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Justice Collapsed: Anti-Muslim Racists Take Law Into Their Own Hands

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

What had happened in Digana on Sunday 4 March 2018 was a crime committed on an innocent Sinhalese lorry driver by three drunken Muslim three wheeler thugs. It is a matter for law enforcement authority to deal with culprits in keeping with the law of the land.

Instead Muslim owned business in and around the area were burnt and caused havoc in the area. The government should have known that emotions were running high during funeral and it was duty bound to prevent the racist from implementing their evil agenda on Muslims in the area.

The government’s failure to take timely precautionary measures to prevent any untoward incident against Muslim business establishments sent a clear message to racists. The presence of Buddhist monk Galagoda Atte Gnanasara of Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) gave yet another shot in the arm for these racists. The question is what was he doing there?

“There is no way for Muslims to defend themselves. First the STF comes and take from Muslims whatever they have, including knives, to defend themselves. Then they attack Muslims. In one incident they entered a mosque and attacked those inside. Then they allow racists waiting to attack Muslims. This included women with helmets’ “said a Muslim from Pallekelle.

Some suspects that the government allowed these attacks to take place to divert the country’s attention from the political crisis it is passing through.

It has become clear that disastrous Maithri-Ranil yahapalanaya racism is no different from Rajapaksa racism. Mahinda Rajapaksa has to his credit Aluthgama, Beruwala and Dharga Town carnage while Maithri- Ranil have to their credit Gintota and Ampara and Digana attacks.

No lesson learnt from the past and the country, it appears, is heading towards a disastrous future.

Earlier the senseless attack on innocent imam of Amara mosque, mosque and Muslim owned business establishments besides burning their properties. This has now become an ongoing affair.

There has been a pernicious campaign to whip up anti-Muslim sentiment among Sinhalese over the past few years. This includes the spreading of a canard that Muslim businesses surreptitiously try to sterilize Sinhalese customers using various means. Among them is the notion that substances are embedded in brassieres and the deliberate contamination of food with ‘sterilizing substances’.

It is part of a campaign to poison innocent Sinhalese minds to discourage them from patronizing Muslim owned businesses to cripple Muslim community’s economy.   

These mobs have nothing to do with Buddhism or Sinhalese culture. They are mercenaries of local and foreign anti-Muslim forces. So far they have never attacked a gambling den, liquor shop or even sex industry parlors. Their Buddhism is to attain Nibbana by attacking imams, burning mosques, Muslim owned shops, restaurants, vehicles and everything they could think of. They do not understand the harm they cause to the country to which they claim sole ownership.

During the past two weeks alone there were two major incidents – at Ampara and Digana adjacent to Teldeniya.

Speculations are that these attacks were organized with the connivance of the authorities. Perhaps this is the reason why the law enforcement authorities were reluctant to take the culprits to justice. Racist mercenaries who attacked Beruwala, Dharga Town and Aluthgama during defeated Rajapaksa regime remain free to date.

During Gintota attacks too people accused the police of facilitating the vandalism.

One important aspect of these attacks were the involvement of outsiders. Be it in Beruwala, Dharga town, Aluthgama, Gintota, Amapara and even Digana all those involved were outsiders brought in buses, vans and three wheel and motor bikes.

The question is who are these outsiders? Who is financing, organizing and dispatching them to destroy the country?

In Ampara too police was informed at 10.05 PM but they arrived at the scene at 11.30 PM although they could have come within 15 minutes. Even after arriving at the scene they were not stopping or arresting the culprits who were allowed to continue their attacks

Instead of taking the mob into custody they remanded the cashier of the hotel who was attacked by the mob for two days. But the two suspects who were taken to custody were released   on Friday 2 March 2018.

Minister Rajitha Senaratne said a person close to former President Mahinda Rajaaksa has been behind these attacks in Ampara.It has become clear that this person has visited the area two days before the incident and established ties with the police. He said moves are underway for an impartial probe on efforts made by police to cover up the incident.

