20 May, 2022


Karu Jayasuriya Says Sirisena Has Usurped Powers Of Legislature

Karu Jayasuriya, in a strongly-worded statement this evening, accused President Maithripala Sirisena of usurping the powers of legislature.


“I have watched over the last two weeks as the executive branch has seized the rights and usurped the powers of members of parliament who were elected to represent the people” Jayasuriya said reiterating the sentiments he expressed in the statement issued last week where he recognized Ranil Wickremesinghe as the lawful Prime Minister of the country.

“I call upon all public servants to refuse to execute any illegal orders they may receive, no matter from whom,” he said, sending out a strong message to all government servants caught in the political crossfire.

“Since the president has prevented parliament from ruling on the legitimacy of the president’s actions, it will be up to the Supreme Court to determine the legality of these actions,” Jayasuriya said.

He also hit out at some remarks made by the “purported foreign minister”, Sarath Amunugama, who said parliament was sacked because Jayasuriya was planning to prevent an address by the president when the House reconvened on November 14.

Describing Amunugama as a highly regarded politician, Jayasuriya said he wished that the purported minister had proposed a more honest and plausible excuse for the actions of his colleagues, that would have drawn less ridicule to our country on the world stage.

Jayasuriya issued the statement as the former Speaker of the unconstitutionally dissolved Parliament and it was released to the public on his personal letterhead.

We publish below the statement in full:

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    KARU Jayasooriya will be history after the elelction. That is all.HE signed three letters each one was contradicting the other. [edited out]

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    Hon. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya,

    RE: Karu Jayasuriya Says Sirisena Has Usurped Powers Of Legislature.

    “I have watched over the last two weeks as the executive branch has seized the rights and usurped the powers of members of parliament who were elected to represent the people”

    The people in a Republic are supreme. They elect the legislature, 100%, elected by the people is supreme. This president Sirisena was elected by 52% of the people on January 8, 2015. Today, not even 5% will elect him.

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      With the principled, honest and robust stand of Hon. Karu Jayasuriya, former Speaker, battle is joined between “President and Parliament”. If the polity begins to display the same boldness, verve and tenacity as the English in 1642, giving form to its current wrath and sense of indignation and righteousness, South Sri Sri Lanka can create its forces of resistance. Sri Lanka is now beginning to loose her sense of placid existence. If this be true a veritable ‘King and Parliament’ struggle is getting set.
      Let it, because without a Battle Royal, justice will never prevail. The incumbent ‘King’ with his overweening concern for stalling a bloodbath has dissolved Parliament. On January 5th next year, when a majority doesn’t come forth, there will be fear of greater bloodbath and instant dissolution will be the decision. To halt this depraved thinking, the fiercest resistance will turn into aggressive onslaught. This is the route the little mind has selected. The ‘King’ knows not what he does.

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      “This president Sirisena was elected by 52% of the people on January 8, 2015, not even 5% will elect him.”

      Most probably because MS is a made president rather than an elected president.

      Reason for making him the president was simple; lack of confidence of that main political party, the UNP to contest, so he’s a proxy president to look after the interests of UNP & it’s leader RW.

      This proxy president helped bringing to power the fake gg govt. led by RW but as he’s responsible to people couldn’t go together with RW & the UNP so don’t blame him.

      Without MS’s support it was unimaginable for RW to form a govt.

      So both the president & the PM should now retest their eligibility to be the president & PM.
      So the dissolution of the house is appreciated even though it’s done by this proxy president.

      Because it’s undoing the fault in 2015.

      But please don’t insult MS because he’s a humble but genuine politician who rose from the down trodden people of Polonnaruwa.

      I’m sure; to undo his part, he’ll call for early presidential election as well.

      This is a good lesson for politicians as well as to people.

      Election commission, please re-check the logic of alliance making by parties to contest elections. See the possibility of banning parties that can’t stand on it’s own & make political parties meaningful units.

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      That is precisely so.
      Let the people decide at the elections.
      Karu can become the new speaker perhaps with Ranil as the Prime Minister!!

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    Go home old man. You are 80 years old. Leave the country to those who are going to live in it, without mucking it up.


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      MARA is 73 years old man and tell him the same

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    Thank you for showing courage and standing up for the country. People depend on you to point to what is wrong with Sirisena and MR, for this arrogant power play, which goes against the constitution.

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    I think the western agent KAru Jayasooriya will be history in no time. On the othe rhand, what Maithripala sirisena did since OCtober 26 th until now is excellent.

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    Well the game bhaiya made a calculated deceitful act true to his nature but failed miserably so he did a double whamy. I wonder if the stooge media are ever going to admit what is obvious to anyone. This guy needs to be arrested and jailed or carted off to Angoda. Also, if as some say this was backed by China then the chinese are truly konde bandapu poll buruwas. Time for some smart moves via the supreme court. Hopefully there is enough backbone left in the court minus bribe money.

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    In a situation such as this Hon Speaker can summon all willing MPs to meet anywhere. Even in a teakiyosk and take decisions as appropriate. It is the physical presence of MPs and not the place or any written procedures that is important.

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    Did not hear a peep from Karu Jayasuriya about the Executive seizing the rights and usurping the powers of members of Parliament in 2015.

    You are a hypocrite and a partisan hack, Mr. Jayasuriya. Please go home. Let the people elect a new set of representatives. Nothing more democratic that that.

