20 June, 2024


“Let My Country Awake”

By Sarath de Alwis –

Sarath de Alwis

Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;
Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit;
Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action –
Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.

This is a poem Rabindranath Tagore wrote in 1910.  The original Bengali poem was under the title “ Chitto jetha bhayashunyo”. I do not know Bengali. But I suspect Tagore refers to the mind – Chitto and conquering fear – bhayashunyo. 

I found the poem in an anthology published under the charmingly honest title “Poems that make grown men cry”.  

When I heard Eran Wickremeratne’s strikingly anguished, patently aggravated appeal to the nation’s intelligentsia and the professional class I sat up and cried.

I supported the movement for a just society led by venerable Maduluwawe Sobitha thero.  I hoped for change. 

When in January 2015, Ranil Wickremesinghe indicated that Arjuna Mahendran was his preferred choice to head the central bank I realized that the crap would hit sooner than later, not only the fan on the ceiling but all pedestal fans around as well. 

I was not a political activist with access to anybody of note, to pass on my concerns. I knew two people who I believed had ring side seats in the ‘Yahapalana’ circus.

First was the sister of a Cabinet Minister whose enlightened value judgements often made him the enthusiastic fly in our tribal ointment jar. I can name the other with no pangs of conscience – Jayampathy Wickremeratne PC . 

I told the Sister of the Minister and the appointed MP that the appointment was a disaster and that the cognoscenti in the field of finance were chuckling over Ranil’s apparatchik replace Mahinda’s apparatchik to head the reserve bank. 

I did what I could as a citizen. I wrote an essay “Maithri’s mandate and Ranil’s royalist regency” published in the Colombo Telegraph on 17th February 2015

In that essay I said that Ranil Wickremesinghe was no different from Mahinda Rajapaksa. In January 2015 Ranil Wickremesinghe had no mandate to be the Prime minister. I said that he was only a caretaker prime minister. I said that ‘he was a closet autocrat with equally unfathomable links to the oligarchs and was only a puppeteer of the earlier order.”  

So dear Reader, you must believe me, when I say that on hearing Eran Wickremeratne, I sat up and cried. Then I remembered Anthony Holden’s brilliantly edited anthology aptly titled ‘Poems that make grown men cry” from which I extracted Tagore’s evocatively eloquent cry for reason and sanity in a chaotic land.    

Watch Eran’s speech below;

Part one in Sinhala:

Part two in English:  

This is not the time to cry. It is the time to act 

As soon as I accessed Eran’s speech on ‘YouTube’ I shared the link with friends who value appraisals I thought were like mine. I was amazed by the harsh tone and the derisive dismissals I earned for my civic minded effort. 

Oh! has he just woken up?” was the near universal rebuke I collected. With a friend who has a particularly sharp wit, I made the mistake of sharing Eran’s homily on ethical and moral propriety with a haughty observation of my own. I said here is Eran offering a moral compass for a nation in drift. 

‘You imbecile!’ he responded with his endearing aplomb. What is the use of a …king compass for a shipwreck? 

We are not a shipwreck yet. Hence this essay.  

But first things first. I must get this off my chest. We have heard much about the brilliance and the professional prowess of the detective now demoted to be a personal assistant to a senior cop. 

He cannot be all that bright. If he was as clever as claimed, he should have recused himself as several arbiters of the law did when exiled royalty of the ancient regime appeared before them. Maybe, he was tired. Maybe he really wanted a break and as a personal assistant in a copshop in the hinterland he could be away from it all.  

With that attended to, we return to the ship adrift but not abandoned and yet capable of making to a safe harbor.    

Our parliamentary democracy is facing an existential threat. The government now in power, claims that the President has received an unprecedented mandate from the people. It was indeed unprecedented in terms of totems and taboos. In a plural democracy it also engenders primitive instincts that excludes rejecting the notion of the inclusive. 

The new dispensation now demands a two thirds majority in parliament, to translate vision into reality. 

The President received 52.25% of the votes cast or 6,924255 votes out of 15, 992,096 registered electors. That makes the demand for a two thirds majority equally fascinating and unprecedented.  

The family and the following wish to abolish the 19th amendment. It is our business to ensure that it should not happen.   

Why do we need to preserve protect and even attempt to further strengthen the 19th Amendment?

