1 December, 2023


Keeping Northern Muslims In Refugee Camps

By Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Latheef Farook

Northern Muslims continue to rot in refugee camps; Ignored by successive governments, their own politicians and international community

The unfortunate plight of northern Muslims refugees, abandoned by Muslim politicians, the successive governments and even the international community speak volume for the bankrupt nature of the Island’s Muslim politics and even the community.

Muslims were part and parcel of northern soil and society. Over centuries this was their only place and their Tamil neighbors were the only people they knew. Most of them often felt alien when they visited the island’s south as they found it somewhat uncomfortable there due to the different social environment especially when it came to speaking in Sinhala.

Even around the late 1980s, the bulk of their concentration was in Jaffna city where they lived predominantly in three densely populated areas, namely Sonaka Theru, Ottumadam and Bommaively which were collectively known as Muslim ‘vattaaram’ -zones.

Their main activities were retail and wholesale hardware trade, lorry transport, jewellery and tailoring besides agriculture and fisheries. They owned houses and properties besides paddy lands and fishery boats. Muslims dominated the trade at one stage to such an extent that two-thirds of the blocks in the new market in Jaffna, built by the Mayor of Jaffna, Alfred Duraiappah, and was monopolized by them.

They avoided getting involved in the ethnic crisis. Yet the ethnic crisis had its devastating impact on the Northern Muslims as their traditional life was disturbed. Every time fierce fighting broke out between the security forces and the LTTE, there was intense shelling and mass scale bombing, compelling residents, both Tamil and Muslim, to flee their residences and business houses. They would suffer great losses and would only return when the fighting subsided to rebuild their lives and their businesses.

Even while massacres were taking place in the East, Muslims in the north lived peacefully with the Tamils, but, according to reports, Karikalan was all out to destroy this harmony and take revenge on the Muslim community in the North in spite of the fact that they had nothing to do with the developments between the two communities in the East. As part of this plan, he was reported to have brought pressure on Prabhakaran suggesting harsh measures against Muslims in the North to send a message of warning to Muslims in the East.

In the subsequent months one after the other, under a well-calculated scheme, Muslims were expelled from Kilinochchi, Mullaitivu and Mannar districts, all part of the Northern Province. Years later it was revealed that an eastern contingent of Tamil Tigers in the north under Karikalan was, to a very great extent, responsible for these expulsions.

In this regard the quarterly magazine Nethra, [April-June 1998 edition, Volume 2, Number 3] had this to state in an article:

“Just like the government, the LTTE fed the growing antagonism between Tamils and Muslims to strengthen their own position in the east. Subsequently they used this polarization to carry out their ethnic cleansing in the north”. The Tigers knew that unlike the eastern Tamils, the northern Tamils most probably would not collaborate with their aggressive policies towards the Muslims. Therefore, the LTTE used Tamil cadres from the east who forcibly expelled in October 1990 the entire Muslim population from the north.

Even while Muslims were being expelled in different parts of the north, Jaffna Muslims felt safe. They thought that what was happening to Muslims in the other parts of the north would not affect them. They thought of themselves as an integral part of Jaffna society and could not even imagine that the LTTE would come after them. Such was the degree of trust and faith they had in their Tamil friends and neighbors and even the Tamil militants. Little did they realize what the LTTE had in store for them?

It didn’t take long for them to face the reality. They woke up on 30 October 1990 and went about their routine life. Muslim traders went to their shops and other business establishments; children went to school, while housewives were busy with their household work. Their hopes were shattered around 11.30 in the morning when armed LTTE cadres arrived in vehicles fixed with loudspeakers. They went around densely populated Muslim residential areas asking all Muslims to assemble at Jinnah grounds of Osmania College within half an hour – by 12 noon.

Shocked and frightened Muslim men, women and children, not knowing what was in store for them, rushed to the Jinnah grounds. There the senior LTTE Leader Aanchaneyar, the LTTE Jaffna Commissar who called himself Ilamparithy, addressed them at 12.30 pm. He delivered a brief but terse message declaring in no uncertain terms that “the LTTE high command had decided that all Muslims should leave Jaffna within two hours. This was an order and failure to abide by it would mean severe punishment”.

