29 November, 2022


Islamophobia And The Sri Lankan Media

By Hameed Abdul Karim

Hameed Abdul Karim

Hameed Abdul Karim

In recent times there have been a string of articles in the Sri Lanka print media ranging from claims that terrorist groups like Al Qaeda are firmly entrenched in Sri Lanka to ISIL cells straining at the leash just to wreak havoc in the country at the drop of the hat. All they need is an order from their ‘caliph’. That’s the impression that has been created in the minds of ‘news’ consumers.

In a TV interview, not long ago, a BBS demagogue said he had seen Al Qaeda cadres training in the east of Sri Lanka with his ‘own eyes’.  The military rejected this ‘eye witness account’ out of hand.

So what’s this all about?

The cheap and unsubstantiated anti Islam and anti Muslim propaganda is about fostering a fear psychosis among non-Muslims in Sri Lanka and elsewhere. It certainly seems like there is some agenda somewhere in the higher echelons of world powers to create fear and animosity against Muslims and Islam amongst non-Muslims all over the world and the savagery of terror groups like ISIL help the propagandists in no small measure. Any propagandist or spin doctor will tell you that hate follows fear and that’s when all hell breaks loose.

Muslim Ceylon Today 2Two of the foreign spy agencies that are forever claiming Pakistan’s ISI is behind the training of ‘Islamic Terrorists’ in Sri Lanka are India’s RAW and IB. This issue even cropped up when President Mahinda Rajapaksa met with India’s Premier Narendra Modi, who is no stranger to conspiracy theories about Pakistani involvement in terrorism. He is also well known for orchestrating racial violence and is quite adept at rousing communal passions against Indian Muslims in his Hindutva rhetoric. It was he, and not any foreign agency, who orchestrated anti Muslim riots in his Gujarat that left nearly 2000 Muslims dead and thousands homeless. The objective was to hit at the Muslim economy. A copy book event took place in Aluthgama and Beruwala, though mercifully the BBS inspired mobs did not target human life to the extent that Modi did.

Up until today Indian spy agencies have not provided any evidence for their claims that Pakistan is training ‘terrorists’ in Sri Lanka.

Rahul Gandhi had said he feared Hindutva terrorism and not the so called ‘Muslim terrorism’.

Besides, Indian spy agencies like RAW should be the last to talk about terrorism knowing only too well what they did in Sri Lanka.

The latest in a series of such stories in the Sri Lanka print media comes from the Sunday edition of Ceylon T0day (Ceylon Today 12 October 2014) where we have Sulochana Ramiah Mohan reporting an interview she had with a certain Dr. Robert B. Lloyd of the virtually unheard of Pepperdine University of California. Though nowhere in the said article Dr. Lloyd had said the ISIS or Al Qaeda are directly involved in terror activities in Sri Lanka he nevertheless pursues the American agenda on Islamophobia hinting there is a possibility of terror groups entering Sri Lanka in the very same way US ‘scholars’ went after ‘reds under your beds’ during the McCarthy inspired terror against alleged communists in the US. Any US citizen who didn’t toe the establishment line created by the White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASPS) was dubbed a ‘commie’.

Dr. Robert Lloyd’s purpose in the article was to create a fear psychosis against Muslims and quite naturally in such strategies facts do not matter. Take for example his assertion the ‘ISIS members are mainly Shias….’. The ISIS is anything but Shia. But then truth is irrelevant when quasi scholars go on a scare mongering spree. After all Islamophobia is a multimillion dollar industry in the US where Dr. Lloyd lives and does business.

Patrick O. Strickland had noted in a study how ‘anti-Muslim bigotry had become a profitable business for a number of groups and individuals on the right’. Heading the groups is neo-conservative Zionist Daniel Pipes ‘who has a long history of issuing sweeping condemnations of all Muslims and is a key financer in the Islamophobia industry’.

The Islamophobia industry has succeeded immensely in generating fear of Islam and Muslims among those who are of other persuasions. As a result Muslims have been targeted here in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the world. Recently in Australia the extreme right wing media empire of the disgraced Rupert Murdoch had generated so much enmity against Muslims that violence against Muslims is becoming more frequent.  An Australian paper ‘The Age’ (Victoria) reported that attacks on Muslims had spiked after Australia decided to join the US led ‘Coalition of the Willing’ (COW) against ISIL. The article was titled ‘Attacks on Muslim Mothers Mount’.

The Sri Lankan media, and especially journalists like Sulochana Ramiah Mohan, should skip the trite pages of Islamophobia and takes a dekho at the other side of the narrative instead of following the agenda of the hate hawkers.

Still I’ll bet my bottom petro dollar this will not be the last ‘hate Islam and Muslims’ story you will see in your media.  That’s because the Islamophobia industry is a tremendous money spinner. So stay alert.

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  • 14

    Sri Lankan press, Sinhala ruling politicians, bhikkus, BBS and the mahnayakes are calling wolf and ill treating the Muslims – destroying mosques their businesses and properties.

    Is there any other sure-fire way of bringing the wolves and start fighting? Once they are in these crafty lot will win the sympathy of the West and others and label the resulting violence as Islamic terrorism.

    The Sinhalese ruling class and the Buddhist hierarchy are cunning foxes and they know how to twist and turn any situation in their favor with the ultimate goal of a monolithic Sinhala Buddhist country similar to some Muslim countries like Pakistan.

    They did the same with the Tamils’ fight for self determination and got it labeled by the West as terrorism and committed genocide of Tamils with world’s help thereby subjugating the Tamils to suit geopolitical needs.

    They are using the same modus operandi to deal with the Tamil-speaking Muslim nation. Muslims beware! Take precautionary measures.

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      Thiru October 14, 2014 at 12:44 pm

      Just a clarification, in reality there is no such country in the world as a Muslim country. By definition a Muslim country would and should mean; it applies the Islamic Shariah as it was prescribed by the Noble Quran and the authentic sunnah of Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) The so-called some of the Muslim countries may be ruled by Muslims with cheery picked Islamic laws. Muslims around the world, again according to our Shariah, are not bound by geographic location. Every Muslim is related to each other by the Islamic faith just as every Human-being is related through Humanity. Destroying our Masaajids, businesses, property, or our way of life will only make the Muslims stronger and perhaps will drive some of them to desperation/fanaticism as it led some of the peace loving Tamils.

      • 7


        Your point has some truth in it but global events suggest that what you say seems to have been overlooked. Be that as it is, in Sri Lanka, the issue is that the government of Sri Lanka appears to giving tacit approval to the concerted hate campaign against the Muslim community. This is a public disgrace, given that the President trumpets ‘there are NO minorities’ and that he ‘has won the peace for us ALL’. The government of Sri Lanka CAN stop this nonsense immediately, if they WILL. The longer it festers, the harder it will be, and one can only think that the government is hoping to use the unrest for their own purposes sometime in the future.

        • 2

          Stupid Spring Koha:

          do you know how Wahabis haress and treat Sufis in Sri lanka.

          do you know how Wahabi women look like Goni billas.

          • 5

            You are an uber ignorant idiot Jim Softy… We are in this world with all this war because of narrow minded people life you :/ I wish you guys have a brain bigger than an acorn… When would you learn to respect others and mind your own freaking business? Minorities losing faith in this country because of low lives like you!

            Wow… Above was the first thought came into my mind… Didn’t want to write it, but maybe I thought bit too loud ;) I’ve been reading articles for some time here and I see you always attack and discriminate minorities in your posts… Its not healthy for you my friend… You can be a better person than this. Come out of your bog… World is bigger than you think :)

        • 3

          Spring Koha

          There is no Government of Sri Lanka. There is the Rajapakse Junta that has hijacked the GOSL. The purpose of the hijacking is to bleed Mother Lanka and her citizens dry, plunder loot, and when there is nothing more to extract to run away to America (oh yes such people are welcome there!)

          It is of utmost importance for the people of Sri Lanka to understand NOW the wicked and avaricious nature of Mahinda Rajapakse, so that they can protect themselves and the country before it is too late. For this purpose please listen (in Sinhala) Dumbara Amila Thero:


          For the modus operandi how Rajapakse is going about his business please watch the Jewish Manual of the Ten Steps at :


        • 1

          Spring Koha October 14, 2014 at 4:06 pm

          Sri Lanka is supposed to be a Democratic country and as such ‘the people’ elect their leaders. Keeping in mind, it’s not who votes than count, it’s who counts the votes. I am sure you have heard the old adage ‘Action speaks louder than words’ Your Ruler is a certified two faced actor and quite well known to deceive the masses. Clearly people who vote have no idea how deep the grave is dug for the next few generations. Perhaps the next elections will demonstrate the ‘peoples’ wish by hook or crook.

          “Democracy: The worship of jackals by jackasses.”
          — Henry L. Mencken (1880-1956) American Writer

          Cultural Nationalism is a marketing gimmick by politicians to instil brand loyalty to country / nation.

          O mankind! Lo! We have created you from male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye may know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware. (The Noble Quran 49:13)

          Islam in its essence promotes open borders. Border protection is recent and a nationalistic concept. Islam encourages free movement of people to live and learn from each other and thus enrich their lives. With the advent of technology, virtual borders are fast becoming a reality.

