15 April, 2024


Israeli Right To Defend & Palestinian Right To Be Free

By Ameer Ali

Dr. Ameer Ali

We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians” ~ Nelson Mandela

The Pacifist thinks that the alternative to war is peace; it is not. Sometimes the alternative is oppression. Sometimes certain God-given rights and liberties can be preserved only by resistance to that which would destroy them. And to defend certain basic God-given rights is not immoral but righteous” ~ Peter John Sheen 1895-1979, Bishop of American Catholic Church 

“National liberation, national renaissance, the restoration of nationhood of the people, commonwealth: whatever may the heading used or the new formulas introduced, decolonization is always a violent phenomenon” ~ Frantz Fannon

The moment Netanyahu decided to bomb Gaza in response to rocket attacks by Hamas, President Joe Biden announced at once that Israel had the right to defend itself and that Hamas was a terrorist outfit and not a legitimate defender of Palestinians. The so-called Israel’s ‘right to defend’ mantra, repeated ad nauseum by US, its allies and their corporate media, and relayed after every Israeli incursion into Palestinian lands leaves out deliberately the other half this right i.e., Palestinians God-given right to be free from foreign occupation and oppression. None of the backers of Israel are prepared to even mention that part of the equation when they proclaim their policy on Middle East. It was therefore out of disappointment and exasperation at world leaders’ silence on Palestinian’s right to be freed that the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was compelled to remind members of the General Assembly that the Hamas rocket attacks of October 7 did not come out of a vacuum. In their blind support to Israel’s invasion of Gaza, what US and its allies had done was to issue a carte blanche to Israel to pulverize that strip, cleanse it of ‘human animals’, ‘savages’ and ‘bottled cockroaches’, and prepare the ground for the eventual annexation of that land to realize Israel’s irredentist goal of Eretz Yisrael Hashlema or Greater Israel, which currently refers to the State of Israel and Palestinian territories.    

Every country has a right to defend itself, and so does Israel. But does that right take away the rights of a people to free themselves from shackles of a foreign occupier who oppress and treat them like chattels and animals? That was the background which produced Israel’s ‘black day’ on 7 October. At least on four previous occasions, in 2009, 2012, 2014 and 2021, there had been Israeli military operations in Gaza which killed thousands of Palestinians including children. The difference between what happened then and on October 7 was that Hamas’ coordinated attacks took Israel’s defence by surprise. That horror was condemnable no doubt, but if that attack were to be called terrorism, then every freedom struggle in history had gone through episodes of terrorist violence.  

Freedom is never granted by an occupier; it has to be fought and won. The entire history of anti-colonial struggle bears ample testimony to this undisputable fact. Freedom struggles had rarely been free of bloodshed. Even Gandhi’s satyagraha campaign in India had to witness intervals of bloody episodes. Over the last fifty-six years, when the Israeli army and Zionist settlers killed Palestinian children, dishonoured Palestinian women, tortured Palestinian men and destroyed their orchards and olive trees, the so-called civilized West looked the other way and considered that as collateral in Israel’s so-called ‘just war’ to defend itself. But what was left hidden in this justification was another undeclared war after September 11 to establish a US-led Middle East order in which Israel would be US’s Deputy Sherif to look after US interests. It is more than a coincident that Netanyahu named October 7 as Israel’s S11.  

That the state of modern Israel was founded on a pack of lies and treacherous imperialist manoeuvres is too long a story to be repeated here. But when in 1937, Peel Commission recommended the partition of Mandatory Palestine, Ben Gurion, who was to become Israel’s first Prime Minister supported that recommendation and argued in a letter to his son, “this increase in possession is of consequence not only in itself, but because through it we increase our strength, and every increase in strength help in the possession of the land as a whole”. On another occasion he also spoke, “No Zionist can forgo the smallest portion of the Land of Israel. A Jewish state in part of Palestine, is not an end, but a beginning … Our possession is important not only for itself … through this we increase our power, and every increase in power facilitates getting hold of the country in its entirety” (Morris Benny, Righteous Victims: A History of a Zionist-Arab Conflict 1881-1998, Knopf 2011, p. 38).  Thus, in the very foundation of the Zionist state the idea that its boundaries were not to remain static but would continue to expand until that state consumes the entire land of Palestine was ingrained.  

