24 January, 2021


Judges Met Mahinda At Night

By Suranimala Umagiliya

Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, speaking at a public function last week was in a sombre mood, as witnessed in the telecast on News First. He was as usual griping away over the court cases that were to come up against the family. Mahinda went on to charge that Ministers gathered at night to decide on cases against him and his family members. He stated they were forcing the Attorney General to forward indictments to the Chief Justice. That is rich coming from the former President who treated the judiciary and the Attorney Generals Department like his domestic servants. Has he forgotten that high officials of the Judiciary as well as the Attorney General’s Department were appointed by him during his Presidency? Has he conveniently omitted to state that Independent Commissions are in place to appoint such persons after the Yahapalanaya Government came to office?

I am reminded of an article that was published in The Colombo Telegraph by it’s Editor Uvindu Kurukulasuriya many moons ago which has relevance. I produce a section of his article,

“I am reminded of my own experience of the then burgeoning signs of absolute impunity that I saw when I met Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa in 2008. I was meeting him as the Convenor of the Free Media Movement. We were not alone. Other members of his then cabinet were present. After a cordial conversation the President rose from his chair, saying, “Have some dinner before you go.

“one more issue” I said.

“What?” asked the President.

“Tissainayagam’s issue”, I said.

“Oh that. I want to free Tissainayagam. His wife had sent a message through Mangala Moonesinghe”, said the President with a smile on his face.

“Then why did you summon the Deputy Solicitors General two weeks ago and order them to file action?” I asked.

The President was visibly angered by this. He glanced at Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa and SLFP General Secretary, Minister Maithripala Sirisena, and then looked directly at me. Angrily banging his palm on the table, he said, “We can fix cases and we can free people.”

He then came near me and hit my solar plexus with a bunched fist in friendly way. “You know everything, don’t you?” he asked.

The above conversation took place in mid September 2008, when we met with him. The president of the Sri Lanka Working Journalists’ Association, Sanath Balasuriya, and it’s secretary, Poddala Jayantha, accompanied me as the convenor of the Free Media Movement to this meeting with President Rajapaksa.

You know everything, don’t you?

What was the story President Rajapaksa had tried to cover-up?

This was it. President Mahinda Rajapaksa had summoned the Deputy Solicitors General from the Attorney General’s Department for a meeting in third week of August 2008. He was impatient with the Department’s lack of success in securing convictions of ‘suspects’ detained by the Police. One was the case of Mawbima journalist Parameswary Munusamy arrested on suspicion of aiding the LTTE and released for the lack of evidence.

The President’s first query was directed to the Deputy Solicitor General in charge of the Tissainayagam case. The DSG said that the grounds for prosecution were poor. The President ordered him to prosecute regardless. The DSG in charge of the ACF case (The gruesome execution-style murders of 17 aid workers with the French organisation Action Contre La Faim in 2006) was asked about the case. The DSG replied that there were two strong witnesses in Australia. President Rajapaksa’s younger brother Senior presidential advisor Basil Rajapaksa who was present then inquired whether people in Australia died in road accidents?

An angry Deputy Solicitor General rang me the following day and asked me to come to Independence Square – a popular place for walkers. I met him there. While we were walking he told me the story and asked me to leave the place. Until now nobody dared write about this issue fearing for their lives. The international media would not write about it because they could not get the story from an original source.”

And this from a man who conveniently forgets. Now consider the following,

It was after the defeat of General Sarath Fonseka at the 2010 Presidential elections, President Mahinda Rajapaksa revealed his true personality. The manner in which he arrested Fonseka, incarcerated him and thereafter cobbled up charges to shunt him in jail were symptomatic of his inner nature which he had camouflaged cleverly over a long period of time. Remember Mahinda was deemed “King” after the LTTE was vanquished and Sri Lanka was his country to do as he willed. Nay, the country belonged to him and his extended family.

The initial charges to hold Fonseka were based on purchases made by the Army during his tenure as Commander where his son-in-law was named as a dealer. The public did not react to these charges as expected and the Rajapaksa juggernaut had to find alternate charges to hang on Fonseka. This they did with the infamously titled “White Flag” case. “Treason” screamed Gotabaya Rajapaksa to Hard Talk journalist. He went further,” We will hang him”.