          The Quran says to the Prophet Muhammed, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, “It is a mercy from your Lord that you are so gentle towards them. If you had been harsh and hard-hearted, people would have fled from your presence” (3:159).

          It is indeed the harshness and obstinacy of some overly zealous Muslims today, combined with the absence of mercy in their hearts, which is questioned. They are conducting themselves based upon some misguided adherence to their understanding of Islam. They are uncertain in themselves and so they feel threatened by anyone who might differ with them; through fanaticism, they attempt to protect themselves from doubt but result in only obscuring their view. Fanatics are blinded by the light of God as opposed to guided by it. The Prophet, Allah’s peace and blessings be upon him, warned of these people when he said, “Perish they who go to extremes.” We should try our utmost not to be one of them.

          Those who follow the true Message of Islam are known as MUSLIMS. Wahabi, Sufi, Shia and some others are misnomers. In the Islamic history Wahabi, Sufi, Shia and some others were mere Schools of Thought. All these Schools of Thought had only a perspective or an interpretation according to their understanding. Long after the Death of these Scholars; the followers created their own version with their political masters. Some of these groups have strayed away completely from the Core Values of Islam. While some others who identify themselves by any other than Muslim, will be representing these political entities and their leaders interest to control wealth and power. Some of these leaders will tie up with the Devil. Muslims have a specific purpose in Life on earth. Most of them know it and pursue to the best of their ability.

          The basic message of Islam is the same message of all the previous prophets (peace be upon all of them) worship God alone and avoid worshipping anything besides Him, whether it is a person, place or thing, directly or indirectly. This basic principle of Monotheism is contained in the opening chapter of the Quran, known as Surah al-Fathiha, verse 4: “You alone we worship and from you alone we do seek help.” In (4:37), Allah also said: “Worship Allah and do not associate partners with Him.” The last Prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said: Anyone who says: ‘There is no god worthy of worship except Allah’ and dies holding that belief sincerely will be eventually granted paradise.

          • 2

            Maghribi, you are wasting your time trying to instil sense into the minds of morons. The aim to demonise Islam began in USA before Bush and Blair took up the cudgel, and, they seem to have succeeded. USA propped up the dictators in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Bahrein, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Libya, Pakistan and Israel. In many countries as they could they stirred up rebellion and began supporting them and almost every one of them, as hoped for, turned against USA. When the Soviets entered Afghanistan in the 70’s at the invitation of the then government, USA armed the rebels, which became The Taliban now bent on causing havoc. After invading Iraq, illegally, one of the first acts of USA/UK was to disband the massive Iraqi Army and sack the Civil Servants. It is these highly trained and fully armed professional that form the backbone of ISIS. The blame game is now complete and the Islamaphobia industry can begin raking in the loot.

            • 0

              Sylvia Haik October 15, 2014 at 3:22 pm

              Demonising the Muslims is not new or recent. Islam has always been challenged ever since Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) received his revelation. Despite all this; Islam is the fastest growing faith in the world in terms of birth and conversion. The attacks are always on the misguided Muslim’s behaviour. In marketing, we look at trends, market share and profits in real terms. These are factors that matter for growth. In my opinion Islamophobes are exposing their insecurity and the only way they can beat Islam is to join and be among the righteous. A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to then and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that CHOOSES and DESERVES to perish.

              “Democracy will soon degenerate into an anarchy; such an anarchy that every man will do what is right in his own eyes and no man’s life or property or reputation or liberty will be secure, and every one of these will soon mould itself into a system of subordination of all the moral virtues and intellectual abilities, all the powers of wealth, beauty, wit, and science, to the wanton pleasures, the capricious will, and the execrable [abominable] cruelty of one or a very few.”

              — John Adams (1797-1801) Second President of the United States and Patriot

    • 7

      Read Thiru’s racist rant. They will use any problem, any minority, any religion, any race to further the Eelam agenda.

      • 5


        “Read Thiru’s racist rant. They will use any problem, any minority, any religion, any race to further the Eelam agenda.”

        Thiru has a point.

        What did you find racist rant in his comment.

        Why don’t you face the fact rather than accusing him being a racist.

        Tamils and Sinhala/Buddhists are natural born racists.

    • 4

      Dear Hameed Abdul Karim –

      “In recent times there have been a string of articles in the Sri Lanka print media ranging from claims that terrorist groups like Al Qaeda are firmly entrenched in Sri Lanka to ISIL cells straining at the leash just to wreak havoc in the country at the drop of the hat. All they need is an order from their ‘caliph’. That’s the impression that has been created in the minds of ‘news’ consumers.”

      Will the International Coalition Against ISIL, Iblees State will they bomb, the Mara State of Sri Lanka as well, headed by Mara MaRa?

      Everybody should be told about the Local Mara, MaRa and the International Mara, Devil, Satan, Iblees, Lucifer, Wahhabi and their Clones, ISIL, ISIS, Taliban Deobandi, Salafis, Tawheed, , Boko Haram etc, do follow the Devil.

      The Wahaabis and their clomes, Salafis, Tawheed, Taliban, deobandi, ISOIL, ISIS , etc are not Islamic. They are followers of Satan, Devil, Iblees, Lucifer .

      Expose the Wahhabi and their Devil, Satan and Iblees following clones as well?

      Tariq Ramadan: ‘ISIL is not Islamic’ The prominent Muslim academic on the threat of the Islamic State group and how scholars are failing the Muslim world.


      An ‘Islamic Caliphate’, a ‘Caliph’ – terms that now in headlines across the globe, mostly thanks to one extremist group, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

      The The ISIS/ISIS Iblees, Satanic State


      Who are the Wahhabis, Salafis, Deobandis, Taliban. ISIS Boko Haram etc? They are the Devil, Satan, Shaitan. Iblees, and Lucifer followers?

      Here is the support, given velow. Hadith of Najd


      Hillary Clinton Exposing American Hand Behind Wahabi Deobandi Terrorism


      Now you are harvesting the Satan, the Iblees, the Wahhabi, the ISIS and ISIL

      Please call a Spade , a Spade. Please claa Wahhabis and their clones, Satanis, Iblees.

      Wahhabis and their clones such as iSIL are nothing but The followers of Satan Love destruction Death blowing up innocent people. Transcripts.


      Read the response of the 120 odd Islamic Scholars to ISIL and ahhabism…

      • 0

        [Edited out]

    • 4

      Hameed Abdul Karim –

      RE: Islamophobia And The Sri Lankan Media

      The real proclem is the Phobia of the Devil, Satan, Iblees following Wahhabi and their clones towards other, and that was and is being explored and exploited by the British…. 18th Century with the Wahhabi, now in the 21st Century with the Wahhabi clones ISIS.. who follow the Satan. Iblees , Lucifer etc..

      Iran’s Supreme Leader claims Isil created by ‘wicked British’
      Western plot to weaken the Middle East by creating sectarian divisions has spawned the Islamist threat, says Iran


      Britain stands accused of creating the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) as a tool to undermine and destroy anti-Western governments, Iran’s Supreme Leader has declared.

      Slamming the “wicked British”, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei used his first major speech in a month to claim Isil was being used against Iran and other Middle Eastern regimes.

      In a blow to hopes that the Supreme Leader had softened his suspicion of Britain, Ayatollah Khamenei said the West wanted to promote sectarian divisions in the region.

      “The evil Britain has created the [Isil] and al Qaeda to confront the Islamic republic and the Islamic awakening,” he said. “America, Zionism, and especially the veteran expert of spreading divisions – the wicked government of Britain – have sharply increased their efforts of creating divisions between the Sunnis and Shia.”
      The speech, marking a Shia Muslim religious holiday, was posted on his website, where he has also published video footage showing his recovery from recent surgery.

      The comments came as Prince Saud al-Faisal, the Saudi foreign minister, was quoted demanding Iran pull back from conflicts and civil wars in Sunni-dominated countries.

      “Our reservations are about Iran’s policy in the region, not about Iran as a country or people,” the foreign minister said at a joint press conference in the Red Sea city of Jeddah with Germany’s Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
      “In many conflicts, Iran is part of the problem, not the solution,” Prince Saud said, charging that Shia-dominated Iran had forces in Syria “fighting Syrians”.
      Saudi Arabia and other Sunni-ruled Gulf states have supported rebel groups which have been battling Syrian President Bashar al-Assad since March 2011 in a war which has killed more than 180,000 people.

      Iran denies having sent fighters but there has been a tacit acknowledgement that Mr Assad receives financial and military aid from Tehran.
      “If Iran wants to be part of the solution in Syria, it has to pull its forces from Syria. The same applies elsewhere, whether in Yemen or Iraq,” said Prince Saud.
      For his part, Khamenei accused the US and Britain of using the action against Isil to divide and control neighbouring states.
      “A careful and analytic look at the developments reveals that the US and its allies, in efforts that are falsely termed countering [Isil], seek to create division and enmity among the Muslims rather to destroy the root causes of that (terrorist) current,” Khamenei said.

      “Shias and Sunnis must know that any action or remark, including insulting one another, leads to increased sensitivities and ignite flames. This will certainly benefit the common enemy of all Muslims.”
      A thaw in British-Iranian relations had appeared to have been set in train when Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani met David Cameron at the UN in New York in September but hardliners have since mounted a campaign against the prospect of the British embassy in Tehran reopening.