So, the time has come, as they say in Hollywood scripts to cut to the chase. We need an independent judiciary, a public service with integrity, law enforcement that is impartial and an elections commission that is demonstrably independent. That was the purpose of the 19th amendment.

The purpose of the 19th amendment was to subject government action to public scrutiny. The people must possess the means to develop a critical understanding of the consequences and especially the unintended consequences of government action.  

What will happen if we give the ‘Pohottuwa’ coalition, the Mahinda Rajapaksa Maithripala Sirisena combine and or the Rajapaksa family a two thirds majority in parliament? 

Obedience to the state will become the highest virtue. To doubt the sincerity of the government or the clan would be unpatriotic. To question the wisdom of the visionary leader would be heresy. A two thirds majority eliminates doubt and dissent. With a two thirds majority given, we can forget politics and statecraft. It is in safe hands. The idea that the rulers will make mistakes would be absurd. 

The problem with multiparty democracy is that it thrives on doubt and dissent. The idea of democratic debate appeals to a higher virtue that is unknown to the simple honest military mind that is trained and disciplined to demand simple minded obedience. 

Progress according to human history has moved forward in chaos and not according to a plan or in the fashion of a regimental parade. 

Though delivered four and half years late, Eran’s concluding plea needs constant and persistent repetition. 

“I must again urge professionals who are holding powerful positions to execute their duties professionally and the others to stand up for your peers despite your political differences. If we do not stand by those who do the right thing – those honest, capable and qualified professionals and experts – Sri Lanka’s brain drain will be accelerated and not reversed, and over time, we will lose all the people of the caliber we need to develop this country and develop the institutions we need as a nation.”

We are not short of people of that caliber. Thanks to the leader of Eran’s party they have lost hope and are now in a state of emotional stupor. 

Thanks to the presidential election of 2019 the people of such vitally needed caliber have not gone into a perpetual stupor. Pun intended. 

Since the last presidential election there is a debate among the chattering class, the stuttering class, the swaggering class and the bantering class about the idea of justice. 

Now the Prelates of Kandy have their idea of Justice. Their idea of justice demands punishment for those responsible for the boondoggle of bonds. But they refuse to board the Airbus, for they do not know where it is headed to. 

The Buddha according to Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakirisnan approached justice by focusing on injustice. The Buddha said that ignorance (Avidya) was the main cause of all our sorrows, desires, attachments, evils, violence and injustice. 

Now our hill capital Kandy is a great repository of the Dhamma. What do those political pilgrims who go to Kandy almost every week look for? Vidya or Avidya?  

Since our idea of justice needs to be framed in the context of democratic politics, we must opt for guidance not so much from a spiritual angel but from the angle of justice as fairness. John Rawls explored this idea in his monumental study – A theory of Justice. 

John Rawls examined the idea of ‘Justice’ for those who engage in social interaction. We must decide in advance how we regulate our claims against one another according to a foundational charter. In it we must decide by reflection, what constitutes the good and what is bad.   

“Just as each person must decide by rational reflection what constitutes his good, that is, the system of ends which it is rational for him to pursue, so a group of persons must decide once and for all what is to count among them as just and unjust. The choice which rational men would make in this hypothetical situation of equal liberty, assuming for the present that this choice problem has a solution, determines the principles of justice.” 

When you give a two thirds majority to the President or his brother the Prime Minster, you cease to be a rational person. No rational person will allow “Principles of justice” to be decided by a two thirds majority.  

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  • 11

    To add to Rabindranath Tagore’s Bengali poem “ Chitto jetha bhayashunyo”.
    Otto Rene Castillo’s Exile
    My exile was made of cries.
    The infinite face of police, grey
    on my insufficient features.
    The great tables of hunger beyond the fist
    full of dollars that violates the land.
    The bags packed every month,
    ready to wrap up the exodus
    of tears and dust.
    I walked strange shores
    in search of my country’s face.
    Dawns of gulls followed me.
    I received the brutal embraces
    of he who discovers a cataclysm of roses
    in the most hidden places of his soul;
    touch of hands in the nights
    of escape, where the liquid eyes
    of our mother burned,
    her ageless dimension of cottonwood,
    branches up
    defending the city of birds
    from the endless assault of water.

    with flags flying.
    You, who sell my country,
    Have you heard the land walk
    beyond your blood?
    Did you ever wake up
    crying from the sound of your pulse?
    Sitting at the cafe in a far off land
    one winter day
    have you listened to men speaking
    of your fight?

