14 August, 2022


Lasantha Murder: Court Orders CID To Check Bank Accounts Of 60 Army Intelligence Officers

The Mount Lavinia Magistrate today ordered the CID to carry out probes on at least 60 bank accounts belonging to Army Intelligence Officers to verify their involvement in the assassination of Sunday Leader Founder Editor Lasantha Wickrematunge.

Lasantha Wickrematunge

Lasantha Wickrematunge

The Magistrate also ordered that Army Intelligence Officer Premananda Udalagama be further remanded till August 25. Udalagama is currently in remand custody on suspicion that he had a role in the assassination and also for kidnapping Wickrematunge’s driver, Dias, a few months after the assassination.

The CID is to check the bank accounts in an effort to verify if any large payments were made to these intelligence officers who may have played a role in Wickrematunge’s murder operation.

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Latest comments

  • 2

    Batalanda Ranil’s brief to the UNP CID must be

    “Get the bastards who escaped from my mate Pira’s LTTE boys in the Milleneum City hit to eliminate the Army Intelligence Unit.”..

    Where is Bodhi Sira?..Is he on Siesta?

    Or coaching his big ass secretary Dumiya on how to sack good SLFP members..

    • 22

      Sumanya, you need to hurry to protect the bums of your god fathers.

      but sooner than later we will see the end of the investigations. Wait and see, Jaya niyathai. you the flies on the extrementa of Rajakashes will have to find it for your inner peace.

      Batalanda Ranil is doing a great job. Today tabloid says, current responsible committees can call Mahinda Rajakashes for – as the minister of finance. Wait and see, things will have to move that far if you guys would not sense it

    • 20

      Wait and see, the days Mara has to cut his thorat is nearing. Coming colour is no good for Mara and Mara et al.

    • 5

      Hi KUsuman

      Are you one of the 60 or a beneficiary? Tell fearlessly what was your share. Even if it is amude tell.

      This is just sixty. There many more. Bayagota, Mahinda Mudalali, Namal Raja, Wimal Booruwanse, Ajith Nivard Ge Cabraal, Gamanpulle, Saradial Mervyn Silva, Gnanasara Thero etc., etc. must also ……..

    • 2

      The noose is slowly tightening around those who thought that “KARMA” was sleeping during the time the “Jarapakses” were at their helm.

      I don’t believe in the existence of HELL or HEAVEN, but those who have blood in their hands would have their time with destiny, before they leave this world.

      A good example would be the dethroning of the once thought of invincible “Maharajune” on the 8th of January, a date that would go down in history as the day that the much loved Lasantha Wickrematunge was brutally murdered in broad daylight.

      If anyone thought that “KARMA” was sleeping, it has woken up with a vengeance.

    • 1

      RE: Lasantha Murder: Court Orders CID To Check Bank Accounts Of 60 Army Intelligence Officers

      Good move.

      Each of the accounts went up by Rs.10 Million to Rs. 100 Million or more.

  • 16

    Yes, check them and weed these bad apples from the Security Services. These morons under the patronage of MARA/GORA hit squad would have carried out these murders for a filthy sum. These scoundrels also bring disrepute to the larger security forces of the country.

    Now that lot of monies and properties are being disowned by MARA family, lot more would have ended up in these murderers accounts.

    Just like the people cleansed the country by sending MARA family home, the judiciary should cleanse the remaining part.

    long live Mother Lanka, void of corrupt men.

  • 2

    If the CID is to check the bank accounts in an effort to verify if any large payments were made to these intelligence officers they will find that Rs 40,000 is deposited to most of their accounts on the 20 of each month @ 9 AM and 40,000 is withdrawn @ 9.01 AM every month and a nil balance continues till the 20th of the next month.

    If they are that rich and inclined to make money they will not remain in the Army as Intelligence Officers but join the respectable drug dealer Wele Suda as a former IGP did.

    How about also checking the accounts of the ………..

    Punish those who do wrong and not carry out a witch hunt to satisfy someones ego.

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