      The embassy in Tehran was closed in 2011 after it was stormed by a mob and while the foreign office announced it had secured agreement to return to Iran in June, the compound has yet to open its doors.

  • 6

    Lankan Moslems, who openly throw their lot behind Pakistan whenever Lanka plays cricket against that country, are waiting for their chance to shine as the rising star of global Moslems Jihad. Abdul Kareem is meanwhile tasked to “keep things quiet” while the fanatics work relentlessly to become the worst thorn in the side of Hindustan by opening up the terror network in Lanka to destablise India from the South. Already Lankan Jihadi cadres are on the prowl and India is well aware of this.

    My suggestion to India is that they take DNS of all Lankan Moslems who visit India. Never give them visas except in extremely exceptional circumstances. Meticulously gather all information on these Moslems, who they visit in India, and what they are up to. With that, within months India will be able to lay bare the plans the Lankan Moslems are hatching with Pakistan against India.

    Modi’s India should wake up to this menace. To expect Lanka to handle this on their own is naive. Pakistanis visit Lanka freely, they are welcomed with open arms by the treacherous Moslems of Lanka who openly and avidly support them, as clearly evident in such simple things like a cricket game. As Lanka becomes more awate of the trickery and deceit of the Moslems, the propensity of them Moslems to attack India will increase as well. In this respect India must also watch out for the few Sinhalese with Moslem connections through marriage. The fanatics will try to use this to dupe the Indian High Commission to grant visas for such things as Buddhist pilgrimages to enter India and either spy or create chaos. India has too much to lose, and should not hesitate to ensure that they are not hit from the rear by the Lankan Moslems who hate India and cheer Pakistan.

    • 9

      Jay Chambers, you idiot, whatever your true name is, tell India to annex Sri Lanka. That way all the problems coming from Sri Lanka be they from the Tamils or Muslims will be all over. Modi and Rajapakses can then peacefully engage in tranquil idol worship.

      • 1

        [Edited out]

      • 5

        stupid navin, people don’t have time for your stupid comments….get the hell outta here

        • 5

          @ elu kolla

          Eluwa, it appears your vocabulary is limited only to words like “booru”, “stupid” etc. I am sure CT and other readers will agree with me! Get back to the “institution” for further assessment??

          • 0

            [Edited out]

          • 2


            RE: @ elu kolla

            “Get back to the “institution” for further assessment?? “

            You mean the one elu-kolla has to take by taking Bud 134?

            Or, do you mean the Habaraduwa Temple and get further treatment from Mahama Hemasiri “Thero”?

            Will he get a proper education, next time?

            Child Abuse by a Monk in Habaraduwa


            Uploaded on May 29, 2010
            She sent her grandson to school with the idea of providing him with proper education to make him a good person. The Buddhist monk in charge of the temple asked her to send the child to the temple and she sent him there because they were poor. There was no possibility for them to pay the money for tuition fees. That was the reason why they sent the boy to the temple school.When the child began to refuse going to the temple school so adamantly, grandmother had to look for the reason. It was then only that she discovered that the child who was sent to learn good behavior, ethics and Buddha’s Dharma from the monk had in fact been abused by the monk.

    • 2

      Jay Chambers alias Lester Leela etc.
      To say that Muslims support Pakistan is utter BS. Perhaps a small coterie from Malikakande slums do so but certainly not the majority. In fact you watch TV you will identify many Muslims including those wearing the ‘Hijab’ supporting Sri Lanka.

  • 4

    The free publicity hype by the Islamophobes, writer and their media is actually doing a favour to those who are seeking to adopt a balanced lifestyle that Islam offers. May I stress ISLAM offers not judged by the behaviour of some so-called Muslims.

    No doubt every Muslims yearns the advent of Khilafah, a central leadership who has the power to aid Muslims around the world. Does this have to be an exclusive State? Maybe if all Muslims rally round first to put into practice or to incorporate the Islamic Shariah in their personal lives. A collective effort may result in forming the long awaited Caliphate insha’Allah. No matter what our position, circumstances, or opportunities in life, we always have the freedom to choose how to experience, interpret and ultimately shape our world. If we can believe this, then we can strategically choose and create our own life in line with Islamic values. I believe this now more than ever, and not just at a philosophical level but at a very practical and physical level as well.

    • 2

      Dear mr. Maghribi, the problem for all those ambitions is the existence of militarily powerful (tiny Israel is more powerful than entire Islamic Umah) unbelievers on earth and dependence on them for your every aspect of life ( education, health, communication, transport etc etc including the loudspeaker on top the mosque – unbelievers can live without Muslims but Muslims cannot live without unbelievers). So my dear until and unless Allah decides to directly interfere I don’t see any way out of your miserable dependance on unbelievers

      • 0

        Janz October 16, 2014 at 2:24 am

        Practising Muslims give very little credence to the life of this world. Life on earth is a fleeting moment. Muslims strive to achieve Eternal Salvation. ALL extreme elements are on course to self destruction if one has to learn from history. Hope the link below helps you to understand what the unbelievers are.


  • 5

    [Edited out] muslim terrorists are roaming all over SL….Army should teach these clowns the same lesson what was taught to [Edited out] tamil terrorists

    • 6

      Balu Kela Kolla, how many times do I have to ask you to shut up? Next time you open your mouth you will get something there which will choke you.

      • 5

        stupid navin, shut up fool, you don’t have a place in this forum

      • 2

        This Character aptly named Balu Kela Kolla is a disgraceful breed to Humankind, let alone his/her country.

        • 2

          ceylonese seems to be a worshiper of muslims for their money…disgrace to entire human nation

  • 4

    [Edited out] Hameed Abdul Karim is whitewashing muslims terrorists

  • 6

    Jay Chambers, you know something? You are showing all the qualities of a bigot.


    • 5

      Jay Chambers the evil one, was sent into this world to twist and turn or distort facts to fit his agenda i.e. to discredit the religion Islam and its followers Muslims living peacefully in Sri Lanka. It is heartening to note that the majority realize his motives and stay calm under such provocation. He is unable to be at peace with himself until he has achieved his objective of creating enough disgust and mistrust against the said people, that could set alight the flames of racial hatred and plunge this country into another chaotic pogrom. To achieve his objectives, he uses as role models those who did a lot to try and destroy Islam but never actually achieved anything, instead failed miserably with the blood of innocent Muslims on their hands. Similar to Agnaanasara, Wirathu, Modi, Netanyahu, George W. Bush, Tony Blair et all. In spite of all the induced hatred and anger, they could not stop the rapid spread of Islam which marched on to all regions of the world, and has now turned out to be reckoned with and unstoppable. To put effect to the notion – Attack is is the best form of defense, Jay rattles on and on at a tandem with the introduction of savage scenarios like the blood and gore, the hostage beheading which took place in retaliation to US involvement in their war, and torture of Muslims by Muslims (which by all standards are crimes against humanity) and placed those abhorrent deeds onto Islam’s lap, whilst obscuring the truth that they were fighting a political battle to capture power in order to rule those Muslim countries. His modus operandi is all too clear now and stands exposed. Demonize Islam, demonize Muslims by pouring scorn on them, destroy any semblance of goodness and decency, morals and etiquette in their religion Islam and show Muslims in bad light. The more he does it, the opposite is bound to take effect, and more will come to understand our religion in its true light. Allahu Akbar.

  • 6

    Elu Kolla/Mad Chambers,

    Keep crying and shouting from your roof top, nothing will happen to Muslims. We will live in our motherland Sri Lanka as long as it takes just the way we did in the past as a peaceful society. If provocated we know how to respond and if you shout too much we will send all your pot washing women from the Middle East and you can lick MARA’s back for your food.





    • 1

      ansar [Edited out] moslem, SL is not your mother country…you’re living here because of our tolerance….but our tolerance will not last forever….i dont think i’ll have to remind you aluthgama [Edited out]

      • 0

        [Edited out] ELAKOLLA,






  • 2


    Above article talk about how wahabis attacking Sufis in Sri lanka as well as how wahabis are becoming a Terrorist threat.

    Wahabis are doing the same thing in Indonesia too.

  • 3

    This is how Wahabis has become terorists all over the muslim world.

    Last two years have seen a disturbing trend of systematic grave desecration done by various Wahhabi groups in Libya, Mali, and Egypt. With the fall of ruling powers resulting from the Arab Spring many Wahhabis have decided to utilise power vacuums that opened up in Libya and subsequently Mali to ravage these lands by destroying all signs of their holy sites, which according to their puritanical view are heretical, pagan-like and akin to grave worship, despite the fact that the vast majority of Sunni scholars throughout history have held them to be valid and even praiseworthy to maintain. Spurred on by some popular scholars in Saudi Arabia the trend continues to happen although their destruction of centuries-old heritage has been condemned by all other Muslims as sacrilege.


    March 2012 – the Tomb of a 15th-Century scholar Abdel Salam al-Asmar in Zlitan, about 160km (100 miles) south-east of Tripoli.

    August 2012 – Al-Shaab Al-Dahman mosque housed close to 50 Sufi graves inside and, outside, the tombs of Libyan Sufi scholar Abdullah al-Sha’ab and a martyr who fought Spanish colonialists.