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    Thank you Speaker Karu J for upholding the dignity of our parliament.
    So far violence has not erupted. If something happened in the Parliament Well, the spillover into the streets will be uncontrollable. The loyalty of the Armed Services and Police cannot be counted. The rot started way way back.
    We have been driven into a mindset where the Supreme Court verdict, whichever way it goes, can spark an inferno.
    The time has come for religious leaders, community leaders to speak out against violence. Political and business leaders are interested only in making capital out of our misery.

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    Karu Jaysooriya should retire from politics, be honest to the country and explain to ther country what happened.

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    Uncle Karu seems to be totally confused.
    Wonder whether the Public Servants defy the Presidential Directives because Uncle Karu told them….
    Put it this way .
    If Uncle Karu used one of Dr Rail’s Srikotha Letter Heads ,at least our Public Servants could have gone to Akila, in case the Government Pay Office halt their wages.
    And begged Akila to give them some hand outs from the Aloysious UNP Trust which Dr Mahendran put in place to buy the MPs and help Rail gets the 2/3 to give Sampathar & Abraham their Homeland to spend the Weekends.

    If Uncle Karu cahnges his Dialog Number what the hell our poor Pen Pushers are going to do?……..

    I thought Dr Ranil is the Joke. But this Dude takes the Cake….

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    Karu Jayasuriya Says Sirisena Has Usurped Powers Of Legislature

    Why UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres says utmost importance of respecting democratic processes and institutions and resolving differences in accordance with the rule of law and due process. because the present process was not in alien to it

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    Karu Jayasuriya

    People don’t care too hoots, except UNP stalwarts (with green blood only) for your statements as you’ve been identified as partial during the tenure of speaker.

    Whether it’s according to the constitution or not people like it because they’re going to be given a chance to oust for ever, a fake gg govt. who came to power as guardians of the country & looted the main economic center of the country.

    Only a decision by the SC can finalize this matter so stay calm & quiet without making unpleasant appearance on media.

    President is arguably correct that going for an election is the best option for all the challenges the country has faced.

    Result of an election can shut the mouths not only of local culprits but also international culprits who interfere with internal matters of small countries.

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    Yes, Hon. Speaker:
    Don’t let this treacherous hooligan of a President intimidate you. He has forfeited all respect and authority by flouting the constitution. The Parliament is supreme, and as the Speaker you have certain powers and precedence that nobody can take away. So far you’ve done an outstanding job in standing up for the rights of the citizens in the gravest threat to democracy Sri Lanka has ever faced. We are all standing firmly behind you.

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    Well done. Sajith should be the PM candidate and you should be the presidential candidate

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    Don’t know why Uncle karu is fretting and want put our poor Public Servants in to trouble to protect his Master Dr Ranil. when Dr Ranil’s Gun God Daughter from Kolonnawa is firing on All Cylinders to win back the Government.

    Hirunickers says they have already formed the Battle Front , not just the UNP.
    The Theme itself should some shivers down the back of Pohottuwa.

    It is– “Dr Ranil for President & Mr Sajith for PM.”
    How cool?
    Pity Keselwatta Kid didn’t do a PhD at least by correspondence or at Night school in London .
    Just imagine, –“Dr Ranil for President & Dr Preme for PM”.
    Our Viyath Maga dudes would have run for cover……

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    Sarath Amunugama, Mahinda Samarasinghe and G.L. Peiris are well educated but unprincipled and morally bankrupt individuals (that is my personal opinion so readers don’t be too upset about it).

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    Karu Jayassoriya is man appointment member of parliament as came by back door politics of listed MP. He is not elected by election of mandate by voters consent or their will of voters.
    He was businessmen turn politics first came to seems to Mayor of CMC. He not that an educated person having repute Universities Degree in local or aboard.
    As role of Speaker that
    Karu J… did not followed standing order and conventions of game rule of Parliament .He want to be jepozided Parliamentary procedure, as well as he challenging very foundation of sovereignty of parliament. This anti-establishment politics of UNP current are desperate by of regain power of state by western powers backing. Ongoing UNP political agenda is to be installed another puppet govt. and installed rough regime State in center of Colombo.

    Karu J… is now engaging such political activities of road map that advocated that outside Parliament struggle . Karu J…. totally lost vision of that Will of voters and taken wrong path of Political coup against incoming General Election in 2019 January 5th>
    No politics of democracy is that paramount other than that general elections is sole Rights of Universal recognized by UNO! and democrtiac loving People in the World ???

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    Sirisena is absolutely right.
    Let people decide.
    We will have a new Parliament soon.
    Why is it that no Provincial Council elections were not held?
    UNP has absolutely no chance and they know it. Agents of the West!!
    Karu is history.

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    Fine.The Hon:Speaker has justified the stand taken .But he has made one slip ;He should not have given his mobile no;!

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      “He should not have given his mobile no;!”

      It must be part of his cunning plan.
      Probably he wants to take opinion poll rather than relying on pollsters.

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    Kudos to KJ.
    It is your unambiguous commitment to the constitution and the sovereignty entrusted with the elected representatives has drawn / is drawing the energy to pool all the democratic voices behind you. We want leaders like you to give leadership to confront boldly constitutional uncertainty to uphold law and order by putting life at stake. The strength that is manifested by sacrificing your life without expecting anything in return is commendable. We need leaders like you to overcome self-centred agenda of leaders-for-life. Once lawlessness is brought under control, the flaunted constitution must be changed. We need an inclusive constitution that will eradicate the genuine fears of minority and phobias of the majority. The collective rights of linguistic, religious and cultural communities rights should be protected and promoted. Without a new structure of governance that guarantee such rights, the conflict can overspill and destroy the development in Sri Lanka. Ethnic justice and participatory democracy should be upheld and change the electocracy that elects the autocrats as we do now.

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