13 April, 2024


Maithri’s Mandate And Ranil’s Royalist Regency?

By Sarath De Alwis

Sarath De Alwis

Sarath De Alwis

“ The war on privilege will never end. Its next great campaign will be against the privileges of the underprivileged.” – H.L.Mencken

Sri Lanka is witnessing a constitutional experiment that is fast turning out to be elitist and exclusionary. A popular mandate seems to be dwarfed by an unelected Regency.

The President was voted in to office by a rainbow coalition on a platform of reforms that produced an electoral activism of exceptional outreach.

There is now a clear and present danger of the ‘Maithri’ Mandate being misread as a partisan power enterprise instead of the reform project as was intended by the coalition. The mandate for reform received by President Sirisena is a personal triumph of a self-less leader. He disregarded unimaginable risks of a defeat outrageously demonstrated by a pitiless opponent. Seeking high office in order to curb its excesses was a fascinating covenant. With it he created a movement that succeeded in dismantling a ruthless machine which deployed an estimated Rs.250 billion or around Rs.43, 000 per voter.

With the first hurdle cleared we now have the titular alternate Prime Minister of the last decade and half as the Prime Minister with a cabinet of Ministers who were not voted in to office but are in charge.

There is a sizable part of our polity that finds awkward to come to terms with this quirky component of our ‘soft revolution’. They argue with some vehemence that the victory of President Sirisena is not an endorsement of the UNP given  willingly or reluctantly by a constituency that split nearly even.

Diving deep in to the digital realm the new breed of data scientists have provided analyses of the elections results that show how close it was. It justifies the lingering anxiety among many about the Prime Minister heading a minority government who prescribes solutions of his own to the majority. The care taker Prime Minister, it is feared is himself a closet autocrat with equally unfathomable links to the oligarchs and puppeteers of the earlier order.

Ranil Royal Collehe

Thirty six days after what many hoped was the beginning of an epochal transformation, Alumni Association of Royal College held a special assembly to felicitate the new Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and 14 Ministers of the Government who are old Royalists. Also present were the newly appointed chairmen of Boards and secretaries to the ministries who are old Royalists.

The principal of Royal said. ‘Today marks another significant day in the history of this hallowed institution as we witness our alumni holding a majority of the highest level of authority in our nation,’

It was eerily funny. Highest level of authority reached without the bother of elections!

It reminded this writer of something very political about Royal College. Dr. Dayan Jayatillake who is never hesitant to make a judgment call on people and institutions once described Royal College, Peradeniya University and Lake House as the “   three most powerful ideological apparatuses of modern Sri Lanka”. Not anymore.

In postmodern Sri Lanka the ideological apparatuses are being forged anew by men and institutions far removed from the three Dinosaurs languishing in irrelevant splendor at Reid Avenue, Beira Lake and Hantana hills.

The Principal of Royal College was unwittingly giving credence to an aspect of the hundred day’s administration that has created deep foreboding amongst those who spearheaded and nurtured the movement for a just society.

The secret of Royal alumni holding a majority of the highest level of authority is not its academic excellence but its octopus tentacles that offer opportunity, irrespective of talent or merit, to their own kind. Royal college is no match as an ideological apparatus to Dharmasoka Ambalagoda Ananda at Mardana or Rahula at Matara in the Sinhala south. The center of gravity has moved from the elite to the ordinary. Perhaps the ordinary has replaced the elite.

Maithripala Sirisena an old boy of Thopawewa Maha Vidyalaya and Rajakeeya Vidylaya Polonnaruwa announced his common candidacy at the New Town Hall on 21th November last year.On stage he was flanked by a redoubtable Bridegtean, two Anandians –one worldly wise and the other World renown , two Thomians one academically aloof and the other despite obvious youth exuding Gladstonian charm. There was a lone Royalist who was there not so much for his Etonian credentials but for his deep roots in the backwoods of Anuradhapura.

The purpose of this article is to persuade Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesighe that the Children of 1956 have not only come of age but have also come to stay and participate. The oriental mind has a special partiality to the spirit of detached power. What few realized in the heat of the campaign was the frequency of the use of the Sinhala word ‘Senehebara’ by the challenger. It is new to the lexicon of Sinhala political oratory. The word does not appear in any of the writings of Martin Wickramasinghe. But it appears in the Ballads written by   Mahagama Sekera and often heard in the haunting melodies of Nanda Malini.

