21 March, 2023


Lankan-Born International Drug Kingpin Is Gota’s Buddy: Karu Jayasuriya

“I will be dedicated to the task of totally eradicating the drug menace presently experienced in Sri Lanka. I will do so within a period of three years through a coordinated effort covering the implementation of laws, the actions of police and other social institutions”.

The above paragraph is quoted from the fancy document titled Mahinda Chinthana under the heading “An end to the drug menace”. Accordingly, the drug menace in Sri Lanka should have been totally eradicated by 2008. What really happened is just the opposite.

Gotabaya Rajapaksa Drugs Mohamomad Mubharakh

*Mohamed Mubarak Mohamed Mujaid and Gotabaya

The Ministers and parliamentarians connected to Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government even with the intervention of the Prime Minister, wholesale consignments and container loads of drugs were brought into Sri Lanka. It is an undisputed fact that under the administration of Kurunegala district candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa the drug business flourished freely with no restrictions whatsoever. It was during his period that drug dealers’ activities expanded and reached the top most official domain. It was Gotabaya Rajapaksa as the Secretary of Defence who was responsible for eliminating the drug business during the period of rule under Kurunegala district candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa. People are now aware how Gotabaya acted with regard to the drug business in the country.

It is revealed that Mohamed Mubarak Mohamed the Head of the international drug dealer network, who supplied heroin from Pakistan to a number of countries including Sri Lanka, is a close friend of the Defence Secretary. The media had published photographs of Mohamed Mujaid meeting with Gotabaya Rajapaksa. These very same Rajapaksas shouted from rooftops about patriotism but they are the people who grossly violated the pledge given to the country through the Mahinda Chinthanaya promising to wipe out child abuse, rape, underworld and organized crimes by strengthening the law.

The information revealed through Mohamed Mubarak Mohamed Mujaid incident proves the shameful efforts made by Rajapaksas (who had agreements with Casino kings such as James Packer) to promote the casino culture in Sri Lanka to destroy the future generation. There were reports about giving directives to permit the use of heroin and blue films in the North as a means of preventing youth moving towards militancy in the North. Thus it is obvious that Kurunegala district candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa and his set of thieves would resort to any corrupt an unholy action crushing all accepted moral values and human relations for the sake of power. This proves that the United Peoples Freedom Alliance is only a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

The majority of this country on the 8th of January defeated this corrupt and disgraceful administration. Ven. Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thero, Ven Omalpe Sobhitha Thero, Ven. Athuraliya Rathana Thero along with a large number of political parties, artistes, academics including university professors and lecturers, with the civil society organizations have rallied together to prevent the reappearance of men like Mohamed Mubarak Mohamed Mujaid through people like Gotabaya Rajapaksa. In order to completely wipe off this type of perilous businesses permanently from our soil and protect our future generation, the Kurunegala district candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa and the rogues around him, have to be defeated on the 17th of August. It is the responsibility of everybody who desires to live in a society where morality prevails.

*Statement Issued By Karu Jayasuriya, Minister Of Public Administration, Local Government And Democratic Governance – 30th July 2015

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  • 42

    Well whats known is made public but this is going to hurt the sentiments of K A Sumanasekera et all

    • 50

      This is yet another well known secret, which kept under the carpet by the SL main stream Media , just take the following facts into consideration

      1)Prime Minister’s (D.M Jayaratna) close association with the Pakistani Drug dealer followed by a request to release a container load of Heroin.

      2) Mahinda’s swift action resulted preventing Lansa’s house premises being searched.

      3) Gotabaya’s close association with Duminda silva ( Mahinda Made him as the Monitoring Defence MP)

      4)Mahinada’s close association with Mervin silva.

      5)Now with this latest revelation ( this is not a new story at all , it has been reported much earlier , please check the following link [Edited out]

      just think logically , how could it possible for the very top of the regime to play innocence and then go on threatening & vowing to irradiate the drug menace from SL soil at the same time ? wasn’t this Mafia king’s ” Mathata thitha ” number 2 ?