    October 2011 – Desecration of the Al-Masry shrine in Tripoli.

    In January 2012 – fanatics wrecked the cemetery of Sidi Ubaid in Benghazi, stealing 31 corpses.

    August 2012 – digging out the blessed resting place of Hazrat Sheikh Ahmad Zaruq.

    August 2012 – The shrine of Sheikh Abdul Salam Al Asmari was blown up in addition to a large part a large part of the mosque named after him, as well as burning the ancient library which held a huge number of books and manuscripts dating back centuries.


    2010 – extremists bombed the shrine of well-known Sufi master and wali, Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh Ali Hujweri, in Lahore, Pakistan, killing 42 people.

    In April 2011, during the annual festival at a large Sufi shrine in southern Punjab in Pakistan, two suicide bombers set off an explosion killing more than 40 worshippers and injuring hundreds more.


    April 2011 – in the Egyptian town of Qalyoub, armed with crowbars and sledgehammers, two dozen Salafi fanatics arrived at the Sidi Abdel Rahman shrine in the middle of the night aiming to smash it to pieces. Five other shrines in Qalyoub were destroyed soon after Hosni Mubarak’s fall from power.

    June 2012 – The Shrine of Sheikh Zowaid was brought to the ground after being blown up at the hands of anonymous vandals.

    In November 2012 a Salafi cleric called on Egyptians to destroy all ancient Egyptian landmarks, including the popular Sphinx and pyramids: the bloodline of Egyptian tourism revenue.

    August 2013 – Shrines of Sheikh Hamid Abu Jarir in central Sinai and Sheikh Salim Al-Sharif Abu Jarir in the Bir El Abd area were detonated remotely and simultaneously.


    According to Sufi officials, Islamists in Tunisia have attacked almost 40 Sufi shrines in recent months, most prominent being

    January 2013- Sidi Bou Said’s shrine in Tunisia was set ablaze by a group of vandals.

    January 2013 – Sidi Baghdadi in Monastir was torched by extremists.

    February 2013 – Mausoleums Sidi Abdeljabbar in Jammal and Sidi Amor Bouzid in Awlad Chamakh were also destroyed.


    Since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution, many mosques and Islamic sites have been witnessing a new type of terrorism, the blowing up and desecration of shrines and graves of saints, whether by the Syrian Armed forces or the revolutionists. The destruction of the Sufi shrines came under the spotlight as tens have been blown up all over the Islamic world. Some famous shrines have been under the threats of being vandalised, such as the shrine of Sakina bint Ali, Roqaya bin Al Hussine and the shrine of the famous Sayeda Zeinab Bint Ali. Further examples of desecrated shrines in Aleppo and Damascus are those of: Mohsen bin Imam Hussein, Sheikh Mohammed Ejrabh, Sheikh Mohammed Hassoun, and the near-demolition of the shrine of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Muslli before the residents of his city saved it from the vandals.


    Similar incidents occurred in the capital Mogadishu, attacks on shrines mostly carried out by the militant group “Harakat Al- Shabab Al Mujahideen”; a Somalia-based cell of the militant Islamist group al-Qaeda.

    The movement destroyed the shrine of Sheikh Ali Tairi and Sheikh Ali Mu’min.

    The shrine of Sheikh Mohammed Bimalo, leader of the Qadiriyyah order in the early twentieth century.

    The shrine of Sheikh Hassan Mu’alim Mo’min, founder of the Idreesia order in Somalia

    March 2010 – The destruction of Sheikh Mohi- Al-Din’s shrine


    Timbuktu encompasses a lot of Sufi shrines and tombs, hence the name “The city of 333 saints”. At the request of the residents of the city, UNESCO placed the city on its list of endangered world heritage sites.

    April 2012 – The mausoleum of Sidi Mahmoud, one of 16 shrines in Timbuktu, was under attack by Ansar Dine (a militant Islamist group led by one of the most prominent leaders of the Tuareg rebellion). On 30 June, it was reported by a local journalist that Ansar Dine had destroyed the mausoleum completely, along with Sidi El Mokhtar and Alfa Moya and five other sites with pick-axes, hoes and Kalashnikovs.

    July 2012 – Members of the same group took down the shrines of Sidi Elmety, Mahamane Elmety and Sidi Mahmoudou. Another major destruction during the same month was that of Sidi Yahya’s mausoleum.

    Ansar Dine tore down one of the doors of the 15th century Sidi Yahya mosque.

    September 2012- Extremists destroyed the mausoleum of Cheik El-Kebir.

    September 2012 – The destruction of the tomb of Almirou Mahamane Assidiki in Goundam

    March 28, 2013: The Al-Andlusi mausoleum in Tajoura

    In addition to this destruction, one can add the tragic assassination in August 2012 of Said Afandi, the Muslim Sufi leader of Dagestan. An outspoken critic of Wahhabism, the leader was murdered by a female suicide-bomber.

  • 1


    Muslims are talking big because of White – Christians that you hate and want to destroy.

    It is they who invented the automobile which needed fossil fuel. It is they who have the technology to suck it from the earth.

    SO, on the day oil is over in your part of the earth, you people start eating DATES again.

    • 3

      Ansar, permit me the right of response to the questions raised. (With the intention of giving Da’wah) You are free to correct me, add more or respond appropriately as you see fit.

      Christians are Christians. Muslims are Muslims. We (Muslims) don’t discriminate based on skin color, eye color, hair color. No caste system is permitted, no class segregation is allowed, except separation in their physical presence, as in a mix of both men and women in one and the same forum, for reasons that can be explained but is beyond the scope of this response. Everyone is equal in Allah’s purview, except in piety and closeness to God. We (Men) pray together standing shoulder to shoulder, poor man standing next to rich man, pauper next to the King, and that is the way we Muslims have have been taught and lived for centuries, before you arrived on the scene.

      We don’t want to kill anyone just because they are different to us. But we are permitted to invite Christians to come to common terms with us Muslims (understand what is common in both religions) after which, explore the differences and arrive at a common understanding. We kill only when attacked, and have been advised to do so, and that too only in self defense. The idea being, get him before he gets us.

      There is no such thing as they (West) vs us (Mid East). It was Allah’s plan which made both parties interdependent on each other. They had the technical advantage (the motor car), whilst the Arabs had the natural gas and petroleum resources. One needed the other to economically survive. They wouldn’t survive independently on their own without each others partnership and support. They were both created for each other.

      People have been eating dates then, now and will eat dates well into the future. It is a main food source for Muslims all over the world, specially during fasting month of Ramadhan. It has nothing to do with oil extracted from the ground. This is not a food source but an economic source, where the extracted oil and gas is sold and the revenue is invested in improving country’s infrastructure. When the oil runs out, there are untapped natural resources still waiting to be exploited well into the next few centuries.(We say Alhamdhu lillah, Allah’s gift to all of the oil rich Muslim Arab nations). There is untapped Gold resources, copper deposits, iron, tin and diamonds and may be much more precious metal still waiting to be discovered, much more than we can ever imagine. Who is to know for sure what new discoveries will be made in the future? Who is to tell when the oil will ever finish during our lifetime or well into the future? But these are not important to us Muslims. What is important is where we will end up in the hereafter, heaven or hell, and what have we done to deserve paradise when we die. That will be our eternal abode. That will be our Final resting place. Everything else is just irrelevant and temporary.

    • 0

      So you have part in these all inventions? Or you live with them? Or they are your relatives? Atleast they have dates… You can eat Punnakku Jim Softy :) It will better suit you ;)

  • 2

    Oi Jim Softy! You can write the most damning things about Wahabis, Salafis, Ahmadfis, and whatnots of any kind, cut/copy/paste from any of the many Islamophobia sites out there are on the internet, but it doesn’t mean a thing to us, since we know our religion well enough to figure out what you write is known BS and untrue, falsified, distorted and downright malicious to denigrate the sanctity within true Islam and its followers. We don’t belong to any of those groups. We are mostly Sri Lankan Moors and have no connection whatsoever with any of those schools of thought. You are just firing blanks into nowhere, not targeting any one particular segment of Muslims nor another. Simply hogging useful bandwidth and wasting your time and effort to paint a grim picture of Muslims and their religion Islam, of which you know next to nothing about. Like adding insult to injury, those canards you reproduce are totally unconnected and totally irrelevant to us as Muslims living in SL per se. In fact, just like me, many others too probably don’t have the time nor the will to read through all that rubbish that you copy/paste, as it is nothing but the best bulloney you can find, and there are loads of it out there. Only good for manuring the lawns. Why don’t you just let-go, get a life, and find something useful to do with yourself, to be an asset to society. Make a resolve and act now. Rather than scrounging around searching for mud to throw on fellow human beings, varied others of your own kind – humanity.

  • 2

    The author is given to hyperbole. There is little doubt that there is Islamic Activism in Sri Lanka though not on the scale as in the ME, and it is the role of the media to point it out and the government to maintain surveillance of suspects. A MONSTER, (Islamic State) has been born in the ME with Saudi and Qatari (and probably others) funding, like none we’ve seen before in our lifetime. All this in the midst of near-anarchy which does not help the Arabs, because it ONLY helps the US and it’s proxy. The Muslims have been pitted against each other, with the hope that they’ll self-destruct (remember the Iran-Iraq war) with the US only needing to give a helping hand here and there.