Some Muslims tried to question Ilamparithi to clarify their doubts. But Ilamparithy lost his temper and started firing his gun in the air shouting loudly that “Muslims should simply follow the order or face the consequences”. His body guards also began firing their guns in the air, terrorizing the already-frightened Muslims who yet thought that they would be able to return to their homes once the situation was normalized. But the Tigers surrounded them even as they rushed to their homes to collect their belongings, valuables, cash, jewellery and clothes, and reach the buses made available by the Tamil Tigers. The Tiger plan had all been pre-arranged.

Then came the second shock. There was a fresh order asking all Muslims leaving their homes to queue up at “Ainthumuchanthi” junction where the LTTE cadres, both male and female, demanded that Muslims hand over all their belongings including their valuables, jewellery and money. They were allowed to take only Rs 150 per person and one set of clothes. Among the Muslims were wealthy people who owned large businesses; wealthy farmers and those who owned fleets of Lorries. They were all forced to wait in a queue with an enamel plate for a meager meal of rice.

Some Muslims resisted. But were silenced by the LTTE weapons. The Tigers then began grabbing everything from them including all documents and national identity cards. They also stripped Muslim women and girls of their jewellery. The LTTE women cadres wrenched the ear rings from Muslim women and girls in so brutal a manner that blood flowed from their torn ear lobes. Even the children were not spared, and not even the wristwatches they were wearing were allowed to be taken away. This senseless pillage, which also included the abduction and detention of 35 Muslim businessmen, was supervised by Karikalan.

That was not the end of the ordeal. The LTTE cadres wanted to know where the Muslim jewellers were hiding their jewellery and money. To extract information many Muslim jewellers were beaten and tortured. One of them was beaten to death in the presence of others. The LTTE demanded huge sums as ransom to release the detained Muslim businessmen. Some, who could afford it, paid up to three million rupees to get their loved ones released while in the case of others they were released after several years. There were cases where detainees were never released and never returned. Perhaps they were killed by the LTTE.

Thus the entire Muslim population of the Northern Province (Estimated at around 75000 persons in 1990) was forcibly driven out from their traditional villages and towns in the following manner.

After driving out the Muslims, the LTTE cadres began looting Muslim houses and grabbing almost everything from cash jewellery and other valuabes to doors, windows and wooden frames. They also looted the Muslim owned commercial and industrial establishments. They even stripped Muslim-owned houses of their roof tiles. The looted furniture and all other items were sold to Tamils in the LTTE shops called “Makkal Kadai” — Peoples’ Shops. The LTTE also sold Muslim-owned houses and Muslim-owned vehicles to the Tamils. Elaborating the atrocities committed by the LTTE and the sufferings of the Muslims further, columnist Sharika Thirangama had this to say in an article in Himal Magazine which was reproduced in the “Daily Mirror” on 7 Monday January 2008 and continued on Tuesday the 8th:

“In 22 October 1990, throughout the five districts of Kilinochchi, Mullaithivu, Mannar, Vavuniya and Jaffna, the LTTE announced that all Muslims living within the Northern Province must leave within 48 hours. On Mannar Island, the LTTE announced that all Muslims must report to the LTTE office by the 24th of the month, and leave by the 28th. Despite protests by a delegation of local Tamils and the Catholic clergy, the LTTE sealed off Erukkalampiddy town in Mannar on the 28th, and forbade all further dealings between Tamils and Muslims.

“ This was an LTTE-only military operation, and there is no evidence of civilian collusion; no ordinary Tamils participated in the eviction.

“Certainly, the eviction order from LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran caught many local northern LTTE cadres by surprise. In many places, cadres were moved from their home area to other areas to carry out the exercise. One man told of the young LTTE cadre, who he had known all his life, crying as he instructed the family to depart. The rebel leadership obviously feared that its cadres could disobey the eviction order.

“The Jaffna Muslims made their exit through a route carefully laid out by the Tigers, which took them through LTTE checkpoint after checkpoint. At each they were searched and more and more of their possessions removed. Jewellery was taken from the women. The thefts form some of the bitterest recollections of the Jaffna Muslims.

“Muslim evictees were also stripped of land deeds, electrical goods, bicycles and even thermos flasks at the checkpoints. According to a 1991 report by the University Teachers for Human Rights (Jaffna), dozens of rich businessmen in Jaffna were held for further ransom, as were the well-to-do in other districts. The final estimate puts the collective loss of the evictees at around US$ 110 million. In Jaffna, after the Muslim eviction, the LTTE made further profits by holding a massive sale of Muslim goods.