      • 1

        I heard that princes used the drug king to have races in Malaysia and his Lamborghini were in Malaysia

      • 1

        I heard that princes used the drug king to have races in Malaysia and his Lamborghini were in Malaysia. How did Namal buy three enterprises out of M.P. salary? His 3 Lamborghinis now in Malaysian heroin Kingpin’s house –Nalin Bandara

    • 15

      RE:Lankan-Born International Drug Kingpin Is Gota’s Buddy: Karu Jayasuriya

      GoTa GoTa Chatu Gota

      GoTa GoTa Drug Pin Gota

      GoTa GoTa Mara Gota

      GoTa GoTa Amana Gota

      GoTa GoTa White Van Gota

      GoTa GoTa Commission Gota

      GoTa GoTa Mig Pin Gota

      GoTa GoTa Lying Gota

      GoTa GoTa Arms Dealer Gota

      The infamous Gotabaya Rajapaksa ridicules and laughs at Lasantha Wickrematunge being killed off


      Sri Lanka’s defence secretary, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, says General Sarath Fonseka will be executed


      GOTABAYA RAJAPAKSE verbally abuse a police officer at UN Protest – Jul 10 2010


    • 7

      Get over it. Gothabaya met this man on invitation for the premier of a film show. Gothabaya has now taken legal action on the paper that gave this misleading information. hopefully, it Will teach a lesson who speaks out what they feel and not report the proper story. PLEASE TAKE NOTE LOVER OF PEACE!

    • 0

      Peace Lover, do you want us to believe the cast of this drug dealer’s movies also are “in the same category of where GR is there”?

  • 38

    Well, let’s wait and see if all this talk is accompanied by action or just more talk

  • 35

    Surprised?. Well, I am not. We knew it all along. Where is the ‘rule of law’?.

  • 28

    Dear Amare,
    What do you think will be the response by Mervin’s son Dr. Dayan Jayatileke to the above factual news.
    DJ like a fox used to praise Sajith P and Karu J with ulterior motive of bringing back MR & his family members and cronies to power and create a dictatorial or army state like Myanmar and Thailand.

    DJ the smart patriot is good at shedding crocodile tears and fooling the innocent citizens.

    • 2

      Non PhD

      “Dear Amare, What do you think will be the response by Mervin’s son Dr. Dayan Jayatileke to the above factual news.”

      Mervyn Silva makes a complaint at the CID against Basil Rajapaksa and Gotabaya Rajapakse


      Ada Dawasa – 2015.07.11 | Interview with Mervyn Silva.


      They all have some kind of response, which will be given to the Modayas, Mootals and Fools and they will accept it as their IQ’s are close to 65.

      See how Mahinda Rajapaksa Redefined HORA, Thief, when many accused of being a thief.

      They call us thieves, because we ended the war: MR. Nothing abour Sarath Fonseka. VP being funded in 2005…


    • 5

      Non PhD:-
      You are obviously unaware that Dayan Jayatilleke is not the son of the current Mervin Silva.

      DJ is the son of the Former Intellectual, Mervyn de Silva, who is unfortunately no longer in the World of the Living. It is sad that the name of a man of his stature is confused with that of ‘Mervin the Vermin’.

  • 28

    May be in his mind he was doing Sri Lanka a favor. We know he had expensive hobbies like having Shark tanks, imported puppies and other exotic animals and a posh life style. Someone had to fund it.

  • 27

    “Actions speak louder than words”. A lot of things have been exposed and said about Gota and the rest of the Raja clan, but comparatively the action taken to investigate and bring these despicable characters before the law has been too slow and very poor. It’s almost like no action. True bravery is shown by performing without witness, what one might be capable of doing before all the people.Simply making excuses is no good. Gives the impression that something is rotten in the state of SL.
    High time our people understood “Nothing is politically right which is morally wrong”.

    • 13

      This is from “Economy Next” of Jul 30th. this should answer at least part of your question.
      “Sri Lanka’s anti-corruption commission has been made defunct by commissioners appointed by the ousted Rajapaksa regime who were preventing probes into bribery and corruption, a government spokesman said. “

    • 3

      You forget that an Election is round the Corner.

      The Present Government would be under attack by the Majority Voters, Supporters of their Darling, if they were perceived as taking Revenge against the Former President.

      Plenty of Time after the Election, to “….Investigate and bring these despicable characters before the law”.

  • 8

    Instead of just talking, should you not charge and put them behind bars. The problem is all fart and no shit.

  • 10

    What a pathetic figure this Karu Jayasuriya is?.

    Remembers the days when this same Jayasuriya went back to the UNP . put Keselwatta Kid on the Elephant and paraded him around the country, acting as the mahout.

    And pleaded to the Mudalalais in the Villages to help him to rescue the grand old party from the Christian Faction lead by Batalanda Ranil?

    Wonder what happened?.

    Looks like this great Sinhalaya who is supposed to be the Guardian and the Custodian of the UNP Sinhala Mudalalis has now become a nincompoop.

    And doing the dirty work for the Elite.