Foreign journalists declared the last stages of the so called war against the LTTE was a war without witnesses. It was not entirely true. The military did have a few select journalists from the government owned media in the front lines. In fact they were in the bunkers with the regular troops and dispatched reports and footage as dictated by the Army. When Gen. Fonseka was coerced to contest the 2010 Presidency as the common candidate some of these journalists joined him. Gen. Fonseka therefore was privy to all which took place in the front lines through these journalists. It was in fact one such story that he spoke of which led to the White Flag case. That is part of the known history. Now the unknown.

Gen. Fonseka was charged in three counts under the Criminal Procedure Code, Emergency Regulations Section 28, and 29 for acts against the State. A three judge bench comprising of a lady judge as Chairperson, a muslim and a sinhala judge completed the Bench. Navaratne Bandara, Deputy Solicitor General led the case for the State whilst Senior Counsel (now PC) Nalin Ladduwahetti appeared for Gen. Fonseka. It must be noted that Mohan Pieris was the Attorney General at the time. Pieris was considered to be an acolyte of the Rajapaksa family but more inclined to favour Gotabaya.

Deputy Solicitor General Wasantha Navaratne Bandara was given to using his stentorian voice in Court which was not to the liking of the Chairperson of the High Court hearing this case. There were many arguments between the Bench and the Deputy Solicitor General during the trial. Halfway through the trial Deputy Solicitor General Wasantha Navaratne Bandara was relieved of his brief and replaced by Deputy Solicitor General Buvaneka Aluwihara.

Colombo Telegraph can share with her readers as to how this occurred. Attorney General Mohan Pieris together with the lady judge hearing this case visited President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Presidents House one night to confer. It was at this meeting that an agreement was reached to convict Gen. Fonseka with one proviso being met. Deputy Solicitor General Wasantha Navaratna Bandara was to be relieved of his brief and Deputy Solicitor General Buvaneka Aluwihara inserted in his place.

As agreed, Deputy Solicitor General Aluwihara took over from DSG Bandara. Though with a split decision (Judge Waravita disagreeing) Gen Fonseka was convicted. President Mahinda Rajapaksa much later was to pardon Gen. Fonseka through the intervention of Tiran Alles, who by this time had switched sides from Fonseka to Rajapaksa.

Sri Lanka’s judiciary did go through a bad patch under President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The ousting of Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake was the darkest deed. Fear was the key to control all arms be it within the government, judiciary, opposition or the media and Mahinda had a great ally in his all powerful Chief of Defence Gotabaya Rajapaksa using the military effectively to achieve such ends.

Yet the Rajapaksa’s dream of making a come back. Many want them back too. Seventy years after Independence from the British, Ceylon showed much promise.

Sri Lanka has failed.

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Latest comments

  • 36

    Most of the people understood the true nature of Mahinda Rajapakse regime which used the opportunity of end of war between LTTE and the Srilankan military to establish their family kingdom. It was very obvious how they bought people from politicians, judges to international players to implement what they wanted. Their fake patriotism propaganada was massive and there is no other force to challenge because they only gave orders but those who committed crimes were ordinary military personal (Sinhala youth) and officials. For example is it possible to punish a military person who murdered the LTTE person who surrendered with a white flag? We all know the witnesses of Lasntha murder were faced suicide in jail. Mahinda regime is waiting for that opportunity to restart their propagana against this government. If one soldier is punished for war crimes, they will get the opportunity to come back to power. But if you punish Mahinda Family for their corruption we can stop Mahinda family coming into politics again. That is the best way to save this nation from destruction. We have to win the people those who are still false victims for Mahinda fake patriotism.

    • 39

      I think it is big mistake of this govt.

      yet not a single man in Rajakashe Family being jailed for all the high crimes they deliberately committed to own folks.

      Basil should no means be a person to let free if I had been the one to move JUSTICE dept.

    • 25

      Can anybody please introduce SELF immolation tactics to Rajapakshes please ?

      Then we can save then nation from them the brutal men.

      We need to concentrate on their inside problems which are. Gotta is against Basil. Basil is against Mahinda Rajapakshe family. All is filled with power intoxication.

      For them abusing and hoodwinking the very same folks have become their GAME.