“As such, one of the most common memories that the evictees have is that they all arrived in refugee camps with nothing. Indeed, the eviction had a tremendous leveling effect, with more or less the entire population being impoverished overnight.

“By November 1990 the, Muslims were gone from the north; the LTTE had succeeded in converting the area into the Tamil-only territory for which it was fighting. This ethnic cleansing has since come to be known as the Eviction, and the community of Muslims created by this act, formally known as Internally Displaced Persons, refer to themselves as ‘northern Muslims’ and ahathi, or refugees. The Eviction created a whole new demographic pattern, in the aftermath of an unthinkably traumatic event that broke one set of communities in the north and created another – that of the refugees.” [Courtesy, Himal Magazine].

Bulk of them initially went to Kalpitiya and Pulichakulam areas while the largest numbers found refuge in Thilliyady in Puttalam district. Some of them also went to places like Vavuniya, Colombo and Negombo where they were forced to start life from scratch.

That was the end of Muslim life in Jaffna. The tragedy is thought little of by the successive governments, NGOs and Human Rights organizations including Amnesty International which ignore the fate of the unfortunate Jaffna Muslims who were not even treated as refugees.

While all remained silent President of TULF Mr. V Anandasangaree condemned this crime time and again. Addressing the opening of Call of the Conscience—a human rights art exhibit on the conflict in Sri Lanka—held at Roy Thomson Hall in downtown Toronto Mr Anandasangaree had this to say on 23 August 23,2008;

“Championing the cause of the Tamils the LTTE even drove every Muslim out of the Northern Province. The Muslims, merely because they are Muslims, had to leave all their possessions and the land where they lived peacefully with the Tamils for several generations. They are now languishing in refugee camps for more than 17 years in the south, with the Sinhalese, in Puttalam and Anuradhapura Districts, without privacy and their basic needs met. As long as refugee camps exist in our country, whether the inmates are Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims or of any other group, we have no moral rights to boast of democratic principles.With one section of our people undergoing untold hardships, being deprived of their democratic fundamental and human rights, we can’t boast of our country as one enjoying full democratic rights. Loss of democratic rights, fundamental rights and human rights amount to slavery. Should our youths, be they Sinhalese, Tamils, Muslims or of any other group, continue to shed their blood unnecessarily and die in vain at the battle front? I am convinced that the time has come for the country to find a solution reasonable enough and acceptable to the minorities and the international community.”.

Ignored by all, including their politicians, their community and the government, a quarter century later today these unfortunate Muslims continue to rot in the refugee camps where they try to rebuild their lives within their means.

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  • 6

    An excellent article with the necessary detail to help the LTTE supporters understand that their ‘heroes’ did some barbaric things.

    • 2

      What about the 4 million Syrian muslim refugees ? Which is more important ? In the last 4 year civil war already 250000 Syrian Muslims have been killed.

      • 3


        Fat Mama FUK U Shima has just manged to flee ISIS and has arrived back with terrorist intentions and expertise.So ask her the Question. She will have first hand information. Half the 250,000 killed by Asad and half by ISIS.

    • 4

      Dear Latiff Farook,
      Government is only interested in settling Sinhalese from other places in Jaffna, to alter the ethnic balance. 90% of displaced Tamils have not been settled, living in refugee camps, living with relatives and in rented houses. Army is refusing to vacate the lands of Tamils, because their intention is to settle Sinhalese there. All properties vacated by Muslims are intact and not encroached upon by Tamils in contrast to what happened in East, where most of the lands vacated by Tamils through intimidation has been appropriated by Muslims. There will be no Government intervention to bring justice due to political compulsions. When Northern provincial council has welcomed Muslims to return, then why are muslims not returning. Is it because they feel that bulk of Tamils will not harm them, but the military intelligence through their agents will create trouble. I also do not understand why Rishard Badurdeen is settling Muslims from out of the province using Qatari fund in Mullaitivu after clearing jungles, when Muslims evicted from north are languishing in refugee camps. sinhala racists who made a big noise when Rishard Badurdeen tried to settle Muslims in border of Wilpattu jungle are remaining woefully silent now.

    • 2

      Isn’t it a tragedy that some in this world can only see the “suffering” of and “atrocities” against the ethnic group to which they belong?
      What about the others in refugee camps? They do not matter?

