25 September, 2023


Leave DIG Latheef Alone!

By Malinda Seneviratne –

Malinda Seneviratne

About a year ago, a highly respected police officer, previously attached to the STF but at the time the Officer in Charge of the Crimes Division of the Wellawaya Police, died under tragic and mysterious circumstances.  DIG Dinana was known to have been an uncompromising fighter against cannabis (ganja) growers and traffickers.  He led a team of men 20km deep into the Hambegamuwa jungles and while destroying a ganja chena, according to ‘witnesses’ had been taken unawares by a falling tree, lost balance and fallen on the alavanguva he had been holding.  The heavy, pointed iron rod is said to have gone in through his neck and out from the other side of his head.

Now, that is a tall story if ever there was one.  Drugs is a big business and especially in this particular area.  If bucks control politics then it is quite possible that both politicians as well as state authorities come under pressure to ‘let be’.  One year later, another officer who too has declared war on drugs in the area, DIG Moneragala, N.I.R. Latheef, is coming under fire from local politicians.  Is there a connection? We cannot say for sure.

One thing is certain.  DIG Latheef has spared no pains to combat illegal treasure hunting, drugs and illegal sand mining.   He has had to contend with politician-backers of those engaged in illegal activities.  He has stood firm.  So too has IGP N. K. Illangakoon, also formerly of the STF, who has strongly defended measures taken by the Moneragala Police.

Appointments, promotions, transfers, suspensions and termination are often based on political considerations.  Police officers are promoted or transferred as reward and punishment, respectively, before and after elections. That’s been common practice by ruling parties over the last several decades.  ‘Loyalty’ is noted.  Its lack is not unnoticed.  At the local level there are instances where honest officers are considered a nuisance.  Those who are blind and those who are happy to look away are clearly preferred by errant politicians or those whose political future is dependent on wrongdoers who fund their election campaigns.

The same goes for other officials.  A casual threat works most times.  Lubrication too.  When these things don’t yield desired results, then ‘transfer’ is an option.  Vilification also works. There are many ways to harass.

DIG Latheef is not running for political office.  He seems to be a decent police officer.  He seems to be doing his job.  When an honest police officer does his job the only people who can get hot under the collar are those who are dishonest and crooked.  When cries are raised for the lynching of a good officer, then it is prudent to investigate the doings of the criers.

The politicians, ‘duty bound’ perhaps, are now clamoring for Latheef’s transfer.  They will leave no stone unturned, they say.  They will protest, they will petition. Police officers are not politicians.  They have to do their duty, and some of them die in the line of duty.  They cannot purchase politicians and they cannot purchase supporters.  Sure, not all of them are exactly saints for there are innumerable occasions when officers have been caught napping and more, but there cannot be any doubt that the Latheefs of the Police Department need to be supported. And protected.  If politicians will not, the people must.

*Malinda Seneviratne is the Chief Editor of ‘The Nation and his articles can be found at www.malindawords.blogspot.com

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    “Oh look at me, I’m not a racist. I stand up for muslims. ‘this guy must think he is so clever.

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      Oh Malinda, it is because of people who suck up to the powers that be that we have become a cursed nation. Even if it is your son wrong is wrong. If you want to protect his , one would understand covering up, but make sure the mistake is never repeated. This is not what, Sri Lankan lackeys do. There are enough people to burn the Tamils when it is necessary. If we learn how to say sir, I will do any thing for you but please ask some one else to do this, ? But no. Kill Richard Soysa and lo and behold! He is killed. Kill ponnambalam, kill Ekneligoda dump him in the sea, kill Lasantha , smash the heads of children and we have people to do all this and, others , opportunists , from the sides clean up , gives excuses for all these mis deeds. Well sinners deserve Bandaranayake, Wickramasinghe Jayawardena ,and Premadasas. Good luck to you and us . We must have deserved this to have been born in this country .I have seen you sucking up too. Glad you can see the woods from the forest now

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      Good one sulaiman ! We all know his stance viz minorities….!

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    If IGP can not protect his man, If President is blind to what his sub ordinates are doing what else Sri Lankans can expect ?

    Remember what happened to Duminda’s murder accusations and Mervyn Silva’s murder accusations. Nothing.


    This is not about muslims. that particular officer just happened to be muslims. Otherwise, Muslims are expanding at the expense of Buddhists. They are using tactics they are using all over the world to expand. Western govts are bringing Laws to stop that. Eastern govts are silent.

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    This is quite an anamoly since our perception of the police is that they are the servants of the political masters. If this is the case in this particular instance why not in all cases.

