29 May, 2023


Is The Common Candidate Dead On Arrival?

By Vishnuguptha –

I’m not an old, experienced hand at politics. But I am now seasoned enough to have learned that the hardest thing about any political campaign is how to win without proving that you are unworthy of winning.”   – Adlai E. Stevenson

In the wake of the Western and Southern Provincial Council elections, Ranil Wickremesinghe, National Leader of the United National Party (UNP) made an appeal to all opposition parties to forge a common front to topple the incumbent government. But then the  first ‘gunfire’ (wedi muraya) was fired by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP). Instead of issuing an unqualified or at least a qualified acceptance of the invitation, it came in the form of a ‘spoke in the wheel’, causing at least a temporary halt to the turning of the wheel. If it did not decelerate the momentum, it certainly brought to light the serious sense of incredulity in which the present leader of the UNP is held by his own colleagues in the so-called ‘common opposition’.

Ranill-Anura AP- colombotelegraphTwenty years of decomposing away in opposition benches has apparently has not taught these guys in the UNP anything, anything at all. They have deliberately chosen to listen to the noise instead of the message; mistaken the trees for the wood and in a very ironic sense, have been pursuing a receding mirage which they think is real and vibrant and alive. When gripped in such a suffocating frame of mindset, an election result showing a slight decline in the voting pattern for the Governing party at the Western and Southern provinces and despite the fact that that amount of erosion from the Government ranks did not correspond with their own Party’s performance, could influence the very ‘ordinary’ minds of a group into a fantasy of comfort and hope. That dismaying phenomenon of an artificial ‘high’ has taken hold of the heads of the United National Party. They must now be busy selecting their Cabinet and other candidates for the lucrative government jobs.

It is a lamentable state of affairs.

However, it’s evident from the facts and figures that emanate from many political events and platforms that no single party is able to topple the incumbent regime and come to power on its own and certainly not the JVP led by their new leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake or the Democratic Party (DP) led by General Sarath Fonseka. And most unfortunately, as revealed in the latest provincial council election results in the Western and Southern Provinces, the United National Party too has proven beyond any shadow of doubt now that it too has neither stamina nor the required elements to stand on its own.

Hence the need for a ‘Grand Coalition’, a coalition put together with all anti-United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) elements with one voice, one leader and one single issue or platform. Many an op-ed has been written by many a pundit and scholar on the need for one common platform in order to offer to the people, a viable alternative to the UPFA-led Government. But if Sri Lankan Opposition conforms to its regular DNA of divisiveness and disunity when all the chips are down, the hopes and aspirations of a great majority of reasonable men and women will be dashed for the umpteenth time and the most dangerous consequence of such a debacle would undoubtedly lead to a dissolution of democratic institutions, free speech (not that there is genuine free speech in existence now) and emergence of a semi-theocracy on the lines of a one-party rule.

The strong resemblance of the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) activities to those executed mercilessly against the then minorities in Germany by the Brown-shirted SA is stark and overpowering. SA, abbreviation of Sturmabteilung (German: “Assault Division) and by name Storm Troopers or Brownshirts in the German Nazi Party, was a paramilitary organization whose methods of violent intimidation played a key role in Hitler’s rise to power. Furthermore, the style, methodology and venom of the local offenders are even more germane in comparison. The Brownshirts or SA of Hitler played a very pivotal role in establishing the supremacy of the nationalist character of the Nazi Party and the sheer brutal power, minus murder and violent assaulting, unleashed by the soldiers of the SA is very much akin to what the BBS is displaying so vulgarly on the streets and town halls in Sri Lanka.

Although the JVP of yesteryear would have had a more formidable response to these attacks on basic human values and even would have matched the ferocity and viciousness  with matching results, its conversion into parliamentary democracy has softened both its macro and micro-approach to politics in general and violence in particular. This has resulted in a most lamentable situation in which the BBS and its soldiers and leaders are resorting to an unmitigated offensive on traditional modes of protest and political discourse in virtually an empty field.

