21 May, 2022


Jayampathy Exceeds Chairmanship Mandate In PSC Questioning Of Hizbullah

Jayampathy Wickramaratne, Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) inquiring into allegations against former Governor of the Eastern Province M L A M Hizbullah, has violated established protocol related to chairing such inquiry by both the content and tone of questions directed to the respondent.

Wickramaratne showing lack of restrain in voice and body language, accompanied by sarcastic facial expressions badgered Hizbullah about Arabic design elements in the controversial so-called Shariah University being set up in Kattankudy.


Hizbullah in response said that design preference is a matter of personal choice. When Colombo Telegraph enquired from Wickramaratne if it was appropriate for the Chairman of a PSC to ask such questions in that manner, he responded thus: ‘When he (Hizbullah) was asked why Arabic architecture, Arabic sign boards and date palm trees were used in Kattankudy, his answer was that it was to attract Arabic tourists. I asked him the reason for using Arabic architecture in an educational institute. In view of the answer he gave earlier this was a very relevant question.’

The PSC is inquiring into funds received to build the so-called Shariah university, funding sources and whether or not monies obtained were used for purposes they were solicited for.

The design element, in any event, is extraneous to the issue at hand, Colombo Telegraph notes, observing the important hospitals such as the Peradeniya Teaching Hospital and the Sri Jayawardenepura Teaching Hospital had elements heavily drawn from traditional Japanese architecture.

In the past, many buildings donated or funded by foreign nations have had their total architecture or elements of it influenced or inspired by the donor culture. Example are, some buildings of the Peradeniya hospital (Japanese), BMICH (Chinese), Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital (Japanese), Nelum Pokuna theatre (Chinese).

A political observer commenting to Colombo Telegraph stated “it’s inappropriate for Jayampathy Wickramaratne to behave the way he did. Not only the questions he posed, but also his facial expressions of sarcasm bordering on sardonic demeanor takes away the impartiality expected of a chairperson of a Parliamentary Select Committee – a body that is so significant and powerful to challenge even the statements made under parliamentary privilege. Like an impressionable teenager he is giving in to the social media populism and an insecure need for validation. He has no electorate to back him and unlike the legends of yesteryears who went to parliament from the National List, such as Lakshman Kadiragamar, Wickramaratne is a non-entity to the people. He is looking for cheap popularity by swinging with the social media tide. In the current racially tense political environment, the shortest cut to cheap popularity is to appear to ‘give a piece of one’s mind to the Muslim politicians’ at the PCS. If you ask rude questions from Muslim politicians and react to answers given by Muslim witnesses in a rude manner it instantly boosts your social medial popularity. Also if a witness before the PSC is blunt, disrespectful and practically bark back racist answers at the PSC, he too becomes an overnight social media celebrity. Both the insecure politicians and public servants are after cheap popularity and the social immunity it provides”. 

A chartered architect commenting to Colombo Telegraph stated “how can Jayamapthy Wickramaratne ask such an imbecilic question such as ‘why Arabic architecture was used in the design of an educational institution? This is the sad state of uncultured politicians without finesse. They travel the world on tax payers’ money but they do not have the intellectual sophistication to appreciate cultures and societies. They do not know that our built world is influenced by different cultural traditions. Arab architecture, Moghul traditions of design, all stemming from Islamic civilizations have historically contributed to worldly beauty. All around Europe, east and south Asia, the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Africa, Islamic architecture has left its mark. A crude mind is unlikely to understand such nuances. What’s next? Crude parliamentarians are now going to dictate to us how to design spaces, which artistic traditions to be influenced from? Are we to fear our imagination and only design ‘Sinhala Buddhist’ buildings when designing educational institutions”? 

The political observer, in his parting remarks stated “throughout the questioning of the Secretary to the Ministry of Public Administration, MA Sumanthiran MP repeatedly asked if the Secretary was aware of the Grade 3 syllabus. He enquired if the Secretary did not know that different nationalities wore different kinds of clothes. May be Sumanthiran should ask from the chairman of the PSC Jayampathy Wickramaratne: “did you pass Grade 3? Didn’t you learn for Social Studies that different buildings in different geographies reflect different cultures? Don’t you know that architecture differs, even within a country? All these politicians should get off their high horses” he commented.

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    These Camel Drivers should go back to where they belong, to Camel Countries.

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    I heard that Poson poya day signifies arrival of Buddhism to Sri Lanka. If a group of people brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka and made it 70% Buddhist country, why Gnanasara is not opposing that activity but celebrates it instead? And opposing growth of Muslim population only. Is there any law in Sri Lanka to say that only Buddhism can invade and grow not others? Anyway I’m against growth of any religion.

    • 2

      Old Muslim, religion grows with the growth of its flock. Check for yourself the growth of each religious group between 1981 and 2011.