    Perhaps this is due to the politicisation of the police service and individual loyalties of the various DIG’s, SSP’s and ASP’s. In any case it is good if the IGP can do his job without interference from the MOD or any politicians. He should be the top man in the police not a bootlicker of the politicians.

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    No need to stress Mr Seneviratne.

    DIG Latiff will stay put.

    Do you know why ?.

    Because Gota wouldn’t give a shit about the politicians whether they are wearing Blue or Green.

    It is you lot who are the main hinderance to clean these undesirables .

    Do you remember Welikada?.

    It is about time you lot back off and let Gota take care of these thugs , goons , murderers , drug peddlers and the other undesirables such as the LTTE proxies who are hell bent on destroying the freedom and peace that is prevailing post Nanthikdal.

    This may sound a bit a bit harsh, but it is the truth.

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      Ado Sumane — you boss has done it again !

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    Hats off to DIG M.R.Latiff a highly decorated former STF Officer.
    Terrorists in the East fret at the whisper of Latiff’s movements.
    He knows the East at the back of his palm.
    He has given it all for Mother Lanka.

    What do these political lackeys want? They may have the connectionsBUT THEY ARE NO MATCH FOR DIG M.R.LATIFF.
    Leave him alone, he will clear the entire region under his command and decipline all those political stooges.

    Latiff is a very capable officer and can take careof himself.
    These political punks would have been hidding under their beds when Latiff was hounding and going after the Terrorists in the East.

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    It is an established FACT that the politicians in Moneragala are fully involved in everything from illicit gemming to poaching to ganja cultivation.

    This has happenned from the UNP time and when the chief culprit changed sides he has been welcomed with open arms.

    Leave Latiff alone ! For once Malinda has said something worth listening to.

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    The Moneragala district has been removed from the jurisdiction of DIG Lateef, already!

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

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    How many others in the Police are subject to such
    situations? Why is Malinda so silent about them?

    Has he bothered to find out about police officers
    who sat for higher examinations were caught copying?
    Were they not punished for that?

    There was one SSP who was slapped by a DIG at a cricket
    match. What happened? No one cared to raise issue.

    There is a Police officer on a year long extension now going
    around breaking walls and buildings. His extension was
    unprecedented because he is 71 years of age. Malinda, why not
    worry about this. He only speaks about one of the aggrieved

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    Talking of lackeys, it is hard to beat Malinda’s act.Thank you Malinda

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    Our president seems to specialise in going around problems, in matters that do not threaten his authority, However, he is all thunder, lightening and bull dozer when there is threat to his authority or position He led a war with a sense of purpose that is to be admired. He got rid of Sarath Fonseka and CJ Bandaranaike, where means did not matter a wee bit to him. However, as manifested in the DIG Lateef issue, which did not threaten him in any way, he has played ball with the forces that wanted the DiG out.

    The president does not seem to understand that we can always have a different person as president, but cannot be without the fundamentally principles that should underline governance. To the president , he and his position seem to matter more than the welfare of the country and the people. I see more and more of this aspect of his personality manifesting with time. This is of concern to all of us, as it is slowly, but steadily eroding good governance.

    You should now write a blog condemning the government, which is the president in reality, for removing DIG Lateef from Moneragala, given the circumstances.

    Dr. Rajasingham Narendran

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    I am a daily reader of The Colombo Telegraph. CT allows all views to be reflected as long as they conform to their fair comment policy. Well and good.

    I doubt whether this will find space but am bold enough to say it. Let us
    see whether CT will publish it.

    When Mrs Chandrika Bandarnaike was the President, there was a conference at Temple Trees to discuss anti Sri Lanka propaganda overseas. I was present. There was an officer attached to the intelligence services who raised a question and said even UN Secretary General Kofi Annan did not approve of it. Then President Kumaratunga cut the officer down to size when she said in a loud voice “Kofi Annan was not even Secretary General the.” She quoted the year too. The officer concerned kept quiet.

    Then there was an instance where an officer attacked to the intelligence community was speaking to his superior, one known for lavish lifestyles and nick named’Pin Gona’. The conversation was derogatory. Then Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe ordered him out of the intelligence service.

    Another is when a promotion examination was being held. The officer was caught red handed copying. He was suspended. An official in the Ministry of Defence sent him a written warning.

    Why don’t you speak of such officers and only give one side CT? Of course, I realise it is not your fault. You are only quoting something from somebody. Those who have friends in many newspapers can have their stuff about elitism and heroism planted. Be also mindful of others who do not have that privilege.

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    At the very outset, I would like to express my humble sentiments of Honour and respect to the only remaining Enlighteners of Truth in this country the scribes., and a few respectable Public Servants who serve with dedication, honour and dignity to uphold their solemn oath taken when they receive their commission.

