16 July, 2024


Lawyers Deplore False Propaganda: Urge Ministers To Conduct With Dignity

By Colombo Telegraph

“It is with shock and dismay that we have observed an organized series of programmes in State electronic media targeting the Chief Justice, the Judiciary and leading lawyers who are challenging the Impeachment. We have particularly noted that Ministers Rajitha Senaratne,  Wimal Weerawansa and well known hate campaigners Rajpal Abeynayaka and Hudson Samarasinghe –  all persons with vested interest in the impeachment process,   are involved in these baseless propaganda programmes, with impunity.  Ministers Rajitha Senaratne and Wimal Weerawansa were Government members of the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC), who have allegedly uttered derogatory remarks forcing the Chief Justice to leave the PSC. Now they disgracefully display their conduct  in public .” says the Lawyers Collective

Issuing a statement they say; “Among the false accusations intended to mislead the public, they have stated that the Chief Justice has fixed the benches in the Court of Appeal.  It is common knowledge that the Chief Justice has no role to play in arranging any bench whatsoever in the Court of Appeal.  Their insinuation that the Chief Justice selected a bench to hear her case is an insult to the dignity and integrity of the Judges of the country’s higher judiciary.”

“These few Ministers and the State media  falsely accuse that the Chief Justice has become an active politician and that the members of the Bar Association are conspirators. It is abundantly clear that these are not isolated attacks but meticulously orchestrated attacks coerced and carried out at the behest of highest in authority. These are clearly intended to pressurize the Chief Justice to summarily resign, because the Government is well aware that the entire impeachment process is irregular and the Chief Justice cannot be lawfully removed from office. We are confident that the Chief Justice will not succumb to pressure, now exerted at a higher pace through the Government’s propaganda team.”

“The contents of those programmes are malicious and contemptuous and all those who are involved in them are liable to be dealt with for contempt of court and civil defamation. We urge the Ministers concerned to conduct themselves with dignity and caution the public not to be misled by the false propaganda by these unruly and unethical elements, which are unable to justify the impeachment process, except to launch a massive malicious campaign to divert attention from the truth. We, as lawyers reiterate that as a body we will stand by the Chief Justice and would take all possible steps, within the law, to defeat the impeachment.” the Lawyers Collective further says.

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    sue them all for contempt of court and defamation. if BASL president got 500m surely the chief justice can claim more than that!

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    Thanks for this statement!

    What is very troubling is the silence of the principle opposition party the UNP and its failure to carry out a campaign to TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT THE IMPEACHMENT and EDUCATE the people and voters… and prepare the ground for the LANKA SPRING to overthrow the rotten Rajapakse regime.

    The UNP under Ranil Wickramasinghe is has failed massively in its responsibility and obligation to educated and keep the people of Lanka informed about the abuse of power by the Rajapakse regime.

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      Ranil is being paid by the President to keep quite. I think its time for Ranil to retire. He is the worst UNP leader ever.

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      I wonder if Ranil W is the opposition leader at all. Not only has he asked his party men to keep their mouths shut on impeachment of CJ but gone abroad too.

      One should be very careful of his friendly and smiling enemy rather than the other enemy who confronts him with a sword. Likewise the common mass should understand that he is not a truly opposition leader who pretends to be so. I AM AFRAID IF HE IS A UNPer.


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        common masses

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    No pointing issuing statement only in English and publish them onlt in English Media. Please without fail request all print and elctric media to publish those statement in Sinhala and Tamil.Those bloody Bastard Ministers and Pundan Karayo even go to the levelextent of eating excreta of R.if they are given money and other perks.

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    We know Rajitha and Wimal both of the are well known politicians in our country.They are representing people of our country.But we can’t say every thing they are mention is correct.But they are not jorkers.But We 100% aware, some So called Human rights Lawyers are (NGO-Crows)dancing for, according whoes tunes.Money…Money…. Money….Even in this photogaraph also facing in order to get some cheap publicity out of that situation.(Hote dannema nathuwa baha.)

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      From September 2005. Now Rajitha has joined the same jokers.

      The UNP manifesto presented for the Presidential candidature of Ranil Wickremesinghe is the most people friendly manifesto since Independence, UNP Kalutara District Parliamentarian Dr. Rajitha Senaratne told The Island yesterday.

      ‘Every single interest group, sector and sub sector has been considered. Be it agriculture, fisheries, state employees, land, employment, youth, women, school education, social security payments, training for foreign employment, nothing has been missed out. I am unable to find any area which has been excluded in the manifesto,’ he said.