      Any leader can do som work for they have been elected to. In Rajakshes term – first term thank to late Mr Kadirgamar, he could put the stop to RELAY RACE of terror.
      But the abusive family planted it as their magical power and confidence not anyone elses succieede it. Is that the truth ?
      This man since then became so pompous. but al artiste made him up keeping him above the law and order. Then the power intoxicated cardboard king, became untouchable.
      He didno tknow what he was doing. No matter what the truths andright activists pointed out, his men were instipulated to attack own people.
      Walikada Prison, Rathpaswala, and other places are the areas where they thought their shooting can stop or tame the people s voices.
      Killed some and let some missing, all that stood them on their way.
      Journos were brutally assualted, their bastard sons ran races also tremouring tooth relic temple. Wher eon the bugger sons had the priviledge to abuse almost lanken soil as their own property ?
      Today very same man, with same mouth piece address the very same folks and say, inhis days nothing wrong was the case.
      Does this man need artifical respiration to wake up today ?

    • 6

      Elemination of terror in his first term has been instrumental them to brainwash the gulliable dominated srilanka even today.
      But the very same song would not remain the favourite of the masses on long term.

      Before long people would raise the question – as to why Rajapakshes cant do their job and leave the elected leaders to do their job which is legitimate for the sake of the nation.

      If the Rajapkashs have nothign to worry – why do they behave as if there are no body to lead this nation ?

      May well be, all what is alleged sofar are connected with truths and they want them to be out of reveal but be remained burried under the carpet for ever.

    • 4

      There is no term to describe the way how FORMER president handled things.

      More of alike men be them from Asia (Suhartho, Polpot,OR the like dictators) or anywhere else, they have much in common. Mugabe of Zimbabwe was almost near to the profile of Rajakashe. No matter written ordinances are there, but they just abuse it on everyone s eye, asked why, they were treated with life threats. And even some journos went missing to an ascending manner. Today people have forgotten everything at once.
      Today press freedom is given to them as nothing can block them.

    • 1

      Suranimala Umagiliya,

      RE: Judges Met Mahinda At Night.


      There is a Sinhala saying “Naduth Hamuduriwega, Baduth Hamuduruwege”.

      The stolen goods, the crime, and the case to be judges also belongs to the judges, but with a twist . The judges will be instructed by the cronies of the Rajapksas.

      The Lank of Native Veddah Aethho, a :land like no other, illegally occupied by the Paras from India, Bharat, Damba-Diva, is showing its colors.

      Original Article | Published: 07 November 2013

      Mitochondrial DNA history of Sri Lankan ethnic people:


      Through a comparison with the mtDNA HVS-1 and part of HVS-2 of Indian database, both Tamils and Sinhalese clusters were affiliated with Indian subcontinent populations than Vedda people who are believed to be the native population of the island of Sri Lanka.

  • 31

    Judges met him then and CJ was again at his home on the day of election. That is Lankawe style. Then we have comments like “you know every thing dont you??”, do people die in road traffic accidents ???(remember Thaj) What a miracle country we have with miracle people who are citizens.

    • 3


      There is a very common parlance in the country – YAKAGE HATIYATA THAMYI WIMANE WOULD HAVE TO BE BUILT ( Wimanya- place where the devil has to live – is being built by RESPECTING the thoughts of Devil). This is exactly the case with lanken problems. Likewise, even if we the minority go on cirticising would not bring anything. It is like talking the walls.

      People – over 15 mio – voter eligible
      Not even 1/3 of them would know what is going on in the lanken current day politics.

      Media men feed over 10 million with all blatant lies by going the political agendas of Rajapakshes.
      Very recently, Ranjana questioned as to why Journos refrain not asking direct questions from Rajakashes

      1. Before giving every voice cut, they are in a hurry to get into their vehicle leaving not time to question them properly.
      2. Journos are scared of posing questions – may be they are shocked ot face the very same situation of Lasantha Wirkamathunga, Ekanligoda and other like minded journos

  • 14

    LTTE supporters will never forget what happened to their beloved Leader..
    Yahapalanaya was put in place to avenge the demise of the Leader.
    Mr Suren Surendran even promised to give USD 4 Billion for Yahapalanaya.
    That was what we were old by Mr Suren’s mate Mangala Samarweera.
    Dr Ranil has been trying every wich way to nail Rajapaksas.
    Can’t understand why Mr Mangala Samaraweera , Dr Rajitha Senarathna and son Young Chatura become crown witnesses and convict Rajapaksas for swindling USD 18 Billion of Public maney.
    I mean 3 Eye Witnesses ..
    Wouldn’t it be a open and shut case..