      What are these myth believers made of?

      Their only salvatioon can possibly come from conversion to Buddhism which professes “universal” compassion. But Alas, these infidels label Buddhist after their own personal image.

      Do they not know in voting for Ranil and Maithree what they attracted Allah’s curse by “Bribing to win favourable judgement”.

      Think about it Lathief.

    • 2

      Dear ALL,
      The Powerful Minister Rishard Badurdeen with highest number of subject matters within his grasp, why cannot prepare a CABINET PAPER on this matter submit to the cabinet get some favourable project emancipating? After the two Articles of CT he is wolf crying now accusing Opposition TNA, and even Govt. Officials.

      Plight Of Muslim IDPs In Puttalam “The Muslims thugs together with Sri Lankan forces were responsible for killing hundreds of innocent Tamils especially children and Tamils’ lands were illegally grabbed by Muslims during the war times using Tamils’ vulnerability” I will add to the above, the Killings of 16 aid workers of French NGO, OXFAM few Muslim Home Guards along with the help of STF, did this according the revealing of the preliminary inquiry into this murder. During the war LTTE did that and Home Guards whatever ethnic it is did that; the tit for tat, that is how a war goes, and whoever did that for whatever the reason war crime is a war crime, and this was serious crime against the Humanity.
      Author Dr. Mohamad Shareef Asees shall remember that even all the Tamils of Valikamam North and Valikamam were asked leave towards Valikamam South, leaving all the belonging immediately – the way they did to Muslims in 1990, there was no any difference but the date was 30th October 1995, I along with my family carrying two children of 4 and 7 years old walked millimeter by millimeter as it had to be, along with about 200,000 others in the exodus evacuation – we all were crying the slogan in chorus repeatedly “1984 Sinhalese, 1990 Muslims and in 1995 we Tamils” suddenly the chorus subsided for apparent reasons; the day I realized that slowest walking with weights in our shoulder is most strenuous and difficult than walking faster with weights! We reached the 10 Km distance after 15 hours of walking strenuously as described above. My family was safe in the hands of some relatives, but there were some causalities reported while that walk of exodus before reaching the respective destinations. There was not a definite one! Now we will come back to the real point, there is no doubt that 40,000 IDPs are in distress for more than 25 years and I agree with whatever the author has written about them except one important point, that is constantly ACCUSING THE GOVERNMENT FOR THEIR PRESENT PLIGHT, the author said that he has a done research on them, as such have you asked them the all-important query of how many of them would like return to their original places. Here I would say in corroborative terms, that majority of them did not like to return to their original places for many reasons, one is their life style in their place of origin. Though I am not a lover or patronize Muslim leaders, there were few attempts by them to resettle them became futile, at one instance there was a huge protest against the resettlement moves in 2009- 2010 by these same people. I know all these because I was following up a request made by me in 2009 to The Minister of Rehabilitation and Resettlement none other than Rishard Badurdeen. Of course there are other categories of people in the IDP as described by author very few who have to be look into individually, among them also some does not want to move out unless the majority move out!

      • 1

        I will add to the above shall be read as Follows,

        Similarly, the core reasons behind the sudden evacuation of Muslims in the North also have to be gradually addressed if there would be a genuine process. There were several unfortunate incidents during the war initiated by Muslim home guards against innocent Tamils in the east, especially in Ampara. The Muslims thugs together with Sri Lankan forces were responsible for killing hundreds of innocent Tamils especially children and Tamils’ lands were illegally grabbed by Muslims during the war times using Tamils’ vulnerability.

        Thanking Siva for above Comment

  • 4

    The contribution made by the Muslims to the Sri Lankan society in the fields of trade, education, cultural development have been tremendous. Bensen

    • 1

      But the contributions by Indian muslims pale in comparison. Lol

  • 3

    Mr. Farook, this episode must not be left to recede into vague memory. You, as a journalist of repute and a member of the Muslim community owe it to the people of Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim to secure their homes and some form of compensation. It is known to all, but those who refuse to see that Prabakaran was worse than a rabid jackal. He was a man dehumanized and similar to Hitler. Let us try to put things right now. We will stand with you.