      ‘Thus, those who are now campaigning on behalf of the Prime Minister on the basis of his own policies plus 24 proposals submitted by the JVP and the JHU, will have to contest SLFP policies, which are in conflict with the policies and proposals of the SLFP/JVP/JHU combine. In effect they will have to campaign for programmes which are in total conflict. Surely they are vying for the title ‘Jokers of the 21st century’, Senaratne said.

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      dude seriously ?? Wimal is not a joker, they are well known, true, but that doesn’t imply they are proper gentlemen, in addition they show bias, the CJ has ruled against these two clowns in cases heard in supreme court. that is why they say nemo iudex in causa sua !!!!!

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    I think Rajitha and Wimal lost any moral principle to sit in any committee to investigate in CJ’s case or in any other investigation. Also any decisions taken in the past, if any, by Rajitha and wimal on any committee should be re-reviewed as both of them are explicitly getting a side when they should be impartial.

    Also, I think CJ should file a case against PSC on the ground of harassment during the inquiry which was nothing to do with the contents of the inquiry.

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    To become a conspiracy Bar Association did not start an impeachment in the first place, Bar Association merely respond to the process of impeachment initiated after a court decision given against the UGC , in order to preserve the independence of Judiciary behalf of all ordinary citizens living in Sri Lanka. Those who initiated the impeachment will not come to save the political leadership at the end. They have created a conflict between the government and the legal fraternity. Not only between the Judiciary and government, they have created a conflict between entire cross section of the society including media and the religious dignitaries. When the need arises no body will be there to rescue the political leadership. Only a handful of hired three wheel drivers would be left with them at the end. Officials disgruntled with the judiciary propagated the idea of impeachment would go in to hiding. Then who are the real conspirators?

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    This comment was removed by a moderator because the comment language is English. – CT

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      A poignant question from Visharada Nanda Malini. Indeed it is sad that the nation has fallen to such depths of despair. A powerfull message.

      The role of artistes, singers and poets in the renaissance of the nation is highlighted by taking the message to the people through writings, drama, song and dance.

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    The CJ got her attorney Neelakandans to write; she is not guilty for any of the 14 charges she is been accused of. But the PSC has found her guilty for three. We simple Simons like to hear more on those three points from both sides and then decide for ourselves. That is the crux of the matter now.

    People are not stupid today. They know that pulling irrelevant matters into arguments is an aged old delaying tactic of losers. I m sure most of us must have paid ‘black coated sharks’ to buy time when we were losing court cases to drag it at sometime or the other. That tactic is not acceptable in this case for it is bad for the country as well as the judiciary.

    Hence, this impeachment must be concluded this way or that way, soon. Shriyani Bandaranayake and her backers and/or HRW can appeal to any International Court afterword on violation of her human rights and take the government for a spin if they want.

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    How backward our people are can be seen by these comments.No one is trying to protect the individual if she had done any wrong.If these idiots cannot see that this was a well planned attack by RAJAPAKSA to make the judiciary o work according to his agenda,its worth wasting time on thier comments.
    Rajitha Senaratne is well known rogue and opportunist.He jumped sides to serve himself.The CJ gave the judgement aginst his wife who tried to be the head of the General Hospital.Rajapaksa was manipulated to get her appointed as an Addl Secretary of the Health Ministry.This is his honesty and the rajathuma.Weerawansa is not worth wasting time on is he a man for Ministerial office.Rajapaksa only wants to raise their hands and he is the supremo.The Security Officer is at the Parliament door to stop any impeachment anyday these clowns if at all they open their eyes.The state media is abused by Hudda Rajpal and thee worthless fellows who shout to keep there jobs are well known to people.Rajiva Wijesinghe said that he was asked to sign a blank paper and he refused

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    No point this black coated lawyers collective complaining the conduct of ministers and the state media and its chiefs for disgraceful conduct and uttering derogatory remarks on the CJ for it is they who started it all in the first place.

    Remember black coats smashed coconut in front of Courts and shout ‘bangawewa’ and filth on President and cursed the PSC. After that on her way to the PSC inquiry did not the CJ used the public entrance of the Supreme Court to get a ‘pirith nule’ tied by a political monk and blessed by a political padre at the very premises of the SC?

    Had she followed precedence, she should have gone to PSC directly from her home like ex-CJ Neville Samrakoon did gracefully in 1984. Did not black coats and a heap of whatnots to include many a accused at the very courts cheered the CJ ‘jayawewa’ and shook her hands and wished her best as she was leaving to go to PSC. I bet it was a well organised put on for a camera opportunity. Soon, images were all over the web for all the International conspirators to see. But the government did nothing and stayed put.

