29 June, 2022


Joint New Year Message From World-Wide Tamil Entities: A Solemn Pledge To Work For International Investigation

On this New Year’s Day, January 1, 2014, Tamil entities around the world pledge our renewed commitment to bring freedom, justice, peace and dignity to our Tamil brethren living in the occupied NorthEast of Sri Lanka. With our diverse backgrounds we are united in working for our people who have been oppressed by the successive Sri Lankan regimes since “independence” in 1948, and pledge to work against the continuing oppression of the Tamil Nation.

sri_lanka_tamil_womanWe highlight that the Tamil people don’t have any faith in the government of Sri Lanka and have democratically provided an overwhelming mandate for an independent international investigation in the Northern Provincial Council election held in September 2013. We point out to the International Community that even after two resolutions by the United Nations Human Rights Council, Sri Lanka is defiant, denying justice and political rights to the Tamils. We note that the Sri Lanka’s domestic Commission of Inquiry even with the participation of the International Independent Group of Eminent Persons from 11 countries failed to offer justice to the Tamils in 2008.

We reject any and all domestic inquiry mechanisms, and fully commit ourselves to mobilize the International Community to establish an independent international investigation by the United Nations to investigate war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide against the Tamils.

At this propitious time of year, we call for a peaceful world thriving with justice, equality and freedom for all.

The following Tamil entities from Australia, Canada, India, Malaysia, Mauritius, New Zealand, South Africa, Sweden, UK, and the USA are jointly releasing this 2014 New Year Message:

1. Academy of Tamil Studies, Malaysia
2. Association For Community and Dialogue, Malaysia
3. Australian Tamil Congress, Australia
4. British Tamil Conservatives, UK
5. Center for War Victims & Human Rights, Canada
6. Communist Party of India – Tamil Nadu Secretariat, India
7. Council of Temples, Malaysia
8. Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam –                     , Tamil Nadu, India
9. Dravidar Viduthalai Kazhagam –                      , Tamil Nadu, India
10. Eastern Cape Tamil Federation, South Africa
11. Eluthenhi Arakkaddallai –                 , Tamil Nadu, India
12. Federation of Tamil Sangams of North America, USA
13. Group of Concerned Citizens, Malaysia
14. Hindu Defence Brigade, Malaysia
15. Ilankai Tamil Sangam, USA
16. Islamic Youth Movement Against Genocide, Tamil Nadu, India
17. Kistnen Mestree Tamil Benevolent Society, Mauritius
18. Malaysian Indian Youth Council, Malaysia
19. Malaysian Tamil Forum, Malaysia
20. Naam Thamilar –          , Tamil Nadu, India
21. New Zealand Tamil Society, New Zealand
22. Pattali Makkal Katchi –                  , Tamil Nadu, India
23. People for Equality and Relief in Lanka, USA
24. Save Tamils Movement, Tamil Nadu, India
25. Southside FM Radio, South Africa
26. Student Front For the Freedom of Tamil Eelam, Tamil Nadu, India
27. Students Federation For Free Eelam, Tamil Nadu, India
28. Students Federations Of TamilNadu, Tamil Nadu, India
29. Students Movement For Change, Tamil Nadu, India
30. Students Struggle For Tamil Eelam, Tamil Nadu, India
31. Swedish Tamils Forum, Sweden
32. Tamil Federation of Gauteng, South Africa
33. Tamil Federation of  Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa
34. Tamil League, Mauritius
35. TamilNadu Makkal Katchi, Tamil Nadu, India
36. Tamil National Liberation Movement, Tamil Nadu, India
37. Tamil Renaissance Front, Malaysia
38. Tamils Against Genocide UK, USA
39. Tamils Cultural Center, Tamil Nadu, India
40. Tamils For Labour, UK
41. Tamil Students Initiative, UK
42. Tamil Youth Front, USA
43. Tamil Youth Organisation, UK
44. Tamil Youth and Students Federation, Tamil Nadu, India
45. Thamil Creative Writers Association, Canada
46. Thamil Ellhuchip Peravai –                  , Tamil Nadu, India
47. Thamizhar Munnetrak Kazhagam –                   , Tamil Nadu, India
48. The Mauritius Tamil Temples Federation, Mauritius
49. The Movement Against Tamil Genocide, Mauritius
50. The South African Tamil Federation, South Africa
51. The Union Tamoul, Mauritius
52. Secretariat, Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam
53. United States Tamil Political Action Council, USA
54. Western Cape Tamil Federation, South Africa
55. World Tamil Confederation, Tamil Nadu, India
56. World Thamil Organization, USA


