30 May, 2024


Leaked Video: Sajith Unveils Yahapālana Plan To Curb Unemployment

Minister of Housing and Construction and Deputy Leader of United National Party, Sajith Premadasa recently organised a ‘job dansala’ to show his appreciation to his party supporters who worked for his victory at last year’s Parliamentary Elections, doling out tens if not hundreds of jobs to his party supporters and their families.

sajithThe job dansala, goes against all pledges by the President Maithripala Sirisena led administration which came to power assuring that people that jobs will be granted based on individual skills and education and not for being political henchmen.

A leaked video shows Premadasa, dressed in casual t-shirt and shorts, ordering his staff to write letters of recommendations to other ministers in the government, while also instructing his staff to give labour and security jobs for people in his own ministry even though they did not possess necessary educational qualifications.

“Don’t worry, we will give jobs to everyone. But, only people who worked for my victory at the election should be here, don’t bring anyone else here,” he told the people and his organisers present at the job dansala.

“I will draft a letter and give you, take it and go and give it to Thalatha Athukorala,” he said to one job seeker. Athukorala is the Minister of Foreign Employment

Premadasa announced that physically short people who had studied up to Ordinary Level examination will get labour jobs, while some others if they had the necessary height can even be security personnel.

When one job seeker wanted to join another ministry, Premadasa said, “I will give you a job at my ministry, because you won’t be able to get any other job. That minister is filling his ministry with his supporters, and I am filling my ministry with my supporters,” Premadasa said.

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  • 22

    Mr Premadasa you seem to have a real heart towards teh grivences of the poor people.
    But please also be compliant with stadards, not issuing the letter like Namal did once – recalling a student to be taken to the university or the like. Please be careful wit hthe kind of issuance such letters without thinking twice.

    I know the langauge these people undrestand is different. Thatsome other politicians even if they are clean ones cant bear. But you have the talent – and you are able man… but please also very careful not to fall to the levels of Rajaakshes who only thought Ape miniha – our man should be given the priority.

    • 18

      Never forget, that his fathers same tactics – GAM UDAWA – were high profile wastes that ended up with all unexpected problems towards the end late 80ties.
      I know these poor ones will notknow how to behave, Premadasa as a minister may know the real problems of the people, but hope no the kind of fathers kirimati principles will be promoted by very son. I like the guy and his affinity to uplifTment of peoples lives.

      • 24

        What are you talking Samuel?

        His Dad is the only leader who started to give jobs by conducting open exams, to suitable persons,

        Chandrika Anti came and destroyed that system.

        Shame on you Sajith, Would your dad approve this?

        • 17

          Srinath, you have proved your stupidity not ones serveral doezens of time.

          Recalling my memories, his father is the first person to have given teaching appointment to unedcuated candidates.
          I really dont know what you know about srilanka.

          I asked my sister before I added this comment – she also confirmed the same.

          Chandrika Anty may have done wrong in other areas, but just for one reason we respect her again, which is TO HAVE WORKED LIKE AN IRON LADY IN CHASING OUT RAJAPAKSHES.

          Equally OR MORE I respect late Rev SOBITHA THERO. All these brave personaliteis worked diehard to drive away teh man. You guys are a curse to this country and nation.

          Please mind your own business. Your kids too cant praise on you, if you stay blind further.

          • 15

            and the uneducated that he recommended to lay the sewer lines of colombo (because as usual Sinhalese at Germany are Alitalia hijackers and kuddu vellando)
            also got to construct the ground zero towers USA Collavino Group, Windsor Canada.

            What is the difference between 30 years of experience and 2 years of experience?

            widening of the mind and spirit is culture – not spending 30 years a a robot in a German factory.

            • 3

              Bandito are u on dope ?

              Else, I really dont think anyone with sanity would have added this way.

              What do you want to say Bandito ? Have you got wandered your orifices ? Sorry for you.

        • 8

          srinath.gunaratne, What a load of cockle you are talking about? I did my teaching exam in 1987 and Premadasa was a lame PM by then. In 1989 Premadasa was the president and he lashed out 25,000 state jobs as his personal property to whoever who supported him politically. There were Daham Pasal teachers with absolutely no A/L qualification that became teachers. A Karate master became a PT teacher with no school grades. Whavetever it is,this video is a disgrace to any right minded person. In the 21st century, the guy recruits graduates, not knowing what they graduated from, but most importantly, his selection criteria is that jobs are only for those who voted for him, what a con-artist he is!