    Have you watched as the sweet seamstress
    planted a tender kiss on the oily cheek
    of her prince the mechanic?
    Or pressed the calloused hand
    of the workers who build
    the world’s collective destiny?

    You do not answer,
    Don’t open your mouths

    • 15

      Sarath de Alwis,

      RE: “Let My Country Awake”

      //‘You imbecile!’ he responded with his endearing aplomb. What is the use of a …king compass for a shipwreck? //

      “We are not a shipwreck yet. Hence this essay”

      Thanks for your essay.


      All the imbeciles. mean IQ 79, are still on the ship , on the way to a shipwreck, and Eran Wickramanayaka, is forewarning , on the impending disaster.

      Do all the imbeciles deserve this disaster, or should it be limited ONLY to deserving imbeciles, who prostrate to saffron clad monks, who hijacked Buddhism, expecting Nibbana or extinction, like there is no tomorrow?

      • 7

        Sarath de Alwis,.

        RE: “Let My Country Awake”

        You mean Let My Soul achieve Nibbana or Extinction with the shipwreck?

        “We are not a shipwreck yet. Hence this essay”

        What happens when a Buddhist reaches Nirvana/Nibbana?

        When you achieve nirvana, you stop accumulating bad karma because you’ve transcended it. … Once you have fully escaped the karmic cycle, you achieve parinirvana — final nirvana — in the afterlife. As with Hindu nirvana, souls that have achieved parinirvana are free of the cycle of reincarnation.

        Are the imbeciles expecting to achieve parinirvana — final nirvana — in the afterlife.? Perhaps they have been prostrating to the saffron clad monks, too much, which the first 6 kings and the subjects were able to forgo, because the Para-monks from Bharat were not simply not there, and the new tribe exploited, and the imbeciles fell for it.

      • 10

        It is not the Fault of the People that they have an IQ of 79!
        What do you expect of a People who have no access to Information, except what they Learn at school in the ‘National Languages’!
        I am sorry that you have to call us ‘Imbeciles’!

      • 4

        Sinhala Buddhists should ask Amanasiri, if we want to prostrate in front of monks ‘THAMUSETA THIYENA RUDAWA MOKAKDA’?

        • 6

          Eagle Confused Eye , Eagle Amana Eye ,


          What is the pain you have got?

          Altruism. Help those who were deceived.
          Even, imbeciles, mean IQ 79, should not be taken advantage and fooled by the monks, who hijacked Buddhism, appointed themselves as the 3rd Gem of the Triple Gem, and therefore immune from criminal activities, and deception.

          Has any monk, or imbecile who prostrated achieved the illusion , Nibbana or Extinction? Not yet. So, this is all deception.

          • 1

            “Has any monk, or imbecile who prostrated achieved the illusion , Nibbana or Extinction?”

            Whether monks or imbeciles who prostrate achieved Nibbana is none of your business. Do monks or imbeciles who achieved Nibbana have to report to you?

        • 6

          Eagle Confused Eye, Eagle Amana Eye,

          “Sinhala Buddhists should ask Amarasiri, if we want to prostrate in front of monks”

          Hindus should ask Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, what is his pain, with Hindu practices, such as Sati, Caste System and other Hindu rules.

          Copernicus, Galileo and Kepler should have asked the same question from the Catholic Church.

          The answer is busting deception.

    • 12

      When the Buddhists do not want to follow Buddha’s teachings, what respect will they have for Rabindranatha Tagore’s teachings?

  • 27

    Well said. At least, there are someone with the balls.

    • 7

      …Even though they are getting closer to the ground by the day!

  • 9

    This is a classic case pf how the global Pentacostal mafia operates. One of their leaders make a wave of some sort and the rest of them glorifies it far beyond its true significance.
    Lets take this speech of Eran W that has apparently made De Alwis cry. What was so powerful there that could make an old man of 70 yrs (or older), cry, if he is at least half-rational?
    After all, Eran W was a leading member handling economic matters of Ranil’s Gang of Robbers. Why didn’t his moral erection occur during that time? Why is he seeing mountains out of mole hills now?
    Kirimandala Mawatha has a fixed agenda, with glorified cases like those of Lasantha W they see no end to. Darisha Bastian’s faild highjacking was a clear case of the sort of their tactics.
    De Alwis, for your information, Maduluwawe Sobhita was a stupid monk who didn’t know executive president from a ‘petti kada’ operator. He became a tool for the desperate foreign funded GOs.
    By the way, it si not surprising you follow Tagore because he came from a line of traitors in India who did the dirty work for the East India Company and became filthily rich, not unlike Bandaranaikes, but a thousand times richer.

