19 October, 2021


John Kerry, War Crimes & The Other Kerrey

By Mano Ratwatte

Mano Ratwatte

Mano Ratwatte

Kudos to the new Government in Sri Lanka for being pragmatic but that should not mean its leaders should be blissfully ignorant about excesses committed by the only superpower in the world. Ranil Wickremesinghe who is widely respected as being well informed, President Maithripala Sirisena, and Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera should be aware that when he spoke in front of the Fulbright Senate committee on foreign affairs he unequivocally and categorically stated that the US was responsible for war crimes. I noted with sadness and also relief when he corrected statements on the Tamil Terrorists. Keep in mind, this sort of deliberate misstatement and later corrections are used to send messages. A busy man like John Kerry who has to deal with Ukraine, Iran, Palestine etc has no time nor the intellect to derive his own policy assessments and he depends on his advisors. It is those advisors who are likely to have fed him the statements that went un-rebutted in Washington DC when the new Foreign minister met him.

Here are some missing elements to give you a complete picture of the complex man known as John Kerry; he did two or three tours on what were then called Swift Boats. Coming from a rich privileged northern background, he was a rare volunteer to serve in Vietnam when he enlisted in the US Navy in 1966; volunteering to serve wasn’t seen as the norm for people from privileged backgrounds in the US at that time unless you have a long tradition of military service like Senator John McCain’s family did.  Kerry was known to be an aggressive commander and earned two/three purple hearts (for combat related wounds sustained during war). During his doomed 2004 Presidential election campaign he regularly brought up his service record. Kerry  bragged about his Vietnam War combat experience, which earned him the purple hearts, plus the silver and bronze stars.

RanilBut Kerry, wasn’t forthcoming about becoming a main organizer for one of America’s most radical anti-war groups and rubbed shoulders with the likes of ‘Hanoi’ Jane Fonda (an actress who is still viewed by at least half of this nation with hostility for giving comfort and aid to the enemy) and former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark.  Keep in mind that he came back and became a vocal opponent of the war and claimed to have thrown his medals away in protest at a rally in DC once. This was used by his opponents during his campaign and put paid to his ambitions to defeat the very popular George W Bush in 2004. A lot of conservatives condemned him for being a traitor and raised this issue during the elections in 2004. Many accused him of being a “glory hound” for actively seeking notoriety to gain fame. While those charges may never be proven or disproven the belief was that he was a little rich boy looking for adventure and glory.  A group of rich Texan businessmen and angry veterans launched a blistering dirty mudslinging campaign against him and that effectively put paid to his almost non-existent chance to beat the war monger Bush who had a very questionable military record (enjoying state side duties in relative ease in the Alabama National guard thanks to his Dad pulling strings) at a time “patriotism and military service and sacrifice” were key issues of the election. That campaign was called “Swiftboating” and brought into question his military record.

While most of those attacks against Kerry were false they did their damage. He was also viewed as being too liberal even though he lost only by 35 Electoral votes and had he managed to carry a couple of key swing states(Ohio and Florida for example) he could have dislodged Bush. It didn’t help that he had a disingenuous (later indicted for campaign finance fraud), John Edwards as his running mate who couldn’t even carry his state of North Carolina.

In 1971,  Kerry made a  name for himself by testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He is still remembered for his statement “How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?”  Kerry often painted his fellow GIs as so brutal, for instance, that they could easily be mistaken for Jihadi terrorists. In his testimony to Congress he told them that U.S. soldiers had “personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in a fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam.”

Another war hero, Republican Senator McCain(Arizona) was tortured by North Vietnamese communists in  the infamous Hanoi Hilton where the Vietnamese regularly used anti war propaganda from inside the USA including images of Kerry testifying in front of Congress to taunt McCain and other POWs.
Other Kerrey the war criminal

Now follow that up with what the “OTHER KERREY” did and admitted to after he was no longer in the Senate. I am referring to Senator Bob Kerrey(Democrat from Nebraska and was a US Senator from 1989 to 2001; a big American war hero who lost a leg in combat and was a leader of a legendary Navy SEAL unit.  They cold bloodedly massacred about 25 babies, women and children in a hamlet known as Thanh Phong. This was in 1969 and he was an inexperienced Lieutenant. He failed to admit that until he retired. The cover ups of US excesses and massacres and abuse of women were massive Kerry the Secretary and Kerrey cannot admit to those even in 2015.