    • 22

      KASmaalam K A Sumanasekera

      Why does your brain explode and scatter in every directions possible when you hear truth?

    • 12

      Your comments are bordering STUPIDITY.
      “LTTE supporters will never forget what happened to their beloved Leader..”
      May be so but it was no surprise. As a matter of fact he survived longer than anyone expected that includes VP.
      “Yahapalanaya was put in place to avenge the demise of the Leader.”
      Are you saying the Rev. Sobitha Thera was a LTTE hack?
      “Mr Suren Surendran even promised to give USD 4 Billion for Yahapalanaya.”
      Let alone USD, SS will not be able to raise 4B SLR. Do you even know how many zeros are there in a B.
      “That was what we were old by Mr Suren’s mate Mangala Samarweera.”
      So he realized you guys were stupid before anyone else did. You swallowed it lock, stock and barrel. :)
      “Dr Ranil has been trying every wich way to nail Rajapaksas.”
      So you agree its My3 that is protecting the Rajapaksa’s.
      “Wouldn’t it be a open and shut case..”
      Open and shut cases were there only in the Rajapaksa era.
      To name a few:
      LTTE killed Kadirgama.
      LTTE killed Rajvir
      LTTE Killed Maheswaran
      Thajudeen died of a MVA
      Impeachment of Shriani
      Jailing of SF etc.

      • 4

        It was a public secret that a judge still serving the bench carried orders what and how to give judgments to the judiciary and they acted accordingly . That was how MARA ruled the country.

    • 0

      please omit the name but may add Thamara as the one who sent the reply to this now

  • 11

    They were eating hoppers with him

  • 13

    All these should come to light within the country. This CT posts and comments are being not circulated in the country as I notice.
    Not many join this platform.
    Today, all is made in favour of them, as the man has the audacity to share my gosh, in his days, he never influence courts.
    This ugly creature by every means added yesterday, that courts are being introdcued to take on political revenge.
    This man has been on the fire when just thinking about the gallow being reintroduced by CURRENT president.
    One of his son could be one potential cnadidate to face the gallow by going with the evidences being revealed on Thadjudeen case.
    And his wife too to have several estranged numbers of the accouts to abuse state funds shoudl be brought before the very people that drop filthy loads wheneer things become upset for their day today life today.

    Rail way strikers attack the current rulers, for their inabliity to solve the issues.
    Whatever being occured, Ranil is the person to have created them. That is very unfair.

  • 26

    This self proclaimed king, MaRa and his gang of criminals headed by a murderous GoTa, spelled misery and darkness on Sri Lanka and made it a wasteland. Let me not waste my time to write the countless crimes committed by him and his group. Hence let me briefly cut and paste here some of them:

    1. Stealing $800 million of Tsunami funds through fake NGO called Helping Hambantota set up with assistance from Willie Gamage and depriving poor families of their right to rebuild their lives devastated by Tsunami

    2. Taking 19 billion US dollars as commissions from Chinese government corporations through white elephant useless development projects such as Hambantota Harbour, Airport, and southern expressway

    3. Putting Sri Lanka economy into an endless misery by taking high interest loans from China and pocketing in 40% of that money

    4. Nurturing an unprecedented culture of corruption and political victimization with immunity

    5. Killing and attacking journalists, judges, innocent civilians for 10 years

    6. Appointing an uneducated GoTa as defence head and stealing the credit of ending the 30 year war from SF, the true hero who led the final war against LTTE

    7. Making a synthetic lawyer of an idiotic son who couldn’t even pass his GCE (OL)

    8. Killing the most famous rugby player on behalf of another moron son
    9. Soliciting sex from girls of the families that lost their loved ones due to Premadasa Terror campaign in exchange of your service as a human rights lawyer in 1980s
    10. Raping girls in villages from down south on the promise of jobs

    • 6

      How would have it been, if the men of the current ARMY – arrested this man to the very same manner they applied to WAR WON Army commander SF?

      No doubt, some would have gone to self immolation. Those who have been eating the extrements of Rajaakshes will do so.
      People have been hoodwinked for their power surivival.
      People have been made blind
      People have been made so called extremists for their power greediness
      Why to abuse the other this way ?
      Media PARASITES just keep away from them, not raising the proper questions to them directly.
      Journos are scared of LANKEN IDIAMIN family.
      What comes out is jsut the OUTER cover of the book.
      May be the fire crackers covered with ashes, will explode soon.
      I want that to happen and reveal the world this bugger et al is no go for the future of this country.

