19 April, 2024


Joint Opposition MPs To Decide This Week If To Attend SLFP Convention

Amidst a deepening split within the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP), the Joint Opposition Parliamentarians will decide shortly whether they will attend the forthcoming 65th Convention of the SLFP next month.

Maithri Mahinda August 2, 2015The Joint Opposition MPs, who are members of the SLFP is scheduled to meet this week to decide if they will attend the convention on September 4 in Kurunegala. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa is also scheduled to attend the crucial meeting where a final decision will be taken.

Rajapaksa who is a senior patron of the SLFP has also been formally invited to the convention, which will be held under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena who is also the leader of the SLFP.

The Joint Opposition MPs have become increasingly irked in recent months by the current SLFP leadership, specially with Sirisena taking steps to alienate the Joint Opposition MPs from their senior positions in the SLFP on grounds that they are loyal to Rajapaksa and not him.

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  • 9

    Best would be to hold it without reptiles.

    Then this can help people further to clear real SLFP forces without criminals.

    • 5

      Samuel Jayaweera,

      Best would be if the rotten SLFP collapsed into smithereens all together.

      This party is nothing, but a collection of corrupt rogues. That is no defense of the UNP.


      • 3

        Yes agree with you Ben. The SLFP has overstayed its welcome. I think Chandrika knows it.

    • 2

      This govt build by grand two parties woudl have moved forward, if MR et al sensed it giving them a chance.

      Why MR et al behave so is becoming clear to all as of now, they are caught by the law and order which is being strenghthened by the authorities today.

      Some will question as to why the arersted will allow leaving on bail out – will have to be made clear by authorities sooner than later.

      ONE THING IS BECOMING CLEAR DAY TO ANOTHER THAT THESE MR appologists will have to face the charges sooner than later. The days they will be convicted by law for all the high profile money laundering acts…
      the day of start- genuine work for peace and reconciliaton in this country.

      I very much agree with Asath Salley saying that parents should be jailed before the Namal and Yoshital are being questioned if at all a lession to be taught to them.

  • 7

    The formation of this party marked the downward slide of this sorry nation. SWRD Bandaranaike started this party for his personal reasons and not for any patriotic intent. Even now Madam Bandaranaike Kumaratunga pulling the strings in the background. This damn party can go to hell for all I care. The country will be all the better for it.

    • 6

      SWRD never wanted to be represented by Ballige puthas like Rajapakshes.

      That is clear to anyone and everyone by now. It is better them to go out of the party leaving goodies to remain and rebuild the party. Rajakashes will be history in coming months with start of their moves to the permament jail sessions.

      World is watching out of us… these Frogs in Well feel that their monkey like behavoiurs will never outreach masses internationally. But entire world incl. UNO is looking at Rajakashes and their moves very closely than the Rajakashes idiots feel it.

      • 4

        Oxford educated – highly dedicated personalities would never allow any leaders to beahve the way MR adminstration performed it in their two terms. Except ending the war, all others they handled with were beyond all ethics and morals.

  • 3

    Traditionally, the minorities sided the UNP from independence and
    leading political figures like M/s Nadesan, GG.Ponna, Thonda, MH. Mohamed & lately Hakeem figured prominently in the UNP govt. and
    if there is a split in SLFP, UNP is sure to rule for many years
    as it is not easy to build a party to a strong position in a short period of time unless they spread communalism that fast,just like
    what SWRD did with introduction of ‘Sinhala only’ bill, and anti
    minority statutes like standardization in education policy where students of minority communities were set high standards to enter universities, which brought the down fall of the country’s progress.
    There is greater doubt now as to whether the majority can be swayed with communal approach these days as they, even the ordinary folks, are more concerned with the economy of the country and there is a concern among them now that all communities should move forward together as our neighbours have progressed with unity, taking India
    as an example.

    So the President should take a hard look at the problem.

  • 1

    JO decides the outcome means the party president does not have any leadership and he does not have any control over the country. That will translate into the discipline of people they govern. That is visible in Sri lanka. In Sri lanka, Democracy means, there is no discipline, honesty, integrity,accountability, empathy for others or anything. It is just selfishness and self-centgeredness. Everyone for their personal interests. This JO is also like that. they are a group of theives who are fighting for their personal interests.

    They don’t come means, they are not interersted. If they don’t come president should not show his lack of leadership. In other words, president should fire them. Better to issue an ultimatum right now. Remember what happened to big mouth Rajapakse. He used corrupt methods to make everybody happy. Now he is struggling.

    SLFP needs serious restructuring and bringing back discipline to the party.

  • 0

    Right now the sri lankan style is everyone sabotaging it for personal interests. That should be stopped. JO is msotly theives in SLFP. They should be fired and new blood should be hired when ever there is opportunity.

    Sri lanka should be stabilized. Otherwise, there are foreign interests which are waiting to take over the power in Sri lanka.

  • 1

    Mahinda should be charged guilty for injecting poison into Dr.Kalam’s body while he was in SL. The same theory Mahinda and his brother Gota used to eradicate Tamils and the Tamil heroes.