Accordingly, the opportunity for the next expansion and to unmake the 1948 partition came in 1967. In the Yom Kippur War or Ramadhan War of that year Israel’s army overran the West bank and Gaza strip (the so-called Judea and Samaria) but they were not annexed, because annexation then would have made Israel a bi-national state and not a Jewish state. They therefore came to be known as occupied territories but Zionist settlements were encouraged.  As the number of such settlements increased Israeli government adopted virtually an apartheid policy in administering those territories.  While the West keeps on talking about an undefined two-state solution, Israeli Zionists are moving towards a single-state solution. If anything, October 7 had given Netanyahu and his far-right coalition the manna from heaven to annex Gaza, but only after cleansing that strip of Palestinians. Genocide and destruction are their means to accomplish that. Gaza is already split into two, the north and south, and the south is currently being emptied of its legitimate occupants, and Israeli settlers are causing mayhem in the West Bank. If Israel is not stopped the whole of Gaza would be turned into a land without Arabs to become a land with Zionists.

The program of Israelization of Gaza is being carried out under the watchful eyes and financial and military support of the super power US. On October 20, President Biden asked the Congress to approve a $106 billion miliary funds to Israel and Ukraine and another paltry $100 million for humanitarian aid to Gazans. Now there is news that he wants another $3.5 billion military funds entirely for Israel and that too in secrecy without the knowledge of the Congress. But to satisfy a world that is demanding an immediate stop to the war he has the timidity to say that there should be a “pause” for humanitarian aid to flow through to Gaza. Is there a better term to describe Biden’s theatric than to call it choreographed conspiracy?  

What history witnesses today in Gaza and the West Bank is a cynical exercise in politically grading God-given rights. On the principle of might is right, Israel’s right to defend its elastic boundaries is considered more sacred than the right of Palestinians to live in freedom. Israel’s right to gun down Palestinians to defend its undefined borders is considered moral and virtuous while Palestinians firing rockets to win their liberation acts of terrorism and demonic. It is this double standard of a social contract that has condemned humanity to live everywhere in chains although born free, as Rousseau said. 

The irony of Gaza’s unprecedented tragedy is the absolute surrender of Arab governments to US’s Middle East Order. The so-called Abrahamic Accord, which does not extend to Abrahamic values but only to Judo-Christian values, opens the gate to normalize relations with Israel. Therefore, the Arab rulers are not prepared to get directly involved in the current conflict by supporting Palestinian fighters, but are willing to join their US patron and call for a pause to allow humanitarian aid to pass through a narrow corridor to Gaza. The Gulf Cooperation Council’s $100 million urgent aid to Gaza is part of this comical generosity.  But surprisingly, none of these states including Egypt, which lies next door to Gaza, are prepared to accommodate the millions of Gazans destined to be chased out by Israel’s military. To accommodate them would mean importing the Palestinian struggle into the jurisdiction of Arab states. It is worth reminding what Yasser Arafat said to a journalist in 1968 after hijacking and destroying an El-Al airplane. When he was asked how PLO would attack and destroy Israel, he said that it would be through the Gulf states. That fear is still haunting the rulers of Arab countries. None of them want to see Palestinians continuing their struggle from outside the occupied territories. Between the Israeli right to defend and Palestinian right to be free the Arab world is caught in a deadly dilemma.   

*Dr. Ameer Ali, Murdoch Business School, Murdoch University, W. Australia

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  • 5

    Israeli Right To Defend & Palestinian Right To Be Free
    In the name of defense how much destruction is required for global attention to hear the rights of Palestine what kind Resistance must be done to get the rights to be free. The global needs,
    More to sweat for peace, the less you bleed in war.

    • 10

      Hey Re-born Hamas – 59, are you a brother or sister of Champawati? If not so, why didn’t you try to do something better?
      “More to sweat for peace, the less you bleed in war. ” Did you tell that to the Royals – like Rowdy Old King, Hitler King, Mr. 40%, Mr. Playboy Minister, the Tajuddin neutralizer, Old Beauty Queen, Supersat Rocket Piolet,….?
      BTW, a multiple Choice: Why did they kill Thajudeen?
      1). Royals feels all AirLanka hostesses are royals’ private properties though Modaya foot the bill of their pay.
      2). Sinhalese don’t want Muslims, though partners in Appe Aanduwa robberies, snatch Hella girls, convert them forcefully, pack in pillowcases under label of “MMDA Halal” and trade them as “born again in Arabia.”
      3). Just one more foul (Sinhala Buddhist Dharma) game the Langkang kids play in rugby and cricket fields, i.e., money, mate, murder, drug, gamble…….Nothing unusual!