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Latest comments

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    United We Stand

    • 5


      Will your “united quest” for an invstigation into crimes against humanity extend to all 30 years of bloody mayhem by “heroic” LTTE as well?

      Or is it just the last few days you are interested in? So that, you could attempt a cunning manipualtion to reach utopic Ealam.


      • 0

        Of course Ben there will be an investigation of the 30 years of unbridled terror that was unleashed by the LTTE and KP, Karuna, Daya Master, Pillayan and many others are still around to answer for their crimes against the Sinhalese, the Muslims and even the Tamils. So, let’s bring on the investigation!

      • 2

        Why not, it should cover Banda’s terror on Tamils, JRJ-83,also.

  • 5

    welcome! We can all to work together towards International Independent Inquiry for the Accountability towards genocide committed against Eelam tamils.
    Request for and a UN supervised Referendum voted by Eelam Tamils in Homeland and Diaspora.
    In the mean time request for a Protection from UN peace keeping forces to protect tamils from Sri Lankan arm forces who are carrying out Genocide against Eelam Tamils.

    Manivannan TGTE MP

    • 4

      Dream on stateless fool! :)

      Nanthikadal-2 is coming.

      • 1

        What did you say? Your threat about Nanthikadal is not funny!

  • 6

    That’s nice, not a word on the 30 years of Tamil murder.

    • 5

      What about the TERROR from 1950s to 1983? Were you on drugs? Or do you think Tamils have to grin and bear the SINHALA TERROR? Are you re-writing history? Of course the world knows that Sinhalese are good at “inventing history”

      • 5


        “Of course the world knows that Sinhalese are good at “inventing history”

        The world doesn’t give two hoots about Sinhala/Buudhist history nor Tamil’s 3,000 year heritage.

        Sinhala/Buddhists don’t invent/discover their own history but like their Tamil brethren they manufacture their history.

  • 3

    commitment to work together to bring justice in 2014

  • 2

    The Rajapakses must gather up the necessary strength and intelligence to understand the opposition to them internationally is growing. The above list is only a minor part of the entire opposition machinery. The way to mitigate the coming storm is to immediately come to terms with the NPC under the able leadership of Justice Wigneswaren. It is far too late for the usual trickery. Senior Leaguers in the international community await in Geneve to bring to justice alleged Sri Lankan HR/War Crime violators the fate of Radovan Karadzic, Ratco Mladik, Goran Hadzic, Milovan Karadzik. Uhuru Kenyatta is making behind the scenes moves to come into a settlement to save his neck. UN and the world are keen to see they rope in as many HR/WC violators soon
    to give credence to the R2P project – so that leaders in 3rd world countries do not subvert democratic institutions any longer. The example of Mugabe for 40 years is a bad predence which the UN would like to change so that tin pot dictators are neutralised in their avarice to stay “illegally” in power.


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    There is a big difference in what occurred in Sri Lanka and what occurred in the Balkans. In Sri Lanka the authorities fought a group who were endorsed a terror outfit by almost all nations in the world. Therefore there is legitimacy in the fight against LTTE. I personally do not believe that any Sri Lankan figure is going to be tried in The Hague.

    Having said that I do understand the horror the Tamils have been put through from day one of Independent Sri Lanka. The Sinhala people along with all citizens paid a heavy price for all those horrific acts.

    But it is history. Despite the hurt and anger the Tamil people legitimately suffer at the moment, we achieve nothing by following the path of vengeance. At worst it could backfire and even cause more death and destruction.

    However difficult it is, I believe it is best to turn a new chapter and move on.