    Silly black coats sharks misunderstood the government resolve for a peaceful end to impeachment as a weakness. They spread their fight further. It is only then Mervin got in to his act. And they backed off. So, I wouldn’t blame Mervin for we have elected a government to rule us not black coats.

    Both ministers Weerawansa and Senaratna challenged any one to face them for a debate on any TV channel and show that the CJ is not guilty for those three counts that PSC found her guilty. Face them if you can without wailed threats. Contempt of court and civil defamation cases cannot stop uncovering the truth.

    The CJ and her black coated sharks have turned the entire impeachment to a political brawl. In fact the CJ has become a political animal. Entire unholy ‘ali, koti, rthu’ alliance that propelled SF to be their candidate at the last presidential election have now openly elevated the CJ as their new idol. This time they, the NGOs and their paymasters strive hard to give us a ‘Haultsdorf spring’.

    We villages shall not let them succeed period

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      What is the guarantee that they will not kill her when she travels from her home. The period during the Neville Samarakoon CJ is entirely different from the present period. Today uncultured people are in the Parliament as well as in the Armed Forces, all of which are under the control and direction of MR & Co.

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    The Lawyers collective say:

    “We have particularly noted that Ministers Rajitha Senaratne, Wimal Weerawansa and well known hate campaigners Rajpal Abeynayaka and Hudson Samarasinghe – all persons with vested interest in the impeachment process, are involved in these baseless propaganda programmes, with impunity.”

    I call this PSC committee as “Lamborgini” and “Gangnam Style”
    Govt. “Jokers PSC”.

    The reason is when it comes to all other issues such as giving workers Rs.2500 increase as per Mahinda Chintana, or a solution to FUTA issue, Education, health, LLRC recommendations, finding white van murderers, museum robbery, disappearances of human right activists, and media personal, looking for culprits who try to murder Bar association members etc…etc…..the GOSL takes the path of a…. “TURTLE” walk………while when it came to CJ impeachment, everything from signing the motion by 117 upto submitting report to Speaker the Govt. went in a ….”LAMBORGINI” style race…. Why is this.

    This is the only case in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD EVER……where a case was generated, filed, herd and a verdict given for 14 CHARGES in a TWO MONTH period.

    Please let me know why should I not call theis a ‘LAMBORGINI’ verdict….or if you want me to call this a “TURTLE” verdict.


    Please give me a valid reason…why I should not call this a LAMBORGINI GANGNAM STYLE PSC COURT…..OR A JOKERS PSC COURT….

    2) I mentioned “GANGNAM STYLE” was due to the fact that while mega billion Dollar losses are occuring on daily basis in the GOVT. such as Billion Dollar losses in CB hedging deal…..Greece Bonds, Petroleum Corporation losses, Sri Lankan, Mihin Losses, WB 2.6 Billion dollar borrowing etc…etc…
    While these huge Billion dollar Losses are occuring due to UNEDUCATED, STUPID, CHEATERS, AND CORRUPT GOVT. PERSONNEL BEEN EMPLOYED… and as a result it is the tax payers who suffers…..why GOVT going after a mere house sale bought with valid personal money by CJ’s sister.

    Also can anybody let us know what happened to Helping Hambantota Tsunami Money and other mega “China Man” illegal contracts awarded without proper tender procedures….or Land been leased without proper Parliament approvel and where Millions of Dollars Commission and Black Money involved…

    So other than calling this ‘GANGNAM STYLE’ what else I should call…..or it is to be called…..ever famous “BAILA RAJA”….. choice is yours.

    3)It is upto ex CJ Asoka Silva to prove that if he did or did not purchase TFC property, and CJ to prove if he purchased it.

    CJ is not that stupid to bring an issue if she cannot prove it. So let the REAL COURT decide on this issue.

    4) On any ground you should note that this TFC property was purchased by CJ’s SISTER…..and not CJ….even though there’s a case pending on it. So her Sister should be penalised for this transaction and CJ cannot be 100% charged on this sale.

    CJ was only a notary to this transaction,….. and part of the blame has also to be borne by TFC personnel for selling a property under investigation.

    5) Please ask from any real estate property company on Discounts….These discounts are part of real estate sales ….and they are responsible for it. Not CJ. Also calling for quottations and going market prises are Real estate companies business. Not SC ofr CJ. We will see the purchase figurs when the case re-opens.

