19 August, 2022


John Responds To ‘Cardinal Story’: CT Stands By Report

In response to the recent article involving Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and Tourism Development and Christian Affairs Minister John Amaratunga, the Minister has sent Colombo Telegraph the following clarification.

John Amaratunga

“The Hon. Minister wishes to state that no such incident took place and the entire report is a figment of the imagination of the author. We request that this response is given the same prominence as that provided to the fictitious and malicious article.”

While we understand the circumstances in which Tourism and Christian Affairs Minister was obligated to send the denial, Colombo Telegraph is in a position to confirm that a telephone conversation between Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and Minister Amaratunga did take place on the Jehovah’ witnesses convention in Colombo. After the telephone conversation, a visibly shaken Minister told his staff he could not understand why the Cardinal was behaving in an irrational manner. The telephone conversation and Cardinal Ranjith’s hollering have strained the relations between the two. Therefore we stand by our story and will also report future developments on the matter.

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    A Hollering Ranjith
    So What’s New
    James 3:6
    “And the tongue is a flame of fire. It is a whole world of wickedness, corrupting your entire body. It can set your whole life on fire, for it is set on fire by hell itself.”

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      John Amaratunga/Cadinal Ranjit

      “The Hon. Minister wishes to state that no such incident took place and the entire report is a figment of the imagination of the author. We request that this response is given the same prominence as that provided to the fictitious and malicious article.”

      Are you taking about the CT article that says that there was a conversation between you and the Future “Infallible” Cardinal, ( if he becomes the Infallible” Pope) and you?

      Who is most believable?
      1. CT
      2. You, minister John Araraunga. You commit sins.
      3. Cardinal Ranjit, who is an Agent of the “Infallible” Pope, who also commits sins, like those he reports to

      Support for the above ratings;

      Today, Sri Lanka, rather the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, is elected by the people, a republic, not by the so-called “Infallible” Popes, claiming unsubstantiated right to be Divine, to whom you report to. Therefore, the Republic can host any convention, especially when it beings economic value to the people of the republic, irrespective of the unsubstantiated dogma of the Catholic Church.

      It is time to change your Catholic dogma, and make the Popes fallible.

      The True Core Of The Jesus Myth


      Hitchens about the Catholic Church


      Summary of sins over 20 centuries of the Catholic Church. Do you want to add more sins?

      Crusades, Inquisition, the persecution of Jewish people, injustice to the natives and women, and now denying that there was no conversation on the Jehovah Witnesses. .

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    Mr. Minister, We have confidence in the journalism of Colombo Telegraph much more than we have it in you or in the Cardinal. Please do not try to hide the truth. Be honest with it. By trying to hide facts you will get more exposed to the general public. The Cardinal has his dictatorial lifestyle. This has been confirmed with this writer by one of his own priests. If he berated you on the JW’s convention, and because as the Tourism Minister you did nothing to block it, please say the truth rather than trying to deny it. After all there cannot be a smoke without a fire. So just like your statement, we are awaiting the denial of this CT report from the Cardinal as well. Let us wait and see if he will do it.

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    [entire report is a figment of the imagination of the]
    Viagra Johnny is coming down Hard.

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    As the whole country knows John Amaratunga is a very strong ‘erect’ man (too erect for his own good at times) and he would have given the right response to the Cardinal!

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    All religious fanatics should read “A brief history of time” by Stephen Hawking who passed away recently.
    You will need to know elementary physics and mathematics to understand it fully.
    It is available on the web.

  • 4

    Cardinal not only opposes other religious conventions now he has become a LIAR as well.

    • 0

      Cardinal does not give full communion to catholics to obey Jesus who said “Eat and Drink or you will have no part of me” Only priests partake fully in full view making people disobey Jesus in the act, camouflaging with hellish dogmas

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    The burning issue is Vijeyakala’s alleged utterance. The Gotler has been forgotten and so are the ‘Hang or not’ issue, the Bellana lateral transfer and a host of others.

    John Amaratunge has yet to take a firm stand on corruption/nepotism/impunity. Is the “Jehovah Witness” as important? Or is it a smokescreen?

  • 4

    So liar is the Christian Minister and a Hangman is the Cardinal.

    The Sinhala Christianism is soon going to take over the Sinhala Buddhism, it seems.

    Long Live Sinhala Christianism!
    Long Live Sinhala Buddhism!

    (Instead of hanging the repeated drug smugglers, if there are two three Main Sinhala Media to tear the mask of these unscrupulous politician, Lankawe can be fixed)

    • 4


      “Long Live Sinhala Christianism!”
      “Long Live Sinhala Buddhism!”

      Did you mean;

      Long Live Sinhala Christiandom?
      Long Live Sinhala Buddisondom?

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    Look on the positive side: The minister reads CT.

  • 3

    Johnny Boy! Facts or fiction, under the circumstances, isn’t the response you now give about the story the standard under the circumstances? Come of it! Sri Lankans, even non-CT readers, will vote this Johnny’s story as a fiction. Had Johnny told there was a conversation between the “Cardinal Unnanse” and him self and in the course of which I found myself in a difficult position but it has nothing to do with this subject then it would have been a very good sugar coated pill causing the publisher to publish the story without without any further comment.

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    It’s about time this “cardinal ” tend to his flock rather than act like a politician.Religion is a personal belief and followers of Jehovah witness have the same right as Catholics or other Christian followers. It would also help if the good Cardinal realizes the Minister concerned is to look after Christian affairs and not Catholic affairs.(have no idea why religious affairs should be looked after by poiticians)

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    As usual as in other burning issues, The question to the Lankan public is “Who Is the biggest liar /sinner ??????”.The Minister of the government or Minister of the churches ????? Let the debate begin.

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