    • 2

      BBS REP,

      “But it is history. Despite the hurt and anger the Tamil people legitimately suffer at the moment, we achieve nothing by following the path of vengeance. At worst it could backfire and even cause more death and destruction. “

      if your theory were to apply , there wouldn’t be any justice for any victims in any crime in any country ? regardless of the gravity
      /extent of the crime, one has to let go all the pains and destruction for the sake of reconciliation , is it ? this is the exact reason why successive SL governments had managed to got away from their own respective killing spree mayhem , wasn’t it ? where are the due processes any accountability mechanisms ? how many extra judicial killing took part in 1971,1989-90 and 2009 ? how many successive SL governments conveniently hid behind the”curtailing terrorist menace ” label and unleashed unimaginable human right violations on fellow citizens ?ever since Late sirimavo B’s introduction of “final solution” method of getting rid of terrorism , only one side had been made to pay the heavy price !, where are/wer government sponsored murder squads ? weren’t they continued in getting promotions ! BBS do you know that your type of colour blind forced reconciliation is extremely dangerous for future SL? generation.

      • 0

        sorry there were some typos ,

        “where are the due processes any accountability mechanisms ? “

        should be

        where are the due processes and accountability mechanisms ?

        “forced reconciliation is extremely dangerous for future SL? generation.”

        should be

        forced reconciliation is extremely dangerous for future SL generation ?

    • 1

      BBC Rep,
      SRi Lanka is NOT going to be governed by LTTE or JVP. SL is to be governed by democratically elected government which represent the majority as well as all minorities of the country. Now minorities and other non Buddhist groups are crying for justice. What is the democratically elected government going to about it in year 2014??
      If a man who get used to do heavy gambling, drinking, womanizing declares that he is going to be a good man from 1-Jan-2014… His closest family might believe him because of their love and attachment, but would there be any guarantee that his extended family believe him and work with him in year 2014?? !!!

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    Why Don’t Tamils prosecute the British Govt for CRIMEs Against Humanity for killing a few million of South Indian and Tamil -THUGGIES when British were Running India.

  • 1

    Pretty impressive list… Isn’t it?.

    Do they all come under the Trans National Government of Tamil Elaam of PM Rufrakumaran?..

    How much did they contribute to the LTTE and its Leader Mr Prabakran from 1980 to May 2009?.

    Or do we have to wait till they launch this International Investigation to find out?..

    May all Gods bless you and help make your efforts successful…

    • 4

      K.A Sumanasekera

      “Pretty impressive list… Isn’t it?.”

      Compared to those hoodlums, drug barons, murderers, rapists, war criminals, former gun runner, ………..who are lining behind your Vishawakeerthi Sri Threesinhaladishwara?

  • 0

    The government of SriLanka must realize that it has created a dangerous enemy in the Tamil Diaspora. Half these Tamil forces would not be there if JR Jayawardane had halted the riots in 1983. I think the Tamil refugees who escaped SriLanka in the eighties are now turning against their “own country”.

  • 2

    BBS Rep may be doubly assured I do not seek vengeance – and, I believe, neither does the UNHRC. But State and its leading actors cannot escape from their command responsibility, can they? Why does “the horror Tamils have been put through from day one of Independent Sri Lanka” allowed to continue to the day. The essence of the War is kept alive even today by higher officials in the Police and the Army to make money out of the captive Tamil people. It was a goldmine for the Police/Army in the days after May 2009 when even several bank branches were opened in the Wanni to facilitate these “deals” Relatives abroad of those held on flimsy grounds were
    forced to cough out hundreds of millions of rupees to get their
    people from illegal custody. Elilan is not the only man of whose
    whereabouts the army refuses to accept responsibility after he was handed over by his wife. The number goes to the thousands.

    In stating “but that is history” are you suggesting my people should suffer the pain inflicted on them sitting still? Tamils have had enough they do not fear the scenario you create “at worst it could backfire and even cause more death and destruction” in pursing what they consider is their birth right. Nor will a more caring world that knows more about the Tamil struggle than before.


