14 June, 2024


Lawyer’s Collective Wants Harassment Of Lawyers Immediately Stopped!

By Lawyers Collective

Lawyers’ Collective has been following the incidents of harassment and threats on lawyers,  who actively challenged the  unconstitutional impeachment of the 43rd Chief Justice of Sri Lanka. As previously disclosed several lawyers, senior and junior,  have come under threats. Series of incidents of surveillance on the lawyers were also reported in Colombo as well as outside.

Lakshan Dias

Mr. Lakshan Dias a well known human rights lawyer and activist who was a leading figure in the anti- impeachment activities has come under strict surveillance making his life  vulnerable for physical attacks. He had also  been followed by a white van,   which incident has been reported to the Moratuwa Police on 25th February 2013, under reference CIB-1- 232/442.

We remind the Government of its constitutional duty to protect and respect  the citizen’s right to dissent and to  engage in critical governance activities. The lawyer’s struggle was a discharge of their
constitutional duty to protect independence of judiciary, which they will continue to do, despite threats.

The Lawyers’ Collective  therefore urges the Government to investigate into these incidents and  ensure that the Lawyers, who have stood up against the illegal impeachment of the highest judicial officer of the Country,  will not be subjected to any further intimidation.


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    Read what is alleged to be happening to CJ Shirani Bandaranayake at her private residence:

    Dr.Shirani Bandaranayake who is regarded as the De-jure Chief Justice of Sri Lanka despite being “removed”from Office by President Mahinda Rajapaksa after what seemed like a “witch trial” was conducted by seven Government parliamentarians of an eleven member Parliamentary select Committee is being kept under Strict surveillance by “Officially” sanctioned Police acting “Unofficially”.

    It is learnt that Police personnel assigned for her protection stationed in the vicinity of her residence at Lake Drive in Rajagiriya are behaving in an unacceptable and inappropriate manner under the guise of maintaining security.

    The highly offensive activities of these Police personnel who seem to be acting on orders from the top amount to the Chief Justice being placed under intense scrutiny and monitoring.

    Although former Attorney-General Mohan Peiris has been appointed as Chief Justice by President Rajapaksa the widely held view in Sri Lanka and abroad is that Dr. Shirani Bandaranayake remains the legitimate chief Justice of the Country despite being ousted from office.

    She is regarded as the De-jure chief Justice.Mohan Peiris by virtue of being in occupation of office is seen as the De-facto Chief Justice.

    Dr.Bandaranaike who voluntarily quit her official residence by the Wijerama –Bauddhaloka Rd Junction is now living at her private residence in Rajagiriya with husband Pradeepa Kariyawasam and son Shaveen.

    Some Police personnel have been assigned for her protection who maintain a round the clock vigil at her residential premises.

    The conduct of these personnel has raised serious doubts as to whether they are her “Protectors” or “Monitors”.

    In a blatantly controversial move these personnel take possession of all letters and parcels being delivered under the pretext of checking them for possible harmful contents.

    By doing so the Police take note of all letters and parcels received by the Chief Justice. Copies of letters are made covertly.

    The intention seems to be to keep tabs on whatever correspondence Dr.Bandaranayake receives.

    All people calling on her or visiting her are also checked and identities noted. Some are questioned about their occupation,address and purpose of visit etc

    In effect what is being done unofficially by officially sanctioned cops is the monitoring of Dr.Bandaranayake’s mail and visitors.

    All these activities are being done under the guise of protecting her and described as security measures.

    It is also strongly suspected that electronic surveiilance has been mounted too. There is speculation within legal eagles that her phones are tapped and the house is bugged.

    The authorities seem to be keen to find out who and who are in communication with Dr.Bandaranayake.

    Although Dr.Bandaranayake “quit”her post gracefully in a dignified manner the Govt that “removed” her seems to be extremely insecure and suspicious about what she may do in the future.

    Given the near universal condemnation of her removal the Rajapaksa regime is suspicious of potential actions by her that would undermine the President and Govt.Hence the intense surveillance!

    The Govt is particularly concerned about Dr.Bandaranaike cooperating with powerful International forces and highlighting the grave injustice done to a chief justice by the Rajapaksa regime.

    Dr.Bandaranayake however has evinced no desire to act in such a manner but the ruling Oligarchy remains paranoid on this count

    The Govt is also continuing with its efforts to penalise Dr.Bandaranaike despite removing her from office.

    The Department of Inland Revenue has raised a number of queries from her on monetary transactions mentioned during the impeachment resolution passed by Parliament. This is on the basis that she had not disclosed large amounts of money from certain transactions.

    The Bribery Commissioners Dept has also sent the De-Jure Chief Justice “show cause”letters.

    Dr.Bandaranayake has replied clearly to the queries but the “witch hunt”continues.

    The legal action initiated against her husband Pradeepa Kariyaasam also continues.The case against the former head of the National savings Bank will be taken up in courts on February 28th.

    Shirani Bandaranayake is currently occupied with helping her husband mount an effective legal defence in the case. According to informed sources She has no plans of leaving the country even for a short holiday until these matters are cleared.

    Although Mr.Kariyawasam’s passport has been impounded Dr.Bandaranayake’s is not but she does not intend to go out at this juncture.

    She is also deprived of all emoluments due to her as she took up a principled position on the impeachment issue opting to be removed with her self-respect and honour intact rather than succumb ingloriously to a convenient compromise.

