1 June, 2023


JVP Welcomes Establishment Of A Truth Commission, But Not The Resolution

Some proposals in the UNHRC resolution has the potency to open the door for a a fully-fledged international intervention when investigating and prosecuting alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka, the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) said today..

Tilvin Silva

Tilvin Silva

The JVP said that the resolution could also be a plan by the US, UK and their western allies to have a strangle hold on the country in the future.

JVP General Secretary Tilvin Silva told journalists in Colombo today that in this backdrop the government has to seriously think about the future dangers the resolution will pose for the country if they agree to fully implement it.

“In such a backdrop the Government cannot claim they had achieved a great victory. The government should not try to seek cheap political mileage out of the issue but think in a very prudent manner about their future plan” he added.

Silva explaining said that the clause which calls for Sri Lanka to seek the assistance of investigators, lawyers, judges from Commonwealth and other international bodies in a proposed domestic mechanism could not be accepted.

He said that the Sri Lanka has the capacity to conduct a fully-fleged local probe on alleged human rights violations and the government should insist on such a mechanism.

Silva said that the government should implement necessary changes in the judicial mechanism and uplift it into a status where outsiders will not be able to questions about the judiciaries integrity.

However Silva welcomed the establishment of a truth commission and added that the JVP proposed such a mechanism as way back as 2009.

The JVP Secretary also blamed the previous Rajapaksa regime adding that it was the former government which had paved way for international meddling in Sri Lanka at the first place by giving promises to the international community which they could not keep.

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    I can’t understand the mindset of Tivlin Silva, the General Secretary of the JVP. In my view, these people are absolute cowards.

    When the entire Central Committee of JVP was arrested and murdered by the UNP regime in 1989, these people turned a blind eye. In fact JVP leader was burned live at the Colombo Crematorium. Yet, JVP did nothing to demand justice for these men.

    If any citizen is killed adopting extra judicial means it is immaterial what ethnic group that he or she belongs to. The JVP should understand that our Justice System, for varied reasons, is not upright and fearless. And as UNHRC has correctly stated, is not geared to deal with Executive and Legislature appropriately and decisively.

    Some may not disagree but the bitter truth is that.

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      Tilvin is a hypocrit.

      He doesn’t either understand,ignorant of international human rights laws or pure old racist/Sinhala buddhist hegemonist, who don’t care what as long as it was the other ethnic group which was on the receiving end, even his own old JVP buddies were given the same treatment of impunity and extra judicial killing.

      What can anybody expect from the JVP which exploited the loophole in the legal system and de-merged North-East provinces with the help of Sarath N Silva, who didn’t allow opposing views to be heard during the hearing of the case.
      Same chief Justice Sarath N Silva who recently admitted that he let MR off the hook in the Tsunami fund appropriation case knwoing he was wrong.Leave alone the extrajudicial killings of both JVP and the UNP government at that time under Ranasinghe Premadasa.

      Now Tilvin says the Lankan legal system is capable of handling the alleged Human rights abuse and Crimes against humanity cases.What a parody.Is the whole Srilankan society so myopic and callous or are they that uneducated/Uncouthed?

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      “Yet, JVP did nothing to demand justice for these men.”

      Hundred of them took Kallathonies back to India including Somawansa with the connivance of Hindian RAW. They had been consistently anti Indian until they sought refuge under the protection Hindian Intelligence services. On their return they went back to their usual being anti Indian.

      The three commissions that investigated disappearences had recorded 30,000 cases in most cases identifying the perpetraors. Thos commission reports had never been published, but gathering dust at the National Archive.

      I don’t remember these hypocrites ever want to rock the boat by being honest to themselves, supporting any genuine and reasonable settlement of Ethnic question, devolution of powers, CEPA, Bridge to India, … .

      The JVP continues to oppose 13th Amendmends while enjoying the office being members of provincial counsils.

      Probably they love if Chinese rule this island, or want to merge with North Korea.

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    Tilvin Silva

    RE: JVP Welcomes Establishment Of A Truth Commission, But Not The Resolution

    This is called Double speak or Double Standards.

    JVP appointed a defeated candidate through the back door. to the national list. The other national list candidate resigned.

    What is needed is truth commission,.Find the truth, find the criminals and punish them.

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      Neither of the 3 parties USA, India, Lanka or China are signatories to the ICC convention so what is this fuss about resolution??

      Recent bombing of Afghanistan hospital by US forces on Afghan ground control orders is already being investigated by ICC since Afghanistan is a signatory. The Americans have confirmed they made a mistake of bombing hospital on Afghan orders.

      Lankan Sinhala Buddhist Bestiality Beast must sign the resolution for the safety of humans and western tourist that bring in the money.

      Didn’t Sobitha in the run up for a common candidate say ¬why hide if you have nothing to hide¬ Double Speak by Bestiality Beasts??

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    as long as JVP do not stand with the truth, there is no hope for JVP to become a National Party. It should give up its racism.

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    i absolutely agree with AMARASIRI

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    Look at these two statements this “bright” JVP hero made:

    “He said that the Sri Lanka has the capacity to conduct a fully-fleged local probe on alleged human rights violations and the government should insist on such a mechanism.”

    I don’t know what “capacity” he is talking about. The JVP had made umpteen statements blaming the judiciary on various counts. In the run-up to Shiranee’s episode, Tilvin was sleeping steadfastly and hoping the stars will drop right in front of him.