‘Sneha’ is the name of my granddaughter. It means not plain and simple love but caring love. ‘Adaraya saha Senehasa ‘is an essentially Sinhala idiom. It nuances continuity and consistency in human attachments. ‘Senehebara ‘implies an abundance of caring love’.

President Maithripala Sirisena extended an abundance of caring love to his fellow citizens, mountains, valleys, meadows, streams, creeks and rivers. It is this appeal of poetry and passion that made people vote him in to office. The Maithripala Sirisena ethos is light years removed from Ranil Wickeremesinghe’s corporate elitism, where by virtue of strategic location the likes of his old school alumni can impact political outcomes regularly and substantially.

Maithripala Sirisena speaks for the Aam aadmi of Sri Lanka. Arvind Kejriwal who scored 67 out of 70 and beat both BJP and Congress did not go to Doon school – the Royal College of India.

In these transformative times, people want the system changed. Constitutional amendments are only a means to an end. Changes are meaningless if it perpetuates tyranny by other means and other forms by other people.

Mr. Ranil Wickeremsinghe no doubt has a historical task before him. It is not that of a Cromwell or a Richelieu. It is that of an Ambedkar. Frankly, despite the muddled haze of the Lichchavi traditions this writer is not convinced that he has the makings of an Ambedkar. Granville Austin the Constitutional historian describes Ambedkar as the towering figure in the constituent assembly who made the “Indian Constitutional fortress impregnable to sapping by private interests.” Austin makes another point that Mr.Wickeremesinghe should take note of. Ambedkar had only one concern. The constitution should serve the will of the many and not the interests of the few. Strangely this happens to have been the principal concern of Venerable Maduluwawe Sobhitha thero too.

The 21st century nation-state is an amalgam of politics of the individual and the politics of the community. It is extensive enough to encourage global reach but not restrictive to make the citizens helpless and complain that they have lost control of their lives. It demarcates the arena of political contestation from that of collective action by citizens. That is what it is about. We need the space and the means to call the government to account.

If persons who served as directors on boards under previous UNP administrations are reappointed under the Maitripala mandate the country must be told why their expertise is indispensable in these transformative times. Perhaps in their earlier stints they made exceptional contributions to the profitability of those enterprises. But if the criteria of those reappointments were the same as what President Rajapakse adopted in gifting baby elephants, then it becomes a definitely non Lichchavi travesty.

In sharp contrast to the previous chairman of Sri Lankan Airlines, the new Chairman of Sri Lankan Airlines has spent many hours in First Class lounges in many international airports at his own expense. If the priority of the Airline is to ensure measurable value delivery either in the first class cabin or in the many lounges on its losing network the choice is justified.

Karl Lagerfeld the Paris based head of Channel says something relevant to today’s Aviation economics. “Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.”

However if the priority is to stop its financial hemorrhaging a Presidential Commission to review aviation policy is the correct step forward.

It is quite possible that restructuring state owned banks is an Olympian task. A skeptical public will be reassured if the new appointments were accompanied by a rationale that explains ‘why’ and the ‘what for.’

In the case of Mr.Tilak Karunaratne the question does not arise. Returning from exile has its built in logic.

A subcommittee of the national executive council holding public hearings on sensitive appointments would have appeased a public that is now expressing its discontent quietly. It will turn loud and ugly before long.

Securing an uneasy cross-party agreement is not enough to deliver constitutional reform. The dilemma of the proponents of electoral reform is not that the change require lengthy consultation. It is the inability to persuade some leading lights who may not get elected at all because their national stature is constructed not by a loyal constituency but by their grip on the party machine.

The reforms suggested, will eliminate backroom operators in the big parties who are adept in backpedaling, backstabbing and poisoning the water.

The price of electoral reform may be a new parliament committed to a power sharing agreement where the national list may help the powerful but unelectable!

The only certainty is that people want promised reforms within the hundred days. Incremental reform   though possible is not what was promised.

C.S. Lewis an intellectual giants of the twentieth century has summed up our present predicament.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victim may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated, but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

We simply must reject a Ranil Regency in what remains of the one hundred days.