    • 19

      This comment can be labelled “shoot the messenger”.

    • 32

      Berty Godage,
      You are talking about Pentacostal mafia. What about the cheewaradharee Kahakada Brigade (no disrespect to real Maha Sangha)? Do you think they preach pure Buddhist Philosophy? They spread hatred, lies, ill will and unspeakable things . Have you seen the Baptism invitation of the MR’s grand son? There’s nothing wrong in baptizing anyone, anyone should have religious freedom, but what is wrong is they and their slave cheewaradhareen spread anti Buddhist ideas among foolish sinhalayas to get votes. MR’s wife is very strong Catholic (notice the way she keeps her hands together in Buddhist ceremonies to hoodwink the foolish Sinhala masses; she doesn’t have to do that, no body will blame her for not observing Buddhism, no need to deceive the voters ) daughters in law are the same. They are not true to their religion, they try to hoodwink their God too.
      What kind of a fool are you to talk about Tagore’s family? World respect his talent, not his pedigree. Your that comment itself shows how badly the kahakada brigade and devious Rajapaksa clan have brainwashed our people’s minds, and have created a slave mentality in them. Sri lanka’s future is extremely bleak.

    • 18

      What ever said and preach by Eran ….the previous government did not have good governance and administration due to this people have no good faith on that and voted for Rajapaksas. now see the poor situation of UNP. NO leader,no party,no symbol scattered and fighting each other ,not ready for election,no organisation ,in such a situations how people’s faith on this party……

    • 16

      Berty Godage
      Wake up.

    • 4

      It seems as if Derty Godage has found his pulpit at last…

    • 3

      Your accounts on Tagore is utter rubbish!

      Same applies to what you know about Ven Maduruvawe’ Dobhitha as well! He had two major goals: Fight against alcohol/gambling and eliminate Executive Presidency. Even MaRa was an enthusiastic participant during his struggle on the latter, first started against JR. MaRa also became the target when he betrayed the cause to become the worst Exe Pres SL ever had!

    • 2

      The Bhuddhis Maha Nayakas are the worst culprits.
      Who stay mum when political leaders commit whole sale corruption and injustice.
      They are only worried about their Benz car and comfy mansions and maintaining Their status.
      They don’t make any effort to direct the politicians in the correct path.

  • 10

    Eelam Tamils. Why are you reading this nonsense ? We Eelam Tamils have no time to be waste. Eelam Tamils should work to achieve the dream of Eelam. Our national leader Thalaivar Pirabaharan paid supreme sacrifice to liberate Eelam Tamils from genocidal Sinhala regime.
    What are you doing? Ask what we can do to Eelam , not Eelam can do to you.
    Eelam Tamils should follow three strike policy as introduced by our prime minister V Rudrakumaran.

    1. canvas internationally: under the Leadership of prime minister of transnational government of Tamil Eelam Honorable V Rudrakumaran Eelam Tamils are campaigning internationally. Prime minister Rudrakumar delivered a bloody blow to genocidal Sinhalese by successfully lobbying USA to ban genocidal war general. Eelam Tamils should be grateful to the visionary leadership of prime minister Rudrakumar.

    2. Attack locally.
    prime minister Rudrakumar, eelam has appointed justice Wigneshwaran as the leader of Eelam Tamils struggle . The traitors of TNA have been exposed. Justice Wigneshwaran is a true Eelam Tamil who is following the path set by Thalaivar to achieve the salvation of Eelam Tamils.
    All Eelam Tamils should vote for Justice wigneshwaran .

    3. Converge and double down
    Local and foreign Eelam campaign will converge and at the right moment, prime minister Rudrakumar would announce the creation of independent sovereign nation of Tamil Eelam

    Tamils quest is for Tamil Eelam- Thalaivar V Pirabaharan

    • 8

      Eelam policy analyst,
      “Local and foreign Eelam campaign will converge and at the right moment, prime minister Rudrakumar would announce the creation of independent sovereign nation of Tamil Eelam
      Tamils quest is for Tamil Eelam”

      Good idea! Where do you plan to create this independent sovereign nation of Tamil Eelam?