    Unlike, some of those who have now retired making futile attempts to write under Pseudo names as Ex-Cop and MMG. But, as always putting out only some bits of vile deceptive concoctions to impede due credit being given for another’s bravery and steadfastness in order to shroud their own Malefactions in their badly contaminated service history.

    I know Ex-cop ! you will have to run up to your Webster’s New Edition to understand what I am iterating here, maybe your contraband wheeler dealer friend Noor Hadjiar who caused your interdiction out of the CID may get you an online tutor from Aussie and assist you with some Brush up writing skill programmes. Of course ! the Good Old Hadjiar will pay for it as usual as he has always been your oxygen and include it in your monthly remittance that comes as usual. Ex-cop, even after retirement, you yet seem to be not taking chances, I must hand it to you Sir, you are undoubtedly, the Planets number one Toady and are yet abreast in your obsequious servile Bootlicking skills have as usual chosen create another illusory incident to stick spurting your tongue to pay reverence and homage to any probable politician in the offing., even sacrificing your former superiors by derogatory names (no matter if they were good or bad).

    Mr. Noor Ex-Cop, Its very clear where the Police Department has come to with People of the likes of you who have served in it, and Oh My God, from your write you state you have been a top notch Intelligence Man, during CBK and RW’s time, when you can’t even but an ordinary blog together, No wonder we had to fight this war for 30 years and thanks to His Excellency the President and the Current Regime and especially the Secretary of Defence that they have retired dunderheads as you and made you the Ex- who yet even in retirement is evidently lacking skills of an eloquent officer, sans honorability being something you were cruelly deprived of it by the Lord.

    As for MMG, you make it sound as if was this DIG who gave you the free face massage at the World Cup match, when it was in fact another DIG who didn’t like your smart smooth charming looks is why he smacked you as you claimed, OR is it because you compromised the Respectable position of the State Intelligence when you served under Mr. Ex-Cop, and were caught with your pretty hand in the cookie jar taking Rs 50K from the Striped Boys of the North to give them Intelligence Clearance Certificates to sail through to foreign lands in search of greener pastures after parting with their greener papers to you.

    This had brought much disrespect to all your Khaki colleagues whom most wanted to smack you but only one particular Bad Boy DIG had the real guts to do it.

    I humbly, beg you two Disgruntled Khaki Kings of Larceny (your new Honoured Post Nominals Ex-KKL’s)please don’t ever insult the only remaining Honoured remnance of this country’s Public Servants and Most Importantly the only form of Public Enlightenment is us the Scribes. We Sir, can take it from any one ! but Not from you, Corrupt Public Servants tainted with the odors of sewage money. Au Revoir.

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    Well said, Thilina. There are those who have the guts
    and the guile to face up to an issue. When someone
    robs what belongs to the people, whether it is sand
    or sandwiches, it is against the law. When someone
    stands up to it today, they pay a heavy price but
    there is one thing no one can take away. That is
    the dignity of the man who stood by the law, his men
    who enforced it and for the people of this country.

    I sure agree it is not like the mahiyas or mayans who
    have not just robbed but sold national security down the
    drain. With the blood money they gathered, teaching others
    to live by the law, in Sri Lanka or abroad, is only a facade.
    They live well and unlike in the US, do not live with the dole
    they get.

    This is the kind the American cay are full of, what? ….it!!

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    Now, now, now Monsieur. You have got all your wires crossed like a crabby croissant. I got to my new Webster”s English Dictionary and thanks because I have one. There are others who have none. They have to copy, copy and copy. However much Cafe LATTE they drink, their intellect remains the same. Even the one who was slapped has been bold to stand up
    You will see the results soon. So, after all the big talk, the job will be as great as a new ASP looking after a few stations. Who earned this? Me? or Is it the great hero of all. God save the mankind from their lovers of scribes and anything attractive.

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    Greetings! Ex-Cop Gajaman, glad to know that being on the dole with sponsorship from contrabandists helps keep your library updated at least. Nonetheless, Webster’s, oxford or even old William Shakespeare reincarnated could never teach you to compound a sentence that requires percipience, culminated with a mastery of the lingua you chose to transmit through. Coz your write, as usual makes no sense what so ever, stick to the subject matter, you are shooting in the dark Honey Bunch, seems more venom in you than facts, looks like you are putting together
    your limited language skills to write sweet nothings, to create some non existent bad image on the DIG, who may have friend you as a corrupt cop., as you were well known to be. I suggest you take a Black Under skirt from one of your WPC’s who are yet hounding you asking for alimony and and go wave it in Uva with the Local Politico’s. But make sure to wear an Oxypura face mask or else, we may need some medical assistance for the poor Politicos no sooner you start releasing your gases from your Halitosis infected sewer.