Neither President Sirisena nor the Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe thought it fit to make a statement. Instead of visiting Amapara Mr. Wickremasinghe, law and order minister, left on Friday to Singapore to address a conference.

Only after Muslim ministers made representation Mr. Wickremasinghe assured that investigations will be conducted into the attacks on Ampara and the decision of the police to release culprits on bail. Muslim ministers delegation pointed out that police has been party to these attacks and the community is losing confidence in the police.

Perhaps President Sirisena did not want to upset the Sinhala vote banks. There is a general feeling that President Sirisena has abandoned the Muslim community and hob knob with racist elements who were responsible for such attacks during previous regime.

The irony is that this happens at a time when the country is passing through its worst ever   political, economic and social crisis and ethnic tension which has all the ingredients to tear apart the country. Here are two comments on the face book;

Saleem Marsoof– Some evidence have surfaced of propaganda material such as this used to create suspicion and hatred against Muslims in contemporary Sri Lanka.No one with basic intelligence will believe these things, but the Ampara incidents show that there are people willing to act on these obviously false ideas and attack Muslim businesses, livelihoods, shops and homes. Who is behind these disruptive campaigns? Though resisted by a sizable proportion of Sinhalese people who even took steps to arrest few Ampara attackers, the question is: will they deal effectively with the culprits who disrupt  Communal harmony and national unity to eradicate these measures of racial hatred?

Mohamed Zanhar – Its excusable even if the police comes late but what is not excusable is the police presenting it as a case of a fight between two parties and bailing out the accused. On the other hand all what happened was within a business premises between a consumer and supplier. Then why the mosque should be attacked and why should those attacked mosque be bailed out. The mosque did not fight with anyone to call it a fight between two parties?

Such canards have been circulated in social media for quite some time and have generated a fear psychosis among the Sinhalese. It is clearly a dangerous tendency and one which seriously threatens the conditions for peaceful coexistence among communities

In fact playing racist cards, instigating communal tension and flourish in the misery of people is not something unusual for politicians. It was racist politics of United National Party and the Sri Lanka Freedom Party which led to the armed uprising of Tamils which caused immense hardships to all alike, besides death and destruction.

While armed forces were fighting and losing their lives and limbs, politicians and their side kicks in the predominantly UNP-SLFP governments flourished on commissions in weapons purchase.

Under the circumstance the country cannot afford another communal carnage the consequences of which will be unpredictable especially in the context of the ongoing global war against Islam and Muslims unleashed by United States, Israel, Britain, France and Russia backed by their stooges-Arab tyrants. These very same anti-Muslims forces which destroyed many Muslim countries are here. Certainly they would use racist mercenaries to do their dirty job on the island’s Muslims.

However there is a silver line that unlike in the past this time many sections of the Sinhala civil society were quick to distance themselves from these racist attacks in Ampara. Some openly criticized while others rejected the allegations as mere myth to justify their crime. 

These civil society groups are the need of the hour to save the country. There is a growing feeling among many civil society organizations from all three major communities for such a third force to clean up the corrupt, criminals and communalized political environment.

Meanwhile it is also time for the Muslim community to come out of their self-imposed isolation and join hands with constructive forces in the other communities to play their own role in the national affairs to ensure community welfare.

Muslim politics is bankrupt. Muslim politicians, by and large, are sell outs. They are only worried about positions, perks and amassing wealth. To ensure this they are willing to kiss the feet of any one and sell the community’s interest.

Half-baked and unbaked mullas and muiftis who hold the gullible community with their grip refuse to come out of their medieval mindset to use at least Friday Juma sermons to educate the Muslims of the political, economic, social and cultural environment in which we live and what we should do to ensure the rights and dignity of the community.

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Latest comments

  • 10

    Muslim leaders in SL are behaving like the Mid-East tyrants, acting for their benefit and not for those of their people. They do not speak out when there are attacks. They have found that the path to power is the same as in the case of the Sinhala politician-keep feelings on the boil. There must be a new approach on both sides. Muslims are paying for not standing along with other minorities. They sat on the fence and danced according to the winds. They now reap what they sowed.