    It seems that the Saudis are having second thoughts and did get rid of a minister. The Qatari regime has shown some evidence of backtracking too. The funding though continues via private contributors. It has also enabled the US to return to Iraq as they always wanted. Turkey in the meantime has permitted it’s airbases to be used to destroy Syria, and the US did so with gusto, first bombing two oil refineris and then, grain silos, while ISIS carries on regardless. Result : desolation in the ME.

  • 1


    We (Muslims) don’t discriminate based on skin color, eye color, hair color. No caste system is permitted, no class segregation is allowed, except separation in their physical presence

    Only sunni’s kill shias and vice versa.

    Wahabis kill every one else.

    Jihad’s taliban, ISIS and many other groups have their oqn version of Quran.

    Muslims have killed most muslims. that is the truth.

    • 1

      ‘Only Muslims kill other Muslims’ so why does that bother you as a non-Muslim? Either way, Muslims can and will sort out their own problems, you obviously thrive on their misery. There are more than a billion Muslims out there who live together peacefully, and you purposely choose to ignore that fact to discredit a small minority of those who fight for their misplaced rights. I say that these are misjudged values again, being used ton arrive at wrong conclusions.

  • 2


    In your comment you have accepted that Islam is at the top and no other religion is above you and muslims are the best and Allah is the only ultimate god and not even the Christian/Catholic – Allah or the creator. Your have proved it with words and statements like “except” We have allowed Christians to come to terms with us. I say, as you Quran is interpreted by many in many different ways, it will never leave humans in PEACE.

    On the other hand, it is no point of talking with muslims, they are never honest with respect to their religion and they are so authoritative they would not allow their religion to evolve. IT needs evolving because it’s teachings lead to to violence and bring mayhem to human kind.

    You people never admit the may hem brought to the world because you believe that you are the only right kind.

    Just keep on braying saying Islamophobia. That will work for you like fanatics.

    • 2

      Jimmy it is useless me butting against you, as you refuse to understand any reasonable explanation I present about Muslim and Islam’s viewpoint (the best I can and know, which of course falls short of a respected Ulama’s verdict, but sufficient enough for a forum of this type of such small magnitude), and thus in my book you are nothing but a mad man who refuses to read and understand, let alone accept it the way it is presented. We have been advised in our religion not to argue with fools and mad men as they are already insane and incapable to comprehend nor appreciate when something is explained to them in good faith. So for that reason, I say to you, your religion is for you, mine is for me, you may go your way, I will go mine. The only time I will respond is to put the record straight when Islam is falsified and denigrated to screw up public perception, as I consider it is my loyal duty to do so, with my God given gift of limited intellect. May Almighty Allah accept my small effort fort His Deen-ul-Islam. I fear and respect Allah and prey for His mercy on me, I love my religion, I love my Prophet and am prepared to even sacrifice my life for it.

  • 0

    Anti Tamil rhetoric have helped many Sinhala politicians to come to power – beginning with SWRD.

    Now that the Tamils are vanquished a new enemy is needed. Enter the Muslims.

    Islam bashing, ingloriously handled by saffron robed thugs will deliver votes for the UPFA.

    Hamid Abdul Karim – don’t take it personally. It is all to do with Sri Lankan politics – the majority are fools.

  • 2

    A detailed response to fanatics like Marwan is needed. But that can wait.

    Meanwhile, the immediate actions to be taken are as follows:

    Since almost all Moslems in the country speak Tamil (and are over 99% of South Indian descent) they can hide themselves as Ceylon Tamil and infiltrate India. A lot are doing this right now.

    Indian HC and all Consulates should exercise extreme caution when granting visas to these monster. They are looking for targets that will be easier than the monks in Lanka. The lessons of Darga town mean that they have to postpone it for a later day, but in India, with its chaos of multiple ethnic groups, this will be done easier. Disgruntled LTTE sympathisers might even help these Moslems. Pakistan is actively supporting these Moslems, providing them with everything they need.

    India MUST ask for DNA samples and maintain one for each and every Moslems or suspected sympathiser who ever enters India from Lanka. Sooner than you think the buck Moslems fanatics, who want to prove to their global “umma” that they are also contributing to the mass murder of non-believers, will commit heinous crimes in India. If they die by suicide bombings, etc. have the DNA will help identify the Jihadis even after they are dead.

    By completely restricting the movement of Moslems to India you can expect Moslems to eventually attack targets in Lanka. I won’t rule of poisoning of water supplies, food supplies etc. Its safer to assume they will initially try these out and stay anonymous.

    Absolute vigilance by non-Moslems is key. Lanka must develop a DNA based database of the Moslems. They should immediately work with those who can provide such technology at the lowest cost. That way the movement of the Moslems hordes will be monitored.

    within days after the above is implemented (as a minimum) the dastards will be in custody by the hundreds. Then they should be dealt with using penalties that currently do not exits in the books of law. At a minimum life imprisonment and total forfeiture of all property should be levied against any act such as the ones above. That may deter some of their actions.

    But that is just a beginning. The fundamental thing of importance is to totally ban those parts of the Qaran that overtly preach murder, rape, pedophilia, etc. Only the revised, edited Qarans should be allowed to be distributed. Anyone not doing so should be treated the same way drug peddelrs are treated.

    These are measures that should be adopted immediately. More technology and strategy is needed for the ultimate victory over Moslems terror, and that is a subject I will discuss at a later time.

    • 3

      You are a real nutty character Gay Chambers. Full of hate of Muslims. I just will post some pointers for readers to judge what some leaders of countries have to say about Muslims, and all your spit and fire will get doused and get flushed away, like in the toilet commode.

      British PMs address to Muslims at No. 10 Downing Street – Occasion: The official celebration of the Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Adha. 18,000 British Muslims attended Hadj this year, Ma’sha Allah. Allahu Akbar.

      Not that we Muslims need these praises, as our Allah and Prophet Muhammed (Peace and blessings be upon him) is sufficient for us. But what comes from the heart of a non-Muslim about Muslims is the consoling factor. Not the hate espoused by you on false, cooked up, imaginary insinuations asking for trouble when there is none to pursue.

      Gay you are a sick man (psychotic) with a Phobia which only you can cure. We cannot help you in any way, except to guide you towards good, decent, logical thinking processes, or to be in the company of good Muslim friends, listen or watch top profile Muslim leaders in any sphere of activity, and stop listening to BBS bigots who have caused you all this mental agony and pain, hatred and contempt of Muslims, for no apparent reason but because they are prosperous, live united and peacefully as Sri Lankan citizens, and contribute generously towards the country’s national welfare. They utter such disconnected lies, come up with falsified theories, use foul language and gutter thinking and this has ruined your perception of Muslims and Islam. There is absolutely nothing you can do to stop the spread of Islam as if it is Allah’s will, it is bound to happen sooner or later. And the like the saying goes, if you can’t beat it, then the next best thing is to join it.

      I just can’t believe you with all your intellectual capacity and with perfect control and command of the English language, still living like a hermit inside a crab shell similar to the life style and thinking of those bigot monks. So you think profiling and rendering Muslims is a good thing? Singling them out as muck, dirt, pieces of shit, isolated from mainstream society, making them live in refugee camps, etc., etc., are good things. The world is quite different Jay from what you know, and whilst you have access to all that it offers through the global village concept, I am surprised you still think this way. There are ample opportunities for you to pick and chose and understand right from wrong, truth from falsehood, and associate, make friends with those you think are bad people (Muslims) and see what makes them tick. Surely, I don’t need to tell you all this. Were you a loner in school, never had Muslim friends in your life, never attended a Muslim wedding, a party, a sharing of festival delicacies. HELLOOO! Wake up Jay from you deep slumber, look around you. Learn to appreciate diversity in cultures, religions, races, skin color, hair color, eye color, and when there is so much in diversity, everyone thrives in prosperity. Building positive identities and a respect for differences means weaving diversity into the fabric of people’s everyday lives. Working with all types of people is an important first step in helping us accept, understand, and value this rich and varied world. Just snap out of it Jay, for your own sake, and lets live together as ONE from ONE country – our beautiful resplendence island of Sri Lanka, for you and for me.

      • 1

        You are trying to wake up someone who is pretending to be sleeping.
        Please do not waste your time with this chambers guy.

    • 2

      Jay Chambers. You have the makings of someone afflicted with verbal diarrhoea or an imbecile who simply wants to see his name in print. What you are babbling about is nonsense gleaned from the thoughts of Gnanasera Thera. There’s no need for DNA evidence, all of us came from somewhere else. The leading white supremacist in USA rues the day he volunteered for DNA testing on a TV show. He discovered his recent ancestors were negroid. In your own case, if DNA reveals you are a true Sri Lankan, then it is apparent that your forefathers were cowards who converted when approaced by foreign missionaries or even collaborators who sold out our country to invaders.

  • 2

    Just to add to above, Sakir Hussain, the first Lankan Moslem Jihadi who was arrested in India has revealed the extent of the infiltration of both Pakistani fanatics and the hundreds of Lankan Jihadi cadres who are thronging to join the attacks on Indian targets. Since then many more such Lankan Moslems are under arrest in India. Meanwhile the leaders of these murderous plots engage the likes of the writer of above article, Hamid Kareem, to use the best Taqiyya (Qaran sanctioned deceit of non-believers) until they have enough weapons, ability and sheer population in numbers to attack and murder the non-believers.