  • 4

    Mr.Farook, Hats off to you, your are a champion for bringing fore the miseries of unfortunate people. Your are one of the senior most journalist in the country. I’m very grateful to you for performing your duty well. I knew you and a follower of you from your days of the Sun of Gunasena Group which was zealed by Madam Sirima, and then your long time in Dubai with Khalji Times and Gulf News.

    Please keep up the pressure until these people are given a better life.

  • 5

    Mr. farook

    What you are writing is all past history and everybody knows it, what happened 20 years back. Of course it was very sinful and dreadful act on the part of the LTTE to chase all the Muslims from Jaffna with 24 hour notice leaving all their possessions. At one stage the whole of the Tamil population of the North were forcibly chased out by the LTTE. That was the great exodus from Jaffna, October/November 1995. Many people died on the way to the Vanni.
    The position now is that the places you have mentioned in Jaffna is free and most of the owners are settled there. I don’t see any reason why the Muslims at Puttalam cannot resettle in their properties. They do not want to but some have gone to resettled in Jaffna. It is the Tamil people from Vali North who are still suffering.Ten villages in Vali North are held by the Military still. Over 25,000 families are still living in camps and relatives’ homes.
    I would like to point out to Mr.Farook, that Muslims in general do not stick to a policy but change colours as an when it pleases them. Why cannot they stick to one policy and stick to it for good. Why is that your power-hungry leader, Mr. Hakeem, who is a minister in the present government and in earlier governments take up this matter and do the needful to his fellow Muslims.

  • 2

    There is absolutely no justification not to resettle our Muslim brothers even after six years of the war that ended in May 2009. The LTTE was also dictated by strategic concerns of the war they were fighting. But what has happened is inexcusable, inhumane and abhorable.

    What more disturbing is the fact the LTTE had long ago invited the Muslims to resettle but none heeded due to the prevailing war conditions. Apart from that neither the Governments in power nor the Muslim leadership ever bothered to care their resettlement, perhaps the fear of giving subsidies in the event of undertaking such a resettlement have kept them away from this issue.

    According to a news report a few years ago, the displaced Muslim population has grown three or four folds with new families and cannot find enough space they originally owned in Jaffna. Also a sizeable section have settled in Puttalam and in other areas have no intention to return to Jaffna.

    This is in reality a serious and pressing humanity problem which should be addressed fully by the authorities in detail and solved once and for all. I call upon the Muslim and Tamil leaders to apply pressure on the new good government for immediate resettlement of the Muslims of Jaffna.

    • 2

      LTTE was very innocent was accused for no reason.

      but, LTTE had killed over 40,000 at the end of the war.

      he Commission of Inquiry that probed Abductions and Disappearances (better known as the Maxwell Paranagama Commission) has found that it was the LTTE which killed majority of Tamil civilians during the last 12 hours of the final stage of the war, according to the commission report tabled in Parliament yesterday.

      Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe tabled the Maxwell Paranagama Commission report and the Udalagama Commission report along with the UNHRC report on alleged human rights violations in Sri Lanka.

      The Paranagama Commission report has said: “In coming to its findings about the LTTE, the Commission was cognisant of the fact that every major NGO and many international organisations recognized the parasitic conduct of the LTTE in its treatment of Tamil civilian population, including the forcible recruitment of children as soldiers, particularly in the last stages of the war. It has been estimated by a respected Jaffna-based NGO that in the final 12 hours of the conflict the majority of the Tamil civilian casualties were caused by the LTTE,” Paranagama Report said.

      The report “rejects the suggestion that civilians were either targeted directly or indiscriminately by the SLA as a part of an alleged genocide plan.”

      “The Commission finds that the Darusman Report, as well as other reports, have taken a particularly narrow and restricted view of the obligation upon the GOSL to prosecute international crimes.”

      The report says, “The LTTE was principally responsible for the loss of civilian life during the final phase of the armed conflict through their actions which included taking 300,000 to 330,000 civilian hostage, implementing a strategy of killing Tamil civilians to suit their military aims, using civilians as a strategic human buffer leading to considerable loss of civilian life, using hostages to dig trenches and build fortifications thereby exposing them to harm, sacrificing countless civilian hostages to keep the LTTE leadership in power, arming hostages and forcing them into the front line leading to the deaths of large numbers, forcing a great number of children to man the frontlines; deliberately preventing civilians, under their effective control, from fleeting to areas away from the fighting and executing civilian hostages for attempting to escape their captivity; shelling civilian hostages in order that the LTTE might assign those deaths to the SLA for media purposes to provoke international humanitarian intervention; placing their heavy weaponry amid civilians making it inevitable that there would be civilian casualties; killing civilians through the use of suicide bombers; placing mines and other explosive devices that resulted in civilian deaths; causing the deaths of civilians who drowned in an attempt to flee their LTTE captors; and adopting a practice whereby a significant number of its cadres fought in civilian clothes, thus blurring the distinction between combatants and civilians inevitably leading to civilian deaths.”