    Dr.Rajasingham Narendran

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      This is a very sad situation that the former CJ is harrassed and kept virtually under house arrest. This exposes the HR situation in Sri Lanka where even a former CJ is not spared.

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      I think after the UNHCR the same fate that MARA brought upon CJ Shirani Bandaranaike will be brought upon the Rajapakse Regime.

      Starting with War accountability and reconciliation with monitoring the regime on ground, it’s economy, trade, loans and funding, trade deals, minority and peoples rights…..and subsequent impeachment of Rajapakse Regime with trave ban is inevitable………possible ending up in Hague war crime court.

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    Truly I am so sad about the agony this innocent lady is made to suffer for simply carrying out the duties vested in her as the head of the Judiciary, that required to honor trust placed in it by the people.

    Now the very same members in the very same judiciary, who initially held that removal of the CJ was unlawful, have a field day with the morally corrupt Mohan Peiris. What is stated in the statute book that ‘Peoples’ judicial power is exercised by the judiciary’ should be restates as ‘Rajapakse’s judicial power is exercised by the Executive control judiciary manned by a the best stooge for the job who would protect the interests of Rajapakse regime’.

    I am sure that this blatantly wrong process will not continue for long.

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    I am sinhalese. From time of independance our sinhalese people were corrupt, power hungry, and instead of developing the country they develop themselves by stealing, threatening, killing people accept the time period of ds senanayake dudley senanayake. What does it say? WE are better off under British or Americans. Whole rajapakse family is stealing. > 400 rajapaske family members are working for the gorvernment after this guy became the president. US ambasador is a rajapaske thought name is different. Sri lankan airways, mihin air CEO is rajapakse(wifes bro) both causing billions of RS loss. Mihin air is scam. It is there for rajapaskse family to STEAL money. Power plants, Airports, Ports, Cricket stadiums, Indian Bollywood scandals, Racing scandals, roads, all creating huge lost to the sri lankan economy but helping the rajapaksas to steal more and more. Power hungry Thieves who will utrilmately ruin sri lanka. And also leader is the biggest idiot, lunatic who wants his name in every sign board in sri lanka. This depcts how much Intelligence our sri lankan leader has. Also they protect murederes rapists like duminda, mervyn. The whole family is bunch of greedy pigs who cannot be satisfied. More they steal more they want. Dont care baout the country or the people. They are mad at sri lankans becuase they loss the presidential election to sarath fonseka.

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      Go night classes and learn a bit of English comprehension if you want readers to understand what you write.

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      Yes, Giora I fully agree with you and still wonder where all the commissions went………….

      For noble……this blog is not an English grammatical correction class. As long as one could express his/her views and another could understand…..it’s enough.

      Hope you use phone texting……..and Giora is much better than our grade 5 educated parliament professors.

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    Noble you are a idiot

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    Noble you dont understand > this symbol I geuss.

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    Singlish people seems to think that when speak and write in English, people should apply grammatically correct English, which you don’t find even in England. As one correctly said as long one can convey his message in a way others could understand that is what all about in communication,even sign sign language like other animals would do as long as others can understand.

    On the topic discussed under this column, I must say that the rubbish ‘disintegrated lawyers collective’ with no integrity or clear commitment to achieve what they were talking about should take the full and collective responsibility for the total failure in the rule of law in this country. I heard Srinath Perera said to someone in the Court “What has happened is now in the past. There is nothing we could do about it now except live with the system for our own good. I am extremely sorry to say that,this is the kind of hopeless ‘cardboard black-coats’ we have in this country, who dare to take any risk, when there seems to be some sort of threat, affecting their private life.

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    This is what Lakshan Dias carved for himself. This selfish BAS.
    Wanted to stir shxt to get into prominence & noted by the GOSL in order to seek asylum in the Westat the expense of unsuspecting victims..
    This is called “Somiyata” Balen Illang Kala and shed crocodile tears.

    Yes. He pushed himself to the fore front to be a noted activists.
    Attached to the YMCA, Lawyers collective describe him as a leading activists can issue a proper factual report in english.

    Wonder for what kind of activism he is famous for??

    Yes Lakshan Mahattaya, your ambition was to get out of the country with your two daughters you voluntarily exposed yourself for your benefit and not that of victims.
    Self propagating scoundrel. You have achived what you wanted at the expense of unsuspecting.

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      Dear Dicky Bird
      You are obviously a plant of Mahinda Regime and on his pay role. Lakshan has been a consistent HR defender, with commitment. He stood for democratic values. You must not insult those who do not agree with you.

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    In my view, all these corrupt to the core deceptive cardboard black-coats should be hang alive. This so-called noble profession has lost its status altogether. The President Counsels when taking their oath promise to perform the functions and duties absolutely free with no charge but in real terms these sharks charge millions and some make easily over 60 million a month but pay no tax. And whenever these sharks are reported against abuse of their clients, the head of the Judiciary, the Chief Justice, called the accused lawyer to the chamber and hand over the complaint received with a pet advice to behave ‘appropriately’. And the innocent litigant who reported them then become the target for persecution by the accused lawyer and loose everything. This is the kind of rubbish legal profession the people of this country are bless with. All this rubbish black-coats should collectively held responsible for their utterly selfish attitudes. In short, no one citizen of this country should be mistaken that these black-coats would do any good for the well-being of the people of this country.

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