*Sarath de Alwis is a former journalist and a retired professional in leisure and aviation industries

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Latest comments

  • 7

    Sarath De Alwis –

    RE: Maithri’s Mandate And Ranil’s Royalist Regency?

    and Mahinda Rajapaksa’s Medamulama Rajapaksa Dynasty and Crooks and Ronners Strategy

    Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s speech against Mahinda Rajapaksa-1


    Which is better for the people?

    Medamulana MaRa Crooks ans Robbers Strategy?

    #SriLanka #Colombo #Sirisena #Lanka #Corruption #Mahinda #Rajapaksa Crooks& Robbers
    O/L Fail 41.3% A/L Fail 66%

    • 10

      What a pity!

      Royal envy, like ‘penis envy’ that motivates extreme feminists, is a condition without cure, unfortunately.

      May be Sarath de Alwis can try and enroll one or two of his next generations at Royal as most politicians and the ‘nouveau rich’ are doing these days!

      Disce aut discede for ever.

    • 2

      Good one!
      Moral of story: Neither Ranil Wickramsinghe nor his old partner in crime Mahinda Jarapassa!
      JVP will win big time at the next election..

    • 9

      Whether studied at Royal COllege Colombo or Royayl College of Polonnaruwa or Royal COllege in Medumulana any other school in Sri Lanka doesn’t matter.

      We all are Sri Lankans.
      Should be treated based on the performance not where we studied.

      Stop these nonsense on arguing which school one studied or which race, religion one belongs.

      We all have differences and similarities.
      Thinks as we all Sri Lankans.

    • 10

      Author is going too far. Blaming Royal College for all of Sri Lanka’s ills.

      Challenge is to encourage other institutions to compete with the excellence, pride & achievements of RC. In a spirit of brotherhood & healthy competition. All will improve. All Sri Lankans will gain.

      Please note RC is a secular institution. The only secular school among elite schools in Sri Lanka. RC is an institution that celebrates Sri Lanka’s rich ethno-religious diversity.

      RC does not restrict one’s potential to a narrow ethno-religious label or background.

      Old Boys of current cabinet reflect that rich diversity. There is something the whole country can learn from the RC model.


      PS: However, I agree the share of individuals in the Cabinet linked to RC is too large. Cabinet membership should reflect more of Sri Lanka’s reality.

    • 0

      Sarath De Alwis –

      “Sri Lanka is witnessing a constitutional experiment that is fast turning out to be elitist and exclusionary. A popular mandate seems to be dwarfed by an unelected Regency.”

      While going to a better know school will give better networking, but in the end it is intelligence that will help the people and the country.

      A Mutt முட்டல்ல்ஸ்going to Royal or Rural or other school will still be a Muttமுட்டல்ல்ஸ் .

      There is a definite correlation between IQ and Wealth of a Country.


      Sri Lanka IQ 79.

      IQ and the Wealth of Nations


      IQ and the Wealth of Nations is a 2002 book by Richard Lynn, Professor of Psychology, and Tatu Vanhanen, Professor of Political Science .[1] The book argues that differences in national income (in the form of per capita gross domestic product) are correlated with differences in the average national intelligence quotient (IQ). The authors further argue that differences in average national IQs constitute one important factor, but not the only one, contributing to differences in national wealth and rates of economic growth. Critical responses have included questioning of the methodology and of the incompleteness of the data, as well as of the conclusions.[2][3] The 2006 book IQ and Global Inequality is a follow-up to IQ and the Wealth of Nations by the same authors.


  • 9


    Very interesting views

    No doubt the Royal elitists within the government may advertently or inadvertently hijack the process that most people put so much faith in. It is inevitable. Politics in Sri Lanka has always been about self aggrandisement, self enrichment and service of the people taking almost no precedence in the process. Most of those now in power other than My3 are people who ‘have been there and done that’ and done a very poor job at that.

    If truth is to be told from the game what the previous team played the reverse is true. It is well known that Mahinda Rajapaksa had difficulty intermingling with the so called business and Colombo elite due to his vernacular background. As such he padded his administration with those the elitists in Colombo regarded as unsavoury, the Mervins, Dumindas, petty crims, village thugs and even thugs in saffron robes. He was most comfortable only with the ‘wareng, palayang and wakutu veyang’ crowds. He ultimately also did a very poor job running the country.