    • 4

      Higher professionals should engage in awareness programs so that the stupid folks would finally learn – infertility can not occure through eating some foods…

      If the chemicals may have been used for the meals that is another issue.

      • 1

        Taking law into their hand is common practice in the country from that day on.

        Just having listened to a baRREL form-man in Ranatunga family, quoting what he said last week, ” we will bring the folks to the steets by our force”. As if no law and order is the case in the lost island.
        I think all these high men, that loud at doing that and this should be crushed by taking them to the custody, No whatsoever their status or anythign shoudl be considered when arresting them.
        All these became cemented in the high days of MR regime. Remember, some fact finding decent UNP young MPs were on a visit to Hambantota, but their bus had been damaged by the stones thrown on them. Asked the former president as to why HE STAYED stand still not taking any action against the culprits that were telecasted well to the world – HIs silly answer was – ” they the visiting MPs provoked them, so those thugs shoudl react accordingly – no matter physical or verbal attacks were thrown, President protected those culprits as if he would protect his bastard murderous sons.. “.

        That is where the root cause GENERATED. And remember the day most known DRUG kin pin of Negambo was about to be arrested, Former Palhora Rajapkashe abused state helicopter to visit Lanza house…. – sending the message across, he would protect even DRUG dealers so long the election campaigns woudl be financed by the kind of parasites.

        So, now today, decent politciians are attacked by the very same media men, that grounded through abusive introduction of Rajano.

    • 6

      Latheef Farook

      “Meanwhile it is also time for the Muslim community to come out of their self-imposed isolation and join hands with constructive forces in the other communities to play their own role in the national affairs to ensure community welfare.”

      All these years you never acknowledged the fact that constructive forces in the other communities ever existed. How come you have a sudden change of heart?

      Why don’t you just stop promoting foreign interest in this island and start looking for human beings from other communities.

      • 4

        It is said that the Muslims cannot be trusted as good friends. They trend to be selfish and self centred.. Despite the the fact they are Tamils belonging to Islam religion like the Christians, Roman Catholics. In the 1950’s Tamils in the east elected Kariapper,Abdul Majeed,, Mustapa Mohamed Ali as their representatives to the parliament with the support of Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi, But immediately after the elections they turned/twisted their hats’ and joined the party in power for personal reasons. Muslims and Tamils are being manhandled because of disunity. Muslims have them selves to blame for their plight to-day..

        • 3


          “But immediately after the elections they turned/twisted their hats’ and joined the party in power for personal reasons. “.

          So did Tamil MPs, Ananda Sangaree, C X Martin, C Arulampalam, …………..

          Forget the Sinhalese MP’s I lost count of their frequent defections.

          Crossing the floor is not unique to the Muslims.
          The historically important and biggest betrayal was by VP working for Hindia, the West, Premadasa and Dr Mahinda.

      • 1


        we the sinhalayas MUST not forget the manner some sinhalayas brutally attacked the innocient men and women in 83.

        To tell you my sister who is in her mid thirties then walked down home, with tears in her face.

        Some brutal men and women had just attacked the innocient people just because it went as if a wave moved forward.
        Some of them became rich having being able to collect sums form the mannig market business men.
        That is almost similar to ones became rich following Tsunami embezzelment.
        I hate these folks today more than I did before, for one reason, they dont tend to learn and see it further.

        We are all human beings, but calling us SINHALA buddhists, but behaving like butchers should be not recognized by anyone.
        If we have the law and order in this country, nothing the form would ever have space to occure.

    • 2

      The usual “Muslims are paying for it” drivel, intended to blame, and divide people.

      Stop the gloating.

    • 0

      Mr Latheef Farook?

      Where were you in 1958? Do you know what crime Tamils lived in Colombo to Sinhalese in 1958? Do you know that hundreds of Tamils lived in Colombo and Up country people were dragged into streets and burnt on the streets of Colombo? How did the law enforcing agency dealt with? Do you expect them to deal differently now?