In such a sorrowful context, the case for a ‘united opposition’ is enunciated and even imperative and urgent. This is where the absence of strong and skilled leader or leaders is felt and suffered.

Let’s examine the so-called leaders who are on the field today:

  1. Ranil Wickremesinghe
  2. Karu Jayasuriya
  3. Sajith Premadasa
  4. General Sarath Fonseka
  5. Anura Kumara Dissanayake
  6. Chandrika Kumaranatunge

All of the abovementioned leaders, except Chandrika Kumaranatunge, are in active politics today and they are all laymen.

The criteria upon which the voter decides on who should be the most competitive candidate:

I. Trustworthiness

II. Mass Appeal

III. Novelty

IV. Boldness

V. Decisiveness

VI. Intangibles

Intangibles would certainly include, among others, experience, appeal to minority communities, charisma, public sensitivity, ability to get other parties of the coalition to toe the line, organizing a well-coordinated campaign and oratorical skills. It was shown over the last several election cycles that a criterion such as oratorical skills is not all that decisive when the voter decides on his choice. For instance, Mrs. Sirimavo Bandaranaike who could hardly put a sentence together in the sixties and even in 1970, was chosen over and above Dudley Senanayake who was an extremely skilled public speaker. Nor was Chandrika Kumaranatunge a public orator of any mentionable standards.

Trustworthiness, in the writer’s view, is the most significant criterion in that the candidate should be able to show a sufficient amount of credibility and trustworthiness with regard to the pledges he or she had given in the past and the fact whether he or she had abided by those pledges. It is of decisive importance as the abolition of the present Executive Presidency system would most likely be the ‘single issue’ that a common candidate would be pitched against. To date who has openly spoken against the Executive Presidency system? From amongst those who have spoken, who is the most trustworthy candidate?

Now let’s condense these two segments in one spreadsheet and see how each Leader fares. Score each candidate out of ten, ten being the highest and zero being the lowest:

VishunuMore often than not, most voters vote based on their emotions. Rationality hardly plays a role with such voters. In a sense, the upcoming Presidential Elections may well be the most significant in the sixty five-year history of Sri Lanka’s electoral politics. The stakes are a way too high for any person to just cast it away as another election. Never in the post-independent Sri Lanka has political power been so concentrated in one family. Never in our recent history, have narrow nationalist feelings and emotions been inflamed by the Maha Sangha and never in that span of time has Sri Lanka prevailed over an armed enemy such as the dreaded Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam.

*The writer can be contacted at vishnuguptha2012@gmail.com

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Latest comments

  • 2

    A great choice by Eelamists, Evangelists, Islamists and all the avatars. Don’t you ever give up this fantastic choice.

    • 5

      CBK is the Only winner in this pack!

      She has the experience and wit to unseat Jarapassa. She was no Angel but still far better than the Corrupt and criminal and UNEDUCATED Medamulana lot!

      • 4

        This is what I also think. If we have to make better relationship again with India and all other nations in order to bring peace between IC and srilanka then within srilanka… only leader who has the capacity to do so is Chandrika Bandaranayeka Kumaratunga.


        • 0

          Anyone with sanity would feel this LADY possesses all values than the bugger who is in power.

          At the time CHOGEM circus sucked the people funds during last Nov 2013, many would have made their decisions, what talents MR has owned to govern this nation with over 93% higher literay rate which is the highest in the region, also comparable to those of of rich nations.

