3 February, 2023


Kumar Gunaratnam’s Life In Danger: Mother

The mother of Frontline Socialist Party (FSP) Leader Kumar Gunaratnam has said that she fears her son’s life is under threat.

Kumar Gunaratnam's mother

Rajamani Gunaratnam

Speaking to media, Rajamani Gunaratnam said that it was suspicious how her son has been transferred from the Kegalle prison to the Anuradhapura prison without reason. “No proper reason was given for this transfer, and the authority’s decision to transfer him to a prison as far off in Anuradhapura is suspicious, and it also prevents us from visiting him regularly,” she said.

His mother also called upon the authorities to provide her son with a Sri Lankan citizenship, as he was born in Kegalle and even completed his higher education in Sri Lanka.

On March 31, Gunaratnam, an Australian citizen, was sentenced to one year imprisonment and a fine of Rs. 50,000 for violating immigration laws and overstaying his visa in Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile, a member of the FSP Pubudu Jayagoda said that they will seek for explanation from the Commissioner General of Prisons as to why Gunaratnam was transferred from Kegalle to Anuradhapura without reasons.

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  • 12

    how can the life be dangerous just becaues he was remanded ?

    Is this right , then it is common to all that are prisoned today.

    There are lot more that are not open about this man – we would not like to face an another insurgency in this country as our mates took their lives for no reason in late 80ties. No matter who he is anyone with terror aggression potential shold be observed round the clock.

    It was also not right thing those men to go and vandalize immigration dept.. if all the convicted would do the same, what could be the consequence ?

    • 9

      Not gunaratnam but Wimal Weerawanse to be jailed for rest of his life. I cant digest the man – for all the crimes he has done sofar. Crimes he has done are that much .. than anyone else… he has manipulated the masses as nothign can help those poor gawkly folks that are only struggle for their survival. Knowing the vulnerability of them, MR and Buruwanse have abused them as nothing can help them reverse easily. That is the greater crime than any other crimes known to us.

      When considering it, Kumara has not done that much since he was out of the country for the last few decades.

    • 7

      Please Ms Gunaratnam, let it go for a year.. SF – today Field Marshal and forermly AC for the Army – was put in jail for 3 years for not provable facts. So, let your son to use those time to rethink and see it further. Mothers in general are always worried of their sons.

      • 3

        Yes, this means not that just because SF was prisoned, others too must be faced the kind of destiny wihtout reasons, but Gunaratanms case is unique to him – those who faced all kind of JVP violences in late 80ties still remember how JVP could run amok. I cant forget the losses of my batch mates yet. Luckily I left the country and others just beause of then Uni students were compelled to loose their lives. Any forms of criminal energies should be tamed by teaching them a lession.

      • 1

        His mouth is enough to be in jail not only for few years but for the whole life! By the way, I am talking about Sarath Fonseka who’s been gifted with a title ‘Field Marshal’ for the ‘going-shopping’ role he did for My3-RW-CBK trico.

        • 3

          Is that you the ilk feel it is fine, but right at the moment, going shopping for the mentioned is better than doing it to MR et al. Those who are doing the job for MR et al are the most abusive scum of the lanken society.

          At least some sorta of justice is given today than had been before 08th Jan 2015.

          Today almost higher minister of oppo to the ministers of ruling are compelled to go to FCID or to polics equally. But ballige puthas adminstration did nt even call an inquiry at the time, young UNP MPs were on a fact finding mission and faced all sortaof physical and verbal harrassment by Rajaakshe proxy underworld thugs. These thugs are still roaming inthe Hambantota area or hiding in the flowing toilets of Rajaakshe goons.

        • 1

          What abot the mouths of MR and Buruwanse ? That SEEMS ot be no problems to your idiots ? I think SF makes it factfully clear whenever he speaks out. But may be his wording sounded no good at that time, but today, he is a top person – I like it his first speech inthe new parliament. There, he covered almost every areas that needed attention. I am not party politician, but I like SFs nature if this nation ever to raise their head. He is more to disipline and law and order than to anything else. Hope his joinining will give govt more energies.

