18 May, 2022


JVP Objects To Using The Term “National Government”

The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake today objected to the term “National Government” being used to describe the consensus reached between the UNP and the SLFP.



Speaking in parliament Dissanayake stated that the term “National Government” being used to describe the UNP – SLFP coalition was a violation of the constitution.

Dissanayake argived that as per the article 46 (5) of the constitution the term “National Government” could only be used to a coalition which is formed by the political party which holds the highest number of seats in parliament with the support of all other parties in parliament.

Dissanayake’s assertion meanwhile was met with loud protests from the government benches and due to the ensuing uproar speaker had to adjourn the parliament briefly for ten minutes.

The Mahajana Ekasath Peramuna leader, UPFA MP Dinseh Gunewardena too supported Dissanayake’s assertion and added that using the term “National Government” to describe a political coalition which did not have representation from all parties in parliament was illegal.

However, the MP’s from the government benches argued that the political party with majority seats in the “House” could form a national government with the support of a majority of parties in parliament.

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    Thanks, Anura.
    It’s indeed a coalition and NOT a National Government.

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      The Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake

      RE: JVP Objects To Using The Term “National Government”

      Sir, you are correct. It is NOT a national Govt.

      Ask them to use The Term “Former and Current Crooks Government”

      The cooks are getting together again.

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    please be normal AND real please please
    I thought you are matured. Who cares whether it is national govt or anything else, so long we move forward considering almost every thorny issues one by one.
    I HAVE now no wonder why your former leader left your party.
    Until the election is over, I thought JVPERs would gain more votes than they really got.
    But now i see the problem, you guys always are on a cry sometimes for nothing.

    • 2

      If you honestly, in your heart of hearts, cannot see why the JVP didn’t get as many seats in this election as hoped for, then I worry for the IQ of this country, since you’re not alone in this blissful ignorance

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    Anura is very correct.

    This is not a national government but only a coalition government consisting of UNP and UPFA.

    The argument of Anura and Dinish cannot be faulted. UNP and UPFA MPs might have succeeded in shouting down Anura in Parliament but they cannot deny the plain truth that this is not a national government.

    A coalition government is formed when after an election no one party is able to form a government on its own and a government is formed by the party that finished with the highest number of seats with the support of one or more parties. This is exactly what is now happening in Sri Lanka when the election on 17th August failed to produce a clear winner with an ability to form a government on its own and UNP which finished on top but still fell short of a majority to form a government on its own has now received the support of UPFA which finished second to form a stable government. What we now have in Sri Lanka is a coalition government with UNP and UPFA forming the government after the August 17th election.

    On the other hand, a national government is formed at a time of crisis when all or at least most of the parties represented in Parliament are invited to join in the government as it happened in Britain between 1931 to 1940.

    Again, it is because of the fact that the parties that finished first and second at the August 17th election have now formed a coalition government, the leader of TNA which came third has been named the Leader of the Opposition.

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    1971, 1987 reminds us of the true nature of these people. They want to impose their will by good or bad means and supported the Yahapalanaya movement fully expecting to have a better say after the general elections. By their own admission, they failed because no one, not even the youth really believes them. They too could have been a part of the national government but chooses, because of their pride not to have anything to do with the UNP. They will eventually go the way of the LSSP, CP etc.

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      Wrong. The JVP lost out on seats because of the swing vote deciding to go the UNP’s way to stop Mahinda’s return to power.

      Jesus, how is this blindingly obvious fact so difficult to understand for you lot?

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    Its crystal clear the JVP is still on opposing attitude of things.

    Irrespective of the name they use, if you have guts demand what are the goals of each ministries and the aligned national policies and strategies.

    I know this kind of long term goal oriented thinking is new to JVP and other political parties as well as media and academics in totality!!!

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    Long term goals oriented thinking ?????????

    No. We wanted our man to be the Opposition leader.
    We were the mouth piece of the LTTE and now we are the Leaders of the Opposition for the LTTE.
    This is who we are.

    Any Tamil can represent any other party in Parliament.
    But we are the Tamil party representing LTTE & the Tamils in the Parliament.
    We waged a war with the GOSL to attain this FIRST STEP.

    CBK pushed MY3 to establish a Coalition government and left to UK to meet our Diaspora to planout the next step.
    We did not fund Western governments for Nothing ?

    We have outsourced our requirements to a British Permanent Resident CBK and paid her well to execute the job.
    So far a job well done.

    We knew Sinhalayas & Buddhist could be divided & could divide them further.
    JVP & Anura Kumar were paid in advance along with JHU which gave good returns.
    Now we get down to business with the Catholic & Christian Clergy.

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    Thank you Mr. Anura Kumara Dissanayake for echoing our opinion in Parliament as regards this “concocted” theory of a National Government. To us a National Government means all the Political Parties representing the people and the country agree to a COMMON PROGRAMME of work for the next determined period of time and bring about prosperity on economic,social and political fronts and put the Government machinery into some order. In doing so all the Political Parties also agree to “Minimum” cost effective principles and reduce the waste, corruption and totally eliminate financial frauds, re-instate the Judiciary to its glory, etc. that would help the country to be rescued from the low ebbs it has fallen during the period from 2010 to 2014.

    Instead what have these two political parties done? (UNP & SLFP/UPLF). Since the conclusion of elections, they have been haggling over the number of “Cabinet Portfolios” each party is going to get, NO MATTER WHAT NUMBERS and what BURDEN that would be imposed on the tax payers. Wasn’t it a JOKE or rather I would put it as OUTRAGEOUS to hear some DEMANDING specific cabinet positions. If these elected people had at least an atom of brain or a speck of shame in them, they would not have moved this proposal to increase the number of Cabinet Positions. Instead, setting an example, they would have agreed UNANIMOUSLY to keep to that 30 (thirty) number as given in 19A and worked on common programme to uplift the lives of the people. Even after 62 years of mistakes they have not been able to learn anything but to be VULTURES at all times and suck the blood of our country and the nation. Shame on you bunch of Parliamentarians who raised their hands to increase the number of Cabinet Portfolios.

    The other question that works in our mind is: If this is a TRUE, National Government, why we have a position called the “Leader of the Opposition” that which is going to be CEREMONIOUS than a check and balance tool in the Legislature? Even the newly installed Leader of the Opposition criticized the proposal to increase cabinet numbers and had it any bearing on the thinking of the Government? NO

    It is a SHAME, SHAME; but well deserved by the “Rice eating, 98.5% Literacy Rated” voters. Now don’t say: “Aiyo,Aiyo. What did we do”. Instead learn to LIVE WITH IT. You WANTED it; You GOT it. Cheers.

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    The constitution of this ountry has been blatantly violated on many occations since Jan 9th and where has AKD been? He only see’s it fit now speak to get some brownie points after their bidding is done.
    Yet he doen’t commit himself to challenge the unconstitutional act of RW in the Supreme court.
    I challenge AKD to go to the supreme court for a determination and prove that you are fit to be the opposition whip.

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