    Batalanada Ranil, has signed MOUs not only with the Wahabis, but also the British Tigers to fulfil his promises and agreement with to Vellala leader Sambanaddan.

    Looking at the TNA Manifesto , Federal Government in NPC is a sure thing.

    And if the Wahabis get juicy positions , Sambandan will be joint owner of the East as well.

    And Batalanada Ranil has coaxed , bribed and offered santhosams to the extent that even Buddhist Monks like Sobitaha , Rathne and chief Dayakaya Champika have become full blown green Elephants.

    Even Anura Kumara , the JVP leader whose party sacrificed nearly one hundred thousand Sinhala Youth to be tortured and killed at the hands of Banadaranayaks, Premadasa and Jayawardana is barracking for Batalanda Ranil.

    How cool !!!

    AKD should have a Photo of the Batalanda Torture Chamber in his Bed room…

    • 11

      What are you stupid? This has nothing to do with politics but greed that that allows drug dealers to destroy complete generations with protection.

    • 8

      @K A Sumanasekera please clarrify one thing

      i) are you for eradicating drugs from Sri Lanka? if yes then why get upset with Karu for telling this?

      Pls clarrify without your usual sidewalk (crabwalk) and cut and paste words like “Vellala,MOU,Smabandan,Ranil,Poinl,Diasporians,a dollar a day,Dalits,Poodle club etc”

      We can clearly see that your upset that Karu has told something sensitive ;-)

      • 3

        P. Lover,

        Dalits may have a “joint”.

        But they don’t have the dosh to indulge in real stuff which your Elite mates do..

        All eleven caught at the ODI who were high in the Box ,with the Big Honchos of local and International cricket are all Elite , and Anglicans or their mates.

        In fact a heavy weight Politikka from Colombo had to come and bail out the lot , because his son was one of them..

        How cool…

        Yahapalanaya has given us great sons,

        One is in court for having copulation with an under age partner.

        Now we have another charged for smoking Ice Pipe in Public.

        Is that Movie Director Leela’s Drug dealer mate and financier from Pakistan?.

        BTW , Were you in the Box or just in the outer next to the boundary line with the Dalits ?…

        • 5

          @ K A Sumanasekera you still didnt answer my question please can you clarrify

          “i) are you for eradicating drugs from Sri Lanka? if yes then why get upset with Karu for telling this?”

          stop your sidewalk and answer with a straight bat

  • 9

    Everybody in the globe knows what Rajapaksa family did during Mahinda’s tenure with his henchmen.
    But unfortunately still foolish people go behind them for nothing.

    During his tenure corruption level was high and crime level was top.

    Majority of Sinhalese quickly forget everything.

    Their only Mantra is WAR about Mahinda.
    What about Our War Hero Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka.

    Mahinda, his brothers, his three sons and many henchmen must be brought to justice and incarcerated for life.

    • 4

      Your war hero fonseka also seems to beleive in family rule doesn’t he? Tsk.. Tsk. .

      • 0

        “Your war hero fonseka also seems to beleive in family rule doesn’t he? Tsk.. Tsk. .
        Don’t forget he also believes in majority rule. Minorities will have to be drowned like rats in the Indian Ocean according to him.

  • 7

    “It is an undisputed fact that under the administration of Kurunegala district candidate Mahinda Rajapaksa the drug business flourished freely with no restrictions whatsoever”

    Who let this particular Mahinda Rajapaksa(MR) contest at this years elections? It was none other than the present President Maithripala Sirisena. Having given his blessings to MR Sirisena has betrayed the nation. People will not forgive Sirisena.

  • 5

    Last 6 months we have been seeing many corruptions, bribery coming up against the Gota and Mara clans, its just gossip talk and no actions taken. All these crooks are all immuned, so better stop this new divulges as there is action from MY3 government. New divulges will just make the masses more angry.

  • 3

    It is said that,
    there were rumors in Singapore intelligence circle that HoothamBaya’s family built or building luxury villa in Genting highlands in Malaysia.???????????????.

    possibly, [ that is for my son, he is building from his earnings]!!!!!!!!

    If you are a brother or relative of a president of a country,
    with a crafty, cunning brain to mislead a nation showing bogus PATRIOTISM,
    have Shares with a high profile distribution network for Heroin cartel and few ships from/with former LTTE members and network,
    every thing is Possible

  • 2

    Most guys apparently think Kudu was introduce to this country by GR – normal voters cannot be fooled by these silly propaganda against GR – when these guys are running out of mud to sling at GR they invent these kind of silly things and shows their bankruptcy – just like the issue of somebody trying to grab MR’s had at a rally and converting it to a story to demonize MR – we only have to sympathize these idiots

    • 3

      “Most guys apparently think Kudu was introduce to this country by GR – “

      don’t think so , Drugs started pouring in soon after 1977 open economy , only fools would think GR introduced drugs to SL , however since 2005 Nov , not only drug business flourish in SL but also became the transit hub for Asia , this is a fact which no body can deny.