But in his lecture in Colombo, he failed to mention that millions of Vietnamese are still missing. If there is to be honest healing in the US, then people like him have to admit to the massacres and the innocent civilians they killed as well.  Kerry and McCain later led the campaign to normalize relations with Vietnam and to “Bring back our boys” about US MIAs in Vietnam.  But he failed to admit to the world that US munitions killed millions and the Vietnamese are still suffering from the effects of Agent Orange. There are far greater number of missing Vietnamese MIAs. That was a false equivalency.

Not one American was ever tried for war crimes. MyLai massacre (March 1968) where over 500 innocents were raped, bayoneted and massacred, was exposed only due to the tireless efforts of Seymour Hersh.  No war crimes trials; no one was hauled up to Geneva. Two men got away with light sentences and the man who ordered it was pardoned by President Gerald Ford.

Yes in the confusing fog of war, people commit crimes, and kill innocents. It was foolish for the government of Sri Lanka to insist there were zero civilian casualties. That cannot be; by its very nature war is very devilish and it is meant to be evil and kill. Their propaganda was weak and they could not counter the relentless stretching of numbers and they lost credibility with the ludicrous stand of “zero casualties”.

I agree with Senator Kerry on his US civil war analogy. Kerry’s civil war narration is a better analogy to have used than his really weak and farfetched linking Sri Lanka’s cruel internal war between a group labeled as terrorists and the legitimate forces of a democratically internationally recognized government. I came to respect the Southern point of view on the war too. To this date countless Southerners will refer to the Civil war as the “northern war of aggression”. Most museums in the South give a very different account of battles and even slavery than in the North. To counter Mount Rushmore Wyoming, in Stone Mountain Georgia, Southerners carved the images of three significant Confederate leaders of the south: President Jefferson Davis, General Robert E Lee and General Stonewall Jackson, a legendary fearless military leader of the Confederate States.  More than 150 years later, those divisions still exist and White Southerners venerate their Southern leaders and there’s a lot of hostility towards Lincoln amongst Whites in the South. Cruelties of the civil war can be summed with one visit to Andersonville Confederate POW camp museum.(or if the US wants; have an honest debate on Camp Bucca in Iraq and how it was the starting point for radical ISIS jihadi extremism).

Some of the scars of the war in Sri Lanka will take a long time to heal. Some of the images of the heroes of terrorist movement will forever remain etched in the minds of LTTE supporters and combatants. Grieving Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim mothers will grieve until they die regardless of whether the dead son was a war hero or a terrorist suicide bomber or a child added to the body count in what is termed as “collateral damage”.

If Sri Lanka’s policy wonks were well informed about such issues they will have a better understanding of how to cope with propaganda and also to deal with the healing process. There is no point in trying to insist there were zero civilian casualties. But that doesn’t mean you happily nod your head in obeisance every time a patronizing white man who may have committed war crimes himself comes around making misstatements and wagging his finger. A brilliant man like Laxman Kadirgamar, (murdered by LTTE terrorists) would have known what to say at least in private to Kerry. Sri Lanka needs the US, and US interests in Sri Lanka are based on their long term strategic needs and fears about China. That is why it sought to destabilize Maldives and for the first time in their diplomatic history created a special “Maldivian interests” section in the Embassy in Colombo in 2008. Open hostility has finally given way to Realpolitik and Sri Lanka should work towards protecting its own national interests without picking fights it cannot win; it was foolish to take a hostile approach to the world’s biggest power with a long history of destabilizing nations around the world.

Morality appears to relative to whether you are a  Rich predominantly Christian nation pulling all the strings or not when killing civilians during wars are concerned. The war crimes that Kerry himself graphically revealed, remain to this date, a tragic tale of two conflicting worlds within the American psyche and soul.