  • 2

    Vishnuguptha: Of the six runners that you have offered us, the mare has been put to graze on thanakolla in the field, and two, both old nags, the General and the Permanent Opposition Leader are both lame. Unfortunately your helpful criteria spreadsheet does not elicit the task at hand; the need of the challengers to counter the strengths of the hot favourite, the Medamulana Mule. The favourite comes into the fray with the following unsurmountable advantages: 1 Proven track record (2starts2wins), 2 the only one in the field to deliver on a promise (victory over terrorism, sealed and delivered to parliament at 9:00 am on 19 May 2009), 3 the only one that the common man will trust to safeguard Buddhism, and last but not least, 4 the doer fighter against the foreign ‘threat’ and interference in our affairs. Yes, there are small matters like the rising cost of living, misbehaving thugs etc., but the people in the villages keep saying ‘never mind, at least we have peace in our thrice blessed land and nobody has been killed by a bomb in the last five years’……’and look at the highways!’ Our deeply emotional electorate predetermines that a successful candidate MUST be Sinhala-Buddhist. Others with high political ambition should seriously consider emigrating or be prepared to compromise and suffer indignities (like Rauf Hakeem et al). These days, life is a beech in our miracle of Asia: this shitty regime holds all the trumps – they have the goons and crooks, they have the rabid sector of the yellow robed clergy, and the victorious Sinhala-Buddhist armed forces – ready to do all the dirty work that is asked of them. So, to get back to your question, the answer is, if these 6 carry our hopes in the next challenge, we are well and truly STUFFED (and to use an old anglo-saxon saying ‘we are up shit creek without a paddle’). Aiyoo! Aiyoo!

  • 1

    1.The first two,ranil and karu are out because as the last provincial council election showed the UNP did not do as well as even the last time.

    2. sajith’s reasonable performance in hambantota is negated by the fact that fonseka could not contest there due to thuggery.The UNP should make sajith the leader and see how it fares at the Uva provincial council elections which could be the litmus test as to sajith’s popularity.If UNP does well then they can make him the presidential candidate.If UNP is still the same as the last provincial election in Uva,then he is out.

    3. Fonseka.If sajith is out then Fonseka should be given another shot at it.The man is a war hero and can easily counter the war victory votes that mahinda can get.Even with the computer jilmart at the last election,the man got 40% of the votes.With mahinda’s waning popularity after 4 years in the job,he should be able to get 50% with his party now on the ascendency.It is important to give sajith the leadership of the UNP first and show him his performance at the Uva provincial council elections so that he does not have false hopes of his charisma.

    CBK of course is a wildcard.The only good thing about her contesting is that she will split the SLFP permanently.Anyway mahinda is going to purge the bandaranaike SLFP if he wins again and make it a rajapkashe dynasty SLFP,so probably won’t matter anyway,but whether the bandaranayake voters not voting for him at the election can make a difference if CBK contests,i don’t know.Iam not a political analyst and can only go by trends to give a forecast.Mahinda did have a tough time in the 2005 presidentila elections due to bandaranayaka SLFP and badly needed the minority votes not to go to Ranil and had to bribe Prabha,but mahinda in 2005 and mahinda in 2015 is a different well established kettle of fish and that trend is too far away to be taken seriously.Current trends are what is needed for me and CBK not being in the political fray for so long makes it difficult.If i’am not sure of something i say so without trying to be a pundit,so therefore i will leave it to others to comment on the pros and cons of CBK candidacy.

    Well done Vishnugupta.You have done a good job of simplifying a complex decision process and given food for thought,but i doubt the stubborn characters in the UNP hierarchy will think, because they are beyond thinking, and ranil,ranil,ranil is all that they can think about and how to safeguard their vested interest through the use of him.

    • 4

      “The UNP should make sajith the leader and see how it fares at the Uva provincial council elections which could be the litmus test as to sajith’s popularity.If UNP does well then they can make him the presidential candidate.”

      pl don’t try to entertain unwanted/unnecessary trouble , making Sajith as the leader of the UNP (opposition leader) and expecting him to win Uva election is a very unfair proposal by any standard , however making him the leader of the UNP is similar to making MR opposition leader ,remember how MR climbed the ladder ? initially MR was offered the opposition leadership , that led him to demand the prime minister ship, once you became the PM of the country there is very little one can do to stop him contesting for the top job .if sajith were given the opportunity to become the leader of the UNP , that would be the history repeating , sajith is in the making of MR and his CV clearly illustrates all of his achievements ( pseudo degree , treasure hunting and subsequent killings ,endless back stabbing, counterfeit currency scam etc) , one has to ask , do we need another MR or another R. premadasa to lead SL in the future ?