    • 25

      @Eelam policy analyst, you need some medical help, go and get it. Ealam? Are you really serious about this? While you go for your treatment, there are many loons among the Sinhalese and take them with you, JD, KA Sumanaya, Therese Fernando, Eagle Eye, that Retarded Army bugger Shemale Perehera, Max, Soma, Chimpa and many more. Ealam my foot!!!

      • 3

        EELAM TAMIL ANALYST should be Mr. Wigneswaran. As USHA SKANDHA RAJAH JOINED, WIGNESWARAN also has joined the govt for the general election.

      • 3

        Tamil from the north the so called Eelam Tamil Patriot/Eelam Tamil Policy analyst is not a Tamil at all but a Sinhalese Buddhist Fascist , deliberately taking these identities and posting all these garbage to make to Tamils look silly , extremist and intolerant. Cant you see through his posts and deliberate stupid , silly and extremist statements to make the Tamils look silly , so that they will loose any sympathy . This is a deliberate , subtle and sophisticated anti Tamil propaganda , that will make ordinary Sinhalese and others not sympathetic towards the Tamils.

        • 1

          Dear Siva Sankaran Sharma (I have noted the gravatar going with your comment – you are the genuine Tamil. I am a Sinhalese, but would like all our Sri Lankans to be honest for a start.),
          Yes, SSS. I think your surmise is correct. There are some Sinhalese pretending to be Tamils and saying ludicrous things.
          As for me: check out my identity!
          Sinhala_Man (real identity: Panini Edirisinhe NIC 48 3111 444V)

    • 2

      Wigneswaran was a paid servant of the Sinhala government most of his life.

  • 26

    The Rajapakses have managed to keep on top of Politics, by keeping the Masses taught in the National languages, with no access to the Rest of the World!
    I will not use the word Education, because what we have in Sri Lanka is not Education in the real Sense!

  • 24

    My3 / Ranil govt went to a sound asleep when they came to power. MR used this for his advantage from day one. If the former put some crooks of the MR regime behind bars through special courts, they would not be in the sorry state they are in today. The people voted them for power got fed up with them.
    A new thinking had come up after the botched coup. That’s to use Sinhala majority power. The rest is history.
    The masses had given power to GR,hoping he would act to curb corruption. Unfortunately the trend continues. This is the unfortunate situation the country is in. All politicians use religion and race to come to power. None cares about the two. Their religion & race are both money. The language they speak is corruption.
    Very soon we are going to the polls. And we unashamedly will vote for the same lot. WHO CARES.

  • 1

    To strengthen the 19th amendment process stand for future participatory process, politician shape governments, policies and to 2030 and beyond will it be the policy-makers Abstract family Engagement Game a shared powered principle

  • 7

    What was Eran doing when his cabinet was removed Lacile Silva.from prosecuting Rajapkse clan

  • 14

    Today the Cardinal and the Mahanayakes have become political animals for the “Santhosams” they get from the Politicians. They are blind to the sexual abuse of their own flock but they are in judgement of the Politicians and Political Parties which do not give them the “Santhosams” or give lesser amount/benefits (Benz Cars) than the Politicians they are supporting. Its time for Politicians such as Eran to wake up and take the bull by the horn. Who is this Cardinal and who are the Mahanayakes, who choose them. As far as the Cardinal – he is technically a “Foreign Agent”. He is not elected by the Catholics of the country but by the Pope who is the ruler of Vatican City and head of Catholics. Hence Pope’s appointed “Agent” Cardinal is a “Foreign Agent”. Who are the Mahanayakes, they were not appointed by the Buddhist of Sri Lanka but by the Government. How can they represent the Catholics and Buddhist of the country, what legitimacy do they have?

    I also watched Dinesh Gunewardena’s UN Speech. Although he said SL was withdrawing from the resolutions, after withdrawing what he said was SL would do is exactly what the resolutions wanted SL to do other than participation of Foreign Legal bodies. Even the resolution did not say that the foreign participation should be in the form of a seat or seats on the bench or in judgement. Its the Gota-Rajapakse-Dinesh -Viyathmaga -Pohottuwa interpretation of the resolutions that claims that. Are these guys stupid or they are playing to the feeling of the poor villagers.