    • 5

      You forgot the most important crime. Deliberately killing more than 145000 innocent Tamil civilians in May 2009 and committing horrific war crimes on them and the 300000 Tamil civilians who survived , under the pretext of fighting with the LTTE. Or is it because these victims were Tamils, they do not matter and deserved this. Typical Sinhalese mentality quote every little crime that these people committed in the Sinhalese areas but deliberately omit the biggest crime these people committed , a war crime and genocide, as the victims were Tamils , so they do not matter. Hypocirte

    • 0

      What you have revealed is terrible for the country and hope they pay for their crimes.Where have the deposited or invested this money?

  • 6

    I am not sure whats wrong with what Mahinda did?

    • 10

      You Champa or anyone in JO would never sense it even near to that. You would like to be their toilet papers for ever. The reason has been education. Developed world became developed through awareness and self awareness of them before electing ones to represent them. But ours have been made blind, since politicians and media men the marriage have fooled you guys for ever.

      Even if he would let his extrements on your face, you would not notice it since the servile nature has made you and the like people blind forever.
      Latter is the threat to this nation, if not today, tomorrow should be the day to remove this.
      So long you guys behave like slaves, we cant even thinkof a better future of our grand sons and daughers.

    • 14

      Jim Softy another dimwit

      “I am not sure whats wrong with what Mahinda did?”

      What was right what he did?
      Is your brain in the right place?

      • 3

        You don’t have to mock my disability. Shame on you.

  • 3

    Macbeth killed King Duncan, Banquo, Lady Macduff, Lady Macduff’s and many innocent folks.

    It is the greed for power and the fear of losing that led Macbeth to commit such heinous crimes – one after the other to cover up of the previous.

    Is there any difference between Macbeth and our known Sri Lankan killers like Mara, Gota and Premadasa, at least in the art of killings and cover ups?

  • 16

    As Jim Softy said some people don’t know what was wrong with what Mahinda did. That is the problem we have. If someone was the wife or daughter of Lasantha W or someone was the wife or son of Ekneligoda ……………………. only then someone will know what was wrong with what Mahinda did. And also no one will personally feel the effect of the money robbed from the state.

    • 10

      Humans do not feel the effect of a single individual among them being harmed or robbed money because a crowd people are insensitive like a herd of cattle or buffalos.
      It is a herd instinct of feeling comfortably immune like when bombs Israeli bombs kill Palestinians daily in Gaza, we sit and watch it on TV as nothing has happened.

    • 7

      Ideal comment by BSP. People should think over it!!

  • 6

    That Remember Mahinda was deemed “King” after the LTTE was vanquished and Sri Lanka was his country to do as he willed. to him and his extended family.
    the conditions is not your final destination.
    No matter how hard you try, your past will always be by your side. Certain things you did will trigger emotional responses that will bring back to your past and you have no choice but to relive those memories.
    Possessions do decay you and make you who you are, but at the same time, some past choices can haunt you for the worse.

  • 5

    Mahinda is for Island Sovereignty. Ranil-Sirisena are for the Indian Merger. Pity about the crooks that surrounded Mahinda, viz crooks that speak sky high about Sinhala nationalism and are yet the first to take the money of the hard-working Sinhala masses and live in the west touting Sinhala superiority and symbolism.

    • 5

      ramona therese fernando ` “………Ranil-Sirisena are for the Indian Merger………”.

      Do you have in mind India/Pakistan/Bangladesh merger? If not, what is this ‘Indian Merger’?

      • 3


        Selling our national assets to India, and encouraging Indian war-planes to fly over our sacred air-space.

        • 3

          Did you me “sacred” or “scared” air-space?
          Sri Lankans holding unto the assets or selling to India makes no difference as China owns lock stock and barrel. The port was given to China was because SL could not afford to payback the loan Rajapaksa took. It is still worse now, anytime if China calls its loans Sri Lanka’s economy is going to go on a tail spin.

        • 4

          Grandma Ramona,
          “fly over our sacred air-space.”
          Why is it that ex-Sri Lankans who have run away to places like USA, are more rabidly “patriotic” than those who actually suffered in the war? Maybe they feel guilty for running away?
          It’s OUR airspace. YOUR airspace is in Pittsburgh or wherever you are.