    • 4

      Gunaratnam is a wanted man in Aussie. Send him back. Let them deal with him. Don’t waste the tax payers’ money by incarcerating him.

  • 9

    CT editor

    Please note that there are 11.1 million pages of Off Shore accounts available from the recent leaks:

    It appears that a number of Sri Lankan companies are involved in off-shore investment (where the crooks hide their ill-gotten wealth).

    What have you been doing since last evening when this was first published?

    Bring back Ben Hurling, he is caught napping once again.

  • 18

    To :- Mrs Gunaratnam.

    Your son should not have misused the good things in life he obtained such as his education, right to reside in Australia, and marriaige to a doctor.
    Your son’s faults are your failures as a mother and parent.

    Your son’s background is very murky and his decision to get involved in politics instead of using his education to develop his self and family is his downfall. His intention of doing politics is not for the country but for himself and that can be seen from the party he reprsents.
    There are a lot of good lads in the world who could have benefitted from the same education as your son’s and also the right to live in Australia but alas they were not fortunate.
    As a mother you have failed miserably and badly and partly responsible for the mess your son is in and you will be held responsible if your son continues in his murky politics and adds to the mess your country is struggling to get out off.
    As a australian we are ashamed of australia’s immigration policy to have given your son the right of abode without checking his background with a toothcomb.
    If you are a good mother and love your son then you had better get down on your bended knees and pray to the good God above that he will hear your prayers and turn your son around, for your betterment, his betterment, for the family betterment and for the betterment of the country, for a mother’s prayers are powerfull and answerable.
    Pray that God will turn your son away from the bad company he is involved with for that band of so called friends of his are evil and murky people.

    We wish you the best and God be with you.

    Ps: Frankly we wish not to see your son back in Australia as its good riddance to bad rubbish.

    • 1

      wishyouthebest – you are sick. Take a cyanide capsule.

      • 8

        why do you state that “wishyouthebest” is sick and why do you advocate him to take a cyanide capsule. What has a cyanide capsule got to do with his comment.
        Are you like the former head of your once famous LTTE, the so called Piriparan or Prabakaran or whatever his name may be.
        Do you go around advocating people you don’t like just because you are unable to stomach their comments, to take cyanide pills. If that is the case then go away and join the left over LTTE elements.
        Kumar Gunaratnam is a national security threat to your country and has someone has stated a pea brained pussy footed moron whose sole intention is to drag your lovely land and morons like you who advocate the taking of cyanide pills to the bottom of the pit. The faults of KG are the failures of his parents to have guided him in a good parental way. The same applies to the former leader of your LTTE.
        Instead of advocating to others the taking of cyanide pills, you and your pussy brained friends had better start thinking how to get your beautifull, lovely, blessed, land out of the mess it is struggling to come out of.
        It’s because of sick left handed shaggers like you and your equally sick politicians and a even desperately sick KG that your “pearl of the indian ocean” is sinking into murky waters.
        Ask yourself ” what can I do to bring my precious land out of its many problems” instead of advocating cyanide pills.

        Yes ! your land has much to offer, plenty in abundance, a land of great beauty as stated many times, but the sad truth is, as long as cyanide capsule advocates like you exist, peace, harmony, good governance, prosperity, progress, honesty etc is a long way off.
        Also Indra, stay away from CT for its too sophisticated for you to understand, continue eating your kotthu roti so that it will help develop your intelligence and for goodness sake do or say something positive that will help towards the welfare of your sunny island.
        Kumar Gunaratnam and his family are not for you. Let them solve their own problems as it is they who brought it upon themselves.

    • 1

      You rather sound like a Mullah issuing fatwas or perhaps God Almighty reissuing a new edition of His Commandments.

