19 May, 2022


Last Throes Of A Corrupt Regime

By Vishwamithra1984

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” ~Alan Watts

One more week for the Presidential Elections. The people of Sri Lanka are being asked to make a decision and it’s going to be the most crucial political judgment they have been challenged to make. Bewildered by the unprecedented crossovers from both sides, the voters are still meandering between this valley and other peaks, wondering whether the incumbent is really serious about restoring the fast-disappearing socio-cultural values. While the leaders are pontificating from the top of their voices about Buddhism and its abiding influence on the psyche of the great majority of Sri Lankans and its values, they are also resorting to the most dastardly acts of violence, inhuman treatment of minorities and distorted sloganeering of sublime concepts.

Mahinda MatugamaOnly a desperate clan of rulers would resort to such extreme falsehoods; only a losing side would adopt such brutally bizarre and blatantly shallow methods of persuasion. On every one of their election platforms, speaker after seeker is given a wide range of elasticity to stretch the truth; a third-rate but widely popular Bollywood actor is being shown on their election platforms, for what earthly purpose, one really does not know. It reminds one of the absolutely insensitive racing-car festivals these guys held in Colombo and Kandy when the average citizen is finding it almost impossible to put three meals on the table on a daily basis. It is quite obvious that the ruling clan is caught up in its own web of deceit; its extravagant spending and getting buried in their own muck and misery is evidenced in the bizarre way some of their supporters are behaving. Once again, the moving drama of Sri Lankan political dynamics is showing its dumbfounded audience the utter fallacy of temporary glory; every reasonable human being could comprehend what precisely is happening around him but those who still wield power seem to think that that power would remain in their hands forever.

Some of the beneficiaries of this evil regime have chosen to remain there, not because they don’t see the coming disaster but as they are not welcome in the Opposition ranks because the Opposition fears that they (the Opposition) too will be tarred by the same brush of these wildly corrupt and unruly lackeys.   The hooligans who got elected to Parliament on the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) ticket are still playing ‘pandu’. The infamous Muthuhettigama incident and the deafening silence by the President on the same is ample evidence that Mahinda Rajapaksa has no control over his henchmen and women. Stories that run through the web are not only funny; some of them really have been brilliantly created and would surely persuade some voters to change their minds, even at the eleventh hour.

Perhaps now it may be a good time to assess the two campaigns. The contrasts are much more definitive than similarities. On the one hand, the Mahinda Rajapaksa campaign has had almost unlimited access to cash, muscle and power; the Maithripala campaign sometimes looked woefully short in cash but immensely rich in ideas, substance and of course style. The former’s obscene campaign of cutouts of their candidate, much to the annoyance of any intelligent person, played havoc during the run-up to the nomination day.

The following chart gives the reader a picture of how the two campaigns have fared according to the writer’s personal opinion. Many readers might disagree with my reading, yet I’m sure, most of them would agree with the assessment so given.


The blatant lies uttered by the Rajapaksa campaign are nauseating and the uncaring ease with which they are spoken, are crude and thoroughly despicable. However, elections that are won by sustaining a campaign of lies and half-truths are many, not only in the so-called Third World but more so in the developed West. But the Rajapaksas take all credit for lying in great style. They can take Goebbels of the Hitler regime to school.

But come January 8, 2015, the people of Sri Lanka will decide to oust the Rajapaksas for many valid reasons, the most prominent of which, not necessarily in the order given, are the following:

  • Incumbency fatigue
  • Corruption, nepotism and waste
  • Breakdown in law and order
  • Spiraling cost of living
  • Spread of violence among second-tier Government politicians
  • Abuse of power
  • Infringement on the Judiciary
  • One-family rule
  • Vulgar display of wealth by the First Family
  • Callous disregard for age-old values
  • Uninhibited telling of lies
  • Incoherent policy pronunciations

Predictions don’t belong in the arena of politics. They belong exclusively to astrologers and extraterrestrial readers. But scientific forecasting is done by professional organizations using various polls and surveys. The writer has access to such polls done during the period of December 18 – 23 and according to that particular survey, Maithripala Sirisena is ahead comfortably going over the 50% mark. For reasons of confidentiality, I do not wish to divulge the name of the polling company.

Let’s hope that this forecast holds good.

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Latest comments

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    Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

    • 5


      MR has already lost. He can only overturn that by Gil-Mart methodology. In which case streets will be taken by already fuming citizens. Therefore MR better start packing his bags already now. Otherwise long awaited Sri Lanka Spring will start in earnest.


