21 May, 2024


Karu Responds To Sirisena’s Unfair Attacks On CC And HRCSL: Confirms Sirisena Lied And Misrepresented Facts

Responding to President Maithripala Sirisena’s scathing attack on the Constitutional Council and the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka (HRCSL), Speaker Karu Jayasuriya said unfair attacks on democratic institutions could lead to far-reaching issues in the long run.

Speaker Jayasuriya

Making a statement in Parliament this morning, Speaker Jayasuriya said the composition of the Council Council represented the opinions of every political party in Parliament.

Jayasuriya said Sirisena misrepresented facts when the latter said in Parliament yesterday that the Constitutional Council would not consider seniority when recommending appointments of judges.

“The Constitutional Council wishes to make it clear that the seniority will not be the only factor when it comes to appointments coming under the scope of the council. Every name we have approved thus far has been nominated by the President and we do not select candidates for judicial positions at will,” Jayasuriya said in his statement.

He also asserted that the President’s remark on the Constitutional Council rejecting the names of 12 judges was also wrong. “When about 3-4 names are nominated for the same position, the Constitutional Council selects only one name out of them. It would be unfair to describe this selection process as a rejection,” the Speaker explained.

He also stated that none of the members of the Council has so far been prevented from expressing their opinion and no political party holds majority power in the Council. “Every decision the Constitutional Council has made so far is a collective decision and the majority of names nominated by the President have been approved by the Council.”

Jayasuriya added that the Human Rights Council asked for an explanation on sending STF officers to the Agunakolapelessa prison as various parties expressed opinions on the matter. The Speaker said the HRCSL acted on the matter only to find out whether the due process was followed when deploying the STF.
Special Statement by the Hon. Speaker at the Commencement of Parliament

To read the Speaker’s full statement click here

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  • 40

    Speaker Karu Jayasuriya,

    Sirisena, misrepresents facts, called lying, to his own advantage and kicks.

    That is how Sirisena earned the Titles of Traitor, Quisling, Sevalya, Mala-Perethaya, Pachaya etc,

    Remember, the Illegal dissolution of the parliament and the illegal and unconstitutional appointment of FAKE. PM, Mahinda?

    When will the Parliament impeach Sirisena? What is the delay?

    When will you abolish the executive presidency?

    • 22


      How can you impeach the anti Constitutional and Lying President in the Parliament.

      Have you forgotten there are 70 odd rogues still behind these two notorious selfish individuals MARA and SIRA . The only option is to apprehend all these fellows in parliament like the Makandure Madush and his followers were trapped in Dubai.

      That is the only way to salvage Sri Lanka as a Nation. But, still our judiciary will release all of them in the loophole in the laws, unlike in Dubai.

      • 2


        Please tell us how many of the high profile alleged crooks are being detained pending court hearing? Almost every crook, DIG, murderers, functionaries …. are out on bail.
        I doubt Duminda Silva is serving prison sentence.

        Do we have laws to sentence people to prison for irritating smile, behaviour, jumping ships, at least for minimum 2 years?

        On 26 October 2018 Namal Baby promised to visit every Tamil detainee, (some of them have spent 20 year in detention without trial) the next day and work along with his dad to release them.

        Did you hear anything about it?

        Is there a law to charge this political brat for broken promises?

      • 0

        Are U suffering from selective amnesia? You forgot the No.1 Rogue ‘Maha Benku Hora’ and 40 thieves who received cheques from Bond Alosius.

    • 21

      All these prove again that SIRISENA ‘s knowledge about on going politics is caught by deficiencies to the observation of a little child.
      He interprets facts in favour of him. This was the case with UNCONSTITUIONAL coup headed by him in last October 2018.
      All ended as expected by Mr Wickramasinghe, – meaning, like a dog hidden his tail behind the real legs, SIRISENA had to appoint Mr Wickramasinghe again as the PM.
      Even if SIRISENA louded, that he would not stay an hour if RW woudl be back … but since PM reappointment , we have passed almost 2 months. We see nothing but but SIRISENA stays NAKED, and make further PUIBLIC statments.
      Are people mad ? or SIRISENA himself ?

  • 31

    A man whose so far actions as the incumbent president to island nation, was caught red handed by local supreme court to have been unconstitutional but allow to lie through his teeth further is unbearable to any one with sanity.

    It is high time to get together and IMPEACH this man allowing his most known journey to 6-feet under – albeit that delay.

    Not a single word drolls down could be regarded as credible if it come from his mouth. Unfortunately, this much of agony, we wont be able to control any more…… it should finally happen.

    • 11

      “It is high time to get together and IMPEACH s man allowing his most known journey to 6-feet under -albeit that delay”.

      For people to get together, they must first unite as one cutting across their ethnic, racial religious and language differences.
      For that they must realise they are all human beings with five senses and four limbs and are therefore one, despite the differences how they earn their livelihood and shelter themselves at he moment.
      When that realisation manifests the impeachment of the man would be automatic.

    • 6

      You may be right LELAGE mALLI,
      Natural punishment will take long than we ever guessed at.
      This man s become a festated wound today.
      Alone to him to be appearing hurts the masses.

  • 2

    Careful do not trust this Karu too much. Don’t forget he is a frog who jumped well taking with him 17 others including his son in law leaving UNP in the utmost doldroms. He returned to just by himself after enjoying utmost luxaries as a Minister under MR.

    He was mentioned in a Cope report under Wijedasa Rajapakse for corruption.