      • 7

        How Buddhism grew from one person to 70%?
        If your problem is with your small john, just eat more beef and drive it up to the fallopian tube without asking others to slow down to your speed.

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    Did Jayampathy Wickramaratne, Chairman of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) violate protocol in content and tone of questioning the former Governor of the Eastern Province M L A M Hizbullah?
    M L A M Hizbullah explained the use in Kattankudy of Arabic architecture, Arabic sign boards and date palm trees were to attract Arabic tourists. Credible? Arabs coming all the way to look at date-palms!
    SL Tourist Board arranges mass weddings in Kandyan dress/regalia/music to Chinese tourists. The tourists experience SL.
    Guess the body language of Jayampathy in an encounter with BBS-Buddhist Gnanasara Thera.
    Arrogance is unlikely.
    PS: This scenario is hypothetical. PSC dare not summon Gnanasara.

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    Mr Jayampathy needs to rethink as the modern flight, tech and science is based on Algebra. The father of Algebra and grandfather of computer science is an arab
    known as muhammad ibn musa al-khwarizmi

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      They known incompetent verdict as the lawyer,nil in general knowledge.

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      Yes. Arabia has produced vast number of mathematicians , philosophers and great thinkers. In fact Mesapothemia and Persian civilizations were the forerunners of modern world. Arabs have been in the forefront of intellectual and artistic achievements, that is before the arrival of the Islamic religious order. The Arab culture and civilization was defeated and assimilated by the Islamic conquerors. Whatever achieved that far were savagely shut down , suppressed and destroyed like what happened to the historic Bhamian structures. Free thinking and innovative action was mutilated and frowned upon by the Ayatollahs and Mullahs. As a result the Arab world is now nothing less than a fanatic, ignorant and barbaric lot.

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    I think we are trying to look at minute violations when there are major burning issues. The vehicle of the genocidal violence committed on April 21 is the radicalization of a part of a community. It did not spring from no where and all of a sudden. The first phase was the pressurized Arabization of the general culture of Sri Lankan Muslims. The second was the spread of bizarre ideas such as if one slays non-Muslims and gets killed while protecting the male organs then he gets 72 virgins in heaven and so on. The brainwashing was so effective that it was the rich youth who used BMW’s and had all the comforts of life who became suicide bombers. In that context it is relevant to examine the Arabization of the dresses, sign boards etc. It would have been within the decorum had JW, the acting chairman got one of the members to ask the searching questions and he maintained the traditional chairman’s silence. But can we afford such niceties when we do not know when the next fanatic bomb explodes?

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    Though CT tries hard, Sumanthiran is not a referential to the point under discussion. His bias is lesser than grade 3.

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    We all know that every act and symbol of the Muslims is being questioned by others. That Arabisation of the Eastern Province is taking place has been an allegation that has been made by many people. I see no harm in Dr. Wickremaratne’s line of questioning. I am sure it was to get a clear answer to all those critics. And Mr. Hizbullah quite rightly pointed out that most of buildings reflect various religious and cultural aspects. That is our diversity. Visit Negombo, Chilaw etc. not only are there many churches, but the houses sport Italian architecture. Is anyone questioning that? There are so many similar examples. Why is this issue with the Muslims?

  • 2

    Glad to hear someone had the gumption to ask tough questions and indicate disdain for the supporters of Islamic terror. Can someone tell me how I can personally thank this person for this feat of bravery?

    Reader should note that this is the Nuremberg trials of the Islamic fanatics that is taking place in Lanka. These people directly or indirectly supported the Moslems barbarism. To talk about body language and other mumbo jumbo is stupid and irrelevant. Find out quickly how these monsters managed to get funds to kill Kaffirs, and also what other plans they have to murder Kaffirs in their search of Moslem heaven, and put them in jail to rot for ever and never see the light of a day again. Yes, investigation and interrogation is necessary, but these are criminals who consorted with the killers, and supported them but were taken by surprise that the killers attacked so rapidly, without giving the a chance to have better alibis. That is all my friends. I wish the man Jayampathy more power and will definitely find a way to support him from an international standpoint.