          • 0


            Good you identified the patriotism part. To love Mahinda is patriotism. Anything else is opportunistic. No, I left Sri Lankan when I was a child. Not my fault! Oh yes, the US airspace is also sacred to me to. There’s the Motherland and the adopted Motherland. Both are loved equally. If you, a long standing citizen of Sri Lanka and a Tamil stayed on during the war it is because nobody else would take you. Or you were one of the terrorists. If a Sinhalese, don’t you have brains to patriotically defend the Motherland?

    • 4

      ramona scatter brain grandma therese fernando

      What is island sovereignty.
      When the Hindians invaded this island he was hiding behind his women folks’ back. He was shivering and shaking when he gave an interview to a foreign media.
      How is this coward going to preserve island sovereignty when he failed in the late 1980s.

      It was the psychopath VP who fought the Hindians not the coward MR.

      “Ranil-Sirisena are for the Indian Merger.”

      Remember Sri Lanka is the Sinhala state of Hindia.
      I suggest you learn to shut your mouth and …….. whenever you get the urge to scream Island Sovereignty.

      • 0

        OMG……Native Vedda is alll for the merger…..guy must be having considerable business associations with them Indians and the merger will burst forth a burst of profits. Island Sovereignty is thus an unlucky term. Greedy! You or what, NV?

        • 2

          ramona scatter brain grandma therese fernando

          “Island Sovereignty is thus an unlucky term.”

          When did you acquire tatse for luxuries?
          What is island sovereignty?

          “Greedy! You or what, NV?”

          Unlike you lot I am not greedy.
          I was trying to tell you the reality of this island.

      • 1


        Better China than India.

        • 0

          Based on what?

          • 2


            Better than this coming over the Palk : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BMSJs1Pq3pg

            Also this :

            • 0

              Rats are trying to swim out of the island not into island. You should know better I presume you were one of the original rats.

              • 0

                No, we are the people with little wealth in Sri Lanka who went out to survive the post-colonial era. We sent much money back home. No, we are not the people who kill to take over the island, and then have to escape because they are cornered…..and still are howling to take over the island on delusional thoughts. Also, we are not those Bumiputras who take the money of the Sinhala masses and settle in the West otherwise they would die of non-self-fulfillment. But with Ranil-Sirisena strategy, delusional persons who feel that Sri Lanka belongs mostly to them will come back and encourage an Mass Rapid Transit of,…..of……. Indians! too.

    • 0

      Well said Ramona

  • 3

    Suranimala Umagiliya recalls not only his own recollections but those of others too.
    Some of the unsavoury attitudes have been turned into hallmarks of ‘tough decision making’.

  • 8

    In 2008 Sri Lanka was under brutal civil war, LTTE controlled part of the island. Either the author and the most folks commenting here had developed convenient amnesia or are ugly hypocrites, I believe it is the latter. A journalist who publish a state secret that is important to end a war as a scoop is no hero, he/she is a coward, a coward who uses a bit of information for own advancement/money/fame, did I say a coward, yes, a slippery slimy smelly coward!
    Tamils have to get into their heads that they won the civil war together with the Sinhalese and Muslims. It is the terrorists who lost.
    And the elitist phobia of Rajapakshas is nothing but the elitist desperation as the last vestiges of the colonial advantages are slipping away fast.

    • 7

      Wanni the hypocritical hamy,
      “A journalist who publish a state secret that is important to end a war as a scoop is no hero,”
      Would you say this if said journos were reporting on the rape/murder of your own relatives instead of some unknown students in Trinco or some faceless ACM workers?
      Your mask of civilized dissent falls and exposes the cowardly racist so easily.

    • 3


      “In 2008 Sri Lanka was under brutal civil war, LTTE controlled part of the island. “

      From 1971 on wards Sri Lanka was under brutal state oppression.
      True you and your fellow bigots have developed selective amnesia.
      Its alright we have been living with it over many decades.

      Why does your brain explode and scatter in every directions possible when you hear truth?

  • 3

    There’re many with a seems to be clear knowledge of what had been happening in the past, like this writer Suranimala Umagiliya.

    It’s shame for the great warrior Suranimala in our history for using his name for a coward like you.

    What actually lacks in our country is bravery.