  • 5

    What? “Israel has right to defend, Palestine has right to be free”???
    Are you saying that Palestinians can have the idea to be free, but Israel can have the right to kill? Are you insane?

  • 4

    Not in a mood to write a comment. If you put the Israeli Minister’s atomic bomb threat and Netanyahu’s latest rhetoric to invade and occupy Gaza for an indefinite period, what will you see?
    US State Secretary Antony Blinken goes around the world to make sure that Israel has a free pass to annihilate Palestinians. For how long will this go? Over 4,000 children have been killed in 30 days. Just imagine.
    The world can be divided into three categories. Sheep, shepherd dogs and wolves. In an urban setting, wolves beg shepherd dogs, who are natural hunters, not to attack them and let them eat sheep. They are having meetings with some shepherd dogs to explore possibilities for feeding sheep (before eating them). Wolves have even managed to remove teeth from one or two shepherd dogs. In the meantime, some sheep have developed wolf teeth to exercise their right to protect. One wolf can attack ten sheep. But, even ten wolves will not attack one sheep if shepherd dogs bark. Shepherd dogs are yet to bark. They are still gazing at wolves.

    • 5

      “They are still gazing at wolves. “

      That is because dogs are starting to realize the wolves are the one dog’s race, but neither sheep nor their masters. Dogs are starting to realize, further, their masters are using them to prevent the wolves from eating wolves’ legitimate food because the master wants to monopolize the food industry for them. What do the masters give to dogs? The bone and skin of the sheep after the dog give their life under canine teeth of wolves, to save the sheep. What do the masters eat? Soft, tender hind meat of the sheep, dogs protected. What injustice do the dogs are taking for the faithful service they render to their masters? No longer can the preachers separate Jews from the west because westerners are thinking that Jews as their own blood, after living within them for 2000 years. So, Palestinians calling the migrated Arabs to save them because of common religion is not working because West and Jews have the same blood but differ only in unrealistically metaphysical religions.
      Champawati, don’t keep writing bluffing things, thinking you are too smart in twisting. Sheep are not developing wolf’s teeth because this is not your kind of Mahavamsa biology, where Hella women sleep with lions. Hamas is a foreign terrorist, who long to establish the World Caliphate, using Palestine – Israel conflict as their platform.

      • 3

        I recommend you to write Sri Lanka’s Grade 5 Scholarship Exam Paper 1 (generic skills) and see whether you can get a pass mark.
        Your interpretation is totally wrong. Shepherd dogs don’t have masters. And, you didn’t even understand what I meant by sheep developing wolf teeth.
        You can’t stop me writing. Alternatively, you can stop reading my comments.

        • 6

          “I recommend you to write Sri Lanka’s Grade 5 Scholarship Exam Paper 1 (generic skills) and see whether you can get a pass mark.”
          Not biggie, at least just to please our the Lady of Sinhala Buddhist’s Sangamita”; But how the making is going to be..by Bathiudeen’s scale? Tamil Muslims -100 excellent, Sinhalese Buddhists 125-Distinction and Tamils- 500 disasteroily failed without deposit?

          Anyway, why are you recommending this Appe Aanduwas’ Sathiya Sothanai for every CT commentator? Getting a cut on this too?

          “You can’t stop me writing. Fearing that I am secretly plotting to oust you out? Hey Champawati, what makes you think like that? This is not Gaza- but CT; and nor am I PM Netenyagu, but only average Mallaiyuran! Don’t you think that I know, if you are not in CT, I do not have a home to live and rest? Long live and continue your services to Rowdy Royals and contribute to the betterment of the Wildlife Sanctuary’s , RavanaLE’s, Sinhala Buddhist Viyathmaga.

    • 19


      “Over 4,000 children have been killed in 30 days. Just imagine”

      Thanks, you are indeed a benevolent Sinhala/Buddhist.
      Well do you know how many children died due to 30 years of war in North East and in the South?

      • 14


        Champa s passive-aggressive behaviour is obvious 😳
        Never forget , this woman was formerly diehard supporters of BEliatta cattle thieves.

      • 13

        Native , outright hypocrites like Chimpa and so called righteous ones showing off as Lanka’s human right champions call it a humanitarian mission.

      • 2

        Native Vedda
        No, I have never seen a State killing children in this manner, speed and ferocity. Have you?
        You can check the archives to see my comments against your ferocious fascist “Sun God”.