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    The so-called selected steering committed of Parliamentary sponsored by UNP leadership of Wickramasinghe clan that wanted to fulfill task was put that whole country into disorder by intentionally from 15/1/8; rule by chaos and turmoil GUN -Point .
    By and large misused Mandate of 6.3 million voters won by MS of New UNP leader .
    The bunch of political lumpens were go-together by under ONE Banner of “Good governance and Rule of law” has that put upside down nation values and norms of democracy,which rule and run by an authoritarian regime since 15/1/8.
    Hence 19th the Amendments of Constitution by used for UNP’s political-purposed for created a platform by meaningless debates and dialogues to prevent their real politics motivations of undermined ours democratic order..
    Which is that nation leds to a lawless country by UNP of RW, MS+ CBK of Federalist of SLFP was key product of Neoliberalism -colony of Island in Globe Map.
    It has an OPEN NEW of path of runinatiozation of Island by within shot period of modern history of that
    4 years and 6 months towards that nation under that ROAD MAP for listed in to be Muslim Orbit by form of Terrorism of that local Muslim or ISIS.
    This is similar incident in different form to that UNP -JRJ was politically engaged in 1983 in that Black July against Tamils ?
    Current UNP leadership of Wickramasinghe following same foot path that wanted bring USA Military troops by proposed agreement of SOFA to suppressed name of ISIS in a Island ?
    Ongoing ISIS was brain child and by products of CIA, well solid funding by Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.’ of advocated by Wahhabism. …religion extremism.
    This mission is purely a political hipcoracy which undertaken by UNP and USA to covered operation by enlarging of power expansion or extended to Indo-Pacific region.

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    When I saw the rows of Date Palms I was glad that the children can see the the Palm that give the fruit which we all enjoy.
    The university had all the modern facilities. I am glad the buildings had architecture that resembled Islamic theme from the Moor civilization that is in Alhambra in Spain. We have Buddhist architecture in Hulftsdorf, Dravidian architecture in the Jaffna library. The churches are traditional church architecture in Europe. We see Greek coloums – Doric, Ionian and Corinthian – in many types of buildings. Let us promote diversity, multiculturism and at the same time promote each of our cultures.

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    A Note to the Editors of Colombo Telegraph:

    Please, please prevent people like “Siva Sankaran Sharma” sucking up all the oxygen from this platform.
    Anything one cannot say within the 300 word limit you have laid down in your policy is NOT worth saying.

    These guys with Diarrhea of their hands with a pen should be banned.
    While these disgruntled morons have time on their hands, someone better tell them we don’t.

    Thank you.

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    Arabic Sign boards , Date palms ;Arabic Architecture to attract Arab Tourist to meet their way of warm concept of hospitality .
    Ahlen Wer Sahalan
    Means not just welcome ;
    It means make yourself at home , actually even more , it really means be apart of the family.
    Howbeit ,

    There are 25 China Towns in 19 Countries , if you Google you can see the large sign board , entrance of chinese architecture , which is a boost to chinese tourism and Chinese feel very much at home and end result? those countries economy’s growth benefited and is continuing to date .
    Today Australia though enjoys a large inflow of Chinese Tourists are not satisfied and have decided to do more and started some bill boards in chinese.
    Dear fellow readers , Please do not be bias , but please be judicious and offer your opinion , how Planting date palms (a very nourishing fruit , rare, & The Independent news have given wide benefits , so if 19 countries think letting their chinese descents, have their own towns with their traditions with entrance adorned in Chinese letters , etc and have even encouraged countries like Australia to put up chinese billboards , why and how The eastern province where the muslim culture is large and surely attract the Arab tourist can be seen with such hate and connect with Terrorism for Arab sign boards and date palms ?

    Best media quote .
    Quote ; MTV
    We report you decide.

  • 1

    CT editors are scratching the surface. They fail to understand that Islam is not a religion in the spiritual sense. It is a political and economic system which regulates the lives of Muslims from dusk to dawn. Islam from Prophet Muhammad times aims at world conquest and domination through the use of violence.
    Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana, the Mahanayake Thera of Asgiriya Chapter is speaking the same language like Zahran Cassim, the suicide bomber who blasted the Shangri-La Hotel. Zaharan was against idol worship so he asked his followers to destroy all idols whether Buddhist or Hindu. He asked the people to kill non-Muslims.
    This Mahanayaka Thera wants to stone Muslims. Both are on the same board. Mahanayaka Thera is in saffron robes, Zaharan went about in Arabic style attire sporting his beard and toppy.
    The only difference is Buddhism prohibits the use of violence in any form. While Islam exhorts its faithful to kill infidels (kaffirs). By declaring that there is only one god Allah and Muhammad is the last Prophet virtually declares war on other faiths. That is what happened post-Prophet Mohammad period.
    The only wise people in the world are the Japanese. That is the only country that had placed restrictions to practice Islam  There are not more than 50,000 – 60,000 Muslims in Japan 90% foreign origin.
    There is no Sharia Law in Japan. Article 20 of Japan’s constitution which guarantees freedom of religion to all Japan citizens, also states that religious organizations cannot exercise political authority.
    A religious organization shall receive any privileges from the State, nor exercise any political authority. 2) No person shall be compelled to take part in any religious acts, celebration, rite or practice. 3) The State and its organs shall refrain from religious education or any other religious activity.

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