    As it stands now, for the common people who have very little choice in the type of people vying to be voted in or voted out, the results are going to be the same. Whether the politicians are elite or non-elite the results are predictable – lose either way, either in the long run or the short run.

  • 2

    Royalist from Pollonnaruwa Royal Central College had to come forward to carry CWWK Royalists to go up in sky. They should learn to firmly hang onto the tail without trying to show/describe how big they are by releasing both their hands

  • 3

    Ranil not only has the ‘old school tie’ mentality but also attack others schools like Ananda! What happened to Imthiaz Bakeer Markar? He worked relentlessly to install MY3 but not for Ranil! He was attacked when he was a minister when Ranil was PM, hence the reason why he gave up contesting last time! He has downgraded other schools when he was minister of education.!
    Such is the schoolboy mentality of Ranil who lives through a dream match of cricket!

    He has no children and can talk about nepotism! But old boy mentality is a feature of an inferioriority complex that manifests as a superiority complex! The school is the family! ‘ A caste ‘ and is the manifestation of a type of nepotism in the modern era! Today most Royalists are not intellectuals or from intellectual families BUT, children of politicians, armed forces hierarchy, and the business scoundrels who have paid bribes to principals from money fleeced from poor people!

    OVER TO YOU RANIL and MY 3 (of course you also went a sort of Royal without any complexes unlike your son who went the real Royal …….. see the difference!!!)

  • 7

    The author’s grudge against RW appears to be that the latter went to Royal College. Trying hard to find an allegation of substance RW, I couldn’t find any.
    Let us judge people by what they do, not which school they went to.
    MR didn’t go to Royal. Neither did R. Premadasa. They were both disliked went they left power.
    I am very happy that Maithripala Sirisena was elected and appears to be trying to keep his promises. It doesn’t matter to me that he went to Royal at Polonnaruwa and not Colombo!

  • 7

    Sarath De Alwis has released his simmering jealousy against RW wrapped in an endless litany of grumble. Obviously he has been seriously disoriented by the defeat of his cardboard hero MR and the gang and now trying to ride on the wave of good governance theme put forward by the My3 coalition, but with an ulterior motive to derail the My3 coalition efforts.

    He suffers from a chronic jealousy and hate against RW, Royalists … and tries to look down on them talking about village baiyas and village institutions far superior to Royal etc. But what this fake activist fails to realize is the unprecedented and unparalleled game plan RW devised in extreme secrecy till the last moment with CB and Maithreepala to defeat MR. This was a revolution as serious, grave, dangerous and outrageous as any of those bloody Arab Spring Revloutions. But the signature difference was that RW was behind it and hence not a single drop of blood was shed! The writer’s petty and shoddy mind can never understand the value, workings and brilliance of RW. I will give one reason to expose the stupidity of the writer: if, as the writer claims, there is abundance of new breed of new century village baiyas who are superior and talented than RW in realizing the aspirations of the people, why the hell do they not impeach minority powered RW in parliament and appoint a new PM of their choice, kind and talent and fulfill their failed aspirations of people? Why the hell did they not yet impeach the minion John Amaratunga? This is pure duplicity of disgraceful entities like Sarath de alwis. In their heart they cohabit with the corrupt, kleptomaniac, dishonorable and uneducated Rajapakshas but show a completely different and fake face to the world hiding them behind a set of borrowed good governance words!

    Despite the writer’s nonsense, the final truth is that without RW this government cannot move an inch forward. This country has to be liberated from China’s grip and debt burden, highly unfavourable deals, agreements and projects. And for all this we have to get support, aids, concessionary loans, trade relations, agreements, GSP etc concessions, investors, technological assistance etc. etc. from the West, European Union, India etc. The postponement of UNHRC report, recent favourable statements by USA etc. on SL etc. are manifestations of this new transformation that has taken place in hitherto SL antagonist camp in the world due to MR, Sarath De Alwis typed fools in the country. RW is the single factor why these countries are making up their mind to help SL. Take RW out and you will instantly revert to the subhuman era when MR ruled this country!