  • 1

    SLFP Convention – nothing but a coven of snakes, jackals, apes, crows and hyenas. And the wolves will always attend with beaming smiles wearing lamb skins and satakayas. Plenty of dogs will accompany this coven of animals and will wait on the side lines barking at outsiders. I wish I could be there to witness this very special collection of zoological specimens braying at each other while eating fish patties, Chinese rolls and cutlets.

  • 2

    Come on Mr President, you will have the ENTIRE backing of this country for a very long time, if you NAME the crimes and the perpetrators of such crimes – which you have said you know – and which you threatened to reveal unless these blackguards fell in line.

    As President, we all expect you to do the right thing by the country and its citizens, and reveal what you know as wrong doing. That is your bounden duty. You don’t need skunks in your team anyway, because you will NEVER be able to trust them.

  • 2

    The dissolution of SLFP is prime target by USA, UK and Norway Political agenda join by Indians centre of the BJP-Hinduism power enlargement which that of political “Digvijiya” by extended to
    the Sri Lankan soil.

    Before undermine sovereignty of Island that UNP of local agents working together with US and Indian hegemonies, that they want make SLFP break into many splitters groups. Then party become weak, and system of democracy running on uncertainties through years to come!

    This politics was start up since 2015 January even before MS came to power . The Split of SLFP political conspiracies was not known to MR leadership. Because conspiracies of regime change was operated in Singapore base on head quartes since 2012.

    First step was defeated MR alliance by voters will.

    Second step was an appoint UNP-Ranil.. W… as Primer by minority group with executive seat by power of over rule all norms of democratic majority system of Constitution of Republic.

    Third the removed Chief Judge by their own local interests of UNP-as well as the Neo-colonial regime behind by foreign powers of USA-CIA and Indian-Raw.

    Fourth the ongoing SLFP split that is the key person is behind by CBK of Tamil decedent of Banadaraker’s blood group.
    CBK is currently engaged agent of politics of both parties combined of USA and Indian mode of operandi; key to the anti-Sinhalese and anti-Buddhist politics of SLFP-neo-Liberalist advocated by CBK.

    Fifth CBK has undertaken & advocated anti- Rajiapakase campaigning by covering to be split of SLFP forces by undermined Progressive and Democratic role of SLFP. While working on that liquidation of rank and file of SLFP organization structure.

    Sixth MS is well known that puppet of UNP-TNA -JVP, MC and as well as The US and Indian.
    His role is visible, and very clear he has undertaken to destroy SLFP and pave way UNP to a become single-handle Party in power in governances of State -Sri lanka.

    In the reality of SLFP is control by UNP leadership in first time history since 1951 of its foundation. Part or section of SLFP’s are partners of UNP “Good governances” by compromised Govt. which back by MS and CBK.

    SLFP has to undertaken regain an Independent line of politics, want leading role of democracy and progressive by the sustainability of the capitalist growth and development of democracy.

    Needleless to say is urgent task of SLFP as Party to play progressive role by played since 1951.


    • 1

      Are you sane to see it this way ? Were Rajakashes normal at all toWARDS the end of 2014. I am not living in the country but each time I visted the place, I was hurt by the manner their administrated wasted the manner as no other leader did it before.

      Like or not believe or not, to the end of 2014 – Rajakashe had realized the way the wind blows would be manageble for them – that is the reason him to hold the elections two years before. The loans and the fund management had been carried out with all high gabs to the wastages.. high sums ranging to billions landed in their pockets and those of lovely ones. Nobody could digest it but ilk you represented yes.

      No billas or any other mechanisms removed him, but he himself the way he governed fated the consequences. Basta.

  • 2

    The SLFP is now having troubles the same way the UNP was having troubles a few years back.

    Mr. President, as leader of the party has to explain what is going on to the SLFP which he says he does not want broken up. After allowing the Joint Opposition to sit in the opposition, and form a proper opposition when there is none to speak of was a useful move.

    What now? Is he trying to split the party or reform it? Is he trying to win votes or lose votes? SLFP / UPFA supporters have the right to know, now.

  • 0

    SLFP is/was national bourgeoisie class politics with the frame work of Parliamentary democratic structure since its came into being 1951.

    The clan of Banadarake’s was leader of represtantive national bourgeois of emerging classes were supressed and oppressed by 425 years of Colonial occupation including the British Empire.

    The Nation of decolonization was incomplete and unfinished task of democratic revolution left behind the UNP leadership and its party.

    The colonial legacy left by British Empire of minority issues remain unresolved by Anglo-Saxon imperialism ,UNP was lucky of White man vested interest of colonialism..

    The new party of SLFP has to undertaken such task by path of reform and slowly by democratic revolution.

    UNP and SLFP are not that similar role politics of democracy in Island.

    The ‘new Vanguard’ comment has misinterpreted SLFP role of politics is not same as the UNP -colonial politics of surrender sovereignty of
    Sri lanka.

    This two parties having different task of political-economic and social in the country.
    They cannot work together on govt. compromised by any means.

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