    6) Regarding GKH 9000 depositors….and the whole Golden Key Fiasco is a Govt. Conspiracy.

    You may know that Hon. Lalith Kotalawela is a staunch UNP supporter and helped UNP immensley both in Monetary and administrative support.

    Meanwhile Hon.Lalith Kotalawela contributed Rajapakse Govt.also with monetary donations, but Govt. sharks wanted more and more pounds of flesh…..and finally made sure it collapse.

    Although Central Bank had many opportunities to rescue it like the way it keeps on pumping Millions of dollars to loss making Sri Lankan and Mihin Airways, CW games bid, Gold sale, Petroleum Corporation, Electricity Board, Buying property in N.Y. USA, Hedging and Greece Bonds, Acquire Shell Gas and Apollo Hospital etc…etc…I could write more…not enough time and space….why it did not come to rescue a well established company when the need arrived is questionable.

    So the Rajapakes made a plan to collapse the whole GKH empire….and due to this Both Investors and the depositors and L.Kotalawela and UNP and the GKH employees and the whole country suffered.
    CJ has all the information and records on this fiasco….and the truth will come out in coming months.

    It’s not only the 9000 odd depositors…but all the employers, their families, their executives, and the tax payers who suffered from this GOVT. CONSPIRACY.

    It is presumed that Govt. Rush to pay the 9000 depositors is a plan by the GOVT. VVIP’s to acquire GKH Properties with BLACK MONEY AND WITH THE 85 Billion rupee DIVINEGUMA BILL JACKPOT MONEY AT A LOWER PRICE.

    Therefore if all the 9000 odd depositors have little patience, all their deposits with interest could be settled by CJ.

    Everything will be revealed when the new case start hearing.

    Also Mr.Kariyawasam’s involvement on TFC stock sale, the much bigger sharkes who were involved in the stock will be revealed once the trial begins.


    That’s the reason why both Wimal Weerawanse, Rajitha, Yapa, and the rest of the Govt. PSC and other crooks trying to give a wrong picture to public to hoodwink them, and to stop this case going to Court of Law, knowing the Govt. going to get defeated….and the 117 plus seven be impeached on fraudulent charges.

    Meanwhile both Opposition parties, trade unions, patriotic Clergy communities, Professionals and intellectual community and the general public should rally behind CJ, her lawyers, SC and Bar association to save our country from absolute thieves, thugs and state terrorists who destroy out society, economy and the country.

    Therefore please don’t rush to a conclution and try to nail the innocent or given the Judgment upfront, when the real and Big sharks are roaming freely who will be revealed to public in coming months.



    We could witness the truth in New Year 2013.

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      Yes there is more to come and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Massive corruption and playing out of the countries wealth. Begining with the misappropriation of Tsunami funds to the Collapse of the Ceylinco Group and Insider trading on the CSE, these crooks have done it all. Human Rights violations, murdre, abductions and theft of peoples money and properties.

      All thses crimes against the people of this country cannot be hidden under the mountain of shit spewed out by people like Rajpal and Hudson.

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      As I wrote before, the PSC has found the CJ guilty for three of the fourteen charges. Even if they inquire only charge and found evidence to satisfy the parliament to show the CJ is guilty for that charge, that is enough to recommend the President to fire her. This is what will happen.

      Talking ancillary matters, walking out of the inquiry claiming no natural justice and filing court cases to inquire by own judges to drag the case and get the the so-called IC involved will become a mere academic exercise. Why?

      No lawyer has accepted the challenge by Weerawansa and Senarathne and shown innocence of the CJ on three charges she is found guilty. Needless to say, every day being passed, mass is getting convinced that the CJ has ‘misbehaved’ and that is not what they expected from ‘nadukara hamuduruwo’.

      Rajapakses alleged cheating, we shall take it up at the next election. Right now it is impeachment of the CJ.

      On the one hand you guys here are degrading ‘people of this country’ as uneducated and on the other hand you have now written to shed crocodile tears for them. I believe Rajpal and Hudson are only unveiling this truth to the mass.

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        I don’t know is there any other way to explain to you after answering you in detail previously.

        That’s why I said PSC was just a Kangaroo Court….which nobody else other than Wimal Weeravanse, Rajitha, Yapa, some Govt goons and YOU authorize the validity of the verdict. NOBODY ELSE. Even President Rajapakse has doubts on the validity of the verdict. That’s why he wants a 3 member committee to look into it.

        Therefore come 2013 definitely a new court hearing will take place and the CJ will be acquitted from all charges.