    The writer pathetically tried to equate and transcend My3pala over RW! Simply put, My3 is dead meat under MR in UPFA camp had RW not played My3 card in presidential game. You know, statesmanship and governance skills are not all about someone becoming the leader of the country (this especially true in a country like SL where majority are politically illiterate like Sarath De Alwis) but rather playing and manipulating the political players, entities and resources in a country masterfully. MR was a master in this game but only corruptible, degenerative and destruction bound sphere. But RW quite the contrast: statesmanship, political aesthetics, good governance tradition, respect and all the good things the civilized world acknowledge.

    The function and purpose of the present coalition government are the fulfillment 100 days’ promises. In doing so it cannot overly emphasize on corruption matters because then it will have to dissolve the parliament and go for a general election with the risk of not passing various commissions, curtailing the powers of the executive president etc. You can’t just jail people on weak charges like MR did. The whole policing and judicial mechanism has hitherto been swallowed by henchmen of the MR and hence meting out justice is not going to be an easy and efficient task until law enforcement mechanism is restored. The writing on the wall is that until the next stable government is formed by UNP after April, no major events, trends, initiatives and goodies are likely to accrue to the people and the country.

    The moment I saw this writer quote from Dayan Jayatilake I knew for sure he too is same typed bigot like DJ. These bigots all are now blaming RW for everything. They blame RW on port city, corruption inquiries, institutional appointments (the breedings of people as it were!) What is this madness? How on earth do they expect RW to take decisions on these? Did we elect a PM or a President recently? Then why the hell do we have a President out there if these foolish people expect RW to deliver? Are we to be informed by utter fools like Sarath De Alwis? Or is it time we say go and fly a kite to these kind of losers?

  • 3

    BULLSHIT..coming from an exile who hasn’t been invited back !

    Can understand why he hasn’t been called back, his brain seems addled by cold weather or alcohol is the debate !

  • 5

    My congratulations to Sarath de Alwis for the excellent,
    well thought out piece. Its one of the finest pieces of
    recent journalism, well presented with incisive analysis
    backed by strong thought.

    Ranil Wickremesinghe is known too well for kicking into his
    own goal. This time, however, its all the more intriguing
    since he has not been elected to be Prime Minister. Nor are
    his cronies who are cabinet ministers.

    If they said they were committed to fight corruption, we see the
    same thing happening now. Someone said so crudely that “it is
    the same shit. Only the flies are different now.” How true.

    Ranil has brought his buddy John Ameratunga. Ask the IGP and
    he will tell you how John operates giving him orders to protect
    the crooks, bribe takers and wheeler dealers.

    Ranil himself is set to appear on Hiru TV tonight. Who arranged the
    programme? It is Sudath Chandrasekera, now his Private Secretary.
    Sudath is a close buddy of Duminda Silva. Yes, now you now know why
    Kudu Duminda will not be arrested. John ordered that Yapa Nissanka
    Senadipathy’s passport be restored. That is why the CID did not object when it came up in the Magistrate’s Courts. The Avant Garde private security
    company owner, though under CID investigation, is now trotting the
    globe. How much did it cost Senadipathy? Well well Its Rs 100 million

    Come the parliamentary elections and Ranil Wickremesinghe will learn his
    lessons once more. People are not suckers. Poor Maithri, alas, seems not to know what is going on.

    • 3

      Just to pick up one comment by you, Ameer:

      “Ranil has brought his buddy John Ameratunga. Ask the IGP and he will tell you how John operates giving him orders to protect the crooks, bribe takers and wheeler dealers.”

      I wonder if anyone remembers the death of D. Somapala, President of the Govt Supplies Branch of the Public Service General Workers’ Union as a resulted of been attacked by stones and clubs (possibly shot) on the day of the June (5th) 1980 General Strike. A jeep No. Plate 31 Sri 1111 had joined the persons attacking the pickets. The police report sent to the IGP on the 6th named the MP who was in the front seat. I am amazed how few politicians ever seem to pay for their sins — they even keep becoming Ministers. Do they ever look back on their lives I wonder?

      • 0

        The buffoon have his own foundation called ‘John Amaratunga Padanama’.

  • 5

    Forget about the school.

    Let’s get this country back on track after almost 20 years.

