6 July, 2022


Lawyers Collective Urges Protection For Lawyers

By Colombo Telegraph

The Lawyers Collective strongly condemns the assassination attempt on attorney-at-law Gunaratne Wanninayake and urges the Government to take all possible measures to prevent further such attacks. He is the convener of the Free March movement, a constituent group of the Lawyers Collective.


The Lawyers Collective views with grave concern the continuing trend in instigating adverse public opinion on lawyers and judges by the Government and its propaganda machinery which have been extensively and maliciously criticizing the lawyers and judges. Since the impeachment motion was moved in Parliament, they have been particularly targeting the lawyer activists in the network of the Lawyers Collective. The continuous verbal abuses on the lawyers in some of the state run media exposes lawyers for physical attacks.

The Rule of Law has deteriorated to such an extent that none of the law enforcement authorities are capable of investigating into or apprehending the attackers.

The Lawyers Collective urges the authorities to conduct an impartial investigation into the Wanninayake incident while assuring protection for lawyers, particularly those who stand up for independent judiciary.

An armed group had attempted to attack convener of Free March, lawyer Gunaratne Wanninayake, near his home at Pirivena Road in Boralesgamuwa yesterday. He said that as he was returning from work, four men had ambushed him, told him to down his shutters, threatened him and tried to attack him. On a complaint to 119 police emergency at 4.59pm, a team from Boralesgamuwa visited the scene and started an investigation. Wanninayake is one of the key figures, along with Lawyers Collective, that had worked against the impeachment of the chief justice.

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    Is there any impartial authority in Sri Lanka? The worst kind of rulers ever to rule a country is taking whole country to hell. In the name of development, country is pawned to one wicked family. Whole country is a sinking boat now.

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    This is the work of the attack dogs unleashed by MRs Goat brother…the very same attack dogs involved in killing of journalists.

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    The Police spokesman’s response to the complaint made by Mr. Wanninayake is disgusting to say the least. He conveys the impression that the incident the lawyer had complained about has not happened!This is a ludicrous situation: asking culprits responsible for the act of thuggery to hold an investigation! We all can rest assured that the culprits would never be caught. What is worse is someone like Modawansa will soon tell a public gathering that the lawyer has made a false complaint as part of a conspiracy to discredit the government! And the state media will give it wide publicity!

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    This is what happens when a grade 8 qualified Army fellow becomes Defense Secretary. Somebody quick! Give this donkey a Doctorate.

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    Police can examine all mobile calls taken from that neighbourhood at that time. Especially Mobitel nos issued to armed forces, PSD, MSD.

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    Today we herd that GOSL has unleashed it’s assassination attempt on Senior Lawyer Gunaratne Wanninayake and could continue this to other Patriot Lawyers and SC and JSC personnel also.

    First of all I say Don’t rely on GOSL. to help you to find the source or find the culprits behind the Vhite van murderers. Infact it the the Govt. backed by defense minister who carry out these operations. So it is like asking thief’s mother about the thief or the robbery. (Horage ammagen pena ahanawa wage)

    Therefore I give some security and precautionary measures for them to follow.

    1) Inform UN, EU, USA, UK and Asian Judiciary services on this incident.

    2)Adopt more security and defensive measures and be more vigilant.

    3)Intelligence gathering on these white van personnel and to educate public on the white van abductors with information and photograph gathering hotline and reward them to trace the sources of white van and other murderous sources.

    4)Use of Private Security Agencies to gather information on these sources of white van abductors and to give special security for needed Judiciary and Senior Lawyers.

    5)Using self defense equipments such as Stun Guns, pepper spray, and pepper Guns, Ciren horns and whistles,Swiss knives,etc.

    5)GPS and Google Maps and cellphone photo cameras to locate the white vans and the abductors.

    6)Use International Satellite Imaging and International Intelligence services to locate white vans, their sources and the abductors.

    7)Special Security apparatus for Supreme Court, Confidential Files and all Patriot Judges and Lawyers.

    7)Special training on Firearms and way to counter GOSL. State Terrorism activities.

    8)Complete vigilance and sharing intelligence and information on these abductors among Lawyers,judges and others is a must.

    9)Employ Spies, Decoys,Dummies and Moles to penetrate Govt. Intelligence unit for early information gathering.

    10)Move in Groupes and avoid isolation and isolated travel and constant conferances and updates to inform Citizens and international community on developments.

    11)Also take other Local and International Security related professional help.

    12)Always stay two steps ahead and pre.plan counter Govt.movements on these incidents and also be vigilant on all Govt.security apparatus with constant touch with international community to safeguard citizens from another 1983 like massacre and to work with them on rescue missions.

    13) Finally work with International community to implement “Trave Ban” to all Sri Lankan Govt. Ministers, MP’s , Security personnel, and other heads until GOSL. catch those culprits and bring them to justice.

    Good Luck.

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      Thanks Jayantha, very informative and the only way this Gota’s white van killer can be defeated.

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      I can see that most of you who write to this blog do not even live in Sri Lanka. I understand that most of you bums must be economic refugees who live afar and slog the whole day to scrape a living and sleep at night in the cold in tiny rooms and need of day and night dreams and egos to continue your pathetic plight.

      But make no mistake, the ass-whole you are following is a mirage in day and night dreams. No matter how thick the skin of her bum is, it will be whipped and chased out no later than end of next month. What next then, you stupid sods? Arab spring, my foot. Go fuc a duck, better.

      The day black coats have a real meeting you lot will see how many people attend it. Remember, SF’s last meeting! this time numbers will be even less.
      tata and adios

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    Jayantha, your list of security measures to counter GOSL terrorism look simply fascinating.It is time for the potential and likely targets of the state terror to seriously take heed to Mr.Jayathas’ advice.

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