  • 3

    “It has become clear that disastrous Maithri-Ranil yahapalanaya racism is no different from Rajapaksa racism. Mahinda Rajapaksa has to his credit Aluthgama, Beruwala and Dharga Town carnage while Maithri- Ranil have to their credit Gintota and Ampara and Digana attacks.”

    Now everyone know that ARajitha and Champuka were behind Aluthgama incident which was credited to President Rajapakse’s account. While being a part of the previous Government these two traitors stabbed President Rajapakse from back to turn Muslims against the President. That was a part of the Game Plan of Regime Change. Of course as the Head of the Government President Rajapakse had to take the responsibility. Probably the same two guys could be behind the attacks at Gintota, Ampara and Digana to divert attention from Bond Scam and the crisis PM is facing in his own party. At the end blame is credited to Sinhala Buddhists

  • 4

    What goes around comes around.
    Muslim home guards were more sadistic than the military. They did not fight in regular battle with the Tigers but went after civilians men, women and children to ethnically cleanse regions specially in the East.

    • 3

      Anyone dividing and blaming other communities, should be tied to a tree an flogged.

  • 15

    According to Sri Lankan logic if Saman does a crime, Saman only responsible.
    If Joseph does a crime, Joseph only responsible.
    But if Abdullah or Ahamed does a crime, whole religious community, mosques and all the shops are responsible. It takes a whole lifetime of hard work to build a business, shop or a property but burnt in few seconds.

    Wow ! Thank you Sri Lanka.?

    • 6

      saki…….. You are right .. This is what we spread .
      But CURSED Sin kele yas never behave according to what is morally right or fair; .. They need only human blood and Flesh and others property in order to live …….. These Cursed Sin keleyas had the reaction for their heinous racist crime in 1983 for 30 years……
      Who knows when will the reaction for Black July and Black Digana Bust Up ?
      We pray for peace in mother lanka.

    • 3

      Recently a little 10 year old boy was raped and murdered in Chilaw.

      Where is the outrage from these mobs, and the BBS?

      • 2

        May be the rapist was a WAR HERO. They can do no wrong.

    • 1


      Your analogy can be equally applied to Tamil, and Christians also. On the other hand the state brutality or its connivance with perpetrators does not stop with Tamils, Muslims or Christians it is extended to Sinhalese as well as Buddhists, for example 1971 and between 1987 and 1990, under different political parties, innocent civilians were butchered by armed forces and hired thugs or affiliated to ruling party.

  • 4

    A low educated inhabitants in a small Island., the so called 5 Star democracy will not work. What SL needs a some kind of dictatorship like Lee Kwan Yew or Mahathir bad on their countries to develop the country.

    Im sure the Sataka types are pouting petrol for the burning communal fires for their own political advantage.

  • 1

    Hakeem said he feels Muslims are cheated. How this can be interpreted when Hakeem has not explained this? Did he mean Muslims accomplices of Sinhalese to destroy the Tamils are betrayed now? No doubt on that question. If so, at least one time this reclusive planner is being open.

    There is no doubt from Indian Pakistani Acts and MMDA time Muslim did know they were being wooed to destroy the Tamils. It was the time not to fall the trap. Muslim Leaders clearly understood” common minority protection” to all through Devolution is the one can protect permanently. But recently, in LG campaigning, they openly bragged that if Tamils get devolution they seek, Blood River will glow in the country. Still what is going in the East is the Muslims are trying stage another Veeramunai on Tamils, in revenge for Digana.

    Latheef all articles only advocated and demanded the additional wages and rewards for Muslims for the participation in destroying Tamils with the name of annihilating LTTE. Latheef, many times, challenged here in CT that if they are attacked. Now has turned the path.