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    Listen to the arch Sinhala racist’s view once again.

    When will he stop the distorted Sinhala extremist propaganda?

    • 5

      Tamil racists apologists for Tigers come out every time someone raises issues m he’s talking about healing and that it will take a long time for Tamils like southern whites to forget their military defeat. No one said civilians didn’t die. They did. Those responsible should be prosecuted including Tamil Tiger barbarians who chopped babies and burnt women alive. A commission should investigate separatist militarism from foreign policy angles and also deal with the human rights issues .there are sinhala, Tamil and Muslim racists.

  • 10

    In 1960s, Vietnam war times, white women were second class citizens in US, Gay people were ridiculed in public, Blacks had designated seats in public buses. How much they changed in recent times? Do we have rights to kill or harm our own people because American did it in foreign land?
    In the last 30 years, over 1 million SL people migrated to the West as political or economic refugees. (If I am correct it is 1 out of every 20 people). This could be one of the main reason why Kerry and the West are preaching the Gov to be a civilized one.
    No body has to worry what Kerry or any Westerner says as long as we love and respect your own people (Tamils, Muslims, etc) and working hard with them to build-up the economy, manufacture world quality goods and services.. Then all problems will disappear.. 95% of SL people would become middle class. Then we would have time to go to some African countries and preach them how to be good like us :-( (like what Kerry does)

    • 5

      Mr. Alahakoon,

      Pls don’t forget the other communities as well, the Malays, the moors, chinese who have been living in this island for a long time. They are a small community but they are citizens too. They chose to live in this island for various reasons, and they should be accommodated. Atleast, I like to think that way. There’s nothing wrong in it? As long as they don’t infringe on the rights of the other people in the community, why not?

    • 2

      Unfortunately, in the US, today (not in the 60s) numerous African Americans are killed in the hands of Police every month, the Latino agricultural workers are paid pennies for back breaking work, a colored woman is paid less than 70 cents for every dollar paid to a white man for equal work..and you think they (US administrators) have the right to preach human rights to any other sovereign land? I don’t think so!

  • 7

    he he he everyone has the right to DREAM……..

    Doagabaya NOW GOES TO COURT for his human rights …he he he …

    Human Rights Violation on Tamils is today in the hand of world community not with USA…

  • 3

    If Greater China cancel just BOEING order US will bend to Chinese……

    When the leader of Greater China visit USA he first meet industrialists only after this he will meet US President

    For changing side SL will pay heavy price soon ……

    Local crippled guy is better than next town handsome guy …for a bride …


  • 3


    So what do you recommend Sri Lanka to do? Don’t be like the doomsayers and let Lanka receive a slap.

    You are always making fun of the situation. Amusing stuff you write but wouldn’t it be better if you can give your recommendation to come out of the embarrassing situation the Sinhala community is in. :)

  • 3

    @ Japwatch

    ……when Sri Lanka show head to China and tail to the west …soon this country will be in tears…..

    This comment was made by an Australian diplomat just 2 year ago (now the situation is reversed )

    You can’t teach Sinhalese because they will never learn …look at these anti-Tamil articles here ..even after 30 years they have not learned…

    Don’t worry soon Sinhalese will sing Chinese national Anthem …


    • 5

      You can’t teach the Tamils because they will never learn . Look at the pro Tamil racist articles by Usha, Rudi etc appearing in CT. Would pro Sinhala articles ever appear in a Tamil publication? Pigs will fly before that ever happens. So dream on and every chance you buggers get, put in a small dig against Sri Lanka and the Sinhalese and the Buddhists. Do your bit for the Eelam cause and grow old a die in a foreign land.

      • 0

        Buddhist ???? Buddhism ??? Do you know anything about these?????

        There are Tamil Buddhist Classics written 2000 years ago …even mentioned Nainaatheevu .as Nagadeepam .

        Live in your dream…but shiver when you hear LTTE….

        cowards only write …for the last 3o years hiding under bed with wives..

        SL has the last opportunity …to save this country….

        Cheers ..

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    [Edited out]
    Please write instead of posting web links – CT

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