    The readers, specially those in Lanka, should understand that this stuff is for real and not Jay Chambers hallucinating. The monsters are at their work, and as you can see with ISIS and Al Qaeda, they stop at nothing to please Allah with more and more innocent blood being spilled to quench the blood thirst of their Almighty.

    • 2

      The venom you espouse against Muslims living in SL is frothing from your mouth and you don’t even notice it. Those you have referred to are operatives paid to do a job and don’t represent the rest the Muslim community living in this country. It is good if what you is correct, and if they got caught in the act, then they will ultimately have to pay the ultimate price for their crimes. But at rate you are going after it, may be you will create a monster out of a mole hill. If you don’t taper off, you may end up poisoning your own self with your own venom, just like a recent video on Youtube that I saw. It was a case where a poisonous snake with its head shopped off, completely severed from its body, but the wriggling and writhing of its body came close to the severed head, and suddenly the half dead severed head opened its mouth and shut tight and bit into its own tail and pumped all its own venom into it. Ultimately it stopped wriggling and the snake’s body went limp. What killed it first? Was it the severed head or venom from its own fangs? No one could ever tell, now will ever know. But that may become your own fate too at the rate you are going. Now don’t call me a Jihadist for relaying that incident, as is your usual fallback, as that was just a synopsis of what I observed. I don’t wish it on you, as you have still time and many opportunities to reform your attitude towards us as Muslims. I have many things to say unto you, but you may not be able to bear them now. Small steps will reach greater heights.

  • 3


    Thanks for your elaborate response for all these ill conceived allegations especially by the like of Mad Chambers and some of the legitimate points raised by some commentors in this forum.


    If you logically think, what is the percentage of these so called groups compared to the Muslim Population of the world, very insignificant. Why can’t you people be a bit reasonable in your projection of Islam, when there are a substantial segment of the Muslim population live a peaceful and co-existing life with other religions. Why always bash Islam just because there are a few bad apples in Islam, just like in any other religion.

    My humble appeal for all those people who wish to know what is Islam and Islamic way of life, is to look deep into Quran and the life of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) without quoting parts of Quran, way out of context.

    Truly there is peace of mind and peaceful co-existence for people who really care to live a life void of all these worldly distractions.

    Now please do not drag me to some Middle Eastern countries where there is chaos and conflicts. In my opinion even those countries are in such state because they too steered away from the true spirit of Islam and may be advocating their way of thinking.

    If an individual,family,society or a country truly follows Islam there cannot be chaos and destruction.That is why most of the silent majority practice the true from of Islam and are happy in this world and will be happy even after their deaths. Thank God, I am also one such person trying my level best to achieve that objective and am happy to say that I have peace of mind to some extent, besides all these clamouring going around me and get a good sleep in the night. I am sure most of the rich and powerful may not be enjoying that.

    I can bet that MARA and the likes can never sleep even for an hour without some form of inducement, that is because peace of mind in such a precious commodity you cannot buy for money or by exercising your power.

    So folks think of these and come to your senses, then this world will become a beautiful place to live and be handed over to our generations to live happily afterwards. Otherwise we will live miserably and leave our children in further misery. I am sure no one of us want to do that. DO WE….?

    • 3

      “If an individual,family,society or a country truly follows Islam there cannot be chaos and destruction.That is why most of the silent majority practice the true from of Islam and are happy in this world and will be happy even after their deaths.
      Mr Anvar are you writing from some other world? During our life time how many Muslims have been killed by Israel and USA and how many in the hands of other Muslims? If a Bangladeshi is given the option to migrate to Pakistan or India which he will choose? Be honest to yourself if you are a true Muslim.

  • 2

    Who said it were the white Christians who ‘discovered’ oil in the Arab countries? Ever heard Alladin and his magic lamp? Well, ask yourself how Alladin lit his lamp. With oil of course.

    White man ‘discovering’ oil in the ME is like Columbus ‘discovering’ America. America was always there and all that Columbus did was ‘detect’ it according to Oscal Wilde.


  • 5


    Good point raised by you.

    I said if they live a true Islamic life according to Quran and the teachings of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), then and only then can they live happily and peacefully even if they are rich or poor.

    How sure are you that the people in the countries you have mentioned are truly living as Muslims as enshrined by Quran and guided upon by Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).

    My guess is as good as yours.

    It is the Universities which bring out the best to the society and also some worst criminals, you do not blame the University for the criminals, do you?

    It is the individual who to be blamed and they are the ones who will suffer and you cannot hold the University responsible for their plight.

    Hope I made myself clear with my limited knowledge on the subject and open to stand corrected, if I am wrong.

  • 2

    The chief of the US Pacific Command said that Lashkar-e-Taiba is expanding its operations into Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives, as well as Europe. “Unquestionably, they have spread their influence internationally, and they are no longer solely focused in South Asia and on India …” Admiral Willard said.

    Read more: http://www.longwarjournal.org/today-in/2011/04/the_chief_of_the_us.php#ixzz3GFAxuHG4

    Islamaphobia? And that is three years back, how far have they progressed since then?

    • 1



      Of course you are suffering from it. The problem is that you do not accept that you are a paranoid schizophrenic.

      “And that is three years back, how far have they progressed since then?”

      A country needs some excuse to survive. State finds many excuses to tighten its grip on people. Keeping the people constantly frightened is a boon for the manufactures of security equipments to get large orders, commission for agents, and kickback to politicians and officers.

      Europeans and American arms manufacturers would be really happy.

      • 1

        Is Admiral Willard, Chief of the US Pacific Command, a paranoid schizophrenic too?

  • 1


    The usual meaning of Islam in Arabic is not “peace” but “submission.” And if the terrorists were so far outside the mainstream, why did Muslims all over the world burst into joyful, spontaneous celebrations when the hijacked jetliners slammed into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? Why are Islamic governments afraid to show “too much” public support for the war against terrorism? Further, why are all the governments that covertly support terrorism centered in the Muslim world?

    The truth is that Islam is not a religion of peace. This is not to say that every Muslim is violent at heart. Many are not. Muslims have the same.aspirations for living peaceful lives that people have the world over. But they also have the same potential for violence as others, and Islam as a religion and an ideology seeks to exploit that potential.

    Though there are millions of Muslims who want peaceful relations with the West, millions who.aspire to live in free societies like America, there nevertheless remains a deep and powerful strain of violence within Islam, and it is important that Americans understand it.

    They will have to face it in the future.

    The Muslim Worldview

    To understand the connection between Islam and violence, one must understand certain facets of the Muslim worldview. One of the most important is the fact that, according to the historic Muslim understanding, there is no separation between religion and government—what in Christianity would be called the separation of church and state.
    We are not speaking here of the secularist idea that the state should marginalize religion and discourage people from voting their consciences as Christians. We are talking about the idea that church and state are not the same thing and that they have different spheres of activity.

    This idea of a separation between religion and government is not characteristic of most peoples in world history. It is a contribution to the world of ideas that was made by Christians—indeed, by Christ himself. In his book Islam and the West, historian Bernard Lewis explains:

    “The notion that religion and political authority, church and state, are different and that they can or should be separated is, in a profound sense, Christian. Its origins may be traced to the teachings of Christ, notably in the famous passage in Matthew 22:21, in which Christ is quoted as saying: ‘Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.’ This notion was confirmed by the experience of the first Christians; its later development was shaped and in a sense even imposed by the subsequent history of Christendom. The persecutions endured by the early Church made it clear that a separation between the two was possible.”

    During much of Christian history church and state were united in that each Christian state had an official church, whether it was the Catholic Church or one of the Orthodox or Protestant churches. In many countries that is still the case. Nevertheless, the awareness remained that the two institutions were distinct and had different functions and different spheres of legitimate authority. They could in principle disagree and go their separate ways when necessary.

    Most peoples in world history have not shared this understanding. In most societies, religion and government have been inseparably linked. This is true in Muslim society as well. Lewis explains:

    “In pagan Rome, Caesar was God. Christians were taught to differentiate between what is due to Caesar and what is due to God. For Muslims of the classical age, God was Caesar, and the sovereign—caliph or sultan—was merely his viceregent on earth. This was more than a simple legal fiction. For Muslims the state was God’s state, the army God’s army, and, of course, the enemy was God’s enemy. Of more practical importance, the law was God’s law, and in principle there could be no other. The question of separating church and state did not arise, since there was no church, as an autonomous institution, to be separated. Church and state were one and the same.”

    This means that, in the historic Muslim understanding, Islamic society is or should be a theocracy—a society in which God himself is the monarch, reigning on earth through subordinates.

    In the earliest days of Islam, the subordinate was the prophet Mohammed, who founded Islam and conquered the Arabian Peninsula. Thereafter the subordinate was the caliphs and in the centuries after Mohammed’s death they expanded Muslim society by conquering peoples as far west as Spain and as far east as India. In the process, they absorbed half of Christian civilization. Eventually, the power of the caliphs waned, and new leaders—such as the Ottoman sultans—were the subordinates. Throughout it all, God himself was regarded as the ruler of Islamic civilization.