    Latheef is putting blame on BBS. No doubt they are lighting the fire wood. But from 1948, the wood has been dried and from 2009 remains gasoline soaked. Latheef played his part in that process. Latheef did know the wood was being dried only to set fire, not wrap in silk, place in luxury casket and carry it out on annual Perahera on the back of decorated elephant.
    It is time to Hat Wearing Male Chauvinist Sinhala Modayas like Latheef to take count of total events from 1915. Ramanathan went to London & opposed Muslim minority flexing favor of rulers and apathetically rule the majority. It was principle based action. Time to return to 1915. Hat wearing Modayas fooling Reda wearing Modayas and ruling is not a viable project. Power should be devolved and Muslimas, Tamils and Sinhalese should rule themselves.

  • 2

    There seems to be a well organized and orchestrated campaign against muslims. The beneficiaries of this will not be the sinhalese, as they will once again be blamed for ethnic cleansing by the international bodies of power.

    What is the motive and, more specifically, the ulterior motive in these “made-to-order” violence? It seems to me, the secessionist Tamils will be the main beneficiaries by having a field day in Geneva and other western capitals arguing that their goal of separating the island is justified in the wake of ethnic cleansing by the Sinhalese.

    Another motive could be to de-stabilize the current regime by highlighting their inability to keep control.

    So who will benefit from the fall of this government? MR and his cronies for sure.

    That brings us to a good guess as to who is behind these machinations.

    So why aren’t the current leaders refusing to uncover these culprits and expose their true intentions?

    Fear of sinhala masses? I do not think so. The same people in power today did not give a hoot about the lives of sinhala youth in the south during the Premadasa years of JVP terrorism. I doubt they are much concerned about them now.

    The real power to incite mass-scale riots and violence rests with the military (current and retired) and the Tamil paramilitaries.

  • 0

    ” communal carnage the consequences of which will be unpredictable especially in the context of the ongoing global war against Islam and Muslims unleashed by United States, Israel, Britain, France and Russia backed by their stooges-Arab tyrants. These very same anti-Muslims forces which destroyed many Muslim countries are here. Certainly they would use racist mercenaries to do their dirty job on the island’s Muslims”
    The Islamic extremist Lateef is twisting a lot. He is telling that the foreign nations are the one stirring the country up, but Sinhala – Muslim relationship is in very excellent condition, so needs no fix. In 1915, Just the World War I was coming to end. Hitler’s Anti-Semitic war was 20 years behind. Israel came into current existence in 1948. In Lankawe, 1948, Muslims worked with Don Stephen to deport Upcountry Tamils. Muslims Leaders were rewarded with MMDA in 1951. The First large scale pogrom was in 1958. 1967’s Israel war only turned West towards Israel. It is after 1970s the West -Middle East Muslims skirmishes started. Latheef the Nobel laureate story that 2018 was first Muslim-Sinhalese riots and it is conducted by West will not help Lankawe Muslims.
    Aluthgama series (three towns) are widely believed orchestrated by two monks went there on a three wheeler. There are few believers that Muslim youth attacked them. Gintota was started by Muslim youths. A Sinhalese teenage passed youth accidently killed somebody. Muslim youths took the law into their hand & started violence. Ampari is highly complicated. We will come to that in few lines. In Kandy or Digana, many fair minded Muslims have taken the responsibility. We have another dimension on that and will come to that at the end.

    Here in CT comments, even those marked as “Muslims Gentle Souls” have occasionally shown their deep heart believe that the prophecy of Mohamed is about to spreading the Islam to each and every corner of the earth and force to change even the primates into practicing Islam.