        • 6


          “You can check the archives to see my comments against your ferocious fascist “Sun God”.

          What a stupid typing.
          Premadasa worshiped the sun god.
          Rajapaksa family still worships the same son god, in fact Rajapaksa clan misses the son god now.
          It appears you too miss him.
          Its alright, you can meet him in your next birth.

        • 2


          “No, I have never seen a State killing children in this manner, speed and ferocity. Have you?”

          Of course you didn’t see State killing children in Sri Lanka because at the time you were carrying Wimal Weerawansa’s ***** which impaired your vision.

          Schoolgirls killed in attack on orphanage

          This is one of many such incidents.

          I suggest you pull your head wherever it is now get a better vision and perspective.

  • 6

    The West, in particular the US has completely lost its moral compass (if ever there was one) on the Israel-Palestine conflict. This ridiculous argument about Israel having the right to defend itself will be swallowed by many who cannot find West Asia on a world map (and there are plenty of idiots in the West) but that argument is completely false for anyone with half a brain cell. Israel has been brutally occupying the West Bank for 56 years and blockading and bombing Gaza since 2007. Why isn’t anyone in the West asking the question, do the Palestinians have the right to defend themselves? Do the Palestinians have the right to live? What Israel is doing to the people of Gaza is sort of savagery the European colonial powers unleashed on Africa, South America and Asia in the, 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. How is this acceptable in the 21st century? Whilst the Western MSM will keep their populations in blisfull ignorance, to the non-Western world, Biden, Sunak, Starmer, Macron et al will be known as the enablers of genocide.

  • 5

    Between the Israeli right to defend and Palestinian right to be free the Arab world is caught in a deadly dilemma.
    Palestinian right to be free from what? free to be a human free …to be a child to grow up freely?
    what the hell r u writing?
    Dr. Ameer Ali…my advice to you just take a break ….from writing crap!

    • 5

      Free from the brutal Israeli occupation, free from Israeli, oppression, isn’t that kinda obvious?

      • 2

        I am talking about the contradiction

        its not obvious to you ?

        Israelis have right to defend their freedom but Palestinian’s are fighting for their freedom?

  • 5

    Author: “… Netanyahu decided to bomb Gaza in response to rocket attacks by Hamas….”

    Again, Ali mischaracterizes what Hamas did on October 7 as “rocket attacks.” In my comments under other earlier articles of his on the same issue, I drew the readers’ attention to this and described it a gloss by him to hide the inconvenient truth and even asked if it might be due to a denial on his part of the atrocities committed by Hamas on that day.

    It now seems fairly clear that the latter is the case. In common with many sympathizers/supporters of the Palestinians, Ali denies that Hamas terrorists committed unspeakable atrocities on Israeli civilians despite overwhelming evidence, including footage, including Hamas’ own, and eye witness testimony of survivors and international journalists.

    The readers should ask themselves how credible and trustworthy are the views and opinions of a writer who denies well-established facts. The atrocities committed by Hamas include the murder of children before parents and vice versa, torture, rape of women, mutilation, dismemberment, burning of civilians tied with barbed wire alive. Reportedly, these demons even tore a child away from its mother and threw it alive into a burning oven.

    • 5

      Hamas’ rationalize the massacre of Israeli civilians by calling them “soldiers” of Israel. To them there are no civilians in Israel. This was clearly revealed in an interview with a Hamas spokesman, who kept maintaining that no civilians were killed in the Oct 7 attacks. The viewers were dumbfounded until he at last said that Hamas considered all Jews to be soldiers of Israel. A Hamas terrorist captured by Israelis on Oct 7 confessed that they were taught that all Israelis were soldiers.

      • 2

        Also Hamas when they attach Israelis do not discriminate between the politically left and the right. Many of the civilians massacred in the Oct 7th attacks were leftists.

        • 1

          Sorry, “when they attack….”

    • 1

      Leonard Jayawardena

      “……. I drew the readers’ attention to this and described it a gloss by him to hide the inconvenient truth and even asked if it might be due to a denial on his part of the atrocities committed by Hamas on that day.”

      Here is the inconvenient truth that never knocked on your door nor on your consciousness:

      Blowback: How Israel Helped Create Hamas

      How Israel helped create Hamas

      By Ishaan Tharoor
      July 30, 2014 at 12:31 p.m. EDT

      How Israel Inadvertently Created Hamas | Vantage with Palki Sharma

      Please update your knowledge or lack of it by learning.