  • 2

    Half of the 56 organizations are banned foreign terrorist organizations!

  • 1

    Trans-sexual Government of Tamil Elam!

    Stateless fools.

  • 0

    Tamil Elam has a Tamil mother but a Chingalam father.

    Tamil Elam is created everyday in army camps of Jaffna.

  • 0

    56 organization . wow what morons

    Either way I wonder if these fools know that the UNHRC is a is a dickless organization that cannot really do anything other than pass resolutions . Without the security council they can keep on passing resolutions till th cows come home . no body cares .

    Just go and check how many resolutions have already been passed on Israel by this idiotic organization .

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    Most people in Sri Lanka including Tamils are tired of death and destruction. You may be a Kettikaran speaking from the safety of a foreign country but spare a moment for the plight of the much harassed poor Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka. Haven’t you seen videos of thousands of pathetic people walking for days on end with no food and water. You may have no fear for the scenario I raise, but most people do. I do not want another human being, Tamil or otherwise to die a needless death, or a lass, Tamil or otherwise raped.

    VP wanted to avenge the horror unleashed on the Tamils and all that he succeeded in doing was unleashing even more horror on the Tamils. Haven’t you seen the video’s of disturbing grousomeness, with lines and lines of bodies on exhibition with many dead women with breasts and genitals exposed.

    Enough is enough – we need to find another way. It is difficult to forget the recent horrors in Sri Lanka, but forget we must.

    • 2

      BBSrep, Having known that the massacre at 2009 backfired you internationally, you come and preach peace now. what were you doing in 83? were n’t you one among jumping in joy when people were shelled? As rightly pointed by Srilal if this government is let go scotfree of war crmies then in future it wil set wrong precedence and every polictician for his petty gains will start similar war. If Banda was stopped by similar mechanism in the past, there would not have been JRJ or VP. Stop excusing and accept the fact and independent investigation. Let all parties in the crime be punished. There are news indicating Gota wanted to resurrect the dead LTTE for his petty gains? Can you first stop him?

    • 1

      BBS Rep might be interested to know I am very much here – the difference being I am in the South somewhat insulated to a lesser degree from the intimidation, humiliation and pain to my people in the North-East. My regular forays into the diaspora countries gives me a better appreciation of the Lankan Tamils. I fear another unfortunate major incident, now regularly threatened as quid pro quo, as any other Tamil but I am not foolish to pretend to believe we have what is not there. Over the decades and by careful design we have been pushed into thinking of ourselves as “the other” That bond that brought us together – more because of the unifying factor of English in schools in society – snapped decades ago. Today, we are emotionally two different nations – both suspecting and indifferent to the other – save the few fortunate relationships. The only hope is for the majority to come out with an acceptable formulae for both sides to live together in an undivided country. But let me insist, that is more in the hands of the Sinhalese and their narrow Buddhist religious hierarchy – that has remained an insidious political parallel power since 1956.

      BTW, I find it curious a Tamil like you has chosen a strange pseudonym.


      • 0

        This reply is to both Manisekaran and Kettikaran,

        I assure you I do not have an iota of Tamil blood in me.

        Injustice is injustice. I have been there and personally seen the utter horror that were unleashed on my innocent Tamil contrymen and women, time and time again. I have also personally experienced the utter apathy and indifference to the suffering of the Tamils, almost universally, by my Sinhala brotheren. I cringe in shame and sadness that I did nothing or was impotent to do anything, while all this horror unfolded around me.

        In my own way I try to sway the minds of the horror beasts of Sri Lanka. I may take all kinds of aliases to do so or even join forces with the horror merchants if only to stall their hands.

        The race relations in Sri Lanka is still tenuous. The age old disunity among the Tamils are being easily exploited by GOSL. There is a possibility that another conflagration may arise. And if it does so, I know it is the rank and file Tamils who will suffer most.

        We have had enough death and destruction. Vengeance is a double edged sword. It is better to forgive and forget and live and let live. Mani Thambi, this is my advice for you and all my Tamil brotheren.