  • 0

    Though these days, many Islamists believe that Mohamed wanted to have the Islam spread to the entire earth, the funny is 1500 years ago, in Middle East or in West, people didn’t know where the earth started and ended. This is said as the motive of Muslims having more children. In Lankawe, many have shown Censure Bureau numbers to prove, but nothing so far established clearly. But, for the ignorant people, that is more than enough to arrive at their own conclusion. Further they have been made to believe Muslim traders engaged in multiple methods of Sinhala population control. These Sinhalese will have very little difficulties to believe because they witnessed of the well recoded Tamils’ population control forcefully implemented by the Rapist Army, during and after the war in Wanni, Kilinochchi…… areas. Further it is very common in rural area, the ignorant people denounces the real scientific inventions and standoff with their believes. So they don’t buy the talk that scientifically there is no permanently sterilizing pill. They know there are some temporary males’ pills. Further, as side support, it is known for long time many different injections used on male criminals to defuse their sex urge. Depo-Provera like things is used to counter testosterone. So, there are many steps a government has to take to counter false claims like female pills. A government doctor announcing it on TV the “after morning of riots” will not convince them. Appe Aanduwa, which conveniently uses racial disharmony, will not undertake that trouble.

    Amaparai Incident does not seem to of direct involvement of BBS. They might have been consulted and obtained blessing and moral support. This has created a very difficult situation in Lankawe. Some of the believers of Mohamed prophecy on spreading Islam, willing to depend on ISIS for moral support and hope to have they extended physical support too.

  • 0

    If one read Latheef’s essay that of his association of Lankawe Muslims started communal troubles to Israel, America, Britain , France, Russia and other Arab countries, that is clear citation of his expectation to draw support from the extremist group fight against the above said countries.
    Simple fact is Sinhala Buddhism is spreading laziness and jealous for centuries and preaching fake Smart Patriotism, fake bravery. Tamils are known for hard work and British Colonist have exported them world around for Coolie Work. But those who were bought few centuries ago from TN, when they are converted to Sinhala Buddhism, they are seamlessly merged with the existed Sinhala Buddhists & going around for toll from minorities, instead of hard works.
    To come back about the fair minded Muslims accepting the responsibility of the current round of violence, it is the example of intelligent thinkers. UNHRC HC Prince Zeid said that the Lankawe pogroms have a pattern of repeating about every 10 years. If Prince Zeid is not Human right Activist and if he were politician and if Lankawe Muslims have had him as one of their leader, Digana would not have happened. Think about this: His prediction is forecasting violence around this time after 2009. The Local fair minded thinks this was started by Muslim rowdies, foolishly. Sinhalese lost interest on Tamils because now there isn’t anything left with them. Last two years they have been nagging with the Muslim. If somebody putting Prince Zaid’s foresighted prediction and fair minded local Muslims observation, this would not have happened. They would have stayed sharp and prevented the Muslim youths’ misbehavior. After Lankawe Muslim writers and leaders having betrayed Muslims, now they are concocting stories. The truth is Lankawe Muslims did not have foresighted leader like Prince Zeid. It is no BBS fault, though they are racists.

  • 1

    ” Mr. Soysa, we fear it will take several generations for the international community to forget what they saw on your TV during the last three days, for many more generations for the Tamils to forgive you for what happened to them. Try to re-build your lives quickly but first you will have to forgive yourselves. As for us, we are leaving your beautiful country and after what we witnessed, there can be no question of investing in Sri Lanka”
    It was forty eight hours after the terrible “Black Monday” in 1983. I was the C.E.O of a small but well-known State Corporation based in Pettah. The scenes I witnessed that Monday in July need not be discussed now as that has been done many times, but the comments above was made by a lady, who was a member of a group of investors wanting to do a joint venture with us. They came the previous week, we had several discussions with them, obtained approval from the B.O.I and, subject to Cabinet Approval a J.V was a done deal. We entertained them for dinner on Sunday night, after they returned from Galle where this J.V was also going to establish a storage.
    I watched them leave the Oberoi Hotel where they stayed and felt as if our little nation has come to a water-shed moment. I wondered if, in fact will there be such a protracted response from the international community, from those who were hurt by the riots, and also by those of us left to “carry-on”. It is now roughly thirty five years since that “black day”, nine years since the “war” ended and we all know very well that the effects of the “ethnic conflict” is far from over.

  • 0

    Dear C.T. editor,

    You have not printed the rest of my message!! Why??

    @Soysa, check the word limit – CT

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