    Islam as Ideology

    That Islam sees itself as a theocracy has enormous ramifications for how it regards itself and for the behavior of Muslims.
    First, it means that Islam is not only a religion. It is also a political ideology. If the government of the Muslim community simply is God’s government, then no other governments can be legitimate. They are all at war with God. As a result, Muslims have typically divided the world into two spheres, known as the Dar al-Islam—the “house of Islam” or “house of submission” to God—and the Dar al-Harb, or “house of war”—those who are at war with God.

    Second, it means that Muslims have believed themselves to have a “manifest destiny.” Since God must win in the end, the Dar al-Harb must be brought under the control of Muslim government and made part of the Dar al-Islam.

    Third, since the Dar al-Harb by its nature is at war with God, it is unlikely that it will submit to God without a fight. Individual groups might be convinced to lay down their arms and join the Muslim community by various forms of pressure—economic or military—that fall short of war. In history some groups have become Muslim in this way, either fearing Muslim conquest, desiring Muslim military aid against their own enemies, or.aspiring to good trade relations with the Muslim world. But many peoples would rather fight than switch. This has been particularly true of Christians, who have put up more resistance to the Muslim advance than have pagan and animistic tribes.

    Because of the need to expand God’s dominion by wars of conquest, Islam’s ideology imposes on Muslims the duty to fight for God’s community. This duty is known as jihad (Arabic, “struggle, fight”). Although it is binding on all Muslims, it has been particularly incumbent on those on the edges of the Muslim world, where there was room for expansion. Only by continual jihad could the manifest destiny of Islam to bring the world into submission to God be fulfilled.

    As eminent French sociologist Jacques Ellul notes, “Jihad is a religious obligation. It forms part of the duties that the believer must fulfill; it is Islam’s normal path to expansion.”

    A fourth and final consequence of Islam’s view of itself as a theocracy is that in theory all Muslims should not only form one religious community but should be subject to one government as well—God’s government, a kind of Muslim superstate. Yet this has not happened. Muslims have been ruled by different governments since the early days of Islam.

    Ideology Meets History

    The fact that Muslims are not united under a single government is due to a variety of historical factors. As Muslim territory expanded the problems with the idea of uniting all Muslim peoples under a single government became all too obvious. Islam grew from a tribal base, and tribal societies are not known for stability. The factions and rivalries that are inherent in such societies manifested as Islam grew and made it difficult to keep Muslims under a single head.
    Another factor that kept a stable Muslim superstate from developing is the fact that—especially in a pre-technological world—local areas have to be governed locally. Large empires have had to cede large amounts of autonomy to local governments, and therein lay the seeds of their eventual dissolution. As local governments grew in power, they desired more and more autonomy, desiring eventually to throw off the yoke of their masters and to be truly independent.

    As a result, even in the classical period of Islam the Muslim community was divided politically, with rivalries between various parties—for example, between the Ottomans and the Persians, who maintained a tense and sometimes violent rivalry for centuries. The conflicts within the Muslim community helped slow its expansion and helped lead to stagnation and decay.

    A threat also was growing in the non-Muslim world.

    Europe for centuries had been terrified by the Muslim advance, with continual warfare on its borders to the west and to the east as Christians struggled at first to check the Muslim advance and later to reclaim their homelands.

    The fight was not easy for Europe and, for a long time, it did not go well. Lewis notes of medieval Christendom: “Split into squabbling, petty kingdoms, its churches divided by schism and heresy, with constant quarrels between the churches of Rome and the East, it was disputed between two emperors and for a while even two popes. After the loss of the Christian shores of the eastern and southern Mediterranean to the Muslim advance, Christendom seemed even more local, confided in effect to a small peninsula on the western edge of Asia which became—and was by this confinement defined as—Europe. For a time—indeed, for a very long time—it seemed that nothing could prevent the ultimate triumph of Islam and the extension of the Islamic faith and Muslim power to Europe.”

    As chronicler of Muslim expansion Paul Fregosi notes, “‘From the fury of the Mohammedan, spare us, O Lord’ was a prayer heard for centuries in all the churches of central and southern Europe. Fear of the jihad has not entirely vanished even now, particularly among peoples who have known Muslim domination.” Muslims conducted raids to capture slaves as far west as England and Ireland. They attacked Iceland. And they plunged deep into Europe.

    They captured Sicily and invaded the Italian mainland. “Naples, Genoa, Ravenna, Ostia, and even Rome itself were all for a time pillaged or occupied by the Saracens. Human beings became a cheap and abundant commodity. In Rome, in 846 . . . the Muslims even looted the churches of St. Peter and St. Paul, and the pope had to buy off the invaders with the promised tribute of 25,000 silver coins a year. Pope Leo IV then ordered the construction of the Leonine Wall around the city to protect St. Peter’s from further assault.”

    The threat continued for centuries, with Muslim forces laying siege in 1529 and 1683 to Vienna, the capital of the Holy Roman Empire, located in the heart of Europe.

    But as Islam stagnated, new doors opened to Europe, particularly through the discovery of the New World and the vast material resources it offered. As Europe grew economically, technologically, and militarily through its colonies and the rise of global trade, the balance of power shifted, and the Islamic world became vulnerable.

    Even before the discovery of the New World, Christians in both western and eastern Europe had begun to reclaim their conquered homelands from Muslim dominion, and the tremendous new resources that Europe had at its disposal as a result of the Age of Exploration only made things worse for Muslim.aspirations to world political supremacy. Their own governmental structures—particularly the Ottoman empire—began to lose power and disintegrate, with Europeans stepping in to take control as colonialization progressed.

    For three centuries the Muslim world lost ground, and by the first half of the twentieth century almost all of it had been reduced to being colonies or protectorates of European powers.

    Lewis notes, “By 1920 it seemed that the triumph of Europe over Islam was total and final. The vast territories and countless millions of the Muslim peoples of Asia and Africa were firmly under the control of the European empires—some of them under a variety of native princes, most under direct colonial administration. Only a few remote mountain and desert areas, too poor and too difficult to be worth the trouble of acquiring, retained some measure of sovereign independence.”

    What was the Muslim reaction to this alarming sequence of developments?

    Shock and Awe

    In the seventeenth century it had begun to sink into Muslim consciousness that something was desperately wrong in the world. Though Muslim society had previously been more advanced economically and in some ways culturally than European society, it began to dawn on Muslim leaders that the barbarian infidels of Europe were catching up and in certain ways were ahead of Muslim society.
    It is difficult for Westerners to realize just how crushing a realization this was, but it was devastating given Muslim self-perception.

    The triumphal advance of Islam seemed to confirm to Muslim minds that they were the chosen of God and that civilization itself was identical with Islam, with only ignorant barbarians and infidels outside its borders.

    In What Went Wrong?: Western Impact and Middle Eastern Response, Bernard Lewis notes that Christian Europe was seen “as an outer darkness of barbarism and unbelief from which there was nothing to learn and little even to be imported, except slaves and raw materials. For both the northern [European] and southern [African] barbarians, their best hope was to be incorporated into the empire of the caliphs, and thus attain the benefits of religion and civilization.”

    Shock and awe thus were the responses of Muslims as they saw their civilization collapsing and their former enemies—Christian Europeans—seizing control of their homelands. How could this happen? How could God’s people suffer such a reversal of fortune? How could their former might be so completely outclassed by the overwhelming economic and military might of Christendom, whose religion was their only serious rival for the role of a world faith?

    Angry about the present and fearful of the future, Muslims began a process of introspection, explains Lewis.

    “When things go wrong in a society, in a way and to a degree that can no longer be denied or concealed, there are various questions that one can ask. A common one, particularly in continental Europe yesterday and today in the Middle East, is: ‘Who did this to us?’ The answer to a question thus formulated is usually to place the blame on external or domestic scapegoats—foreigners abroad or minorities at home. The Ottomans, faced with the major crisis in their history, asked a different question: ‘What did we do wrong?’”

    A debate followed, with various Muslims trying to analyze and propose remedies for the developing situation. “The basic fault, according to most of these memoranda, was falling away from the good old ways, Islamic and Ottoman; the basic remedy was a return to them. This diagnosis and prescription still command wide acceptance in the Middle East.”

    These twin explanations for the recent misfortune of Islam—that it was caused by a failure to observe Islam in its pure form and by the malicious meddling of foreigners (first Europeans and now Americans)—bode ill for tomorrow.

  • 2

    While Marwan and others are engaged here in full blown Taqiyya, trying to seduce and quieten us, this interesting bit of news seems to have been released coincidentally just today. Mohammad Hussain Mohammad Sulaiman, the Lankan Al Qaeda mastermind, is being sent over to Colombo by the Malaysians.

    Through him soon we will learn a lot more about the Lankan Moslem barbarians,those who cheer Paki cricketers, who are using the country as a springboard to attack India, with the cover of Lankan passports. In their mind India is a bigger devil, Lanka, until the recent events with the BBS, was adjudged the most docile, incompetent bunch of simpletons that they just planned to overwhelm the population, through sheer numbers as the Moslem population continues to explode. To the fanatics in Pakistan and the ever ready Jihadis of Lanka, using this springboard was more valuable and they did not want to have any skirmish in Lanka. Obviously they would like to occasionally beat up a few vulnerable Sinhalese such as monks, and then laugh in their face because the police and others can be bribed and prevented from acting. Sexual molestation of children at their shops too can be overlooked because bribes work well in Lanka. The timid, ever benevolent monks would just live with the occasional “mischief” of these barbarians, by saying to themselves something like “boys will be boys, maybe I should avoid that road and find a back road to the temple next time. My yellow robes obviously are a problem for them, I would rather not aggravate the situation. After all nothing is permanent as the Buddha said”.