      • 1

        “Sajith as the leader of the UNP (opposition leader) and expecting him to win Uva election is a very unfair proposal by any standard ,”

        Srilal,If you read again you will notice that i have not mentioned anything about UN winning the Uva election.I merely said to give sajith a chance to test his popularity with the masses.If UNP does significantly better than at the last uva provincial council elections then he will become a worthy candidate for the presidential election.If UNP is the same or just marginally better then he will get the message that he has not got the mass appeal of his father and cannot just expect the job because he is a premedasa.The sajith factor has to be neuatralised one way or another because it is ruining the party and also will ruin the common presidential candidate’s chances because a disgruntled sajith will sabotage let us say fonseka.So to teach him his limitations and to get him to wait patiently in the future for his turn this is the best way.The personal animosities which you mention must be put aside because in politics their is no permanent friends and it is dirty business anyway and you have to be savvy and give people enough rope to hang themselves.

        What is your solution to the sajith factor?You know there is a problem,do you want to ignore it thinking it will go away.problems don’t behave like that when they are ignored,they just get worse.

        With the Uva council election there is a golden opportunity to sort it out and not make any mistakes on the common presidential candidate because otherwise till 2020 you will be in opposition.

        • 0

          shankar ,

          “If UNP does significantly better than at the last uva provincial council elections then he will become a worthy candidate for the presidential election”

          That is the whole point , say for arguments sake Sajith does really well at the Uva election , then what ? according to your logic he is entitled to be the opposition presidential candidate , right ! shall we hypothetically assume sajith wins the Presidential election as well , where shall we end up then ? won’t this be a history repeating ?? why would SL wants to go back to the same old era again ? is it because few thousand buffoons/idiots demand ? in SL , majority of masses eats grass and looking after their own well being only , they couldn’t care less about law & order, fairness , high morals & ethics , in fact all these values are very foreign to them ! let me give you a quick reminder of the SL masses voting pattern ,

          remember how Mervin silva came among the top at the last general election ? then how about Duminda silva , Thilanga sumathipala , Wimal Weerewansa , Johnston fernando , SB Disanayake , Rohitha Abeygunawardana , Mahindananda A et al …

          who would believe that novice Paba can defeat experienced decent/honest gentleman Karu J at the last GE ?

          even though SL often boasts her high literacy rate , it’s only good for the records , in real life majority of the population behaves worst than the illiterate Tamil Nadu voters !

          let me wind up this post by following little incident to remind how selfish SL masses can be !

          Akurassa PC chairman had been accused of raping an under age girl and subsequently he was remanded for the crime , upon the imprisonment , he himself (through his cronies ) orchestrated a demonstration demanding the immediate release of him from the custody , in order to find demonstrators he declared that all the participants who were coming to help him , would be given Rs 500 , guess what ? the very same close relatives & friends of That innocent little victim girl’s participated demanding the immediate release of the very same culprit who raped & molested the little girl.

          • 0

            Srilal,then how about getting sajith to agree that he will get rid of the presidency and revert back to the prime ministerial system if he becomes the common presidential candidate.This is hypothetical scenario anyway because i don’t think it will make much difference for the UNP whether sajith contests or not for the Uva election,but it will give him a reality check that he is not his father.His ego is such that he thinks he is and this will neautralise him and allow fonseka a open entry into the common presidential candidate fray.