      PS: RobertR, you sound kind of “Chickend Out” about the development. Why?

      • 0

        Dont take this Robert R serious. He has proved to have mixed thoughts for his own reason. Sometimes he comes with idiotic views as if Rajapakshe are the only one to love the country. In contrast to that again, bring totally contratictory views.
        Anyway, all these nitwits just spoil the web space that is it.

    • 3

      This is a desperate wailing more than a counting of the chickens before they hatch.

      The count of postal votes have revealed 67-32% victoy to Rajapakse -I hear howls of election rigging and Sirisena trying to barricade himself at Cinnamon Grand to stage a Colour revolution!

      These techniques come directly from the CIA regime change playbook based on Gene Sharp’s “colour revolution” theories. They have failed in Zimbabwe, Iran, Egypt, Syria and Belarus due to the vigilance of patriots against foreign invasions using new deceptions.

      We will be free under a Rajapakse regime on 9 Jan, and we will expel foreign conspirators from Sri Lanka through legal means.

      Vishwa mitra will not have many ‘mitras’ to share a drink with on 9 Jan. So be prepared to suck on it!

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      The crony, de-facto CJ may rule in MR’s favour to put-off the PE and plot for another 2 years for SL become a consolidated Chinese take-away. Hope and wish that I am proved wrong.

    • 1

      R R;

      It is True, IF the GILLMART works according to Jarapassa clan.
      So you are telling that,
      The Looting Jarapassa clan Already counted the un hatched Chickens their side!!!!!!!.

    • 4

      The Chickens have hatched and the common voters of this country are already preparing for the celebrations.No vulgar Kiri Bath feasts by the intelligent voters this time, only quiet thanks to the leaders who brought about this change from a family run Dictatorship to a semblance of democracy we look forwards to in the New Year.Happy New Year readers of the C.T.we value your contributions to a great News Paper.

    • 1

      Robert R

      Here is the best news item of the year or should I say funniest story:

      BBS says TNA joined Maithri to spread extremism


      The Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) organisation yesterday charged that the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) was supporting the common opposition because they want to accomplish their aim of spreading Tamil extremism again in the country.

      They said that Western Embassies had made some promises to the TNA and with that help the TNA could help spread Tamil extremism again under the common candidate’s government.

      BBS General Secretary Ven. Galagodaaththe Gnanasara Thera said that by influencing Sri Lanka these foreign countries are trying to obliterate India like Libya and Syria since India was now considered a world super-power. He said that these western nations would try to use this election to attack India and added that Sri Lanka was their chance to experiment in order to test their conspiracies.

      He said that the TNA and the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) had surely signed agreements with the common candidate and now Mr. Sirisena should reveal what was in those agreements to the public. “Now they are on the same side and they would accomplish their aims somehow “he added.

      Speaking about the incident where some artistes were attacked while conducting a campaign for common candidate Maithripala Sirisena in Kurunegala, he said that it was planned by somebody who wanted to place the blame on President Mahinda Rajapaksa. (Yositha Perera)


      • 1

        Only the subversive conspirator low life will see this as a joke.

    • 0

      count the thumbs downs you have received… they hatched when you got them :-)

    • 0

      They are involved in it with a front that they are upgrading Sri Lanka Telecom’s Peo TV. But, Peo TV technicians say the Indian team has nothing to do with any upgrading work.

      A new twist of disolving the parliament on 8-1-15 after the win
      and before the swearing-in of MS is a possibilty to kill the 100 day diary etc ??
      However MR is sure to win the show very very democratically – based on
      computer results, if the webnews elsewhere is an indicator:-

      “At Head End, what they actually do is relaying computer data to other locations. This place is strategically located to change computer data. Also, the entire election result communication process is coordinated by SLT, which gives dedicated lines and virtual pin numbers to the election secretariat and other institutions.

      The district returning officers are sending the results by fax to the elections commissioner. The Indian IT experts are looking into whether they can change the results while being on transit to the elections commissioner.”

    • 1

      Robert – These guys are counting chickens in western province – they do not understand more patriotic and nationalistic voters in the other province have different views than western province voters – without even three meals a day they will vote for MR because they know how they suffer for thirty odd years under many leaders until MR/GR rescue them from LTTE and were taking all necessary steps to ensure no room is left for the resurgence of LTTE for many more future years –

  • 1

    Vishwamithra1984 –

    RE: Last Throes Of A Corrupt Regime

    They will do anything, and will commit fraud..