    Revealing the truth; coming out with facts Simultaneously can solve important problems very easily.

    There must be a system to punish all those (like this writer)who fail to reveal important matters without fear (@ least to media, both local & international).

    Some may keep on postponing revealing them until they find a favorable time for their personal gain.

    All the citizens should have a responsibility to adhere to the fact that country first, where his/her own life is 2nd to the state.

    It’s sheer nonsense to say that my life could have been under threat or there was white van culture etc.

  • 0

    Suranimal: Ask Uvindu K non religious guy whether he is a long time MAgna Carta member.

  • 2

    “The President was visibly angered by this. He glanced at Media Minister Anura Priyadarshana Yapa and SLFP General Secretary, Minister Maithripala Sirisena, and then looked directly at me. Angrily banging his palm on the table, he said, “We can fix cases and we can free people.””

    This is what I have always said. My3 will not allow Rajapaksa’s to be brought to justice as he was a key person in Rajapaksa’s inner circle and is complicit in many of the crimes. It is true when Rajapaksa said “I Got Files”, only reason its not coming out is because the crooked judiciary is under My3 and putting it out will make no sense.

  • 2

    Did you me “sacred” or “scared” air-space?
    Sri Lankans holding unto the assets or selling to India makes no difference as China owns lock stock and barrel. The port was given to China was because SL could not afford to payback the loan Rajapaksa took. It is still worse now, anytime if China calls its loans Sri Lanka’s economy is going to go on a tail spin.

  • 2

    Dr Rajitha the Deputy Boss of WHO and the Senior Minister of both UNP & SLFP said our “Journalists are Fools ,” according to the DM in Colombo.
    Because the Journos didn’t write about the good things him and his Yahapalana Colleagues are doing to the Nation.
    Especially the Journos didn’t even mention Dr Rajitha getting the WHO Gig, according to Dr Rajitha.
    That is bad. .Isn’t it?
    Besides Dr Rajitha, his one time Partner and fellow UNP heavy Minister also got the Best Treasure in Asia Gig ,, because of his “hard work” to lift the Economy of Dr Ranil’s Yahapalanaya.
    Did the Journos write about it?.
    But the Asia’s Bets ex Treasurer is totally pissed now.
    He bagged the Economy so bad that it frightened the day light out of me.
    Turkish Lira has lunged .
    Instead of 3 in January you get 6 now for a USD.
    Will the Ruppiah hit 300?.
    We don’t even have magnificent Istanbul, and the vast Oil & Gas Reserves .
    Did the Journalists report Dr Rajitha spending 10 Million Yahapalana Ruppiah from our Tax Payers kitty , to get his aged Pulmonary Plumbing replaced and renovated?…
    Or is it LKR 100 Million, because First Class in SIA alone costs USD 6000 return?…

    • 0

      when the Rupee hits 200, Sri lanka will be on sale.

    • 2

      CT July 7th. 2012

      “Defence Secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa went berserk when contacted by The Sunday Leader to clarify and find outif he was aware that the management at SriLankan Airlines had taken a decision to change a wide bodied A340 scheduled to fly to Zurich on Friday July 13, to a smaller A330. The change was to be made so that a SriLankan Airline pilot, who is dating a niece of President Mahinda Rajapaksa could personally fly the aircraft that would carry a ‘puppy dog’ for Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa from Zurich.”

      How much did the above cost for the tax payer or the drowning airline?

  • 0

    A government is remembered for its leader and his vision and it needs to
    have fascinating history worthy of being explored for us to understand how
    it is run today . The leader of the government sets the course for his country .
    Only J R Jayawardana comes to my mind as one and only such leader who
    set a course for the country that fitted his time and up until now and maybe
    another couple of decades . If he did anything morally unacceptable , he
    made it acceptable for the law by creating provisions in the constitution for
    his actions One such instance was , president’s pardon for Gonawala Sunil
    but ” live by sword and die by sword ” was the theory that was applied to
    Sunil afterwards by his enemies . Now coming to Mahinda , Mahinda minus
    VP = ? Is there anything to talk about Mahinda if VP was not in existence ?
    And another side of it is , can we talk about Mahinda without his foremost
    achievements – Chamal , Basil , Gota , Namal , Sashindra , Jaliya , Udayanga
    and many more ? Mahinda’s history will be read alongside VP . Every time
    one remembers Mahinda , he has to remember VP as well !