  • 2

    So the cat is out of the bag. MR and company protected
    Ranil when they were in power. It is now Ranil’s turn.
    Can any CT reader answer one question – Has Ranil ever,
    either in the opposition or now as back door Prime
    Minister, ever criticised Rajapaksa, Gotabaya, Basil
    or any member of the family?

    The answer is a firm “NO>” The reason – he is one man
    who is protecting them all.

    So his govrment is no better than Rajapaksa’s one.

  • 0

    An excellent piece by Sarath de Alwis. No hesitation in calling spades, spades.
    Yahapalanaya aside, the Govt we have is a bit awkward indeed. A parliamentary arrangement, through the back door.

    We must reset our parliamentary democracy at the next General Election. The party that wins the most number of seats should Govern.

  • 1

    How unpalatable it may be for RW and Royal supporters what Sarath de Alwis has stated is simply the truth.Everyone is entitled to be proud of their Alma Mater and Royal is no exception.
    RW seem to be committing the same mistake he did when he was the PM last time by surrounding himself with his Royal cronies most of whom are just average persons with no special qualifications or qualities.

    RW and his cronies should very well remember that UNP was never voted in to run the Government and therefore the shelf life may be very short.Next general election will decide the future of RW and UNP for once

  • 7

    This appears to be pure jealousy by the writer. If the Royalists are good for the job and no doubt they are well done Ranil. Royal is an amazing institution and these Royalist Ministers will no doubt pass the message to those under them what this prestigious College imbued at school that to make Sri Lanka the “Miracle of Asia” we have to get all Sri Lankan citizens on board irrespective of their ethnic identity. If that great journalist Royal produced the late and great Mervyn de Silva was around no doubt he would have nodded in agreement

  • 1

    How about the great Royalist JRJ? He gave SL that monster constitution, perfected the fine art of rigging elections, having referendums, buying politicians, giving them car permits, and it was under him that the most heinous act of violence against innocent Tamils including our fellow Royalists was perpetrated.. He did nothing for a week when his Party UNP gangs attacked, and killed innocent people. So JR did the smart thing by opening out the economy with his “let the robber barons in” phrase but there were indeed horas, robbers, kommis kaakaas who made commissions back then too and became rich overnight. It may be that the degree of greed was really bad during the Rajapakse days but surely you cannot say there were no horas and crooks under JR including some Royalists? It took over 30 years for a man from Medmulane to undo the work JRJ did in bungling the fight against terorism and the heinous attacks that happened under him against innocent Tamils. Why doesn’t RW do the right thing and apologize to the Tamil people on behalf of his Uncle’s regime? If RW wants to be an inclusive leader, he needs to admit the role the UNP had in perpetrating those heinous acts of violence against innocent Tamils which made the LTTE look like a bunch of saviours. Even Royalists were attacked and their houses destroyed by these JSS and other UNP thug gangs due to JRJ’s inaction and refusal to enact curfew and give leadership.

    In contrast, the much maligned CBK deployed police to protect mosques and new fangled born again evangelical christian churches when goons attacked them.

    What did that do? it made a ragtag separatist terrorist group to become a large scale mass movement which was viewed as being the sole protectors of the Tamils.

  • 4

    Empty rhetoric by a conquered race( colonized minds) who cannot get over the public school mentality. Royal can be proud of the present Finance Minister who is a picture of financial honesty. The housing Minister Premadasa who chose Royal over his fathers Saint Joseph school( maybe his father made the decision )And finally Wickramasinghe who has written a new chapter on elective politics by being a nominated MP and making a career out of politics by never resigning. They have all set fine examples for the Godayas and Baiyas to follow !

  • 2

    Eureka !! we’ve found another criteria to divide the people. Kalusuddas vs others in 1956, Tamils Vs Sinhalese, Kandyan Vs Low country, UNP Vs SLFP, this caste Vs that caste. Now Royalists Vs Non -Royalists.

    No body bothered when one small area of the country (Hambantota) was getting lions share of development while places like Moneragala District, Parts of Anuradhapura district were disadvantaged. Ranil will never help his old school at the expense of other schools. What he had done for education and youth development mostly benefited the ones that were unlikely to be from Royal College Colombo.

    You Sir, is doing more harm in writing. May the gods bless you to get out of your hatred.

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