          • 3

            You are dead right Rubert.

            There had been masses, that only because supported R Premadasa were rewarded by Teaching appointments. Anyone with OLevels or without were given teaching. And the system that previous govt maintained were destroyed fully.

            Besides, if Premadasa junior has the brain the size of a needle head should know the kind of acts without thinking twice can all damage the new efforts of the consensual govt.
            Just to grab the power – calling ” only that supported his elections”…. repeating…to reward them with security and other labourer jobs …… to become good miniha…. this uneducated Premadasa offspring has been doing a greater harm than good.

            But I respect some of his speeches.

            Anyways, Premadasa please dont create new wave of conflicts within UNP. Then this country can again be thrown to rascals – Mahinda is waiting like a tired crocodile waiting for its prey RIGHT now.

            Those rascals should instead be put in jail for all the high crimes perpetrated during their high days.

        • 3

          Srinath Gunaratne

          But he (president Premadasa) considered poverty a qualification to be a teacher paving the way for thousands with less competitive qualification to become teachers.

          Can we appreciate it?

    • 33

      This clip explains Sri Lanka’s curse, ever since her Independdence in a nutshell.

      How can we ever become Singapore with this kind of utter morons from Maria Kade occupying positions of power.

      Don’t forget, this idiot is in line to inherit the almighty UNP after RW.

      It is his God given right. After his highly manipulative, insecure & crooked Dad. Stupid Sri Lankan electorate is totally OK with that.

      He behaves like an uneducated, 3rd class, God Father like mafia boss. Repulsive!

      May God bless Sri Lanka! We need it now, real bad.

      • 10


        what if those people would not be tamed by any other systems ?

        May be premadas knows it well the langague that the poor people understand… and their grivances.

        Did you listen to him ? He behaves like a thug his. I dont like him issuing such letters without thinking twice.

        And also resounded only those who worked for his election campaign…

        are they the only people that are really in need ? This man is said to have lived in the Uk, but seems to have learnt nothing about being civilized.

        Today politicians must not focus only on those who worked for his elections. All others are also in need to get the help from ruling politicians.

      • 17

        Ben Hurling

        How did we arrive at this point where providing jobs to the unemployed has become an officially sanctioned charitable act?

        Prerequisite for being employed, the applicant’s devotion to a party and loyalty to its local Mafia don.

        Well, where do we go from here?

        • 12


          “charitable act?”

          My foot. This is corruption in the first degree.

          In reality this Mafia Boss is buying poor, desperate people’s loyalty. Along with their ability to think critically. For the rest of their lives. In exchange for lowest level jobs paid for by Sri Lankan tax-payers.

          I repeat totally REPULISVE!


          • 7

            Yes, but these people surrounded by Premadasa in the video are unedcuated people except few candidates with degrees. Anyways, I think labour or security jobs can be offered to them as Premadasa resounded in the video, but Premadasa junior should become somewhat decent when talking to the people, not turning out to be thuggish Rajaakshes.

            Rajaakshes looted and destroyed the country nation to all deterioriating levels.

          • 6

            Well said mate! for change I cannot disagree with you. I totally agree. “My foot. This is corruption in the first degree.

      • 13

        Ben the greatest eloquence is stuttering.

        the more the lankans get educated the stupider they get and the more they boast as pseudo Dr, Prof, Pro…

        According to Pentagon and marine Bush was better for them and the world than Satan Obama.Less people were killed during Bush era than smooth debtor Obama.

    • 11

      Able man???

      I just returned from a trip to Hambantota and the place is dirty and falling into ruins! Once well kept roads are inundated with weeds and garbage.. Sajith can’t get the bloody basics right it seems..except for building tiny ill-planned and unattractive houses.

      People there are just fed up with Sajith and his ineffectiveness and with the present regime!

  • 7

    Action of SP is totally unacceptable and unethical. Poor voters must understand, letter of recommendation is a normal activity of any responsible person. However getting a job from other institution or a Ministry under different minister is a not a sure thing based on the recommendation. At least the fellow is not accepting any bribes.

