself? The God needs stop this problem once and for all.

    • 0

      Vidhushana. You don’t know anything my dear. Of course Christians and Muslims worship the same God, except those Christians who idolized Jesus, the messenger of God. Why the fk don’t you shut up. If have nothing to do why don’t you use your hand?

  • 1

    Even sri lankan muslims (Indian muslims too) who go to counties like Saudi Arabia for employment and haj etc are repelled by the whole culture of that country.They say arab men generally are crude and petty.They treat others badly and women shockingly. If there is any thing worth while in what they preach why are Arabs and their countries so bad ?

    • 1

      The women are no less vile, and take their revenge on the poor domestics from the third world.

      • 0

        This is so true. I shall never forget the fate of young Rizana Nafeek who was beheaded in January 2013. She was totally innocent, a Sri Lankan Muslim peasant girl of 18 went as a domestic to Saudi Arabia. A child herself but left in charge of a 4 month old infant who choked by accident or ignorance. This hapless girl was convicted on the say so of the child’s mother when it is the mother who should have been convicted of negligence for leaving her infant in the care of an untrained novice. The father of the child was prepared to forgive Rizana, but for some strange reason the mother was adamant Rizana should be beheaded.

  • 1

    The women and children who die in the war against terror are collateral damage. It can’t be helped for the greater good of humanity.

    This is what the DIE – Arse – Pora must understand.

  • 0

    Muslim terrorism has to be wiped out completely as Hitler and his Nazism was annihilated in 1945.The biggest threat to human rights and democracy today is the Muslim terrorism.The USA, UK,France, China Russia and the Arab world should form a coalition to annihilate the Muslim terrorism in the world for good.Democracy, human rights and women rights are anathema to Muslim terrorists.

    When America and NATO support autocratic rulers I wholeheartedly condemn it. When America and NATO fight Muslim terrorism I wholeheartedly support it because the Muslim terrorists’ objective is to take the world to the 15th century.

  • 0

    Muhammad, PBUH is the last prophet of Allah. Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab thought Muslims the correct interpretation of the Quran. Those who follow Al Wahhab’s teaching are called Wahhabis and Wahhabis are the true followers of Allah. Under whatever the name they fight mujaheddins are Allah’s soldiers. Kafirs may defeat them in one battle but they will win the war in the end. So, it is our duty to turn all Muslims in Sri Lanka Wahhabis.

    • 2


      “Wahhabis are the true followers of Allah”

      I beg to differ.

      I think Banda, Abhaya, wathie, thresa, sach, Jimmy, Nuisance, OTC, ela kolla, Maveeran, Kali …………… are the true followers of Allah according to their own interpretation.

      “Under whatever the name they fight mujaheddins are Allah’s soldiers.”

      I can see that.

      Banda, Abhaya, wathie, thresa, sach, Jimmy, Nuisance, OTC, ela kolla, Maveeran, Kali …………… others are fighting under different names yet they believe they are Allah’s soldiers.

  • 0

    It’s game on. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VnSywg13MI

    If the US and its allies want to reduce ‘terror’ in the world, they need to stop participating in it.

    Wahabi is tribe in Arabia just like many of others scattered around the Arabian peninsula. Muslims do not give allegiance to a tribe. A true Muslim is the one who follows the Noble Quran and the authentic sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) as understood by the first three generations after him. Imam Mohammed Ibn Abdul Wahhab was just an Islamic scholar who strived to instil Tawheed to all Muslims.

    • 0

      Self delusion is OK as long as no attempt is made to mislead others. Wahhabis are NOT a tribe. They are a sect of Islamists who are intolerant of others who want to interpret their books differently and practise their faith differently. In fact as we’ve seen recently they will attempt to force their own version on others.
      The US does resort to terror when needed, but it is happier still to let others do it’s bidding by throwing a few dollars at them and providing the necessary training and arms. Both the Wahhabis and the US believe that they know what is best for others, and have given themselves the right to decide for them.
      The price is paid by the Muslims in the Middle East. The Wahhabis may feel safe for the moment, but their turn will come before long.

      • 1


        “Self delusion is OK as long as no attempt is made to mislead others.”

        Such claims as those you made earlier,

        Thirteen army men were caught up in riots and were killed in Jaffna by the rioters in 1983.

        Total number of Muslims expelled from the Northern province by LTTE was 100,000.

        Here is an excerpt from an article published by a highly respect academic and a retired Civil servant:

        The Displaced Northern Muslims of Sri Lanka: Special Problems and theFuture

        ARM Imtiyaz
        Temple University, USA

        MCM Iqbal
        Sri Lanka Civil Service (retired)

        There is no official estimation of the numbers of expelled Muslims from all of the Districts inthe Northern Province. Some say it could be around 60,000.

        But some Muslim opinions give different numbers and put the number of Muslims from the North affected by the Tamil Tigers’ action as high as 100,000. However, according to a report published by Department of Census and Statistics, Census on Population and Housing, Colombo, 1981, the entire Muslim population of the Northern Province in 1981 was 50,831 (Jaffna District – 12,958; Mannar District – 27,717;Vavuniya District – 6,505; and Mullativu District – 3,651).

        If the figure of 100,000 displaced Muslims, as the Tamil opinion points to, is to be believed, one of two demographic miracles must have happened in Jaffna between 1980 and 1990. First, thereshould have been a large scale immigration of Muslim population into Jaffna region between 1980 and1990. Or second, an unprecedented birth of Muslim babies should have occurred for 10 years due to somekind of divine blessing.

        Any reasonable-thinking Sri Lankans, including Muslims, were aware that neither of the two miracles had happened; therefore, it is misleading to put the expelled Northern Muslim number as high as 100,000.


  • 0

    US drones are reconnoitering Syria to identify IS targets.


    This inhuman monster must be wiped out.

  • 0

    Evolution teaches us that those who could not adapt to the changes were unable to survive. Muslim extremism represents the mind frame of the bygone era.It is trying to take people to the 15th century by denying them their freedom and rights.As such Muslim extremism has no future.Sunni and Shia extremism will devour each other. Democracy will flourish in place of Muslim extremism. The march of history cannot be stopped by IS, Boko Haram or Al Qaeda .

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