            Then it will be a decision between fonseka and CBK. First the sajith factor will have to be neautralised one way or other so that no sabotage etc and real unity prevails when taking on mahinda.Otherwise the word ‘common’ becomes only a word only.

            I think you are underestimating the large majority of srilankans by looking at a handful who are sullying their image.Most of them are gritting and taking the shit that is dumped on them because they can’t find a better alternative.So it is upto the opposition to start creating an alternative little by little without blaming the people.Take a good look at yourself first before blaming others,because in my opinion the opposition is very stubborn one.

            • 0

              shankar ,

              “Srilal,then how about getting sajith to agree that he will get rid of the presidency and revert back to the prime ministerial system if he becomes the common presidential candidate.”

              can you show me any quote or any thing similar to supporting abolishing the EP , from sajith ?

              Sajith is just another politician and he happened to be R Premadas’s son , that is all , there is nothing extraordinary in him , due to the dictatorial and selfish moves by Ranil , there is a huge vacuum and disunity among the UNP , as a result of these long term erosion , majority of young UNP MPs are looking for an exit strategy to get rid of Ranil , as there is no any other visible willing potential candidate coming forward to rescue the grand old party , segment of the UNP MPs are flocking towards sajith as a desperate measurement !!! that is all , Sajith is the wrong person for that prestigious position at all counts , period.

              there won’t be an easy answer to neutralize sajith factor , all the bickering , nagging , back stabbing will continue as long as he is not given the top leadership , as far as i see , getting rid of Ranil and his his old guards is the way forward for UNP , once Ranil and his cronies out , UNP will have a meaningful reforms and will be able to restore real democracy within UNP , until such times undesirable characters like sajith will hold the upper hand and will continue to pull the strings.

              ” I think you are underestimating the large majority of srilankans by looking at a handful who are sullying their image.”

              it’s not my understanding , all the facts & figures are there to back my point , let me put it this way

              say , for the next general election Dr Wicramabahu karunaratne is contesting against Dr Mervin silva , who do you think is going to win ? or Eran Wickramaratne is contesting against Duminda silva , who would be the winner ?

              “Take a good look at yourself first before blaming others,because in my opinion the opposition is very stubborn one. “

              no need to get personnel here though ,all we have to do is , learn to deal with the issue in an objective and in a very critical manner!

              • 0

                Sorry to bother you – this though no relevance with on going topic,

                but Srilal, please add your comments on to my last post

                April 27, 2014 at 1:22 pm

                • 0


  • 2


    I like your Srveyer format.

    But in order to compete with Incredibly powerful, cuning, and immensley wealthy Rajapakses who have Money,Prestige, power and influece one needs much more categories and areas to match them. You cannot send a 12 year old boy to run and beat Husai Bolt. You need someone bigger, faster and stronger.

    Remember this is a President who paid and bought over 62 Opposition UNP MPs to his cross into his side.

    This is a President who got 18th amendment passed and now has mega powers which no other Presdent in the world has, except North Korea. Even Zimbabwe’s Mugabe does not have this amount of power.

    This is a President who controls (90%) Ninety Percent of Sri Lanka’s economy, it’s Budget, it’s fiances, it’s Projects and contracts, it’s finances, investments and Banking, it’s imports, Trade and commerce, awarding Contracts, manpower and foreign relations etc,etc,

    This is a President who controls Sri Lanka’s all the corporations and Government Institutions, it’s Foreign Relations, it’s social activities, it’s Youth afairs and their developments using Divineguma,tharunayata Hetak and other funds and activities.

    This is a President who Controls country’s Judiciary, Supreme court, all Jails, Police Dept, and all three armed forces comprising over 450,000 personnel, Bribery commission, all state Media, TV,Radio, Press and Journalists.

    This is a President who has allocated the highest amounts of fund to Buddhist preletes and to Buddhism and has got their favour and support.