  • 7

    The problem that I see in Palastine is the interference of the Arab countries around arming and supporting some of the Muslims in Palastine to fight the the Jews whom they believe are Infidels. The Gaza strip is the only land in this Arab surrounded territory that is a stumbling block to spread Islam as they openly state that, the world one day will have only one Rligion, ISLAM . Seeing the recent anti Israeli demonstrations in most Capitals around the globe, see the number of Muslims in millions who have moved out from their homelands, in the Middle East, to have taken up residence in these host countries in the last hundred years. Today, while the indigenous people in all these non Muslim countries, have been controlling population explosion adopting family planning, while the Muslims that have taken up residence in those countries have multiplied in geometrical progression, that some of these non Muslim Countries, the Muslims have equaled the indigenous populations or even have surpassed the numbers, like in some of the Scandinavian countries. These Muslims in these countries with their numbers have their member representation in their Governing Parliament’s as well. In the not too distant future some of these, that were non Muslim, will be ruled by Muslims and before long will be Muslim countries, like how Afghanistan, Philippines, Maldives etc. have become Muslim countries today.

    • 9

      The same thing is happening in the Thamizh east, at the request of King Senarath of Kandy, the native Thamizh gave refuge to these South Indian origin Thamizh Muslim refugees (mostly men) who were fleeing Portuguese persecution along the then Thamizh northwest coast, where they first settled when they migrated from South India. They first fled to the Chingkalla central highlands, but the Chingkallams did not want more of them, and started to attack them so in desperation, king Senarath asked the eastern Thamizh Vannimai chieftains who were under his lose control to give them refuge, as they were ethnically Thamizh, and they obliged. These people were given refuge as they were fellow Thamizh, given lands and even Hindu Thamizh Mukkuva women to marry and start a family. Now after a few centuries, claiming they are not Thamizh but some sort of Arabs and Arabizing themselves. Their population, that was originally small has geometrically progressed and increased, whilst the native Thamizh Hindu and Christians have controlled their population.

      • 7

        To make matters worse even the local Muslim elite and politicians in the east are urging them to do this to take over the ancient Thamizh Hindu east and convert it to some sort of Arabic Salafist Islamic Homeland. Wehn someone questioned as to how, these huge families will be supported, the answer comes pat ” don’t worry we will obtain funds for this from the Gulf”. Came as refugees claiming to the be Thamizh and now once established, within a few centuries denying their Thamizh origin and have become Arabs wanting to destroy Thamizh. To make matters worse do the harassment by the occupying armed Chingkalla armed forces and Police, thousands of Thamizh , especially in the strategic Trincomalee district are migrating to the west, there by declining the already fast declining native Thamizh population due to a very low birth rate.

    • 3

      “while the Muslims that have taken up residence in those countries have multiplied in geometrical progression, that some of these non Muslim Countries, the Muslims have equaled the indigenous populations or even have surpassed the numbers, like in some of the Scandinavian countries”
      Just for information, would you name one European country where Muslim immigrants have become a majority, with the link to prove it?
      If you don’t answer, I understand.

  • 0

    Both sides has done the killing, Knowing the history of Palestine, Since it is affecting all Global has to bring it to notice who has the right of self – defense from,before, after,and on Oct 7, China will certainly take part in this work in all format contributor to development defender for global order and replace others

  • 4

    Israelis and the Palestinians have interests in Jerusalem and since they have their claims, it does not mean they should fight with each other. There is a solution – Two States solution. What is required is TOLERANCE and mutual respect for each other. Co-existence is a must. Now what had happened is the Palestinians have lost jobs in Israel. Israel is turning towards India for about 100,000 employees for irs construction works. Sri Lanka is also expected to send 10,000 employees to Israel. I don’t know what will happen to the income of the Palestinians. I have my suspicion whether Arab States will help the Palestinians since they were reluctant to accept the Palestinians as refugees. It is true that Palestinians have a right to be liberated, but why can’t they co-exist with the Jews. It is a matter of give and take policy. When Israel is provoked suddenly by killing about 1400 of its citizens, Israel also has a right to defend itself. At the same time, it is unacceptable when about 4,000 children & about 2,800 women were killed on account of the bombardment. Other Muslim countries could have taken adequate measures to discourage the Islamic Terrorist Organizations. Sanatana Dharma always promotes eternal vigilance about the evil consequences and will never promote terrorism. In fact, there are some similarities between Hinduism & Judaism as hatredness is discouraged in both religions.

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