        CJ will also bring a Law suit against 117 who signed the motion and the PSC 7 on fraudulent grounds.

        Please await for surprises in 2013.

        Nothing…but the Truth will win at last. Good luck.

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      Jayantha ,

      You tend to write sensible facts and no one can deny it , but if you want your writing to be balanced , please do not ignore the opposition’s role , Where is UNP? , where is JVP ? Don’t you think they have miserably failed to do their rightful duty? in fact Opposition parties should be sphere heading the struggle not the lawyers , why is that ? There must be some thing seriously wrong some where?
      you may be aware how indian students/youth stood up against the brutal gang rape of a 23 year old medical student , how many under age girls have been raped by the Politians, were there any serious spontaneous demonstrations in SL ? Answer is no ! Generally SL masses could not care less for any of undemocratic steps being taken place in the country or the gravity of the turmoil , every one pretends every thing is as usual and get on their daily activities !
      isn’t the opposition parties duty to challenge the government in every possible way and inform the masses?
      let me ask you this , had RW been the president and MR the opposition leader , what would have been the situation today ?

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        Thank you for your seeking for truth in Sri Lankan Politics, like me for the sake of Love and justice of Sri Lanka.

        Like you, I, many times think about the inactivity of the opposition on this CJ impeachment, and after some quick research, I found some information that I give below.

        It is quite a vast and complicated issue….and I try to be brief.

        1)Do you know that other than the PSC 11…..the rest of the parliament members (both Govt. and the opposition) cannot openly talk or discuss on CJ impeachment because they are going to be the final Judges who are going to Vote on CJ…..either or against her.

        That’s why you see only Govt.7 and opp. 4 only speak to media. Rest have to be silent until January 9th 2013 and if they talk before, their vote vill be null and void.That’s why you see Mr. Ranil W. is silent…and it is correct.

        I think as Citizens we could demand from the Govt. to allow us to see the CJ Imp. debate live on TV. And everybody should demand for it, so we could see who is in favour and who is against CJ.

        Also…let’s see how the opposition became so weak.

        1)You know MR started his active political carrier on two foundations. They are….
        A)MR stole Tsunami Helping Hambantota Fund…
        B)MR used some of that money to Bribe VP to stop N and E voters voting for UNP RW and also hoodwinked both JVP and LSSP parties for MR’s side….and as a result RW lost the 2005 presidential election.

        After Bribing VP, President Rajapakse learnt the value of BRIBES.

        2)Therefore MR started to bribe all opposition parliament members and as a result over 100 crossed over to his side.

        3)Then he Bribed Buddhist Clergy…giving them super luxury cars and SUV’s, land, building Viharas, Pansals, Buddha statues, foreign tours, well fed with food and meals, media and TV coverage spending immensely.

        4)MR also made sure that all corporates and businesses who supported UNP and other opposition parties does not financially fund them anymore….and if they did so they will have to face his wrath.
        MR Frauduntly collapsed Golden key empire since Hon.Lalith Kotalawela was a UNP Financial supporter, Also acquisition of Sugar plantation and the factory which was under Mr. Jayawardena, acquisition Daya gamage sugar plantation, acquisition many UNP and opposition supporters Hotels, Businesses, and others through stock market etc..are mainly to Financially deprive and weaken the opposition parties.

        Do you know that in order to contest only for PROVINCIAL COUNCIL ELECTION, a candidate has to spend over 60 million rupees…..leave alone for general election. Just a coloured single off set poster could cost around rupees 400.00 each.

        Do you know that for MR last birthday…. paper ads alone he spent over Rs.750 Million…..Listen to UNP MP.Dayasiri Jayasekera talk about it in Parliament.

        So this is how MR suppress all opposition parties……either acq1uisition of their supporters businesses or bringing false litigation on fradulent charges.

        5)Also MR acquired all opposition Media institutes such as…Press, Radio, TV, foreign ministry personnel, media personnel and reporters and artists, bribing them with laptop computers and car loans etc. under his control and started bashing all opposition parties, and used them for his propaganda machine….a sign of absolute dictatorship.

        Also MR.used white vans, police, thugs and hired killers to intimidate opposition party supporters, activists and reporters.

        6)MR also replaced both Ex CJ’s…once with Sarath Silva and again with Asoka Silva….and made sure they get all the full benefits when they retire for the help they did for him to get out of Tsunami Scandal, bribed opp.MP’s to cross, obtained 2/3 majority in the parliament and brought in draconian 18th Amendment.