      “normal voters cannot be fooled by these silly propaganda against GR – “

      Absolutely , no more fooling around , Masses know who were the real culprit behind this Multi Billion trade.

      “when these guys are running out of mud to sling at GR they invent these kind of silly things and shows their bankruptcy “

      Smear campaign against the white van goon ? he is directly responsible for Every single extra judicial killing in SL and all the Military hardware procurement , wait, Karma is coming after him , he can’t leave the country now , as his passport been impounded , what a sorry state he is in now ? remember his infamous finger wagging ,threatening despicable behaviour before the BBC camera ? the whole Mafia family has been cornered now , there is no escape for any of them now , we know how MY3 and Ranil tried to cover up all their misdeeds , no more , just wait till 18 Aug for the fire works.

    • 2

      @Rabok, you will do anything to hide the truth about the MR family of goons eh? Deception in the form of fancy words is the game the Rajapaksa supporters play. You and Dr. Sumanasekeram are leading the team of Mara propaganda machine. Just like the LTTE supporters living abroad, you just don’t care what happens to this beautiful country? Keep talking and make a fool out of yourself?

  • 1

    Now, according to Karu theory the directors and actors of these films too are accomplices of the drug king pin!
    Back then he was not exposed as a drug dealer and that is that. Karuwa is trying to make some political mileage from it as he has nothing to show for the years of political action except finding a SIL.

  • 3

    An underage girl who steals five Rupees is arrested and
    produced in court. Six boys and three girls misbehaves
    under liquor end up in police . The talk of “Yaha
    palanaya” is nothing new to the ordinary folks ! The
    miracle now happening in the paradise is that “yaha
    Pala Naya” is dead scared of MARA family that their
    Naya won’t touch non of them and it’s all for public
    entertainment on election festivals ! JVP is the only
    ones who engage with people intelligently with some
    serious issues. At the end , in the hands of
    traditional UNP and the SLFP led coalition is not
    doing anything new to suit the modern society except
    trying to make fun of each other with rubbish dry
    jokes and mudslinging. Dirty politics.

  • 0

    A sheep in wolf’s clothing?????

    Are you sure you got that one right??

  • 1

    Why can’t you all forgive all these sins and re-conciliate with Gota and co It does not matter whether they accept the crimes or not. It is for the sake of the country and to move forward. Can not look at the past but look at the future and move forward and prosper. The past is past forget their ills and join them and move for the well being of the people. No matter it is drug crime, murder, torture or any other kind crime. Instead of accusing him of his bad things praise his deeds and velour saving the country alone and single handedly from the LTTE terrorist the most worst and ferocious in the world. Praise the hero and his heroism.

    • 1

      Another Shit eating Pig in Gota’s own words? No wonder they are the ones who are trying to bring MR and Gota back. Very soon these Pigs will fly.

  • 4

    ONE COPE Report had revealed that Karu Jayasooriya was a thief who robbed public. there are many more in UNP. Ravi KArunanayake’s friends are LTTE financiers, and Drug lords. that includes Wele Suda. that is how his files went missing. The present shooting also because drug businessmen who came to politics for Ravi karunanayake.

    Generally, Criminals like to party with VVIPs. SO, if VVIPs are not careful what they are getting into, then the DRUG LORD have photo with the VVIP and they use that friendship to bring contraband. that is what has happened here.

    My question is if the Yahapalana govt knows what steps they have taken to arrest this Muslim Drug lord.

    UNP shows photos just to profit for their election campaign. Even during the 100 days they could do nothing.

    Most in UNP are thieves. Some of the thieves in UPFA are also former UNPErs.

    • 1

      Jim Softy, due to erectile dysfunction,

      Why is it that MR could not get a conviction on RK for ten years if there was an ounce of truth of the slander you try to speculate against

      Your statement that Most in the UNP are thieves, Some of the thieves in the UPFA are also former UNPers.

      Absolutely! most thieves in the UNP joined hands with the Big Thief in the UPFA and robbed the country whole sale. Once in a way your tongue tells the truth, though your mouth utter falsehood most of the time.

  • 1

    This dumb criminal Gotabaya should be in jail for all the murders, assassinations and theft he committed.

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