  • 3

    and the people have to pay for this bloated public service which is bankrupting the economy.because of the IMF the budget deficit is now going to be less than 5%,lets hope that they will put another condition to cut the public service before releasing the next tranche of the loans.

  • 6

    If persons are not employed according each one’s level of competence, the public service will have misfits in jobs which they cannot perform.

    This is what happened after 1970, when Sirimavo B invented the ‘chit’ system, and each MP was given a quota of 100 jobs – which they ‘sold’ to highest ‘bidders’.

    Sajith should survive on his own competence, and not on recruitment of incompetents.
    It is sad that Sajith is out to unconsciously ruin the public service, for his political survival.

    He could have re-run his father’s Mobile Presidential Secretariats, instead. This is needed, and he would have achieved popularity.

  • 5

    Sri Lanka will always remain a BASKET case, when Ministers hire people with such irresponsibility.

    Who foots the bill for these folks salaries? their pensions? and other allowances?

    The Minister forgets that he is a servant of these people who voted him to office. But behaves like a thug in his own electorate.

    Rob from the taxpayers and fill the bellies of his electorate people. What a shame!!

  • 3

    What is so strange in this “Job Dansela”. It has been in existence and practiced for the last six decades. Someone who attended this “Job Dansela” told a nice story. If a person is 6ft tall he is given a letter to be a “Security Guard” and if LESS a “Labourer’s job. Anyway before this, Mr Lakxhman Kiriella another Minister did it in a much “Better Way” by appointing 52 people of those who supported his election winning, as “consultants” to RDA and in certain cases, it was not only one from a family but even both the husband and wife. Also one of those who was appointed in that “System” was a BUDDHIST PRIEST.When questioned in Parliament he, without any shame said “We have to support our supporters and what is wrong in it. Did anyone, including the media in the country had anything to say or correct the “System”. So what is WRONG in Mr. Sajith Premadasa another Minister doing it? More of it, is an ACCEPTABLE SYSTEM in Sri Lanka. So why cry over this “JOB DANSELA”. Let all 225 “Idiots” elected by the 98.5% literacy rated voters continue the system.

  • 5

    A disgraceful sight. The Voters who were looked upon as Gods prior to elections were seen treated in a degradable manner.
    The Country has been plunging to the lowest depth year after year due to politicians of this caliber.
    Both UNP and SLFP Politicians think that their party supporters should be rewarded with Govt. jobs and jobs in statutory bodies and corporations. This is a major reason for the inefficiency and losses from the said institutions.
    Instead of taking measures to create new jobs by promoting investments they keep on dumping people to loss making state institutions.
    These are nothing but economic crimes!

  • 5

    Giving jobs to unqualified persons is not good. Nowadays teaching has become cheaper due to politicians.

  • 0

    [Edited out]

  • 3

    yamapalane is shining…..are you para toiyas happy now?

  • 2

    Irony in here is how they came to rule the the country and what the promised. No point to blame the previous regime to cover what these people are doing today. End of the day public is just a stupid factor like a volley ball which pass from one hand to another. People try correct these things like how people finding sophisticated clothes to cover their sex.

  • 2

    ALL are the same. Not one is different. There are NO good, virteous politicians in the Yahapalanaya government. Some pretend to be which is far worse than the ones who don’t pretend. They are the lesser of the two evils.

    Don’t call this Yahapalanaya. We have been deceived. Kick all these jokers out.

  • 2

    They wear white clothes and pretend to be clean characters. If he believes that job vacancies in his ministry are for his party supporters, have they really changed themselves towards Good Governace? If he acts in this unreasonable manner when he is only holding a Ministry, imagine how he will act if he becomes PM or President. Jayathilake

  • 2

    For a start he is not dressed properly. He should have a bit respect for the people of his electorate and should not be dressed as if he is going to the beach. A person who came begging for their vote, today treating the voters with utmost disrespect and giving jobs only to his henchmen.

  • 2

    The utmost definition of yahapalanaya……………would like to know the spin/explanation from the achariya and the nurse.

  • 3

    I voted for this government and expected change.

    All I can say is bloody shame! This incident with Sajith and how the President is going off the rails with his views on the investigations. On the other hand his son might not have a helicopter ( at least for now) but is becoming a national embarrassment.

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