25 May, 2022


Lasantha My Friend

By Sharmini Serasinghe

Lasantha my friend,

THEY killed off your body,

that was just your shell.


But your Vision and Mission,

no bullet can quell!


THEY scattered your blood,

slaughtered your flesh

and did you away.


This they did,

as your Vision and Mission,

caused them great disgrace!


Thus, strength you have given,

to us, your friends,

who scribe with more fervor,

to bring to an end,

THEY, who are upon us

from the depths of Hell!


Pictures of the memorial service held at murdered Sunday Leader editor Lasantha Wickrematunge‘s gravesite to commemorate his fifth death anniversary today;

Lasantha W 2014

 Lasantha 2014


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  • 20

    Congrats, Sharmini on this beautiful poem. The slaughter of Lasantha was a dastardly,brutal and cowardly act. It has to return and haunt those who were behind it.
    “Foul is fair
    And fair is foul”
    In this land of ours.
    When will the return come
    To deliver justice
    With a blow likewise
    To the rods of steel
    That jammed his brain
    And wrenched his body?

    • 7

      It looks like writing some thing, a poem,essay, or just trash blaming an unknown killer of Lasantha is the ‘new blck’.

      We must condemn his kiling, by whoever, ‘cos it is the right thing to do. We must at the sametime ask ourselves some questions relating to his life and death. As a nation we have to evaluate the career and style of Lasantha.

      Was he a journalist, a media owner, or both? Would a genuine independent newspaper have published articles written in his sort of style (or thelack of it)?

      Through gratuitous personal attacks on people, aided by an inflated ego and the help of other non-journalists like Sonali and Frederica Jansz, and manadana Ismail, did he contrubute to his death?

      Did he foresee that all above three helpers hadone ambition only – to get a green Card to perceived personal happiness?

      A relevant important issue is, who financed him including after the three or four burn-downs of his press?

      Why did he not, at any statge, reveal his religious affiliations to a fundamentalist Christian group at narahenpita where his funeral finally revealed the link?

      Was the manner of his affair with Sonali above-water or ethical?

      The full story on Lasantha, if ever came out, will probably affect the following among the “converted”.

      • 2


        I thing this Adam man is ask some vise qestions.

        Pottery writers plees answer. I am confus.

        • 6

          We do not want any body’s Birth certificate or any affiliation to any race or religion.
          What we are looking at is Humanity from a Human being.

          you can fly a big KITE.

          • 3

            I insist that you read your own birth certificate to find out who your father is.

            While w know you are son of a BITCH we do not know who sired a piece of scum like you.

            You still haven’t learnt to press that Caps Lock button you cretin.

            • 2

              son [Edited out] has spoken filth once again. hey adam go and look for your father who was lately sighted in ukrain.

      • 3

        What has all this got to do with his murder? Are you saying that he and anyone else like him deserves to be murdered? Are you supporting this murder? Are you an idiot who do not know the difference between what is right and what is wrong?

  • 7

    Sunday leader hardly a leader
    Only a fifty thousand reader

    Did Lasantha fight to a finish
    Good riddance to bad rubbish

    • 13

      Who is this idiot?

      • 10

        Fathima Fuk-U-shima whose brain is embedded elsewhere??

      • 3

        @Indrani Mayakaduwa, this fatshitma idiot writes a lot of garbage Indrani. You should read some of his rubbish. After reading them you might want to kill this bastard.

    • 18

      He was not a traitor like so Called robbed certificate, Synthetic lawyers.
      To me He is a Real Patriot to mother land, And they never DIE.
      I did not know him personally,
      I have never met him.

      But he was One of Our HEROS.

      at last, May his soul attain NIBBANA.

    • 17


      Before you comment on the Sunday Leader popularity, see how popular you are how many like your commenting? Numbers speak louder than words. Pathetic indeed!

    • 10


      King wants to offer you a free housing loan.

      Happy Boot Licking in 2014!


    • 3

      This idiot has his head permanently stuck up his U know what. There was a time when the Leader was the only paper worth reading. It was also a paper that was hard to come by since it got sold out very quickly on a Sunday.

  • 16

    A graceful& fitting poetical tribute by Sharmini.

  • 7

    Adios amigo
    Adios my friend.

