23 June, 2024


Jeromy’s Quake – Confined To His Church

By K. Anaga

Pastor Jeromy Fernando is alleged to have caused a ‘Quake’ with his recent utterances “….despite the Lord Buddha claiming to be enlightened, even lord Buddha was not indeed enlightened. Further, he mentioned, “that Buddhists needed Jesus, not Lord Buddha if they are to be enlightened”. (As stated in the ‘Morning’ newspaper.) These statements were apparently made in his church and not at the Galle Face Green or elsewhere. Of course, the press went to town with it. Fortunately, the quake was not that of a magnitude to cause a tsunami. Of course, there was a mild ‘thunder’ long after the lightning seized, which arose from the religious camps, particularly from the Buddhists and pseudo-Buddhist politicians, who use religion as a means to ‘enlighten’ them and their supporters to reach the winning post without legitimate efforts. 

Jerome Fernando

The late Mr. Solomon West Ridgeway Dias Bandaranaike brought the Buddhist religion into the ‘limelight’ via politics. His initials denoting English names took a back seat to enable him to swim against the tide. 

In 1956, Buddhism coupled with Sinhala only, resulted in intermittent ‘quakes’ of various magnitudes which continue unabated even now. 

SWRD had the apparent support of Talduwe Somawanse Thero and Mapitige Buddha Rakite Thero. In fact, some of the Buddhist priests and other undesirables dictated to SWRD how to carry on the government. Theros’ association with the government resulted in murder and communal disturbances. The rest is history.  The Trio is no longer in the world of the living.

Despite the terrible holocaust experienced by the nation, Sinhala politicians depended on the ‘enlightened’ power of the Buddhist priests. Today the light is focused on Rev. Gnasara Thero.

The Sambuddha Jayanthi was celebrated in a big way. SWRD ensured that the Sinhala only remains embedded in the minds of the Sinhalese and Buddhism given the foremost place. Numerous amendments were introduced to pacify the Tamils, in the constitution, with no practical approach to ease the waves of the Tsunami of Sinhala only & Buddhism the foremost place. 

Unfortunately, there were no proper measuring instruments in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) at the commencement of the ‘quakes’ in 1956 and thereafter in, 1958, 1961 1977, and 1983 to measure the same. 

However, the 1983 communal quake created by JR was measured by numerous deaths and destructions and the birth of LTTE, instead by the Richter scale. Thereafter tremors continued in the form of refugees leaving the country and the onslaught of LTTE. 

It is said Pastor Jeromy has caused violence in the minds of the Sinhala Buddhists by his ‘unenlightened’ talk resulting in Jesus’s light being focused on him to expose his activities.

Comparing religions with each other serves no purpose except to keep the ball of communal politics rolling. 

When Jeromy compared Buddha’s light with Jesus in ‘Twilight’ it is considered an insult to lord Buddha. But when the enlightened Buddhist priests Marched up to ‘Vedukku Nari Malai in Vavuniya, under the cover of darkness, with army searchlights to install Statues of Buddha in the North by destroying the Hindu god’s abode, it is considered a legitimate religious development activity to promote Buddhism. When in fact Buddhism is considered a philosophy. Isn’t this an insult to the Lord Buddha, heaped on him by his enlightened followers? Not only in Vedukku Nari Malai but in other Hindu places of worship in Chemmalai in Mullaitivu and Thayiddi close to Jaffna town. 

I am a little confused with regard to the identity of Jesus Christ. Is he a God or a son of God? If he is a son of God born to the Virgin Mary, why go to confront Lord Buddha? Lord Buddha was born into a royal family, not in a cattle shed like Jesus Christ but in the Royal palace. There is nothing wrong with being born anywhere in the world as long as the birth is legitimate, according to the then-prevailing laws/customs.  

Siddhartha married a beauty queen and had two children. It may be true that Lord Buddha left his family to focus on the truth of life in the Universe. Leaving a wife and children at lurch is not considered the right thing in today’s context. But it appears that he left the family to seek enlightenment but whether he achieved it is doubtful. Not because Jeromy said it but because the conduct of some of the Buddhist priests leaves much to be desired.

Jesus was nailed to the cross and was declared dead for three days. But fortunately, he came back to life with additional strength and vigor to thrill his followers with miracles. Though Jesus was Junior to Lord Buddha he had not referred to Lord Buddha anywhere in his prayers to my knowledge. Maybe he would have considered Lord Buddha insignificant, unlike Pastor Jeromy and the Hindus.

Hindus always have high regard and respect for Lord Buddha as a prophet, not as a God. But do the Buddhists in Sri Lanka has any regard for the numerous Hindu gods despite the fact that Siddhartha was born to Hindu parents? There are enough and more Hindu deities in the ‘Pansalas’. But do Buddhist respect the deities?

No! If they have, will they go and unseat the Gods in Vedukku Narai malai and other abodes of the Hindu Gods in the North and East of Sri Lanka as they did to lord Muruga in Kathirkamam? It appears that ‘Lord Murga’ in Kathirkamam has lost his power after being taken over by the Buddhists.

 In the past, I recollect that both the Murderers and the Kith and Kin of the murdered victims visit Kathirkamam immediately after the event. The murderers seek Lord Muruga’s blessings to escape from the gallows and the Victims Kith and Kin seek the assistance of Lord Muruga to punish the murderers.  

Thus, Lord Muruga was in a deep predicament.  