    The Sinhalese must thank above everyone else the monk Gnanasara for the unique combination of oratory skills, knowledge of history, knowledge of the evils of the Qaran, and for his bravery to stand up to the barbarians. Also, the Buddhists of Lanka should understand that these are not normal people, who can be reasoned with. These are monsters who feed on the evil Qaran from the day they are born, who believe every single evil in it as commands from God, be it barbarism towards non-believers, child molestation, rape, murder, as the edicts of Mohamed and Allah, and pray 10 times a day, and can never even mildly admire the benevolence of Buddhism or Christianity or the all-encompassing compassion of Hinduism. Imagine what that does to the minds of these Moslems children! They are given the inverse of all human values as the wish of Allah, and fanatic, young Moslems are lining up for martyrdom, for Jihad, in their thousands.

    This is the current Lankan situation. A major bloodbath is therefore inevitable as the increasingly assertive fanatics find creative means to overwhelm the non-believers, to poison, to kill and to dominate the non-believers. Lankans should be alert to these matters using the best available technology and strategy from the non-Moslems world. Always remember, RSS, Shiv Sena and Modi’s Hindustan is your brother, Israel is your best friend. And Vladimir Putin and the Chinese themselves can be relied upon for help since they too have their big headaches with Moslems in Chechnya, Uighurs, etc. Just look at the Dutch biker gangs who are joining the Kurds to fight ISIS. There will be many Australians, including those of Dutch Burgher descent, who will join the Lankans in their fight against these fanatics, since it is now common knowledge that the country has a very limited time before it becomes a Moslem majority nation. Thankfully, every single expat Lankan group seems to hate that eventuality.

    • 3

      Empty Chambers like empty vessels make the loudest sounds. As so it is with this aimless Jay walker. I can also point out to you that a monk in the BBS hierarchy has tried to sell off Temple property through forgery and is now in the docks. So much so for their discipline that they try to impose on others. This incident is just the latest in a series of criminal activities carried out by so called Buddhist monks to their own people. They have printed money, cheated people by selling banned drugs and medicine, seduced young girls by promising opportunities too good to refuse, leased Temple land and earn income to keep as their own, if you simply listen to Balumgala exposures on Youtube, there is so much to keep us all entertained. Some of which hard to believe, but the evidence as it plays out is overwhelming. All of the vices carried out by common criminals dressed in saffron robes, or good Buddhist monks turned rotten. Either way, no one blames Buddhism nor suggests any role that it promotes or supports in any or all of those known crimes, let alone the undisclosed criminal activities. We can simply declare that they brought disgrace upon themselves and the Sangha Council taken as a whole. Now put that in perspective with the Muslim factor, and you have all your answers.

      It is quite a commonly practice to expose Muslims when they undeclared contraband items, such as drugs, gold, gems or money (foreign currencies as in money laundering, and get nabbed at Customs, media publicity is given including their full names with intent to expose Muslims as smugglers and in bad light. Anyone else of any other religious background, only the incident is reported sans any names. This is the type of hypocrites who control media policies. I ask where is justice and fair-play?

      You are always yapping about Muslims supporting Pakistan when they play against SL, and claim they are not being faithful to their country. What do Sri Lankans supporters now domiciled as citizens in Australia, and England do when the Sri Lankan cricket team visit those countries. It is the same effect. As Muslims we too yearn for our players to represent our country, but you guys never allow this to happen. Thus it is common knowledge that our Muslims living in SL will support their Muslim brothers and Muslim teams whosoever it may be, and wherever in the world they play, due to their closeness and affinity as MUSLIMS from one brotherhood – The Muslim fraternity or Muslim Ummath. You don’t even possess an iota of knowledge what it means to be part of a worldwide Muslim brotherhood, unspoken and unlettered in protocol, spontaneous in response, instantly recognizable in dress code, and most supportive through actions, words and deeds. Probably in the future when Agnaanasara and Wirathu forge their new alliance to build the new Buddhist brotherhood, then we may see this light up and come into existence. At that time (if it is left to last that long) then you may experience its profound effects between Buddhists living both in Myanmar and in Sri Lanka. Till then it is hard to explain it in words, but that is what the Muslim fans experience right now, and is the best reason I can deduce for them to support another Muslim nation such as Pakistan, when they play against their own country SL. But then again, that may all change if there is a Muslim playing in the SL team.

    • 1

      Jay, reading on, I notice you refer to Thakkiya, which is a concocted word, and doesn’t mean anything to us Muslims, except to mean a small Mosque (Tamil word – not Arabic), another word for Masjid (Arabic word for Mosque). It also refers to a group of Muslims like we say – Thakkiya party. They have additional special prayers to invoke God’s blessings, but they are normal Muslims like the rest of us. People struggling with the daily grind. Whatever meaning that Agnaanasara brought was erroneous, shocking and we heard it in reference for the first time. Now we simply laugh it off as another canard of BBS. Someone is misleading him to make misleading statements to make him a big joke in the eyes of Muslims. So now you are following in his footsteps. Good for you.

  • 4








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    In trying to condemn Islamophobia and the activities of BBS and other non-Islamic extremists, Hameed is conveniently trying underplay the seriousness of “Islamic” terrorism rampant the world over. He also has assumed the mantle of a Pakistani and ISI apologist, voicing his prejudiced conjectures on the issue of Pakistani terrorism. It is true that there is a certain fear psychosis prevalent because of the current activities of the ISIL and Al-Queda but this is nothing new as there have always been “Islamic” terror groups throughout history and this has assumed serious proportions in recent times. Some so-called moderate Muslims sit by, witnessing all this with a smirk on their face.
    Hameed goes on to accuse the Indian Intelligence Agency RAW for censoring the ISI of Pakistan. Yes, it was clearly evident that the Central Govt. of India (under the influenc e of RAW) turned a blind eye to the concerns of Sri Lanka about training camps being made available to LTTE and other militant/terrorist groups in Tamil Nadu in the 1970s and ‘80s but they had themselves been bitten by the these groups they nurtured, subsequently. India had in fact provided soft support to the Sri Lankan forces, during their defeat of the LTTE in 2009, as open support would have irked Tamil Nadu. That Pakistan has become a hot-bed of Islamic terrorist groups operating is a fact which Hameed himself cannot deny. Even its strongest of super power allies, the USA has lost its patience with Pakistan because of their foot dragging on this terrorist issue. This is because the legitimately elected Govt. of Pakistan is under the shadow of the Pakistani military establishment and ISI, who have found a new use for these terrorist groups, to attack India and Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden had found a safe haven in Pakistan, though not for long and the 26/11/2008 Mumbai attack mastermind Hafeez Saeed continues to enjoy a free reign in Pakistan as do some other terrorists, because of the ISI. The Sri Lankan cricketers escaped by the skin of their teeth in the terrorist attack against them, in 2009.

    Then Hameed continues to accuse Indian Premier Narendra Modi of instigating the racial violence against Muslims in Gujarat even when the strongly independent Supreme Court of India has found no wrong doing on his part. This is not some kangaroo court under Sharia Law. He highlights that many Muslims were killed conveniently keeping quiet on the fact that many Hindus were also killed. Of course the Muslim numbers were higher because of the demography. That Modi’s BJP has won by a thumping majority at the National elections and the soon to be announced State elections results of Maharashtra and Haryana, is not of any concern to Hameed, who prefers to stick to his prejudiced harangue. A large amount of Muslims too have voted for him. The BJP’s recent severance of alliance with its long-standing allies, the pro-Hindutva RSS, due to seat sharing issues in Maharashtra , reflects Modi’s stance of pro-India and not anti-Muslim. Hameed quotes Rahul Gandhi, who has become a virtual political non-entity in India today, who will try to clutch at any straw for his survival. There has been no instance of “Hindutva” terrorism, only Hindu-Muslim riots in which both communities have suffered, even before independence of India.

    It is not without valid reason that Sri Lanka needs to be concerned about Islamic extremism under, the present circumstances. This is not to say that the recent rabid rants and actions of Sinhala Buddhist extremists against Muslims who have lived in this land peacefully and contributed to its welfare, should not be condemned. However, with the arrest of Sri Lankan based ISI agents and the subsequent recall by Pakistan of its Sri Lankan based diplomat who had been named as the benefactor of these agents are causes for concern for Sri Lanka and India. There are also reports of misguided Muslims from other countries joining the ISIS to be concerned about. Whilst the Sri Lankan Govt. should ensure that the Muslims and other minorities in this country are protected from extremists of the majority community and permitted to live as equal citizens, it should also be vary of Islamic extremism spreading its devilish presence into the island, via the likes of ISIS, Al-Qaeda and Taliban. The moderate Muslims too should denounce these Islamic extremists in the strongest possible terms instead of being duplicitous and show their good intent. Prejudiced articles like this do not help in the cause.

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