    On the subject of your eloquence skills ! Mr. Noor Ex-Cop your last Para speaks for it self…. God save THE MANKIND…. / Ha ! Ha! I can imagine what jargon you wrote when you were in service ! On the subject of LINGUA its well known that your expertise was always the expeditious maneuvering power of the muscular hydrostat in your mouth that used to rapidly mumble rancorous lies about others and then find its way into the distal orifice of the alimentary canal of the two previous failed Heads of State by hoodwinking them with your bed time tales which ruined this deeper.

    The Present Executive and regime realized No more with your Mickey Mouse 007 lies & falsifications and sent you home.., and got rid of you (also maybe he couldn’t handle the bad breath too). Now leaves you in retirement collecting your Dole from your Hadjiars, reading the CT, posting malicious blogs, whilst exhibiting your limited writing skills through your vainglorious exuberance of your Intelligence quotient level that can be written on the back of a postage stamp. But now you are free what you want to say as before you could not speak freely as your bad case of halitosis made it impossible for any one to stay in a room when you spoke. Retribution Baba ! for telling lies…/ Good to know that though you call your superiors by jest names, you yet stand by your collector’s the “Smoothie Dole” who got cheeked, I guess as ” Thick as Thieves “, you stay unto death/ …

    Now ! also, you are one stubborn little Cashoholic you bad money nymph who just cant forget the old Xerox machine that helped you replicate documents to help your Smuggler Hadjiar Friend get his Contraband Drugs into this country to kill our youth. I see the money was so good that you yet get orgasms (maybe now, with age from the anus) is why you keep talking of the Xerox machine and its copying function all the time is your undying devotion to the word copy, copy and copy. Remember Darling, that it is this bad Xerox Machine, and this naughty deed of Copying that got you in deep trouble before, haven’t you yet learnt your lesson even in the Winter of this wretched journey you had in sansara.

    Keep writing Darling… Sheznen street copy version of William Shakespeare , I enjoy your indigenous writing skills, brings back memoir’s when our domestic Banda came from the village and my late parents started teaching him the language of the Queen. Gute Nacht ! OMG !!!! I almost forgot ..How’s the halitosis ? Is it manageable now ? Or do your visitors use Gas masks when they come before you ? I think Listerine and Corsodyl has 4 Litre cans now….for cases as yours.. Tata … Sleep tight …Au Revoir

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    Ooh la laaah – the LATTE boy has developed hoof and mouth
    disease or is it cirrhosis or could be even diarrhea. The
    verbal kind, vomiting words with venom needs no serum to
    cure. What can one cay except that a man gored by one of
    those Wild Boar’s is suffering, suffering so much that he
    has even got muscular and mental pains. I leave you to rest
    in peace than go into tatters in pieces. Au Revoir or should
    it be GROBR

  • 0

    Yo ! Kristina Gajaman, so nice to hear from you Darling, as I said it gives me a hoot to read your vernacular English and reminds me of the old British Comedy “Mind your Language”…so pathetic../ Dosen’t make any sense good to be read by numskull’s as you with a 70.1 IQ…/ only a sad organization like the Khaki Clads would tolerate mumbo jumbo shit like this. No wonder you lasted that long until you were sent home, selling your art of lies and deceptions on taxpayer’s money.

    One more thing, sweetie!! As usual, your spurious spiteful mind seems to be yet going into the wrong direction, and assuming me to be one of your ignoramus Khaki Clad colleagues from your past living on state coffers, baby dragon breath you are sadly mistaken !!!. Come on Kristina!! Surely! You don’t think one of them can write the way we scribes do? Of course, with all due respect to a one time revered department, I doubt that all are just blockheads like you, who only mastered the skill of Sphincter Lapping, backstabbing and skullduggery. This nation aught to have its fair proportion of HONEST, devoted, ultra skilled recruits and officers from the middle and upper ranks whose progress was always stalled / impeded by inept Kings of Larceny as you. Thanks to H.E the President his Govt you are an EX-now.

    Oh!! Cup cake, on the subject of Skullduggery! How is your offspring doing? Heard he has got your skills and won an award from the Bank in Hatton for his attempted exceptional Skulling Skills that were shown in his young age, that they gave an early Excellent Pathum Vimana Retirement Programme. Great to hear he’s taking after you. However, hope that the Halitosis is not hereditary or the poor boy may have to remain single.. Keep writing may improve your Singlish., at least in your Winter years. May help to write a book useful for crooked cops to read SAY – ” THE GUIDE TO GET RICH IN THE POLICE ” – by Kristina Gajaman (BSc, DraB, Bss, AL, AnSc, Csu, BaSta) …../ Ciao.. For now…/:>

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