I am an agnostic. Hence, having said all this, I consider religion is not necessary for man to exist, but man is necessary for Religion to exist.  

Change of religion is going on unabated. If you refer to the Veerakesari Tamil daily, you can see a lot of Tamils changing their religion to Muslims with a name change to be consistence with Muslim names. Mostly in the Eastern province.  Is there a remedy for it?

The people living in the Democratic Socialist Republic should be free to analyze religions and ascertain whether the followers are Enlightened or not and to what extent. This should not hurt any religious followers to cause a Tsunami.

Oh God! Please forgive all your Children’s sins irrespective of their faith or lack of same.

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    All in Sri Lanka and mostly the “BUDDHAGAMA” congregations including the “High Priests” who “RULE” by “Brain Washing” have gone “MAD” and “SICK” over a comment made by a “Self Styled” -“PASTOR” named Jerome Fernando.

    I invite the readers to Google “GOLD MAFIA”- a Five (05) part series produced by AL JAZEERA. You will find a man named “UEBERT ANGEL”. Also, make a search in “WIKIPEDIA” for the name “Uebert Angel”. This is the “GURU” of “Jerome Fernando”. This “Miracle Dome” – a “Massive Praying Hall” near Katunayake Airport is “HIS” funded project costing Rs. “Billions”. Once this, Uebert Angel visited Sri Lanka and received a “VVIP” welcome from ex-President Mahinda Rajapakse, his Cabinet, and his Family. In the pictures, you will find this “Pastor” Jerome Fernando. With this information, do I have to put “2+2 to say “4”? You will know what this whole story of “Jorome” speaks of.

    So, I say, All these shows of “Protests” by “Buddhagama” congregations are nothing but “BUMB” expositions of “IGNORANCE” and as “Customary” and “Genealogically” getting hold of the stick at the wrong end. I request the “Buddhagama” congregation and “High Priests” to go DEEP into the “TRUTH” behind “Miracle Dome” , “Pastor” Jerome Fernando, and his “Guru” “Uebert Angel”.

    • 13

      Simon and Anaga, thanks for trying hard to enlighten our Lankan Ignorant. Looks like the son of Jesus may not reappear like his father. I hear wanted Pastor is happily holidaying in Malaysia / Singapore and has no intentions of returning any soon. Gotha may return safely after fleeing, but can Pastor ???

    • 0

      Reconsidering the danger before us:
      Hypocritical religious freedom in the so-called paradise of the Indian Ocean (although it is actually said to be nature’s paradise, but its poisonous reptilian-style humans?).
      1) One rule for GALABODA ATHTHE GHANASARA aka DADORIYA (huge mad dog) in srilanken monkhood, who is like a living devil does any high damage to other citizens in public.
      More for Muslims than others. There is enough evidence to put the man in jail forever. However, he is closely associated with Sinhalese racist criminals (Rajapaksa family) in Sri Lanka.
      2) Another law for Sepal Amarasinghe, who was jailed for 45 days recently after publicly declaring that the dental relic may be labba (melon). He also connected with Rajapaksa for his survival. Opportunist however, has become a “one-man show” today. If one looks back at his history, he is no different from other opportunists who thought of his job as a means of survival.


      • 0


        3) Indika Thotawatta, a blind astrologer, he is a human parrot, is associated with some kind of Sinhala racists (media crimes) who demand to rise against all religions except Sinhala Buddhists – he has not been arrested by anyone yet. By linking him to Sinhala_Buddhism and spreading anti-religious opinions, media people are looking for crores.
        As any disabled blind person tends to learn more, this person is said to have a thirst for Sri Lankan history, sinhala adulation. He has been abused by the Sri Lankan media which deliberately promotes Sinhala_nationalism. The abuse of this man is similar to the abuse of child monks in Sinhala Buddhist temples.


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          4) Now another JOKER of the day, Jerome Fernando (he makes hay when the sun shines), miracle worker, healer of many Christian followers. All these people are playing with the weak mentality of innocent people. His public statement against Buddhism has echoed in the country as if there was no dire threat of a significant number of people dying for lack of food. Latest reports reveal that Some children in the school fainted and fell down. With this being the truth about the island nation, but religious people fight for their religions.

          Alas, srilankens,
          When will our people and authorities resolve this religious divide?

          No matter what anyone makes anti-religious statements in public, they should apologize and solve it that way.
          If everyone is treated equally, they will not try to abuse their freedom. That is proved by westerners.
          Or we have to follow the chinese and middle east that punish its citizen using inhuman tools.

  • 2

    “Further, he mentioned, “that Buddhists needed Jesus, not Lord Buddha if they are to be enlightened”
    I was arguing myself several times and I find that there is something partially true that the Buddhists of this island were not enlightened by Buddhists because since the island became under the rule of Lord Buddha for the past seven decades and there is no peace in this island particularly on the Buddhists of the island. The bloodshed over the decades happened in this island in the name of Lord Buddha, the corruption that brought this country to the banbkgruptcy and still the power hungry Buddhists destroying the rule of law and justice all these happened under the rule of Lord Buddha. Pastor may have compared the island was better under the British rule or the rule of Jesus than the current rule by Sinhalese or Lord Buddha.
    Why Can’t Buddhist take this as a challenge and get rid of greedy of power, corruption, and rule of law and justice to all in accordance with Lord Buddha’s teaching instead of we buddhists destroy Buddhism.

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