    Then he goes on with this:

    “Silva said that the government should implement necessary changes in the judicial mechanism and uplift it into a status where outsiders will not be able to questions about the judiciaries integrity.”

    his is more like it. But it is a fool who will place a cart before the horse. The debate on whether it should be a purely a domestic inquisition or should it involve foreign parties could have been easily resolved had the present govt revamped the judiciary and the enforcement agencies before the UNHRC report was released.

    The present context had certainly not inspired for the lack of credibility. Clean the house first. Appointing a Tamil to the top position in the judiciary alone does not fulfill a credible judiciary. It really does not matter whether a Tamil or a Sinhalese or one of any other race who graces that position. The essence is the credibility of the person holding that office. Besides, the Attorney General’s office has not shown the sort of reliability and credibility required of that office. It has become mired in politics.

    One have to acknowledge that both Ranil and Sirisena have a vocal Sinhalese majority to contend with that finds itself difficult to see the difference between Tamil victims and the LTTE. Enough doubts have been raised on whether fair and equitable justice can be sought in a racially charged country like SL. When a position that, no matter what, holds the perpetrators of alleged crimes as heroes, then expecting justice for the victims is laughable.

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    70,000 Sinhalese young were brutally murdered by the armed forces during the JVP uprisings. IT is the same brutalized armed forces that were released on the Tamils. The Tamil diaspora will keep alive the issue of war crimes and crimes against humanity until justice is done. Until the militarization that began with the killings of the young Sinhalese and before in the genocide of the Tamils from 1958 is ended, there will be no peace in Sri Lanka. The JVP should campaign for trials of those responsible for the killings of the 70,000 Sinhalese young. I was at university with some of them. They never came back when the university reopened. If the JVP does not fight for them, the Tamil diaspora will take these killings too as falling within the genocides that have taken place in Sri Lanka. Before long, the victims (both Sinhalese and Tamils) will be demonized and the perpetrators will be hailed as heroes. The process has begun already. Jane Senanayake describes the process in her book, Disappearances in Sri Lanka. Before sounding off, let Tilvin Silva seek redress and justice for the killings. Instead, he is caught in the same nationalist whirl that surrounds the normal Sinhala politician. Get real Tilvin Silva. Nothing was done in the case of the killings of the Sinhalese boys and girls. You and your party did nothing as well. We in the Tamil diaspora have shouted more about this than you because we know that the same techniques of brutality were used against the Tamils. We will continue to do so because human lives are the same, whether they be Sinhalese or Tamils and war crimes are the same whether committed against Sinhalese or Tamils. THe identity that was liquidated during the JVP uprisings was that of the Sinhalese youth fighting against repression, though some of them, the hardcore JVP young, were misguided. They were killed to benefit the racist SInhala elite that has never permitted the poor Sinhalese to emerge, keeping them in Mahavamsa ignorance, while they ruled, sent their children abroad and bought them horses, racing cars and helicopters.

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      Ponkoh Sivakumaran

      Please note on the one hand Anura Kumara wants to modernise JVP and make it a broad church that appeals to all races, on the other he has the old guards who still believe they should stick to their old rotten discredited totalitarian theories and parochialism hoping to garner support from the racist South.

      Essentially JVP is another racist party, which is also jostling for the same vote bank as the other partys do.

      If indeed it wants change, it has to change.

      These naysayers has a long way to go, until then they must keep their policy declarations to themselves.

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    JVP has shifted her New Political Alliance with UNP-RW, CBK and MS during last Presidential 9th January 2015 and Parliament 17th August elections.
    JVP was line of political ally with US and Indian -RAW during strong finical backing by power dominations of big powers.

    Needless to say JVP is more or less surrender country that our nation an indepanadnace and sovereignty to US-imperialism.
    JVP lost her past anti-US stand.

    Now party of JVP become puppet of UNP-RW, CBK and MS stooges

    • 1


      “Needless to say JVP is more or less surrender country that our nation an indepanadnace and sovereignty to US-imperialism. JVP lost her past anti-US stand. “

      Could you clarify as to what you mean by independence and sovereignty in the shrinking globalised world?

      People believe that the earth has flattened out since the early 1980s. What do you have to say about flat earth?

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    JVP more or less anti-democratic political party ,believed and practices of ideology an anarchism-politics by very inceptions since 1965………..PND Wi…….

    JVP was not People’s political Party, that is bunch of terrorist outfit borne out of due the backwardness and 150 years Misrule & plundering wealth of Sri lanka, nation by the British colonialism of Imperial politics.

    JVP political eye is unable see differences of that Even colonial democracy and indepanadnace democracy; did not realized by that JVP current leaders as well as their past Junta political elders as well.
    Politics of democratic revolution by Comprador bourgeoisie led politics has no relationship with masses movement led by genuine People Party.

    UNP of RW and CBK of SLFP and MS led SLFP are no longer working with aspirations of majority-unity of People and democratic framework.

    They abandoned norms of democracy once and for all!
    Since 2015 January 9th and 2015 August 17th of that UNP-RW , SLFP sections/MS, CBK –Kalapuwawea Susil, Balpaitiya Siripala, and Kutgampola Yapa , TNA and JVP has been buried democratic rules and principles of games of Sri Lankan accepted democracy.

    This is tragedy of Democracy of an Island.?

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