      Kumar Gunaratnam fled the country for fear of life and was to return for good. His mother’s fears will be shared by many who know what happened to detainees in the past few decades.

      If KG is a dangerous criminal who nevertheless is willing to face the consequences of returning to the country for good, why cannot we let him stay and put him through the due legal process?

      Surely, an ex-JVP man is easier to handle than an ex-LTTE man.

      We can be a little more humane, if we only try a little.

      • 8

        To:- SJ,

        The writer of the article does not sound at all like a mullah.
        What he is stating are facts.
        If KG fled the country for fear of his life then he must have been up to no good. His mother’s fears are caused by him for dabbling in things that are not of his educational background.
        We wonder if his mother is aware of the fears that the mothers of the innocent followers he has indoctrinated, have been led astray.
        If he is a dangerous criminal who nevertheless is willing to face the consequences by returning to your country so be it.
        If you to are willing to face the consequences of his future murky political actions so be it.
        If you think that an ex JVP hard core maniacal minded buffoon is easier to handle than an ex LTTE man so be it.
        The future consequences are yours to experience and solve.
        Somewhere along the line people like you have not yet learnt your lessons the hard way and its a pity that 26 years of devastating internal conflict including the days of JVP uprisings has not left its mark on you to know the difference between good and bad.
        In such a lovely country its a pity that pea brained, pussy footed, specimens like you walk around in a drunken stupor still trying to defend another stupid, pea brained, pussy footed specimen whose sole intention is to drag the lovely land to a devastating end.
        If you want to be humane there are many Godly ways to be humane and display that humanity.
        We are sure you would not want to be humane with murderers like, Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler, Adolf Eichmann, Josef Goebbels, Magda Goebbels, Josef Kramer, Reinhard Heydrich, Saddam Hussein, Polpot, Chou en lai, Kim il Sung, Kim Jong il, Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, Walter Ul Bricht, Enver Hoxha, Mengitsu Haile Mariam, Charles Taylor, Hissene Habre, Robert Mugabe, Siad Barre, etc.

        The list can go on but the above started of like KG and because like people similar to you in their mentality and countries they were encouraged and driven to become infamous murderers.
        Not only did the devilish buggers murder, they looted, pilfered, raped, tortured, victimised, all in the name of some stupid political notion they carried inside their pea brained heads.

        If people like you support KG then you to must be having the same ugly notion in your damned pea brained head.
        Whoever you are, you can’t be an educated, self concious, sensible thinking individual who cannot distnguish the difference between the God given light of stability, prosperity, progress and peace, and the devil instigated darkness of instability, poverty, vulgarity, murder, human rights abuses, etc etc.

        Thank God mercifully, people like you and KG are few and far away and hope that one day you will face the opportunity to suffer the evil principles of KG and his political party in reality.
        It will only then open your pea sized brain to reality but it may be to late for you to turn around and say ” where did it all go wrong.”

        Some advice to you. If you have time watch the film ” Killing fields ” for it might bring some sense into your cemented brain and if it does not, then you are a failed human being.

        Finally leave the Mullahs and their Fatwas and God and his Commandments alone. That has nothing to do with the subject and to sophisticated for you to understand. Try to understand something a lot less sophisticated.

        Worry about how you could get your lovely land out of the quagmire its struggling to come out of, rather than support a pussy footed pea brained idiot whose future intentions are to take that land deeper into the quagmire.

      • 0

        My comment was on the tone of the comment by “wish you the best”.

        If it is correct to say that “If KG fled the country for fear of his life then he must have been up to no good”, then refugees all over the world must have been up to no good.
        If KG was up to no good, haul him up before the law and try him for the offences. It will be easier to do that by restoring his citizenship.

        (A man who is said to have fled for similar reason is back as Governor, CBSL. Was he too up to no good? Some say that he has been naughty after his return.)
        There is something called natural justice, and there can be no ‘good governance’ without it.

        I repeat: “We can be a little more humane, if we only try a little.”