        7) Also MR gave high post to current CJ’s husband Mr.Kariyawasam as Chairman NSB, and took photos with her during Namal Rajapakse’s Law Graduation to get outside attention and favours from her…..but due to her strong ethical standings, he couldn’t convince her….and then MR applied his “Condom Theory” on her. That is what this CJ impeachment is all about.

        8)Also MR changed and sent all the Best Servicemen who are affiliated with opposition parties on early retirement and replaced them with his goons.

        9)When you here and see Daily Mirror Yapa – Rohitha Bogalagama Video clip…you see that yapa say he brought the 16 witnesses to clarify the validity of documents….and by this we note that the documents were collected only after the CJ trial began…. which say that the 117 who signed the motion without knowing the charges. Also CJ’s lawyers confirmed this.

        10) Therefore since MR made sure to weak opposition to such an extent, that no opposition will challange him for next few generations…he want to make sure this last CJ barrier also to be wiped out for good so he could have his total absolute dictatorial regime for ever…….MEDAMULANA MAHARAJANO….SA..U …SAAA..U. SSSSSSAAAAA……….UUUUUU.

        Therefore we as citizens have only this last opportunity to safeguard our Liberty, rights and deomcracy only by protecting CJ from impeachment and also the opposition should think deep on the gravity on this issue.

        Come January 3rd…we could see if Govt. and the opposition PSC 11 go in front of Court of Appeal…and see the outcome.

        Come Jan. 9th Parliament CJ hearing begins and we all request Govt. to broadcast the Debate LIVE on Radio, TV and Internet.

        Also we could witness who are the Parliament “Betrayers” of people who want to sell their pride respect and conscious for a dictatorial MR regime SANTHOSAM.

        Parliament CJ Impeachment Live TV, Radio coverage is a MUST.

        Hope I answered to your question as to the reason for………….. why the opposition parties are weak….

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          Dear Jayantha ,
          Thanks for the reply , I’ll try to reply for all the issues you have raised on a different post , but this time let me capture on UNP’s role on this tragic comedy . As I have mentioned earlier, yet again UNP miserably failed to rise up for the occasion, Let me high light the following specific incidents which RW opted to act upon
          1)why did Dr Jayalath J committed himself to participate on a potential PSC well before the PSC was formed ?
          2) Why did RW authorize the formation of PSC without any pre conditions what so ever ? is it because parliament supreme ?
          3) why did RW declare that Anura B’s verdict as the final ? is that the gospel truth ?
          4)why didn’t UNP PSC walk out before CJ walk out ( there were enough incidents for UNP to walk out , i.e continuous requests & pleas were turned down and ignored ), had that happened CJ could have easily walked out claiming she couldn’t face the trial without opposition participation.
          5) Why did UNP ask more days to debate on PSC ? what are they going to gain ? can they overrule the majority ?
          6) why UNP is willing to participate on a fake report with the bunch of clowns ? Wouldn’t this debate give much needed legitimacy & validity for this kangaroo court .
          6) why did John Amaratunga announce that he will not come before the appeal court on January ? (Apparently Wijedasa R has stated they may appear)
          7) Why did UNP choose to participate on speaker’s party?
          8) Where are RW,John A et al today ? Holidaying in Italy?
          different people have different opinions and it all depends on the colour of the lens they wear , Jayantha I’m afraid , for me the whole impeachment saga is a combine effort , when the opposition is well and truly right behind MR, what is the point blaming and cursing MR.

          • 0

            Dear Srilal,

            Yes, like you, I have many issues on the credibility of the UNP and RW.
            That’s why you see even today the party insiders are going through a serious power vaccum. But again that’s the only opposition left to challange MR.

            You know the Current politics in Sri Lanka are fully engulfed with enormous amount of money being pumped into voting and crossover business. If I may correct you are talking about One Hundred Million Rupees per cross over, with other perks. The more popular the bigger the bribe.

            Just imagine….how many days you could afford to stay in a private hospital in Sri Lanka without an insutance coverage? My son was down with Dengue flu last year, was in Durdens for four day….the bill came to RS: 58,000. Just imagine Duminda S.in Singapore hospital over one year……….Demu Jayaratne in USA over a month could have easily charged around US$ 900,000. Nobody tells how they were paid.

            What happened to VP’s tons of acquired Gold….and lorrry load of Foreign and local currency and KP’s international fleet of ships, gas stations and other businesses….all are pumped out for Mega Election and power grab and power acquisition business.