    • 11

      Neomal Anthonyz
      What you believe in may be right for you within your circle of Mafias.
      Almost every politician enjoyed / enjoying the life of luxury because they have had no conscience what so ever.
      They wasted , spent and hoarding in foreign banks, and in off-shores , our state wealth for their own families while the country and the same leaders carries on with the begging bowls to BEG .
      The People are crying out for better life in this country, not only in Megapolis Colombo but in up and down the country especially in most deprived areas.
      One only have to go and see the war torn part of the island.

      It’s suffering from unemployment, lack of industries, facilities , equipments in schools, universities , hospitals and so on.
      Why this step motherly treatment to the minorities??
      Why the requests by the Parliamentarians of the areas been ignored??

      Why the Racism and Racist issues are brought up again again by some of the Racists?!

      Do they want to get RICH AGAIN in the name of Terrorism within a country.?
      Arms Deal with the help of some of the Racist Choristers Lord Nosey and few others? Don’t they like to see a small country with equally high Literacy flourish ??
      Money making illegally however by the name of terrorism??
      Gun runners are underhand workers in a troubled country.
      Some of the ways to enjoy perks and wealth ( from poor countries) by some of the jobless so called Lords??

      Presently our friendless President is trying all avenues to remain in the post which increasingly looks bleak. All kinds of extreme views and decisions are being made single handedly by our President which is detrimental to our nation and its law abiding Patriots of our nation.
      Racists of our nation are happy to get ADVICE from equally CORRUPT CONTRIES AND INDIVIDUALS. SAD NO??
      Should be impeached for all the uncertainties , and destructive motions eg:: fake Parliament and Fake PM etc ,etc, etc. Since last October , not forgetting the irreparable damage done to us and the country since 2015 under the name of Yahpalanaya and common candidate.
      We have been duped into believing the Lies for the last 4 Years.
      Enough is the word by the SLankan Patriots.

    • 3

      Neomal Anthonyz ,

      Even the Devil, Satan. Mara has ethics and principles, even though Sirisena lacks them.

      How many in the Parliament, other than the JVP are not corrupt?

      People, mean IQ 79, keep electing them.

  • 14

    I thought former President who became a fake PM and now as fake Opposition leader is the best pretender as patriotic, liberator with lies, threat, and violence but now Srisena overtaken his former boss in this regard after enjoying the executive presidency. It is the executive power that makes them to become fake patriotics. They think that Srilankan people are so brainless, dump people who will never understand the difference between fake and tue patriotics.
    If you love your country, you would expect the leader should be a model for them and you expect they respect what they say, they respect the law they make, they are honest and never lie, they do not accept or give bribe for personal gains. Do you know how many times both Mahinda & Sirisena claimed that there was murder attempt for them? Do you know how much money they spent on bribing ? We all know that October 2018 political coup by Sirisena & Mahinda are illegal and unconstitutional. Every one of us know that there were bribe and ministerial posts were given after bribe by Sirisena. What seniority he considerd when he appointed TNA MP as a Minister after paying Rs 500 million?
    It is up to the people to prove whether they are dump or not.

  • 2


    The hero one time, to be made to the common candidate;

    Where is he now?

    Hero’s partner for good governance; where’s he now

    Kick out both with their gangs now.

  • 1

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  • 6

    We have a President who is uneducated, uncivilized and who has been judged by the courts that he violated the constitution. If he is a honest person he would have resigned by now, but he has not done so. What right has he got to attack the CC? Why cannot the Speaker or for that matter any civilian attack the President when he makes false statements. This President has proven beyond doubt that he has no self respect and displays no civility. Its time we kick him out of the seat. He should be thankful that UNF has not moved in the Parliament to impeach him.

    • 1

      Fake Buddhist

      “We have a president who is uneducated”

      He had been a govt’ servant (village officer) so how can he be uneducated?

      Are govt. jobs offered for uneducated?

      He’s been in politics for about 3 decades holding cabinet portfolios & he was made the common candidate by almost all the educated people of the country.

      If he’s uneducated who are the fools?

      Fool, don’t you know that there’s no educational qualifications for anybody to contest in elections?

      Every citizen has an equal right to contest in any election.

      WHERE did you have your education?

      What’s more important; education or intelligence or both?

      Do you mean to say only graduates & higher are educated?

      You seems to be an educated fool for me; learn by heart & pass the examinations.

      “President is uncivilized”

      Please prove beyond any doubt.

      May be he received incorrect legal advice on dissolving the house but he respected SC decision so how can he be uncivilized?

      If the president is asked to resign what shall we do for that legal experts?

      How long did it take the SC to decide the legality of his dissolving the house?

      Why don’t you ask RW to resign in connection with appointing AM & MR for alleged misappropriations & crimes committed during his tenure?

      • 2

        Real Revolutionist

        “Are govt. jobs offered for uneducated?”

        Of course yes, the government jobs are certainly given to uneducated, unwise, unemployable, inactive, …… lazy bums through political patronage.

        These lazy bums would not have survived a day in a competitive environment.

  • 7

    After all Maithiripala Srisena was a Grama Sevaka at one time. Having been in politics for about 40 years, he should have polished himself by now. What to do. However much a dog’s tail is straightened, it will again roll itself. So he is speaking in the Grama Sevaka’s range, and not as a legislator.

  • 0

    In My opinion people have started thinking and assuming the decisions given by bench of judges during the recent political conflict was purely on Dollars

  • 0

    You should stand firm and not to bend to Gong Sira s criticism. Act bravely and according and concisely . Keep up the good work.

  • 0

    -I think the way President talks about it and the Speaker talk about it, President was VERY naive about Ranil’s politics and the Speaker was doing what Ranil had said. In other words, the Speaker neglected his duty over his job. Anyway, I heard some Judges were not happy about the way CC acted. I think it was Ranil’s CC which did everything against the PResident. JVP should have been in the dark.

  • 0

    He is junior Trump lies Galore

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