    Be prepared for bloodshed, if that happens.. People Vs. Medamulana Mara and Cronies

    JVP Press Conference on 2014 12 28


    මා ඔබේ සහෝදරිය -Samanalee Fonseka


  • 2

    This guy is hilarious , he is showing the stolen gold from the tamils. Big boy has paid Slaman khan 30 million plus the others ,this is peanuts Mara can make in an hour, Jayawewa Mara and the clan good luck in cheating your people on and on. You are a character………………

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    I agree with the scoring other than the first. Campaign propaganda, Swan has done much better than Betel. Only in the Government owned media the Betel has done well as the Swan is blocked in those media. Otherwise overall Swan has done much better than Betel.

  • 0

    Well analysed and factual thank you for this splendid article. Yet Robert R is right we have to wait and see. Mahinda or the weather might prevent the election from taking place. Unnecessary spending on cut outs, and now with Salman Khan and the Bollywood group whose money is all these. Poor Tax payers? Does the rural populous know his corruption or still thinking that he a king?

  • 1

    “While the leaders are pontificating from the top of their voices about Buddhism and its abiding influence on the psyche of the great majority of Sri Lankans and its values…..”

    Look at the photo. How many of the artefacts/amulets
    in, and on, MR’s hands belie everything that the Buddha Taught!

    “Like a Spider caught in its own Web,
    Is a Person driven by His own Fierce Cravings”

    (Verse 347 The Buddha’s Dhammapada).

  • 0

    The crony, de-facto CJ may rule in MR’s his favour to plot for another 2 years for SL become a consolidated Chinese take-away. Hope and wish that I am proved wrong.

  • 2

    Breaking down of Democratically elected President Mahinda Rajapakese of Sri lanka so-called “regime change” showed it gave impulse to Hegemony by US and UK that triumph of Re-colonization of our Island that after 200 years 1815?

    In fact an Oppositions candidature, that MS is back by UNP, CBK, Muslim Congress, TNA, JHU and other anti-Demcratic element’s mainly Imperialists forces against Sovereignty and Terroritoril Integrity of Sri lanka. MS led forces want again destabilized and created insecurity we won peace 2009 May led by MR Presidency.

    MS led clique don’t want see that New Peaceful environment, Political stability and ongoing National Economic develop had been taken place after 2009 May under the led by MR Presidency, that short period of 4 and half years.

    They who created ‘Regime change’ and ‘Family Rule’ by change center of state to build Puppet regime led by Mithripalal Sirisena.
    MS is having no basic and minimum qualification or NOT even properly passed GCE (or) level. He cannot read or write English at all. He is political NOT an Elite. Man like him, that Can he rule country Sri lanka?

    Majority 90% Sri lankan read write and speaks their own language.
    By MS credulous manifesto can we trust? Literacy rate is very high In world . Having large, well to do people and large educated middle class playing important political role and their class in our democracies of country.

    Our Democratic and Good Governances purely & mainly depend of this educated people of Island. These people are backbone of Good Governances of Island ,that including Sinhalese Tamils and Muslims.
    How can MS lead by this nation? We had been change system of Governance 1948 since Independence.

    We as Nation People of Sri Lankan don’t want to go back another DARK ERA LED BY UNEDUCATED, which that MS LEADERSHIP and His Political clique .


    Change for better FUTURE, that not go War politics led By UNP Regime 1977 to 1994 and CBK regime war politics 1994 to 2004. MR has ended WAR 30 years, which bring back PEACE FOR WHOLE ISLAND, THAT FOR SINHALESES TAMILS AND MUSLIMS AFTER 2009 MAY. TOTALLY UPROOTE LTTE TERRORSIM back to DEMOCRACY TO WHLE ISLAND.
    This is great victory Democracy of People of Sri lankans.


  • 0

    Vishwamithra1984 –

    RE: Last Throes Of A Corrupt Regime

    Last days of the Medamulana MaRa Raj? There is one “Constant’, Change.


    Encouragingly, Mahinda Rajapaksa faces a real battle to win re-election as president; better still if he loses it.

    WHEN he called a presidential election for January 8th, two years before he had to, Percy Mahinda Rajapaksa must have been confident of victory. Provincial elections had shown that his once unassailable popularity was waning. But the opposition was fractured, the economy was doing well and incumbency bestows benefits, both legitimate and nefarious. Mr Rajapaksa, who fosters myths that portray him as the reincarnation of a great king from Sri Lanka’s south, seems to have expected re-anointing. Something close to the 57% vote share which saw him re-elected to a second term in 2010 seemed achievable. Now, barring outlandish rigging, it would be a surprise. Mr Rajapaksa may still, just, be the favourite (see article). But the contest will be very close-fought.