            Therefore in front of this huge pilfered giant….all opposition parties feel helpless…..I even herd that to release Gen.Fonseka…there were huge sums involved through Tiran Alles. We will find out the truth later.MR’s Birthday adds alone ran into 750 million rupees.

            With relating to your 1st Q) I don’t have any answer….I don’t know how it happened.

            Q2) Yes RW wanted to maintain parliament as supreme….because
            A) By doing so he wanted to avoid any future conflicts with SC if UNP comes into power in future.

            B)CJ also gave many unfavourable decisions against UNP on many issues…..and he had a grudge against SC.

            C)RW represent Legislature(parliament club) so obviously he wanted to side with it.

            d)Re.pre conditions. RW knew how opposition followed on previous impeachment and he followed same to this.

            Q3)With Anura’s issue I had questions also….and I questioned it on a previous CT comments. Infact Anura was a grade 10 dropout……so he could not have that much Law knowledge other than by asking from someone. Also that time the charges were visible, acknowledged by Guilty party and proved. But now the Charges are doubtful, time lapsed, tied with Divineguma, harasing CJ’s Secretary, Firing CJ’s spouse……and many others. Also 117 signed without seeing charges also questionable….

            So eventhough RW admitted on Anura’s instruction that Parliament is superior…..no where in the constitution it has mentioned to validate it.

            All the PSC trial could have been accepted if it held impartially and genuinly…..but it did not. That’s the problem.

            4)May be UNP and CJ sniffed Govt.PSC’s game plan…..and that’s why they waited till last. But they never thought that in 10 hours Govt. PSC to bring 16 odd witnesses and submit the verdit……but they did. So now UNP, CJ and the Govt. to prove the validity of it.

            5)Of couse to answer 14 charges you need more time….but Govt. side did not agreed. No… UNP couldn’t over rule the govt.majoratory.(5 to 7)

            6) This TV debate will answer many questions as to what happened during PSC trial. The latest I herd was that the Hansard copy of the PSC has erased all the abusive words said…..during the CJ trial. This is a serious offense and we could see the excuses they say and the rest of the trial.
            John A. has to appear in appeal court. His party supporters expect his presence. It’s a mistake if he doesn,t.

            7) Party organised by Speaker….and MR has visited JA’s 25 year political life celebration party……But my question is why MR put his arm on JA’s shoulder’s and take photo and put in Daily news……This is MR’s political Blackmail of opposition MP’s…..Similarly he did to ex CJ Sarath Silva…..and with CJ on Namal’s graduation…..I call MR a political Wolf…which other’s to be more careful with.

            I herd RW is touring Europe to establish UNP offices and for fundraising……as I said before MR spends over 100 times more than all the other parties combined for propaganda. So others including JVP working in EU to raise funds.

            No Srilal…don’t think CJ Imp. is a combined saga….never.
            What happened was TFC stock issue was brought to parliament by UNP MP Harsha de Silva…which is a genuine issue. But he also said there were another 20 odd involved in it. But MR fired only CJ’s husband and not others….and the case went down under until University 5000 extra entrance….and finally was brought in when Divineguma bill came and CJ gave a negative verdict.

            So….no it never a combined effort……..But I should say that this CJ Imp. came as a blessing in disguise for all the opposition parties……because otherwise there was no way of winning another election until after many many MR family generations.That’s the way MR had planned taking over….Buddhist Priests, Police…all forces….media, press, tv,…artists….opp.MP’s……everybody.

            Because of CJ now the opposition has more media and press exposure….and CT is doing a wonderful Job.

            But……I have a strong feeling that there could be a Prorog due to liocal and international pressure…….will see.

            On the other hand..come Jan 10, 2013 if this goes to parliament…..both you and I could witness to the real being of UNP and RW…..and could witness what they are upto.

            So let’s wait and see…..Good luck. Also Parliament debate Live TV coverage a must. We have to demand for it.

  • 0

    Controversial Stock Exchange Trans action did not take place, it is the sellers who attempted to sell at higher prices that need to be brought to the justice. Who gave orders and accurate detail on prior instructions, the correspondence and connections would come out soon.

    Misuse of EPF funds is also under investigation. Now the biggest worry for some people is that truth is coming out in each and every issue. Discrepancies in university admissions and corruption also cannot be covered up one day all the students will get to know the status of their university admissions, all students know their ranks relative position and the corresponding ranks of the other students in every district. UGC villagers try to suppress and threaten the legal fraternity and frantically try to cover up corruption.

    Appeal court rulings make it very difficult to implement arbitrary PS proceedings. Have they read in news items why the UN Head Quarters has appointed special panel, secondly what exactly is the position of the February summit?