    Please read below the outcome so far on the resolution:

  • 4

    Title and the content of the article say different stories. Then even in the content “phrase” part is different. Some how I still believe that there is a preparation to replace the Anglican Prime minister of UNP with a Evangelist Preacher cum banker. DUDLEY SENANAYAKE WAS A DEVOUT BUDDHIST. So, that UNP is now defunct (may be patriotic UNP). But, Ranil is different. now he had chased out Senannayakes for some time, I am wondering whether the UNP is going to be a THREE WHEELER PARTY AFTER ALL THESE COMMOTIONS.
    I was wondering why Ranil, now he has chased out at least the Buddhist Evangelist Sajith, did not consider the Catholic – minority businessman cum accountant as the leader. I am pretty sure, the major theme of his talk was for the International community needs. I am pretty sure, Mangala the agent appointed a a career diplomat, whose wife is from anti-Sinhala buddhist minority who does not have sinhala buddhist cultural upbringing. to GENEVA, a very important destination for Sri lanka. He had been appointed just two years ago, that is the time Mangala was the foreign minister. I strong guess is he was to manage all the GENEVA affairs with the help of his wife. that should be noted.
    What TAGORE had said is COMPLETELY FROM BUDDHISM. Only thing is his Brahman is every where and is not a figure like a certain god. Bengal, (Bangalidesh (Chitagon vihara) and Myanmar (Svedagon vihara) were all buddhist before the absorption of it by Brahmins. go and see how Myanmar is filled with Dogobas far far more than Sri lanka. In sri lanka, and in bangladesh all had been destroyed.
    Buddhism is the only religion which described and analysed CHITTA (mind, mana, consciousness, vinnana…) in detail.

  • 4

    Parliament is a very big business organization. Most are ripping the country. Sri lanka’s GDP is mostly from tourist hotels (mostly service sector and not skilled jobs), distilleries, Sand and earth mining (there are over 100 business men there), Liquor business (there are over 100 liquor shop owners inside and there are 9 -1 3 million alcoholics, any given day 4 million out of 223 million are drunk). I heard, what we send to USA under GSP i snot coming back and we use it to Pay IMF/WB/ADB loans. We ship about $ 1.1 billion stuff to Europe. but, they send back $ 2 billion worth Cars and Machinery. Only GDP contributor is what those women in the middle east and boys in south Korea send. Parliamentarians under the cover of their corresponding leaders (including leaders) maintain that MAfia organization. IT IS FUTILE TO TALK ABOUT ONE POLITICIAN AS MOST ARE BUSINESSMEN/WOMEN. People not in that category are not allowed to come up the ladder. Even Eran wicramarathene must have bond scam profits. So, he is silent on that.

  • 8

    Dear Sarath: I started reading you essay, until -“When I heard Eran Wickramarathne……………I sat up and cried”. Beyond, I did not proceed. I was different and felt different. Why? As I said in one of my comments relating to this very speech, this “Man” created lot of hope and clean politics as a “NEW” entrants. However I had many “DOUBTS” because the “Leader” he chose was not the most suitable for him to perform. Yet, having set aside those reservations, I thought, he will put the “HOUSE” in order. He, FAILED and worst was , he never made an “ATTEMPT” to use his calibre and professionalism to correct things that were going wrong all the way up to the election time. Now suddenly, he becomes very heroic and stated “PREACHING”. What is the use? For that, I have “CRIED” in anger and dismay. I have already “DISCOUNTED” him. Tell me, WHY did you CRY?

    • 5

      I think there priority concerns are neo liberal interests and the religious devotion.

  • 4

    Oh.. I thought Eran Aiiya said that in Kotte in his speech and I had missed it..
    It was that Hindian Dude Rabindranath….

    I haven’t seen or heard Dr Sarath Alwis saying anything bad about anyone in Yahapalana Govt.
    Again I am not sure whether I missed them, because there were so many Hosannas here ,day in and day out for Dr Ranil and his Yahapalana mates…

    Yahapalana Supporting Intelligentsia need not cry .

    ‘UNP.’s most potent piece of Artillery has been released from Welikada.
    Just in time for the Election.

    And Mr Ranjan Ramanayaka has already released the first salvo . in his post Welikda Tape..
    And it made me cry.

    What a caring brave soul Mr Ranjan is, to do so much good for the poor , disadvantaged innocent UNP inhabitants in Colombo. whom Mr Ranjan has helped sooo much….

    My sadness was some what suppressed by the sight of the Fried Kumbalao he was having as the Bite with the Red , surrounded by his mates while the Interview was going on .