  • 1

    We all know what a manipulator Jarapassa was and that is why we booted him out. It is history. What was promised to us was good governance. Is it given to us? Any donkey knows that although there are a thing called the separation of powers, namely, legislature, executive and the judiciary, in practice there are hidden connections between the three organs in any country, even in Sri Lanka at present. The question is to what extent is that hidden connection is used. If that is used even now as alleged by Jarapassa then it is a case of the pot calling the kettle black. It is the abuse of the process that facilitated the alleged plundering of wealth by the Jarapassa regime, where this Government failed to recover anything substantial. We all know what happened in the Bond Scam only to sacrifice the expedient and safeguarding the rest. How? The hidden connection. Why are there inexplicable loans passed in state owned banks? Because it is thought that the hidden connections may come to the rescue. Our stand should be for good governance and the rule of law. Criticism of discarded elements only help them to be revived back again to the pedestal.

  • 0

    Speaking of national assets? Mattala,CTB, Srilankan. Electricity Board, Petroleum are not assets they are National liabilities which we maintain when we smoke and drink with taxes pay. Very few will know when we buy a cigarette for 55 rupees we pay 40 tax and bottle of arrack for 1000 rupees 800 tax.We have to jettison these assets fast otherwise the ship will sink browning all of us including MR, BR, GR .

  • 4

    I remember very clearly on private conversation that MR said ” I am the president and I can do anything I like and if it is illegal order then others can go to the courts and challenge it”.

    At that time I realised, this is a lunatic with power gone to his head since no decent leader will say a statement like that advocating illegal acts as a head of state.

    Sl needs a brand new constitution that takes all foreign legal codes out and write constitution that need all these executives under legal rule.
    Race does not need to be part of the constitution.

  • 0

    65000 youths died and gonawela Sunil was released and became secretary and after 3 years our GDP is the same and MR raised it by 350 used per year and no postponement of elections and list is longer this website want us to continue with rogues and unpatriotic politicians forever at the cost democracy and development

    • 0

      With all this good record why did the voters kick MR out. Voters are not fools.

    • 0

      Shiva ,

      Take a step further and compare GDP with other indexes such as
      Social Progress Index and GNP also remembering that Kolstad
      has said that foreign investors like to invest in corrupt countries !
      Some accounts had been kept out of books according to reports
      and how do you think the GDP might have been worked out ?
      How about our Gross Corruption Product Index ?

  • 1

    “We can fix cases and we can free people.”

    and even kill people too with impunity.

    “The initial charges to hold Fonseka were based on purchases made by the Army during his tenure as Commander where his son-in-law was named as a dealer.”

    fonska deserved what he got for allowing his son in law to muscle in to the game.The biggest problem we are facing is the relatives barging in to make some money while the sun shines.

    “Colombo Telegraph can share with her readers as to how this occurred. Attorney General Mohan Pieris together with the lady judge hearing this case visited President Mahinda Rajapaksa at the Presidents House one night to confer.”

    to confer, my foot.Pimp peiris would have been outside the room while the lady judges mouth would be full with mahinda’s dick.Who is this ‘lady’ judge and what is she doing?Is she still a ‘judge’.

    • 2

      Ranil and MY3 should be hanged by there balls of not taking action against the Modamulama Family.

    • 1

      May be the former Minister of Justice would be in a position to throw some light about that midnight tryst some day in the future.

  • 0

    Champa: Still awaiting your thoughts and observations on the facts in the main article. I know you will have some unbeatable and “TRUE” facts to out bat all what have been said there.

  • 0

    “Sri Lanka’s judiciary did go through a bad patch under President Mahinda Rajapaksa.”

    That is common in all countries, not only SL. You cannot protect civil liberties and win a war. Now if Rajapakse was a true dictator, like some claim, he would not have contested a free & fair election & voluntarily relinquished his title when the result came out.

  • 1

    When I am reading this article I felt in front of the power of Mahinda ( what a powerful president he is) Jr ,premadasa or chandrika are peanuts. Executive presidency is not a probleblem but who is the person has elected as a president is the problem.

    • 0

      In that case we can find that right presidential person in Sri Lanka? Or maybe we can get a foreign judge. Or sell out the country to a foreign president hey that’s not a bad idea they are not corrupt like our Singhalese no? Someone like Obama with his white vans no. White drones.

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