      “Commission is of the view that the principal reason for the loss of civilian life during the final phase of the war was the hostage taking and use of human shields by the LTTE.”

  • 1

    Good article. No government cares about displaced Muslims. This is shame.

  • 1

    [Edited out]

  • 5

    Fat Mama FUK U Shima:

    Joined ISIS on the 8th January after her boss MR lost. She has managed to flee the Horrors of ISIS. She is right no one cares bout the displaced Muslims. Neither Asad nor ISIS. It is a Muslim CURSE.

  • 1

    So where did muslim refugees live until the war ended ? that is how Allah wanted it.

    Now, it is six years since war was ended.

    Were they homeless ?

    Who are the thousands of muslims settled in Puttalm ?

    Rishad Bathiuddian is clearing the forest sin Mannar, Vanni, and Wilpattu chasing out wild animals to the city.

  • 2

    If the northern Muslims have not been settled then who are the thousands of Muslims who were being settled along parts of Mannar bordering the Wilpattu sanctuary and in the Vanni, by a nasty Muslim politician close the Rajapakse clan?
    Was this done deliberately with the blessing of the Rajapakse government to increase this politcian’s voter base and to create Muslim majority enclaves in the northern province.
    The Armed forces were and are still being used to illegally settle Sinhalese from the south and this politician was used to settle thousands of Muslims from the south, whilst hundreds of thousands of Tamils and Muslims originally expelled from the north remain unsettled.
    Last point. All these Muslims politicians and commentators are very vociferous about settling the expelled northern Muslims but are very quiet/silent about returning ethnically cleansed Tamil lands in the east,especially in the Amparai and Trincomalee districts that was appropriated by the Muslims and the Sinhalese. The numbers of these ethnically cleansed Tamils in the east far outnumber the Muslims expelled in the north. They were and are also quiet when this nasty Muslim politician from Mannar was illegally settling thousands of Muslims from the south in the Mannar district
    Remember the native indigenous population of the north and east are these indigenous Sri Lankan Tamils. Not the Muslims or Sinhalese. One lot settled here as refugees a few centuries ago and the other were illegally settled by all successive Sinhalese Sri Lankan government since independence to deliberately change the demography of the north and east. Ethnically cleansing an indigenous population and appropriating their land is a far greater crime. However everyone remains quiet about this. No one ethnically cleansed the Sinhalese from their homelands in the southern seven provinces, however the Sri Lankan government and the Muslims home guards in the east killed raped and ethically cleansed hundreds of thousands of Tamils from their ancient homeland in the north and east. They are still the largest displaced people.
    Justice should not be selective. It is very insulting when this person states if does not matter what happened or what is happening in the east but northern Muslims must be settled. Why is it because the large scale ethic cleansing of Tamils in the east by the Muslim home guards with the connivance of the Sri Lankan armed forces and the illegal appropriation of their lands drastically changed the demography and benefited the Muslims of the east,who only came there a few centuries ago as refugees fleeing European colonial persecution along the western seaboard and Sinhalese persecution in the Central highlands.

  • 0

    Sri Lanka desperately needs the return of the true sons of The Land The Rajapakshes .

    The best thing to do with these Muslims is to just put them in a boat like and sail them off ,Germany will give them refuge.

    Sri Lanka is turning into a disgusting Arabic culture state , every where you turn all you see are thambis with the thopi and putting thopi on all the poor innocent sinhala People.

    And the women with all black roaming around in black abayas and rags on their heads, they have even started marketing their head scarf by a married couple in kandy online porn, this is what these bloody cheap Muslims are capable of robbing our country by smuggling , prostitution under cover and destroying our youth by spreading drugs.

    We want Gotabaya back ,to end all this and rescue our country .

    No compromise we must chase these barbarians out of our Country , they tricked and betrayed Our King Mahinda , we must punish them severely .

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