    Current responsibility and most appropriate task of the henchmen should be to come out and defend the leadership rather than putting them in unnecessary trouble. Unlike most of the political henchmen, legal fraternity cannot be suppressed and deceived that easily.

    All the citizens would not be prepared to dance according to the tune of political henchmen disregarding continues oppression of rights ordinary citizens. Sri Lankan citizens are not slaves of political henchmen.

    • 0

      The talk of the town now is the impeachment and evidence of CJ’s ‘misbehaviour’ and not wrong doings by the Rajapakses. We’ll get our chance to punish the government and the president for their wrong doings in three more years when elections come. That’s the appropriate time for that and not now. Remember, people in this country have changed governments before and we can do it again. We need not follow Libya, Egypt, Syria and etc as neo-colonialists want and make a mess here.

      CJ’s husband was investigated on a complaint by the JVP to Bribery commission for a corrupt share purchase and is on the docks now. Whether mere return of the money after getting caught makes him innocent the court has to decide. As usual for all guilty, CJ’s husband will use black coats to drag the case and get out of it. But the Government will not let CJ do that.

      If there were instructions from higher ups to buy those shares, husband’s lawyers could have mentioned it at court when he was produced, or CJ’s lawyers could have hang on and forwarded those documents to PSC and give the story necessary publicity. But nothing of the sort had happened. Why? Like most of hearsay stories that too is a lie and a myth.

      If Supreme Court notices and rulings were rejected by the speaker what makes you think a lower court ruling would make life difficult for him and the parliament?

      SF also thought the US and the UN will intervene and pronounced him the president of Sri Lanka. In the end, he couldn’t even find enough people to organise a successful meeting. Today, not just the unholy ‘ali koti rathu’ brigade but his own MPs have abandoned him and he has become nobody. This lady also hallucinates in the same line and will end up in a similar boat.

  • 0

    Come on Black courts take some of the Govt jokers to court for their corrupt deals, quickly they will backtrack.

    Your sacrifice is needed.

    • 0

      Jim Hardy,
      I bet no black coat dare take up your challenge. If they do, I too would back them all the way.

  • 0

    Time has come to seperate…..PIG SHIT EATING…”WAL BALU SINHALAYAS”
    versus the real patriots who represent peoples rights in Sri Lanka Parliament’s…….”NOBEL SINHALAYA”. …


    Come January 3rd 2013 all patriot loving both Govt. and opposition PSC members shoulod present at Appeal’s Court and give evidence regarding the validity of PSC CJ Impeachment trial.

    Come January 10th 2013 Public could witness which Parliament member voting on CJ impeachment, either to safeguard PEOPLE’S JUSTICE, LIBERTY AND DEMOCRACY……OR……….

    All country loving Citizen. This is your Judgment Day both to witness the PARLIAMENT VOTE AND TO PROTECT MADAM CJ AND THE JUDICIARY.

    Let’s see who are the real patriots safeguarding their citizen or those who sell their integrity to lick Medamulana Bones……both Govt. and opposition MP’s.


    • 0

      Writing is already on the wall. Come what may, the ‘Appeal Coat ruling’ if any will be floating in Diyawanna Oya. Your ‘ali, koti, rathu and et al’ patriots will have to look for a now idol to lead you from January 2013.

      • 0

        That’s why I say donkeys are born and not made.

        Don’t be a disgrace to educated Sinhalayas like us.

        You and the president….same boat…..go and catch fish in Nanthikandal lagoon….at the auspicious time.

  • 0

    What is the Lawyers Collective?

    You are only a break away group of the Bar Association and you don’t speak for all lawyers.

    Your group is behind the CJ not for democracy but for your own purposes.

    People only trust black coats who come as funeral directors.

    • 0

      How about the Government “WHITE SHIRT AND WHITE SARONG” Crazy wolves in sheep cloth.

  • 0

    Careful reading of all responses drwas citain conclusions , According to the responses of the villager he does not seen to be worried about conseuences. even if the leadership in trouble they to achieve thier objectives to cover up issues in the courts. typical attitude promoters it is up to the president to identify rhem. They are not bothered even a ICC is established as long as judges are removed. Above mentioned statement demonstrate thier attutude.

    “Hence, this impeachment must be concluded this way or that way, soon. Shriyani Bandaranayake and her backers and/or HRW can appeal to any International Court afterword on violation of her human rights and take the government for a spin if they want.”

    It is up to the president to identyfy them.

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