  • 3

    More sick are those thumbuppers.

    • 0

      I agree Navin.

      Indra, suggestions like “Take a cyanide capsule” are not healthy either.

    • 7

      More sick are walking disasters like you who do not know right from left and not the thumbuppers.

  • 8

    This man is a threat to national security. It was Prabakaran before now we have Gunaratnam trying to terrorize and destabilise Sri Lanka. Just deport him never to come back.

    • 0


  • 2

    The anxiety and fear of G’s mother about the prison transfer are justified.
    Anything can happen in our prisons, and nothing happens after any ‘happening’.

    The Welikada Prison Massacre report is suppressed.

    Judiciary is no help either – CJ Mohan Peiris declared that prisoner Nimalaruban who was beaten to death in Vavuniya Prison was a ‘terrorist’ of his (CJ’S) own ‘personal knowledge’ without any evidence being led to support such a contention, and thus ‘justified’ his murder, and ruled out any compensation for the death.

  • 3

    What was an Australian Citizen doing in Sri Lanka after he was deported back to Australia? Why was he over staying his visa? Whose dirty work was he undertaking that it was worth the risk of being arrested and either jailed or deported again. I think the answer to all this is the real reason why he deserves to remain in jail not just for the petty crime of over staying his visa. He was a JVP member during the infamous second uprising in the late 80’s. How many murders was he involved in? If his life is in danger then it is rightly so. This is an absolute scoundrel of a man who deserves no sympathy.

  • 4

    “How many murders was he involved in? If his life is in danger then it is rightly so. This is an absolute scoundrel of a man who deserves no sympathy.”

    It is not a matter of anybody’s sympathy.
    The question is whether there is even handed application of rules and fair delivery of justice.

    It is absolute scoundrels that were and are now running the country’s affairs.

  • 2

    I do not know why some people still call this govt. a yahapalana admin. If one does not suffer from the kill-MR-at-cost phobia, he/she would see the many bad of present regime. Mrs. Guneratnam, all these things are undemocratic provided this happened when MR was in power. Even the mighty Australia did come to the rescue of your son during previous regime. So, your weeping sound will be unheard.

  • 3

    Some mothers do have them !
    She should be sent to the same jail for producing this devil incarnate, so she can moly-cuddle the bold infant& look after him.
    This terrorist is using the uni students for his own ends.

    • 2

      Let mothers be in that way. Mothers look at their ones all the same. Mothers are mothers.

      Mothers always are not wrong ones their idiotic sons to become what they are.

      At the time, we lost our brothers in late 80ties, I really did not know what was going on in the country. There were all kind of brutalities. We call us buddhists, but beheading and taking on revenge was their top of the agenda. How could JVP or GOVT men go for taking a life of fellow lankens ? THese were the darkest day of my young life then. I left the country for Europe and continued my education -thanks god. But how many went missing not being able to leave for escape. We call us buddhists ? so loudly as we can even today – this is a greater puzzle to me… I really dont know how the average lankens specially sinhalayas tick.

  • 0

    K G S supporters admitted that they were thr original 1971 J V P ers
    It is enough to keep him in Jail for life. Not in Remand. Remand is the safest place to him and alike

    Once out of his prison term , send him back to Ausrtalia , never to return to Srilanka and start another insurection

    • 0

      All the 1971 insurgents were tried by a special court and most of them werereleased or let off with light sentences. Some were jailed for a long term. Those so jailed were released by JRJ in 1977-78.

      So April 1971 is water under the bridge. None of the present JVP or FLSP leaders were in the JVP then, except perhaps Somawansa, who quit the JVP some time ago.
      The rival claims are for political succession.
      What are your legal grounds for a prison sentence for KG?
      Bending the law to target someone is very dangerous.

      For KG alone to start an insurrection in the highly militarized present day Sri Lanka, he has to be super-human.
      If he can, in this day of super speed communications, he can direct operations from Australia.

      Is the state really scared of him?

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