    No way PrezNande can get even a simple majority let alone a two third.

    Akila Boy told the Media that he will ensure 90 seats just for the UNP.
    Abraham has already promised 40 from the TNA.
    With Bathudeen hitching his Muslim Caravan to Keselwatta Kid camp ,it will be a whopping clean sweep in Kotte..
    And I haven’t even counted the seats from Hindian Tamils both in Up Country and Mr Mano Ganeshan’s Electorates..

    Rather than instilling fear into these UNP Intelligentsia Prez Nansasena will be like a Trussed Lamb Roast in the next Parliament after Easter.

  • 4

    Those who came to prosecute the looters became the looters and found they all are one organization, now say PEOPLE WAKE UP. WHO IS STUPID the listening voter or they themselves. They ganged up and do not change the electoral process. so the same gang of PALHORU remain the LAW MAKERS AND THE POLICY MAKERS. Voter is lost

  • 2

    The author, like me, expected “Yahapalanaya” with the changeover on Jan 8, 2015. What happened? Another set of blood suckers took over. Bond scam is the starter that got exposed. There are a lot others. So what is the basic difference between any average politician? Either suck the juice of the nation or aid towards it. Alas! The government of the day did not mend its ways even after the local government elections, which were held after a considerable delay. (All provincial councils are dissolved but no elections). With the April 21 carnage the current result was inevitable. The author comments on the “supremacy of the state” philosophy of the present government, akin to say North Korea. In fact I commented repeatedly that the main candidates that were fielded in the last presidential election were “just two sides of the same coin”. The military police is on traffic duty. To some extent the hawkishness of the traffic police has gone but the day that the alternative acquires the bad habits of the main stream then that would be a disaster of the nation. Had the other candidate got elected, perhaps he might have used “street volunteers” with a jacket worn like parking wardens to perform the vehicular traffic control and boy! They too are darn effective at the start only. My recommendation is that there is no point crying but work for the best under given circumstances. Towards that extent, as per the message of Eran Wickramaratne, standing by one’s colleagues and friends is important instead of being with the winning side or the side of the powerful.

  • 3

    I couldn’t resist my urge to include this addendum to my Comment to cheer up the UNP Intelligentsia who seem to be a bit depressed after Nandasean became the President.

    Not even a day passed after Mr Ranjan Ramanayaka delivered his first post Welikada Tape to the Loyal UNP follower through their Social Media as well as mainstream Media Channels, Rajan received a massive boost to his image and popularity from a dear friend.

    And the dear friend is none other than the potential future Lady Leader Leader of the UNP Ms Hiunickar Premachandra .

    Ms Hirunickar addressed the Colombo Media to express her unstinted support and loyalty to Mr Ranjan Ramanayaka

    Ms Hirunickar didn’t mince her words when demanding that the UNP Opposition Leader Keselwatta Kid Faction give nominations to Mr R Ramanayaka to contest the the current Election , because Mr Ranjan Ramanayak has done NOTHING WRONG ..

    How cool is that…

    This is what I call solidarity and commitment which the UNP Politikkas show to the Nation.

    This certainly warrants popping Corks by the Colombo Intelligentsia, to celebrate this new impetus which Rajan Hirunikcar Combo will give the UNP in Colombo. to roll Pohottuwa and cripple Prez Nandaseana..

  • 5

    I am wondering if uneducatded Gathapaya and Rajapukse baboons can understand Eran’s speech

  • 4

    Sarath, sorry I have to disagree on this. Lanka is in Coma state and pronounced Brain Dead, it is not in sleep to wake up , anymore. Silly Lanka is in such situation because of our Stupid Public. And Ealam Analyst; Eagle blind eye, the Buddhist Analyst and then in between we have JD with no analysis are the faces of our current public. Dr. Upatissa has thrown in the towel. You too , sooner the better (less disappointments)

  • 5

    This man Eran has just got up!!!
    All this time he has been sleep walking.

  • 1

    We have lost faith in our politicians and the judicial administration. What do we do now.? As the last resort being a Sinhala Buddhist country let us hand this over to ‘Karma’. Any one who has committed bad karma will be punished during this birth next and several births to come including those who aided and abetted and benefited.No one can avoid this.