    Finally this is also the Presdent who has hand on imports of Mega container loads of Ethenol, Drugs, Cocain, Casino Mafia cartel getting incredible amounts of Black money and also now has newly formed BBS Gnanasara, OTHER THUGS AN GANGS, and WHO INTRODUCED WHITE VAN CONCEPT.

    Therefore Vishnuguptha, Your above categories to FIND A match TO Pres.Rajapakse is not sufficient. You need further scrutiny and analysis.


    When you look at the last Presidential elections you see how Gen.Sarath Fonseka had to face this incredibly powerful monster Mahinda Percy Rajapakse, and you saw what happend to Gen.Fonseka later.

    Let’s see what ammunitions MR used during 2010 Presidential elections to win the presidency.

    Here’s some of them.

    Pres.Rajapakse used all the tricks under tha sun,tactics,loop holes, thuggery, funds, bribery and powers under the 18th amendment to win last Presidential elections.

    From giving Mega Danas at Temple Trees to Buddhist monks, all media personnel, journalists, corporation heads, voters, teachers, cabinet ministers, MPs, upto to the voting centers and to the final ballet counting centers he was taking care of all of them.

    He gave bribes, gifts and promotions to lure votes, while using all the Govt.parliament members, provincial counsil members and all Govt. Corporation heads.

    He used all media,TV, Radio, Press, advertising, posters, mega cut outs throughout the island etc,etc, to win.

    He used all the clergy,school children,school teachers and other Government servents to Promote him and also used thugs and gangs to intimidate voters of Gen. Sarath Fonseka.

    Pres. Rajapakse also used Judiciary, Police, Supreme court, election commissioner, Bribery commissioner, Sri Lanka’s Foreign Diploatic core and all available funds from National Budget, all youth movements such as Tharunayata Hetak,Divineguma receipients etc, to win elections.

    Finally he used Public and private banks,giving loans to people,used public enterprises and forced donors for funds while using over 450,000 Police and Armed forces to lure votes.

    If you remember during the Last PC elections,just one Government UPFA candidate who contested for Western Province spent a whopping ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE MILLION RUPEES (1,125 Million rupees).

    Just imagine how much President Rajapakse and his brothers and his Family Oligarch spent for last Presidential elections is anybody’s guess…………. It’s Unbelieveble.

    Also during last Presidential elections,we herd that Election commissioner was kept under house arrest dring the ballot papers were counting, and it was the only time we herd about “Computer Jilmart.

    Also Gen.SF was kept under house arrest at Hotel Cinemon Lake side during election Vote count and subsequently he was arrested and sent to Jail.

    There’s 100 percent chance that Pres.Rajapakse will use these and many more tactics to win next Presidential elections.


    At the moment I could see only one person who is capable and who could stand upto these and that is Madam Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge. No one else.

    It is SBK that Rajapakses are fear most. The reason as follows.

    Read the following web.


    Madam CBK should get back her old SLFP party from Rajapakse UPFA.
    Also she has to find out why Pres.Rajapakse suddenly pardoned and released the ten Criminal thugs who attacked Rukantha and Chandra Leka. The ten STF men who were Madam Chandrika’s PSDs during her reign, were suddenly released from prison and set free by Pres. Rajapakse two weeks ago.

    This May be a Rajapakse conspiracy in waiting.

    Watch the following Viedos.

    Yes it is one and only Madam CBK who could challenge Rajapakses.

    Not the baby face “Sleeping Beauty” Ranil or Old man Karu or talking box Sajith or recently came to town Anura Kumara Dissanayake or Once looser Gen.Sarath Fonseka.Not even the too innocent Rev. Sobitha Thero.

    IF ANY OF THEM THINK THEY COULD WIN AJAPAKSES IT’S A JOKE. Infact they all should support and rally BEHIND Madam CBK’s candidacy and also protect her and give her all the support she needs to defeat ever powerful, ever rich monster Rajapakse brothers.
    This is a fight against four equally powerful four brothers who control 90% of Sri Lanka. They all should remember this.