  • 0

    I know you Sri Lankan Tamils are brainless fools and very ugly people. However I do accept that you are humans. So I strongly advise you to get hold of the electoral rolls and census data before 1983 and analyse them and see whether you can establish how many people were alive and where they lived before the sinhalese started to attack them.

    The one by one establish what happened to each of these people. It is not easy to do this but it is not difficult either. Of course you Tamils are fools and you will try to make this into a propaganda effort to support your silly tamileelam so it is better that this was done by an international team that will give DOUBLE weight to those killed by the tamil so called liberation movements.

    I hope this exercise shows the world what a horrible savage bunch both the Tamils and the sinhalese are. They have no civilization though they claim to have had one in the past. They do not know how to behave. They do not know how to talk. They are boorish. They have destroyed a perfectly good country. A plague on these pigs who do not even have the brains to solve their own problems.

  • 1

    All these fools are doing is ensuring that MR wins again and again.

  • 1

    I only read comments of people still struggling with themselves, crying about the bitter end of the LTTE and shouting for justice? Do you really have no other problems in your lives than seeding hatred? Read first the definition (intl.) of genocide then maybe you will understand what is real genocide. Why Colombo is the most biggest tamil city in Sri Lanka, because of continuing genocidal actions, think first, then you will find out. It is absolutely unimportant if there would be a tamil or a sinhala or a mixed government, you peole will be fooled by them again and again,
    but you will blindly follow there agendas, hahaha, poor fools!

  • 1

    It is very difficult to solve the National problem of Sri Lanka with the mindset of our government leaders i.e. former Prime Ministers and the Presidents(including the Present one). I put the blame on them because they belong to the Majority Community(even the very fact that a person from the minority community can’t become a Prime Minister or President in S:L: as is possible in India shows the mindset of the majority Community in S.L.). How many years later after the Legislative Council,State Council era did VP come into the scene? DS started with state sponsored Colonisation of Tamil areas which later resulted in the first massacre of 156 Tamils in Igniyagala by Sinhalese (The story of ceylon Race Riots-Tarzie Vitachie,1961,AndreDeutch,london). In 1956 when Sinhala Nationalism was at its top, and when SWRD wanted to make Sinhala the Official Language of Sri Lanka and when Colvin R de Silva said, Two languages one Nation, One language two Nations, Rev.Fr.Thaninayagam met SWRD and pleaded with him showing examples of Belgium, Canada,Swizerland and others, He said,”Father I will rather decide it on the point of Sword”(A.J.Wilson, The dedicated Patriotism of Father Thaninayagam, Tamilaram,page84). But when his niece Maureen Seneviratne told him that she is entering the University of Peradeniya he has said, “why that village University, you should go to Oxford or Cambridge” (M.S.in her book).SWRD’s only goal was to wrest the power from Senanayakas with his ‘Sinhala Only’ cry.Srimavo with her so called autochthonous constitution of 1972 never gave in to any of the requests of Tamil leaders and so they boycotted the ‘Constitutionl Assembly’ at Navarangahala and the Tamil Representatives never participated or acceded to that Constitution. JR was the worst of all Sinhala Leaders the 20th Century Fox he was. His 78 Constitution is the root cause of all present day problems as we all know.And that Constitution + 18A which was the first thing the Present President got passed in the Parliament after defeating the ltte shows his intentions clearly. 18A without 17A has turned this country into a jungle. JRJ with his support for the 83 pogrom against the Tamils created the Tamil diaspora. With the huge majority he had in the Parliament he could have easily solved the National Problem but he did not just as he opposed the Banda- Chelva Pact. Chandrika for her part scuttled the Norwegian brokered Peace Process by taking over all the important Ministries at the crucial stage of the talks. The current President knowing that it is difficult to bring about agreement even between two parties expects a consensus between 38 or so members to bring about a solution and that without SLMC and TNA. He knows that will never happen and that is what he wants APCfor since his continuing in power depends on the Sinhala Buddist supremacy. So how do you expect to solve the problem when what our President wants is to prolong it for his survival and Comrade (or is heone) Vasu says all is fine with Sri Lanka including Human Rights situation! I am ashamed of him.

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