  • 5


    I havent read your piece in its entirety and I hope I havent taken it out of context but the name RW is a Household name and he will go down in history as he man who protected Gotha & MR both at home and at the UN and punished by God to be a looser His appointment of Mahendran for what he is accused of is miniscule compared to Cabaral.

    As for the following.

    1) Now the Prelates of Kandy have their idea of Justice. Their idea of justice demands punishment for those responsible for the boondoggle of bonds. But they refuse to board the Airbus, for they do not know where it is headed to.

    *** What about punishment for the man at the top.He has got away with Murder for the time being. But he is on DEATH ROW for the next 9 odd years . Can the Prelates of Kandy declare a ” Fatwa” on Gotha and his Clan

    2) When you give a two thirds majority to the President or his brother the Prime Minster, you cease to be a rational person. No rational person will allow “Principles of justice” to be decided by a two thirds majority.

    *** Why worry about two thirds as even a one vote majority to either of them is not rational. They should be confined to a maximum security prison for Crimes against Humanity.

  • 4

    Sinhala people was mesmerised with so many anti Tamil anti American propaganda to give the kingdom for an American CIA agent Gotabaya. Gota must have released by USA temporarily after signing an agreement with USA. If you all look at the behaviour of USA with Gota you can see how they help Gota until now. Gota never utter a word condemning USA. Gota Family is in USA hand. Basil is in USA hand. Gota’s actions are against Minorities. In other words they want the full power where not even a Sinhala Buddhist clergy can ask question about what they do? Gota knows well that Tamils or Muslims will not a threat to them. Real threat will only come from Sinhalese, particularly Buddhists. Once they got the power, they can do anything legally and no other nation have the power to challenge Gotabaya as long as USA on this side. This is the master plan.

  • 4

    With regard to the long harangue that Mr. Alwis has spawned, can some kind person please give an uneducated person llike me in precis form what he is attempting to convey. His verbal diarrhoea seems to pollute the message – that is if there is one hidden therein!

  • 2

    We had a time we purchased fish and vegetables from afternoon Markets called in
    Sinhala ‘ Pola.’ They used to provide stuff in bags made of coconut leaf which was
    easy perishable and found almost in the backyard of almost all houses.Is that the
    era Eran is recalling by Wake up ? Hard to believe that could be the case because it is
    non-perishable polythene the name of march forward ! So , it is a wake up call to win
    the world through piling up the land with container loads of hazardous wastes that
    contain just anything from hospital wastes to E-waste that many countries have
    already banned importing and even the export countries are now talking about scanning
    the exports. Modern Srilanka is littered with furniture made of plastic everywhere you
    turn to while we are a nation of trees ! Is it a wake up call in that direction ? There was a
    time we had master skill carpenters at every nook and corner of the country who would
    make fine and lovable wood products . Where are they today ? We had people like W
    Dhahanayake , once served as the country’s Prime minister , usually travelled to Colombo
    by train to attend Parliament when he was an M P . So simple and honest . Eran wake up
    call travels there ? Eran anyway is a good man but that is not enough I suppose.

  • 3

    It is amazing. A President has handed over an in effective parliament. They say work. UNP emtpied the bank within the first 100 days. Where was Eran Wicramarathne. They came to power saying culprits would be prosecuted, The loot would be recovered. Instead, PM and key ministers had to go infront of the FCID that they themselves established. Why ERAN had forgotten those this fast. REMEMBER how the EASTER ATTACK was unfolding little by little, high explosives recovered in VANATHAVILLU – uninvestigated, Mawanella Buddha statue desfigured – culprits released and they blew up next time. HOW RANIL WAS TRYING TO PUSH AWAY THE PRESIDENT FROM THE CHAIR. the SAME PRESIDENT THAT THEY GOT ELECTED, Initially ranil had economic ideas to tax the very rich with one lakh tax for super rich. Instead they began with a humongous tax cut to car importers and loss estimate was Rs 500 million. Because of the bond scam interest went up by 3%, 130 rupee exchange dropped to 183. country is then bankrupt. At the end, rich were OK, but every one else had to pay high interests and high taxes. ERAN COUNTRY SAY WAKE UP. YOU USED COUNTRY caution about dharisha bastian and her husband diplomat in geneva.

  • 1

    If Eran Wickramaratne had any integrity or principles , he would have resigned from his portfolio in protest . He has launched his campaign for the next elections, and some of our poor suckers have fallen hook line and sinker for his empty rhetoric.

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