    Finally I say Madam CBK has all the qualities, experience and both Mental and physical power to stand and face incredibly powerful Rajapakse Brothers, who will use all their wealth, influence and power to defeat madam CBK.

    Therefore it is opposition parties duty to Sri Lanka and it’s people to help Madam CBK to win next presidential elections.

    Remember the example our Cricketers gave us which is united we win and divided we fall. Even the Captain sacrificed his position for the team to win in last world 20/20.

    Never to be Sinhalaya Modaya again by being selfish.

    Let’s all rally behind Madam CBK to win next Presidential elections.

    It is her gift to all of us.

    Let me have your views.

    Also Madam CBK should remember,

    It is Pres. Rajapakse who is most fearful of Madam Chandrika’s candidacy. Watch the following Viedo.


    ial ballet counting, where Madam CBK should be prepared for any eventuality. Also Madam Chandrika should understand how Madam Chandrika or who ever planning to challenge Pres. Rajapakse in next Pres. Election should find answers to above before deciding to contest next Presidential elections. Awaiting comments. . Yes, there is no other choice to match Madam CBK as joint opposition candidate for next Presidential Election. Also there’s a strong possibility that she herself is mentally and physically fit to face Rajapakses who are her arch enemies. It is Rajapakses themselves who are most fearful of her candidacy. Watch the following Viedos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ByE3W4NKMA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vb0unIzzR4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEfZEpcAczI Also there are ample videos of her in Youtube about her views on Rajapakses. I hope all the opposition parties have vision to Nominate and protect Madam CBK for next Presidential election. P Also she has to find out why Pres.Rajapakse suddenly pardoned the ten Criminal thugs who attacked Chandra Leka and Rukantha,the ten who were Madam Chandrika’s PSDs during her reign, who were suddenly released from prison by Pres. Rajapakse two weeks ago. Also Madam Chandrika should know what happened to Gen.Sarath Fonseka during the last Presidential ballet counting, where Gen.SF was kept under house arrest at Hotel Cinemon Lake side. Also Madam Chandrika should understand how Election commissioner was kept under house arrest dring the last Presidential election ballot counting.Also it was the first time we herd about “Computer Jilmart” Therefore Madam Chandrika or who ever planning to challenge Pres. Rajapakse during next Pres. Elections should find answers to all the above before deciding to contest for next Presidential elections. Awaiting comments from CT readers.

    • 1

      Sorry CT and sorry guys. I forgot to erase my home work before I posted my comment.

      Regrets. Sorry CT again for taking extra space.

      • 1

        Let me add the following link, in which she clearly explains at the Uni of Virginia last time, the situation should be for a nation like ours.


  • 0

    All candidates proposed will not succeed my opinion. .only option is Ven. Sobitha Hamudroowo come to power and abolish executive president and handover power to most preffered common candidate by a mandate under a rule of a premiership. There is noway out..as RW ruined the strong opposition we competent candidate. .

  • 0

    The prposed names sound very much like a plot for tragedy.
    I propose “Panchayudhaya” AKA Wimal Weerrawansa, Muscle man Duminda Silva and “Dr” Mervyn Silva be brought in to the ring.

    Then at least it would sound like a comedy.

  • 2

    It is clear that MR has played himself into a very strong position electorally. Meanwhile the UNP leadership has pushed it self into a dead end, a small group of colombo boys with no empathy with anything national.In their mentality making money is everything. I hope ranil comes back with some new ideas from the Boston university.

  • 0

    At present CBK or Karu would be a good selection. In the long term Sajit should be reinstated to his fathers stronghold of Colombo Central where he can build on his image and support base. Wonder whaat he is doing in Hambantota?

  • 0

    vishnugupta = you must be out of your mind to even consider that lightweight twit sajith in your evaluation grid for national level leadership. all he has shown so far is skill in underhand low level tactics to undermine his own party .

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