  • 1

    “Spread of violence among second-tier Government politicians”…..
    Killing, Raping or low level thuggery by Drunkard Pradeshiya Saba Politician can NOT give any benefit to MR or to his family financially or otherwise, but still MR and the clan pretend they don’t see/hear any of these ugly incidents. Recent physical attack on Laksman Wijesekara by PS member is a good example.. To me, this showed this man, MR, and his advisers have NO any concern on well-being or the future of the people in this island…

  • 2


    Your entire piece is based on the belief that the forthcoming elections will be held in a free and fair environment. You have given no credence to the possibility of jilmart, thuggery and intimidation, bribery and other corrupt practices and mass scale switching of ballot boxes as practiced by Marcos and Mubarak. We are talking about Sri Lanka my friend, a unique country where all men are not created equal. A country with countless governments of modaralas, by the modaralas, for the modaralas will hopefully perish from this earth sooner rather than later.

  • 1

    MR will use all the resources at his disposal to tamper the results, to win by hook or by crook and immediately place the army in full alert on the pretext to crush any revolt. Similarly what he did to SF at last Presidential election. Just wait and watch my prediction. He will not walk out gracefully when he loses. It is far too obvious now he will loose with all the minorities nearly 30 percent of the population voting against him, plus at least (keeping to a minimum) another 22 to 25 percent of the majority Buddhist vote which is bound to go against him. Thus with over 51 percent of the votes going against MR, his fate is sealed. He can go to hell and sleep with his BBS, RB and SU partners who have turned out to be a curse on this country.

  • 1

    – When the election is called MR had the edge of winning.
    – When MY3 came up as common candidate MY3 came on equal footing.
    – During the one month campaign MY3 came on top. MR’s campaign team messed it up full time.
    – Namal, Wimal, the thug ministers, Nil Balakaya killed of fair number of votes
    – when SLMC and TNA said they will support MY3 it sealed MY3s lead in the competition.

    MRs only chance is to do spectacular show, like a bomb blast for sympathy votes.

    As it is MY3 should get more than 55% votes.

  • 2

    Robert R – Looks like the readers’ comments count in response to your comment is a good gauge of “counting chickens”. You obviously hope for perpetuation of the corrupt and self-serving regime as you must think they are what the country needs (or wants), but looks like your ship is slowly but surely sinking – much to the delight of those who wants these crooks ousted in no uncertain terms.

  • 2

    The great majority of the inhabitant population has a clear choice in front of them now, after the LTTE proxy TNA was forced to divulge their ‘hand’…

    TNA has a pact to get the North as a Homeland, with Vellala Police and Land Titles in the hands of Sambandan.

    SLMC has a pact to get a Homeland in the East with a Muslim Police force and Titles to the Land.

    A Vote for CC Sira will ensure both these pacts are implemented
    Do the great majority of the inhabitants who are Sinhal Buddhist rural poor people, want themselves restricted to 2/3 rd of the Land when they make up over 75 % of the population?..

  • 0

    Nevertheless, this appears to be no chicken and egg matter. Instead, this is more like the inevitable event of the sun rising from the east on a new day. It is bound to happen.

    The dawn of a New Era for Sri Lanka!

  • 0

    What is that ‘key’ MR has in his hand?

    By the way, Gotabhaya Rajapakse (a public servant – sic) attacks TNA for supporting Maithree. Bandula Jayasekera (a diplomat – sic) attacks the Tamil shops around Toronto, London and such for displaying pictures of Maithree. What kind of scrutiny the Election Commission has over these blatant violations?

    • 0

      Daily Mirror: Mr. Rajapaksa, what is it that you are holding in your hand?

      Namal Rajapaksa: Even my father has something like this. We believe that it is a part of religion and ritual. One thing in my life is that I don’t question God. If its something good and it is blessed, I won’t question that.

      Hmmm…. Are these artificats consistent with Buddhism? Rituals, he says!!!

  • 0

    Dear Robert
    The chickens are already hatched and the beaks have come out. It will take another 7 days for the whole body to come out. The mother hen is still hibernating.

  • 0

    “When the people fear the government there is tyranny, when the government fears the people there is liberty.” John Basil Barnhill. I wish the people of my beloved country experience the “Liberty” from January 9th onwards.

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