    Whatever the differences we had Lasantha
    You were a fearless journalist

    Politicians crapped in the pants reading the leader
    A rowdy bandit called you a worm

    Crooks tried to kill you
    But that never deterred your will

    You stood tall and strong
    Like a lighthouse in nowhere

    May you rest in peace Lasa
    Knowing you nation is finally at peace

    Adios amigo
    Adios my friend.

    (Although Lasantha’s end benefited SL, in my view no one should be killed or harmed for his or her opinion. Those who killed Lasantha did a great service to SL but a great disservice to themselves.)

  • 7

    Fathima Fukushima is a real disgrace.
    ‘F***ima Licking shima’ of the Rajapasse’s.

  • 3

    In the above picture, the veteran opposition politicians visiting the memorial service seem rather lost and undecided, almost as if they are not sure why they came…

  • 7


    In my journey all these
    thirsting to catch a
    of your sweet fresh face
    why you always
    elude me
    and I only end up
    with tired old cliches
    and half-truths and blatant
    dressed up as aging women
    in heavy make-up and
    bored old men
    in neatly pressed shirts
    trying to look solemn.

    In your silence
    whatever uttered is the truth.
    In your absence
    life is an Elizabethan tragedy where
    the villain is the hero.

  • 1

    The irony of a free press is allowing those who should be free to comment, space to do just that !!! As one can see from some of the nauseating comments seen above.

  • 2

    [Edited out]

  • 5

    You idiot. What is the purpose of your life? Vermin like you don’t deserve to live and pollute this world. I hope the fate that is to befall the criminal Rajapaksas also affects you.

  • 4

    It is sad ,all acts pertaining to this event is your bold reporting….the powerful family regime found you as a threat to their acquiring tons and trillions of the Nation wealth….as for now they succeeded like yours they did snuff out a colossal amount of lives….the murderers,drug addicts,corrupted officials are blackmailed by this thugs…they chose the disasterous path….their end is far approaching….is just time we will know the rulers will pay….but at such a cost……this is what happen when monkeys rule….you are such a outstanding person….one day this family will face worse then what Gaddafi,Saddam Hussein faced.IT IS NOT BRIDGES,HIGHWAYS.AIRPORTS OR HARBORS THE WORLD RECOGNISED SRI LANKA BUT OUR HUMANE CULTURE.BUT TODAY IS THE PEOPLE HAPPY JUST LIKE SINGAPORE,,WHEN A NATION PROSPER THE PEOPLE GO ALONGSIDE….THE FAMILY ROLLS THE CAPITA INCOME IN THEIR POCKETS …THEY ARE BEEN WATCHED …KARMA, KARMA KARMA…IN A BIG WAY………CRIMINALS WILL PAY…AND FROM HEAVENLY GATES YOU CAN WATCH…MY FRIEND.

  • 5

    It shouldn’t be this way. Journalist and Writers are not the ones to seek justice for Lasantha’s murder. Many opinion writers here arae seeking justice rather than commemorating the anniversary day and say condolences. This sounds like looking for revenge.

    This is murder is not about differences in opinions. Further, Lasantha is best person to argue his writing. He might not need a help from anyone to put forward his ideas.

    This murder is about the basic human rights. This murder was carried out to deny the rights of speak and write, not just for Lasantha, it is to deny that right for all Sri Lankans. So, it is people of Sri Lanka has to seek out the justice for this murder. It is the politician has to be on the top of this matter until this is resolved. Many of them seems to reluctant because it seems they did not like Lasanhtha, Lasantha’s cause, even more than they losing their basic rights, because their thinking also similar to that murders. Unless they come forward to do the job it is going to be recorded in the history as “the traitor and his gang’s revenges”.

  • 2

    Lovely poem I would have given anything to have met the glorious Lasantha Wickrematunge I have been a fan of good for decades
    I will die his greateast fan may he rest in peace may Allah bless him and his family forever so greatly and punish all those who have hurt Lasantha

  • 7

    13 day bride is richie rich.

  • 2

    Christian must seek American army help for protect their 500 years proud history in sri Lanka and keep Colombo economic legendary. Sinhala Buddhist youth died in1971-1987 period now reborn and started fight back what they lost in past..

    • 0


      The only minority caste fellow (Premadasa) from a rural background wiped out hopes for a more equal society by the rural, youth, minorities and those affected by the CLASS STRUGGLE.


  • 0


    The only minority caste fellow (Premadasa) from a rural background wiped out hopes for a more equal society by the rural, youth, minorities and those affected by the CLASS STRUGGLE.


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